Power (2014) s06e06 Episode Script

Inside Man

1 GHOST: Previously on Power What's Saxe got on you that makes you want to risk your whole life to help him take me down? He has my daughter.
If you let me pay double tomorrow, can you let us slide tonight? It looks like you opened up a community center without consulting the community.
I'll be back tomorrow to collect.
Hey, Epiphany, I'm starting another business, and I could really use your help.
Councilman Tate's been taking Queens Child Project's funds off the top to keep me paid.
VINCENT: A word of advice: don't fuck me.
TARIQ: I'm a man of my word.
Good doing business with you.
An ex-client of mine, Igor Ungar, I'm testifying in a case against him, and he knows where I live.
You can take my office.
Your daughter can take Raina's room.
- TOMMY: Are you at home? - TARIQ: Yeah, I'm home.
TOMMY: Get the fuck out of there now.
Leave the back door unlocked.
You rat piece of shit! [GUNFIRE.]
Get in.
Tariq screwed the integrity of my business.
I want $2 million.
You both have 24 hours to make this right.
JOE: They say this is a big, rich town I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down I just happen to come up hard Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it 50 CENT: I never took a straight path nowhere Life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises I live, I learn I'm from that city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper Homie, I grew up in hell, a block away from heaven That corner every 15 minutes, they moving seven Pure snow, bag it then watch it go Occupational options, get some blow or some hoes Shoot the ball or the strap, learn to rap or to jack Fuck it man, in the meantime Go head and pump a pack This my regal, royal flow, my James Bond bounce That 007, that's 62 on my count I'm an undercover liar, I lie under the covers Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her baby I love ya You're my inspiration, you're my motivation You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation JOE: They say this is a big, rich town Yeah I just come from the poorest part, Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down Oh, yeah, yeah I just happen to come up hard Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it [TENSE MUSIC.]
- MAN: See you later, Vincent.
- VINCENT: Check in with you later.
- MAN: All right, see you.
- MAN: See you later.
Yo, what'd they say? You were right, kid.
As long as Ghost and Tommy think you're in danger, they'll do anything to cover what you owe me.
Told you.
And just remember, once you break even, we splitting it 50/50.
Oh, yeah.
Vinny, what is it with you and this fucking kid? I mean, how could you trust him after he tried to double-cross you? I don't.
But in 24 hours, Ghost and Tommy are gonna pay me $2 million for him.
Then we're gonna kill them all.
Now, get in the fucking car.
Get your primeras moving weight round the clock, Tommy.
Nobody fucking sleeps till Tariq comes home.
Yeah, yeah, I'll handle my crew, Ghost.
You should be out there looking for Tariq.
If we split up, we double our chances.
And where the fuck am I supposed to find Tariq? Come on, man, you know Vincent can be holding him anywhere.
Just get your squad together, will you, all right? Yeah, you know what? Let's get one thing straight! If I come on board with you, I'm working with you, not for you.
What do you mean, if you come on board? Fuck you saying, Tommy? I'm saying we ain't suddenly boys again 'cause Tariq's in trouble.
I told him to stop dealing.
Whoa, hold the fuck up.
You telling me you knew? Yeah, of course I knew.
What, I'm gonna tell you? Like, we just gonna take a time-out from trying to kill each other? All right, Tommy, you're right.
We're not boys, but we are brothers.
So I'm asking you, can you help me for Tariq? Jason got all the weight that we need to move.
But I'm gonna have to cut him a check.
I can't get my hands on clean cash like that.
I can get it.
I got leverage on somebody.
Leverage? Who you talking about, Ghost? Nigga, what? Just think of it as a short-term loan, okay? A 24-hour loan.
I'll have the money right back to you.
No one will ever know it was gone.
You want my campaign to loan you $1 million? Why do you need that kind of money? Actually, I need $2 million, but I'm only asking for half because I know you moving around that many zeroes, it raises some questions.
Now, Councilman, I don't have a lot of time here Let me be as clear as I can with you, James.
Fuck your time.
I ain't giving you a dime of my money, nigga.
Let me remind you of something, Councilman Tate.
I have a recording of Alphonse telling me that you're skimming the same campaign funds that all of a sudden are so fucking precious to you.
Plus, I can get Alphonse to authenticate that recording.
What do you think happens then, huh, when I give that information to Ramona? Your campaign is over my brother.
The accountants are gonna review everything before my fund-raiser, and if every single dollar I'm talking every red cent ain't back by then It will be back by then.
You have my word.
You know, I used to be a New York's finest.
Yeah, I know.
You were this badass cop.
Your point? I ain't your bitch.
I'll remember that.
Make the call.
Keep it going back.
Some kind of a line.
JASON: Well, hello, my friend.
My friend, here you go.
Holy shit.
Merry Christmas to me.
Yeah, well, I asked for everything you got.
Yeah, you did.
You never take this much product off my hands all at once, Tommy.
What's going on? Nothing.
I just happen to have a very motivated client.
Motivated? How? Well, do you really care as long as you get your money? I guess not.
Good point.
Anything else you need? I need primeras.
Next 24 hours, you get in, you get out.
We make a few coins.
Nah, that's bullshit, man.
