Power (2014) s06e03 Episode Script

Forgot About Dre

1 GHOST: Previously on Power When you're done with those, bring the cash back.
I got some more for you.
You're gonna need more than just Brayden helping you.
So you in? Ghost and I had our first divorce arbitration.
He won't break the prenup that says I don't get shit.
Welcome to our new home, baby.
You're supposed to watch my fucking back.
Things happen out there, Rashad.
What are you gonna do? [GRUNTS, GASPS.]
I've already told you guys everything I know about Joey.
SAXE: He went and signed an agreement that protects him from previous crimes.
I need to get a bug in his house.
How does Elisa Marie feel about, uh - unicorns? - [DEVICE BEEPS.]
We have a problem.
Diego thinks Tommy and Ghost told the FBI where to find us.
Now, why would he think that? He told me you were dead.
- Did you tell him I'm alive? - Nah.
Angela put me onto Andre Coleman to close the Alicia Jimenez case.
We need him to be ready to testify tomorrow.
DRE: The Jimenez got Angela? You testify against Alicia Jimenez tomorrow.
After that, you'll never see New York again.
JOE: They say this is a big, rich town I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down I just happen to come up hard Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it 50 CENT: I never took a straight path nowhere Life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises I live, I learn I'm from that city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper Homey, I grew up in hell, a block away from heaven That corner every 15 minutes, they moving seven Pure snow, bag it, then watch it go Occupational options, get some blow or some hos Shoot the ball or the strap, learn to rap or to jack Fuck it, man, in the meantime Go head and pump a pack This my regal, royal flow, my James Bond bounce That 007, that's 62 on my count I'm an undercover liar, I lie under the covers Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, baby, I love ya You're my inspiration, you're my motivation You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation They say this is a big, rich town, yeah, yeah I just come from the poorest part, oh Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it - [CRYING.]
- Baby, stop.
Tell me what's going on.
- Huh? I promise I'ma get us out of here, okay? Okay? - Thomas, you good? - THOMAS: I'm good.
I need you to do another alley sweep.
Jameson, you're up in the bird's nest on the roof.
I want a full 360 before transport arrives.
Copy? - Yes, sir.
- BOTH: Copy.
All right.
I guess I'll go check in on the precious cargo.
Hey, get ready to testify.
We're going to court right now.
No, I can't even think right now.
She was doing this all night, man.
Of course she's been crying all day, man.
Look at the way you holding her.
Come here, mama.
- It's okay.
Yeah, it's all right.
- Yeah, there you go.
- Nigga, I was doing that.
You sure you don't want to bring her mother along? Look, I can take care of my little girl, all right, man? Oh, yeah? You sure that Heaven isn't allergic to her baby formula or doesn't have diaper rash? Fuck, dog, I got a target on my back and you talking to me about some stay-at-home daddy bullshit right now? Are you even capable of being a father to this child? Now, look, we gonna get you to court safely so you can testify and, after that, put you in WITSEC.
But what comes next, huh? Can you stay clean? Because if you get back into the game, what is that gonna mean for her? - She's gonna be fine, man! - Oh, just be quiet, all right? Hurry up so we can get the hell out of here.
There we go.
- Hughes, what's your location? - [RADIO STATIC CRACKLES.]
- DONOVAN: Hughes.
ALEX: If they'd just put they hands up - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
- Hey, give me the baby! Give me the baby! ALEX: Handgun They just scared 'cause they don't understand us [GUNFIRE.]
Maybe if they tried pulling they pants up [GROANS.]
ALEX: Make it easier to run [GUNFIRE.]
ALEX: The murderer America The beautiful Oh, America God bless America [HEAVEN CRYING.]
Give me a strap.
Shut up.
Get down.
I can fucking shoot and get us out alive, man.
We're here because of you.
You get no weapon.
Now, be quiet.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
Listen, Coleman, there may be others coming.
Get Heaven in the bathroom.
Get down in the tub for cover.
Go now.
Nah, nah, come on, man.
You don't need to do that.
Backup will be here in in two minutes.
I just took a bullet trying to save your life.
Nigga, I ain't ask you to do that shit.
Come on, Coleman, man.
I'm just like you.
I got a little girl at home too, man.
Please, man just you don't have to do this.
You see, Donovan, you a special type of bitch-ass nigga.
Type that thinks he's a good guy.
But good guys finish last, nigga.
- It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
I made sure Elisa Marie forgot to bring this to school today, but I can't keep doing this.
Lindsay, please, you don't need to worry.
Of course I need to worry.
I went to law school, remember? This is illegal as shit.
If this comes back down on us It won't, okay? I got this.
- Ticket.
- DRE: Ticket.
- Ticket.
- DRE: Ticket.
It's your ticket.
