Power (2014) s05e02 Episode Script

Damage Control

1 GHOST: Previously on Power TASHA: I don't know how I'm gonna forgive Tariq, or any of us for what happened to Raina.
We'll all feel better once this is over.
Once we get Dre.
I will never feel better.
You want out? You wanna walk away clean? You gotta cut ties with everybody who knows who you are.
I heard you have a bar hearing coming up.
John Mak's got a hard-on for getting me disbarred.
Angela, you're real radioactive around here these days.
You want me to bury the records? If they never match your gun, they might not trace any of this back to you.
Or you.
ANGELA: I have to log in as someone else and delete the file.
I don't think Angela's being straight with me about where she was last night.
TAMEIKA: Keep Maria Suarez away from Angela until I tell you otherwise.
Brains, tell him to stop.
Please, I won't say anything to It's time for all of us to move on from Ghost.
You ever been to Los Angeles? We'd like to see if you can run both coasts.
So the Jimenez agreed to it all.
Territory, access to the port.
DRE: I'd like you to meet our connect, Alicia and Diego Jimenez.
We're very happy to begin this new partnership.
Sending K's crew in there is playing right into Dre's hand.
We need to use the Italians.
I'll give you 60K for one hit.
Just grab 'em and bring 'em to me.
K says they're in position.
[MUFFLED TENSE MUSIC] - [GUNSHOT] - [GROANS] You made a mistake coming here.
I have the full protection of the Jimenez cartel, so if you come after me again, they will kill you and your entire family.
JOE: They say this is a big, rich town I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down I just happen to come up hard Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it 50 CENT: I never took a straight path nowhere Life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises I live, I learn I'm from that city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper Homey, I grew up in hell, a block away from heaven That corner every 15 minutes, they moving seven Pure snow, bag it, then watch it go Occupational options, get some blow or some hos Shoot the ball or the strap, learn to rap or to jack Fuck it, man, in the meantime Go head and pump a pack This my regal, royal flow, my James Bond bounce That 007, that's 62 on my count I'm an undercover liar, I lie under the covers Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, baby, I love ya You're my inspiration, you're my motivation You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation JOE: They say this is a big, rich town Yeah, I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it [OMINOUS MUSIC] [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] I thought this was a democracy.
Who the fuck voted for that? You're at the wrong dock, amigos.
[GUNS COCK] We have approval to be here.
Came down from the boss.
Jason cleared it with the New York distro.
Not our bosses.
This port belongs to Jimenez.
Get the fuck outta here.
We don't want any problems.
Mistakes happen.
That's how it goes.
[GUNSHOTS] Get rid of them pinche tiesos.
[BANKS' "POLTERGEIST" PLAYING] I started all the wars I started all the wars I've been getting messages from my deep waters [SOBBING] My baby.
I'd be a resentful caretaker Blame me for your false indicators You're mistaking all my mistakes For my crooked nature Oh Follow me everywhere I go [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Ma, you okay? I'm fine.
Go back to bed.
You're mistaking all my mistakes For my crooked nature Hey, Boss.
I thought I would be leading the strategy meeting.
You thought? I'm handling it.
Take a seat, gentlemen.
Uriel Diaz, head of the Toros Locos, was found dead.
With a gunshot wound in his head and nails in his hands and shoulders.
It's sick to think that someone would take pleasure in doing this.
Looks like a cartel hit.
Damn, they wanted to make him hurt.
MAK: I would've made it hurt too.
In addition to the bodies, guns, and money found at the house, 86 keys were seized during the raid.
MAK: That's a huge hit for an organization.
And an incredibly stupid move to keep it all in one place.
So Diaz's connect, whoever that is, was angry about the raid and murked his ass.
Self-cleaning oven, baby.
According to NYPD, Diaz's death has caused a power vacuum between Toros members Arturo Magdeleno and Lorenzo Salazar.
Oh, it's so hard to choose.
May the best man win.
We're waiting on the ballistics, to see if we can get a match on the gun.
It's definitely a Narcos gun.
ANGELA: Maybe it'll lead us to the connect.
Somebody knows who Diaz was working with.
Criminals gossip like teenage girls.
Someone will talk.
[PENSIVE MUSIC] TOMMY: Hello? Smells good in here.
Yo, what's up, Keisha? Hey.
[CHUCKLES] Those the pancakes you make with the bananas in them? Yeah, you want some? Yeah.
It's really nice how much you've been doing around here.
I mean, it's the least I could do.
Can't even imagine what Tasha's going through.
This shit is like a nightmare none of us could wake up from.
I was there when 'Riq and Raina were born.
