Playing for Keeps (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 Hi! Gather around, half-time selfie.
At least Karlie's still got her sisters.
Uh, you know, maybe that's not such a good idea.
Sure thing, Queen Kath.
I gotta go back for an emergency surgery.
I'm so sorry, Jess.
So, you didn't really wanna be here, did you, Nate? - I'm just - Not ready? Not my problem.
I'm having a baby.
- And you're? - I'm doing it alone.
Coming out was my decision and it's got nothing to do with Brian.
I would've come to you a lot earlier but I knew Brian hadn't told you yet.
Things got out of hand.
You have no idea what this has been like for me! You blew up my world without a word! You crawled back to your bullshit marriage and you left me with nothing.
You and Jack were in love? I miss him so much.
All I can think about is you.
No one can know about this.
Do you understand, Connor? - Let's get married today.
- No.
- Why? - I slept with Kath.
I will destroy you.
The clock is ticking, Kath Rickards and you're about to blow the fuck up.
Stop sulking.
If you can't follow through with my first condition, what the hell are we doing here? If he says the word attachment, detachment, or Oedipal, I'm leaving.
Yes, we've covered that.
Tahlia, Connor, welcome.
I'm Dr Keating.
Let's just get straight to it.
We don't wanna talk about our parents or our childhood.
All you need to know is that he is adopted and his mother's one of yours.
A psychiatrist.
We are here because he cheated on me with his boss's wife and we just got married.
Was that in chronological order? - Mm-hmm.
- Yep.
OK, Dan what do kids hate? Maths.
What do they love? Their footy heroes.
I'm not sure how those two things are connected.
OK, so I've had a month having a stubborn-off with Toni and you know what I realised? I don't have to be at school to teach.
Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend? I think I've figured out a way to teach high school kids maths by using footy stats, and they won't even know that they're learning.
- Yeah, right.
- I present to you A Paige Of Stats.
It's like fun, educational content, online.
I'll make a website, do like videos.
It'll be heaps interactive.
Are you doing this for me? Um, no.
No, I just was mucking around, I thought it might have legs.
I know we've been at a bit of a weird place but - you don't have to rush into this.
- Yeah.
I know, I was just I know you're gonna find a full-time job.
thinking outside of the box.
This is cool as like a side hobby or a part-time thing.
Yeah, that's what it is.
How's your calf? Yeah, good as new.
I was worried I might've gone overboard on the dance floor last weekend.
Well, it is your signature move.
But been smashin' it at the gym, running 10K a day, and the docs are happy.
I feel good.
You look good.
You, mister, have got choir today and you, my darling girl, are going to bake cookies with JJ and Dad is going to pass his fitness test with flying colours.
And I'm gonna help Andrew extricate his assets from yet another messy marriage.
You know you didn't have to? We both know I did.
He's your boss.
Every excruciating minute that I have to spend with him is because of you.
Wish Dad lots of luck.
Say, "Go, Dad!" Go, Dad! Now that you've created an energy circle with your hands, close your eyes, focus on your breathing.
When you find a place of stillness, gently squeeze your partner's hands and begin soul-gazing.
- I wanna know details.
- No no talking.
First time, did she lead? Did you? And geographically, I mean, who was where? Pelvis-wise? Why do you want details? This is a silent exercise.
'Cause Kath was like a big sister to me.
And I've lost her.
All because of you.
And I wanna know why.
It was when we had that massive fight about Mum.
I went there looking for Brian and she could tell I wanted to talk.
She listened.
We talked we drank and I just don't understand.
We were getting back on track.
You asked me to marry you and then out of nowhere It's Jack.
It's Jack's accident, that's when you started pulling away.
That has nothing to do with what happened between Kath and I.
I find that really hard to believe.
Why can't you just accept that maybe we weren't working? Everything OK? Yeah.
Just getting organised.
Don't get your hopes up.
Ella doesn't even know if she can come home yet.
Yeah, I know.
It's good to be prepared.
All that's missing are the little choccies on her pillow.
- Yeah.
- Don't bother, I'll just eat them before she gets here.
Hey, I wanted to ask you something.
You know when we started this arrangement, you said that you didn't need to know everyone I slept with.
Are you worried Adam's gonna be our next draft-pick? I'm being serious.
I'm a big boy.
If something were to pop up, I'm sure I could handle it.
It's Andrew.
Wants to meet us.
I would like the Southern Jets to start a foundation in Jack's name.
