Pose (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Mother of the Year

1 I never thought I'd see you in a place like that again.
Turns out, the only thing I'm qualified to do is give orders and look good.
Where else would I go? This must give you some satisfaction.
You won.
None of us win when one of us gets beat down.
Even someone who had the beatdown coming to them.
Why do you always reduce everything down like that? Because I don't trust you.
Your problem is you don't trust anyone.
That's my golden rule.
Trust gives people power over you.
You and I both know that sleeping at a fast food booth and working the sex trade, you won't live out the year.
You're gonna end up down at the morgue.
You want to be a beautiful corpse, fine.
I don't like being needy.
I hate myself for it.
You got a lot to hate yourself for, but needing help ain't one of them.
The category is Live Work Pose! I'm not auditioning for no Al B.
Sure video.
You're the one in dance school.
You don't need a degree to audition.
And I've seen your moves at the ball when you let loose.
You're so good.
And when you smile, the world lights up.
Look, I'll only audition if you audition with me.
It'll make me less nervous.
If it means you'll go, then fine.
Anybody home? We're in here.
What's she doing here? She's moving in.
I can't believe we got to give up our room - and sleep on the sofa.
- I would've expected you two to be a little bit more understanding.
Elektra's not joining our house, but y'all known Evangelista takes in all lost souls, no matter your past.
And while she's our guest, you will treat her with respect.
Now hush up and finish packing.
I cannot express the gratitude I have for extending this kindness.
You're welcome.
Stay as long as you need to.
I suppose this is sufficient space.
Well, it's gonna have to be, 'cause it's all we got.
And I hope you plan on replacing these curtains.
- And if it's not too much trouble - It will be.
I'd love if the boys could paint the room.
This color looks like a shit-stained diaper left out in the rain.
Winter lilac is more my color.
Are you sure I don't look like no '70s bridesmaid in this thing? It's called fashion, bitch.
Yes, and I am well aware that it is the Princess Ball, and with all this flow, you're gonna look like a magical fairy princess floating into her kingdom to snatch her crown.
I'm worried about the House of Ferocity.
- Hmm.
- You remember that time Candy and Lulu cut up their rivals' dresses just to snag a few trophies for Elektra? How could I forget? I'm surprised you didn't rat them out.
We were family back then.
You know those banjee girls don't know when to stop.
Have you heard the latest? No.
What? Not only did they get that fucking girl from the shop to join Ferocity, they also snagged Florida - and Goddess Aphrodite.
- Jesus, no.
Yes, Mary.
They are a house not to be fucked with.
Well, here's to hoping their light burns out quick.
In the meantime, I'm-a try to focus on my health and making sure my family gets back together.
Papi will come home one day.
Yes, he will.
Well, what about you? You been taking care of yourself? I don't know.
Ever since Costas died, I just been keeping my head down.
I'm doing my thing, but, you know, life has become a wash of gray.
Well, I think I got something that might put some pep back into your step.
I met someone last weekend.
Someone I think you might like.
Me? My, my, my.
I see audacity is back in style.
Now, that body was molded to perfection, while this body is just molded.
- Miss Plastic Fantastic - Hello, sir.
Hello! I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
What do you need? Can I get a vodka cranberry, please? Coming right up.
You are too cute.
What's your name? Keenan.
Can I get your number, Keenan? I'm sorry, my love, I'm not into the ladies.
I am not deaf, dumb or blind, honey.
It's not for me.
You've been staring at my friend all night.
Oh, really? He's single? Yes.
Give me your number.
with that puffy tuck.
Would somebody please give her some duct tape? I think you should call him.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Uh-uh.
Here, Pray.
This shop is closed, honey.
Out of business, and I don't have any plans of opening it up anytime soon.
I do not need a man to make me happy, and I especially don't need to be dimming my shine by getting rejected for being positive.
My heart needs a rest.
But you should've seen the way he was looking at you.
And he was fine.
You may be positive, but I know that ho inside of you is thirsting for some fine-ass trade.