Raina had so much hair.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, I remember.
And then Ghost asked me to be their godfather.
I was so proud.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] I was supposed to protect them.
[SIGHS] What happened? I can't get a straight answer from Tasha.
LAKEISHA: She asked me to vouch for her and Tariq, that if anyone asked, to say they never left the penthouse.
What were they really doing that night? Look, Keisha, it's better that you don't know.
You ain't never gotta say nothing.
I promise.
I owe you.
I'ma go get Yas.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Keish, have you seen Tasha? Said she was going out.
Thanks for the breakfast.
GHOST: Tommy, ready to rock? K's waiting.
- Yeah, let's do it.
- All right.
Bye, Keisha.
[OVERLAPPING CHATTER] I thought we weren't gonna see each other again.
Does anyone else know that Tariq knew Raymond Jones? I don't know.
Find out.
I've done what I can to run damage control, but if someone else links Tariq to this murder, we're all going down anyway.
I've got one just like it.
Number's programmed in.
Get back to me.
What the fuck happened with the job? Turn your volume down, motherfucker.
My boys did their part.
They said Dre saw them coming like somebody warned him or something.
Took off running like a little bitch.
Your Italian boy fucked this up.
- Bullshit.
- Tommy.
The real question is, who could've warned him? I don't know.
And then what happened? My niggas say they heard some gunfire pop off.
I'm thinking the Italians killed Dre on the spot.
Then I come out and find this shit on my windshield.
I got one too.
He put mine in my coat pocket while I was wearing it.
Why the fuck didn't you shoot him? I was at Raina's grave site.
I wasn't strapped.
I've seen cards like this dropped on people inside the joint.
But I don't know who it's from.
That's the Jimenez, K.
Dre's saying the Jimenez got his back.
Fuck them Spanish niggas.
I ain't scared of nobody.
[TIRES SQUEAL] What the fuck? GHOST: Tommy, you wanna tell me who the fuck this is? Oh, shit.
Oh, it's Jason Micic.
I move his weight.
Put the fucking gun down.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I thought I told you to stop working with Ghost.
Yo, what's up, J? I was just about to call you.
You know, I got your money.
Shut the fuck up.
JASON: You lied to me, Tommy.
That LA port deal was bullshit.
JASON: Two of my guys are dead.
The Jimenez took my shipment.
Now you owe me $2 million.
You see, the problem is that I don't know what would give me more satisfaction.
Getting my money, or killing you.
Wait, wait! We gonna make this right.
We gonna get you that LA port, just like I promised.
You're gonna kill the Jimenez? If that's what it takes.
Since you can't seem to do business without Ghost, you're gonna kill the Jimenez together.
And who the fuck is this guy? I'm an old friend.
Well, old friend, now you're in it too.
You know it's a fucking suicide mission, don't you? I will let you know when the shipment comes in.
[ENGINE STARTS] I wanted to kill Dre, not another connect.
What the fuck you want me to do? They was gonna kill us.
We don't have access to the Jimenez.
Tommy, this ain't Lobos.
Or or Milan.
We need an inside guy.
Dre gonna lead us right to the Jimenez.
So we're gonna kill them, then we're gonna kill that motherfucker.
Everybody gets what they want.
You hearing this? If we take the Jimenez off the table, and Jason got our back, then Dre becomes a clean kill.
TOMMY: This is a beautiful idea, K.
Ghost, you down? Jason just drafted me.
What other choice I got? [FRANKIE LANE'S "SOME DAY" PLAYING] FRANCESCA: [MOANING LOUDLY] Some day You will see me and find me - Oh, shit, I'ma wait outside.
- Dre.
Stay, stay, stay.
I love an audience.
I'm almost done.
Of the days that shall be It's my turn.
No, let him finish.
Let me finish.
Wait, wait.
Oh, God.
[PANTING] Get the fuck out of here.
One of our stashes was raided.
A Toros house.
It's all over the news.
Your Federal agents seized 86 keys of my product.
Who's fuck-up was that? The Serbs were in our port.
We got rid of them.
Took their product.
Now I got a big shipment coming in.
And I'm counting on you to make up for the money that I lost in the raid.
And when are those Bassett people gonna give you control of the international clubs too? I'm on it.
I got it.
DIEGO: Well, then be on it.
The death of Uriel has created a Toros leadership problem.
There's infighting going on for his spot.
Fix that shit.
And I ain't got time for fuck-ups.
Neither does my sister.
Whatever you say, Diego.
The translator completed Maria Suarez's witness statement, and we put together a timeline of her story.
She and her boyfriend Miguel were forced in the trunk of a car.
