Power (2014) s03e10 Episode Script

In My Best Interest

1 GHOST: Previously on Power What did Ghost really take away from you? I know that Dre told you not to hang out with me, but Dre be talking out both sides of his mouth.
I see potential in you, my friend you could replace me.
What's this? Belongs to Lobos's guy.
Whoever the leak is at your office was calling him on that phone.
[phone buzzing] We can't be together, Angie.
It's the right decision.
[Sobs] Greg? I guess I'm used to people disappearing in the middle of the night.
I'm right here.
State-of-the-art FBI button recorder.
It's gonna record anything within a 20-foot radius.
Knox wants to make sure you're mentioned on the tape.
I cannot be mentioned, not once.
Neither Tommy nor I can be incriminated in any way, or the deal is off.
Ghost just told me he's gonna take out Milan.
TASHA: He's using Ruiz to do it.
TOMMY: I know you had a plan with Ruiz.
Ruiz told me about it, right before I stabbed him.
Tommy, where's the body? It's under the fuckin' L.
where I left it.
If we're gonna do this, kill Milan, I call the shots.
JOE: They say this is a big, rich town I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down I just happen to come up hard Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it 50 CENT: I never took a straight path nowhere Life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises I live, I learn I'm from that city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper Homey, I grew up in hell, a block away from heaven That corner every 15 minutes, they moving seven Pure snow, bag it, then watch it go Occupational options, get some blow or some hos Shoot the ball or the strap, learn to rap or to jack Fuck it, man, in the meantime Go head and pump a pack This my regal, royal flow, my James Bond bounce That 007, that's 62 on my count I'm an undercover liar, I lie under the covers Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, baby, I love ya You're my inspiration, you're my motivation You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation JOE: They say this is a big, rich town Yeah, I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it [seagulls calling] [Waves lapping] [Fog horn blows] Come on, Ruiz, where the fuck are you? [Phone buzzing] Shit.
Greg Knox.
What? Where? [Engine revving] [Dramatic music] Sorry, sir, this is an active police crime scene.
I don't think you have jurisdiction.
Move the fuck away from me.
Hey, it's all right, it's all right, let him through.
This asshole's the reason we're out here freezing our ball sacks off.
Ran Ruiz's file.
Said he turned federal witness.
Who the hell was he gonna snitch out? Felipe Lobos cartel.
Man, he should've been in WITSEC shopping for Wranglers in "Bumfuckistan," Nebraska, somewhere.
Yeah, but we were all out of tickets to "Bumfuckistan.
" His deal got pulled.
I had to kick him.
WITSEC wasn't an option.
I did officially everything I could do.
You mind? Be my guest.
Tell you what, you better officially pray to whatever god you pissed off this doesn't leak or you'll never see another CI again.
[Police radio chatter] DETECTIVE: Hey, look, you seen enough? I gotta start cleaning up your shit show.
Yeah, I think I got all I need.
Fuckin' idiots.
[Dramatic music] [phone buzzing] [Groans] [Phone buzzing] [Groans] [Buzzing stops] [Sighs] What do you want, Jamie? Is there an indictment coming against me or Tommy for the murder of Felipe Lobos? Are you serious? Something about Ruiz making up lies about me to make a deal with your people? ANGELA: I haven't heard anything about anything like that.
We had to burn Ruiz because Lobos died.
He lost his deal.
I don't think anyone's been in contact with him since.
Why are you asking me this now? Because I don't trust that you would tell me, Angela.
ANGELA: You don't trust me? I'll protect you because it's in my own best interest.
You can trust that.
I'll ask about Ruiz, I'll let you know what I find out.
Good-bye, Jamie.
[police radio chatter] [Grunts] I Habla inglés? [laughs] Hi, uh, yeah, this is FBI Special Agent Gregory Knox.
I, uh, wanted to speak with the agent who gave Miguel Sandoval a tip of a Felipe Lobos meeting in Manhattan a little while back.
I just wanted to get to the source of the information.
Yeah, I think maybe a Agent Rivera.
[Scoffs] No, I know.
There must be a million Agent Riveras.
