Power (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Best Laid Plans

1 Previously on Power When we met, who'd you think I was gonna be? The biggest goddamn drug dealer in New York City.
I don't know any old, wrinkled drug dealers.
They're either dead or inside.
Since when do you lie to me? Since when do you hide shit? Ghost took back his loyalty, so now it's time for you to do the same.
I want to change my life for you.
I don't want to break up your marriage.
You like having me around, huh? - I do.
- I want your offer.
- $6 million to own it outright.
- Truth is not for sale.
The moment I detect disloyalty, I cut it out.
You was right about Rolla.
I'm sorry it turned out like this, G.
It was Kanan, right? You were still tight after all these years.
I am your friend.
Rolla's dead.
You owe me money.
And you owe me bodies.
You make sure my son ain't dead when you do it neither.
I want Ghost dead before I get out.
I'm your friend.
I guess we should get to it.
I am your friend.
They say we supposed to get ten inches.
I'm your friend.
Glass was empty.
The coroner found whiskey in Rolla's stomach.
So whoever killed him gave him a last drink.
That's classy.
So I hear you turned down the new Border Task Force in Detroit.
- Guess you'll be sticking around? - Rolla's murder is a new lead.
Sure, but we have no money to follow it.
With Lobos being prosecuted in California, they've shut us down.
Now Rolla's death is officially an NYPD case, just like Anibal.
Might be the same hitter.
I don't think so.
He had a drink.
At the kill shot, he fell right out of his chair on to the floor.
No defensive wounds, no sign of struggle.
You think it was someone he knew? And he didn't see it coming.
He trusted the person.
You think it was the distributor? You think it was Ghost.
You could be right.
But it doesn't matter.
Cali will have Lobos indicted by the end of the week.
It's time to let it go, Cowgirl.
We'll get the next one.
I'm gonna get some water.
No! Bed gets cold when you leave.
It always does.
I like it when you're like this.
You kind of scared me the other night.
Ghost did that thing we talked about, so I'm all good now.
Who's Ghost? James.
Ghost is a nickname, like just between me and him.
Why "Ghost"? We knew this guy "Breeze" when we were kids.
He came up with Ghost.
He said the kid had the ability to disappear.
Never saw him coming, you never saw him leave.
Those expensive-ass shoes he wears now changed all that, clickety-fucking-clack.
I heard him the other night.
He was here, right? I didn't know you were awake.
Holly, you shoulda said something.
Tommy, it's okay.
You can trust me.
I told you.
Ghost has Tasha in his corner.
She knows everything, right? And she's got his back.
Maybe I can be like that.
Someone in your corner, just for you.
- Jamie.
- Angie, how you doing? I'll be better when I see you.
Yeah, I wish you were here with me right now.
You know, I'm free the night of the Sutton place party.
Tasha's known about it for weeks now.
I told her she could come.
Yeah, of course.
Look, Angie baby, I promise, all right, I'm gonna change my life.
It's gonna be my club, my kids, and you.
Could I see you today? I've got Raina's play.
She's Annie.
Be with your family.
I got to go.
maybe in a house all hidden by a hill she's sitting playing piano he's sitting paying a bill and maybe I'll forget how nice he was to me and how I was almost his baby Maybe - Hello.
- Thanks again.
- Hi, Mrs.
- Thank you so much.
- It was great.
- Mom, mom, mom! Congratulations.
- Hey, how are you? - Great, I appreciate it.
- Oh, goodness.
- How was it? - You were amazing, baby girl.
- There she is.
I'm so proud of you.
My superstar.
Oh, daddy loves you.
You made me cry.
Hey, tell your sister how good she did.
- You did great, Raina.
- Thanks, Riq.
I have a special surprise for you, Miss.
You can invite four girls to come home with us, and they can sleep over.
- I can? - Mm-hmm.
- Whoever I want? - Yes, baby.
You can stay up, have a good time, watch a movie.
Go ask their moms if it's okay.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Really, Mom? Tariq, I already asked Owen's mom if it's okay too, all right? You did? You guys can be in your room while the girls have the den.
- Thanks, Mom! - Yes, you're welcome.
Now you better come home, and help me with this shit.
You don't have to go back to the club right now.
