Power Book IV: Force (2022) s01e09 Episode Script


Previously on Force How about you put me on? I'm a beast with numbers.
I think I got a spot for you, kid.
- Who the fuck is this? - It's your son.
I'm not saying that I have to cross the border like a fucking mule.
I can do the easy shit.
How was you in science class? You need to produce this product the exact same way every time we make a new cut.
What do you got on this new drug everyone's talking about, Dahlia? Department's scrambling trying to figure out what the fuck it is.
How long you been in the Flynns' pocket? My kick's 50 grand and counting.
You a visionary, so what would you do different? This what we on now.
And how much it gonna cost us? Just bullets and bodies.
I never wanted you to become the story.
That's my editor's vision.
- And what's yours? - I don't know.
But if that means not running the piece on you and walking away, I'm-I'm willing to do that.
I'm a little bit uneasy with how much power you have in our operation.
Don't mistake power for vision.
Whatever you're into, I'm gonna crush it.
You better be ready for a fucking fight.
You're the one that's gonna be taking over after me.
With Gloria by my side, not a term.
Amazing how someone so fucking innocuous can cause so many problems.
I saw your old man.
He wants her gone.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Vic, are you okay? Babe? Victor.
She's dead.
I know.
Is this what you wanted? Are you happy now? I know you'll find this hard to believe, son, but I'm not happy she's dead.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy to see that you're still fucking alive.
It was the fucking Serbs.
We have to hit 'em with everything we've got.
I know Serbs weren't alone.
Tommy Egan.
Tommy? No, no, he-he-he's the one that warned me to get out of Chicago.
He let Mirkovic walk when you went at them.
He's got a truce with them.
He's the one that set you up.
No, no, he he told me about Gloria, about you.
What about me? That you wanted her gone.
I know you never liked her, but this? What? You think I would put you through this torture? See you sit there with your heart ripped apart? Don't you think it makes more sense for him to break you to make me weak? Shot at my heart, by killing my only son in the fucking street? What about Gloria? What was her crime in this, huh? Choosing you over him? She's fucking dead, Da.
She's gone.
I know, boy.
And you and me and your sister, we will not rest, 'til Tommy, and all those Serbs that hurt her are fucking buried.
Every fucking one of 'em.
Every fucking one of them.
And the first grave, I'm reserving for Tommy Egan.
- What's good, Skinny? - What's going on, G? Got you another load.
There we go.
And there's more on the way.
Hey, yo, some of these bills smell real bad.
It really makes me wonder, like, what kind of freaky shit people be doing with these? Smell like profit to me.
Hey, you wanna know something about a $100 bill? It got more germs on it than a public toilet seat.
Think about that shit.
How about I don't? How we looking? Adding in what you just dropped, we over 18% from yesterday.
Eighteen? That the real number, or you just dumbing that shit down 'cause you don't wanna show off? All right, fine, we over 18.
See, that's the shit I'm talking about! Flex that beautiful mind.
You ain't gotta be all humble and shit.
You, like, the smartest kid I ever seen.
You know, I used to know somebody like you, though, once.
Yeah, he could do figures in his head.
Always buried in a book.
What he do? Same shit I do.
Now he dead.
But that's this game, ain't it? Don't matter how smart you are.
Don't matter how safe you play it.
One day, your number just come up.
I feel you.
Hey, but I'm from the streets, man.
Fuck else am I supposed to be doing? Anything else.
I'm just saying, you young.
You got time to do something, something that don't end with a bullet.
You all right? Yeah.
It's just even though I didn't know her that well, her dying just It's another piece of me I don't have.
Miriam was a good woman.
Lousy cook but sweet as sugar.
I called her Kate.
I was wondering when that was gonna happen.
What did she say? Not much.
I told her who I was and that Miriam died.
Then I hung up.
- That's it? - Yep.
What were you hoping she'd say? I don't know.
That not a day has gone by she hasn't thought about me.
But I-I know that's some bullshit.
Could also be the truth.
You know, hearing her voice, it it wasn't any kind of magic bullet.
I thought it would be.
She ain't gonna have what you're looking for, son.
I don't know.
All I know is one thing for sure.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes to find Darnell and be in his goddamn life.
- Yo, yo.
- Hey.
You okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
You look like shit.
I just got some o It-it don't matter.
I'm very in tune with shit.
I'm good! Okay.