- Oh - Everything's just settled down.
We don't wanna spark it up again.
Not yet.
Jessie's having baby number two.
I want the club to be there for her, support her.
Oh, the foundation's for the baby? And Jessie.
Jessie's been under an incredible amount of stress lately.
We won't make a big deal of it.
I just don't think thrusting her into the spotlight again is what she wants right now.
I'll announce it quietly at the President's Luncheon, Saturday.
It's just, it's a decision that Jesse needs to be made part of.
I'll leave that conversation in your very capable hands, Kath.
That's not That's not true.
You're the You're the one! You know what, Julia? This is pointless.
Speak to my solicitor.
Don't you threaten me with your bloody solicitor, you bas I can't speak with your wife, I'd be struck off.
Now you know what I'm dealing with.
She does sound a little bit hostile.
Hostile, yeah.
And the Dalai Lama is a little bit Buddhist.
Ah, here we go again.
I am still missing the deeds to the property portfolio.
What building number is it here? 2-2-4.
Andrew, if I can just make a suggestion - Please.
- We wanna avoid going to court.
But you have to attend mediation but give it a chance, it can work.
Oh, my god, this place is so hard to find! Karlie! You remember Trav's wife? Oh, of course! Cute office.
You were saying? I don't think we'll continue in front of Karlie.
Can I tell her? Go on.
Andrew and I are in love.
That is just beautiful.
Oh, thank you so much.
I was so worried you'd struggle with us being together.
What? Why? No, no, no.
No, not at all, Not even slightly.
Oh, great.
And then he gave us homework.
Uninterrupted listening.
It's a challenge for me.
And the game of Truth, challenge for him.
I've got mad respect for you guys doing this.
Especially a week after your wedding.
Well, it's preventative.
- Like your Botox.
- Mm! Exactly.
Anyway, enough about me.
You pumped about your recruitment meeting? I'd rather a punch in the face.
None of that! Alright, well, let's do a bit of a role play.
So, who is Paige Dunkeley? She's an unemployed 22-year-old with no future job prospects.
No, she is a young, energetic woman who has a passion for teaching and a vision to change the world.
She sounds impressive.
- Hi! - Oh, hello.
Sorry I'm late.
My meeting with Andrew went over.
And that is because the reason that he needs an urgent hush-hush divorce turned up at the meeting.
The reason is a person.
Who is it? Nope, I'm not at liberty to say.
Ooh! We must know them.
You can't bait us and not tell.
Is she blonde? - Brunette? - Boob-job? No, no.
We're not discussing this.
I'm not even here, I'm a ninja.
Ah, where's Kath when you need her? Yes, yes.
Kath, ask Kath.
She'll know.
Don't think we need to know that bad.
Are you two all good? We're gonna figure this out but right now, I gotta go.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
You are gonna be amazing.
See ya.
I finish court at five.
What are you doing later? Homework.
Don't know what that means.
Meet me for a drink.
He's crushing it.
Yep, he's made himself available for selection.
Hey, you did well out there, mate.
Lauren couldn't fault ya.
Skip was pumped.
You've worked your guts out.
Appreciate it.
Which makes it even tougher for me to tell you you're not playing this week.
Mate, you've been out for seven weeks.
I'd have to drop one of the young blokes.
They've really stepped up.
They've earnt their place.
What, and I haven't? Of course you have, but I gotta do what's right for the team.
I brought you back for your leadership and your wisdom.
This team is tighter because you're in it.
But not on the field.
I just don't have room for you right now, Trav.
I understand.
Hey! Are you free for coffee, by chance? Um, Mum has JJ and Abi for the next couple hours but I still got my comfy pants on.
Come on.
I'll take you to that cafe.
You know? The one that does the butterscotch sticky buns around the corner from your place.
What's up? Uh, Andrew's had a brainwave.
He wants to start a foundation in Jack's name.
Why? You know, to honour Jack and support you and JJ and the baby.
Kath you have to make this go away.
I know, I know.
But Andrew's like a dog with a bone with this.
Apparently it's the only good thing he'll ever do with his entire life.
Well, I could tell the truth.
You know you'd have to tell them everything.
You would have to tell them about Jack and Rusty.
How do you know? Rusty let it slip.
OK, I'll be there in half an hour.
Well, it was pretty heartbreaking when he first told me.
Yeah, I was devastated.
That's the truth.
But then I realised how much pain he'd been in.
So, he gave me the time I needed.