- MAN: Andre Coleman! - MAN: Don't move! - DRE: [STAMMERING.]
- Let me see your hands! No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Here, put her down.
Please, don't shoot.
- Please, please, please, please.
- Give me that.
MAN: Got him and the baby [HANDCUFFS CLICK.]
SAXE: You wanted to see me? Donovan's dead? Caught in Jimenez cartel crossfire.
Hitters gunning for a federal witness, Andre Coleman.
Coleman survived, ran.
Donovan wasn't so lucky.
Donovan died protecting Dre, of all fucking people.
Yet another known associate of James St.
Valdes' name is all over Coleman's paperwork.
He was her witness.
Is this attack connected to St.
Patrick? Who did you tell about the safe house? I didn't even know about Coleman until that DEA asshole Steve Tampio told me about him yesterday! Well, you better get to know something about how this happened real fast! We got a continuance because of the shooting.
Make sure Coleman is ready to testify.
Alicia Jimenez better not walk on my watch.
Uncuff him.
- The hell happened this morning? Shit, what happened was, you was supposed to be protecting me.
That's what Angela promised me.
Oh, yeah, she's dead, right? You didn't tell anybody where you were, did you? Not even Heaven's mother? 'Cause I need to know, Dre Of course not, man.
That's why I ran.
If it was an inside job, we'll find out who double-crossed us.
- Good.
- And then we'll move you like we promised.
As long as you agree to uphold your end of the bargain.
Trial got pushed a couple days, but we still need you to testify.
You think Alicia Jimenez won't find me in Nebraska or wherever the fuck? Someplace where I'm the only tatted-up, light-skinned nigga from Queens, man? Fuck that.
I'm not fucking testifying, man.
Oh, I I'm sorry.
You misunderstood.
You don't have a choice.
you all the time - [BED THUMPING.]
- [MOANS.]
- Yeah.
- Who's is it? - [LAUGHS SOFTLY.]
It's mine, right? Oh, definitely.
I think we're gonna win Fulton County.
- You're goddamn right.
I'm winning it all! [LAUGHS.]
- Fuck, fuck - [MOANS.]
- Oh, shit.
Oh, shit, I think that's the DNC.
- Then you fucking answer it.
- Huh? - Answer it.
- Oh, shit.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- [MOANS.]
Chairman Russell.
Thanks for returning my call.
RUSSELL: Tate, the committee's very impressed with your momentum.
And I'm very impressed by your momentum.
So, um, I see that you, uh, saw those new Westchester numbers, huh? RUSSELL: We did.
We're gonna send you some further assistance, Tate.
You're showing some great promise.
Oh, yes, you certainly are.
- RUSSELL: Tate? - Yes, indeed.
You know, my campaign, it's starting to pick up some serious steam.
- [MOANS.]
- Yes.
- RUSSELL: Of course.
We just need to, uh, you know, make some more headway RUSSELL: Yes.
- To reach our goals.
- RUSSELL: Uh-huh! And I gotta say that we have some real champs on the team.
Uh, listen, um, thank you for the call, and, um, I'll be speaking with you soon.
Oh, shit.
LIL WAYNE: You know I like junk food - Morning.
- Good to see you.
- WOMAN: Good morning.
Good morning.
Good to see you.
Team Tate! Can I have your attention for a moment, please? Just want to let you all know that I spoke with the DNC chairman, and he's so encouraged by our lead in the polls that he's sending an additional support package our way.
That's what it's about! Giving a voice to the voiceless Blah, blah, fuck you, Tate.
- TATE: I appreciate you all - Hey, come here.
How was yoga this morning? Mm, you know, had a nice stretch.
Mm, that's good.
That's good.
Oh, hey, can you take Cheney to the vet today? I'm stuck babysitting this asshole.
Councilman Tate apologized for losing his temper.
- You gotta let it go too.
This campaign is bigger than you.
So, so much bigger.
Okay, Janice Reinoso, Francisco Guzman, Tyrone Brown, Travis Gilyard, Luigi Macchione, Andres Chung, Angel Cotto, Jerome Pippins, Felicia Kahn-Prager.
If I have called your name, the DNC thanks you for your support.
The Rashad Tate campaign will no longer need your services.
Please pack up your desks and see me on the way out.
Whoa, whoa.
Ramona Garrity, I am surprised to see you're still in politics after your husband Senator Powell is soon to be my ex-husband, and somebody's gotta pay my lawyer.
Ramona Garrity.
I'm charmed.
Councilman Tate.
You asked for help, so you're welcome.
To really seize the momentum in our polls, we need money.
And you'll get it, once I stress-test your operation.
You just fired half of my staff.
Listen, the DNC plans to use its war chest to build a stronger Democratic majority in New York's upper chamber.
We'll need the next governor's veto power over districting to pull it off.
