Power Book IV: Force (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Fire Starter

Previously on Force Goddamn, man.
It's the third fucking time this year.
You the new owner? So if I want that cut, I can come through in a few days and you'll clean me up? You know who I am, you know my name, and you know what the fuck I can do with that.
Why the fuck do you insist on pushing your way into a room where you're not wanted? Mr.
Flynn, this is Dr.
We need to have a conversation about your test results.
Why'd you come back? I feel like I could breathe here.
There's something you should know about me.
This motherfucker.
I ain't in this game to snatch chains and pick pockets.
Beef within crews, jumping off block to block.
These little niggas crazy out here, bro.
- Fuck off, Diamond.
- I walked in with him.
I'm not walking out without him.
You clockin' my city.
It gonna be a problem if I am? Every time Ghost left somebody alive out of his generosity, it came to bite us in the ass.
It's always good running into old friends.
Put it on your head or your neck.
It'll help with the swelling.
You didn't give a fuck about my face when that bitch with the pink sneakers sliced it open when I was running for you.
But to be fair, we did pay for your hospital bill.
You also wanted me dead.
More than once.
But let's not talk about the past.
Let's focus on the future.
Where did you get this product? I know you ain't got the funds to front that kind of weight.
From some guy who tried to kill me for my shit.
I'm beginning to see a pattern here with you.
- Who was he? - Didn't stick around long enough to find out.
He ain't come back to collect? I'm the only one that walked away from that fight.
I'm not that bitch getting caught slipping in elevators no more.
'Sides, been a few weeks.
If someone was coming, they would've knocked by now.
It's not if, it's when.
Didn't you learn nothing running for us? How many bricks you got there? Let's see.
We got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
You got ten bricks.
At, what, 30 fucking grand a pop? Ain't nobody just gonna walk away from that kind of paper.
Lucky for you, I kicked in your door.
Oh, yeah, I'm real lucky.
You get my coke and I get got.
I ain't gonna kill you.
We're gonna get into some real interesting shit together.
The way I see it, we could either keep trying to kill each other Let me rephrase that.
I could either kill you, or we could work together.
Which one it gonna be? I'm always on the side of money.
Yeah, that's what I thought, so grab a bag.
Pack this shit up.
Let's get to work.
Can I get some help? Hello? How can I help you, sir? Hi, how are you? I'm here for uh, Simon McDougal, Brian Kennedy, and Jimmy Muldoon.
That'll be $9,500.
It's all there.
Go sit down.
It'll be a minute, maybe more.
Little something extra for the, uh, Police Activities League.
They'll be right up.
I appreciate it.
These cocksuckers grabbed us for doing nothing.
Yeah, yeah, tell me about it in the middle of a fucking police station.
Get outside.
How the fuck they get all you? I don't know.
We're coming out of Mother's.
Weren't doing a goddamn thing.
Two fucking Unis show up, grab us.
I thought it was a fucking joke.
Hey, listen, don't worry about it, okay? Let's get you fed.
Get in the car.
Be there in a minute.
Give me my shit.
What the fuck, Bennigan? You got patrolmen picking up our guys? Our guys? Just 'cause I got a Mick name doesn't mean we're fam.
You got beef? Kick that shit up the food chain.
Yeah, I got beef when I have to post almost ten large.
- My family gets a pass.
- I'm trying.
That shit's above my pay grade.
You got a problem in the ward.
I thought the whole reason I paid you is to make my problems go away.
And I'm doing everything I can.
You know, I don't believe you.
Take your hand off my goddamn door while you still got use of it.
You got an alderman issue, not a cop issue.
Thank you.
Who wants breakfast? Whoa.
No offence, but uh, you don't really do it for me, Liliana.
- I don't fuck white boys.
- Nah? Your asses are too much trouble.
That's true.
The first rule of cutting is don't get that shit on your fit.
Your arm's busted? Been a minute since I cut.