And we on the clock.
We got Danny Yang waiting.
All right, I'll roll up north and make the Dahlia drop.
Dropping Dahlia in Walter's front yard is gonna knock his head all the way back.
You want me to roll up there with you? Nah, I'm good.
I'll link up after.
That's sweet, though.
I really appreciate you looking out.
Well, I got you.
- What? - Wanna hug or what? Could you stop that? What's the latest with the princess and her high-end product? She should be dropping it off right about now.
Very nice work.
I like watching you move.
I like being watched.
Oh, yeah? Fuck.
Yeah, Da, I'm busy, so Victor's been shot.
Come home.
Get out.
Get the fuck out! Go! How's he doing? He's pretty banged up.
Poor boy.
He's in shock, and he was covered in Gloria's blood by the time the ambulance got there.
And poor Gloria didn't make it.
So I thought I'd bring him out here, you know, a little change of scenery.
Can't believe Gloria's dead.
It's a fucking tragedy.
He really loved her, Da.
I know that.
You need to tell him that we're here for him and we're a family.
We'll always come together no matter what.
You tell him that.
That's us.
The fucking Serbs.
Da said Tommy Egan is behind the whole thing.
Tommy? That doesn't make any sense.
He was sleeping with Gloria.
Yeah, but you said that ended.
I mean, if Why does he have any reason to kill either of you? He never respected me.
Uh, he figured if he couldn't have her, no one should.
I don't know him that well, but that doesn't sound like him.
Whether you fucking know him or not, men are irrational when it comes to this shit.
Still, he's smart, strategic.
If he wanted you dead, there are easier ways to get there.
Whose fucking side are you on? Yours.
He came to see me yesterday before Glo and I got on the road.
You know what he told me? He told me that Da was putting a hit out on Glo.
- Are you fucking kidding me? - Nope.
Gave me the keys to a decoy car.
He told me to take back roads before I made it out of Illinois.
- So did you? - Fuck no.
I don't trust him.
I took my own fucking car.
And got hit.
Like you said, he's smart.
He would have covered his fucking bases.
I don't know, Vic.
That seems like a long reach.
You know, at the very least, he tipped 'em off that we were leaving.
How else would they have known? You didn't even know we were going.
What'd I miss? Claud doesn't buy that Tommy set it up.
I just think if he wanted Vic dead, he would have Ah.
Tommy's too smart to get his hands dirty.
Much cleaner to bring the Serbs in to execute it while he hides in the shadows.
That's his game.
Yeah, I don't know.
This is not the time to be sitting on the fence.
We're at war here.
The attack on your brother and Gloria has put all this in motion.
Now this is about honor, loyalty.
You're a Flynn, and that should mean something to you.
It does.
Then it's an easy decision, then.
You're either with us or you're against us.
- Tommy.
- Yeah, I'm coming.
Vic Flynn was ambushed last night.
He make it through? Word on the street was, maybe he didn't survive.
Fuck! But I know this girl who works the reception at the ER, Nina.
She a close talker.
She's always whispering, which is fucking annoying.
What'd she say? Vic's alive.
You could have fucking started with that.
Oh, my God, you finally went shopping.
Yo, this is my favorite.
Decoration, not nutrition.
Why was people thinking that Vic was dead? The car was totaled.
It was shot to hell.
His girlfriend, Gloria, was she with him? Nah, Nina didn't say anything about a girl.
How well you know her? - We was kind of kicking it.
- Oh.
So you was sleeping with Vic Flynn's girl? For a minute, but it Why you think she was with him? 'Cause I was the one that was trying to save them.
From what? Rumor is, it's the Serbs that got them.
The Serbs? Nah, I don't think so.
Bye, Da.
I'll check in later, okay? Hey, hey, hold on a sec, would you? What's up? You want coffee? I'm good.
I'm gonna be putting together a war room.
And you're telling me this why? Because I want you there.
Really? You've made it a point my whole life to exclude me from this side of the business.
What changed? Almost losing my son twice.
It made me realize how much you both mean to me and how I need you by my side.
It's hard to shake off a lifetime of seeing the world a certain way.
But I promise you I'm gonna try if you'll please let me.
I need you, bunny.
That's all I ever wanted, Da.
There's just one thing that I need you to do for me.
What's that? Keep an eye on your brother.
Do not let him anywhere near Egan ever.
