Postcards (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[scenic intro tune plays]
- [upbeat music playing]
- [indistinct background chatter]
I have always believed
that life is to be lived.
And after the death
of my husband 20 years ago,
[in Yoruba] I, Olubunmi,
made up my mind that
this singular life of mine,
[in English]
I will live it to the fullest.
[upbeat music continues]
Enjoyment, is what I am known for.
There's no party I am not invited to.
- Aunty Bunmi,
- Yes?
Kofo's mum is coming.
[in Yoruba] From where?
- Which direction?
- She is coming here. Your left.
[in Yoruba] What direction
is she coming from?
[in English] Direction?
[in Yoruba] How are you doing my friends?
[in English] I hope
you're all enjoying the party.
[in Yoruba] Madam, how are you doing?
[in English] Hello?
[in Yoruba] Bunmi,
I'm saying hello to you.
[in English] Hey Kofo's mum, how are you?
I heard you traveled
to Turkey, how was it?
Actually, it was Germany.
And it was fine.
[Kofo's mum chuckles]
- How are those in Germany doing?
- [in English] Everybody
- and anybody
- They are doing fine. [chuckles]
knows I don't take nonsense.
Try me once, and that is it.
You are gone from my life.
Why didn't you follow her to Germany?
- Exactly.
- [In Yoruba] Over presumptous.
[in English] As if we
should jump inside the lagoon.
Don't mind her. No, jump inside the bush.
[Aunty Bunmi] Heh,
I am Alhaja Olubunmi Ajakaiye.
Mover and shaker of the Eko party caucus.
The best thing since party jollof.
- [upbeat music abates]
- [crickets chirping]
But you know the problem
with being the best in anything
[door opening and creaking]
[wistful music plays]
You are surrounded by the crowd
but still
you are alone.
[wistful music crescendos]
[theme music plays]
[theme music fades out]
[male voice over radio]
Good morning Lagos!
[in Pidgin] My country people.
- [motor boat roars]
- [upbeat music plays]
It's Tuesday,
if you are at home
that means you've messed up.
Why won't you go out there
to make some money?
[chuckles] You,
I know you would like to leave Nigeria,
but find something to do in the meantime.
Right now,
our phone lines are open
and the question we're asking you is,
if you get an opportunity
to leave the country, will you leave?
[chuckles] Quickly get your phones
and call us on 08092052051.
Let's talk about what's trending today.
[phone ringing]
Hello? Who is this?
[upbeat music fades out]
[phone ringing]
Hello? I'm on my way. [hisses]
Not at all. Can't you hear me
calling for a bike? Bike!
[hisses] I'm on my way.
You will see me soon.
[upbeat music plays]
[upbeat music stops]
[birds chirping]
Ah, Kekere, you didn't go to school?
[in English] I'm not going.
- Why?
- [in Pidgin] I'm tired!
One day I'll just wake up,
wash my face, carry my bag
and walk till I get to America.
Kekere, who will show you the way?
Kekere, you also want
to go abroad? [chuckles]
- Have you eaten?
- I've not eaten.
You would have just told me that.
Go get something to eat
and then go straight to school.
Bro, you're the best.
Stop teasing me.
- Get going. Make sure you go to school!
- [phone ringing]
I'll be there before you know it.
You'll see me soon.
- Yemi!
- Ma?
- Where's my money?
- [funky tune plays]
- A woman's life!
- [Yemi] Do I owe you?
Where's my money? Give me my money!
- Yemi!
- I'll be back!
- Where's my money? Ah!
- [Yemi] I'll give you.
What's wrong with this guy?
- [exclaims]
- [funky tune stops]
Just look at what time you arrive.
- Hey! Calm down.
- No, look at him.
I'm sure you were at home sleeping.
- May Ogun strike you dead.
- Please stop it!
- Hey! Stop that.
- Take it easy.
[in English] Who are you shouting at?
- [in language] Guy stop it. Calm down.
- Leave him be. Let's rehearse first.
- Bolu, you're the one I'm considering.
- Everybody
- [Yemi] So what?
- [Bolu] I understand.
- Don't worry, we'll sort it out.
- Go ahead and do the dance.
