Pose (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Love is the Message

1 I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say.
I'm sure this isn't the first married man you fucked.
Or is this the first time you got caught? Where did you and my husband first meet? On the piers.
He picked me up.
So you're a prostitute? Not anymore.
I'm at Show World now full time.
But he paid you for sex the first time you met.
That's-that's why he sought you out? We didn't have sex the first time.
He mostly wanted to talk.
It wasn't dirty or nothing.
Did he talk about me? No.
Not really, but I already knew, if that's what you're asking.
He took off his ring to try to hide it, but I always know.
And I never feel guilty, either.
I figure who am I to judge what goes on between people? Why they need what they need? You-you did have sex.
Did he use protection? Every time.
We're not together.
I was the one who broke it off.
It felt like he wanted to keep me.
Like a doll.
That's all I ever wanted.
But when I had it, I just felt like I wasn't nothing until he decided to come home and play with me.
I understand.
You gonna leave him? We have children.
I'm a mother before I'm a wife.
- Maybe that's the problem.
- The problem is my husband is a weak man who lies.
I let him lie.
His lies let me keep pretending.
Pretending what? That all I ever wanted was to be Mrs.
Stan Bowes.
I still love him.
Me, too.
Did he ever tell you he loved you? Yes.
Do you think he can love me and love you at the same time? What were you doing in that big hall with all those gay men and, um, drag queens? That's my home.
- You live there? - [CHUCKLES] No, honey.
My community.
Mi familia.
But how can a woman be a drag queen? [ANGEL CHUCKLES] I'm a transsexual.
[LAUGHS] I I don't believe you.
Why, thank you.
That's a compliment, you know? No, that's not possible.
I mean, Stan would never, never do that.
You're a woman.
Prove it.
What, you want to see my dick? Yes.
I'm sorry for what I did to you, and I'm here to talk, but I got boundaries.
I'm not bothered by any part of who I am except that.
Everything I can't have in this world is because of that thing down there.
If you want to see who I am, that's the last place you should look.
I should go.
I want to see all that sexy-ass masculinity.
Take it all off! Did you, uh, did you buy those pants on sale? 'Cause at my house, they'd be 100% off! [LAUGHS] Give him your scores.
Nine, nine, ten, ten, ten.
Oh! Mmm.
Look at this pretty young thing.
He didn't even bother to put on no clothes at all.
Ooh, now, be careful where you point those guns.
I don't want to see you getting arrested.
Give him his scores.
Ten, ten, ten, ten, ten.
First runner-up: uh, Tanky.
[LAUGHS] Yes! - Fuck yeah.
- PRAY TELL: Yeah.
- Whoo! - Grand prize goes to Ricky.
Ricky Evangelista.
Yeah, Ricky! Ricky Evangelista! - Whoo! - [MUSIC FADES] PRAY TELL: I need a refill.
And where's my goddamn song?! "Love is the Message.
" Hi.
[PRAY TELL MOANS] The category is High-Fashion Runway! What? I-I just snagged a trophy.
Not you, baby.
We're proud of you.
- It's just he playing this damn song.
- ANGEL: This is the third ball where he's had this song on constant rotation.
- Someone should speak to him.
- And say what? "I'm tired of hearing this old-school shit.
You got to play something more fresh.
" Nah, something's going on with him.
He's been attitudinal ever since we got tested.
I think it's time for a friend-tervention.
You're right.
We're his family.
That's adorable.
I didn't know they made trophies in travel size.
You never fail to gag me.
I couldn't believe my eyes when you swept Hot Male Body tonight.
Only try me when you win a face category.
Bye-bye, brick.
Where'd you come from? Heaven.
You want one? No, not my vice.
But I can see you could be.
Me? There's a hundred girls in that room younger, prettier, realer than me.
None of them can hold a light to you.
[BLANCA CHUCKLES] But I'm not out here like that.
No, I bet you ain't been out in what, two, three months? Try years.
That's why we had to meet.
I'm the dude who's gonna break that dry spell.
Have a drink with me.
I can't.
I got to take my kids home.
LIL PAPI: Who is you? - BLANCA: Don't be rude.
- No, it's okay.
I'm Darius.
[LIL PAPI CLEARS THROAT] Her name is Blanca.