Been in management too long.
Watch and learn.
Yo, if me and Ghost knew you had skills like this, we would've taken you off the routes and put you in the lab.
Is Ghost gonna be coming down to Chicago to get down on this? Nah.
You two finally decided to break up? Ghost dead.
You do it? Nah.
But I couldn't stop it neither.
Sorry for your loss.
Me too.
Look, it's gonna take me all night to get this to that sweet spot.
It'll be completely undetectable.
- Double the weight.
- Double the profit.
That's right.
So what's the split? 70/30 my way.
Fuck that.
You think I'm that scared little courier you knew back in New York? Think again, mano.
I need you and you need me.
So it's 50/50.
Why you helping me, Tommy? You wanted me dead.
Why you keep pushing it, huh? It was a long time ago.
You the one that came at me.
- I didn't wanna die.
- And you ain't dead.
That's all that matters.
To Ghost.
To Ghost.
Yo, JP.
Yo, Tommy.
- Hey.
Oh, man.
- Where you want to put this? Come on over here.
Well, upstairs is uh, gutted to the studs.
Down here is gonna be a motherfucker.
Yeah, I bet.
Where do you want these? Come on, man.
Right here.
- You're a lifesaver.
- Yeah, dig in.
- You're welcome.
- All right.
- Cheese? - I love cheese.
Oh, mmm.
There we go.
All right.
Those squares, man.
I'll never get used to it.
Come on, man, that's good stuff.
So who's paying for Miriam's nursing home? Well, I assume she got some kind of trust set up.
She had money like that? Enough, I guess.
Nobody ever hit up you or your old man? Nah.
Me and Herman weren't a part of her life for a long time.
By the time we came back around, she was already in the home.
I guess if we wanted some answers No, no, no, no, no.
No fucking way am I ever gonna go to that crazy bitch.
Kate's out of the picture.
Lot of work to be done in here, but, um I think I'll hold onto this.
What's "this"? You are right there.
Holy shit.
There I am.
Doesn't look like we were ever here at the same time.
Yeah, no wonder we didn't know the other one existed.
What's the plan for this place? Man, I don't know.
Look, I appreciate this.
- No - But it doesn't feel right.
I can't keep it.
Doesn't feel right and it doesn't feel legal.
Laundromats ain't legal in Illinois? That was my business, JP.
Laundromats, parking lots, nightclubs.
Me and my partner did real good.
Sold that shit, split it right down the middle.
So you retired, headed to Chicago? Yeah, something like that.
And your partner? He headed south.
Man, you break off a knot like this, I mean Well, look, money ain't got no feelings.
But I do.
Well, is your feelings gonna keep the lights on here or at the club? Money fucks things up, especially with family.
Take it back.
What's your number? - I just said - No, I know what you said, but I ain't heard what you need.
Everybody's got a number so they could breathe.
What's yours? Come on, hit me.
One hundred ninety-six thousand two hundred and twenty-three.
That's a big breath.
Hang on to that money, all right? I'll, uh, I'll see what I can't do.
I'll hit you later.
This field is going to shit.
We should do some community work.
That's a good way to clean some cash.
Let's do something that's just about I don't know, man, some good.
Shit, it's all good, nigga.
Let me ask you something.
You think money has a conscience? I mean, for real.
We get some new bleachers, backstops, put some real grass in the outfield.
Come on.
All the shit we didn't have? Ain't nobody gonna give a fuck about where the money came from.
Man, I am.
Look, everything on your back, that crib I got you set up in, it all come from the same break now.
So think about it.
Why shouldn't these beautiful Black kids from around here get the same shit that them little white motherfuckers in Barrington get? You know I'm right.
But anyway, let's get into game seven of the series.
Nigga, batter up.
Never saw it.
Lost TV privileges.
The fuck outta here.
For real.
Heard it on a transistor radio.
Only time I ever felt free in there was listening to that game.