That is "reformed ho" to you, thank you very much.
You might want to splurge on some Nice 'N Easy.
Them gray hairs ain't doing you no favors.
Uh shut up, bitch! Everybody likes a little smoky up there now and again.
Daddies are in.
Hello? - Am I interrupting? - No.
I'm just preparing for class.
Come in.
You wanted to see me, which means one thing.
Is Damon's screwing up again? 'Cause I'll bust him upside his head if he trying you.
That won't be necessary.
You've been a great mother to him.
He's really straightened up.
And I wanted you to be the first to know, as his guardian, that his scholarship has been approved for a second year.
Oh, my God.
I am so incredibly proud of him.
And I'm proud of you, too.
Blanca, I've seen parents give their children the best training, the best education money can buy.
And yet, their dancing careers go nowhere.
You, however, have given Damon something that will allow him to soar in this world: self-worth.
As long as he knows his life has value, he will be unstoppable.
Can you do me a favor? Can you hold off on telling him the good news? I kind of want to tell him myself.
Of course.
You've earned that.
Out of all the years I've known you, I've never seen you walk out of the house without a beat face.
I didn't have time.
You dragged me out to this mystery appointment.
Elektra, you need to be real with me.
You're depressed, and I get it.
But I'm not gonna let you fall into the abyss like other girls.
After today, I want to see a full face on you.
Everyone needs to see Elektra in all her glory.
We're having lunch? No.
You're applying for a job.
Indochine? No! I cannot work in the service industry.
Oh, but you can dance at Show World? - Come on.
- I do not have the same skills a common person has.
Do you expect me to wash dishes with these hands? But you not gonna be a peasant.
They're hiring hostesses.
Glamorous, regal and refined.
You fit the bill, and they pay well.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
My house, my rules.
What if they ask me to tally people's bills? I didn't stay in school long enough to learn how to operate a calculator.
Bitch, they ain't asking you to be a mathematician.
All you got to do is look pretty and judge people.
Now get over there and ask for a goddamn application.
Excuse me.
I heard you're hiring for a lead hostess, and you're looking for upscale and dignified women? That is correct.
Elektra Abundance.
May I please have an application? Of course.
Follow me.
Fucking work.
Sh oh.
Dancers 151 to 160.
You got this.
Okay? Five, six, seven, eight.
All right, thanks, guys.
You stay and you stay.
And you stay.
And you.
The rest of you can go.
Thanks for your time.
Don't change a thing.
- You look amazing.
- Thank you.
I love that jacket.
Thank you.
I made it myself.
Cute and talented.
Where have you been all my life? I assume you have a reservation.
Looks like you're moving up in the world, girl.
By the looks of it, we both are.
I'm, uh, I'm really, really glad you agreed to dinner.
Well, I wanted to ask you out for a while, but I've always been too chickenshit to approach you.
Was it my stunning beauty - that scared you off? - Mm-mm.
It was that big mouth.
Look, we can't all be larger than life.
You're intimidating.
That's the first time I've heard that.
So, uh, what do you want to do with your life? I'm certain that bartending can't be the dream.
Okay, judgy.
- No, I - Mm-mm.
It's cool.
Um Uh, if you must know, I'm a sculptor.
Bartending is just how I survive while I wait for some gallery to realize I'm a genius.
- Confidence.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sexy.
- Oh.
Wish I still had that fire in me.
What extinguished it? Life.
Well maybe I can help you reignite that flame.
I have to tell you something.
- You're seeing someone else.
- Please.
I wish it was that simple.
I have HIV.
I recently lost a lover, and being here with you, it's like the first time I was the first time I was with him.
I told Blanca that I wasn't ready, but she said I can't sit around the house feeling sorry for myself.
Now that you know my truth, you probably want to leave, and I wouldn't blame you.
So why don't you just go and I-I'll pick up the check - and we can pretend this never happened.
- Hey, hey.
I'm sorry that you're going through a rough time.