- [Bolu] We'll sort it out later.
- You can do it, right?
- [Yemi hisses]
- [in English] Don't worry.
[upbeat music playing]
Five, six, seven, go!
[upbeat music continues]
You? You're still staring?
[upbeat music ends]
[Bolu] Nice. Okay guys, it is a wrap.
- Nice one.
- It's really good. Who is watching it?
Nice one. Look at the ending.
- Look at the ending. It was really good.
- That move was good. Really good.
- Sir B, is tomorrow still on?
- [Yemi] Would you have achieved all this
- without me?
- [Bolu] Yes, we'll be there.
[Yemi] Give me
the phone, let me watch the video.
- How do I remove it?
- Calm down.
- So I don't break it by accident.
- [Bolu laughs]
- [sighs]
- [Bolu grunts]
- Yes, see the move, it's good.
- [vehicle hooting at a distance]
Ah, what's he doing?
Look he almost ruined the
[Yemi] Ah-ah!
What happened?
- Guy, you cannot continue like this.
- [vehicle hooting at a distance]
[in English] You almost
scattered this whole thing,
you almost ruined it.
I mean, at some point,
you're going to have to grow up
and decide for yourself
if you want to be successful or not.
- [in Pidgin] Look, it's not my fault.
- [Bolu hisses]
- Look, this country is not for me.
- [wistful music plays]
Just think about it,
there's no light, no water,
no data.
Do you know how I got money to get here?
Look, that's the problem.
That's my problem with you.
It is never your fault.
Last week you didn't even show up.
Then just yesterday,
you were at the viewing placing a bet.
Meanwhile, I was waiting
for you at the café so I can help you
with your own school registration.
Come on, how will
anyone take you seriously?
You are either doing placing bets
or you are doing visa lottery.
You don't listen.
Can I stay at your place tonight?
- Who do you owe?
- Ah ah.
Me owe? I'm not Ah ah,
I'm not owing any I just need
a change of environment.
[hisses] You are a liar.
[in English] Help me pack these things up.
[upbeat music playing]
[women laughing]
Our God will do it.
- Mummy have you seen the alert?
- [Aunty Bunmi] That's the
[in Yoruba] What is it? What?
[in English] Have you seen the alert?
Oh, yes I've seen it, thank you.
You're going to do me a favor now.
You're going to run to the amala seller.
You will buy me amala,
with gbegiri,
and ewedu soup
- Then lots of ponmo,
- [girl] Mmh.
- [woman 1] That is soft and juicy.
- with delicious goat meat
- Yes.
- and whiting fish.
- [Chi's mother] Enjoyment.
- [Aunty Bunmi] Quickly go and get it.
- Aunty,
- Yes?
remember what the doctor said?
- [chuckles] Lola,
- [Chi's mother scoffs]
did the doctor say I should die
or I should eat well?
- Which one?
- [Chi's mother] You should eat well.
- Eh?
- Aunty it's not good.
Don't worry about me, I'm fine.
- I know my body.
- [woman 1] Ah ah!
I'm drinking my herbs regularly.
The herbal medicine that makes you pee.
- [in Pidgin] There's no problem.
- [laughing]
- [in Yoruba] I will pee it all out.
- Quickly go and buy the amala please.
[women laugh]
- Don't take too long.
- Who is that? Someone is coming.
- [Lola] Good afternoon.
- Afternoon Lola.
- How are you?
- Eh!
- [mouthing]
- [visitor lady] My people! [laughs]
I came personally to come and
deliver Muri's aso ebi for the wedding.
- Really? Muri is getting married?
- [exclaims]
- [Chi's mother] Nice.
- Oh yes! [chuckles]
See, even though I know you
did not say anything in the group.
- I didn't know.
- I was not afraid because I know you
are not part
of the people who will owe me.
[visitor lady] Yes. [chuckles]
- [Chi's mum] The group has many messages
- We never see it.
Just take look at the cloth! [laughs]
How much is it?
- It's just 180,000 only.
- What?!
Sorry, what did you say?
How much is it again?
One hundred and eighty thousand only.
- Ah, okay 180.
- [chuckles] Yes.