Well, no more excuses, nigga.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
I just sat my ass down.
Time to work.
Look at you with the homework on the two biggest players in Chicago.
What do you know about the Flynn family? We tight.
Already been to the house up at the lake.
Little over the top.
You got coffee? Nothing with a kick? I gotta cut for another crew today.
Uh Breakfast of champions.
Ah, fuck it.
I gotta test the product.
Make 'em small.
Nice work.
I told you my shit was fire.
You know, it ain't easy getting an invite up to the big house in the 'burbs.
If you can lock in Sampson or the Flynns, we're set.
Think bigger.
Chicago ain't like New York, right? It ain't about Boroughs, it's about blocks.
And the crews that used to hold down these neighbourhoods is fucked.
They all broke apart.
So this whole shit is up for grabs.
Except for CBI or the Flynns.
CBI's the only crew that matters South Side, Flynns up north.
Yeah, between them they got a lot of land locked up here in Chicago.
- You ever cut for CBI? - Only once.
Jenard tried fucking me the whole time I was working.
Guess he did.
Piece of shit still owes me eight grand.
I'll get you your money.
- And the Flynns? - Nope, pills only.
They move mad weight.
One more for the road? You can get your ass a latte on the way there.
So it's Black and Latin crews on the south and west side.
Whites up north.
Yeah, my guy Jason said that none of them fuck with each other.
- Who? - Uh, old associate.
Seems like a wasted shot for Black and Latin and white crews not to mix.
It ain't New York.
It's a hard line nobody wants to cross.
Yeah, well, I wasn't born within these lines here, so I ain't gonna stay in 'em.
Well The Flynns don't know I'm here, but Sampson does, so I gotta get this coke out there to get them to the table.
Get this pipeline in motion.
Did you not hear the part about Black, brown, and white? Yeah, I heard you, but if they smart, the only colour they gonna give a fuck about is green.
And if they too stupid to do something about it, then I'm gonna run the whole fucking table.
You know what? Let's keep one for ourselves.
Ooh-hoo-hoo! Shit, nigga, you rusty.
- It's been a minute.
- I see.
I don't know, bro.
It look like you lost your shit.
You sure you ready for this heat? I stay ready so I ain't gotta get ready, J.
A'ight, I hear you, I hear you.
I don't know, you look like you lost your cut a little bit, bro, just-just a little bit.
You doing a lot of talking, and not a lot of pitching.
A'ight, a'ight.
Here come the janky leg.
Gotta watch that leg.
You gotta watch that leg.
Ah, yeah! Steeerike two! Show me something else.
So what's up, man? You still fuckin' with this white boy or what? Man, just pitch.
- Are you? - Man, pitch.
You ain't answer my question.
Because I don't need to.
Okay, so what? This motherfucker just gon' be around for a minute or something? Is that it? He helped me get you out of jail, right? Fuck all that.
I'm good and you good.
So fuck him, bro.
We don't need him.
It don't work like that.
Spare me with that Buddha bullshit, okay? The old Diamond would've popped this goofy-ass nigga by now.
I'm not the old Diamond.
Yeah, you damn sure right, you not.
And let me tell you something else, too, nigga.
This ain't the old days.
Listen to me.
I am not your little brother just happy to be at the table, nigga.
I am a grown-ass man, D.
I earned my seat.
I done gave you that seat.
Now pitch.
You might've been the motherfucker that give me that seat, but I'm the one that made us relevant.
Remember that shit.
So Bennigan passed the fucking buck? Yeah.
He says we need to take it to the alderman.
Look, if we don't get somebody else on the inside, this shit's gonna keep happening.
Well, he's been strong so far.
As long as the Feds aren't building a case against us, we're good.
Our profits are down 12% from six months ago.
I've told you, we'll come back.
You okay? Y'know, maybe you should quit smoking.
Maybe you should stop worrying.
Touch of bronchitis.
