Playing with Fire (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Fabrizio Juega Con Fuego

1 SIX MONTHS AGO Hello? Good morning? You scared me.
You like danger, don't you? Good morning.
Good morning, dear Irma.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Take a seat.
Andrea isn't having breakfast with us again? Be patient with her.
Why? What is she doing? She was at Martín's kayak store yesterday.
She rented some of them to go sailing in the river with her friends.
How do you know that? Credit cards.
I told him to keep me posted.
What? Andrea is entitled to her own privacy.
Not with my money.
Why did you get Gildardo involved in something so personal? Because he's the only one I can trust in this family! -What? -I can't believe this.
I'm sorry about this, Gildardo, but you're not part of this family.
It is in your hands, Andrea, ensure that the fruit of this soil you walk on every day remains ours and my grandchildren's.
When will I see you again? I don't know.
I'm leaving now because I have a breakfast appointment, but I'll hit you up.
Did you know sugar babies get money in exchange for sex? Really? I would hate to know that you're living off me.
I get to choose.
I'll call you next time.
For you, I would pay all the gold in the world.
What can I do for you? Are you going to town? I'll give you a ride if you want.
Do you have something to exchange for it? Anything you want to sell? Let's make the exchange in my car.
I'll tell you what.
Do you want to give me a ride? Then, go ahead.
And if you don't, then don't.
-It's your choice.
-You're so friendly, aren't you? At least, buy me some moonshine.
I'll buy you whatever you want.
Just take me to an inn where I could eat and stay at for a few days.
-"Inn"? Where are you from? -Mexico, why? So, we're being invaded.
Let me straighten this out for you.
If you buy me a tequila, I'll give you a ride.
If you buy me another one, your suitcase comes with us.
Or I could put my suitcase in the trunk and buy you nothing.
How about that? -Hello.
Come to the warehouse.
I'll be right there, godfather.
I can't believe it, Gildardo.
Another day delayed.
Do I have to do it all? It's impossible to delegate when you are surrounded by assholes.
Listen to me.
I want everything sorted out right now.
I didn't see you coming.
I didn't see you.
I mean it.
Take me away from here.
Take me away from here, now.
What's this? Are we committing a robbery? -A kidnapping.
-Really? -And my kidnapper's name is? -Andrea.
Andrea, my name is Fabrizio.
I'll drive you up to the gate of the ranch.
The company owns this jeep.
I can't take you where you're going.
The company is mine.
I own all of this.
You're Don Jorge's daughter.
Am I right? -Yes, I am.
-You studied in the United States.
Hey, your dad told me off once.
If he finds out I'm driving you around in this jeep, -you can imagine-- -I'll handle my dad! Everybody is afraid of him.
It's so stupid, I don't get it.
Put your seatbelt on.
-Why are you home at this time of the day? I just wanted to see you.
Here I am.
You know what? Somebody told me this morning that they heard two people having sex in the warehouse.
What? In our warehouse? No, in Gaiani's.
I've just heard about it.
People are so weird.
Everybody says coffee is an aphrodisiac.
We should market it that way so we could draw in more tourists.
-What do you think? -Okay.
But if we put it on the market without trying it first, we might be sued for false advertising.
Let's go inside.
Come on.
But you're a charmer.
-You smell like coffee.
-Really? Well, it's the scent of the lotions -from your Mexican protégé.
-Let me see.
You don't like them? That boy -is going places.
-And you like being a good Samaritan.
That's why I would like to rescue you.
Right here.
-What's this? -What's that? -I don't know.
-No, that is a coffee bean peel.
I must have gotten it at the store.
There was a lot of it and some flew into my hair.
Is it gone? Take them off.
It's a pity the employees' cars don't have air conditioners, right? Can you clean them for me? Things have changed a lot since I left the company.
Really? Have they? My dad didn't hire people like you before.
Like me? Arrogant, full of themselves, and impolite.
You're just like your father, aren't you? You think you're better than the rest.
It's a family curse.
Be careful.
Who are you like? Your mom or your dad? Where should I drop you? I don't have all day.
Pull over.
Hold this.
Wait for me.
-Anything else? -We will see.
May I take some pictures? How awesome.
Hey! Wait a minute.
I'll be done with my pictures in a bit.
You continue doing your photo safari.
I have a lot of work to do.
Wait a minute.
Just two more pictures.
Good luck! -Where are you going? -I don't want to lose my job.
How am I going to get myself back home? You're pretty.
You will surely come up with something.
Asshole! Hey! Did you oversleep, man? Open up.
I want to have a drink.
Eliseo, how are you? -Can we come in? -Come in.
Hey! Someone pour this man a drink! Now, I don't owe you anything.