You tryin' to set me up, man.
Look, you gotta be a little slicker than that, bro.
Look, it's not a setup, all right? I'm offering you a trade for Jason Micic.
He wants me to be his distro.
I've been putting his ass off.
You do this one thing, Dre, and you're in with Jason Micic.
I couldn't even do that if I wanted to, man, not with Saxe breathing down my neck.
Plus, the motherfucker's holding my daughter until I bring him you, so what's up? What if I could fix that? Saxe has your daughter, right? Well, then your daughter's gotta be in the system.
Tate can access that system.
One phone call from the next governor of New York and All right, all right, all right.
How much I gotta move and when do I start? As much as you can as quick as you can.
Tommy's getting the product right now.
You get it in one hour.
All right.
Hold up.
Hold up.
Let me ask you something, man.
You know I'm working with the Feds.
What makes you think you can trust me? I don't, Dre.
That's why you and Alphonse will be working together.
What's up, son? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Look, man, thanks, all right? I appreciate you doing this even though you don't have to.
You're right, Ghost.
I don't.
Yo, who that leaving? Eh, one of Jason's assholes.
He needed to grab a check from me.
Boss, what the hell is all this product in here? It look like a damn Amazon commercial.
Yeah, and I need all of it moved in the next 24 hours, and I need it done with no questions asked.
- Got it? - Got it.
Quick question.
Why 24 hours? And what's so special about this shit? What the fuck does "no questions asked" mean? Am I speaking English here? And one more thing.
I kinda can't pay you for the job.
The fuck? I don't work for free.
SPANKY: Me either.
Yeah, you on some real questionable labor practice shit right now, bro.
All right, look.
It's for Tariq, all right? Vincent snatched him, and I need the cash to get him back.
- SPANKY: Ghost's kid? - Yeah.
You was just tryin' to kill that motherfucker.
He just was trying to kill you.
- And me.
- And now you want us to be on some Make a Wish Foundation shit.
You know I'm good for it, Spank.
Fuck you being good for it, Tommy.
Even if you pay Vincent, how you know he gonna hand over the kid? What if the little nigga already dead? Damn, that's a good point.
You gonna need proof of life.
Eh, I seen that shit on TV once.
You know, I could just shoot the both of you right now.
You could, but it sounds to me like you don't have time to replace us.
We get our regular cut, or we don't work.
Sorry, Tommy, that's just how we gotta roll.
Solidarity like a motherfucker.
I'll do it.
You just get me back later.
Thank you, B.
So, what, I gotta find replacements or what? A'ight, fuck it.
Don't ask me to do no shit like this again, man.
I guess I'm in too.
Thank you.
- Now, get to work.
- SPANKY: Mm-hmm.
Nigga, we was negotiating.
The fuck is wrong with you? A kid's missing.
Company man-ass nigga.
Detective McCall, NYPD.
You mind stepping out of the car for me, please? Good evening, Officer.
Is there a problem? Not at all.
I'm investigating the shooting of your penthouse.
BLANCA: And the death of Joseph Proctor.
Sergeant Rodriguez.
Is this an NYPD Internal Affairs issue or something? Not officially.
Detective McCall allowed me to tag along on the off chance there was any overlap with my case.
I see.
Uh well, we can certainly get out of the rain and go in my office and speak in there.
No need.
This won't take long.
Uh, I'm actually more interested in talking to your son.
Any possibility Tariq might have seen or heard something? Uh, no, my son didn't stay at home that night.
MCCALL: But there's no way to be sure about that, since you weren't home.
Right, I was at, uh, dinner with, uh, Ramona Garrity from Tate for Governor, discussing campaign strategies.
- We know.
Patrick, there were no signs of forced entry at your home, and the back door was left propped open.
So we think someone entered through it prior to the shooting or exited through it after.
Or both.
MCCALL: But I'm sure we can clear this right up.
Can you tell us where we can find Tariq? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Who are you? I'm Vincent.
Tariq says hi.
How the hell do you know my son? Your husband didn't tell you.
Tell me what? Tariq and I are business associates.
Well, we were until I caught him trying to cheat me.
Don't worry, I haven't touched a hair on his head, but he's gonna stay with me until Ghost and Tommy make good.
Now, if I were you, I'd make sure they get it done.
Otherwise I gotta do what I gotta do.
You understand me? Yeah, I understand.
Right again, kid.
Ghost didn't tell her anything.
Told you.
I'm right about all of them.
I hear you! Ghost.
Um, LaKeisha, I just want you to hear it from me.
I'm very appreciative how much you've been helping us, you know? Thanks.
I'm not doing this for you.
- 'Keisha, please.
- Please? What you want me to say to him, Tommy? This the same motherfucker who shot your car up and thought he killed you, and now I'm supposed to shut up and let him clean his money through my shop? Yeah, because the cash we bringing in, if it gets traced back to Ghost, he's going away.
And if he goes away, then I go away, and you don't want that, do you? No.
But after this, we out, Tommy.
I already got my boys moving weight.
- Okay, good.
- We could use some more hands.
- I hope you got somebody.
- Yeah, I got somebody.
I got a local cat.
He owes me a favor.
