Power Book IV: Force (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Outrunning a Ghost

1 Previously on Force No one's prepared for it.
You know why? 'Cause no one's ever seen anything like this.
Welcome to my buzz saw.
Just take my word for it.
Best high I ever had.
- That's a big claim.
- Don't care.
You're the only one who knows how to cook Dahlia.
You crack it yet? No, you can't bond it to any other foreign substance.
It literally self-destructs.
- Hi, Doc.
- You got everything - you need to start cooking? - I'm not a drug dealer.
Good thing for you I am.
I got a job for you.
It's about that nigga Tommy.
What you need? I just want you to watch the motherfucker.
So you want me to babysit this motherfucker? I don't need no more fucking charity.
I need to start making some bread.
I'm trying to have a real moment with you.
We having a real moment.
Nah, you blowing rainbows and sunshine up my ass.
I don't want that gig no more, fam.
Yo, what the fuck you mean you don't want the gig no more? Find someone else for the job.
I'm Adrienne.
Nice to meet you, Adrienne.
It's nice to be met.
Did you feel special? I did.
You good? You good? Look at me, Gloria.
Look at me.
We're okay.
Why the fuck would the Serbs try to take you out? That fucking Tommy Egan.
You tell Mirkovic he comes after my boy, I'll burn this fucking city to the ground.
- This is who we are.
- And this is what we do.
Tell me, Mommy.
This isn't like anything else you ever had.
I don't know, beautiful.
I've tried a little of everything.
Nothing like this.
I'm in.
Full freight.
We'll be in touch.
Doc's more impressive than I thought.
She can turn this out a lot faster than I Faster ain't always better.
She in a hurry to work herself out of this current situation.
But quality control is everything right now.
I think it's time we go bigger.
After we move this, then we can go wider.
Well, why not right now? We're already heavy in the clubs.
Yeah, and we gonna do twice as many clubs tomorrow.
- And then what? - This is the then what.
We creating the demand before the supply.
We gonna get everybody hyped on this thing.
Yeah, that seems kind of backwards.
You know what? You need to start trusting me.
Go on.
We gonna make it so everybody who want it can get down with it.
And I mean everybody.
The current version is nice, but shit priced too high.
Nothing compares to the effects of Dahlia.
People will pay a premium for it.
Small group of people.
Now, I know what you thinking.
We ain't going low rent, just affordable housing.
We got the doc cooking this shit up for us, but our margins is gonna be fucked if we keep producing with the current cut.
So what we gonna do is, we gonna set up the rollout with the prime, and then we gonna come at them with the new version of Dahlia everyone can afford.
Um I'm giving you a street diploma here, and this ain't no GED.
This is some master's type shit, so I hope you was taking notes.
Jenard and Diamond.
Goddamn, it's good to see y'all niggas back together.
Always, nigga.
To be honest, I wasn't sure if I'd be returning to the Chi.
Life in the Crescent City wasn't too bad.
But when Chicago calls, you gotta answer it, you know? Well, it's good to have you back, fam.
You too, my nigga.
Whatever y'all need from me, you know I'm good to pick up where we left off.
- For sure.
- Hey, yo.
Big bros, look.
Check it out.
So me and Marshall been working on some shit.
A business opportunity we think y'all gonna fuck with.
Y'all really gonna wanna fuck with this.
A'ight, nigga, fuck it.
Shark Tank, let's hear it.
A'ight, so look.
Me and Marshall got a cousin down in Gary.
Now, this nigga been trying to move weight.
Hold up, y'all two little niggas are related? - No.
- A'ight, then why you starting the pitch with "we"? - I'm-I'm confused.
- Whose cousin is it? - Mine, nigga, damn.
- And can we continue, please? Yeah, I heard enough, fam.
We ain't heard shit yet, a'ight? You know what I'm saying? And besides, Gary, like, a major artery to the Midwest.
- Just chill.
- Exactly.
Which is why y'all should let us be the, uh, cour uh Couriers, nigga.
- Ah.
- That's the word, nigga.
- Right there.
I like that shit.
- That shit fancy.
Yeah, I'm not in the fancy business.
I keep it simple.
Thank y'all for the pitch.