And we got to go.
Come on.
Hey, Blanca! Cupid called.
Told me to tell you he needs my heart back.
Hey, Ma, your dude's mad corny.
Mind your business.
PATTY: Just feeling a little run-down.
Two little children will do that.
Can we run some tests anyway just for my peace of mind? Half the tests I run in here are for the housewives' peace of mind.
Could could you check for any STDs? I was watching this thing on Nightline about that AIDS, and, uh, it scared the crap out of me.
Well, you're a happily married, heterosexual woman.
There is basically zero chance Could you just do it? I've delivered both your children.
I've treated your family for years.
You can trust me.
Who stepped out, you or Stan? He did.
I'm sorry.
But even if he had unprotected sex with this woman, the chances of Oh.
I'm going to do this off-the-record, anonymously.
You'll get flagged by the insurance company just for being tested.
How long till I know? Um I'm gonna rush it, but it-it'll still take two weeks.
I have to function with this over my head for two weeks? Just keep busy.
- DAMON: Wow, this looks great.
- Thank you.
These are all from my mother's recipe book.
Well, don't be shy.
Dig in.
- Pray, you hungry? - PRAY TELL: Mm.
I'm thirsty.
Well, maybe you should - eat something.
Maybe you should buy some new furniture and fix up this broke-ass apartment.
I would if I could afford it.
You need to put these children to work.
They need to be contributing.
ANGEL: My contribution to this home paid for the food that you're about to eat.
Maybe you should put the bottle down.
Maybe you should stop selling your booty hole for quarters.
- How about that? - [LAUGHTER] I know your dumb ass ain't laughing.
- Yo, I ain't dumb.
- PRAY TELL: No? Spell "Evangelista.
" - That's not necessary.
- What's not necessary is you being up in my business.
Are you a G-string? No! - So stay out of my ass.
- [BLANCA HITS TABLE] All right, that's enough.
You can't just come up in my house reading my kids like that.
Why did you invite me over here? 'Cause your music's wack.
You're our family.
You've dressed us, you've fed us.
You supported me when I needed to be held up, so I wanted to do the same for you.
But you're off your game, Pray.
You're drinkin' and smokin' and shit.
Playing the same damn song.
BLANCA: We all know you've been going through it, but we're just worried.
You couldn't have done this shit in private? Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm.
After all the times I've been there for you.
After all the secrets - I've held for you.
- Pray, listen No, you listen.
You all need to get it into your thick-ass skulls.
When I'm standing behind that podium, I'm the one that keeps the crowd hyped.
I'm the one that makes sure there's a flow to the proceedings.
If you don't like the music I'm playing, don't show up.
- We didn't mean to upset you.
- Well, you did.
My life ain't never been easy.
You of all people should understand that.
My boyfriend is dying.
I wish I could rewind and go back to a simpler time when my life wasn't consumed with drugs and disease.
I've I've buried more friends in the last year than any of you can count! And when it's all over who knows how many of us will be left? So I don't need a bunch of immature 20-somethings, who just figured out how to wipe their own asses telling me how to act or feel! When y'all have walked a mile in my shoes, y'all come find me.
But till that day, mind your fucking business! That went well.
NURSE JUDY: Morning, sunshine.
Ah, another day in this florescent fucking hell.
You know, Judy, this overhead lighting is starting to give you a little bit of a green hue.
That's not a good look for you, boo-boo.
Well, if you have a problem with it, why don't you bring some scarves in, we could add a little color, Mary Tyler Moore.
Even she couldn't make it after all in these digs, girl.
[PRAY TELL SIGHS] Judy! Judy! Why hasn't Costas been fed yet? There's a tray full of cold food sitting in here.
We tried to feed him.
His throat hurt too much to swallow, it's thrush.
Hey, baby, I heard about your throat.
[QUIETLY]: It hurts.
It's Don't talk.
Maybe we can get you some honey to suck on.
You have any honey in the kitchen that he can have? We might have some in the staff lounge.
Thank you.
Since you can't talk, let me tell you a funny story.
So you remember those thirsty young hos I've been telling you about? The House of Evangelista? They had a little get-together last night.
They lured me in with empanadas and then tried to tell me it was a motherfucking intervention because I've been playing "Love is the Message" too much.