Raina deserves her daddy on her big day.
- Mr.
and Mrs.
- Hi.
Hello, hi.
Raina was excellent today.
She certainly worked hard enough.
- Yes, she was.
- Thank you.
No, thank you.
Your generous donation will get that playground finished in just a couple of months.
We're all very excited about it.
You both should be very proud.
Thank you.
Generous donation? You see how great she was, right? Wow, Tasha.
- What is wrong with you? - What is wrong with me? I got to get back to work to make some of that money back.
- That's what's wrong with me.
- Babe.
Raina, tell Daddy good-bye.
See you, baby.
Mm, I'm so proud of you.
Needs more Rosemary.
And it's flat.
- James.
- Cynthia.
Just checking in on a few final details.
Of course you are.
Now, that works.
- My clients are gonna love this.
- I know they will.
And I'm hoping this is just the beginning for our working relationship.
I've told you before, and I'll say it again.
Your business is just the springboard for the kind of nightlife empire I'm trying to build.
And I am sure you'll do it.
You seem like the kind of guy that gets what he wants.
I want your word that I'll get this party again next year.
As tempting as the idea of spending more time with you is, James, you know I can't promise that.
Sure you can.
We're thinking of having the party at Art Basel weekend next year.
- In Miami? - Mm.
Exactly, capitalizing on the international crowd.
Stern's opening a club on Ocean Drive.
- Probably do the party there.
- Of course.
We've done New York to death.
It gets so cold here.
I feel trapped after a while.
Miami, it'd be warm, sunny Fresh start.
A fresh start.
Cynthia Sheridan signed the final contracts for the party.
Any of the guests puke on the banquettes again, she'll pay for re-upholstery herself.
Have it in print.
That's funny.
You okay, boss? Absolutely.
Doesn't seem like it.
Speaking of Cynthia, did she tell you next year's party's gonna be in Miami? No shit.
One of Simon Stern's clubs.
- That motherfucker's everywhere.
- South Beach is hot.
I worked as a promoter there a couple of winters.
You still know people down there? Yeah, I do.
Why? Get your food while it's hot.
Come on, girls, eat up.
There's plenty for everybody.
- Ladies first.
- Tariq, stop it.
Come on.
And make sure you take a napkin, all right? Be careful, don't spill anything on the couch.
- Let me get two.
- Get that pillow.
I never did anything like this for you.
I see you trying to do better by these kids.
I am.
I'm just trying to be a good Where's James? He's with another woman.
Told you that club was trouble.
Some model or something? I wish it was like that.
Shawn told me her name is Angela.
You were right.
You happy now? I couldn't keep him.
Of course I'm not happy.
I remember how this felt.
Your father would come home, take a shower, and get in bed next to me like it was nothing.
Then he stopped taking that shower.
I talked to Lakeisha about it.
I'm just gonna get a lawyer, and I'm sure I'll get custody of the kids.
Lakeisha is as simple as two plus two.
You are married to a drug dealer, Tasha.
Ghost would never hurt me.
There are all different kinds of hurt, baby.
What would you do if you had to leave tonight? Do you have any money of your own? The legit accounts are in both our names.
I can get half of that.
I told you before, you ain't got no legal claim on his illegal money.
That's what you need to survive.
You've got to have a plan.
You got to look before you leap, baby.
I have something for you, Angie.
Jamie, no more gifts, no more lingerie, no more shoes.
Just you.
Okay, me.
We're going to Miami for the weekend.
- What? - Yeah.
I'm gonna open a Truth down there like I said I would.
I thought everything with Stern went sideways.
It did go sideways so I'm gonna do it on my own.
Kantos knows some people down there.
He's gonna arrange some meetings for me.
I'm gonna look at rental space while I'm there.
I want your opinion.
I want you to be with me.
Think, the beach, the sun.
- Waking up together.
- A fresh start.
What will you tell Tasha about where you're going? A business trip.
But I don't want you to think about all that, all right? Just come with me.
Just come with me to Miami.
I would love to.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I'll just meet you after class.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We have to be careful.
That's so cute.
- You like it? - Yeah.
I saw it today and thought of you.
I love this.
Yeah? Need a car to meet us at the airport.
We're staying at the Fontainebleau.