So did Rusty.
And then it became familiar.
And I knew JJ would never lose him.
And then you met Nate.
- - Have you heard from him? A lot.
"I miss you.
I messed up.
"Give me another chance.
" And? Look, I know it wasn't the most admirable move, getting cold feet, not showing up to the engagement party He knew what that meant to me.
But do you love him? He's the baby's father.
That's not what I asked, Jess.
Bloody hell! Toni, I'm Daniel.
I saw you kick the winning goal in round one.
Welcome! What can I do for you? Actually, I was just after a quick chat.
If you got the time.
Yeah, I just wanted to drop in, check out the school, meet you.
Paige speaks so highly of you.
What can I say? I run a tight ship.
I wouldn't have survived this season without her.
And she probably wouldn't have survived me without this place.
So, I just wanted to say thank you.
Actually, I've got a couple of tickets to the President's Lunch this weekend.
Thought it might be up your alley.
A few speeches, mingle with the players.
You're not trying to win my favour are you, Mr Fletcher? Is it working? Two months at your last school and no reference? Yep.
Yeah, when I first moved to Melbourne I was just picking up days here and there but I'm looking for something more permanent.
A step up.
You were at Seagate High with Toni and Jim.
I was.
They were very supportive.
Sorry, but they are a nightmare.
Surviving Seagate High is a reference in and of itself.
Let's get down to the nitty gritty, I'm already a fan and I'll be very surprised if we can't find you something.
And quickly.
I was a bit nervous.
So, first things first, how are we gonna describe you to your prospective employers? Isn't that your job? I'm collaborative.
A young, energetic woman with a passion for teaching and a vision to change the world.
Great sense of humour.
You know, the UK, they are screaming out for teaching graduates at the moment.
The UK? Oh, that sounds incredible.
You'd love it.
Oh, no, but I'm not looking to leave Melbourne.
Not right now.
No worries.
There are plenty of opportunities for you here.
Ella, how are you, sweetie? Hi, Mum.
So good to hear your voice.
Good news.
Turns out I can get home for semester break.
Oh, that's fantastic.
Can't wait to see you.
Yay! OK.
I can't wait.
Love you, Mum.
Love you, sweetie.
Mads, how are you? - Guess what? - What? I have won the clearance, run it to the 50, kicked to you, 25 out, directly in front.
Why would you kick it to me? What I'm saying is, Paige, what I'm trying to say is, I've done the legwork for ya.
With Toni.
Your boss.
Ex-boss, or, and future boss.
When you knock her socks off at the President's Lunch.
Is this still part of the footy analogy I don't understand? Nah, I'm being serious.
I gave her a couple of tickets.
And I reckon she's gonna give you another shot.
What? Why didn't you talk to me first? 'Cause I wanted to surprise you.
In a way that didn't make your face do that.
I thought you wanted a full-time gig.
I did I do.
Yeah, well, a thank you might be nice.
Dark knight You said you saw it in the stars Stage fright Or was this coming from your heart? I know your standards are pretty low but this is rock-bottom, even for you.
This wasn't my idea.
You expect me to believe that? We just happen to be in the same bar at the same time - to meet Maddy? - Maddy.
- She wouldn't.
- She did.
Well, I'm not staying.
Well, if Maddy's across it, it's just a matter of time before the other girls realise.
So, what? Ella's coming home.
Can we have a truce until she leaves? Come on, it's my daughter.
OK, I know you hate me and you can.
But this is my family.
Blow up my life, by all means.
Just Would you just give me a chance to tell them myself? I didn't get any warning.
Why should you? I won't be your future fairytale.
You know Andrew wants to start up a foundation to support me, JJ and the baby? That's great.
It's only because he thinks the baby's Jack's.
Jess, you got nothing to feel guilty about.
You don't have to explain your life to strangers.
- You did.
- Yeah, look how that turned out.
I wanna tell the truth about Nate being the father, not Jack.
People are gonna make assumptions, they're gonna think that you cheated on him.
But I didn't.
You can't out him, Jess.
I mean, think about his family.
We don't know how they're gonna react.
Jessie, when I spoke to the media I was talking about me.
I can't bring this baby into the world under a lie.
Russ, it deserves better than that.
Have you spoke to Nate about this? Are you kidding me?! How long's a while? After everything you've done, everything we've done for that club.
Maybe I should just retire.
Oh, bullshit.
You are not retiring.
- I thought you'd be happy.