[LAUGHING, COUGHING] I didn't give the magic of that song away to those ungratefuls.
I didn't tell them what it was like in 1980 when we danced all summer to that song.
There wasn't none of this AIDS mess going on.
We were truly free.
Free to love, free to fuck, free to be our gay-ass selves in this beautiful little shithole of a town.
They'll never know that feeling what it's like to love without worrying that you're gonna die, or worse yet, that you're gonna kill somebody.
I don't know what's shittier [CHUCKLES] having that freedom taken away or never having had it to begin with.
Either way ain't no going back now.
You try to enjoy that beautiful day out there, Pray Tell.
Can I ask you something? Since it's such a goddamn beautiful day? Does it have to be so drab in here? So awful? Oh, so you want me to be an interior fucking decorator on top of keeping AIDS patients alive, Mary? We don't have a budget to buy new bed sheets.
Be creative.
- There's a rec room here.
- I'm a nurse on a ward where no one gets better.
You think I don't want to do something to make these people feel more comfortable when they're on their way out? We are understaffed and overworked, Miss Thing.
And wait a minute.
Aren't you the entertainer? Why don't you organize something? Well, look at you, being all useful and shit.
["LOVE IS THE MESSAGE" PLAYS] LULU: Another weekend and the same goddamn song.
We're trapped in a tired old queen's hell.
- Girl.
- What'd you say? This song my ears are bleeding.
What are you complaining about now? This song is a classic.
I love me a man in any form.
Whoo! Don't care how they started out as long as they end up on top of me.
Need help cleaning that up? Judges, your scores.
Grand prize, Sebastian.
[CROWD CHEERS] - Move, bitch.
- Ooh.
PRAY TELL: All right, girl, next category, Stone Cold Face.
If a star fell for every time I thought about you this week, the sky would be empty.
You got a notepad filled - with pickup lines, huh? - Nah.
You got that effect on me.
I mean, I could stand next to you forever, or until you decide to eat with me.
- I can't.
- Why? You scared? - I'm not scared of nothing.
- Yes, you are.
You're afraid to see what I see.
You're beautiful.
Stunning, and you don't even know it.
That shit's rare.
You know what this shirt is made out of? What? Boyfriend material.
[BOTH LAUGH] Okay, when we going out? Saturday.
Meet me at 8th and Sixth Ave.
You like Italian? ["YOU GIVE GOOD LOVE" BY WHITNEY HOUSTON PLAYS] Ah, ah, ah, ah - I found out - [BLANCA HUMMING] What I've been missing Ow! Easy now.
You got some nerve asking me for a discount buff-and-go after you avoided me all night last night.
- I came to apologize for that.
- Mm-hmm.
And for being a little raw with you in your own home.
You were right.
I have been hitting the sauce a little heavier than usual, and maybe just maybe, I am stuck on a loop with my sentimentalities in the ballroom.
But that is because Costas, he's not doing well.
You sure you don't want a gloss? I don't want no shiny lady nails today.
Baby And I've also come because I have an opportunity.
That hospital is so grim and dank that I have decided to produce an AIDS cabaret night for the patients.
And I've been racking my brain for talent, and you the only bitch I know in this scene who can sing.
Except for me, of course.
[LAUGHS] How you know I can sing? A finch cannot hide her song, honey.
It oozes out of you.
You're always humming one thing or another.
And then there was that one time you got so drunk down in Chinatown uh-huh you burst into Sheila E.
and gave all of Canal Street "The Glamorous Life.
" Okay, so, yeah.
I guess I have some songs in me from my high school days.
So we gonna do it on Saturday night.
I got a mic on loan from the Gospel Assembly.
And there is an old dusty piano in the hospital that is just begging to be played.
I'd love to, Pray Tell, but I already told Darius yes.
That fine piece of man meat? It took some time for me to see Yes.
Go on, girl, get it.
[LAUGHS]: You stupid.
You way ahead of me on that front.
I haven't even been able to think about sex since I was diagnosed.
Me, neither till I met him.
That's why I have to follow through with this one.
He makes me feel something.
Can I ask you a question? Are you gonna tell him your status? If it ever gets to that place, I guess I'll have to.