Uh, sure, it's St.
Yo, man, what's up? Tommy? Yeah? Gentlemen, I apologize for the theatrics, but your government has been observing my every move.
So I am gonna take every precaution necessary to conceal my location.
Besides Now we all just get to relax.
I think we'd relax a lot better if we weren't tied up, Jefe.
Very well.
It seems like your plan to solve your problem required the killing of everybody in your organization.
Took some time to find the man responsible.
- He handled that personally.
- He was a friend of mine, Jefe.
I owed him that much.
Bravo, Ghost, huh? That is old school, man.
- Do you have a plan to rebuild? - Sure as shit.
We're already in touch with the new leader of the RSK's, the Tainos are back in the fold.
Everybody's getting in line.
- Is that true, Ghost? - Si.
That's good, 'cause from now on, I need you to distribute double the amount of product.
I was betrayed.
My operation in California has been irretrievably compromised.
And until that situation is resolved, I have product in the pipeline that needs distribution.
- We got that.
- We're not set up, Jefe.
Oh, no, we got more than enough contacts to double our output.
But we have to work out the logistics, which takes time.
We got we're ready.
- - Hmm? Why are you so unsure? I just don't want to give you my word, Jefe, unless I can guarantee your distribution.
Saying no would be .
Oh, we're not saying no.
We're just saying that we need some time to set up a plan.
To move your weight.
Allow you the opportunity to approve personnel.
I will wait to hear your plan.
Are we sure that the threat to your hmm To our business is over? Fantasma, did you get the right guy? Yes.
I have to say, I'm so relieved that we were able to work this out.
I would have hated to have to kill you today.
It's okay.
Hmm? Fantasma, I'll be expecting your call, hmm? Hmm? That was bananas, man! Who would have thought when we woke up this morning, that crazy mother fucker'd do us like this? I'll take it though, for real.
I'll take it.
Twice our product, this is huge.
What the fuck was that back there? "I don't know, Jefe.
Give us time.
" He could have killed us.
If we fuck it up, we're only delaying the inevitable.
Don't matter what Lobos says.
Twice the product means twice the personnel, twice the exposure.
This is the moment we waited for.
Twice the fucking risk, Tommy.
We always wanted to expand.
Now, we ain't got to beg for it.
Lobos needs us to move this shit.
You always said "opportunity is luck plus" "Preparation," Tommy, but we never moved weight this big before.
We got to be prepared, man.
We got to think first, all right? Can't think too long.
Lobos won't wait.
Hold on, man.
Glad to see you finally got your priorities in order.
This is gonna be a good thing, Ghost.
I'm gonna go see Ruiz, get it shored up.
I'll drop you off on the way.
- Yo, come on.
- Yeah.
- Double the product? - It's double everything.
More territory, more enemies, how are you gonna survive that? How are we gonna survive that, you mean.
Because if I'm moving more, I'm gonna be leaning on you to do the same.
Line both our mother fucking pockets.
And I appreciate that, but let's be honest, you've been under attack for months.
We handled that shit.
It's over.
But you need to protect yourselves in order to rebuild.
Unless you're willing to do that, than perhaps the Soledado Nation will be better off finding itself another connect.
That's fucked up, Ruiz.
Nobody's getting you better shit than us for the price.
Tommy, I got stitches holding my lungs together, because Rolla's bitch missed my heart by a dog's hair.
If I'm gonna get into something like this with you, I need to feel secure.
You still get your guns out of Florida? I can get more guns, but they need to be paid for.
We'll pay for it.
From now on, you import guns for the entire organization.
You'll make more money than every other primera under us, and your security is guaranteed.
Sounds good, but Ghost will never agree to that.
My word's not good enough? - - The train, man.
What the fuck you staring at, man? Nothing, man.
Hello? Bruja, I need to see you.
Nomar, now's not a good time for bullshit, okay? I saw the distributor, Mami.
Nah, and he wasn't in that book you showed me.
Okay, I need to get you with the sketch artist right away.
No, we got to talk first, Bruja, all right? Witness Protection.
If I I.
this guy, I'm a dead man.
I ain't telling you shit unless I know I'll be safe.
Nomar called.
He saw the distributor last night.
