Population: 11 (2024) s01e05 Episode Script


GERALDINE: Hugo was murdered.
- Fuck.
Piss-up back at our house
for Hugo, yeah?
- I'm Gareth.
- Cassie.
- Nice to meet you.
CASSIE: Something's going on
with Gareth and Leon.
They have way more money
than an unemployed deadshit
and a station hand
would normally have.
ANDY: Sergeant Walters and I
are very close now.
I'm sure she'd be interested to
know what you did for my father.
Tomorrow morning, come find me.
(SOFTLY) Why are you
making up stories?
- You don't know shit!
- ANDY: I know you bugged me!
- What?
CASSIE: Hugo's killer
is still out there.
If we find them,
I reckon we'll find your money.
Nightingale of paradise
You sing of love ♪
CASSIE: Bidgeegud -
the kind of place where
people come to disappear,
to reinvent themselves
and leave their past behind.
With light ♪
But when one of their own
turns up dead,
the secret that binds
this town of misfits
must hold a vital clue.
Is there a murderer
in their midst?
Andy is certain there is.
Which one of them
knows the truth?
In the dark of night ♪
The creepy general store owner
who keeps a saltwater crocodile
as a pet?
Nightingale of paradise ♪
The broken-hearted publican
who keeps her dead son's
race car as a memento?
The pie-loving lovers and their
questionable secret ingredients?
The scary drama queen or her
desperate-to-escape daughter?
CASSIE: The eccentric old
artist who's out with Andy
looking for answers right now?
With love ♪
The unconventional priest?
From above ♪
Actually, who better to talk to
than the man who knows
everybody's secrets?
Have the conversation, Val, OK?
You don't have to lecture me.
You know, I'm her mum, not you.
VAL: I know that, Charmaine.
Charmaine! Hey, Val!
VAL: Move it!
Any idea where Jimmy is?
- Try his confession booth.
- Oh, I did. He's not there.
Well, he sometimes goes out
to the old quarry
when wants to be left alone.
- How's Shoshanna?
- She'll live. Why?
Where's her dad?
Wouldn't have a clue.
Anything else
you'd like to know about
that isn't any of your concern?
Or can I go now?
ANDY: Cedric,
where are you taking me?
We're in the middle of nowhere.
You said you want answers.
This is where we'll find them.
From here, we go on foot.
ANDY: Go where?
I don't know yet!
- Ah!
ANDY: That's fantastic.
But I will when we get near.
It's all about listening.
If you pay close attention,
you'll be surprised
at what you find.
That's why Hugo came to me.
I find things.
What are you doing?
I noticed the other day
as I was passing by
something that wasn't
here before.
Can you feel it?
ANDY: Feel what?
CEDRIC: Negative energy.
There's strong vibrations here.
Here. Hold this.
Keep it very still. You'll feel
the vibration in the wire.
He was a complicated man,
your father.
Well, actually, he wasn't
very complicated at all.
He showed us
exactly who he was
from the beginning.
It just took us a while
to see it. That's all.
Yeah? How so?
He reminded me a bit
of my own father -
charming but self-serving.
Didn't care who he hurt
in the process.
Yeah, well,
that sounds about right.
Come. This way.
Wow! Nice spot.
- Very peaceful.
- Mm. It was.
I wanted to talk to you
about Hugo.
JIMMY: What about him?
Did he say anything during
confession that maybe
That's between him and God,
isn't it?
You're not wearing your
your priest's collar today.
You off-duty or something?
Interesting sermon
you gave yesterday.
Wanna know
my favourite Bible verse?
- Nuh.
- Matthew 6:21.
"The greatest thing
you'll ever learn
"To love and to be loved
in return."
- You know that one, right?
- (SCOFFS) Of course I do.
Hah! That's from 'Moulin Rouge'.
How did you even find me?
I wanted to talk to you
last night at the party,
but you left.
I wasn't in the mood
for a party.
Is that why you pushed Trevor?
Just weren't in the mood?
Pretty aggressive for a priest,
isn't it?
- Well, I guess I'm not perfect.
- Or a priest, even.
We're not so different,
you and I.
I lost my father tragically too.
Oh, yeah? Was he murdered?
Oh, shit. I'm I'm sorry.
That's OK.
It was a long time ago.
When I was six,
my father would test me,
take me to the forest
outside our town
and leave me
to find my way home.
Feels like maybe Child Services
is more of an American thing.
He would always try
to trip me up,
but I always found my way home.
I would always win
and he would always
get so mad.