What can I do to help? Oh.
I, uh I don't know.
Besides Blanca, you're the first person I've told.
Thank you for sharing that.
Do you think you're the first guy I've dated that's positive? We'll be safe.
But you should know I don't give it up that easy.
Oh, you are shady, shady boots.
You're clearly hard of hearing.
Unless you have a reservation this evening, you will not be seated.
And for future reference, Indochine does not cater to the bridge and tunnel crowd.
You cleaning in here again? Otherwise we get roaches.
It's New York; there's always cockroaches.
You want to talk? About what? About that broken heart of yours.
Come on, girl, talk to me.
I just want to wash him out of my mind.
It's like he put this device in me that makes it so that I can't even look at or touch another guy.
Is that what they calling it now? A device? Come here.
I went back out at the piers.
I just started crying in the middle of a job.
Well, maybe it's time you don't do work like that no more.
And I don't judge you or nothing.
I used to walk those piers, too.
But a girl who looks like you has options.
- Not making that kind of money.
- Oh, I got a plan.
- What? - Night school.
Angel I really need you to get it together.
You're the next in line.
Yeah, when I'm walking balls with a cane and gray hairs coming out of my ears.
I want to tell you something.
You got to promise me you're not gonna tell the others.
Okay? What? I tested positive.
I need you to take care of this house.
Okay? It's not tomorrow, but it's sooner than you think.
You are going to be a mother to all these children, and many more.
And no white boy from the suburbs is gonna rescue you.
We're the only ones who got each other's back.
Come here.
I got you.
Apparently I'm the only one who dresses for dinner in this house.
Don't you have linen napkins? No.
And everybody in this house helps set the table.
These utensils don't match.
Girl, don't start.
Okay, before y'all dig in, I have to share some very exciting news.
- This is a party? - Ricky and I have some exciting news to share, too.
Okay, baby, you go ahead and go first.
Well we auditioned for Al B.
Sure's next video.
What?! I love Al B.
Sure! Holy shit.
He is the Marvin Gaye of our time.
Dick and I made love to him at least twice a week.
Ooh, nothing or no one is a panty-dropper like Al B.
The best part is that we both made it and we're gonna be in the video and we're going on tour.
But don't freak out.
It's just a tristate area thing.
And we can get everybody tickets.
- And backstage passes? - Damon, you're still in school.
And I thought I told you not to interrupt his schooling.
He didn't.
I encouraged him.
And the point of going to a dance school is to be a professional dancer.
I mean, this is the best opportunity for both of us, Mother.
Blanca, this is the big time you have been dreaming about for your children.
Perhaps you are unfamiliar with Al B.
Sure's music.
I have his tape in my purse.
Ma, you don't have to do that.
You don't I am so proud of you.
- Thank you.
- Come here.
Mother, you shouldn't be washing dishes by yourself.
I'll dry.
In all that carrying on about Al B.
Sure, no one asked what my news was.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to make that all about me.
But my news was about you, too.
Helena called me in.
She told me that you got accepted into your second year at school.
No way! She told me you've been working really hard.
We're proud of you.
Oh, no, don't get yourself all worked up.
I'm not gonna make you stay in school.
I'm not that kind of mother.
This is a real great opportunity for me and Ricky.
Okay, listen, sex on tour is gonna feel the same as it did back there in that room.
A professional opportunity to be dancers getting paid.
You got the talent.
And opportunities are gonna come, but they'll be wasted if you're not 100% ready in taking advantage of them.
You think I'm not good enough to shine out in the real world.
No, I'm saying, in a year or two, you'll be better in ways you can't even imagine yet.
One job ain't nothing if it don't lead to another.
You have to shine so bright out there that they can't deny you.
Look, just just think about it for a day or two.
And I'll support you in whatever you choose.
I love you, Mother.
I love you, too.
Now finish washing these damn dishes 'cause I'm going to bed.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Still weird having to ring the doorbell at my own house.
I can think of some weirder things I've had to get used to.