I know him? No, no, you don't know him.
- You trust him? - Of course.
Who the fuck is Vincent, Ghost? And how did you let him take Tariq? And when were you even gonna tell me any of this shit was happening? - How dare you? - Tasha, how - I can't can't with - When could I Wait a minute.
What the hell did our son get himself into this time? TOMMY: It's okay, Tasha.
Tariq just got in a little over his head with Vincent, but we're gonna get him back, I swear.
Really? How? By paying Vincent $2 million by tomorrow night.
Wait-wait-wait a minute.
So you're saying you're back in the game? Tasha, can you think of another way, huh? I gotta fucking be back in the game to get our son back.
Fine, just let me help you, all right? I'll clean any of the money you make through my day care.
Won't need your help.
- I'm doing it.
- Oh, hell no.
Okay, I'm not being left out of this, 'Keisha.
Tariq is my son.
I mean, if you want to clean the money, fine, but bring me your books so I can show you how to do it right.
- TOMMY: You know what, 'Keisha? - We-we could use her help.
- TOMMY: Let her help.
- I gotta go.
Go? Go where? Where are you going? TOMMY: 'Keisha, we just we need the money.
What's more important than your son? [DOOR SLAMS.]
What-what is this looks different.
This is different.
This configuration gives major donors priority access to you.
Small donors can fight for a quick selfie after dinner.
It's gonna look like I'm turning my back on my grassroots supporters, and I can't do that.
I don't like to admit that money buys political access, Rashad, but it does.
Guys, what if we just postpone the fund-raiser? I mean it, you know, until we find a solution that works for everyone.
Okay, let me be clear.
Not only are we not postponing the event, but I need both of you to bring your "A" games to it.
Now, my goal is to walk away with at least three six-figure checks and a ton of smaller ones.
All right, once I figure out I got it: we just scrap the whole checks thing, right? We just go straight cash raffle.
You know, the highest cash donor, they get, I don't know, ten minutes of face time with you, the candidate.
They get to ask you whatever it is they want to ask you.
Brilliant, I love it.
Now, how do they write it off? A bank, corporate sponsorship.
Hell, I don't know, Ramona.
Maybe they show up to our event with their checks in hand; we cash that on the spot.
That goes in this great, big kitty of ours, and we walk away with great pictures for great press.
RAMONA: Money gets money; people love the pictures and are inspired to donate to Tate for Governor.
- There it is.
- You need to I'm not feeling this, Ramona.
A little something You put in cash out of your own pocket to pay for time with you that our lower-income constituents otherwise couldn't afford.
We add three great citizens to the mix.
Make sure one of them gets a spot.
I can't say no to that.
No, you can't.
Speaking of issues, Rashad, I could use your help.
There is a little girl, she is in the child welfare system, and apparently her father says she's being held there illegally.
- Can you help? - Damn.
Wish I could help, James, but seeing as He'll do it.
Perfect photo op.
Exposing the way the system uses children against their biological parents.
Family values voters will eat it up.
You are on fire today, James.
Thank you, Ramona.
Just doing my job.
Get me the details.
I'll make some calls.
I'll put you in touch with my friend over at Children and Family Services.
Come on, let's go find a bank to sponsor this event.
I don't see anything wrong.
I did it just like you showed me.
This ain't how I showed you to do it, 'Keisha.
This is fucked.
Look, you only ordered ten new blow-dryers.
This invoice needs to say you ordered at least a hundred, and you need to make sure your vendor accepts cash.
I'll fix it.
Uh, LaKeisha, can you give us a moment? [SCOFFS, SIGHS.]
What's up? Zigg, now is not a good time.
You wanted to move weight.
You pay when it's time to pay.
But if you're too busy, I could go holler at your girl real quick.
- No, and she's not my girl.
- She got a man? Yes, and you don't want to meet him, trust me.
I mean, why are you coming here in the middle of the day? Here's your money, a'ight? Look-a here, yes.
Yo, you did real good.
I'll be back.
Pleasure doing business with you.
So who was that? [SCOFFS.]
Nobody, just some dude I went on a couple dates with.
That nigga ain't even your type, Tasha.
How you know what kinda type I have? And I know a dope boy when I see one, so like I said, what the fuck is up? [SIGHS.]
All right, but you can't say shit to Ghost.
Say shit to Ghost? You know I ain't fucking with that nigga.
His name is Zigg.
I moved some of his product through the day care.
I got one of the moms here to help me.
Okay, well how much more do you think she can move? JOEY: Tell me what you need Bitch, you know a young nigga got it Pills to the weed, Poppy Street, niggas 'bout that profit I'm the dope man, out here serving dope to niggas' mamas I'm the dope man, tell me what you need I got that [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
ANNOUNCER: Let's hear it for Coco on the side stage.
You sure your girls could be trusted? Please, I'd bet my life on these bitches.
Well, I sure as hell am betting mine.
- I got you, sis.
- Mm-hmm.
KILO: Quarter key of 'caine, I'm the dope man I'm the dope man I can get you high, baby, I don't need a plane You should hurry up and buy 'cause we're selling everything I'm the dope man I'm the dope man Get with the program, get with the program VINCE: All right, all right, all right, we gonna do it just like this.