In other words, you need a win, and you'll need my people to do it.
So let's talk campaign supporters for a bit, starting with this guy who's been all over the news lately.
Who is James St.
LLOYD: Doper than my last one I roll up till the cash come I'm on my cool shit, new bitch Doper than my last one I got loud in by the bag more potent than the last one I've been the latest fashion I've been cold but my new flow doper than my last one Dope doper than my last one Dope doper than my last one I don't know if I'm ready for all this, Tommy.
Course you are, 'Keisha.
Let me show you how I do.
SPANKY: Is that 'Keisha? Yo, that ass 'bout to cause a solar eclipse, bro.
Nigga, you trying to end up like Poncho? Keep talking.
The fuck she doing here? Tommy ought to fuckin' know better.
Anytime a bitch get involved, shit always go sideways.
I know, but damn.
I copped these Oxys at $3 a pill.
I sell 'em to my primeras for $10.
Now, those guys get about $20 for these on the corner.
And we all eat.
- Looks like the real thing.
- It is.
The Serbs ship 'em from Eastern Europe.
It's the same quality as the shit behind the counter, minus the scrips.
Percs, Xans, Adderall, Molly, whatever you want.
Hold up, 'Keisha.
I'll be right back.
Give me a minute.
Fellas, fellas.
How we looking? We good? How's the count looking, BG? We flusher than a motherfucker, boss.
Check this shit out.
Oh, fuck! BG: What? [CHUCKLES.]
It's money.
You the only person I know upset to be so rich.
Let me explain something to you.
This much money right here? I can clean that through my business.
But I gotta clean all of this money before I give Jason back a fucking dime.
And if I can't pay Jason, I'm fuckin' roadkill, you understand? God damn.
Look at you.
- Hey.
- Hey, baby.
How you doing, good? - You good? - Yeah, I'm good.
- All right.
- All right, listen.
I'ma tell these idiots to get their asses, uh, in gear.
Come on, back to work, everybody.
What the fuck youse doing? Come on, look at the rest of this place.
You ordered this hit on the safe house, didn't you? [SCOFFS SOFTLY.]
How could I possibly do that? My hands have been a little tied.
You you might have thought trying to eliminate a witness would help you, but, see, the thing is, your hitters were sloppy.
They only killed the federal agents guarding Andre Coleman.
He's still in play.
But now, because of your little stunt, you're looking at the needle.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Maybe your men were just in a rough section of Bushwick.
Wait, how how did you know they were in Bushwick? Is that is that a confession? Circumstantial evidence aside, your case against Alicia rests on the testimony of Andre Coleman, a low-life, dope-dealing thug who only agreed to testify for immunity.
I'm gonna crucify him.
Oh, you you really want to take your chances in court? Nope, that's why we're asking the U.
to drop all charges.
Let Alicia return home to Mexico.
Let the Mexican government prosecute her.
They've already guaranteed she'll do jail time if convicted.
The agreement is being drafted and sent to your office as we speak.
Wait, so so just to recap, uh, Alicia gets a plane ride home and a slap on the wrist.
Uh, remind me, what do what do I get out of this deal? - Peace of mind.
- Oh.
I'm in mourning for my brother, Diego.
I want to be with my family during our time of loss.
Send me home, and I can let my misgivings about Dre be water under the bridge.
Or I can stay worried, and [SIGHS.]
If I stay worried, I think Dre will stay worried.
I can't do that.
I'll see you in court.
You can keep these.
I have copies.
Have a seat.
Rashad, why hasn't work been done on the Queens Child Project? You said construction was supposed to begin today, did you not? I walked by there on the way here.
- Nothing, not a fuckin' bulldozer.
- James.
Listen, bro, I don't know how else to put this.
We're out of money.
City council are dragging their heels.
Wait, Rashad, you gotta make me understand this.
Did they not approve phase one of the building? Yes, but reallocating public funds for projects like this is like jogging underwater.
Ain't shit I can do.
What? I can't make the process move any faster.
Well, I can torpedo the fucking campaign if you don't uphold your part of the promise.
GHOST: Who is that? That's Ramona Garrity, a top political operative from D.
who's caught in the middle of a big sex scandal between her senator husband, Ted Powell ex-husband and a long list of VIP call girls.
Only the best for Teddy P.
She's here to energize my campaign.
Why? Because the DNC wants me to win.
Now, I have to go back to making sure she doesn't see anything she doesn't need to see, including you.
So if you want the QCP to move forward, secure us more private equity.
Uh, James? Use the back door.
TASHA: Wait, so what happened to the blue GTX? What, you don't like this one? Mm, it's cool.
Yeah, that other one just didn't feel right.
Look, I need money.
- By money, I mean clean money.
This was so much easier when I could just move cash through the club.