If you could just find out, get back to me as soon as possible, that would be Yeah, yeah, great, that's my number.
[Dramatic music] [knocking at the door] When were you gonna tell me about Ruiz? Jerry, I know this looks bad.
- I'm in Davis's office defending you, and then I come to find out you were already at the crime scene.
I checked my phone, no call from you.
I went straight there when I found out.
I yes, I should've called you.
I, I see that now.
Davis thinks that this is your fault, and I don't disagree.
Okay, whether or not that you had to kick Ruiz, if his murder was a retaliation to him turning witness, then your career and mine is fucked with ten dicks running.
If you've been running Ruiz off the books, you better have something great.
May be the only thing that saves us both.
[Door opening and closing] Hey.
Hey, man, um yeah, uh, can we meet up at your place? Yeah, uh, it's urgent.
So, you don't know what's on the tape? Well, I'm not sure, but unless the recording time ran out, Tommy killed Ruiz.
[Groans] Ohh.
Shit, man.
Now we got a conflict of interest.
I'm still Tommy's lawyer.
Proctor, don't give me that shit.
I pay you.
Yeah, but I'm on the court record for him, and that tape is evidence that could help send him to jail, evidence that you helped fabricate.
The conversations on that tape, Proctor, could implicate me in multiple felonies, so Tommy's best interest is in my best interest! Are you even sure Knox has the device? I mean, I can't be sure of anything, and Angela claims Because I asked her To not know of any pending indictment.
[Grunts] You know how I feel about you trusting AUSA Valdez.
She's your girlfriend, I but [mutters] What she is is no longer my girlfriend anymore, okay? She's back with Agent Knox.
So you fucked that up too? - [Groans] - You know, maybe you could just start a group text to keep us all informed of your fuck-ups, you know? [Scoffs] Okay.
If that recording surfaces I'll get it excluded, since it's totally illegal, but once it's played in open court, Tommy's eventually going to jail for doing Ruiz.
The cops, they'll create the evidence to convict him.
And if you're on there you're going down.
[Dramatic music] [beeps] You aren't actually gonna eat that, are you? Oh, trust me, I've eaten worse.
[Groans] Now that we're free of Lobos, I gotta work on everything else that's been piling up on my desk.
I got about pffft Ten witnesses to prep before court tomorrow.
Speaking of witnesses, what ever happened to Ruiz? That was it.
No Lobos, no deal.
I guess none of that matters now.
What? Why? You didn't hear? The great Vibora Ruiz slithered to the other side overnight.
What? Found him in a stolen car in Long Island City.
No witnesses, no evidence, nothin'.
Want a bite? I'm good, thanks.
Just the tip? You could say "I told you so" about the Douchebag Twins.
Oh, can I? Okay, well, I told you so.
I just can't believe that they'd be selling drugs in their own nightclub.
Aside from that, everything should be as you remember it.
Mostly everything.
[Hip-hop music playing] Thank you for your payment in full, by the way.
Oh, my pleasure.
Sorry about the mix-up before.
Daddy and I are excited about your party.
- Yeah? - If everything goes well, we'll be hosting an event tomorrow - to celebrate our partnership.
GHOST: I like the sound of that.
And to you two seeing the best of Truth.
To Truth going global.
I'm glad we partnered up.
GHOST: So am I.
Good-bye, Karen.
[siren blaring] I don't need an escort.
I'm not your escort.
I'm your babysitter.
He's here.
I know.
You may leave us.
Go play with the other little boys.
[Metal scraping] I have some bad news.
We cannot kill Ghost.
Why not? I thought you were sharpening these for him.
We cannot kill Ghost yet.
We need him for the black tie party at Truth to be a success, and once it is and the hotel expansion contract with the Bassetts is signed, then "Ghost" can indeed become James St.
Patrick's rightful name.
If we kill Ghost, won't the Bassett deal be off the table? I've observed Karen Bassett's interactions with Andre.
She has quite a fondness for him.
- Yeah, I - I can't understand why.
I said the same of you once.
Sometimes men can surprise you.
Look at you, finding your true potential, while Petar seems to be losing sight of his.
His sulking has become tiresome.