Ah! Here. Come.
Komm schon!
CASSIE: I called the Church
and they've never heard of you.
What parish are you from, then?
JIMMY: None.
I'm a travelling priest.
- CASSIE: Is that even a thing?
- JIMMY: Yes!
Like a flying doctor,
but priests.
Priests without borders
CASSIE: OK, even if I believe
you, why settle in Bidgeegud?
wherever the Lord needs me.
Well, what about your family,
your country?
What about
Where's your mob from?
You know, you ask questions
like you think
you deserve the answers,
but you don't.
What about that bet
that Trevor mentioned?
There, you see? Stickybeak!
I just wanna know the truth.
You didn't even know Hugo
yet you wanna solve
his murder.
What's wrong with helping
a friend figure out
what happened to his dad?
I've spent a lot of time
listening to people.
I know when
someone's talking shit.
ANDY: What exactly
are we looking for here?
Shh, shh!
The spirit of death
is here.
Ah! No! (GROANS)
- You OK?
- (GRUNTS) Ah! Hah!
- Aah! Out of the way!
- OK. Alright.
Out of the way.
You're disturbing the energies.
(GROANS) Ah! Ah. Ah. Ah. Oh!
ANDY: No, no, no, no, no.
Is there, like, an emergency
contact I should call or
What's happening?!
See? See?
Is that That's it?
We traipsed all the way out here
for a cigarette butt?!
But something happened here.
Trauma. This could be evidence.
Of what?!
Teenagers? Make-up sex?
You said you had the answers.
How is this answer to anything?!
- Give me this stupid
- No, no! My aerial!
My car.
This is where I got hit.
You were right.
Hey, Cedric, do you think you
could help me get my car out?
You know you remind me
of one of my relatives?
My uncle, skin way.
He was good with people
but he was hiding a deep pain.
We all knew it was eating him up
and he just never
talked about it.
Till one day, he left.
- Shame's a funny thing.
It makes people feel like
they don't belong.
I didn't mean to
I was only pushing you
'cause you were pushing me.
But you're right.
There is more to why I'm here.
I'm helping Andy because
it's the right thing to do.
And if we get to
the bottom of it,
it could be my ticket
back into my career.
JIMMY: Career?
I'm a journalist. Was.
I got fired, but I'm sort of
freelance at the moment
and, you know
So, you're here for the story.
You were faking that?
- Does Andy know?
- I told you that in confidence.
But now that I've confessed,
it's your turn.
That's not how confession works.
Just tell me about the bet.
The bet was about a bunker.
Now leave me alone.
Is that why Hugo died?
Because of a bet about a bunker?
Jimmy, priest or not,
you owe it to your friend
to tell the truth!
Hold on another minute ♪
Send a letter
to the priest ♪
Hold on another minute
Control and release
Hold on another minute
Send a letter
to the priest ♪
Jesus, Cassie!
Will you stop scaring the fuck
out of me like that?
You're the one that keeps
popping up everywhere!
You do know this is
an active crime scene, right?
Didn't stop you.
Just had the most frustrating
wild-goose chase
with Cedric just now,
but he did help me find my car.
Look at this.
Jimmy mentioned something
about a bunker.
I reckon Hugo had one.
Of course he had a bunker!
I'm such an idiot!
When I was a kid,
it was under the house. (SIGHS)
He kept everything that meant
anything to him in that bunker,
including money -
not that he had a lot,
but what he did have
If we find the bunker,
we find the money.
It's gotta be there.
Uh, there's gotta be
a key somewhere.
No key, but maybe
we could pick the lock?
I got a better idea.
- Oh, my God!
OK, so there's nothing there.
The UFO site.
It makes sense, right?
Away from town and prying eyes?
That's gotta be where it is.
- Get your stuff.
- You need to calm down.
I'm running out of time!
Yeah, well,
it's almost dark outside
and I'm not leaving
until you tell me the truth
about what's really going on -
the money, all of it!
JIMMY: You don't deserve this.
It all started when Dom and I
went for a drink after work.
We were meeting up with
an old college buddy of his
who was apparently, like,
this big hotshot
Wall Street guy now.
He turned out to be
a really good guy, you know?
We we had a fun time.
We stayed out late, got drunk.
We were sharing war stories.
And then, this guy leans in
and gives us a stock tip.
Dom and I knew
that wasn't exactly legal,
but it was only $5,000 each.
You know, it wasn't exactly
the crime of the century.
So, we came up with the money
and, boom, doubled it overnight.