Come on, just think about it.
Look, if we get picked up, we don't need to do no real time.
And that juvie shit easy.
Yeah, stupid time.
What you think, man? Come on.
I mean, shit, nigga.
I ain't gonna lie.
I like it.
I like the pitch.
I think it's a good pitch.
Oh, it is? I mean, it's kind of out of nowhere a little bit.
But shit, Gary a good spot.
What you think? I think we're good in our one lane here.
That shit sound like a white man playbook to me.
- It really does, yeah.
- Facts, G.
A'ight? Now, I don't know about you, but a nigga like me say, "Fuck it.
" Let's open this bitch up.
You hear me? Fuck we talking about.
I say no.
It's not worth the trouble.
It's too many variables that we can't control.
It ain't worth the risk, man.
Let me holla at your mans real quick, a'ight? Hey, Blax.
Last time I asked you for something, you fucked me, nigga.
Bro, I stepped off that shit.
I gave your paper back.
It was all there.
A'ight, so you want me to move on Gary? Nigga, hell yeah.
Well, you gonna have to earn my trust back, nigga.
Or else I ain't fucking with your shit, a'ight? Now, you got a chance to come up here big.
What you need? I need you to go find me that motherfucking white boy.
Tell me where he at.
'Cause his motherfucking ass is getting smoked tonight.
I got you.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
Just fucking peachy.
We gotta be ready.
For what? For when the Serbs come back.
Why would the Serbs be coming after the Flynns, Walter? We don't have a beef with them.
They took a shot at my son.
So I did what a father does.
You got a fucking problem with that, Paulie? No, I don't.
But we're not as strong as we once were.
We're strong enough.
Not if they come back.
You opened the gates of hell, Walter.
Good thing I'm the devil.
I'll get on it.
Glo, you wanna grab breakfast? There's gonna be a huge line at Walker Brothers.
I need to go away for a while.
I love you, but we're never gonna get out from under your family.
And it just hurts too much to keep doing this.
Hey, it's Gloria.
Leave a message.
Yeah, hey, call me back.
You know, what we got with Dahlia is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of drug.
The kind that Liliana wasn't bullshitting on when she said it was gonna change everything.
Problem is, it's too expensive.
People are paying for the keys.
Keys is cool, but that ain't everybody.
If we move enough, who cares? We still won't be able to compete with heroin and coke.
Imagine Dahlia running the fucking market.
You're trying to knock it down to make it affordable.
- It's smart.
- I don't wanna do that.
I know my vote may not count as heavily as You don't got a vote.
Dahlia's too expensive.
We gonna price ourselves out or worse, phase out like a fad.
It's not a fad.
I want every crew in Chicago on our list and then expand this shit beyond.
We need to keep this exclusive.
We need a version of Dahlia everyone can fuck with, from the addicts to the garbageman to sorority girls looking to party on the weekend.
What do you say, Doc? Please hear me out.
If we start deconstructing and compromising the molecular integrity of our compound, we'll be knocked off or worse.
And that's not Dahlia anymore.
Of course it's Dahlia.
We just need to knock the price tag off, make a shit ton at a good cost to us.
Stack it deep.
Sell it cheap.
And pretty soon, we own the whole fucking city.
- Exactly.
- I'm in.
Dahlia's not some street drug.
Not yet.
But the doc is gonna make it one.
I agree with Claudia.
We don't need a cut-rate version.
You just stick to the science, Doc.
Let me handle the business.
I think we're making a mistake.
Let's take a vote.
Who sees shit my way? You outvoted.
Two to one.
Make it happen.
There's a time lock on the door.
So don't even try it.
Remember, we all in this together.
Y'all little niggas ain't got no hos.
Nigga, what? Shut your goofy ass up, nigga.
I be stretching shit.
I need what the fuck he smoking.
- Roll that shit up.
Pass it.
- You got some fucking nerve, D.
What the fuck you got? Man, really nigga? - What's up? - Come on, man.
You just put me up to this shit.
You gotta give me some time.
Well, the clock is ticking, motherfucker.
Hurry the fuck up.
Soon as I get him, you gonna get the call, a'ight? Done and done.
I hear you.