I need you to go and see Alderman Maguire again.
Send the fucking politician.
Look at those lips.
Perfect for ass-kissing.
Yeah, but somehow, I don't see your brother in a skirt.
Let's agree to disagree.
I need you to convince Maguire, stop these fucking shakedowns.
No, we can't play fast and loose with this prick.
Land on a fucking number.
Got it.
I will head by his office tomorrow and make it happen.
No, not his office.
A meal, expensive wine.
That motherfucker's taking our money.
And I'm not having it anymore.
It ends now.
Make sure you wear something, you know, stimulate his imagination.
Got it.
- And hey, bunny.
- Yeah.
Put a little sugar on it.
You did this? You bought my mom a new tombstone? She deserves it.
She gave us her blessing.
After I convinced her you'd look after me.
I saw you with him.
So that's why you did this? 'Cause you're jealous? Because I want you to be happy.
If you want me to be happy, Vic, then stop trying to buy me and start standing up for me.
Okay, I just I need I just Can you wait for me to figure it out? I don't know.
This fucking guy.
Let's take him out right now.
Nah, Paulie.
That'd be rude.
Let's see what he's got to say.
Then we'll take him out.
Hey yo, Walter.
River's almost as cold as the house on the lake.
You surprised to still see me in Chicago? No.
I've been around dumb motherfuckers before.
I'm not clear why you're still in my fucking city, though.
Dumb motherfuckers like me don't follow directions too well.
You're a bit wee, aren't ye? Your backup? That the best you got, Thomas? Don't sleep on her, Walter.
She a hitter.
Nice face.
Walk with me.
How'd you fuck up your face? Shaving accident.
What's your fucking excuse? Why you run with this asshole? Why's a Polack work for the Micks? You always answer questions with questions? Do I? You wanna grab dinner sometime? Shave the moustache, and we'll talk.
Gotta say, Thomas, I'm not used to people not following my orders.
Good thing I ain't your people.
Oh, you think so? It's in your eyes, boy.
I see County Cork in there.
Nah, Walter, I'm a fucking mutt.
Look like a fucking mutt to me.
All right, then.
What are you fucking looking for? I'm looking for that long money.
I got enough money.
Yeah, but do you got vision? I got a business proposition I think you might be feeling.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
I recently ran into some coke.
Pure motherfucking shit.
Fuck! I move pills.
I don't fuck with powder or any other shit.
Jesus Christ, I know you sell pills.
All of Chicago knows that you sell pills.
You a one-trick pony.
Why don't you diversify your game? If I'm gonna invest my money in coke, then I'm gonna go with the CBI boys.
They make better partners.
Get the fuck outta here, Walter.
You know you never run with no Black crews.
Stop fronting like you know the difference between BLM and BET.
All right, so we got a student here.
Yeah, you give the people whatever the fuck they want, and they will pay you whatever the fuck you ask.
You got some fucking balls on you, boy.
Balls will get you through the door.
Brains will keep you in the room.
And now that I'm in the room, the fuck you gonna do about it? I'm listening.
You ain't exactly my first fucking choice here.
I didn't sign up for this field trip.
But daddy's corner boy can't say no.
Look, he told me to do this deal with you, so here I am.
I don't say no when there's real money to be made.
Real money what the fuck you know about real money? You probably still get an allowance.
Look, your coke's a good product.
Put the Flynn stamp on it, it's a new revenue stream.
I been trying to tell him that coke goes hard 365 in Chicago, but he won't go near CBI.
Yeah, 'cause rocking with the South Side bad for public image? I ain't got a problem with Black crews.
But what would people say about Daddy if sonny was flipping packs with Yo, chill with that son shit, will you? Fuck, how long you gonna be in Chicago anyways? Long enough.
Why was you making side deals without your old man knowing? You here to move weight or what? Yeah, I'm here to move weight.
Lead the way, son.