Well, shit, that puts a damper on things.
- Get it.
It's our end-of-season sale.
20% off the new stuff, 50% off the sales rack.
Do let me know if you need help with anything.
- Thank you.
- BLANCA: Ooh.
I can get a deal for something on Saturday.
Ain't no ball Saturday.
I have a date.
[SCOFFS] What? Is Mother Teresa really about to get some? Lulu, don't do that.
- I'm just picky.
- No.
You are dried up and too wrapped up in them damn kids' lives.
- No, I'm not.
- Anyways, who is this man? CANDY: How long you hos been here? Could of told a bitch you was coming.
Put those away, Candy.
Uh, that big bitch over there is buying 'em.
You know I could sell a dildo to a nun.
You know I can't let you take nothing while Tess is on duty.
BLANCA: Girl, please.
I'm buying an outfit.
She has a date.
Is Jesus returning to take you out? Do not try it.
I met this guy at the ball.
He's a bit corny but cute.
Corny looks good on you.
Be nice, Candy.
What makes him corny? He only speaks in pickup lines.
What can I do? Did he say that God was missing an angel and he went on a mission to find you? LULU: Or did he talk a good astronomy game about how the sky is out of stars because of you? - That's Darius.
- Mm-hmm.
- He likes the girls.
- Sure does.
I'm too grown for this.
Look at me.
The one time I put myself out there, and it's a damn playboy.
What a waste of time.
Don't overthink it.
It's free dinner.
BLANCA: I'm not 20 anymore.
I can buy my own meal.
What pisses me off the most is that he got into my head, acting as if he was the one, the guy who could do more for me.
Girl, Darius has more, honey.
You fucked him? Make you play my game My game Girl, we all fucked him.
[LAUGHTER] Look, Darius does it all.
You know, you should do him.
Shit, I still would, but when I went and got my pussy, - he lost my number.
- LULU: Blanca, seriously, you ain't like us out here on the penis prowl.
We're just, you know [SCOFFS] We're more experienced.
We know how the boys are.
Darius is a good time boy, so, let yourself have a good time.
I'm needing you, baby Oh, oh, oh, oh.
What's an AIDS cabaret? It's an exclusive concert for the residents of this ward.
I took over the rec room, made it a thing.
I'm not feeling like company.
Oh, trust me, this is gonna make you feel much better.
I hung some streamers, and gathered a buffet.
We got crackers and cheese and punch.
It's simple but it's something.
Hi, everyone.
Um so I'm gonna sing a song by one of my favorite artists, Mr.
Donny Hathaway.
And, uh and I'd like to dedicate it to the love of my life Mr.
Costas Perez.
[PIANO PLAYS INTRO TO "FOR ALL WE KNOW"] For all We know We may never meet again Before you go Make this moment Sweet again We won't say Good night Until The last minute I'll hold Out my hand And my heart Will be in it For all We know This may only be A dream Oh, we come And we go Like the ripple Of a stream So love me Love me tonight Tomorrow was made For some Tomorrow May never come For all We know [SONG ENDS] [APPLAUSE] WOMAN: Whoo! Yeah! Girl, what are you doing here? - I thought you had a hot date.
- Nah.
I cancelled on him.
Bad vibes.
Plus, this is more important.
I love you, Pray.
[CRYING]: Blanca You can't be making me cry during my set.
- Ah.
Ladies and gentlemen - [MICROPHONE FEEDBACK] we have a very, very special guest performer with us this evening.
Now don't get too excited.
It ain't Madonna.
But it is my sister girlfriend, Miss Blanca Evangelista.
Please welcome her to the stage.
- [APPLAUSE] - Come on up here, beautiful.