Honestly, I wish I could help you, Tommy, but [SIGHS.]
Shit, I got problems of my own.
I mean, I got some money from Ghost, but it's not enough.
I need a fuckin' job.
Look, I'll just tell 'Keisha that we gotta let you use her salon.
She won't even take my calls, Tommy.
It's not happening.
Well, you know what? She gonna have to get over that shit.
- This business.
- Mm, I don't know.
She down with you, not me.
It used to be the other way around.
Shit, it's my connect.
He wanna see me.
My payment ain't even due yet.
Fuck am I supposed to do, T? [TSKS.]
I don't know.
I don't know what either of us is gonna do.
But what you can do is pass that shit, though.
- Word up.
Here, hold this down.
Damn, bro, that watch is glowed up! What's up? How else am I supposed to tell the time in the dark? [LAUGHS.]
'Sup, Effie? Ooh, y'all balling out of control.
I mean, what's the point of being rich if you can't enjoy it? Do you? Yeah, I just thought your whole system was about being low-key.
I mean, everyone in this school is rich.
Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa.
My parents only make, like, $400,000 a year combined.
So we're not rich-rich, but, you know, after taxes, it kind of only How about maybe you should spend less time online shopping and more time getting me pills? You out? Yeah, 'Riq, I'm out too.
Demand could be up because of midterms.
Especially Adderall.
Yeah, you right.
I'ma go to the city this weekend.
I'ma get the re-up.
EFFIE: Who's your connect? - Chill.
- EFFIE: Fine.
But you might want to tuck that little chain in while you're down there.
I hear New York can be kind of rough for pretty boys like you.
Dude, look at your face, bro.
- Yo, shut the fuck up.
Yo, what's up, Jason? I got your text.
Sorry I'm a little late.
I what the fuck is you doing? Yo oh, come on.
Jason? Have a seat.
We talked about this.
I have a big fuckin' problem on account of you not delivering on another promise.
Alicia Jimenez.
I still don't have the ports.
If she goes to prison for real, it'll mean a full-on war for control of the Jimenez cartel, which means I will have to deal with a whole new set of assholes to get my drugs into LA.
That shit can't happen, Tommy.
What the fuck you want me to do about it? She in fed custody.
I ain't got no female hitters in the pen.
That's fine.
I don't want her dead anyway well, not yet.
I want you to bring her to me [LIQUID POURS.]
Alive? Jason, how the fuck am I supposed to spring her from a supermax? She goes to trial in a couple of days, and [SNIFFS.]
An opportunity might present itself as she's being transported.
Jason, look, man, I I need you to hear this, okay? For the last fucking time, I can't help you with your drug shit.
See, I'm a legitimate businessman.
Was that before or after you emptied a mag of hollow-tips into one of my guys? Okay, fuck it, touché.
Look, mistakes were made, admittedly.
But I'm making good on that, aren't I? And for your trouble, I will waive one of those restitution payments in exchange for you delivering Alicia to me alive.
Ghost, I know you need the money.
Don't let anything or anyone distract you from remembering my first rule of business.
What's that, Jason? Always repay your debts.
- ESTELLE: Gonna help you clean up these toys.
Hey, Mama.
I'm I'm sorry I'm late.
I was stuck in traffic.
Wait a minute, what's going on in here? Who are all these kids? Couple of other moms in the neighborhood asked if I would help.
Figured I was already watching my grandbabies.
You know what? You can't show up late and smell like weed.
Mama, I'm under a lot of stress, okay? Please don't add to it.
And you better watch your mouth.
Look, Yas.
You smell funny.
- Here you go.
ESTELLE: Camden! Mommy's here.
- ESTELLE: Okay, okay.
- WOMAN: Thank you.
See you tomorrow.
You know things are still tense between your father and Uncle Tommy.
Why'd you come back to the city? I clearly asked you to stay at Choate.
I just wanted to check on you and Yas.
Thank you, but I just wish you would've called first.
You know I'm still trying to get things set up here.
It it's just not a good time.
I mean, it's fine.
Place is a little small, but it's cool.
Where's my room? You can stay in Yas' room.
She's staying with your dad this weekend.
Ma, you know her bed is way too small for me.
Okay, I'll set up an air mattress, then.
That things always deflates.
Well, then there's a couch! Couch, Ma? I'm not sleeping on the couch, come on! You know what? Tariq, please don't do this to me, because I'm doing the best I can right now.
Money has been tight.
Your father and I are splitting.
This is not easy, all right? But I promise, as soon as I start getting some money in, I'ma fix up the place.
So please, just eat.
So Ghost hasn't been helping? It's complicated.
Let me uncomplicate it, then.
How much you need? Where'd you get that money? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Um, Kanan had left it for me.
- TASHA: Kanan? - Yeah.