But regardless, I have no doubt the deal will still remain in place, and when the time comes for Ghost to die, I want you to pull the trigger, Tommy.
[Dramatic music] MILAN: I understand you have an issue about the direction I'm taking my organization.
RUIZ: More like a lack of understanding of you and this product that you're trying to move on the streets.
All right, that's Vibora Ruiz.
Late head of Soldados.
RUIZ: Philosophy behind switching to the southern coast why? Coke is trying to do us straight.
MILAN: The fiend is not discerning, nor is he a loyal customer.
He will buy That has to be Milan.
That's Milan.
MILAN: We're all in this to make money, correct? So, you put a wire on a CI you were running under the table? No papers? Something like that, yeah.
I thought I taught you better than that.
Come on.
You're telling me you guys at Homeland don't do this shit all the time? Oh, of course we do, but when we do it it's to stop a terrorist from blowing up the Central Park Zoo.
I came to you because I thought you out of all people would understand.
I understand you're crazy.
[laughs, scoffs] [Indistinct chatter] TOMMY: [laughing] Hey, this is good.
We all one big happy family now? All right, that's that's that's Tommy Egan.
- BAILEY: Who's that? - TOMMY: [indistinct] Business partner of the guy I was trying to get in the first place James St.
[Dramatic music] [siren wailing distantly] [clattering] Greg, are you here? How did it go with MJ? I called you, you didn't pick up.
[hinges squeak] [Keys clinking] [Opens door] [Rhythmic music] [tool clattering] TOMMY: You know what it's like to be betrayed, Ruiz.
That's what doing Lobos was about.
- RUIZ: It's been a long night.
- Hold on.
RUIZ: I say we leave it alone, huh? GREG: Did you hear that? TOMMY: Me and Ghost killed Lobos to start over, but it was never about that.
He just admitted that he and St.
Patrick killed Lobos.
There's nothing that ties that to St.
No one identifies him by name.
If he did it, she did it, Angela Valdes.
Your ex-girlfriend, the one with the sister? Yeah.
She's the leak from the department? She and St.
Patrick were together.
If he and Egan knew the route of the Lobos transfer, it's because she told them.
You can't prove any of that.
She's not on this tape either.
Wait, shut up, shut up.
RUIZ: You're gonna regret this.
TOMMY: No, I won't, 'cause I ain't do this to you.
Ghost did.
- [both grunting] - [stabbing jabs] TOMMY: [panting] [stabbing jabs] RUIZ: [gasps] [thuds] - Egan killed him.
- TOMMY: [panting] [click] Fucking Christ on the cross, he killed him.
[Dramatic music] [laughs] Admitting to the Lobos kill, Ruiz's murder? That's it, baby, that's everything.
[Chuckles] I got everything! [laughs] You've got nothing.
This recording doesn't exist, remember? That is a dying declaration from Ruiz.
Yeah, from Ruiz, a CI you were running unofficially, put in grave danger, and got him killed.
Now, you can take these recordings to court and try and nail these fuckers, but you'll get roasted on cross and you'll end up sucking dick in prison right next to them.
Unless I can get one of them to flip.
What did I teach you in class? Who has the most to lose and who do I want more? GHOST: I'll be pulling up at Truth in five minutes.
I'll see you on the inside, Dominique.
DOMINIQUE: All right, boss.
- [siren wailing] - Don't forget we have VIP - I gotta go.
- DOMINIQUE: Okay, bye.
[engine revving] [siren chirps] Agent Knox.
Good evening.
Would you step out of the car, please? I'm clean, man.
I said I'm clean! Turn.
And forgive me for not taking your word for it, I'm sorry.
It's just you left quite a few holes in Felipe Lobos.
Forgive me for not knowing what you're talking about.
Cut the shit.
I know Tommy Egan killed Ruiz, and I know the two of you killed Lobos together.
Didn't do it alone though, did you? Angela was your inside man.
Give her up, I'll get you a deal.
If you had anything on me, I'd be in the back of your little car by now.
You can threaten me, you can lie to me, rough me up.
I'm not giving you a single reason to bring me in.
All right.
You've got the most to lose in this situation.