I need a kilo of everything you motherfucking got.
We trying to sell it all.
Crack, coke Spendin' summer days sellin' hay Spendin' summer nights sellin' white Feds settin' traps on the A Yams had the act in the ice All right, tryin' to make a dollar bill Don't hide, pay me mine, and get your mama killed What you need, what you got, makin' plays Till I'm laid in the grave gettin' paid KILO: I don't need a gun just to melt a nigga brain I can pull up to the slums With a quarter key of 'caine I'm the dope man VINCE: Dope, I'm that man KILO: I'm the dope man VINCE: Dope, I'm that man KILO: I can get you high, baby, I don't need a plane You should hurry up and buy 'cause we're selling everything I'm the dope man VINCE: Dope, I'm the man KILO: I'm the dope man, get with the program Get with the program, I don't need a gun Just to melt a nigga brain I can pull up to the slums with a quarter key of 'caine I'm the dope man Yo, what the fuck is this, man? You on a coffee break or something? No, just waiting for the competition to clear out.
So you just gonna stand here holding your dick until these niggas get tired and go home? Man, fuck you.
You do this shit your way, I'ma do it mine.
You ain't built for this shit, bro.
All right.
VINCE: Spendin' summer days sellin' hay Spendin' summer nights sellin' white Feds settin' traps on the A Yams had the act in the ice - [GROANS.]
- KILO: I don't need a gun Just to melt a nigga brain I can pull up to the slums with a quarter key of 'caine I'm the dope man I'm the dope man I can get you high, baby, I don't need a plane You should hurry up and buy 'cause we're selling everything I'm the dope man I'm the dope man, get with the program Get with the program Hope y'all done exploiting niggas, man.
Me too, 'cause my black ass is off the clock.
Uh, look, we done.
I appreciate y'all going in extra hard on this.
It wasn't nothing', boss.
Easy money.
Right, fellas? And while y'all two niggas always complaining, I'll get this shit sorted out.
Thank you, baby.
Fuck is you doing? You gonna watch a female struggle? Where are your fucking manners? - Sorry.
- Get them bags.
- Here.
- 'Keisha, let me get a bag TOMMY: Goddamn.
Tommy's got the bags from all his people.
Counting it now.
Well, do you think all this money plus his is gonna be enough? Well, we got our half, right? All right, call me.
Where'd you cop the truck, Tommy? It's Grim's.
Some asshole totaled my car.
Tommy, what are we doing? Don't you think we should fucking talk about it, huh? What happens between me and you once we get Tariq back? I mean no need to talk about it.
I know the answer.
Okay, well, you wanna enlighten me? Don't play innocent, Ghost.
Are you packing? Yeah, I'm packing.
You? Of course I'm packing.
And there's the answer.
Yeah, I guess there's your answer.
We deliver the money to Vincent, we pick up the kid, and then We do what we do.
Let's go.
Out of the car.
No, no, Tommy.
Don't even think about it.
There's too many of them, man.
- We could take 'em.
Come on, man, I got something to live for.
Okay, you wanna die, you do it on your own terms.
I shoulda known you wouldn't have my back.
I don't have all fucking night! Get out of the car! All right.
- Yo, Jason - Jason.
You ain't gonna take that, right? Come on, please.
GHOST: Jason, what the fuck is this? I should be asking you that, but I already know the answer.
Can't fucking believe that you two are working together again.
We ain't working together.
Not technically.
Well, technically you still owe me for my guys' protection, even though you've been ditching them lately.
And you, technically you still owe me for this month's payment for killing Stanomir.
So you know what? This is what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna fix all that.
You've been paying him for the guy you killed when you fucked up my car? And you've been paying him for protection from me? Listen, Jason, we need that money, man.
- I swear to God.
- Yeah, I bet you do.
Which is why I'm only going to take half.
That should bring both your accounts current.
Motherfucker! So what the fuck are we supposed to do now? The only thing we can do.
- VINCENT: Really? - Vincent, I can explain.
No, you don't get to talk.
Bring him in.
You know, it must be nice thinking you can show up with only half the money you owe me and I'd be okay with it.
You know, if the shoe was on the other foot, I don't think I'd have the balls.
- TARIQ: Dad, Uncle Tommy! - TOMMY: Tariq, you all right? GHOST: Tariq, son, you okay? Yo, come on, what the fuck? GHOST: Look, I'm just trying to make sure my son Shut the fuck up, both of you! They move, you fucking shoot 'em.
Vincent, what the fuck is that? You know.
GHOST: You know come on, man, what? What are you doing? This ain't a fucking gangster movie, come on.
- It's heavy.
- GHOST: That's not necessary, man.
He's a kid.
We can talk about it, right? Come on, Vincent, you don't want to do this, man.
- Vincent, this ain't you.
- No? It's gonna hurt me more than it hurts him, though.
- Whoa! Remember, I want $2 million.
Do you understand? Two.
Vincent, you don't have to do this to my kid, man! We can handle it another fucking way.
- $2 million.
- Come on, man, that's my son.
Sins of the father.
- TOMMY: Get the fuck off! - Ahh! - That's enough! - [TARIQ COUGHS, MOANS.]