Frankie, we could close this case.
They're shipping our files off to L.
With their thanks.
- Frankie.
- WITSEC? No, I can't get you witness protection for Nomar Arcielo.
Angela, it is over.
Move on.
Where's the guy who's usually outside? What guy? The guy in the telephone truck.
- You made him? - Yeah, weeks ago.
But he's not there now.
Look, so we're having a funding issue.
Government's broke, but no one knows you're here.
You're safe.
Fuck that.
I'm out.
Good luck finding your fucking blanquito.
- I'm leaving town.
- Nomar, I got you WITSEC.
Witness Protection? My boss approved it this morning.
- Really? - Yeah.
But you got to stay here until I can get the Marshals to take you into custody.
Nah, I got to say good-bye to some people.
I'll arrange a farewell with the Marshals for your family.
Until then, don't talk to anyone, okay? Give me 24 hours.
So Ruiz in? - He wouldn't commit.
- Motherfucker.
He wants to bring in guns for us.
We put up the money this time, he straps our whole crew, but the real problem is expansion.
I say we go to the Serb and Drift, some of their friends.
We get North Jersey and Staten Island on lock.
No, they got their own connect bringing the product.
To lure them away, we got to lower our fucking price.
No wa Or we kill that mother fucker, and make ourselves the best option.
So let me get this straight.
You're saying that we run the gun deal with Ruiz, we hit a major connect, possibly starting a war.
- That's the plan? - You got a better idea? You got to start trusting me, Ghost.
I was right about Rolla, wasn't I? I'm your friend.
The moment I detect disloyalty, I cut it out like a cancer.
You're right, Tommy.
You're right.
I got distracted.
And then you stepped it up.
If you hadn't been about it all this time, we wouldn't be in this position to rebuild.
I shoulda listened to you.
Damn straight, you shoulda listened to me.
So now I'm listening.
You want to do the gun deal with Ruiz? We get street soldiers, then we expand.
We get the RSK's, the Tainos, I get Ruiz back in line, the Haitians, the Serbs, maybe even the Chinese.
How fast can we make this happen? You say the word, I'll make the calls.
You don't need me to say the word.
I think you should take the lead on this, be the authority on the streets.
What you mean? We always done this together.
I ain't going anywhere.
But if we're making twice the amount of money, hell, maybe I should open a second club to clean that money, hmm? Maybe you should.
I want you to get the respect you deserve on the streets, Tommy, so people don't ask me what I think.
They ask me what you think.
We're two men, and we speak with one voice.
Two men, one voice.
I like that.
So after we get all the commitments, you make the calls.
Tell 'em we're good to go.
Get that extra cash in our pocket as fast as we can.
Tommy, one more thing.
We can't expand beyond this, all right? Probably the most weight we can handle.
We'll see.
- Hello? - Shawn.
Dad? I need you to do something for me.
Yeah, anything.
You can't tell your uncle Ghost, Tommy, nobody.
I need to know I can trust you.
I need to get Nomar into WITSEC.
He saw the distributor the other night.
He saw Ghost, but he won't sit down with a sketch artist until I give him to the Marshals.
Well, it usually doesn't take that long.
Frankie said no.
The task force is done.
I've got him holed up at the safe house, but I got to get results, or he's gonna run.
I know you have friends over there.
You can make a call, maybe shoehorn him in into another investigation.
Gang violence, gun possession, kiddie porn.
Anything that would support Nomar's WITSEC application.
I have bent the rules for you more times than I can possibly count.
Frankly, my incentive to do so has disappeared, so He saw Ghost's face.
I'll call over there, see if they have anything current where Nomar's information might apply.
If I get them to do it, if I get them to do it, drinks are on you.
Got something to cheer you up.
She gave them back to you, huh? I got those for her.
Bought these for you.
You must really love that girl.
- These ain't cheap.
- I want us all to be a family.
You and Holly getting along, Ghost back to normal.
Oh, he's back to normal.
Yeah, totally back on track.
He knows what matters now.
You think that's what happened? Think he Forgot what matters? I think maybe for a minute.
But he's back in his senses now.
Everything's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be like it always was, T.
The three of us against the world.
Plus Holly now.
Papi! Give it back! Do your homework, then you get it back.