For the first time,
I felt free, you know?
I-I felt like I had
finally gamed the system
that had been gaming me
my entire life,
so, yeah, I wanted to
feel that again, you know.
A week went by
and I still had that itch,
so I called Dom and I asked him
to get us another tip.
ANDY: He was
he was reluctant at first,
but eventually, you know,
he came around,
only this time,
the minimum his buddy was asking
was $100,000 each
and we just didn't have
that kind of money.
But something
about the way Dom said,
"It's not for guys like us"
that set me off.
So, I called the guy myself
and I asked him
to loan us the money.
If he's so sure about this tip,
I said,
and I'd be able to pay him
the money back
and make another trade.
And when he said yes, I thought,
"This is it," you know?
"This is this is my way out
of of debt,
"of work, my past."
So, what happened?
The, uh, stock
went the other way.
We lost everything
and now we owed $100,000 each
plus interest.
Dom was livid.
Anyway, a few days later,
this guy comes in
asking for me and Dom.
At first, we thought,
"Huh, maybe he's HR
or something like that."
We were a little nervous,
but then he told us
that his boss had us on tape
talking to each other about
the tip-off, insider trading.
The whole thing was a set-up.
CASSIE: Oh, my God!
So, where was Dom's mate?
ANDY: Pfft! Long gone.
His phone number was dead.
The company he worked for,
turns out he never worked
for them in the first place.
And I was furious with Dom.
But it wasn't all him.
I mean, we were both idiots.
I can believe how stupid I was.
So, we did what they asked.
They made us open
fraudulent accounts
and move money offshore for them
via this Australian account
that we set up in Hugo's name.
- So, Hugo knew about it?
- No! No, God, no!
Hugo had no idea.
No, I just used
his ID information
to set up a hidden account.
So, you became money launderers?
No! I mean
Look, we had no idea
where the money was coming from,
so, for all we knew,
this was a perfectly legitimate
ANDY: Anyway,
with every transaction,
we'd pay 5% off the debt.
Slowly, we would chip away
what we owed.
Until, halfway through,
about a week or so before
we were supposed to
make a transfer to the UAE
$250,000 in Hugo's account
just disappeared.
Yeah, I figured Hugo must have
stumbled across the account
or something.
Maybe the bank contacted him.
I don't know.
I can't believe you fell into
a trap like that.
I get it.
It sounds so stupid right now,
I know,
but I swear to God, it made
so much sense at the time.
All my life,
I played by the rules
and Hugo had left us
with so much debt
that my mom spent every waking
moment trying to pay it off.
And then she got sick
and that's
I mean, medical costs,
that's a whole other
I actually found myself
fantasising about her dying
because I thought,
"Hey, you know,
"at least it'd be cheaper
"and she'd be free."
But then she did,
and that cost money too.
She was never able to outrun it
and I knew that I was
I wasn't gonna outrun it either.
So, you used your dad
as revenge?
I never meant for Hugo to die.
That was just
And now I'm never gonna get
a chance to ask him.
CASSIE: Ask him what?
ANDY: Why.
Just curious. You don't have to
tell me if you don't want to.
What? No.
That's what I was gonna ask him.
Why why he left.
Sorry. Yeah.
And, hey, look, if we're being
honest with each other,
there is something that
I need to tell you.
You smell that?
Someone's smoking?
- CASSIE: Shit.
- ANDY: Hey!
I'm worried we might have been
exposed to some kind of fraud.
Fraud? Here?
- Take a look at this.
- Hmm?
Jane Alloway. What about it?
She's dead.
She had an account with us,
but it was closed last year
when she died.
DOM: Mm-hm.
But now it's open again,
just like the one
I found before.
Well, you sure
it's the same person?
What? No. It's
No, it's not the same person.
It it can't be
because she's dead.
No, no, what I meant was,
I mean, you can have two clients
with the same name,
and through some glitch
or human error,
dead Jane's documents got
attached to this Jane's file.
- That happens?
- More often than you think.
With all these meetings about
fraud we've been having,
I've started to
see it everywhere.
You know, uh, I could take
a look into that account.
Thanks, Dom.
You bet.
Geraldine Walters speaking.
I have a confession to make.
Who is this?
I know who murdered Hugo Drivas.
SONG: I might be
under hypnosis
You notice me
I might be under hypnosis
I close my eyes, you notice me
I might be under hypnosis
You notice me
I might be under hypnosis
I close my eyes, you notice me
I might be under hypnosis
I might be under hypnosis ♪
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