VINCENT: Okay, that's enough.
- TARIQ: Stop.
- I don't think so.
- Vincent, come on! - Look at that.
- You motherfucker! - TOMMY: No, Ghost! Ghost Ghost, you're gonna get us all killed! Cool out, Ghost.
TOMMY: Get it together.
Get it together.
He's gonna be all right.
You have 24 more hours.
I don't get my money, he dies.
- Get 'em the fuck outta here.
- All right, all right.
- We goin'.
We goin'.
- Tariq! Tariq! TOMMY: We're goin'.
Man, what the fuck? That wasn't part of the plan.
Yeah, well, you said they'd have the money.
It's my plan now.
- Ghost, where's Tariq? - Vincent still has him, Tasha.
- Tommy.
- What? Why? Jason robbed us.
He took half the money.
- [SIGHS.]
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- GHOST: Yeah, we both fine.
- What about Tariq? - Tariq's fine.
- We saw him, Tasha.
- Okay, so what now? Vincent gave us a day to come up with the rest of the cash, Tasha.
And to do that, we're gonna need to get more product.
Obviously we can't go back to Jason's ass, so LAKEISHA: Tasha.
Tasha! You gonna say something? [TENSE MUSIC.]
I can get the drugs.
BOTH: From where? I got a connect.
I mean, he-he's not exactly big-time, but - I think he can get us what we need.
- GHOST: You got a connect? You've been moving weight without telling anybody? Are you fucking kidding me right now? Ghost, come on, we ain't got time for this.
Focus! - Tasha, you're fucking foul.
- Oh, I'm fucking foul? - For moving weight without telling me.
- Are you kidding me? Take me to this motherfucker so I can see if he's legit.
No, no, hell no, okay? I'm not letting him see you or Tommy, and seeing as you can't seem to save our son, I'ma have to go do it myself.
Hey, hey, are you fucking kid Fuck, you believe this shit? I don't know what the fuck is going on, but if she can get product, my boys can move that shit ASAP.
We need it, Ghost.
You're right, fuck it.
I'll get extra help.
- Later.
- GHOST: Later, LaKeisha.
How long you known that she was moving weight? I just found out when I went to her spot.
I told you we shouldn't be fucking with them anymore.
Yeah, and I hear you, and as soon as this is over with, we done.
You have my word on that.
You better not be lying, Tommy.
This shit has to be done when it's done.
I'm fucking sick of them.
Hey, are you sure you can move this much? Yeah, I'll be fine.
Benny, thanks for coming, man.
Of course.
You know how fond I was of your cousin, and I just wanted to offer my condolences in person.
I'm sorry, Benny.
I appreciate that, James.
Joey would have too.
Look, I also wanted to offer you some information you'll be interested in.
Joe told me about a client who he was hiding in my penthouse from.
Igor Ungar is the name, okay? Joe apparently was testifying against him in a sex trafficking case, and I guess in the shock of everything, it slipped my mind that that's who your cousin said he was trying to get away from.
Yeah, well, say no more.
If there's, uh, any way that I could ever repay you for this, you know, you just ask.
You got my word.
Actually, I'd like to take you up on that now.
Look, man, Joe told me a little bit about your business, and I could use your help; I could use your guys for a little bit under 24 hours.
I'm asking for your help, Benny.
How much product are we talking? Hmm? As much as you can move.
Yeah, we good.
So we good? Yeah, we good.
Now all I gotta do is get this product to Ghost and make sure we move it, get the money, hopefully to help Tariq.
Oh, shit, Tasha.
The cops.
Wait in my office.
- Now.
- Okay.
BLANCA: Hello again, Mrs.
Could we speak to you for a moment? It's Ms.
Green now, and no.
I'm actually very busy.
I'm working.
This will only take a minute.
I'm Detective McCall.
I'm sure you remember Sergeant Rodriguez.
And I'm looking into the shooting death of Joseph Proctor that took place at your home the other night.
Wait a minute.
Proctor is dead? You didn't know? No.
James didn't tell me.
He and I are split up.
I don't live at the penthouse anymore.
I see.
Uh should we continue this somewhere more private? There's no need.
I-I don't know anything.
We have reason to believe Tariq might, Ms.
Green, so we're gonna need to speak to him today.
Please give me a call and we'll set something up.
Always a pleasure.
Time's up.
I need that money back in the campaign's account now.
It's coming, Rashad, okay? No, no, no, I don't want to hear that shit, James.
You assured me repayment, full repayment within 24 hours.
So get on the phone, make some calls, do whatever you gotta do, lie if you must, but run me my money back ASAP, because without it, that alleged recording of yours is fucking worthless since I won't have a goddamn campaign to run at all.
I want my money, James.
Ah Mrs.
Lovely surprise.
I need to speak to my husband alone.
Of course.
I was just leaving.
You know, Tasha, I'm beginning to understand why you wanted to leave him.
Get the fuck outta my face, Rashad.
Always nice to see you too, good sister.
What's up, Tasha? Proctor's dead in the penthouse.
Why didn't you tell me? Our son's in a lot of trouble, Tasha, okay? I guess it slipped my mind.