I did it already.
Show me.
Greg, call me as soon as you hear anything.
I want Nomar in custody.
I'm supposed to get on a plane tomorrow, and if we can't get it done, I should cancel my trip.
Let me know.
Hey, Mamita.
Oh, hey, Paz.
- I forgot to tell you.
- You going somewhere? Miami.
They're gonna be doing some reassignments at work.
I'm looking at the Southern Florida office.
What? That's ridiculous.
There's got to be something closer.
You have a lady boss, right? Did you tell her about Papi? I did, but A work trip, huh? Okay.
I'm going with Jamie.
He wants to open up a club in South Beach.
If he does, maybe I'll see if there's a position at my level open in the Miami office.
I don't know.
We're going for the weekend, but we want to make it more permanent, so maybe Miami's how we do that.
Maybe that's what he's telling you, because he wants to keep fucking you.
Jamie loves me.
He told me he's gonna make things work.
I believe him.
This is changing you, Angela.
You just lied to my face.
I lied, because I knew you wouldn't support me, because deep down, I think you want me to be as alone and unhappy as you are.
I might be unhappy and alone, but at least I'm not a chilla.
Can't you see he's making you like him: A liar, a cheat? I told you, Jamie and I are in love.
I need you to be happy for me.
I'm not gonna stand by and watch you ruin your life.
Then I need you to give me the key to my place.
Jamie needs one now, you don't.
So now we're running drugs and guns? Shit, as long as I've known Ghost, he hasn't been cool with moving heat.
He agreed to that? He did, but from now on, I ain't got to ask Ghost.
He trusts me to make moves.
I run the streets, he cleans the money.
It's all good.
Oh, should I come back? No, Julio was just leaving.
Holly, Julio.
Julio, Holly.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
It's all there.
Lobos is gonna deliver the powder, same as always, but we got to figure out how to get the guns up from Elizabeth.
I'll get Victor and Darien ready to make the runs.
Does he work for you? Yeah.
Ooh, God, you smell good.
That's nice.
You owe me.
Your friends got Nomar into the program? They are on their way to get Nomar now for an interview, and a sketch artist too.
Thank you, Greg! Thank you so much.
This could be the break we're looking for.
So you want to get that drink to celebrate? I can't.
I'm waiting for a call from a friend in the Southern Florida office.
What, new case? A prosecutor at my level is leaving for corporate.
You know how you said to let Lobos go.
Although now that Nomar's gonna be in custody, maybe something can come of it.
Wait, what? You're going to Miami? Your father's here.
You said you There is a guy.
Was all along.
Is that Is that where you're going with this trip, you're going with him? It's not like that, Greg.
You know, you could have just said it.
- Didn't have to lie to my face.
- It wasn't a lie at the time.
- I wasn't sure about him before.
- Are you sure now? I got it.
Oh, I got it, I got it, I got it.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
You look really hot in this thing.
That's the idea.
More ass equals more tips.
You got guys all over you there, every night.
It's a good job.
I make good money.
You're with me now.
You don't need money.
Tell Kantos you quit.
I've never had anybody take care of me.
I wouldn't be good at it.
But I could work for you maybe.
We'd be in it together.
Ruiz, glad you called.
- That gun thing is a go.
- Fuck the guns.
We could be blood brothers for life if you do this for me tonight.
I do a favor for you, and you're in? Good, what you need, man? One of my soldiers: name is Nomar.
Been fucking my little girl.
Sent her a picture of his goddamn dick.
That's fucked up.
I'll call Julio and send him over.
No, don't send no Latino after Nomar.
If he suspects that I know about him and Isabel, he'll be looking for PRs Somebody that I would send But he won't be looking for a white guy.
- Tomas.
- Got you.
Where can I find him? - Going somewhere? - Yeah, business trip.
Kantos has some contacts in Miami.
So I'm going tonight to look at rental space for a second club.
- Second club, in Miami? - Yeah.
Kantos gonna move down there and run it? I'll get things started there.
He'll run things here.
Oh, 'cause he got three kids to look after.
Tasha, if this happens, I'll see the kids.
I'll fly back and forth if I have too.
How long you been planning to go? Well, it just came up today.
I could go with you.