You know that.
You got your family, you got your club, you got your reputation.
It's all still clean.
There's no real proof that you're dirty.
There's no real proof that you're Ghost.
Because I'm not.
Right, right, right, except Angela.
She knows what you want.
That's why she came back to me to pick up the pieces.
[Quietly] That's why she let me in.
She loved you and you went back to your wife.
If I give her the opportunity, I'm pretty damn sure she's gonna burn your ass, like she did me.
If you think Angela is guilty of murder, you're wrong.
I wonder if she's gonna say the same thing about you.
[Sniffs] Come on, man, come on, come on.
Hey, Mike? Hey, Mike, can you meet up at my place right now? [Sniffs] Yeah, we need to talk.
It's about Lobos.
You're late.
Driving while black.
Black man driving a Escalade.
Guy probably thought you was an Uber.
Was you clean? As a whistle.
They ain't see shit, I ain't say shit.
BOTH: So it ain't shit.
[Chuckles] I just met up with Milan.
He's looking to kill you right after your big-ass party.
He wants that signature from that Karen, your side bitch.
I told you, I ain't fuckin' her.
She's just business.
Yeah, whatever.
Once she signs that contract, he gonna take you out.
Somethin' about she likes Dre? That's true, she does.
Well, that's crazy.
We gonna have to move during that party while his guard is down.
Yeah, but I don't know how can manage that.
Karen's gonna be there, her father, all, all the guests.
Well, you better fuckin' figure it out, 'cause we ain't gonna get a better shot.
[Knocking at the door] - [Murmurs] - [claps hands together] Thanks.
What's going on? You sounded pretty worked up on the phone.
Angela's the leak.
I know it, but I can't prove it.
[Chuckles] Start at the beginning.
Right, okay, um I got a piece of evidence.
It's not gonna be admissible, though.
I-I drew a little bit outside of the lines to It's not gonna be admissible, then it doesn't count.
I know, yeah, just listen, okay? I can link her to the Lobos murder plot.
I fuckin' knew it all along, and no one fuckin' believed me, and that's fine, but if [ phone buzzing ] Shit, let me get rid of this.
One sec, okay? Sorry.
One one sec.
- Hello? - FEDERALE: Is this Agent Gregory Knox? This is the Mexican Federal Police returning your call.
Uh, listen, just s forget I called.
It's not FEDERALE: Well, actually, we can't seem to find any record of a tip being made recently to Miguel Sandoval in regard to Felipe Lobos's whereabouts.
The Agent Rivera in that department, uh, died a year ago.
That's all the information we have at this time.
[ominous music] Okay, thank you.
Appreciate your call.
Everything all right? Yeah, of course.
Where was I? Angela's the leak.
[sighs] She's the leak.
Beer? You want a beer or something? You good? - Sure.
- Yeah? Okay.
According to the Federales, Lobos plans to meet with his distributor Tommy Egan at a warehouse on 11th Avenue.
The last thing our department needs is a wild, unformulated accusation about a leak.
[Parking brake clicks] [Dramatic music] MIKE: I have to tell you, I suspected Angela all along.
She has access to everything.
That's what I been saying.
[Bottles clinking] Here you are.
- Cheers.
- Mm.
Yeah, it's just mm, yeah.
It's just the GPS tracker on Lobos She obviously told the assailants where to find it.
You said you saw them go right for it.
Well, they did, except she wasn't in your office when we discussed it.
It was just Anglin, Donovan, me, and you.
[Places beer down] Who was that on the phone, Greg? Oh, Federales.
You know that tip you got about the meeting where we arrested Lobos? Never happened, Mike.
They've never heard of you.
They're disorganized.
I saw you outside Hugo Sanchez's building.
I was trying to solve this case.
You were covering your tracks, weren't you? Agents are dead.
I almost fucking died because of you.
They threatened my family.
I had no choice.
We always have a choice.
Look, Greg Angela's dirty.
You know it and I know it.
Patrick, Egan, the sketch, what she did to your career.
She should already be in prison.
If we can offer her to MJ You mean frame her.
If we take her down as the leak, we could finally collar St.