Hey, man, that Gary move, my nigga, that's big money all the way around.
Don't even trip about white boy.
He good as bodied.
So we doing this? Fucking right, we gonna do it.
We gonna make that move to Indiana ourself.
- Check on that cousin.
- Yeah, he good people too.
Nigga head fucked up from that war.
That nigga wasn't in no war.
He slipped on ice during basic training and bust his shit, knocked hisself unconscious.
He woke up goofy as fuck.
I'm saying you ain't worried about Diamond finding out? Nah.
That nigga not gonna find out, a'ight? He real motherfucking comfortable with what he got going on right here, bro.
Never really been about no field vision.
Can only run one play at a time.
The real risky move is standing still, and that nigga Diamond forgot that shit when he was sitting in that fucking cell.
You, um, eyeball this shit, or, like, you get down to the grams and grains? See 'cause, like, to me, the best way is about the feel.
Yeah, that doesn't work here.
It's metrics from start to finish.
Every chemical that's introduced has a very particular chain reaction to the other.
They link and change when they bond.
That's why it can't be fucked with? It's a fail-safe I instituted.
Yo, that shit was fire.
I-I couldn't get anywhere near it.
Oh, I know.
No one can.
You gotta get me out of here.
The fuck I do.
I'll keep my mouth shut.
I swear.
But if I don't show up to work, people are gonna know I'm missing.
I'm extremely reliable.
I've never missed a day.
Oh, you want a fucking gold star? Call your boss.
- What's her name? - Richard.
Hi, is this Richard? I'm calling on behalf of Dr.
Lauryn Williams.
Yeah, unfortunately she won't be able to make it to work today.
She's having some health issues.
Now, Richard, you know that HIPAA law prevents me from disclosing any personal or pertinent information.
We do hope this doesn't cause too much of an inconvenience.
You have a wonderful day too, Rich.
Men are so stupid.
It's so easy.
- Okay, but - But? There ain't no buts, and you are pushing it, chica.
It's just, I have a dinner I have to be at tonight.
A You got a dinner? Okay, it's a date, a third date, and I And I really I like him a lot.
A third date.
That's a big one.
Oh, Doc, you were gonna fuck, huh? Yeah, well, you can't wear that.
That's what you would wear to get a bank loan.
Don't stop 'cause I'm here.
No, no, we were just going over the new marching orders.
Why? They wasn't clear enough? They were, but my main concern is the science of it all.
I literally have to reconfigure the DNA.
It's all science, Doc.
That's why you here.
This could be dangerous.
A lower-grade version of this drug makes us susceptible to someone ripping us off.
If they cut it wrong, our brand dies - or somebody does a - Fuck that.
Our brand is tight.
No one can do what you do, Doc, on any level.
This shit's all about you.
Unless you ain't up to the task no more.
I'm I'm up to it.
Oh, that's good.
She got a date.
I don't give a fuck.
People are gonna start wondering where she is.
Tommy, they are going to start looking for her.
Well, if you so concerned, then you going out tonight too.
I'm not sorry for what I said, but the way I said it, I could have done better with that.
And I know that shit from Dr.
Is this an apology or I can't apologize for who I am or what I do, JP.
Also Dr.
A'ight, I'll see you later.
Nah, but look, I didn't need to fucking bite your head off.
So for that, I'm - Yeah? - I'm, you know Say it.
Two little words.
- Fuck you.
- Apology accepted.
See, there was this guy.
He was my brother, man.
He When people get close to me, it I just don't want nothing to happen to you, a'ight? And nothing will.
So hear me out.
You must like talking to brick walls.
I'm not saying that I have to cross the border like a fucking mule.
I just don't wanna be handed something for doing nothing.
I can do the easy shit.
Ain't no easy parts in this business.
- What about my club? - No.
You gotta find a way to move the money.
Are you willing to risk your father's heart and soul for it? No.
I'm willing to risk it to save them.
You a good son.
We'll figure some shit out.
Now tell me what the fuck happened with Miriam.
It was a stroke or an aneurysm.
She's in real bad shape, man.
Hey, I think we should call Kate.
She buried Miriam 35 years ago.