What's going on with this? Uh, Amanda, she's she's acting out.
Maybe we should talk to that therapist again.
We're not going back to the therapist.
I was thinking um, for the sake of the kids, maybe it would be good if I moved back in here for a while.
You know, we got that guest room.
I could sneak in there after the kids fall asleep and sleep there.
I know you want nothing to do with me, but unless you told your mom already, there's a way we could play this where nobody has to know - about our problems.
- No.
No, everybody has to know.
I mean, not all the details.
I'll-I'll spare you that, but there's no more pretending, not about anything.
I mean, I think you're right.
I think you should move back in here for the kids.
It's good for them to have you around.
Thank you.
But first you have to quit your job.
No more Manhattan executive time for you.
Sell the Cadillac, the cuff links and the watches, all of it.
How am I supposed to pay the bills? Get a job around here.
Sell insurance or real estate.
Whatever it takes for you to be home when the kids get back from school.
Where will you be? I'm gonna be taking classes at Montclair State.
I'm gonna get my master's.
Eventually the kids will be old enough to understand all this, and I want to be completely independent by then.
I understand.
I love you.
Good evening and good morning, hookers.
I know it's hot.
I said good evening and good morning, hookers! Now, listen, somebody had told me that the Department of Health had closed down the bathhouses, but from where I'm standing, it looks like they just dumped you bitches right on out here in front of me! And I hope you have some garments hiding backstage or something, because tonight is the motherfucking Princess Ball, bitches! Ah, and I'm gonna need you to show our judges your very, very best.
Are you ready? The category is: Linen Versus Silk.
I need to see all you butch queens walking up in here in your finest summer regalia.
I see you, Prince of Egypt.
I also see that rayon you done brought up into my kingdom.
Now what'd I say? Linens and silks.
Only the finest of fabrics, only the finest of textiles, darlings.
Judges, your scores? Where's the House of Ferocity? You think they chickening out? I hope so.
I mean, how are we supposed to be the next legendary house with only four members challenging their eight? I've been lighting my candles all week.
Honey, our orishas are working overtime.
Children, what will be will be.
We need to focus on bringing our best, not worrying about what anyone else is bringing.
We may not be a house of numbers, but we are a house of love.
Come on, Mother.
Oh! Double your pleasure, double your fun.
Identical twins in form, fraternal in fashion.
- Get out of my way.
- One silk, one linen, and fine, fine, fine as wine! Judges, give 'em your scores.
Ten, ten, ten, ten.
Work it out.
And please don't make me hotter.
Whoo! My stars.
My, my, my, my.
Good evening, broke ass losers.
Looks like they created a category for subway hoodrats.
That's very funny.
In the spirit of the Princess Ball, I'm here to uplift and celebrate the work of everyone in our community this year.
I'm not gonna even try to throw your nasty shade back at you.
That's 'cause you can't shade something that's shining so bright.
Why don't you all just go home and save yourself the humiliation of defeat, huh? - Ooh! - What happened, girl? I cut my hand on Blanca's stubble.
- Really, Blanca, go home - Mm.
shave that brick face of yours, and come back when you learn how to do your makeup.
Candy, cut it out.
Somebody's got to read her for her looks since these judges won't.
Look at you, Blanca.
Your makeup is horrible.
That wig line is a goddamn crime, and you look like a hungry boy in your mama's clothes trying to be something you're not.
Want to be a legendary mother? Call a doctor and become a woman first.
Come on, Candy, we ain't got to be talking about nobody's womanhood out here.
Shut the fuck up and go get me a drink! Don't you ever sass your fucking mother.
Excuse me.
- Mm.
- Oh, Blanca.
Yo, that's her right there, bro.
- Damn! - Bro.
Ay, yo, baby.
- Ow! - Let me get your number.
- You looking good, mama.
- Looking good.
Your face looks like a wet weekend.
What do you want, Elektra? I can't have you pouring more salt on the wound right now.
I've been thinking about your kindness.