What the fuck did you give me, Colin? My heart's racing! Colin, turn that shit down.
Colin, turn that shit down! Colin, turn the fucking music off! Okay, this is all kinds of wrong.
She's fine.
Just a lightweight.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Fuck this.
I'm calling the cops.
You know, let's not call the cops.
I'm the guy that's gonna make sure that you get out of here safe.
How's that sound? Good.
Let's go.
You came here to do a deal.
That's what your old man said.
So you are not leaving until we have one.
Is that fucking clear? You know, I love that Papa Flynn took the training wheels off, but not all the way, 'cause this dude eye-fucking me is clearly here to hold his baby's hand.
Now who the fuck is this clown? Oh! Give me the gun.
Give me the fucking gun.
This is so good! Shoot him, Fat Tony.
You ain't fat.
I went keto.
Fuck it.
Didn't think today was your day, did you, Fat Tony? It never is.
I got kids.
I got four kids.
What was it you were saying about my old man, Colin? What was that? I can't fucking hear you! Yo, as much as I like where this is going, I don't think we want to haul out a body in the middle of the day.
Freight elevator is good for 2,000 pounds, easy.
Take you right to the alley too.
Are you kidding me, Tony! All right, Tony, get her the fuck out of here.
- Please, Vic - Shut the fuck up! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Here ya go.
Now, paint the fucking walls.
No, no, no, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Jesus fucking Christ, Victor.
You can't handle one fucking deal? That motherfucker Colin was outta line.
I'm talking to my son.
The deal didn't make, Da.
We gotta take the product up to Lake County.
You can't move fucking weight in this city.
What chance you think you got up there? You know what? Call this fucking idiot.
Get us back on fucking track.
You can call him if you want, but I don't think he's gonna answer.
All right, you want to make a real fucking move? Unify all the cocaine.
One deal.
You get Diamond Sampson to the table.
That's it.
And we're all good.
All right.
Ha ha ha.
Diamond Sampson.
Best hand-eye coordination that Chicago has ever seen.
I used to fight a little.
My coach would always say, "Stay off the ropes and outta the corners".
Best advice I ever got.
Sound advice.
What, you here to lace 'em up or just read my press clip? I'm here for business.
I got a meet set.
Me, you, and Walter Flynn.
Ain't no white boys crew got down with us before, and that's not gonna change 'cause a white boy with a little bit of swag decided he wanted to kick it around our city.
I ain't never been no white man's nigga.
I ain't about to be one now.
So before you move forward with any deal or proposition or any of that shit, you better make damn sure that you ain't out here thinking the same shit as them other white motherfuckers.
Oh, I ain't.
You keep forgetting.
I ain't from this city so I wasn't born into these rules, so I ain't got to live by 'em.
This deal is undeniable.
Fuck them other crews.
This about you.
- So Walter Flynn already down? - Mm-hmm.
What? Come on, you seriously thinking about Flynn? Yo, yo, me and big bro having a conversation here.
A'ight, boy, you and big bro ain't having shit.
You know where you at? The fuck is wrong with you? It's cool, J.
No, it ain't motherfucking cool.
Nigga, don't no CBI business go down without me.
You want the top seat, D? Only way to get that shit is to take it, nigga.
What's up? Ain't no coming back from this, J.
Mm, okay, yeah.
Well, there ain't moving forward without it.
Y'all get the fuck out.
Let's move forward, nigga.
You sure you wanna do this? Ooh.
All right, let's go.
Hey, yo.
Who you got? J, all the way.
Always bet on the little man, you feel me? They both bigger than me.
You got five? Shit, I got a coup'.
Money on the wood make the backbone good.
- Bet.
- Let's get it.
Got this, Diamond.
Come on, J, you got it.
Let's go, little bro.
Come on! Get him back on his feet.
- Ha ha ha.
- Let's go.
J, go 'head, let them legs fly.