- Why?! 'Cause you want me to retire? Not like this.
Those men think they can click their fingers and dictate the terms of other people's lives? They run a football club, for god's sake.
You have busted your arse, Trav.
We've thrown our family up in the air all for Brian fucking Rickards to say there's no space for you? You deserve to go out on your own terms.
You look great.
I feel great.
- Great.
- Yeah.
Hey, thanks for meeting me.
I know I let you down Nate we're having a baby together.
I'm not here for me.
Do you wanna be a part of this child's life? Yes, of course I do.
Good, I want you to be.
But that would mean being OK with people knowing you're the father.
You don't have to decide right now.
Ah, am I overdressed? Should've checked for myself.
I trusted Toni.
She said to frock it up.
But I can see in your eyes, I've over-frocked.
Is it too late to duck home and get changed or? You look great.
I wasn't fishing about the clothes.
I was, I still am.
How much do you hate the bow-tie? I like the bow-tie.
Alright, that was very lukewarm.
No, I'm just, I'm surprised to see you, I was expecting Toni.
Ah, she's in the car.
Something about her dress needing adjustment every time she turns through the hip.
Great tactic, by the way.
Surprised you didn't play the Southern Jets card earlier.
Ah, no.
It was Dan's idea.
He thought he was helping in his own misguided way.
Well, it's not misguided if it works.
Brace yourself.
This is a real honour, Paige.
I can't see any of the players.
Oh, no, the boys don't surface pre-game.
They're in lockdown.
I'm already drinking.
Tahlia Woods.
Or, should I say Tahlia Marrello? - No.
- Good on you! It's archaic, really, giving up your name.
I didn't change my name when I married my wife, why should you? Tahlia, this is my old boss, Toni.
Colleague, friend.
Paige talks about you all the time.
I really don't.
And this is Brody.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
I promised myself I wasn't gonna say this, but you really are more attractive in real life.
Thank you.
Uh, drinks? Champagne.
I'll get them.
Brody, help me.
I thought she sacked you.
Why is she here? Yeah, Dan thought it might help if she rubbed shoulders with the right people.
Well, she can rub my shoulders if it helps you out but sucking up to her is not your only option.
How was the recruitment meeting? Oh, yeah.
Really good.
Listen, you are killing it! You smashed the meeting, you're looking banging and PS, you know that Brody's sweet on you, yeah? No, he's not.
He barely looked at me.
No, he's just a colleague.
He would happily give you his kidney if you asked him nicely.
He's handling this better than I am.
Oh, you can't let it get to you.
It's not Do not say it's not personal.
But it's really not.
And there's nothing you can do about it.
Now I'm stuck handling Andrew's divorce.
Just try not to think about it.
Instead, you can give us another clue about who Andrew's dating.
Wait, Andrew has a lady friend? Yes, and Maddy knows and she won't tell us.
We've been spit-balling back and forth but so far we've come up with nothing.
Not a single decent suggestion.
Give us a clue.
I am a vault.
You will not break me.
- It's only a matter of time.
- Humph.
Oh, look, there's Kath.
Kath! Hey! Ladies, I see we're all locked and loaded, ready for the game.
Except for those of us who can't.
Sorry, Jess.
Yeah, right.
Thank you for organising drinks.
Did you have a nice time? Yes, it was it was very pleasant.
Sorry, I would've been there but I sensed a bit of tension.
Um, what tension? Nah, there was no tension Thank you.
Just a bit of a misunderstanding.
- Anyway, cheers.
- If you'll excuse me.
OK, wait.
What's going on? I'm going to the bathroom.
No, no, n-n-no.
I mean here.
Who did what to whom, and in what order? Oh, hi! Ah, how are you? No fucking way.
Is that Karlie? Holy shit! Are Andrew and Karlie dating? I'm not here, I'm not seeing this, this is not happening.
You could've given us a heads up.
You knew?! I couldn't exactly tell you.
You could've dropped a clue.
Like what, exactly? She dated Rusty.
That is really obvious.
She went to the press about me and Russ.
No, I will not be blamed for this.
I didn't ask for this knowledge.
What are you looking at? We've got a game to win, boys! Hi, guys! Karlie, you look I know.
I know.
I've gone for the older lady's lines.
Simple, timeless, but then I've paired it with my face just to really lift it up and make it all feel fresh.
Kind of a mash-up of the old and the new.
Like you and Andrew? So, how long have you two been a thing? Well, we're both going through a pretty difficult time.