Why the fuck would I call her now? Because her mother is If she finds out about me and you and I'm here in Chicago, she gonna be on the next plane to cover her bullshit.
She ain't the person you hoping for.
See, I don't know that.
I don't know what the fuck kind of person she is.
All I'm getting from this is your side.
This bitch lied to me my whole life.
Told me Miriam was dead.
Acted like you was never born.
And with all them lies, all of that bullshit from when I was a kid, I kept coming back to her.
Family is about forgiveness.
I can't never forgive her for what she done.
She walked out on me right after they cut the fucking cord, and I'm still willing to forgive her.
What the fuck she do to you that was so bad? She chose to love a ghost instead of me.
We're tightening up security around here, and I'm putting two guards on you.
I'm good, thanks.
We need to be ready for retaliation.
I'm not really interested in having security up my ass 24-7.
Sweetheart, your brother can look after himself on the street.
What the fuck are you gonna do? Get yourself shot? Not remotely.
What are you gonna do? Piss off some more crews? This is no fucking joke.
I'm here to fucking protect you.
You want me to have protection, give me a fucking gun.
No better way to even the fight, is there, Da? I know you think you're hard, darling.
But you do not have the strength to pull a trigger.
I guarantee that.
Push comes to shove, who knows what I'm capable of? Put two on her.
You got it.
Hey, I ain't even strapped.
The fuck is you following me for, huh? Whoever put you up to this, they come looking, I ain't going nowhere.
I'm here, you hear me? I'm right fucking here.
Ain't nobody put me up to this shit, man.
I'm just here to let you know that you need to watch your back.
Who sent you? Diamond? Jenard? I ain't telling you nothing else other than you need to keep your gun on you, and don't get caught lacking.
Why you wanna help me? I got my reasons.
A'ight, then.
Appreciate the heads-up.
- Don't mention it.
- I just did.
Now get the fuck out of here.
Deep money ain't so bad.
Yeah, it's an investment.
Oh, yeah? How much your papi invest for you? So you know Tommy better than anyone.
As much as anyone can.
Yeah? Do you fuck him? Let me congratulate you all on making the cut.
First and foremost, we need your trust and your silence.
By entering into this agreement, you are signing a verbal NDA, which means you don't say shit.
Everyone in this room has never been in this room.
The first rollout was seamless.
But as we move forward, never stray from your targets.
Remember, the dude or woman in the corner nursing one drink all night, that's a fucking cop.
We're giving you the players and the playlist.
Do not stray from that.
If you do, we're all fucked.
The reason we're only giving you enough Dahlia for your lips is because it isn't enough weight to do any actual real time.
If you do get picked up, do not call us.
This is the only number you call.
You ask for Kippleman, and you wait for his ass to show up.
You're getting paid to do one thing here: courier.
That's French for "get from point A to point B without fucking up.
" Is that all clear? Good.
Macy, can I ask I have a proposition for you.
I need one of your girls, maybe that redhead, Sofie, to go after my brother, Vic.
- Okay.
- All right, you good? Mm-hmm.
We take one property out to add another one to the chain It might affect the entire molecular chain.
Yeah, I know.
You've been saying that for a fucking hour.
Stop the bullshitting.
What do you need to take out to make this shit work? The most complex component.
Okay, which is? The three main chemicals that when combined makes it glow.
Hombre, that's our calling card.
- Exactly.
- That's why you gonna get rid of it.
It's also your fingerprint.
It's too identifiable.
So what makes Dahlia special if it doesn't glow? You serious? The fucking high.
That's why people keep coming back.
Drugs with a gimmick fade away.
Drugs that hit every time live on forever.
You got a forever ride here, Doc.
Don't fuck it up thinking you gotta put a frame around it.
Have a nice time on your date.
You fucking crack this thing yet or what? Oh, my God.
How are you? Would you like a cigarette? So? She's tired.
So what? Been working in the lab for hours on end.
Look, I don't know how much more we can get out of her.
That's why you there, over her shoulder, trying to learn You gonna crack it or what? We're moving as fast as we can.
But this ain't coke.
If you move too quick, you break the chain.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
I just never had nothing that was all mines.
When I was a corner boy, I was always hustling for somebody else.