Do you have "Home" in your binder? Yeah.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
[BLANCA EXHALES] [PIANO PLAYS INTRO TO "HOME"] When I think of home, I think of a place Where there's love overflowing I wish I was home, I wish I was back there With the things I've been knowing Wind that makes the tall grass bend into leaning Suddenly the raindrops that fall They have a meaning Sprinkling the scene Makes it all so clean Maybe there's a chance for me to go back Now that I have some direction It sure would be nice to be back at home Where there's love and affection And just maybe I can convince time to slow up Giving me enough time in my life to grow up Time be my friend Let me start again [PIANO CONTINUES PLAYING SOFTLY] Suddenly my world has gone and changed its face But I still Know where I'm going I have had my mind spun around in space And yet I've watched it growing Oh, if you're listening, God Please don't make it hard To know if we should believe the things that we see Tell us should we run away Or should we try and stay, or would it be [IN HARMONY]: Better just to let things be? Living here in this brand-new world Might be a fantasy But it's taught me to love Taught me to love - So it's real - It's real - So real - So real So real to me [IN HARMONY]: And I've learned That we must look inside our hearts To find A world full of love Like yours, like [IN HARMONY]: Mine Like home.
[CHEERING] WOMAN: Yeah! Hey, honey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You always get everywhere first.
[SIGHS] You gonna tell me what this is all about now? Um - Are you pregnant? - Oh, God, no.
Well, you're not sick, are you? No, this is um, Dr.
Gardel's office.
She's a psychiatrist.
Valley recommended her.
I'm ready for you.
[CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] So what is this? Is this couples therapy? I think that's a good way to think about it.
Full disclosure Patty and I have already had two sessions.
There are some things that she wants to talk to you about, and she hoped that by having me here, it would make it easier on both of you.
And don't worry.
I am not taking sides.
But you two have already been talking? I know you're having an affair.
- Oh, come on.
- I know she's a transexual hooker.
I followed her to the apartment that you rented her, and we spoke.
And she confirmed everything.
[SIGHS] [GROANS SOFTLY] When? Couple weeks ago.
The first thing I did was get an HIV test.
I'm negative.
The lease said that you have the apartment for one more month, so you're gonna move back in, and I'm gonna tell the kids that you're on a business trip until I'm ready for you to see them again.
What? No.
You This is bullshit.
This is an ambush.
You're not taking sides? - I have rights here.
- GARDEL: Stan, you have taken actions towards something you needed in your life.
We all do that every day.
But there are consequences for those actions.
I expect you to keep paying the bills, but I am gonna get a job as soon as the baby goes to preschool.
[VOICE BREAKING]: I have been unhappy for a really long time.
And it's not me.
GARDEL: Tell him who you are, Patty.
PATTY: I have no idea.
But now is my chance, so I'm gonna figure that out, and I'm sitting here, Stan, and I'm asking you I'm not asking you why you cheated, because I-I know why men cheat.
But why with this person? Are you a homosexual? I mean, did something happen to you when you were a little kid? [STAN CRIES] Because I'm your wife, and I Somehow in spite of all of this, I still love you.
But I need to know.
I mean, was this all a lie? I don't know.
I don't know.
[CRYING]: I can't figure it out.
I don't know.
[SOBBING]: I don't know.
[PRAY TELL LAUGHS] WOMAN [ON TV]: It's not gonna work.
PRAY TELL: Oh, this is some crazy stuff.
Can you turn this off? It's just getting to the good part.
I have got to see how they get out of these handcuffs.
I need to tell you something.
MAN [ON TV]: Good hard yank.
WOMAN [ON TV]: One, two, three.
What? I'm never leaving this place, and you know that.
[COSTAS SNIFFLES] And I only have so much time left.
I don't like when you talk like this.
You have to believe you're gonna get better if you actually are ever gonna get better! This disease isn't about mind over matter.
I'm gonna die soon.
And I need you to get real with me.
- I need you to promise me something.
- No doom and gloom tonight! - Listen to me! - No.
[QUIETLY]: Please.
When I move on, I want you to cry your ass off and scream to the Lord on high, [SNIFFLES] but only for one day.
And then I want you just to move on with your life.
I don't want you stuck thinking about this place, or this smell, or this death.
[CRYING]: I want you to find love again.
Promise me that you'll do that.
Who knows how much time you have left.
I know you have this virus.
You have that fear in your eyes, like every time you're looking at me, you're looking at your own fate.
[SNIFFLES] And you have this hunger to grab life by the balls and to live it as fast and as loud as you possibly can.
That feeling is what I need you to hold on to.
Promise me.
[CRYING] [SOBBING] It's okay.
I promise.
[SOBBING]: I promise.
NURSE JUDY: Can you come in? Is he okay? Is he having another spasm? What's happening? NURSE JUDY: He died ten minutes ago.