You know, we're both going through a breakup, we're both Saturn returning, my first his second.
But it's so funny looking back.
We always seemed to gravitate towards each other.
'Cause, you know, soulmates are like magnets and Andrew is my fridge.
No, that's really beautiful.
But how long ago did you actually get together? I don't think that's relevant.
Like, before or after Julia? - Who? - His wife.
Oh! Oh, yeah.
No, that had ended.
Was Julia aware of that? I know, poor thing.
But, you know, the passion had just gone.
It had run its course, it's as simple as that.
Look, I just wanna say that when Rusty and I split I was in a really dark place and I did and said and posted things that I am not proud of.
But I wanna let you all know that I'm not angry anymore.
You think we give a shit? It's not the place, Jess.
I-I, I know, I know it must be really weird for you guys.
Especially you, given that, you know, I'm higher up.
Whoa, I'm gonna stop you right there before you say something you'll regret.
If everyone could find their way to their seats, please.
Andrew's voice has never sounded so sweet.
Thank you so much for being here.
It's terrific to see so many old and new faces here today.
I'm very proud to announce that the Southern Jets Football Club will be launching the Jack Davies Foundation.
- This is weird.
- Mm, Andrew's idea.
- Doesn't sound like him.
- My thoughts exactly.
This foundation will honour Jack's memory, but more importantly, will support a young family who tragically lost their father.
Did she know about this? None of us did.
I'd like to thank the club and all our sponsors for getting behind it.
And now, I would like to invite the extraordinary Jessie Davies to say a few words.
We're gonna let this happen? Just listen.
Thank you.
And thank you, everyone, for your support over the last few months.
Jack believed that everyone deserved a fair shot.
So, in his honour, I will be donating all funds raised by the foundation to women and children's shelters across the country.
- Aw! - So that single mothers, just like me, can provide a better life for their children.
Three cheers for Jessie! - Hip hip! - Hooray! Oh, you are good.
Brian Rickards finally got those match-ups right and it wasn't convincing by the Southern Jets, but a win's a win.
You're right, JV.
But Dan Fletcher was clearly off his game in what only could be described as a lacklustre performance.
You heading upstairs? No, I think I'll go home, mate.
- Alright.
- See ya.
- Hey, how you doing? - Hey.
Hey, mate.
I, uh, got a couple of things to say.
Go ahead.
You asked no, you pleaded with me to stay and play another year.
You shook my hand at my best mate's wake to get me back.
You used my grief to your advantage and on some level, you must've known.
Listen, Trav, I I'm not finished.
I gave you everything I had for 12 years.
I gave you weeks and months that weren't mine to give.
I put my marriage and my kids on hold 'cause you promised me another chance.
Doesn't mean I'm never gonna play you again.
We both know you won't.
My wife's Antonia, I'm Toni, short for Tashini.
It's I, T-O-N-I.
What was going through your mind in the third quarter? Ah, I see you got your poster.
I guess that means I'm out of a job.
Ah, it was just a joke that Brody made that once you got that, uh, wouldn't get any more work.
So Tahlia's looking for you.
Cheers, Paige.
Toni, it's a pleasure.
Uh, hungry? I am, but where's the ladies' room? It's right there.
In case I miss something.
Well, take a photo or a video! Like a kid at Disneyland.
Hey! Dan, this is Brody.
Brody, Dan.
Dan! Great to finally meet you! Great game.
Yeah, no worries.
Hey, where where's Toni? She's around.
Yeah, she needs constant supervision.
So, Brody, what do you do? Oh, I'm a Excuse me.
I'm a teacher.
- We work together - This is Brody, my friend from school.
Oh, right, of course.
Sorry, mate.
My head's still in the game.
Nice to meet ya.
Yeah, great.
Um well, thanks for the tickets.
Yeah, yeah, no worries.
Hey, Dan! Sorry, guys.
I gotta take off.
No, of course.
He's just No, honestly, don't even worry about it.
- Karlie! - Hi! You know, you have had quite the effect on our Andrew.
You swoop in and he's a changed man.
Andrew is um very open with me.
Is he? Not just sexually.
We talk about everything.
My thumbprint opens his phone.
So, you're the mastermind behind all of this? Behind what? The Jack Davies Foundation.
Oh! No, no, I had nothing to do with that.
That was all Andrew.
He's very passionate about doing all he can for Jessie.
- Is he? - Yeah.