- Get it off my table before I burn it - Mom, money is money.
- You need it.
- Get it off my table! Kanan was not all that bad, Ma.
See, that's the problem.
You don't really know what [KNOCK AT DOOR.]
I'll deal with that later.
Hey, T.
Look, something came up.
I can't take Yas this weekend.
'Riq? Tash, why didn't you tell me your son was back in the city? Daddy.
- Hey, baby.
- Seriously? Seriously, you came all this way over here just to tell me you can't watch Yas this weekend? Hey, baby.
I want you to go play with that new toy I bought you in your bedroom, all right? I want to talk to your mother for a minute, okay? - Okay, Daddy.
- Okay, I love you.
- I love you.
Tasha, how much you paying for this place? - Not enough.
- BOTH: Stay out of this.
TASHA: And you ain't got no right to ask me shit about what I do or where I live.
Tasha, what are you talking about? My kids live here.
I have every right.
You know what? I got an idea.
Since neither of y'all like it here, Ghost, why don't you take your son back to the penthouse? Because apparently my accommodations aren't up to your standards.
- Tasha.
- Ma.
I heard about Donovan.
So sorry.
Guy had two kids.
Can't imagine what his family's going through.
Do you think this is related to Angela's murder? No way to know.
Doesn't seem like St.
Patrick had any motive to kill Coleman.
In fact, the testimony he's slated to deliver tomorrow clears St.
Patrick and Egan of any role in the Lobos or Sandoval murders.
He says Alicia ordered both hits.
Do you think that's true? Alicia says he's lying.
What else would she say? I know.
But I know Inez Marcos, her lawyer, and Inez wouldn't suborn perjury.
I also don't know why Angela had Coleman sign his statement behind everyone's back.
I didn't know about it.
I called Tameika.
Neither did she.
Just Tampio.
Who, by the way, Angela was sleeping with on the side.
I don't get this woman.
Well, have you seen his cheekbones? He's a good-looking guy.
What I mean is, why would Angela set Coleman up to lie about Alicia Jimenez? She clears Egan and St.
Patrick to close the RICO? See, the cover-up is proof of the crime.
So Angela was conspiring with St.
Patrick and Egan.
And the wife, Tasha.
You know she was sleeping with Terry Silver? [LAUGHS SOFTLY.]
That's why he wanted to clear her? Silver too.
You think you think they're all in this together? Or Coleman is telling the truth and Alicia's guilty.
If they are all in it together, there's no reason for St.
Patrick to kill Angela.
Rodriguez, I'm telling you, I know he did it.
Then take Coleman to court.
Get his story in front of a jury.
We convict Alicia and we nail St.
Patrick for Angela's murder.
You're goddamn right.
So how'd you sleep? Fine.
Son, I thought you were supposed to be in school.
Why you back in the city? Um, my roommate had some company.
It was his girlfriend.
You know how that goes.
Well, look, you can't let him or anyone get in the way of your studies right now, okay? I mean it, man.
I pay a lot of money for that damn school.
I know.
I need to tell you something about your Uncle Tommy.
As you know, I thought he was dead, but, uh, turns out I was wrong.
Wait, he he's still alive? How long have you fuckin' known, Tariq? How long have you known? And don't bullshit me, son.
Look, Tommy can't be trusted, all right? And as long as you keep rocking with him, then I can't trust you.
I mean it, Tariq.
You my only son.
So everything I leave behind, it goes to you, but you gotta be on my side.
I got you, Pops.
You can trust me.
I got a lot of QCP stuff to do today, so I can't take you back to Choate, but I can give you a lift to the train.
No, that's fine.
I'm I'ma just finish eating real quick and I'ma head out.
I love you, son.
Love you too.
- What's the emergency? - Alicia Jimenez.
When and where's her trial, Joe? I need the courtroom.
James, whatever the fuck you are thinking about, un-think that shit.
I can't, Proctor, okay? I need that information and soon, or else I'm a dead man, and you'll have my blood on your hands.
You can't put that on me, James.
I just put it on you.
What the fuck? What is this even for, okay? 'Cause she is gonna be in the federal courthouse.
That is way out of reach.
You really want to know more? - No.
- Joe.
You get me those answers, or don't come back at all.
So, Mom, tell me, how long you been watching the neighbors' kids? Not long.
Why? So what happens if I don't know, if one of these kids breaks his arm? Take him to a doctor.
But who's gonna pay for that? And what if the mom blames you? Or what if she snitches because you refuse to pay? I mean, you know this city requires a permit to run a day care.
Who gonna pay for that? We could.
If we got some more kids.
I could find us a storefront with low overhead, and we split the profits.
Wouldn't that be fun? Maybe.
You know what else is fun? Retirement! If you spent half the effort fixing your marriage, we wouldn't have to work.