- And I know you have my account number.
- Very fine.
- I have your account number?
- Yes, you have my account number.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, ah ah.
But I don't know my bank acc my account
- Okay.
- Just help me send it.
- [Mummy Muri chuckles]
- Ah ah! 180,000.
One-eighty thousand.
[exclaims] Yes, my friend! [laughs]
The one the lion
will see and he will fear.
The one and only.
No one but you!
After you, it's you.
- After me, it's me.
- [giggles] Oh yes!
Ah! Thank you.
I didn't know I would meet
Chi's mummy and Bukky's mummy here.
I would have told
my girl to help me bring it.
Ah, we are on our way out.
- Really?
- So there's no need. Yes.
- She will not meet us here at all.
- At all. Yes.
And I don't know when we'll meet again.
No problem.
I'm already on my way, eh? [chuckles]
- [Chi's mother] Thank you.
- Thank you, my friend.
- My friend! Thank you darling.
- Goodbye.
[Chi's mother exclaims] Ha!
What are you waiting for?
Hundred and eighty thousand?
[in Yoruba] It doesn't matter.
Didn't you say you were both leaving?
- [in Yoruba] Won't we eat the ponmo?
- [Chi's mother] Ah ah!
- Didn't you say she won't meet you? Leave.
- What about the amala she's bringing?
[in English] I want to do something.
- [Chi's mother] What?
- True. I want to do something.
[Bukky's mother] Okay, ah.
- [Chi's mother laughs]
- [in English] Let me get to the house.
- Okay. Bye.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
- Well done aunty Bunmi.
[in Yoruba] Look at the beautiful
Head tie on her head ♪
[Bukky's mother] Indeed. [laughs]
Well done!
[wistful music plays]
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
[Inhales deeply]
[groans loudly]
[in Yoruba] What kind of aso ebi is
[toilet flushing]
[wistful music continues]
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
I heard you have paid
for Muri's mum's aso ebi,
but won't you pay
back the loan I gave you?
- Alhaja.
- Yes?
- [in Pidgin] Give me at a good price.
- [sighs]
What better price do I give you?
I removed 5,000 naira already.
Look, if I remove one kobo,
you will send me back to my village.
- Yes! Mm?
- Ah! Alhaja.
- [in Pidgin] It's not that serious.
- Ah
It's much more serious.
- Lola!
- Ma?
[in English] Give me the fan.
But I told you
to service the AC, why is it blowing hot?
Bring the fan!
Please forgive the
Don't say you are not going
to pay me fully because my
- Don't worry.
- my store is hot.
- You will do something for me.
- [Aunty Bunmi laughs]
- Eh?
- This is way above my budget.
Do something for you?
[laughs sarcastically]
Please tell your budget,
eh, that good things cost a lot of money.
[in Pidgin]
You're the one that selected the dress.
Eh? Lola,
put on the fan.
But I told you to
Why is the AC still blowing hot?
- [Aunty Bunmi] Eh?!
- [customer] Ah ah!
- But the place is as cold as Canada.
- [Aunty Bunmi] AC
- Aunty?
- Eh?
- Are you okay?
- I'm very fine.
Are you sure you are okay? You don't look
- so good.
- I'm fine. Cash or
- [Lola] Aunty!
- Ah, madam!
[tense music plays]
[female voice] Aunty Bunmi,
you need an extensive diagnosis
and possibly a surgery.
[Aunty Bunmi in Yoruba] What?
My head rejects it,
my heart rejects it.
I forbid it!
[pastor] Every infirmity
[Lola] Aunty,
the doctor said
you need to see a specialist in India.
Have you started
processing your documents?
- Which India?
- [Imam in Arabic] Praise be to God.
[Aunty Bunmi] Don't worry,
I have sorted everything.
- And humiliate it
- Amen.
- When the sun is shining
- This fibroid
will melt like butter.
Still take it like that.
[Imam] Peace be upon you and all praise
be to God, the Lord of the worlds!
[Aunty Bunmi] Amen.
- [Pastor] Receive healing!
- [Aunty Bunmi] Amen!
- In the name of Jesus.
- Amen.