Oh, okay, well, he's in more trouble now.
Sergeant Rodriguez came to the day care.
Her and some other woman cop wanna question Tariq about Proctor's death.
They think he's a witness.
I tried to stall 'em, but they wouldn't let up.
- Okay.
- Okay? Yeah, we'll let him talk to them.
Well, how the hell are we gonna do that? I'll call Vincent, okay? I'll tell Vincent the deal.
The last thing Vincent wants is cops sniffing around, trust me.
All right, all right, set it up.
- I'll handle it.
- Wait a minute, you? Yes, me.
It'll make Vincent less suspicious if I show up as opposed to you.
Safer for Tariq.
I'll make the call.
Listen, the only reason I agreed to this is 'cause Ghost convinced me the cops wouldn't stop looking for you, and I don't need them showing up on my doorstep, but your dad doesn't know this whole kidnapping scheme was all your idea.
So don't fuck this up.
I won't.
Baby, are you okay? Ma, no.
I'm scared.
VINCENT: You should be very scared.
Now, we're gonna be parked right outside.
You don't do anything stupid.
You don't even think about it.
So listen to me, okay? You know I don't like trusting the police, but you are not getting back in that car, so once we get inside I have to go back in that car.
He got people watching Big Mama and Yas.
- Hello.
- Ms.
Tariq, good to see you again.
Sorry it always has to be under such bleak circumstances.
This is Detective McCall; she's gonna ask you some questions about the shooting that took place at your home.
Um, my former home.
- I live with my mom now.
- MCCALL: Of course.
Listen, I appreciate you both taking the time to meet with us, but don't you think you'd rather do this down at the precinct? - We'd have a lot more privacy.
- No.
I'm not letting my child go anywhere near a police station.
Go ahead, ask your questions so we can go.
MCCALL: I'm sure you know by now that your dad's lawyer was killed inside the penthouse that night.
Did you see anything out of the ordinary before it happened? - Hear anything? - No.
I was actually gone before everything.
And where'd you go? I went to get hot chocolate.
You disabled the alarm and snuck out the back door to get hot chocolate? No, I-I didn't sneak.
- I just - It's okay, Tariq.
If you need a minute, take your time.
TARIQ: Um well, there's this white guy that lives on the 12th floor, and every time he sees me, he always threatens to call the cops on me because he thinks black people don't deserve to live in the building.
So I just ended up taking that door all the time so I could avoid seeing him in the elevator.
Listen, I'm-I'm really sorry about what happened to Mr.
But I honestly don't know who killed him.
The one thing I do know is, if I didn't leave to go get hot chocolate, I would be dead right now.
I just hear too much about people dying all the time.
I don't understand it.
Everyone's always dying.
I'm tired of it.
It's okay.
Are we done? Tariq, why'd you lie in there? - I didn't.
- Yes, you did, about some magical white dude who threatened you.
I'm your mother.
I know you better than you know yourself, Tariq, and I can tell when you're lying, even if the cops can't.
Ma, Vincent's still gonna kill me, no matter what I said.
- It doesn't matter.
- No, he won't, okay? I won't let that happen.
It's not in your control.
Listen, I heard him talking.
Once Ghost and Tommy give him that money, he's killing all three of us.
Oh, baby, I'm [GROANS.]
Did he do this to you? Yeah.
Come on.
Don't let him see.
Your work here is done.
Vincent, please, we did what you wanted.
Just let my son go.
What I want is my fucking money, and you're running real short on time.
And then Vincent put him in a car, and then they just took off.
Drove so what else did Tariq say? He didn't have much time to say much of anything else.
All that he said was that this whole thing is a setup, and Vincent said he's gonna kill all three of you as soon as he gets his money.
Yo, Grim, what do we got? Not much, 40 Gs.
- What? - What the fuck? That's all you got from selling all of Zigg's product? Zigg's product got two stars on Yelp, man.
It ain't shit, man.
You know niggas got discerning palates nowadays.
- - And to make matters worse, the million that Jason didn't take from us, we gotta give that shit back to Tate before his fund-raiser.
Can't stall him any longer, Tommy.
Well, that's great.
Then we're fucked.
Maybe not.
- We could hit Truth.
- Hit Truth? TASHA: Yeah, hit Truth.
Tasha, I can't rob my own club.
Not the club.
Tate's fund-raiser at the club.
I mean, isn't everybody saying some of the richest people in New York City are gonna be there? Send in a crew and empty their pockets.
Yeah, but won't people know that Ghost was behind that shit if he ain't there? I will be there, Tommy.
You round up 2-Bit and Spanky.
I'll get Alphonse.
The three of them rob me and Tasha along with everybody else at the club.
It's smart, Tasha.
Yeah, and that whole crowd gonna be laced up with jewelry.
- I mean, we double up.
- Exactly.
And Benny, of course, he got a crew that can fence all that shit, - so this is how we get Tariq back.
- Perfect.
Um, excuse me, so what if something happens at Truth? What happens to Tariq then? Any of y'all thought of that? LaKeisha's right.
We need a backup plan.
I got it.
Yo, Grim.
Yo, I need sugar-free, 'cause I ain't got no points left for the day.