Big Mama can watch the kids.
It's club business, Tasha.
You don't want to hear about it, remember? Ever since you've opened that club, you've been different, Ghost.
It's like I don't know who you are.
I've been trying to tell you, Tasha.
You ain't been listening.
When I get back from Miami, we should talk.
What'd she say? She didn't say much.
I think she knew.
We've been growing apart for a long time, Angie.
You're not the only reason this happened.
That doesn't make me feel better.
Does this? Hmm? I'm all yours now.
And soon I'll be totally free.
Told you I'd come through.
You did, and you did.
- I need to open a new account.
- Great.
Will we be pulling from your and Mr.
Patrick's joint money market or joint checking? We won't be pulling from anywhere.
I see.
I need a checking account with a debit card.
One debit card, my name only.
- May I borrow your pen please? - Of course.
Thank you.
I need all the bank statements sent to this address in Long Island City, care of Lakeisha Grant.
Is there anything else, Mrs.
Patrick? Yes, just one thing.
My husband, Mr.
Patrick, can't know about this account, okay? Promise me not to say anything? I actually can't.
By law, I'm not allowed to, so your secret is safe with me.
Alex, you're so sweet.
Can you let me into the safety deposit box now? Yes.
- I'm sorry.
- No worries.
Bruja, Ruiz knows I'm working for you.
He's gonna try to kill me.
Send help.
Thank you.
I love you.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
See you soon.
Real soon.
Bruja, Ruiz knows I'm working for you.
He's gonna try to kill me.
Send help.
Greg, Nomar's been compromised.
We have to get to Queens now.
Hey! You like to fuck little girls, huh? Fuck.
Ruiz said to bring him your dick.
What did you say? Nomar? Nomar? Nomar? Shit! This is A.
Angela Valdez.
My C.
's been stabbed.
I need an ambulance and backup now.
The suspect might still be in the area.
- Who did this? - Ghost.
- Where did he go? - Shit.
No, no, no, Nomar.
Stay with me.
Don't close your eyes.
James, James.
This is great.
Everyone's having a wonderful time.
That's what I like to hear.
You know, if it weren't for the whole Miami Art Basel thing, I'm sure I could get my clients to bring this party back to Truth next year.
Well, you might not have to choose to.
After you and I had our conversation, I did some research.
And what would you say, Cynthia, if I said I was opening a Truth in Miami? Okay, if you can get it open in time God, I shouldn't be saying this it's a date.
All right.
Have fun.
Holly, I need you to stay downstairs, and serve the main bar.
I'd rather work upstairs.
All the good people are in V.
You do what I say when I say it, okay? I don't care if you're sleeping with Tommy.
You still work for me until you fucking don't.
Well, actually, tonight's my last night.
Tommy doesn't want me working here anymore.
I'm gonna work with him in your other business.
You're gonna do what? That's right.
You and I are partners now, Ghost.
What'd you call me? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! You ain't tell nobody I was getting out tonight now, did you? - No.
- Good.
'Cause I want it to be a surprise.
Your loyalty's to me first now, right? Right.
All right.
Let's go.
Angela Valdez.
Hey, this is Jim McClure, the sketch artist you requested to work with Nomar Arcielo.
Yeah, hi.
Listen, about that They didn't pay my hours, something about the case being closed.
I don't understand.
You never met with Nomar.
What hours? No, I got Mr.
Arcielo's number from Agent Greg Knox.
We spoke on the phone.
But I need to see him in person to get more details.
I was only able to work up a partial sketch.
Send it to me.
You have my email? I'll pay for it out of my own pocket, just send it to me now.
Jimmy, good to see you again.
Officer Penado.
I hate to tell you.
We're gonna have to close Truth down until further notice.
- How long? - Could be a month.
Could be a year.
These things take time and money.
We'll be in touch.
I was about to give up on you.
Lobos, we're in, but not for double the weight.
I need all the product you can send.
All of it.
I'm glad to see you overcame your hesitation.
I have a sudden need for a larger influx of cash.
We have a deal.
If you come through, the rewards will be massive.
- If not, well - I know the stakes, Jefe.
It's quite a large commitment.
I know.
I'll be the biggest goddamn drug dealer in New York City.