She says towards the end of the drive, the road started to get bumpy.
We believe they were traveling over a cobblestone street, through the Meat Packing District.
Suarez says when they were pulled out of the trunk, she heard people and loud music, like there was a party going on.
The noise stopped once they were taken inside the building, where we believe they encountered Egan and St.
They were kidnapped the same night St.
Patrick opened up his club Truth in the Meat Packing District.
And Truth has a loading dock.
That's where we think that they were taken.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] You really think James St.
Patrick would kill a guy in the loading dock of his own club? I mean, this is a lot of man-hours and work for nothing.
You're so hard for St.
Patrick you're honestly gonna parade a blindfolded witness in front of a jury? Mak, she's credible.
She didn't see anything.
If St.
Patrick is guilty of murdering Miguel Alvarez, he's a drug dealing kingpin dirtbag.
If we get him, we redeem this whole office.
And there's an added bonus We end Angela's career.
The fuck? Is that the reason why you asked me to keep this from her? Yeah, and you need to keep it to yourself.
Tameika's orders.
She knows Angela has a problem with boundaries when it comes to St.
Patrick and Egan.
Angela needs to go, for sure, but Maria Suarez is not gonna get us there.
There's only one person that knows the true extent of St.
Patrick's guilt.
I get that person to talk It's the witness of a lifetime.
I've got a censure hearing to prep for.
We're actually gonna be using the tier level rewards model for fundraising.
You know, incentivize donors to continue with their contributions, and take their giving to the next level.
You see these? TATE: These are our fundraising goals.
Well, those are ambitious numbers, Rashad.
Yes, but not impossible.
See, once we hit the $15 million mark, we gonna have an official ribbon-cutting ceremony.
And we'll make it a community event.
We celebrate and showcase the youth that benefit from the QCP.
So where do we start? How can I help? James.
[CLEARS THROAT] To be perfectly honest, all the unanswered questions surrounding Raina's death are bad for business.
It leaves open questions as to why a supposedly clean guy like you suddenly has a dead daughter.
It's gonna prevent investors from getting on board.
We need to solve Raina's murder.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] The investigation is out of my hands.
And the police are doing everything they can.
It's not enough.
Now, if you and your wife would be willing to do a press conference, offer a reward, it would help the NYPD get some leads.
It'll also be beneficial in amplifying the QCP's cause and compelling donors to open up their checkbooks, for Raina's legacy.
I'll talk to Tasha about it.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] TOMMY: What's up, Sammy? Let's go for a ride.
I got something I gotta do.
Get in the car.
[ENGINE STARTS] [TIRES SQUEAL] TOMMY: What is this place? SAMMY: Connie's not doing so good.
They got her on a clinical trial.
Maybe she got the placebo, they think.
I don't know.
Whatever it is, it ain't looking good.
Sammy, what the fuck are we doing here? TOMMY: Fuck.
Now I know why you wasn't returning my calls.
How'd you find me? I remember you and Marco used to play back here, when your dad owned the place.
I knew you'd come back here and wait for him, hoping he'd show up.
[GRUNTS] He didn't make it? Cops found his body and notified his parents.
His pop came to see Vincent.
- Vincent knows? - Vincent knows? He knows what happened.
Marco's gone.
You're missing, he don't know why.
Carmine, what the fuck happened? The guy you hired us to grab was strapped.
We had him.
But he got the drop on us and ran.
CARMINE: Fuck, Sammy.
We gotta tell Vincent what happened.
[SIGHS] That you hired us, Tommy.
That's not the way we do things.
He's Vincent's godson.
I wanna talk to Teresi.
I just need to figure this out.
- Carmine.
- Mm-hmm.
Want me to call your parents? Nah.
I'll be all right.
All right, we're gonna come back later with the doc.
Get you some fresh bandages.
PROCTOR: If it were me, I would've fucked the older sister.
I mean, she gives better head.
You're too caught up on age, you know? Yeah, no, I hear you.
I just lost my appetite.
All right, I'll see you, Joe.
What do you want? Your bar committee hearing is coming up.
And the conflict of interest charge is an egregious one.
I got a hunch things aren't gonna end well for you.
Ah, it's not my first time to the rodeo.
It'll work out.
It always does.
What if I said that I'd withdraw the bar complaint if you give me some background information on some of your clients? [SNICKERS] You're gonna save my law license so I could break the law? That's a good one, John.
You come up with that one by yourself? Which clients do you want me to rat on? I'm not gonna tell you until you agree to do it.
Then I guess you're gonna have to go without.
Good luck trying to get an indictment without my help.
Can I get the check, please? No, don't pretend you're a decent guy who cares about his clients, Joe.