People slept on me like I was coming off the bench, but I never wanted nothing else but this.
Everybody else that we came up with, me and Ghost, especially him, they started to want different things.
They started to wanna become different people.
But not me.
Psh, not once.
You're definitely running your own hustle now, Tommy.
You're running it on point, and you're running it without fucking Ghost.
But? But if you keep pushing too hard now, we ain't gonna win at this.
Claudia's working an angle.
I saw her pull one of our girls aside, saying some shit about Vic.
Find out where the fuck they're gonna be at.
- Hit me up later.
- I will.
Ooh, Doc, looking nice in my 'fit.
How the fuck you put on each other's clothes and that shit work? 'Cause we're magic.
- Shall we? - We? You didn't think you was going alone, did you? For a minute, I did.
You won't even know she there.
- Thanks, dad.
- Hurry back.
My God.
- Oh! - Mm! - J, nigga.
- What up? - This club is fucking fire.
- Nigga.
Bitches eyeballing me hard as fuck, nigga.
Ain't none of these hos in here looking at you.
The only reason they staring, 'cause you between us.
Hey, he ain't lying, though.
Hey, where your nigga D-Mac at, though? I don't know.
Let's talk.
Shit, I hit the nigga, like, six or seven times.
I guess the nigga too busy, J.
Fuck it.
Who the fuck? Goddamn, look at that onion.
- Uh-oh.
- Onion? Hell yeah, girl, that ass so fine, it brought tears to my eyes.
- You're adorable.
- Appreciate you, mama.
Where you from? What's your name? Hold up.
Nah, don't listen to this little nigga, baby, okay? He wouldn't even know what to do with you.
All that woman is too much for him, a'ight? Nigga like me, I'll build a shrine and pray to your motherfucking ass every night, you hear me? You could learn a lot from little man.
I liked his line better.
- Damn.
- You hear me, though? You table is ready.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Round one, Marshall.
I-I'm so glad we could do this.
Me too.
This place is romantic as fuck.
It's really nice.
- Yeah, great choice.
- Thank you.
Uh, so glad you could join us.
Uh who are you? - I'm - My cousin from Miami.
And she just got into Chicago.
I really hope that's okay.
Such a third wheel.
She's lying.
We're second cousins.
Welcome to Chicago.
The right way.
- Fun, though.
- Yeah.
- You a'ight? - Before that, before that.
Fuck it.
Fuck it.
We here.
We here.
Bro! Act like yo' ass been somewhere before.
Are you dumb? Who the fuck is that? Got room? You know you ain't even gotta ask.
Come here.
Nigga, this is the greatest night ever.
Hey, bro, go tee him up.
Tonight about to get a little bit better.
- Yeah.
- Come on, let's go by the bar.
Check on me.
Five minutes.
J, you the fucking GOAT, J.
You the fucking GOAT, J.
I love you, bro.
This nigga's crazy.
- The fuck? - It's good, right? Yeah.
My father would've loved this place.
You know, every other Saturday, he'd take me with him to his barber.
I'd sit off to the side, listening to the men tell their stories, my father cringing every time they'd curse or talk about fucking.
Yeah, even after he went completely bald, he'd still take me there.
Bald men need barbers too.
Proper shave makes a man feel important.
Well, my father couldn't grow facial hair to save his life.
But he took great pride in getting carded until he was almost 40.
Those trips were his way of giving us time together.
I learned most of my life lessons from those Saturdays.
What was the best one? Well never lie to a woman holding a straight razor.
A man with no reason to lie has nothing to fear.
That's interesting, 'cause the other thing I learned from those Saturdays all men lie.
Not you.
You're an open book, huh? Don't know about that.
Just trying to live my life differently now.
Yeah? You find the light? Maybe.
Maybe I'm still looking.
I'll say it again.
Clubs are a great place to clean money.
Been there.
Done that.
Enjoy yourself.
Scotch on the rocks, please.
Night out.
It, uh, feels kind of nice, right? Doing that brotherly thing.
Yeah, we having a drink.
We could have grabbed a couple of bottles at Miriam's.
I wanted to see the city.
We inside.
You making me regret this so much right now.
Get a drink.
Have a dance.