You didn't have to make space for me in your home.
You taught me what a real mother is.
I know I haven't always been warm, but I'd like to be now, and, out of respect for you and the House of Evangelista, offer my services.
You want to help my house? Yes.
I received my first paycheck from Indochine today a real check, not dirty bills handed to me under a table.
It reminded me of my value.
That wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you.
I want to challenge the House of Ferocity.
I can't have them coming for me.
I have never known you to back down from a battle.
But before you do that, let me check some bitches.
Oh, and, Blanca, you have always been my heart.
DJ, play some music.
The next category's gonna be in about ten minutes, after I ring myself off.
I hope you got a good lawyer, girl.
Why is that? 'Cause we about to murder every other house in this joint.
I said that I wanted a Tab and Malibu Rum.
This is rum and Fresca! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Yo, it's loud in here.
Why you got to be so mean to me? Ain't you ever heard of the phrase, "You attract more flies with honey"? Uh-uh.
The only thing attracting flies up in here is that greasy mop on your head.
What are you doing here? Is there a Tired Old Bitches on Geritol category tonight? I'm here to walk with my house.
Not much of a house with only one bitch in it.
More like a studio apartment.
Didn't you hear the news? I'm walking with the House of Evangelista, to help them win a trophy or ten, but mostly to destroy you.
Aphrodite, I've got no beef with you.
You may go or stay if you don't mind the sight of blood.
I've got nowhere to be.
Good, then you can hear the disappointment in my voice as I count off the ways in which I've clearly failed as a mother.
Look at the fruits of my labor: a foolhardy chunk who makes her living on the pole and a brainless wonder who thinks the way to get curves is to stick Charmin in her drawers or to inject cement into her derriere.
House of Ferocity? You two are about as fierce as my morning cornflakes.
You may have left my home, but you can't leave me.
I'm in your mind, that voice saying, "You're not good enough, little girl.
"You're not smart enough or tough enough or glamorous enough to make it in this world.
" And that little voice is going to eat away at you like termites until your whole pathetic house comes crashing down.
You think you're on the road to being legends, but you couldn't make it from here to the door without me pointing the way.
You're nothing but bags of rancid, rotting meat.
Well, take a long last look at this filet mignon.
I doubt we'll be conversing ever again, unless I take a sudden interest in dying of boredom.
Lil Papi, I think you've suffered enough for your sins.
I'm sure I can convince your mother Blanca to take you back if you're willing to grovel a little.
I don't really know what that means, but I'll grovel all night if I have to.
Get your own damn drinks.
Feeling like a big man now, huh? Cubby, Lemar.
One chance.
Get ripe with Evangelista or die on the vines with these withering weeds.
- Let's go.
- Ugh.
Traitors, all of you.
I did.
Things are going to be a little tight in that shoebox of an apartment.
But I have new members for you.
If you even want new members.
Come here, y'all.
- I'm sorry, Blanca.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Got room for one more? In my home and in my heart.
All right, my sweaty bitches, it's time for the next category.
Okay, I think we've had enough of feelings.
It's time.
You will be in fringes and feathers giving us Las Vegas Showgirl Realness, like Miss Lola Falana meets Carmen Miranda.
All right, all right.
Stop the music, baby, stop the music.
I'm gonna need y'all to simmer down.
Yes, darling, I know, I know.
Just place that jacket in the Christmas ornament box, and we'll get back to you.
All right, now.
A challenge has been issued for the House of Ferocity from the House of Evangelista.
Do you divas accept this challenge? Have you ever known us to back down from a challenge? Bring it on, bitch.
All right.
The category is: House Versus House.
The ultimate house bout.
We need to see which one of you can serve us your finest members and burn this bitch to the ground.
Turn up the music and pose! Florida Ferocity serving us Best Dressed against Damon and Lemar.
Evangelista, old-school style.
Yes, Damon, I see you, bitch.
From the dance class to the ballroom.