But I do know you care about your daughter.
How are you gonna take care of her if you can't practice law? [FOREBODING MUSIC] GHOST: Where were you this morning? I had to run an errand.
TASHA: Where are you going? I have to run an errand.
I need to talk to you about Tariq.
And I need to talk to you about Tate, Tasha.
Look, he wants us to hold a press conference.
Offer a reward for anybody that has information on Raina's killer.
No, absolutely not.
Tate just thinks it would help secure money from investors and help getting the QCP off the ground.
So we can honor Raina.
I'm not stopping till the building's up.
There's no way we're doing that press conference, Ghost.
TASHA: We know who killed Raina.
Any information that comes out about Ray Ray could lead back to Tariq.
Who else knows about Tariq and Ray Ray? Who else knows they knew each other? Dre.
Besides that, I don't know.
You need to ask your friend Kanan.
He set them up.
You need to find out if there's anybody else out there who could give Tariq a motive.
Put his name in a cop's mouth.
I'll ask him.
Look, I wanna send Tariq to Choate.
I think it'd be good for him to get away From everything.
I'll think about it.
But I gotta tell you, there's a big part of me now, Tasha, that doesn't wanna let our son out of my sight.
Good night.
Yo, I saw in the news, your man Callahan got got in a park or some shit.
That's crazy.
I knew he was running guns for the Albanians, so he probably pissed them off or some shit.
But we need to find someone else to move his product.
But, yo, the first Jimenez shipment is coming in.
The first time we're moving weight for them.
I'm counting on you to be there to take delivery of the product.
- Hell, yeah, no doubt.
- My man.
Yo, could you give us a minute, man? Nah, I'ma sit right here.
Nah, he's cool.
You could stay.
You find out what's poppin' with the Toros? Yeah.
CRISTOBAL: The Toros' number two, Lorenzo, he's beefing with Uriel's cousin, Arturo.
Arturo thinks Lorenzo killed Uriel so he could take over the Toros.
So who do you think should take that spot? Lorenzo's been on the block a minute.
He could hit the ground running.
Arturo's young.
He don't know shit.
If he don't know shit, you could tell him what to do.
I like that.
I want Arturo, the young cat, I want him to fill that spot.
Easy to control and he won't try to fuck with me.
I don't think that's the right move.
Well, it's the move I'm making.
We gotta get Lorenzo out the picture.
DRE: I'll hire hitters.
We can't have our fingerprints on this shit.
Then we're gonna have to off the hitters after they do the job.
CRISTOBAL: It's the only way to keep this away from us.
That's a lot of bodies, man.
[TENSE MUSIC] It's a necessary move.
No loose ends.
I'll call the hitters, Cris.
When they're done, you take 'em out.
GHOST: We could get him right now.
KANAN: No doubt, but we need that nigga to lead us to the Jimenez.
Sorry about your kid.
Tariq tried to step up, though.
He a tough little nigga.
Yeah, we handled it.
K, let me ask you something.
Who else knew that Tariq was fucking with Ray Ray, besides you and Dre? Brains knew about it.
We pulled a lick with him.
Brains? You got a real name? David Struthers, or Smothers, or some shit like that.
But he ain't been around.
Ain't nobody seen him in a minute.
Brains wouldn't fuck with Tariq.
He know that'd be fucking with me.
I know you don't like it, but the boy a gangsta.
It was born in him.
KANAN: Better than you at that age.
He cold with it.
And you the meanest little nigga I ever met, so I don't want that life for Tariq, K.
As for me, once I'm done with Dre, I'm out the game for good, man.
I mean it.
Tommy's Italians fucked you up, man.
Wouldn't even be sitting there right now if it wasn't for Tommy.
Dre'd be dead and you'd be out.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] I see you're not on Joe Proctor's list of character witnesses for his censure hearing.
He doesn't need me.
Oh, yes, he does.
You're on the Board of Destroy Injustice, and you just tried a big press case together, which you won.
And I assume that bitter taste in your mouth is what brought you here.
Proctor got disqualified from a case you were working on together.
Your testimony at his censure hearing is of the utmost importance.
The hearing committee won't be able to make an informed decision without you.
If you're not on the list, I assume it's because you have something negative to say.
I'm not into servicing personal vendettas, John.
Especially yours.
Very negative.
Would a subpoena help change your mind? [FOREBODING MUSIC] So what'd you find out? Kanan says he only knows one person who can tie Tariq to Ray Ray.
A David Struthers, Smothers.
Street name "Brains.
" GHOST: Kanan thinks he's dead, which means we could be in the clear.
Thanks for asking him.