How many times I gotta tell your Weight Watchers ass to stay the fuck out of my motherfucking fridge? The only way that Vincent is gonna hold up his end of the deal is if we go eye-to-eye with that motherfucker.
- He takes one of ours - We take one of his.
- Come on, B.
, let's roll.
- TASHA: All right, come on.
- Let's count this money.
- Watch your back, Tommy.
LAKEISHA: All right.
You shouldn't be smoking those anyway, man.
- What? - Come here.
- Come over here.
Vincent's gonna kill you for fucking with me.
Yeah, Vincent's gonna kill me anyway.
- Come on.
Hey, this is gonna be fun.
Hey there.
I'm glad you made it.
- You look nice.
- Uh, James.
A brief word with you if you don't mind.
How'd you do it? Do what, Rashad? Put the money back.
I spoke with the accountants, and they said everything is as it should be.
- Gentlemen.
- As I said it would be, right? Is that not what you wanted, Officer Tate? Oh, yeah, motherfucker, of course it's what I wanted.
I just don't like to be strung along, that's all.
- Ah.
Well, see.
- Perfect.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
Look, Rashad, how I did it is not important.
What is important is that you and I had a deal.
This is my only copy of my conversation with you and Alphonse.
Now we're even.
Are you ever gonna tell me what you needed that million dollars for, James? Well, that depends, Rashad.
You ever gonna want to give up plausible deniability? [CHUCKLES.]
All right, boys, it's time.
James, would you like to do the honors? I certainly will.
Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you whom I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, my name is James St.
I want to welcome you to my club.
It is also my pleasure to say a few words about the man I'm getting ready to bring to the stage.
- Ready? - Nigga, I stay ready.
All right, I'm gonna get you more when you run out.
You don't hear me complaining.
I'ma get paid either way.
Either way? Hey, man, what's that supposed to mean? If you're running a side hustle, I need to fucking know about it.
Don't have me out here looking stupid.
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Well, and that's the thing.
It's why Rashad Tate's the only man who I trust to bring an end to the corruption in New York politics.
It was really his focus on families and early childhood development that convinced me to get behind his bid for governor.
He's stronger on education, he's tougher on crime, and next week, we're rolling out a whole new set of initiatives specifically geared toward the tech sector.
And that's why every tax-deductible dollar we raise tonight will help us fight for a cleaner New York, a safer New York, a New York that works for everybody, not just a select few.
MAN: Given everything All to be a happy man too Buy yourself a dream, how's it looking Buy yourself a car and a house to live in Get yourself a girl, someone different Buy yourself a dream - Drink, sir? - Thank you.
MAN: Gonna run it round Strange, but it just won't do, no When it's coming down, taking a hold on you It all could be different Try to do something new MAN: She's right over there.
MAN: Given everything All to be a happy man too Buy yourself a dream, how's it looking Let's get busy.
MAN: Buy yourself a car and a house to live in Get yourself a girl, someone different Buy yourself a dream and it won't mean nothing Dre? MAN: Closer Turning it over [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
- James, Mrs.
- MAN: Jump in here.
Now tighter.
MAN: Something new I've given everything All to be a happy man too Buy yourself a dream, how's it looking Oh, you're going to be the best thing that ever happened to this state.
From your mouth to the good Lord's ears.
This better be a smart investment, Ramona.
Don't let us down.
Burt, he'll be the best friend you ever had in Albany.
- You have my word on that.
- And she never breaks her word.
ALPHONSE: Everybody get your goddamn hands up! - [ ROWD GASPS.]
- Put your fucking hands up! Let's go, put your hands up.
Put 'em up! You heard him, put your hands where I can see 'em! [CROWD GASPS, SCREAMS.]
- Put 'em up! - Everybody out here, hands up! - [CROWD SCREAMING.]
- I said put your hands up.
Go, go, go.
Put your hands up.
I know you from somewhere.
Get your fucking hands up, nigga.
I ain't playing no fucking games.
SPANKY: All right, ladies, move them asses to the left side of the room.
All my fellas to the right side of the room.
- Let's go! - ALPHONSE: Let's go! - SPANKY: Now, let's go! - Let's move! Let's go! Let's go! Y'all know what this is.
Put the jewels in the fucking bag.
Nobody gonna get hurt, you heard? - Okay.
- Y'all moving fucking slow.
Money and jewelry, come on.
MAN: Yeah.
- Put the jewels in the bag! - [WOMEN SCREAMING.]
That's right! Money and jewels, come on.
Put the money in.
We came for the money.
That's right, all in this fucking bag.
Put the motherfucking watch too.
Come on, I-I gave you the wallet, man.
- The watch stays with me.
- Give me the goddamn watch! James, please, just give it to him.
Just let him have it.
You gonna listen to that bitch? Or you trying to be a goddamn hero? Hurry up! - Come on! - All right.
Let's go.
That envelope too.
- We good? - Yep.
- Like a motherfucker.
- I'm good.
- Good.
- Let's make it.
Haven't I seen you before? On TV with Tate.
I know him.
That's fucking Alphonse.
Didn't you marry the old boy with the sex tape? Sure, that's you.
I knew I saw you on TV.
You that political girl.