I thought you had forgotten about your promise.
What if I pay you? I already know every woman around here.
I want to play around with a foreigner.
I don't bite.
It's good to have friends around.
In case you suddenly get into trouble.
Tell me one thing.
Don't you want to be looked at? This is out of style, Mom.
You know I love that jacket.
It's for people my age, as well as that dress.
What did you just say? -Your age? -Yes.
-Andrea What are you doing, princess? All those clothes are still okay, and I like them.
You liked them.
And these clothes are going to be enjoyed by who knows? I don't care.
So, you and I are going shopping right now.
-Put your shoes on.
I'll get my things and wait for you downstairs.
It's an order.
That's what I said and it is final.
-Really? -Yes, it's final.
FAMILY DINNER HALL Excuse me, ma'am.
You don't have a place to spend the night? It seems like I don't, doesn't it? Do you know someone who might rent out a room? The problem is, we are in the middle of the coffee harvest season.
So, there are no vacancies.
Oh, god.
This is not what I need right now.
I need to work.
I'm looking for someone to help at the bar here.
It might be a temporary job while you're on the lookout.
Or we can have an exchange.
I have a room in the back.
You can stay there in the meantime.
-It's a deal.
-Of course, ma'am.
-Do you need some help with-- -No.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
Martina, your chauffeur is waiting for you.
Where are you going? I'm going out with Andrea.
Okay, where? May I know? We are going shopping.
You know, girls' stuff.
Darling, I know I've promised a thousand times to take you shopping in Armenia.
When Andrea finally takes on her responsibilities, we will have more time on our hands, okay? You keep saying that.
I hope all this shopping isn't an excuse for Andrea to stand me up.
Bye, Dad.
Wait a minute.
-Don Peter.
It's good to see you.
You see Darling, come.
Say hi to Fabrizio.
She's mad.
I found out she's cheating on me.
-She doesn't like my jokes.
-So funny.
That's a sick joke.
We have arranged a tasting at home this evening for the distributors.
And we want them to be greatly impressed, to be speechless.
We want it to end with flying colors.
Everyone will attend with their wives.
Women find business boring.
So, we need to keep them entertained.
Don't you worry about that, Don Peter.
The only thing is, I need Don Jorge's permission.
Don't worry about Jorge.
We're all going in the same direction here.
-I'll talk him into it.
-Count on it, Don Peter.
-I'll come up with a plan.
-All right.
I'll get going.
I have work to do.
See you later! -You're always mad.
-You think it's funny.
What? Let's go for ice cream or something.
I don't know.
-I think I'll return more than one.
-I do know.
I do know.
This has been approved by me.
It remains to be seen.
No regrets.
The time has come, princess.
The time has come for your show.
Come on, Mom.
I don't know why I listened to you, Andrea.
I feel really weird about this dress.
And what's your dad going to say now? He can bite his tongue.
If you like that dress, keep it.
If you don't, we will return it.
Come here.
Thank you for this, okay? I feel fine.
You even made me laugh.
I feel better.
Mom, enjoy this.
I just want you to enjoy this because when you feel nice, pretty, or sexy on the outside, you will also feel that on the inside.
But it's been so long since-- -Mom.
Mom, you're the most beautiful woman in the world.
No, in the universe.
You look beautiful.
She scorched it.
She scorched my dress, Peter.
Do you think that's not enough to get on my nerves? Excuse me.
Leave us.
Do you know where I bought this? In Florence.
Come on.
I think you should be less hasty.
The worst part is she made stupid excuses.
I can't Sit down.
Camila, Monica's family has been working at our hacienda for ten years now.
She has three little kids.
And her husband bailed on her.
That's not my problem, Peter.
What would she do now without a job? Look for a new one and be careful not to lose it.
I don't want you to fire an employee of mine without my consent first.
Do you understand? Listen to me.
The people who work for us deserve to be respected, and we are going to respect them.
That's why I'm not firing Monica.
People are allowed to make mistakes and they don't need to be punished every time.
They deserve a second chance.
But we have to hire someone to take care of my things exclusively.
I hope you can forgive her.
-I beg you.
Give me a kiss.
You look stunning.
You're a goddess.
That dress isn't right for a woman your age.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Serve them some food.
They just got here.
I think he is the son he never had.
You are borrowing Fabrizio.
-Only for one day.
-I think he's afraid he'd be stolen away.
Wait a second.
A good employee is like a friend's wife.
You don't touch them.
-Right? -No.
Good evening.
Ladies and gentlemen, one of the many legends surrounding coffee's origin goes like this.
There was a goat shepherd named Kaldi in Ethiopia.
One day, he noticed his herd had been revitalized after eating some bright red berries from a bush.