I walked into the room and he was dead.
I figured you'd want to see him before they take him away, but you've got to come now.
Okay, I'm coming now.
[SIGHS] You see, most women can probably take that, right? But, what I need is someone who can handle that.
MATT: Right? I was born that way.
You know, it's been my plight.
Ever since I You know, I What's gotten into you, tiger? Fight with the wife? [SECRETARY SCREAMS] She told me! I covered for you.
I got you a raise to pay for your side pussy and you blew it.
- Why do you hate me? - I don't care enough about you to hate you, I resent you.
You think you deserve what I have? Well, you don't, New Jersey.
I was born better than you.
You don't take what I have, I take what's yours.
She left you? Good.
Then it's my turn.
[STAN GRUNTS] I kissed her, did she tell you that? Right there on your own fucking couch.
Bullshit! Ask her.
[PANTING] You stay away from my wife.
The guy you're pretending to be doesn't exist.
- ["LOVE IS THE MESSAGE" PLAYS] - [CROWD CHEERING] Get ready for another three hours of "Love is the Message.
" Enough.
Y'all, Costas passed away.
Is Pray Tell okay? How would you be doing? He's here because the show must go on, so let's give him a break tonight.
PRAY TELL: The category is Realness.
Bring it like a banjee boy.
I want to see all that ghetto swagger.
Yeah, you got it.
Judges, your scores.
Ten, ten, nine, eight, eight.
All right, I said banjee, not prison.
Scores, please.
Nine, seven, eight, nine, eight.
Oh, my.
I didn't know Run-DMC had a new light-skinned fourth member.
Yeah, Papi.
PRAY TELL: Yeah! Judges, your scores.
Ten, ten, ten, ten, ten.
Across the board! Grand prize, Papi Evangelista! [CHEERING] Okay, okay.
I think it's time to liven this bitch up a bit, right? I want to hear a new track! Play me some Miss Ross! I'm coming out - Come on, now.
- I want the world to know Got to let it show I'm coming out DARIUS: What happened last night? You stood me up.
I had a prior obligation.
Oh, I get it.
You want to be chased.
Look, I don't mind.
I'm fast.
Oh, we know you're fast, all right.
Oh, don't be so shocked.
I been out of the game for a minute, but I still know how to play it.
Oh, you're talking big now 'cause your girls are here? I'm not looking to be somebody's plaything.
I want romance.
I want to fall in love.
I deserve that, not some pumped up boy toy.
Girl, you ain't missing out on anything.
Darius is like a vacation.
He just never lasts long enough.
- [ALL LAUGH] - Oh, but the dick is good.
I'm coming out I want the world to know Got to let it show I'm coming You're still here? [BLANCA CHUCKLES SOFTLY] I was hoping we could walk for a while.
I heard about Costas.
You need anything from me? Oh, girl.
I had the body cremated.
I'm gonna scatter the ashes along Fifth Avenue.
Little bit at a time.
You know, he loved to window shop, so I figured why not let him do it for all eternity.
Maybe you can come help me out.
That's what family's for.
Tell me, why did you stop playing "Love is the Message"? I'm not trying to assume anything, - but you seem different.
- [LAUGHS] Happy.
Oh, I promised Costas that I would go on and love and have joy and live.
[CHUCKLES] I miss him.
[VOICE BREAKING]: I loved him.
Ooh, I loved him.
But we are living in a world where all of us could truly be gone one day, where our kind is just a memory, one the rest of the world would be happy to forget.
All we have left is right now.
I don't know how soon till I'm in a box on the end table of some crying man's bed, but until then that love and that promise are who I claim to be.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
[LAUGHS] MAN: Hey, baby.
- Hey, Lou.
Well, lookee, there go my tips for the night.
[DOOR OPENS] Baruch Hashem.
It's payday.
Huh? Not until you finish your shifts.
Sleepless nights And I can't wait to see you again I find I spend my time Waiting on your call How can I tell you, baby My back's against the wall - [EXHALES] - I need you by my side To tell me it's all right 'Cause I don't think I can take any more Is this love That I'm feeling Is this the love That I've been searching for Is this love Or am I dreaming This must be love 'Cause it's really got a hold On me A hold on me.