Patrick and Egan as Lobos's distributors.
It's what you said.
If Angela's the leak, it means you were right about everything.
The allegations she made against you, everyone who doubted you and said that you were crazy It all goes away.
You're a hero.
You said you have a piece of evidence? We can use it.
I'll get around the admissibility problem, whatever it is.
We can make this work.
[Chuckles] You're right, she's dirty.
But on this one she's clean.
I'm so sorry, Mike.
I gotta take you in.
Hey, Mike, hey, hey, hey, take it easy.
It's fine.
Just put the gun down, - we'll talk about it.
- I can't do that, Greg.
I'm gonna help you, all right? We're gonna you're gonna get a deal.
You're a good guy.
I just need you to put the gun down.
If you pull that trigger, it means you're no better than Lobos.
If you pull that trigger, it means one day your beautiful little daughter, she's gonna know that her daddy's a murderer.
[Suspenseful music] [Coughs] [Gasps] [Groaning] [Thudding] [Groans] [Ominous music] [exhales] [Camera snaps] [Police radio chatter] [Exhales] [Police radio chatter] Saxe.
Oh, God, they called you too.
Who called me? What are you talking about? Jerry, what's going on? Bad day, Angela.
I'm sorry.
- You shouldn't go in there.
- [gasps] Oh, my God.
ANGELA: What? [Bag zipping up] MAN: Watch your back.
I don't understand.
What happened to Greg? I don't understand.
What happened? I [breathing heavily] Wh KANAN: It's like with girls.
No just mean "Not right now.
" It's like, say you talk to a girl and she tell you no.
Then later you come back around, you talk to her again, she remember that first time she told you no.
So she say, "You been liking me for all of this time.
" Maybe now I give him some booty.
[laughs] Word? That's the way it is.
What happened to your hand? Oh.
That's a long story.
I-I should get to school.
Told my mom I was with Calvin.
Nah, nah.
I need you to take this to my man Ray Ray.
Give to him and bring back what he gives you.
What is it? Never mind.
I'll do it my fuckin' self, man.
I thought you knew better than to ask some shit like that.
It's all right.
You just ain't ready.
No, no.
I'm gonna do it.
Where's Ray Ray At? Why'd you come in so late last night? Went to see Angela? Angela and I ain't talkin' much these days.
But I did see Tommy.
He killed Ruiz for being a traitor to Milan.
Uh, did Tommy say how he figured that out? Oh, he said Ruiz told him right before he killed him.
He knew that was my only way out and he shut it down! Well, Tommy doesn't want you to get out.
Trust me, I know it, but I thought at a base level we were back on point, I mean, after I helped him with Holly.
You know, I mean, after everything we been through.
Tommy is changing, and I don't think it's for the better.
Help him with Holly? Like how? I'm gonna go make sure that Raina remembers her tap things.
Baby girl, you got them loud shoes? RAINA: I can't find them.
GHOST: You lose 'em every week, Raina.
- [sniffs] - [gun cocks] [Dramatic music] Said you wanted to talk.
I came unarmed.
[laughing] Now, we both know that's bullshit.
You think you can kill me and get away with it? Tommy, you are more stupid than I thought.
If I wanted you dead, we wouldn't be talking.
[Sniffs] Let me ask you something.
How'd it feel the other day when Milan cock-slapped you in front of the entire Belgrade social club? How does it feel to know that after everything you've done for him, he shows me love over you? That's what I thought.
Look, I got a plan that'll make us both rich and happy, but it means that I gotta trust you and you gotta trust me.
Are you down? [Phone buzzing] We'd like to have a word with you all about the late Agent Greg Knox.
We found a burner cell in Knox's apartment, not attached to any case he was working.
It's the phone that called Lobos the day he went missing.
It's the phone that belonged to someone in this office that leaked Lobos's location.
Add that to his obsession with the case, luring Ruiz back, even while under suspension.
Looks like Greg Knox was your leak.
- No.
- DONOVAN: No way.
That doesn't make any sense.
I don't believe that.
It doesn't matter what you believe.
There was a leak in your office right under your nose.
You and Donovan over here should both lose your job.