You got it.
The last thing we need is Victor going after him.
We're gonna kill Egan and every one of those motherfucking Serbs.
But we gotta do it smart.
I'll stay close.
I promise.
Go ahead.
Take your call.
No, it's okay.
The only people who matter to me are in this house right now.
No one else exists.
That's my girl.
I love you, darling.
Love you too.
Hey, boy.
Cup of coffee.
How'd you sleep? I didn't.
I know we've been through our shit but I wanna put that behind us.
'Cause blood blood's everything.
All these fools you got around you, saying they're loyal, fuck them.
They'll all scatter in a fucking heartbeat.
Family always have your back.
That's true.
I'll always forgive your transgressions welcome you home with open fucking arms.
I don't suppose it's lost on you, if you hadn't tried to leave, Gloria would still be alive.
I know.
But those were choices you made as a boy.
And now you're gonna learn how to make moves as a real man.
How's he doing? Oh, he's fucking peachy.
What do you think? Don't worry about my boy.
He'll pull through this shit.
He's a Flynn.
- He really loved that girl.
- Whatever.
For someone whose son almost died last night, you got a real swing in your step.
Well, family's reunited, and now Victor has finally got his priorities right.
We can get some proper justice.
You hit the Serbs again, Walter, it's gonna mean an all-out fucking war.
I'm gonna fucking annihilate the Serbs and Tommy Egan.
Fuck's Egan got to do with this? He set us up.
Egan would have put a bullet in Vic's head way before now if that's what he wanted.
Like I said, we're taking out Egan and the fucking Serbs.
I want these motherfuckers eradicated from the Earth.
We don't have the manpower for that kind of shit show, Walter.
That's why we're gonna call the Four Horsemen.
Jesus, Walter.
You wanna maybe think about this for a minute? I ain't looking for a fucking lecture, Paulie.
We're making the call.
The number you have reached has been disconnected.
Come on, Gloria, pick up.
Hey, it's Gloria.
Leave a message.
Fuck! You good? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just, re-ups is crazy.
This city's running through Dahlia faster than we can move it.
Buckle up.
We gonna be here all night.
How's he doing? Uh, well, there was a little bit of a learning curve.
Some of the measurements were off.
But he's in the zone now.
That's good.
'Cause it's payday.
Do not spend it all at one time.
Or anywhere visible.
And nothing over - ten Gs in cash.
- Ten Gs in cash.
You doing real good here, JP.
I don't even know how to thank you for this gig, man.
I'm making real progress on knocking down my debt.
Well, that's good.
And when you get there, then you're done here.
Well, why does it have to stop? Because you have an end number that we agreed to get you to.
I-I know, but, uh, you know, if I just had a little bit more time, then I can get some breathing room, a cushion.
- We had a deal.
- I know.
And it-it's a smart setup, Tommy.
You've thought of everything.
I feel very safe here.
Yeah, until you ain't.
Just keep working towards that number, and and we'll come up with some new shit.
This is Claudia.
You know what to do.
- G, what you fuck is you doing? - I fucked up.
Oh, you just realizing that now? Bro, can you just listen? Jenard and Blaxton went to Cousin Buddy without me.
Cut me the fuck out.
Same exact shit you did to me.
I feel real fucked up about it, bro.
D, you my nigga.
I just I just wanna make shit right, bro.
Hell nah, I'm way past making shit right.
Hold up.
Hold up.
Hit me.
I deserve it.
Give me your best, nigga.
Hit me.
I deserve the shit, a'ight? A'ight.
You a scary-ass nigga, man.
Come here.
Come here.
I love you, dog.
You like a brother to me, a'ight? You my nigga.
Love you too, D.
So you trying to get back at CBI or what? You know I am.
A'ight, look.
Hit Cousin Buddy line.
A'ight let's go see him.
I got a plan.
So look, check it out.
This how this shit go.
- JP.
- Hey.
Look, I didn't mean to push before.
I really appreciate this gig.
Oh, no, no, fuck that, man.
It's all good.
Okay, look, Tommy, I got something to tell you.
Me too.
- Go ahead.
- Oh, okay.
I called Kate.
What? - Did you tell her where I am? - No.
What the fuck did you tell her? Nothing! I just didn't want her to find out about Miriam from anybody but me.
I asked you to do one motherfucking thing for me! - One! - I know.