Filled with curiosity, he took the berries to a respected Muslim who was in a monastery.
But the old man immediately disapproved of its use and tossed them into the fire.
At that moment, a stimulating scent spread all over the place, forcing the old man to put his hands into the fire in order to take the roasted beans.
He threw them into salted hot water.
Thus, he created the first cup of coffee in the world.
It's a fascinating story.
Bravo! Welcome to this tasting organized -by Don Peter Miller -Cheers.
-and his lovely wife.
-So good.
On behalf of my wife, Camila, and on my behalf, welcome to our home.
It's yours.
Enjoy the tasting.
Please, follow me.
Tonight, we'll let coffee, a drink that's so important to you earnest Colombian agricultural people, be a unique experience.
You will be blindfolded.
We're forgetting about sight tonight.
We will let ourselves feel.
Right in front of you, you will find two cups.
I would like to ask you not to touch them, but to lean closer to the cup on your right.
Go from your left to your right to smell its scent.
It's strong.
Kind of exotic.
I want you to take the cup and sip it quickly.
Let the drink invade every corner of your mouth.
Feel the roasted bean and its bitter taste.
What do you feel? It's coffee with many shades.
You will feel them when you finish the drink.
I would say it has a citric flavor, and a little bit of cocoa.
I would dare to say this is Peter's roasting.
-Right? -It has Peter's signature.
-Very well.
-Thank you, Martina.
-Very well.
Now, lean into the cup on your left.
Feel the aroma.
This one is fine, elegant.
A discreet aroma.
With a sweet note as a contrast.
Vanilla, maybe? You're some adventurer.
I'd like to ask you to raise that cup and taste the coffee slowly.
Feel the emotion that brings so many revelations.
You may take the blindfold off.
Let's toast! Let's toast with the best coffee in the world.
To you, to the future of these lands, to a successful harvest.
This isn't because I'm paying him.
-It's the best coffee in the world.
-Fabrizio Ramírez.
Well done.
It really was.
-Be careful.
Don't fall.
-It's all good.
I just drank a little too much.
-Hello, my princess.
What's that dress? -No.
-What about you? Why are you up so late? I was waiting for you.
How was it? Your office is waiting for you.
And you won't even show up.
Tell me something.
Are you planning on living off your parents forever? Let's go to bed.
-Okay? -Let me tell you.
I won't live forever.
So, what are you going to do? You will discuss that later.
"Later"? When? It's always later.
Set a date.
-Whenever you want.
-Whenever I want.
-Today, tomorrow, next year? When? -Tomorrow.
-Tomorrow? -I'll go tomorrow.
Is that okay? -That is okay.
-Sleep tight.
Good night.
Listen, Andrea.
I'll ask you a favor.
Talk to your dad about whatever you want.
But don't confront him.
I can't believe a smart woman like you is afraid of her husband.
You can't even wear what you like.
It's not fear.
Then what is it? I just want you to calm down.
Don't be so hasty, because you might regret what you say.
My father won't decide my destiny.
Or how I'm going to live.
I'm not following in his footsteps.
That's settled.
I told him that a thousand times.
It's more than enough.
You won't get anything the hard way.
-It's like you don't know your dad.
-He won't listen.
But I'm tired of that subject.
FROM CAMILA I'LL WAIT FOR YOU HERE In your house? Are you awake? -How do you like your new friend? -It's very good.
It's calibrated.
Good, because it was so hard to find that.
It's no wonder with the amount you are charging.
Really? Are you still selling that shit? This is imported stuff, man.
You haven't heard from the police again? They are still messing with me.
-But they are just pushovers.
-My godfather isn't.
Remember that fact.
Very well.
A little gift.
Don't turn me in with your godfather.
The water is perfect.
Why don't you jump in and join me? Or are you afraid? What do you think about Fabrizio? -What? -I hate that asshole's guts.
I want to shoot him twice every time I see him.
You don't care about who you kill if you get to shoot.
I don't like that man.
He's hiding something.
I can smell it.
I'll find out what that jerk is up to.
And your husband? He couldn't resist the South African wine, so now he's sleeping.
-We don't have much time.
-So, he's here? -Daddy! -What? Diego! Diego, what's wrong? -What is it? -I want to sleep next to you.
That's okay.
Where's your mom? You can get any gun you want, but women still run away from you.
What? What did you just say? Answer me! Calm down, Gildardo.
Put the gun away.
You don't have any trouble with me yet.
What was that? Stay there.
Who would have thought? You and I here.
In Colombia.
Your husband is sleeping.
Thank god for the spa.
The coffee lotions.
And your wonderful hands that drive me crazy.
You are mine.
Remember that.
I'm yours.
Subtitle translation by Braian Castaño