Knox's killer was probably a Lobos associate tying up loose ends, and there was no forced entry, so unless he left the window open, he knew his killer and let him in.
[Whispering] Greg never left his windows unlocked.
Well, you would know.
MIKE: I can assure you that no one in this office suspected Knox of any wrongdoing.
At least his murder saves us the cost of his prosecution.
This case is closed.
[Dramatic music] Come on, Lance, we got a Delta shuttle to catch.
Sorry for your loss, AUSA Valdez.
That phone wasn't the only piece of random evidence at Knox's apartment.
There was a dress and a bracelet, a bra.
You two were back together, huh? Briefly.
After everything you put him through? I guess he just couldn't shake ya.
It's amazing what a man'll do for ya if he really loves you.
Good luck, girl.
You're gonna need it.
[Rhythmic music] [elevator bell dings] Tash, you okay? What's this big emergency? The big emergency is you killed Ruiz.
Ghost came to me this morning wondering why you stopped his plan to get out.
He cannot know that I told you, Tommy.
He's not gonna know that you said nothing.
It's handled.
You know, he's not wrong about getting away from Milan.
Listen, Tash, I got a plan to get us all out from under Milan.
[Scoffs] You sound just like Ghost now.
He's always got a plan.
It's always about trusting him.
Yeah? Well, trust me.
We all play our parts right, everyone will get what they want, as long as Milan and Ghost stay in the dark.
I am trusting you, Tommy.
Ghost can be a lying, sometime-y motherfucker, but he is still the father of my kids, and I need to protect him, even from himself.
I'm protecting him too.
I always do.
[Elevator bell dings] This morning Ghost said something about helping you with Holly.
What does he mean, Tommy? Holly? Nothing.
Nothing happened, T.
Stick to the plan.
You've got to be kidding me.
Why do we have to meet here? Well, Angie, I was in the neighborhood, and you always liked the fries.
What did you do last night, Jamie? I thought we weren't supposed to ask each other those kind of questions.
What did you do last night? I went to work the club.
Did you have a nice night with Agent Knox? I didn't see him last night.
Well, I did.
He pulled me over.
He didn't tell you? He came out accusing me of killing Lobos, which I told you he would do.
At d you tell him? I told him he had no proof, Angie, that if he had proof, he would've arrested me.
Tri to get me to say that you were the leak.
I told him you were innocent.
Oh, my God.
So does that mean that you now believe me? I don't know what to believe.
Angie, I told you that I needed to protect you from Greg.
I'd do anything to protect you.
[Dramatic music] I agreed to meet with you because the leak case was closed.
They found that person, so I'm in the clear.
And you and me, we're done.
Angie, that's a lie.
You still love me and I still love you.
Good-bye, Jamie.
Yo, you Ray Ray, right? Here, I got this for you.
What the fuck you doing, man? Not here, man.
Get yo' ass in there, nigga, come on.
All right, nigga, you got my shit? Yeah.
That's nice.
All right, hands against the wall.
- What? - I said grab some wall! You have the right to remain silent.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [overlapping chatter] [Groans] [Scoffs] A'ight.
Tariq St.
Handed me these.
[Dramatic music] [scoffs] Hoo.
Where'd you get these? These babies will put you in juvenile detention till your 18th birthday, which I'm guessin' is gonna take several long years for you, so you want to do yourself a favor and tell me who gave you that shit? You know rich, little mark-ass bitches like you, they fresh meat up in Spofford.
You so fuckin' soft, they gon' call you Ta-fleece.
You sure as shit ain't no hustler, nigga.
Think about all the trouble you're gonna get in The law, school, your parents.
I know you don't want all of that, so I'm gonna give you one last chance.
Tell me who gave you these guns.
Speak, nigga! Okay.
We're going in.
[Car door opens] Your boy held tough.
He didn't say shit.
See, now, that's how you handle shit, like a G.
[laughs] - Yeah.
- [laughter] Little man.
[laughs] [Locks clicking] [Dramatic music] [door opening] You okay, Valdes? No.
[Shaky inhale] In fact, I don't know how [sighs] I'm going to be okay.