No, you don't! Otherwise, you wouldn't have opened up this fucking box! You don't know what the fuck you just did! I did what I thought was right.
You did what you thought was right for you! Change in plan.
I'm gonna need an extra 50 by Friday.
That's impossible.
Life's unpredictable, Seamus.
You should know that better than anyone.
I mean, one day, your sister's this bright-eyed girl, and next minute vegetable.
Vegetables die real quick when they're not taken care of.
I will get you your money.
I just need more time.
I can pull together 20, maybe 30 by Friday.
If you don't pay me in full by Friday, the entire department finds out you're on the take, and sis is shipped off to state living.
That place is the eighth circle of hell.
Be a goddamn shame if she ended up there 'cause of you.
Welcome to Chicago.
Are we seriously doing this again? Your stash is in the cabinet under the sink.
You talk to Claud lately? Fuck no.
Why? She ghosting me.
- That's some bullshit.
- Yeah.
Yeah, but maybe she's taking care of her brother.
I don't know.
But we out here making moves and she ain't hitting me back? Something's fucked up.
Normally, I'd say we could find out real quick.
Bring her in, beat it out of her.
But there might be a problem with that.
Not if you know how to hide the bruises.
I'll show you.
I like the way you think.
I'm hearing the Irish mob is coming into Chicago.
I thought the Flynns was the Irish mob.
No, I mean the real Irish mob.
Hitters from Dublin.
No shit.
Walter must really believe those Serbs put the hit on Vic.
It's gonna get fucking ugly.
That's the only way to handle that kind of shit.
This motherfucking white boy Tommy.
Nigga, I shoulda known he was the one moving Dahlia, fuck! Same motherfucker who sent us to war with the Serbs and got our fucking boy Elijah smoked? Nigga.
And my motherfucking brother couldn't see none of that shit? For real? I don't get it, man.
I don't know what's got this nigga head all fucked up since he been locked up, but that nigga can't think straight when that white boy around.
This man got us out here playing by his little dusty-ass rules and shit.
Meanwhile business is collapsing, G, right in fucking front of us.
So what you wanna do about it? You and me, we gonna rally the troops, nigga.
Fuck it.
Get all the Dahlia for ourself.
Shit, you know I'm down.
But Diamond don't seem like he feel it.
Nigga, fuck my brother, a'ight? And his motherfucking bullshit, boy! I don't give a fuck about that shit! When we called you from New Orleans, I ain't gonna lie, bro, I knew.
Fuck you knew? I knew that you was gonna be the one to help me overthrow his ass.
So you been sitting on this for a minute, then, huh? Oh, you motherfucking right I been sitting on it.
Look, I been playing the long game, dog, you know? I already took a dive, gave the nigga his confidence back and shit.
I even gave him his little fake-ass seat - back with CBI too.
- Mm.
But you know what, nigga? Fuck Tommy and fuck Diamond.
He don't want none of this shit.
He dead to me.
I'm ready to take back what's mine.
What you want? I got you.
I ain't know you was up here.
I didn't know y'all was down there.
I went by the pipeline on my way over.
Things a little slow.
I mean, well, you know, everybody focused on Dahlia right now, so Yeah, it'll pick back up.
You know, what I told this nigga.
Yeah, he definitely did.
Said just give it time.
Yeah, over time, everything get back to normal.
I like that.
You feel me? Over time, everything can get back to normal.
You a Zen nigga, D.
You know? - Love you, man.
- Hey, love you too, baby bro.
My man.
I wasn't sure you was gonna let me up.
Why? You been ignoring my calls.
I've been busy.
Bunch of your father's friends from the old country in town, huh? Anything I should know about? Yeah, family emergency.
I heard Vic got hit pretty hard.
How's he doing? He's banged up, but he's okay.
- Mm.
- He got really lucky.
But you probably already knew that.
Why the fuck would I know that? Maybe you set him up.
Tipped off the Serbs about where he'd be.
I tried to protect Vic.
I tried to save him.
I gave him a car so he could get the fuck out of town on the low.
Be honest, Tommy.
You never respected him.
Always saw him as a little prince.
Me and Vic ain't always see eye to eye, but if I wanted to kill him, he'd already be dead.
Anyone else with him when it happened? Gloria.
And? She wasn't so lucky.
Who told you I was behind this? Was it your father? Answer me.
It doesn't matter.
You might wanna consider your source.