See what I'm saying? It's why I can't talk to you.
This is it? It's, like, half of what you gave us last time.
Yo, relax.
I told you that the supplier had a big EDM festival, so it dipped into his surplus.
We'll have some more pills this week.
Word? Well, what festival? Nigga, why you ask so many dumb questions? Wait.
That's, like, the second time you called me the N-word.
Does that mean I get to say it? - Hell nah.
- No, no.
Absolutely not.
- EFFIE: Come on.
- All right, all right.
PROCTOR: I feel like you're cheating.
Really? [SIGHS.]
- Don't cheat.
- Boom.
- [SIGHS.]
Tommy, what what are you doing here? We need to talk.
Uh, Elisa Marie, go upstairs to your room, okay? Daddy's got grown-up business to discuss.
Hey, sweetheart.
Wha who who let you up? I look like the "ask permission" kind of guy to you? Jesus.
I thought you were dead.
Yeah, well, I'm back from the grave, motherfucker.
And I need something from you.
Is everything all right? Yes, sweetheart, everything's fine, okay? Go back up to your room.
I I just gotta get this first.
Okay, hurry.
You gonna be a lawyer like your old man? - [LAUGHS UNEASILY.]
- Study hard.
I need you to go through that phone of yours and find someone who can tell you where Alicia Jimenez is going on trial.
Her indictment's sealed, Tommy.
That info's confidential.
I'm sorry.
Maybe you thought I was just asking you a question.
To be clear, I wasn't.
I need the time, courthouse, and room.
Oh, and you still got that inside man on retainer? What's his name again, Charlie? We gonna need him too.
For what? I'm breaking Alicia Jimenez out of jail.
That's just great.
James St.
Patrick, hi there.
I'm, uh, Ramona Ramona Garrity, DNC political staffer.
And you led the last presidential transition team.
Someone's done their homework.
Now if we can just get that voting public to do theirs.
You sound like a true believer.
Well, it's taken me some hard knocks to see the light, but we have that in common.
Do we? Yes, I, too, come from humble beginnings.
I worked hard to make something out of myself, Ramona.
Make a family, give back to the community that means so much to me.
Mm, local corner boy does good.
I've done my research on you too.
No matter what comes your way, you always seem to land on your feet.
- Mm.
- You should've been a politician.
I don't know about that.
Now you're reaching.
Well, your reputation's only a problem if it's true.
Is it? I was wrongfully accused.
Charges were vacated.
Someone I cared a lot about had my back.
But the trial, I mean, you can imagine, the sight of a black man in an orange jumpsuit.
It would absolutely blemish my reputation.
Put me in a position where I'm damned if I defend myself but, of course, I appear guilty if I don't.
But you know what that means, right? I assume you're referring to my ex-husband's exploits.
Hard to outrun his shadow these days.
Well, you've come to the right place.
Because here at Truth, you can put your feet up.
What are you drinking? Scotch.
Blue Label.
One scotch, Blue Label, coming up.
I assume that you're here to discuss Councilman Tate and his run for governor, right? Yes.
You made a, uh, sizable contribution to his campaign, and I'm just looking to get a feel for the kind of people he surrounds himself with.
Well, look at that.
I'm looking to do the same.
Oh, guess I'll come back.
Nah, nah, nah, come in.
Y'all gotta get the fuck out.
- You're kidding, right? Does it look like I'm laughing? Y'all gotta go.
Go to the common room or some shit.
Okay, but, dude, this is my room too.
Yeah, not right now.
This is my shit.
So you gotta go, all three of you.
This is fucked up, 'Riq.
You'll be all right.
Just bring 'em back here later.
All right, bro, whatever you say.
- Nigga, close the door.
That was kind of harsh, 'Riq.
Yeah, whatever.
Here we go.
So what's up with you lately? You're more quiet than usual.
I'm I'm cool.
You sure? You don't seem good.
It's just a lot of crazy shit going on at home.
Yeah, me too.
Try not to think about it, I guess.
Ever since my brother died, my mom is sober, like, two hours in the morning when she wakes up.
Rest of the day is a fucking shit show.
Your brother died? Stupid shit.
Robbery gone bad.
What happened to your sister? [SOFT MUSIC.]
I read about it online.
You were twins? Yeah.
We were together all the time.
Born together.
Now it's like one half of me is gone.
And I'll never get her back.
I feel so alone.
You're not alone.
I'm here.
Honestly, the reason I've been I've been quiet is, I ran out of pills.
And I don't know what the fuck I'ma do.
Get some more from your connect.
I could get some, but right now, I don't have a connect.
Person that gave me these pills, well, he's dead too.
TOMMY: BG, take Flatbush to Tillary.
Fuck the bridge.
It's always backed up.
And park on sublevel two.