You? [Inhales] I thought I knew Greg, you know? He was such a true believer.
Hard to believe he was dirty.
And the fact that we'll probably never catch the guy who killed him is pretty hard to take.
Yeah too hard to take.
If you don't want to go home alone tonight W [stammers] Sometimes grief does strange things to people.
Not that strange.
I'm here if you change your mind.
[Slow music] [hip-hop music playing] But where I'm from It ain't hard to pull the strap 'Cause if a nigga want some I got some And I'ma serve the gas till they done So For real, you shoulda seen your face.
"Hands on the wall!" [whimpering] [Scoffs] Ha! Yeah, whatever.
No whatever, nigga.
You turned white so fast, Michael Jackson would've been jealous.
[As Michael] Eh hee-hee! [laughs] You not from this neighborhood, are you? Nah, I'm from the city.
Not that it matters anymore.
I don't never wanna go back there.
My family just they just all fake, they're all liars.
I don't want shit from them anymore, I can get my own stuff.
My dad can keep his money.
No doubt.
Not that it makes a damn difference, but, um, if you had to guess how much money would you say your pops is worth? I don't know, a lot? A lot? What you got, Alfred answering the front door or some shit? No, we don't got a front door.
We got a elevator.
[laughs] [Both laughing] [laughs] - RAY RAY: [murmurs] - You got a elevator? - Juke, you got a minute? - [chuckles] I told you he was ready.
Yeah, he held up, but why you lookin' like you about to lift that little nigga in the air like The Lion King or some shit? Don't get attached.
Why you ain't tell me Ghost is ballin' now? Not just drug money, nightclubs and shit.
That just slip your mind? What difference does it make anyway? So you got a rich man's kid in your place.
You just ain't gonna do shit with it? I was gonna use him to fuck with the parents of his rich-ass friends, break into their apartments and shit.
I already turnt him out.
He gonna be down with us.
Yo, fuck that.
He is the hustle.
Ransom his ass.
You can get the money and kill him anyway.
You are still plannin' on killin' him, right? The point was to break his father.
This way you break him twice.
Once in the pocket, once in the heart.
[Imitating gunshot] You get Ghost's money, kill his kid, you ride off into the sunset.
Flawless fuckin' victory.
[Ominous music] Right? Right.
[Upbeat dance music playing] - Ah.
- I have to hand it to you.
I'm quite confident, by the end of the night, Karen, I will earn our partnership.
No handouts here.
I hope you're right.
He's right, Daddy, he's right.
Come on, let's take a walk.
Welcome to the party.
[Muffled music playing] Okay, nigga, we here, on time, in these fuckin' monkey suits.
What's up? All right, listen, we do it like we talked about, a'ight? - A'ight.
- It's just smooth as silk.
- No 'hood shit.
- Bet.
Yo, nothin' pops off in this club, y'all hear me? - 2BIT: Got it.
- Got a lot of rich white people here that ain't afraid to call 911.
- 2BIT: Got it.
- So don't get jumpy.
I heard you, motherfucker, we good.
- Let's get money.
- Let's get it.
[People cheering and yelling] Man of the hour, Mr.
Rashad Jennings.
James, how you doing? Good, man, everything to your expectations, huh? Oh, man, this is above and beyond.
Let me let that add to your night.
- Whoo.
- Only the best for the best.
Yeah! Hey, man, you really turned up the place tonight.
Let me tell the bartender what to do for you.
You make sure you take care of this man and all his people, all right? When that's dead, I got a whole crate upstairs.
We feel you are right.
You have earned it.
[Rhythmic dance music playing] We'll get right to work.
I can't wait.
- To us.
- To us.
Oh, Tasha.
Good to see you again.
What the fuck are you doing here? Oh, you know, now it's our club too.
[Heavy dance music playing] Now that the paperwork is signed, we have to talk.
I don't have a damn thing to say to you.
WOMAN: Yeah, we breakin' Breakin' necks and we cashin' checks So we breakin', breakin' necks Oh, but we do.
WOMAN: Like it's going out of style You are completely deserted.
But, at least you picked a nice suit for your last night on Earth.
I have you now.
No, I have you now.