We gotta get Tariq away from Kanan.
From all of it.
Yeah, I agree.
Let's say we send Tariq to Choate like we planned before You know, I haven't been in here since, um TASHA: Yeah, I know.
You can't come in.
And I can't leave.
Reverend Macedon has a grief group at the church.
I really think we should go.
T, I don't need no grief group.
But I do.
I do.
Can you just do it? For me? All right.
[TEXT MESSAGE SWOOPS] [KEYBOARD CLACKING] How do these people know Tariq? [KNOCK ON DOOR, DOOR OPENS] Ready for the meeting.
Saxe said you have something big? Yes, I'm ready.
We have a hit on the gold gun.
Matched it to a homicide in Manhattan.
The body of Celeste Cruz was found along with her husband, Mason Cruz.
She died from a gunshot wound, while his cause of death was some kind of execution-style drug overdose.
A La Araña card was dropped on the bodies, and the couple's baby is missing.
DONOVAN: I had the cocaine from the crime scene analyzed.
It had the same chemical composition as the bricks that we seized at the Toros pad.
So it's fair to say the Jimenez brothers are the Toros' connect.
Do we have a motive for the murder? The Jimenez somehow got word that Celeste Cruz was gonna snitch.
He took care of the problem.
ANGELA: We're looking for Jimenez hitters.
Saxe, reach out to the NYPD precinct working the Cruz homicide, and have them send over their files.
ANGELA: I wanna review any surveillance footage they've collected.
They don't know who to look for in the cartel level, but we do.
Whoever owns this gold gun was at both the Cruz crime scene and the Toros pad.
They're our link to the Jimenez brothers.
Nice work, Angela.
TAMEIKA: If we can convict the Jimenez, everyone in this room is going to the big leagues.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Tommy, good to see you.
Yeah, good to see you too.
I'm sorry to hear about Connie.
What're you talking about? Sammy said something about the clinical trial not working.
Whatever you do, don't you tell her you're my kid.
That'd put her in a grave sooner rather than later.
Yeah, okay.
I heard you threw a party.
And a couple of guests didn't show up.
The problem is you didn't invite the guest of honor.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Now you're gonna tell him you threw that party.
And he's gonna be pissed.
And you're going to apologize like a man.
And you're gonna take whatever punishment he hands you.
You understand me? Yeah, okay.
You should've come to me first.
[PHONE CLACKS ON RECEIVER] [DOOR BUZZES, CLANKS] In conclusion, I submit that the allegations filed against me are the malicious fabrications of a prosecutor, John Mak, focused on ruining my good name for his own petty sense of revenge.
He lost his case against my innocent client.
We're all just wasting our time here with John Mak's sour grapes.
Proctor, this is your third censure hearing.
Why? Unlucky, I guess.
It's documented that two witnesses who were scheduled to give their testimonies disappeared before your other hearings.
Any idea what happened to them? I don't know.
Did any of your other clients at the time have something to do with their disappearance? No.
And I resent the implication that I would ask another client to commit a crime on my behalf.
Or silence a witness.
I'm not a gangster.
Off that, public records show that your birth name is Joseph Civello, not Proctor.
Why did you change your last name? My father died.
When my mother remarried, I took my stepfather's last name.
Yes, your father died in 1984, after he was acquitted of attempted murder.
Your paternal side of the family has quite the legacy of documented convictions and criminality, correct? Yes.
That's why I changed my last name.
Because that is not who I am.
I became a criminal defense attorney because I believe in justice.
Because I'm a patriot, Ms.
Ours is the noblest of all professions.
Just because I stand beside criminals in rooms like this, does not mean I am a criminal.
[DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] [SIGHS] We'd like to hear the testimony of one more witness.
NAVARRO: Your co-counsel during the case at hand, United States Vs.
James St.
Silver, you do realize your testimony is under oath? Yes.
During the preliminary hearing, for your mutual client, James St.
Patrick, were you aware that your co-counsel had previously represented Thomas Patrick Egan? Yes.
And did you feel there was a conflict of interest between Mr.
Patrick and Mr.
Egan? SILVER: Yes.
He advised our client James St.
Patrick not to take a deal at a critical juncture in the case.
Most attorneys I know would've behaved differently.
Did you ever express this to Mr.
Proctor? I did.
NAVARRO: Did you ask him to recuse himself? I did, but What was his response? He told me it wasn't a conflict, and asked me not to speak of it again.
In your opinion, is Joe Proctor an ethical attorney? [SNIFFS] NAVARRO: Mr.
Silver? I think there's a gray area in criminal defense when your client is innocent, where perhaps passion overwhelms the hard lines of ethics.