Me, 2-Bit, Spanky, we gonna be curbside on Cadman Plaza.
You know they ticket over there, right? Yeah, we ain't gonna be there long.
My source says we only got a tiny window to snag Alicia Jimenez before they bring her down for processing.
After that, we ain't gonna have no access to her, and we fucked.
The only place that they ain't gonna have eyes on her is in the bathroom.
So I need to know the second that she's in there alone.
Hold up.
How the fuck we supposed to know that? That's a good question.
Could your inside man hit us up? Nah, I thought about that, but he's too exposed already.
As soon as his part in the plan is over, he gotta disappear.
Hey, boss, maybe I can go up, you know.
I I could be on lookout.
Niggas'll spot your big black bitch ass the second you step foot in the door.
Naw, 2, he ain't even that big no more.
What, you stop eating Happy Meals, Slim Grim? Y'all know I got one kidney, man.
- Fuck y'all niggas, man! - 2-BIT: Fuck outta here! - You don't want no smoke.
- TOMMY: All right, all right, relax.
- 2-BIT: Do something, then.
- Oh, you dead-ass? [TABLE THUDS LOUDLY.]
Girls, seriously, fuck is going on here? I don't know what kind of beef you two got going on with each other, but whatever it is, I want that shit squashed! Or you can catch a fuckin' bullet sandwich, you understand? We good? - We good.
- Yeah, boss.
BG, I need you in that garage.
All right? The three of us, we gonna be on the street until it's time to move.
So who gonna be posted up in the ladies' room? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
What? 'Keisha, come here a minute.
Let me holler at you.
I think I just got an idea.
This campaign takes great pride in addressing issues that matter.
New York's black voters have a heightened sense of empowerment this year around issues of race and identity.
- We should harness that and never back away - Oh, here he is now.
We were just about to discuss you, James.
Oh, really? This is my team, Tate for Governor.
Quite a good-looking team.
It is my pleasure.
Rashad is one of my closest friends, and I'm an avid supporter of his.
RAMONA: Tate, while you're campaigning in Syracuse and Utica, I thought it would be great to have surrogates like James St.
Patrick and his wife, Tasha, continuing to hammer your message locally.
And I would be absolutely happy to take on the mantle by myself.
Excuse me? Um, it's a difficult time for me right now, Ramona.
Tasha and I are getting a divorce.
James, why don't you have a seat? Thank you, Councilman.
Sure, we were just going over some, uh some issues that are pressing, especially in the black community.
I'll send you some Oh, Mrs.
- Councilman Tate.
- TATE: Please, have a seat.
Wait, I've seen you before.
I get that a lot.
Ramona Garrity.
So your husband couldn't keep his dick in his pants either.
Girl, I know the struggle.
Uh, thank you for agreeing to meet us.
Devastated to hear that you and James are struggling in your marriage, Mrs.
The loss of a child is never easy.
There are no cameras around, Rashad.
You can drop the act.
What act? Please.
Stop pretending that you care how I feel.
You exploited my daughter's funeral for your gain.
Don't think I forgot about that.
And the fact that the lovely Ramona Garrity is here all the way from Washington, D.
, and James isn't tells me quite a bit.
- Mm.
- We need yours and James' help.
Let me guess, you want us to keep playing house while the shit burns down around us.
RAMONA: Tasha.
I know what you're going through.
Divorce is painful and humiliating.
All you want to do is run away and never look back.
But I found that if you hold your ground, in the debris that was once your life, you may find opportunity.
Tasha, you sure I can't provide something in exchange for your cooperation? Actually, I need to start a new business.
Independent source of income.
Licensing for childcare providers and expedited facility inspections.
If you can make that happen, we can talk.
- Listen, I feel like I - He'll make it happen.
I like you.
MAN: Be seated.
- Okay? - Okay.
Get him out of here.
MAN: Come on, let's go.
Come on.
JUDGE: Miss Jimenez, are you all right? - - [PEOPLE MURMURING.]
- INEZ: Alicia! - JUDGE: Order.
Is everything all right? [ALICIA COUGHING.]
- Down the hall.
- Right here.
- Okay.
Come on.
What is going on out here? MAN: EMTs are here now.
- WARNER: Where'd she go? - Everybody, back up.
Fuck! - MAN: Get out of the way! - MAN: Move it! [DISTORTED BREATHING.]
Hello, Alicia.
I've never been one much for small talk, so I'll get right to the point.
Names, locations, growers.
Give me your trafficking network and I'll consider letting you live long enough to let that thallium flush right out of your system.
You got a smoke? - [NORMAL.]
Of course.
So what do you say? I say go fuck yourself.
Whoever did this to me will betray you too.
Yo, Jason! You help me connect the dots here? Why did you have me go through all the trouble of snatching her and bringing her here alive if you was just gonna kill the bitch? I wanted to kill her myself.