[hospital beeping sounds]
[Aunty Bunmi gasping]
[breathing heavily]
- Lola.
- Ah! Thank God.
- [Lola breathing heavily]
- [Aunty Bumi gasping]
- Aunty,
- [gasps]
you need to stop taking these concoctions.
It's clearly not working.
how old are you?
[beeping continues]
What do you know about herbal medicine?
Aunty you fainted twice
- [Aunty Bunmi gasps]
- this week already!
- Please!
- Hello Aunty,
are you ready to go
to the specialist hospital in India?
For what?
Because of medicine?
Not medicine.
But thorough diagnosis
and possibly surgery.
For this little thing, doctor?
[scoffs] You want to cut me?
[chuckles] I
Where are you please?
I beg of you, [chuckling]
give me my usual medicine.
I'll be fine.
I'm afraid we've gone
beyond drug prescriptions.
- [tense music plays]
- Fibroid is not something to joke with.
Although not in all occasions,
they may contain cancerous cells.
So you need to be
more serious with your health.
[tuts] Aunty
think about what could happen
to your family if things get worse.
Think about your son.
- [gasps]
- Don't you want to be there for him?
- [wistful music plays]
- [beeping continues ]
[breathes heavily]
[sighs with relief] Thank God. Doctor
I'll go to India.
[Lola sniffles]
[wistful music continues]
[birds calling]
[door opens]
[door closes]
So I just got off the phone with
the execs, we can only have one dancer.
- Well, I have the videos queued.
- Okay.
So, I don't know why
they're cutting this budget but,
we need to find somebody.
Well they're mostly group entries,
- but we can see the one that stands out.
- Okay.
I've rated them all
from most interesting to bleh.
[beats playing]
Is she a guy?
- [chuckles]
- [beats stop]
Well, maybe that one.
[Afro music plays]
Let's get in touch.
Alright. And the rest?
We'll see.
- Alright.
- Yeah.
- [traffic noises]
- [phone ringing]
[phone continues ringing]
- [birds chirping]
- [fan whirring]
[in Yoruba] How many times did I call you?
- [somber music plays]
- I called you three times.
[in English] What is going on?
You've not spoken with me for days.
[in Yoruba] Where are you?
[in English] Where are you?
[in Yoruba]
And you know you are the only one I have.
[in English]
I don't have any other person,
it's only me and you.
[in Yoruba] Look,
Yemi where are you?
Please, my dear, please call me.
[somber music crescendos]
[exclaims] Ah!
[knock on door]
Guy! We did it!
We did it Yemi Sorry.
You did it my guy.
[in Pidgin] That door has opened!
- Why are you hitting me?
- [Bolu] Listen,
they called. Bro.
They said that they cannot take
the whole crew, but they want this guy.
- Bro, you are the guy.
- [mouthing] Wait.
- It's you. You are the one that they want!
- [uplifting music playing]
- Wait, the Indian?
- Yes!
The guy asked me to call him
- when I'm with you.
- Honestly?
Yes, it worked out.
My guy, it's happening. I'm calling him.
[phone ringing]
Hold on, what time is it in India?
I don't know, don't ask me.
- It's ringing.
- [in English] Hello?
Mr. Bolu, are you with Yemi now?
Yes, Yemi. He's here.
- [Yemi] Speaker.
- He's here. Yemi is here.
Hello? Yemi here.
Yes, I'll make this brief.
We were very impressed
to see your entry and your energy.
Would you like to work
on set with other talents as well?
- Yes!
- [uplifting music resumes]
Great. And are you quick
with dance sequences?
[chuckles] [in Pidgin] I'm a star,
no one can do it better.
Excellent. Someone
will contact your manager Mr. Bolu
with the travel and work details.
Mostly accommodation
and per diems as of now.
Alright. Great speaking with you.
Thank you.
[both scream with excitement]
[in Pidgin] I'm going to India!
- You're going to India!
- I'm going to India!
- [Yemi] Ah!
- I told you I would make you famous.
Ah! My mother's blessings!
I'm going to India!
- You are going to India!
- I'm going to India!
Save the number!
Hey I'm going to [exclaims]
- Calm down, it has
- Yes!
[upbeat music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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