So that's a no? No further questions.
You just said James St.
Patrick was innocent in our case, right? I don't think that's the issue here.
Just answer the question.
- Was he innocent? - Yes.
So was I out of line when I advised an innocent client not to take a deal and allocute a lie to the court? I feel your advice was based on your relationship to both our client and his friend, Thomas Patrick Egan.
Their interests did not converge at that point in the trial.
Like I said to you then, James was innocent.
And neither James nor Tommy wanted James to go to jail for a crime he didn't commit.
That is not a conflict of interest.
I know the rules, Joe.
You didn't follow the rules.
Without the rules, this whole system, it all goes down.
You've never compromised yourself for an innocent client before? No.
I haven't.
No further questions.
We'll take the testimony under advisement, Mr.
NAVARRO: We'll get you a decision soon.
Soon? [EXHALES DEEPLY] Carmine.
Come on, wake up.
We gotta go talk to Vincent.
Are you sure? Check him again! I told you I get paid either way.
And you, you dimed me out to Teresi.
You didn't even give me a chance to fix this.
Why would I? Clearly you're out of your fuckin' league.
Now you gotta explain two dead guys to Vincent.
2-BIT: Dre put me in charge of this shipment big time.
Think he might give me that number two spot? You been fucking with Dre longer than anyone, so I hope the fuck he is, 'cause if you the number two nigga, then that makes me nigga number three.
[LAUGHS] That's a fact.
I don't listen when they speak Hella angels watchin' me Innovative with the haters Yo, Dre want that Toro dead.
For real? [GUN COCKS] Yo, Spank.
Bust a U-ey.
I don't think we should be doing this, man.
- Bust a U-ey, Spank! - Fuck.
Man, I'm timing so crazy, so microscopic Why you too busy talkin'? They be pickin' your pocket Start the service for Wallace Man, I can't even call it [TIRES SQUEAL] Slow down, whoa, it's me Way too cold to be slippin' in these streets Maniac, maniac on my belt [GUN SHOTS] Hit it.
The cops.
You know I can flow [INDISTINCT RAPPING] When they go high, I hit them below Slow down, whoa, it's me Way too cold to be slippin' in these streets Maniac, whoo, this the madhouse [INDISTINCT CHATTER] MACEDON: Dr.
Wolven, everyone, I'd like for you to meet James and Tasha St.
Their daughter Raina recently went home to be with the Lord.
So sorry for your loss.
Please, have a seat.
Thank you.
I'll open us in prayer.
Lord, thank you for this time together.
Please bless and comfort everyone here who is grieving.
We ask these things in your son's holy name.
ALL: Amen.
Would anyone like to share how they've been doing? Jessica and I had a really hard week.
Wednesday marked the six-month anniversary of Luke's death.
Our son, Luke, he was walking home from school and was killed by a drunk driver.
JESSICA: He was a week away from celebrating his 16th birthday.
I still sit in his room sometimes.
DALE: Well, I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I follow Jeff, the guy who killed our son, to Gavin's Liquor on 23rd.
He's always in a stupid work uniform.
And he always grabs a bottle of liquor.
It is only a matter of time before he kills another kid.
Is it wrong to want him dead? WOLVEN: What you're feeling is normal.
Anger is part of the grieving process.
Would anyone else like to share? [TENSE MUSIC] GHOST: I gotta drop you off now.
I'll see you later.
Ghost, I need to talk to somebody.
Tasha, that's not the most appropriate place to do that.
Those people don't understand what we're going through.
I can share how I'm feeling without saying why.
It's best if we don't say anything at all.
[SIGHS] [LOCK CLICKS OFF] [CAR DOOR OPENS] TASHA: You know what? Maybe we should ask Reverend Macedon to refer us to a support group for families of murdering drug dealers.
They'll understand us, right, Ghost? [PHONE RINGS] James, my good brother.
Rashad, I talked to Tasha about the press conference.
She's not in a frame of mind to do it right now.
Ah, I understand.
Hey, listen, tomorrow I've put together a last-minute mixer for the QCP at Borough Hall.
TATE: Bring Tasha.
We can show her the presentation.
Maybe seeing our goals to honor Raina might lift her spirits.
I'll talk to her again.
My man.
This is the one.
DARRYL: Here are the files you wanted on the Cruz murders.
Thanks, Darryl.
I never congratulated you on the promotion.
Despite all the drama, you made Head of Criminal.
Maybe now you can do something about IT, 'cause I can't get my log-in to work.
I'll ask them to fix that.
Thanks, girl.
[PHONE VIBRATES] Hey, you know, I'm sorry I called you radioactive.