Try to have some fun.
Oh, you're working tonight.
I ain't working.
I'm watching.
You know what, JP? Here.
Try to enjoy yourself.
I gotta get the fuck out of here.
Psyllium bicarbonate.
Hey, thanks for keeping your cool.
That's what I do.
Trying to.
You're doing great.
How's it going, ladies? We're exhausted.
Making no progress at all.
Not even close? Under normal conditions, something like this could take months to crack.
Well, we don't have that.
Hey, um was he like this in New York? I mean, Tommy was always on 11, but he stacked more cash than anyone I've ever known.
What happened to his last business partner? Yeah, you can trust Tommy.
He knows what he's doing.
Oh, fuck.
I think I got something.
Oh, shit.
- Is this it? - I think so.
What's that? Fuck! Oh, what the fuck is this shit? Fuck.
Hey, my question is, nigga, you taking the whip or that fine ass? - Motherfuck, bro! - D, what you on? Man, this dumbass nigga posting his shit all fucking night.
Why the fuck y'all going without me, huh? Shit.
Bro, okay, stop.
Marshall, what the fuck? So y'all gonna cut me out, huh? Marshall, put the gun away.
Nigga, you better answer.
For the last fucking time I'm gonna tell you, put the fucking gun away, Marshall! I got it, nigga.
You and me is done, 'cause I ain't taking your soft ass with me, D.
What the fuck is you talking about soft? Nigga, you ain't even wanna make a move on that bitch-ass jazz club we hit a few times.
So yeah.
Marshall, put the fucking gun away, bro.
Oh, and by the way, this my play, nigga.
Cousin Buddy my family.
My come up.
Me and you is done.
- Marshall.
- Get the fuck off me, dude.
D-Mac, take your little ass home.
D-Mac, take your little ass home.
And, bro, we motherfucking downtown, you got a motherfucking gun outside? My bad, B.
Young dummy, bro.
Oh, what's up, baby? Really, nigga? Oh, yeah.
Round two, me.
Hey, who's behind this drug? Shit.
I want in.
I want in.
You all the way in.
I have no idea.
You know something.
I can point you in the right direction.
Oh, this it? Didn't realize we'd be babysitting Claudia Flynn all night.
Like you got somewhere else to be? I gotta take a piss.
So you wanna fuck all this up 'cause you trying to flex? What are you talking about? I thought you wanted to keep your family away from this.
- I do.
- Then why the fuck you got two of your old man's muscle out in the parking lot My old man's what? trying to keep an eye on you? Don't play fucking games with me, Claud.
I saw Sofie in the club, and Vic was the mark.
Yeah, she told me that she saw you talking to her, because we was all supposed to be working together.
What the fuck is you doing making moves alone? I did it just to let him know it was out there, not that it was me and you behind it.
I was trying to send a message.
Well, you're a goddamn grenade waiting to go the fuck off.
If I gotta second-guess you, then all this shit go away.
You don't have to.
It won't happen again.
Okay? I get it.
Now where are my father's men? They in their ride waiting to go to the woods.
That gonna be a problem? It's my father's fucking problem.
He should have listened to me.
I told you you couldn't fucking trust her.
Yeah, we still need her for now.
- Thank you.
- So what did you get on him? Nothing yet.
It'll be a great story.
Don't worry.
Adrienne, if we can do a tell-all exposé on Diamond Sampson, The Rise and Fall of a Chicago Kingpin, and have him rise back up in the process, possibly taking him back to prison we're picking up that Pulitzer.
But the piece isn't about Diamond.
It's about broken nations in Chicago and the young men who fall victim to it.
- It's not gonna be - It's about Diamond now.
Adrienne, if you don't want it, I can get Worthington on it.
I'll get a story.
What if she can't re-break the formula? She can do it.
She close.
Yeah, but what if she can't, Tommy? She knows too much.
She can do it.
Yo, this chick came at me last night with that new-new that everybody been talking about, bro.
Oh, yeah? This the realest shit I ever been on.
Cleanest high I ever had.
I'm talking about run a marathon, fuck for hours off this shit.
Full-on definitely was cracking shorty ass for a couple hours last night.