Hey! I'm talking to you, girl.
You probably think I haven't had one of those pointed at me before.
Oh, you feisty.
- Take the gun, Rashad.
- ALPHONSE: I like that.
Maybe you'd like to come with us.
- Hey, that's enough, man.
- Shut the fuck up.
Look, man, robbery's one thing, but you gotta stop or somebody's gonna get hurt.
Put your fucking hands up.
Higher! Taking it too far.
I decide what's too goddamn far.
GHOST: You should've left with your homeboys, a'ight? You got no backup.
It's not smart.
So? I don't need them niggas.
- How you gonna get - Back the fuck up! - Back the fuck up! - I'm back.
I'm back.
I'm back.
Just trying to be level with you, a'ight? You think you gonna get out of here alive? Even if you do, how far you think you're gonna make it? - [CROWD GASPS, SCREAMS.]
- Drop the gun now! I'm not gonna say it twice, Alphonse.
WOMAN: Here in the Meatpacking District, live at the scene of tonight's extraordinary robbery that took place at the Tate for Governor fund-raiser here at Truth nightclub.
Councilman Tate, several witnesses have told us you pretty much single-handedly saved the lives of everyone here tonight.
Well, uh, that's quite generous, but, um, yes, uh, I only did what anyone in my position would have done.
I think a lot of voters forget that you were a police officer.
Between college and law school, that's correct.
It's been ten years since I handled a weapon.
And yet you were ready at the, forgive me, moment of truth.
I'm told you actually knew the ringleader.
Any truth to that? Yes, his name was Alphonse Clemons.
But the Alphonse I knew was a smart young man with a bright future ahead of him.
I don't know what made him choose to go down the wrong path, but I do know this.
New York can't afford to keep losing its youth to crime and violence.
Jobs and education are the way out.
We can provide for them, and we will.
It's been quite some night.
Insurance will reimburse any donors who lost money.
Your club will get a month's worth of free publicity.
And Rashad Tate just became the darling of every tough-on-crime voter in New York.
It's kinda funny how it all worked out.
"Funny" is a good word for it.
James, we better get going.
We need to pick up our son.
Of course.
Good night, James.
- Good night.
- Ramona.
TOMMY: Come on, get out.
- Hey, son.
- TARIQ: Hey.
- The fuck? - [GUN COCKS.]
You didn't think I would let the kid live.
I've killed people I actually care about for less than what he did to me.
Vincent, I think my son is gonna be just fine.
- Vincent.
- Benny? And how does this concern you, Benny? The night my cousin was murdered, Tariq saved my niece's life, brought her to me safe and sound.
Not even a fucking scratch.
If you're looking to hurt this kid, it very much concerns me.
Is he all right? He felt the need to put hands on my son, Benny.
Tariq will get over it.
I won't.
Now, it's my understanding you've been compensated for whatever trouble he caused you? Unless you want to go to war with my people, and I suspect you very much don't want to do that quit while you're fucking ahead.
- Benny, thank you again, man.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, thanks, Benny, for what you did for the kid.
No thanks necessary.
Ghost gave me the name of the person who killed Joey.
He's got a friend in me for life.
Yeah, sure.
Anyway, Benny, I'm gonna get my son home, all right? His mom's probably going out of her mind.
Yeah, do that.
- Thanks again.
- Good night, gentlemen.
- All right.
- Good night.
Let's go 'Riq.
Hey, Uncle T, you're not coming with us? [CHUCKLES.]
Do me a favor, 'Riq.
Stay out of trouble, a'ight? Go on, get in the car.
Go home.
ELIAS: What you gonna give When you've already given it all And what you gonna take When you've already taken it all [DOOR CLICKS OPEN.]
That boy is knocked out like he hasn't slept in a week.
Tommy killed Proctor.
What? Tasha, the way that Tommy looked at Benny when he saw him And I think he got our son to help him do it.
I know.
I know what you're thinking.
But just hear me out for a second.
If Proctor was afraid that Tommy was coming after him, the penthouse would be the safest place for him to hide, right? Unless, of course, Tommy got somebody to help sneak him in.
I checked our son's phone.
He and Tommy talked right before the shooting.
And then there's this whole back door.
Tasha, come on, when has Tariq ever gone in or out the back door? Shit.
Ghost, Tariq lied to the police about the back door.
I sat there and watched him do it.
You're right.
I think he helped Tommy.
ELIAS: What you gonna give When you've already given it all And what you gonna take When you've already taken it all [DOOR CLICKS OPEN.]
ELIAS: I pray When you lay me down Oh.
You're okay.
Ghost knows about Proctor.
What are you gonna do, Tommy? I don't know.
But in some weird way, I think he might take this almost as hard as the Angela thing.
I'm not gonna let him hurt you, Tommy.
I will kill him myself if I have to.
'Keisha, this is about me and Ghost, and there's only one way it's gonna end.
Time-out is over.
ELIAS: What you gonna give When you've already given it all And what you gonna take When you've already taken it all I pray When you lay me down Beneath the ground There is no deeper we can fall Oh, it's too late It's just too late No, it's too late And there's nothing that I can do There is no deeper we can fall There is no deeper we can fall