Legs? Fuck is you talking about, legs? Uhh Man, stop that Karate Kid bullshit, man.
Use your hands.
That's your perineal nerve, D.
It's sending a message to your central nervous system telling you to tap out.
Tap, nigga.
Man, fuck that.
Punk motherfucker.
MMA bullshit.
How you like that? There we go.
See what I'm saying? Don't ever bet against a man who ain't got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Yeah, whatever.
- Damn.
- A'ight, trip.
You got the top seat, D.
Heavy is the motherfuckin' head that wear the crown, nigga.
Yo, Diamond.
Now that you got the juice back, what you think about that sit with Flynn? Set it.
I hope you don't mind I took the liberty - of ordering for you.
- Yeah, I'm not here to eat.
The chef makes me a butter-poached monkfish that isn't on the menu.
It's phenomenal.
Besides, you can't do business on an empty stomach.
Alderman, my family has been very It's taxpayers' money.
- It'll be our little secret.
- Oh, okay This is perfect.
Our family should not have to be bailing out our men Just one more sec, pumpkin.
I detect yellow citrus fruit, white flowers that mingle with hints of crushed chalk You know, I thought we had an agreement.
Agreements and their terms change.
Well, then we need to be notified on those changes.
Give us a firm number and stop moving the target.
I think I mentioned something to your father about that.
Or did I? So much to do in a day.
If the harassment of my family or any of our associates continues in your ward, then those monthly envelopes you enjoy so much will quickly disappear.
And we'll take our business to another ward.
I'm not here to play games.
Too bad.
I can think of three right now that end with us fucking.
There are so many pockets in this city looking to be filled.
Yours can go empty very easily.
Relax, Claudia.
Honestly, I don't know why you don't like me more.
We have a lot in common.
Oh, we have nothing in common.
Oh, we do.
We both love to eat pussy.
Those fucking envelopes are the only thing keeping you and your family from going away for a very long time.
I decide when and how much.
You know, speaking of families, I'm so glad to see that your daughter Molly is attending Sacred Heart.
- Don't you say another word.
- You know, I fucking hated those uniforms, but Oh.
Look how clean she keeps hers.
I bet she would hate it for it to get covered with dirt.
We're good.
The number will remain the same.
I'll let my father know.
Oh, and something tells me that even if I gave you a manual and a map, you wouldn't know the first thing about eating pussy.
Good night, Liam.
This shit is depressing.
Not even a box of cereal.
I gave up eating cereal a long time ago.
It's not good for you.
If the Flynns can't move that, I got a way.
Let me run with it.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Half that shit's mine.
I can do whatever I want.
Why do I get the feeling that who's ever looking for this When did you become so paranoid? Let me buy you out your half.
- No.
- Whose cocaine is this? I already told you the whole fucking story.
You better have.
I think I'm gonna keep all of it.
But I will call you later.
Hasta lue go.
The boy's late.
Don't you worry about that.
He'll be here.
Oh, aye? Walter, Vic.
Good to see you out, Diamond.
Good to be out.
Let me get right down to it.
Diamond's the biggest motherfucker on the South Side.
The Flynns, y'all got the North Side on lock.
But in order for this partnership to work, all this Chicago Black and white bullshit gonna have to end, Walter.
We're ready to work with CBI.
- Have access to your cocaine - Ah In exchange for our product.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold your roll, son.
I mean, this is just the first conversation, isn't it? I'm listening.
This how shit gonna go down.
CBI's gonna start moving powder up north.
That'll give the Flynns an opportunity to sell their pills down south.
Below Garfield Ave.
Kickback is 10%.
Both ways.
And where is your cut in all this? 'Cause I know you ain't doing it out of the kindness of your heart, are you? Five percent.
On every deal.
That's a bit steep.
Walter, been hearing that your numbers been down for the past couple of months.
Thought you'd be happy about this.
So how've you been hearing that? It's the word on the street.