What, nigga? Where'd you cop it? I didn't.
This shit was brought to me.
I ain't gonna lie.
We get this, we platinum.
- It's that good? - No cap.
G, whoever get this drug gonna run the city.
A'ight? I'm talking about full motherfucking stop.
We got enough of the city, bro.
Bro, it ain't never enough.
We don't know nothing about that drug or what it can do.
Bro, I just told you.
It's a full motherfucking rocket shot to the moon, nigga.
I'm talking about the other side of it.
We don't know the cut.
If people gonna start dropping because of it.
But what we doing with that Serb pipeline is working.
We need this shit in the pipeline.
I don't wanna make moves on something that I can't see clearly or something that I can't control or understand.
What the fuck are you even talking about? I'm not gonna introduce a new drug that's gonna put me back inside.
You been out here living, bro.
You don't know what it's like in there.
Stick to what we know and what we do best.
Are you saying this shit because you really not looking to expand or because you finally getting some pussy on the regular and it's got your head all fucked up? Let me tell you, pussy, that shit come and go, nigga.
But this shit right here that shit change everything, nigga.
It's a bit fucking early to be crawling inside a bottle, boy.
Not today.
Well whatever you're trying to kill, you won't find it in there.
Can't fucking hurt.
You don't have to worry about me and Gloria anymore.
It's over.
Well, I know it must hurt like hell, but, uh you do have a long road ahead of you, boy.
Sounds like a fucking life sentence.
Give it time.
It will pass.
You know, I was trying to blame you when things went south with her, but it was actually my fault all along.
Every fight I got into with Glo was about this family.
About you.
I chose you every fucking time.
It was loyalty.
You got your priorities straight.
No, I don't think I did.
I gave up the best thing that ever happened to me for what? Some old-fashioned sense of duty? For your future.
For your fucking family.
You may be my blood, but she's my home.
'Cause she loves me for who I am, not who I could be.
Now I've lost her forever.
How's business? Can I get anything else for you, champ? No, I'm good, Rick.
Thank you.
You know what? Give me a cup of No.
Streets are talking, saying that Walter's behind that Serbs hit.
No shit.
Walter? Maybe he's just crazy enough to finish what we started.
What you know about this? What is it? New drug.
Yeah? Sound like a stripper name.
I heard some things.
Shit is pretty.
Great high.
You try it? You know the answer to that.
Then how you know? Jenard said that shit hit like a rocket.
You know who's behind it? You ain't really sweating some new designer drug, are you? Not sweating it.
I didn't even really wanna touch it, but now I'm interested.
Why not just stick to the classics? Powder.
I don't know, Tommy.
Something about this feels different.
Yeah? What's that? This can rewrite history.
So Gary about to set shit off, huh? - Could be.
- Could be? Nigga, ain't no could be.
My cousin say y'all on some nuclear level type shit.
Yeah, some new shit hitting Chicago.
And you know Gary, like, a good spot right into motherfucking Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, all that.
CBI finally coming southeast, huh? Nah, this ain't got nothing to do with CBI.
It's all me, nigga.
Nigga, what you selling? Opportunity.
Nigga, you smooth as Beyoncé's ass, but you ain't slick.
I move weight.
You come through here with that, then we can do something.
You come through here with a bag of bullshit, you gotta go.
Let me ask you something, cousin.
Can you see the future? I'm talking about out your good eye, though, not Hey, J.
Hey, chill, J.
He a veteran.
I like you, cousin.
I do.
And because I like you, nigga, I got something for you.
Price of admission.
So when I come back, we ain't gotta go through this motherfucking dance no more.
We good? Welcome to Gary, nigga.
I didn't think I could do it.
So did you do it? Tell me you did it.
You did it.
You did it! You did it.
You mad scientist motherfucker.
You did it.
Structural chain is very strong.
Just like the original Dahlia, this compound is - nearly unreproducible as well.
- How nearly? It would take half of MIT to figure it out.
It look right.
It feel right.
If this shit hit right, back up the motherfucking trucks.
And you could go home tonight.
Thank you.
Ain't you a little bit curious, Doc? I am.
And I'll be back tomorrow.
Don't worry.
Then let's put the needle on the record.

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