DARRYL: Glad you're away from that James St.
Patrick dude.
Yeah, me too.
I'm not doing that good.
Can you please call me back? All right.
Cancel the hitters, baby.
I got that nigga Lorenzo on the block.
The fuck you say? I lit his ass up.
What you mean you lit his ass up? You had one job.
To get the shipment.
I did get to the shipment, and I took that motherfucker out.
I had a busy fucking day.
Who the fuck else knows about this? Spanky? - He drove.
- Oh, shit.
Why you bugging out, Dre? I saved you money and time.
Look, man, I can't even look at you right now.
Get the fuck out my face, man.
Get the fuck out my face! Your boy fucked this up.
Anybody else finds out he did this, we're all dead.
You need to take him out.
Him and Spanky.
Look, I'll handle it.
From now on, you're running the Blind Pig.
Let me just go take this shit away from them right now.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Yo, why you trippin'? Your plan, three bodies drop.
My version only one did.
That bitch ass Toro is dead.
It all worked out.
The hit can't come back on us.
Nobody fucking saw me.
Yo, you're not getting the goddamn point.
When I tell you to do something, you do the shit my way.
Oh, shit.
The Jimenez and this club shit got you really thinking you better than everybody else? Just remember, you wasn't shit when we met, my nigga.
I ain't your nigga no more, boy.
You work for me, Francis.
And from now on, you do what I fucking say.
That's my shit.
My organization.
You and Spanky ain't running the Blind Pig no more.
Cristobal is.
Spanky didn't do nothing wrong.
Shit was my call.
I don't give a fuck.
I don't wanna hear that shit.
Spanky ain't tell me you did it, and he sure as hell ain't stop you from doing it.
GHOST: Hey, Angie, I'm not doing that good.
Can you please call me back? What did you find out? David Struthers, "Brains," is dead.
So Tariq is safe? This Brains guy was killed along with a close associate.
Big Country.
You ever heard of him? No.
They were participating in a burglary ring.
The case is still open.
Do you know anything about that? Was Raymond Jones a part of that too? None of you had anything to do with Brains and Big Country being dead, right? No.
No way.
As long as Tariq doesn't get implicated in this robbery ring, we should be okay.
Yeah, well, I'm actually gonna send him out of town for a while.
TASHA: To school.
Good idea.
[HIP-HOP MUSIC] Yo, this our new boss, Dre.
He's our connect to the Jimenez.
From now on, we go through him for everything.
Arturo, poppin' Lorenzo in that drive-by was legit.
That grimy-ass traitor deserved that shit for killing Uriel.
You did that shit, right? Yeah, I did it.
That's what's up.
That's how the new head of the Toros rolls.
And welcome to the organization.
I got a shit ton of product for you to push, all right? Shit, we down.
Right, guys? - Let's get it.
- Yeah, yeah.
- All right.
- Yeah, let's get to work.
No doubt.
So now that nigga Dre dead, we gonna take over his network like we talked about? That shit went sideways, man.
Dre's still alive.
How we gonna make money then? I met Tommy's connect, this Serbian motherfucker.
Well, you're gonna have to learn to speak French - or some shit.
- Russian, nigga.
I'm gonna get in good with him and then we gonna take over Tommy's organization.
We gonna make it rain in the club.
Shit, we could do that tonight, nigga.
Call the club, tell 'em we're coming through.
- A'ight.
- Ask for Koko.
See if she work.
Nah, she off to see the wizard.
Ain't got no brain, but she fine as a motherfucker.
[LAUGHS] All right? [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Pause the game, 'Riq.
Look, your father and I have decided to still let you go to Choate.
We think it'd be good for you to have a fresh start.
- All right.
- Where are you going? Oh, uh, to an event for the Queens Child Project.
TASHA: The building your father's dedicating to Raina.
What happened to Raina is all my fault.
And everyone knows it's my fault.
Including you.
I don't like the choices you made, no.
But I'm still your mother.
And I'm always gonna love you.
Okay? Brains and Big Country are dead.
Who told you about them? Kanan told your father.
But you should've told me.
I mean, why didn't you tell us there was still more people out there, Tariq? I don't know, I was just trying to forget about it.
Well, do I know everything now? Yes.
I'm gonna make better choices from now on, Ma.
I promise.
I know you will.
I don't want you to worry.
And if anyone at Choate asks about what happened to Raina, I won't say anything.
Like you taught us.
I'm gonna miss you so much, Tariq.
Our community wants answers.
Ladies and gentlemen, despite still grieving Raina's tragic death, her parents, James and Tasha St.