You understand that, don't you, Tommy? I do.
Is that why you had Ghost go too? To see if my personal beef would get in the way of our business? Tommy, we make bets with everything we do in this line of work.
I was banking on the odds of one of you delivering, and I was right.
I must admit, though, I was pleasantly surprised that it was you.
Great job today, Tommy.
PROCTOR: I had to tell Tommy, okay? - No options.
- Bullshit.
He ran up on me, James.
Just like the night he murdered a man right in front me.
You know, Tommy's a fuckin' psycho.
- My daughter was here.
- Look, man, I don't fuckin' care.
- Oh, you don't care? - You know what I mean, Joe, okay? You not telling me that Tommy's coming for Alicia is like sending me into another fuckin' ambush.
It's funny you should say that, because you told me Tommy was dead.
- Fuck.
- [SIGHS.]
- Well, Tommy's not dead, okay? So Tommy won the jump ball.
Now I got a bigger problem, like I told you I would.
What's the problem? What do you mean, what's the problem? Do the math, Joe.
I'm running out of money and I'm running out of options.
If I don't think fast, then I'm a dead man and the QCP never gets built.
Look, you're never out of options, James.
Just keep it simple.
You need money.
Ah, James, it's been too long.
It was such a pleasant surprise to get your call.
Imagine my shock when you said you needed my help.
I can imagine, Simon.
So do you have it or not, the QCP loan? At 3% interest.
When I went in, it was 15%.
White lives matter, James.
These financial institutions will try to stick you with excessive fees just because you're black.
It's so wrong.
Well, I appreciate your help, Simon.
I'll be in touch.
I was reviewing your paperwork.
Looks like you already have enough liquidity to cover your freight.
Why take out a new loan? Some of my assets are spoken for.
Well, I'm glad you called.
Looks like we're gonna be quite the team after all, especially now that I have even more ownership stake in Raina's legacy.
How special.
Oh, my God! I can't believe you pulled that off! [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, stop it.
Me? No.
We pulled that off.
I never, ever could have done that shit without you.
Yo, I didn't think I could do that.
- It was crazy.
- Yeah.
What's wrong? Why you look shook? Today saved me a payment to Jason, but I'ma need to clean a lot more cash if I want to stay in the black.
I need to ask Tasha for help.
For what? To clean money through my shop? Again? You got a better idea? [SIGHS.]
Fuck it, I'll do it.
But not with Tasha.
I'll do the shit myself.
'Keisha, wait.
Are you sure? Yeah.
I know how to do it now.
And I don't want Tasha anywhere near my man.
- Fuck that bitch.
You said we in this together, right? - That's right.
- Forever.
Alicia Jimenez was found dead.
So I guess you're off the hook.
All right, so I can go home now, right? Sure, sure, yeah.
Oh, but, uh, not with your daughter.
- Wait, what? - The immunity agreement you signed is void.
And if the feds kick you loose, the streets will know you're a snitch.
And as a bonus, NYPD are free to go after you on drug charges.
Or you help me catch Angela Valdes' killer.
Because if I don't, I'm gonna be fired and you're gonna be fucked.
What can I do about that shit, man? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Help me get Ghost.
A'ight, he was at the courthouse.
I saw him there.
- St.
Patrick? - Yes! [SCOFFS.]
You're paranoid, Coleman.
But I can't blame you.
Hey, maybe it'll keep you alive.
I'll be in touch.
And, uh, don't worry.
We'll take good care of Heaven for you.
You double-crossing motherfucker, man! The streets are dangerous out there.
I'd watch your back.
What the fuck do you want, Ghost? I want to know why the hell we were both sent to do the same job today, Tommy.
- Does it matter? - Come on, Tommy, think.
Isn't it obvious that Jason's playing us both and lining his pockets in the process? Uh, yeah.
So I say we both cut our losses and take Jason out.
So you can take me out the business too? Come on, man, you know you can always find another connect.
TOMMY: I thought you was out the game, Ghost.
How you gonna tell me how to do my shit? Because I was always better at it than you.
The only reason you calling me now is 'cause you ain't got nobody.
That's why you lost today.
Tommy, I say we put our differences aside and take Jason down together.
Go fuck yourself.
And the next time I see you, I'ma cancel Christmas on your ass.
JACOB: It's getting harder to breathe Chain-smoking your love Can't be good for my sanity Can't be good for my lungs Chain-smoking your love Chain-smoking your love I know my lease is up And the bailiff's at the door And still I'm hanging on To the life we had before I know this cold love Won't lead me to the Lord Although I'm black and blue I'm begging you for more, yeah Chain-smoking your love Chain-smoking your love Chain-smoking your love Chain-smoking your love