Oh! No touching! The battle lines have been drawn! Yes! The floor work, darlings! The technique, babies! Yes ! I live! Who's next? Oh, we're serving body and realness battles.
Miss Veronica Ferocity serving us mother-of-the-bride realness, while Ricky and Lil Papi Evangelista are giving us "sexy bad boy hanging out down at Port Authority"! Oh! I live! My man just came back from the gym-nasium and treat me to some push-up realness.
Who's next? Who's coming next? The flawless faces of Angel and Cubby Evangelista versus fierce Mother Candy Ferocity.
You got to be born into this club, honey.
You can't join this club.
Yes, Miss Candy.
That body is giving you new life! That is a dollar well spent, darling.
Yes! Oh.
And she's with the judges.
Touch that face.
Touch that face.
Oh ! I live! I live! And now for the divas battle! The sexy Aphrodite Ferocity versus the legendary Elektra.
Give 'em some room, give 'em some room! Bitch, you got your wings on tonight! Fly, bitch! Fly ! Oh, and the rise of Mother Blanca Evangelista versus the statement, Lulu Ferocity, giving us Jessica Rabbit.
You all know what I'm talking about.
Blanca, you better turn up, bitch.
Miss Lulu is at your neck.
Don't get chopped.
Tonight, everything is on the line.
Work it out, work it out, work it out.
And pose.
And pose.
And pose.
And pose.
And pose.
And pose.
And pose.
And pose.
And pose.
And pose.
And pose.
And pose Pose double-time! And pose, pose, pose, pose, pose, pose, pose! Overness personified! Yes! Give 'em a round of applause, honey.
The roof is on fire.
Ladies and gentlemen, the battle of the year, the one for the ages, has come to a conclusion.
And now it is time that we allow a phoenix to rise up from the ashes and be crowned.
Y'all ready for these scores? For the House of Ferocity, your scores are ten, ten, ten, ten, nine.
There's room at the inn, honey, just like the Baby Jesus.
There's room for it at the inn.
For the House of Evangelista, scores, please.
Ten, ten, ten, ten, tens across the board! Grand prize, House of Evangelista ! And that is how you do a ball, bitch! Come on, get this trophy.
Lista! Evange Lista! - Lista! - Evange Evangelista! Evangelista! - Evange - Evange - Lista! Come on! - Lista! Evange! Evangelista! Evangelista! Here's my trophy for Femme Queen Face.
We are destroying Ferocity.
That makes seven for Evangelista.
Uh, you mean eight.
You forgot mine.
Pray Tell is flying through those categories tonight.
Mother, I want to tell you something.
What? - So I discussed it with Ricky - Mm-hmm.
and he's going on the Al B.
Sure tour without me.
We both figured that our relationship is strong enough for us to withstand a couple of months being apart.
I thought you wanted to be a big star.
Why you suddenly giving up on that? I'm not giving up on my dream.
If I'm gonna be a big star, then I got to keep working on my craft.
Which is why I officially accepted my scholarship for another year at The New School.
That's what I'm talking about.
I'm doing this for me.
And I want to make you proud.
You already have.
Inspection time.
Examine it close up.
Is she real? Is she altogether lovely? Or is it bullshit? All right, ladies, line up.
Come on, give them a hand, give them a hand, y'all.
This is the best there is.
This is Diva of the Year.
Y'all better recognize.
All right.
Diva of the Year goes to Miss Elektra Evangelista.
First runner-up, Aphrodite Ferocity.
Come on, come on, give them a hand.
Now, the next category is one of my favorites.
Femme Queen Vogue! I want to see some movement up in this bitch! Come on, bring it.
Give it to me.
Hey! Ha-ha! Oh, shit! Who else? Oh! Yes, baby! Come on, come on.
We are not leaving here without a grand prize trophy.
Oh, shit, they coming.
They coming from the audience, kids.
And live and serve and work.
What are you doing? Ah, coming in for more.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha What the hell is going on? Stop this music, stop this music.
Stop this music.
Okay, okay.
Quiet down, quiet down.