I I gotta go.
Andy wants me.
- See you later.
- Bye-bye.
Kath Can we have a word? I just wanted to apologise.
I was out of line.
I put pressure on you and it was wrong.
I appreciate that.
I mean, what the fuck was I thinking? I wasn't.
But, uh, you were.
You're welcome.
Hey Before you hear it through anyone else I'm ending things with Tahlia.
We tried but we can't fix it.
Oh, you can't be sure of that.
No, I am.
I just want you to know that it's not your fault.
Or Tahlia's.
I think you've gotta roll the dice more.
And what the hell is going on in front of goal? Why don't we organise Connor to come to your school? Have a chat to the kids, maybe even run a clinic? That would be incredible! Oh, my god.
You're gorgeous.
Consider it done.
I've gotta find Brody.
Wait till he hears about this! I just thought you might wanna know that your captain has been fucking your wife.
How did Maddy take it? Let's just say, if you see Brian speaking to Maddy, just run.
You know, aside from being sidelined, you are a lucky bastard.
Ooh, I know.
How's Jessie, redirecting the donations to a charity? These women are something else.
That's you.
Yeah, they sure are.
You seeing someone special? - Yeah, I was.
- Mm-hmm? Uh, me and Jack were together.
Like, together together? Yeah.
D-did Jesse know? W-why didn't you tell me? He didn't wanna tell anyone.
I'm not just anyone.
No, you're not.
I'm so sorry, mate.
I Know you are.
You nearly ready to go? I'll drive.
What why are you do quiet? "What do you do for a living?" What? You embarrassed me.
I didn't know he was gonna be there.
I'm sorry, it was out of context.
Brody, his name's Brody.
And he's the one person, aside from you, who's been there for me since I moved to Melbourne.
What, so I haven't been there? Aside from you.
- But even then.
- Are you joking? No, you haven't exactly kept your opinions of me to yourself these last couple of months.
When was the last time that you asked me how I was going? You know, this move, it hasn't only affected you.
You have footy, the club, your career.
Yeah, pressure, expectations, stress.
Yeah, and I talk about Brody all of the time - and when you finally meet him - Where is this coming from? I can't tell you how many ways I've tried to blend into your background.
The fans and players I've had to smile at, the jokes I've had to laugh at, and you cannot even remember my one friend's name.
Yeah, I was focused on Toni.
I don't give a shit about Toni.
I don't even know if I want that job anymore.
What, you're gonna do that online thing? I don't know, maybe! What does it matter what I do? What is that supposed to mean? You know what? I'm over it.
- Teaching? - No.
You didn't come in last night.
Had a lot to think about.
Is everything OK? Is it true? Did you sleep with Connor? Yes.
How did we get to a place where you would think that that is OK? - It was a mistake.
- Yeah.
How many times? Twice.
I didn't take you for a slow learner, Kath.
He wasn't in a good place.
I was trying to help him.
You're smarter than that.
Brian, I thought he was gonna break.
So, instead you broke me.
- Is that lube? - Yes.
Yes, it is.
Gross! Here we are.
There's a leg and a foot.
Probably worth a bit already.
I mean, if it's got your leg and not Nate's.
Have we made a decision about the sex? What do you reckon? Well, I figure you'll be hanging around a bit.
You may as well weigh in.
Yeah, I wanna know.
It's a girl! - It's a girl! - Oh, my god.
- Wow.
- Oh.
You didn't answer your phone.
I wasn't available.
You didn't come home last night.
Did you want me to worry? I did.
I wanna play the game of Truth.
When did you fall in love with me? You know when.
I wanna know if you do.
First summer we went away together.
What scares you more than anything? Letting you down.
Letting the club down.
Obviously, not in that order.
You're right.
Why did you propose to me? 'Cause you wanted me to.
You didn't have to.
Yeah, I did.
You managed every inch of our relationship, Tahlia.
So, what happens now? I can't do this.
Is that your entire life? I really appreciate you letting me crash here while I figure everything out.
You can stay for as long as you want.
I just wanna find my way back to you.
I don't know how we do that.
I took you into my home.
This is my family! What about Jack? That day on the river, when I saw him in the water I made the boys leave him there.
I'm sick of all this brotherhood bullshit.
All the lies and the cover-ups.
I want the truth.
Jess! You read the coroner's report? Yeah, it just seems there's a few details you didn't share with the police.
Fuck off.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Paige! Paige! I don't want you to go.