Do exactly as I say.
Whatever your foolish plan is, it won't work.
This time it was you who failed to notice me.
Look around.
WOMAN: I'm so so blessed Know nothin' 'bout no luck 'Bout to blow out all the speakers Everybody turn the fuck up Go ahead and try it, bitch.
You're alone.
Now, walk.
WOMAN: Breakin' Breakin' necks And we cash It's about damn time.
Tommy, after everything I tried to teach you.
Get in the back, Chefe.
[Dramatic music] Stop.
Right there.
So, this is it? This is your revenge? It's not personal, Milan.
Just business.
I underestimated you.
Nah, you underestimated us.
We could've killed you in the club, Milan.
We wanted you to know that we outsmarted you this time, so you die here.
You learned.
Nighty night, Milan.
Rest easy.
I ain't gonna eat you.
[Soft music] That worked, partner.
Yeah, just like we thought it would.
If I'm gonna be the connect, gotta get rid of the connect.
- Right? - Right.
You were right, Ghost.
Gettin' rid of Milan gives us both everything we want.
It's over.
It's over.
All right, then I'ma get back to work, all right? I got a club to run.
You watch your back.
You too, motherfuck.
Just spoke to Dre.
The men all played their parts.
Everyone's safe and sound and drinking beers.
We should go.
We have to get the men started on moving to new warehouse.
I'll give the order.
Did you tell Ghost we're still going to sell drugs in his clubs? Nah, he'll know soon enough.
Think he'll agree to that? I won't give him a choice.
Hey, Mom.
Don't "Hey, Mom" me.
You should be in bed.
Where's Dad? I thought he was coming home with you.
Yeah, well, he had to handle some business, but he'll be home later.
Come here.
Mmm! [whispers] Okay.
Where's your brother? He went to hang out with that new friend of his, Slim.
Slim? Who's Slim? He said he was a friend of Dre's and Shawn.
He knew Dad and Uncle Tommy when they were younger.
[Dramatic music] Let me try to call your brother.
I tried that.
He didn't pick up.
Yeah, well, he better pick up for me.
Bustin' your ass ah! [Phone ringing] Yo, hold on.
You better pause the game, nigga.
[Phone ringing] I think I should go home.
I don't want to but my mom gonna be looking for me.
The last bottle of lean was crazy.
I feel different.
Yeah, we mix it different in D.
[pensive music] No time like the present, motherfucker.
We doing this shit or not? [Photo snap] Send it.
KANAN: What's his mom gon' think when she see that? She gon' think I'm back from the dead, baby.
[Text alert] [Gasps] RAINA: What's wrong? RAINA: Mom? - Mom? - Um, nothing.
Um, just just go to your room.
I-I gotta call your father.
[Loud dance music playing] [Indistinct chatter and laughter] KAREN: Hey, were you been? I lost you for a second.
Oh, just busy keeping the guests happy.
Well, I'm happy.
Karen and I were talking.
What do you think of Dubai? Take my jet.
Does next week work? Absolutely.
Uh, excuse me.
I never meant to hurt you, Angie, okay? I had a reason for everything I did.
That doesn't matter now.
Of course it matters.
Our love matters.
Now we can be together.
No, we can't.
[Soft music] Angie, what the hell? James St.
Patrick, you are under arrest for the murder of Special Agent Gregory Knox.
Greg's dead? I-I didn't kill Greg.
You have the right to remain silent.
Angie, you gotta believe me.
Angie! Anything you do or say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Angela, why are you doing this? Why did you do this? I loved you.
All right, got it.
Yo, get your hands off Who the fuck are you, man? You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to you.
Do you understand these rights as they've been explained to you? He's ready.
Come on.
JACOB BANKS: I believe in what I sell Why does everyone hear me wrong? If I told you different Would it sound the same? Would it make a difference in any way? Oh, oh I know I've done wrong, and I paid for it Angie, I can't believe you're doing this to me.
Believe it, Jamie.
It's the right decision.
JACOB BANKS: Say that you don't want me Say that you don't need me Tell me I'm a fool Tell me you've been tortured Tell me you've been beaten What I done to you