Quiet down.
Let Daddy handle this now.
Miss Candy.
Yes? Do you have category dyslexia? No.
No, no, no, no.
See, I know that we have had our differences when it came to you walking body.
But then you actually went out and bought a body and earned your place.
Flexibility and rhythm cannot be bought.
You are not a dancer.
Have a seat! I was just getting warmed up! Honey, this is not a dress rehearsal.
This is the goddamn final performance.
- Fuck you, Pray Tell! - No, she didn't.
Would somebody come and get this bitch, please? She's so tired, and I have a date to get to.
Why don't you just move on and stop wasting everybody's time, bitch? Please, get off the runway.
I deserve a chance like everybody else.
Lumbknuckle, were you raised on a farm? You need to move on.
Somebody chop her already.
Why don't you come down here and chop me yourself, you fat fuck? Oh! No, she didn't.
No, she didn't, bitch.
What? Hold my purse.
What? What? What? Huh? Huh? Huh? Yeah.
You want some? Go help her! I'm-a crack that Milk Dud right open, honey.
Yeah! I am no Milk Dud, bitch.
Let's go.
Come on - Oh, honey.
- What? - What? - You better get your ass back.
Bring it on Come on, Candy, it ain't worth all this.
You're gonna get us kicked out.
Girl, get the fuck off me.
Pick that up.
- Oh, so now I'm the housemaid? - Yes, pick it up.
Violence is never the answer, children.
Let's go.
I can't take you motherfuckers nowhere.
What are you doing here? I came to rescue you.
Don't talk like that.
The only thing I need rescuing from is the way you made me feel.
I was doing just fine on my own.
I'm leaving my wife.
For good.
I don't want to pretend anymore.
I want us to get a house.
Out on the island, or Westchester, and I can take the train in and out of the city for work.
You remember that night in the hotel room? The first night we met, and you told me you just wanted a home and someone to take care of and to be treated like a real woman.
Let me give you all that.
What about your kids? We'll figure it out.
They can come stay with us on weekends.
You like kids, right? Not really, Stan.
It was real.
This whole thing, it was always real.
You remember what else I said back in that hotel room? It was your first time, but it wasn't mine.
You're not my first Prince Charming.
You're not real.
We were just good ideas in each other's minds.
And they turn into bad ones once they get out into the regular world, right? No, no.
I'm asking you I'm begging you to just try.
You're not listening to me.
What I want has changed.
I got a family.
They already take care of me.
I want to do right by them.
I want to look after them.
- They need me.
- I need you.
Stan, I care about you.
You a'ight at the end of the day.
But go home to your wife and kids.
Go be a man.
You almost done with your smoke, Angel? Just about.
All right, well, come on inside and help me get changed.
- Girl, I get it.
- What you get, girl? - That boy is fine.
- Oh, come on.
Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen.
We have a very special presentation on tonight.
I and past winners will be handing out the award for Mother of the Year.
Each year, this award is presented to a mother who has been a nurturing presence in her children's lives, a mother who has provided moral and social support to her children.
She's kept them in line, and she's taught them what it means to move through life with grace and humility.
The nominees for Mother of the Year are from the House of Mugler, Gina Mugler.
All right, Gina! Give it up.
From the House of Pendavis, Kiki Pendavis.
From the House of Xtravaganza, Tonya Xtravaganza.
And last but not least, from the House of Evangelista, Blanca Evangelista.
So, y'all know that every year this is a hotly contested award, but this year, the voting was unanimous.
The recipient has taught us that a house is much more than a home.
It's family.
And every family needs a mother who is affirming, caring, loyal Yes.
and inspiring.
This woman is that and much, much, much more.
She has saved many a soul lost in darkness simply by shining her light.
I know this to be true because that is how she saved mine.
The 1988 award for Mother of the Year goes to my sister, Blanca Evangelista.
That's my mother! Come on, give it up, give it up, give it up! Blanca Evangelista! Blanca! Blanca! Blanca!