Patrick are here with us and would like to say a few words.
TATE: Come on up, please.
[CAMERA SHUTTERS SNAPPING] We miss our beautiful baby girl.
GHOST: These have been the worst days of our lives, and my wife and I are thankful for your prayers and your support.
I wanna tell you about our daughter Raina.
She was good to people.
She had a beautiful singing voice.
And she was smart.
What happened to her is wrong.
It's unfair.
It's unfair that she'll never get to blow out the candles for her sweet 16.
Or go to prom.
Or walk down the aisle on her wedding day.
There's someone out there who robbed her.
He robbed us of her beautiful future.
We tried to protect her.
We tried.
But I can't help but feel responsible.
We are all responsible.
Tommy Egan is Tony Teresi's kid? [CHUCKLES] Looks that way.
That's a particularly twisted gene pool.
He's gone twice to see him in recent weeks.
No record of him visiting before that.
So it's a new relationship? The question is, why now? [OMINOUS MUSIC] What the fuck happened to him? I hired your god kid and Marco to grab a guy I had beef with and shit went sideways.
We got two sets of parents with dead kids.
I don't take that casually.
We're all family.
Vincent, I know this don't make things right, but I took care of the guy that did this to your family.
That true, Sammy? He took care of it? Yeah.
He made it right.
I appreciate you being straight with me, but you owe me.
You're gonna take a 50% cut on our drug profits and you're gonna pay restitution to these kids' families.
And Vincent, I am truly sorry.
I didn't mean no disrespect to the family.
Your father's a good man.
Kept his mouth shut and he's rotting away in a prison cell to protect this family.
Don't tarnish his name.
Yo, Sammy, thanks for covering for me.
Sammy, what the I told Teresi I wouldn't let Vincent hurt you.
I'm not lying for you ever again.
- We'll get 'em next week.
- Thanks.
[SIGHS] Get the fuck off me.
You set me up.
No, Tasha, Tate set both of us up.
- Tasha, wait.
- Fuck you.
Wow, my brother, you two were amazing up there.
You ambushed us to go on camera.
That was fucking low, Rashad.
James, it'll all pay off.
Trust me.
I'll be in contact as soon as the QCP numbers start coming in.
TATE: Gentlemen, I appreciate you coming out.
I reviewed the surveillance footage from the Cruz crime scene that precinct 74 sent over.
It wasn't a Jimenez hitter that murdered Celeste and left the gold gun at the Toros pad.
It was Diego Jimenez himself.
He's here in the States.
Holy fucking shit.
They're never here.
Diego exited right through the front doors, along with a woman carrying a swaddled baby.
To the detectives, they look like a regular couple living in the building leaving for the day.
And they weren't alone.
Two other known Jimenez associates were seen exiting through a side door.
Who's the woman, his wife? We don't know yet.
We don't know who anyone is yet.
But if she is, I can get her to talk.
[TENSE MUSIC] [HIP-HOP MUSIC BLARING] Karen was right about you, Dre.
This is an amazing opening night.
She might be sending you to Paris sooner rather than later.
Well, thank you, Quinn.
But first, I need you to deal with some asshole in VIP.
Ordered three bottles of Dom and won't pay.
Says he knows you.
All right, I'll handle it.
I'll be right back.
DIEGO: My fucking name is not Vanessa.
[LAUGHTER] I like your system.
I know what I'm doing.
Take care of that Toros problem? Oh, yeah, I got that on lock.
Now I want you to fuck Francesca for a job well done.
[CHUCKLES] I'm good, I'm working.
How much to tell him we did this shit? That's not gonna work.
Look, he'll smell my pussy if he has to.
If I'm dry, I'm dead.
And so are you.
So, let's just have some fun.
Okay? Mmm.
[MOANING] My turn to watch.
I'm good, man.
Hey, Dre.
Where are you going? [LAUGHS] [CELL PHONE VIBRATES] ANGELA: This is Angela Valdes, I can't take your call right now.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Angie, we need to talk.
[TOM WALKER'S "SUN GOES DOWN" PLAYING] These times They ain't moving fast enough Every time I'm looking up I don't get no answer I don't get no love Every day I play the game Knowing I won't win again They say times are changing now [CAR LOCK BEEPS] GHOST: You really shouldn't drink and drive.
You could kill somebody.
You should mind your own fucking business.
GHOST: Did you kill a kid named Luke? I don't know the kid's fucking name.
[GRUNTS] [PUNCTURES GLOP] GHOST: [GROANING] Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down Well, I'll be so glad Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down Will you meet me there This time around? Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down Will you meet me there This time around Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down Well, I'll be so glad When the sun goes down