How do I know that your man Diamond here will keep up his end of the deal? And no turn around, stab me in the back first chance he gets.
Because my word means something.
Your word? Yeah, does it though? Twenty years ago, when you rolled up on Paulie and his wife.
Remember that? Beth catches a face full of fuckin' glass.
Fifty-two fucking stitches to put her beautiful face back together.
Hold up now, we getting a little off topic here.
It wasn't us and it wasn't me.
Oh, 'cause 'cause 'cause we should just take your word for that.
- Da, let it go.
- Get off of me.
That's your trouble, you motherfucking Black parasite.
Jesus Christ.
Is you think you're untouchable? - A'ight, you know what? I'm out.
- No, no, no, Diamond, Diamond, Diamond, come on, man.
Don't leave me here.
Not now, not now.
Walter ain't gonna pull that bullshit again.
All right, Walter.
Go ahead and continue with your little history lesson and tell your son how you put nine of my men in the ground.
Nine because you think we all look alike.
And I never retaliated.
You never retaliated 'cause I'd have buried another 19 more of you motherfuckers.
Because I wasn't gon' lose any more of my men behind the lies of a worthless man.
What the fuck just happened? It's called history, new guy.
You had a chance here, Walter, to do something that fucking mattered.
They don't need to matter to us 'cause we are Flynns, you hear me? We're the fuckin' Flynns.
That was our chance to make a change.
Expand the business in a real fucking way.
Know what, son? You gotta shut up and listen.
The Italians or the Greeks or the Polish find out that we are in bed with them, we become outcasts.
You understand that? If we don't, we're fuckin' extinct.
Yo, Dime.
Yo, man.
I didn't know that motherfucker was gonna come at you like that.
I did.
But that ain't on you.
It's on the city.
This definitely answers my question about what it is you do.
How could it be an answer when you never asked? You fucking kidding me? My car already smells like we got a dead body in it.
Get a vape.
Nothing a grown-ass man smokes should smell like cotton candy.
Let me see the new face.
Maybe Flynn's got a new guy.
Could be.
Figured I'd introduce myself to the man who seems to have little regard for his own short life.
Look at you out here in these streets rolling up on me like a motherfucking OG.
Daddy know you out here? How come he ain't never put you on? I'm on.
Different role.
Well, wherever he has you, it ain't nowhere close to where you should be.
What are you actually looking to get out of Chicago? Every last motherfuckin' dollar 'til I'm running it.
You want in? Might be a day late and a dollar short on that one, handsome.
I don't think so.
Yeah, you're about to become obsolete.
I've got something that'll kick your teeth in a thousand times over.
Sounds fun.
What you got? Stick around and find out.
- Is that an invitation? - Maybe.
Chaos creates opportunity.
Yo, what's that mean? Welcome to Chicago, Tommy.
The champ is here.
What up, fool? Hey.
You sold that dive in the ring like a motherfucker.
He really thought he put your ass out to sleep.
Yeah, and he bought it.
You know this shit gonna cut CBI straight down the middle though, right? 'Cause half these niggas, they gon' go with you.
Other half gon' stay with D.
Mean, it's the long game, E, the whole time.
When it's all said and done, they all gon' come with me.
That's you.
This shit is incredible.
You know what else is incredible? Can't believe it took three trials with the FDA for them to discover that the chemical compounds were too close to cocaine.
Third time was a charm.
Buried me.
And there you were, holding the bag with an abundance of this beautiful drug.
All this from a busted diet pill? God bless America.
This is where you and your family come in.
This is where I come in.
If you're hoping for the Flynn family experience on this one, you're not getting it.
It's just you and me.
Makes sense financially.
Money's simple.
People are complicated.
This is just you and me, understood? Yeah.
Oh! So the biggest fire starter in Chicago lives in a firehouse.
I never started a fire I couldn't handle.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Well, I don't want to talk.
No more questions.
No more answers.
No more words.

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