And you should watch your back.
Get the fuck inside now.
Lock the door.
Now, you're gonna stay quiet.
Look, I know why you All right? Now, we're gonna do this nice and easy.
You're gonna give me what I need, and maybe you won't die.
Something tells me even if I do, there's no guarantees.
Well, shit, let's roll the dice.
Where's the safe? Follow me, Seamus.
I'll be right behind you.
Get back.
Get the fuck back! A'ight.
All right.
You're at a tipping point.
I've been there.
You and I have never been on the same point on anything.
Different sides of the coin from day one.
I don't know about that.
Day one, we probably wanted the same shit.
The same thing that all young Black boys want in Chicago.
No? Can't even remember what the fuck I wanted.
I know I didn't wanna be a career criminal.
- But here you are.
- Here we are.
Seems to me that no matter where we started, we on the same side now.
I'm here because of what you did.
That's fair.
And now I got the white man's knee on my fucking neck.
Polack cop blackmailing me because of what you did.
How much you need? A hundred.
Here's 150.
So you gonna tell me what happened to your head? My past kind of caught up with me.
Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah.
- Sorry.
- No, it's okay.
You don't have to talk about it.
I want to.
It's just, today I saw a side of someone who I thought I knew.
And now I'm not fucking sure what to think.
I'm sorry.
You know, this is gonna sound terrible, but as a reporter after a while, you start to expect to see the worst from everyone.
You talking about me? No.
Is this what you gonna write about? That I'm some kind of work in progress? I don't know.
The only thing I'm clear on right now is that I'm breaking the first fucking rule of journalism.
And what is that? Catching feelings for your subject.
Is that what they taught you the first day of school? No, actually, they teach you how to spell-check.
That would seem more practical.
Come here.
Hey, I gotta make a call.
Be back in a second.
Something tells me you not here for the cookies.
I'm gonna need to ask you for something big.
You called in every marker.
Walter Flynn thinks I tried to take out Vic.
- Did you? - Hell no! So you waiting on the blowback.
They bringing in some heavy hitters from Dublin.
I'm gonna need weapons.
I'm gonna need soldiers.
A lot of them.
We made a move once, held up our end.
- Diamond, this time, I - No.
- If I don't got you, I don't - No! I'm starting to get used to being outside.
Now, I know I walk the razor's edge as is, but I'm not trying to take another huge fucking swing.
Now, we lucky we made it out the last battle.
I'm not going back to prison for you or nobody.
I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
Good luck.
Mirkovic? What brings you here? I need an army.
And you need to know who's coming for you.
It's gonna cost you.
Give me a number.
One point five million.
Who's coming for me? Well, you know, that's gonna cost you.
You will have our full support, as many men as you want.
Walter Flynn and his hitters from Dublin.
I'll throw in an extra half mil if you tell me who did the hit on Vic Flynn.
The girl who was with him was innocent.
She didn't deserve to die.
It's not the way we do business.
Yeah, well, then we got a deal or not? You know, when I killed your brother, I ain't get to see his face when I shot him in the head.
Fuck you.
I'll be right back with your money.
Two million dollars.
Now let's get to work.
Hey, coz.
What's up, Buddy? The fuck you boys come around for? Whoa, whoa, oh, whoa.
Hey, we just came to talk.
That's all we came to do, coz.
Talk to me for what? I don't see nothin' in your hands.
Coz, it's okay.
It's me, Marshall, nigga.
Nigga, you ain't got no product.
You ain't got nothin' in your hands.
You little niggas trying to jam me up? - Nah.
- I'll smoke y'all little skinny asses right now.
Kill these motherfuckers, man.
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
We got product.
The fuck you talking about? Man, that black magic powder shit, Dahlia? We got the connect for you.
Direct line.
Yo, fall back.
You in this little nigga's personal space.
Next one gonna be in your disobedient ass.
You got balls, Gumby.
I'm already in with Jenard.
Man, fuck them CBI niggas, a'ight? Jenard ain't got shit behind that sample.
If he did, why he ain't bring more? Like this.
- Where Jenard at? - Who fucking cares? We the connect now.
Look, cozzo, we can get you however much you want.
You little niggas making big moves.
Get me four more bricks by tomorrow or a sit with your connect, or I can't trust you.
If I can't trust you y'all dead.
Got you, coz.
You're right about Tommy.
I never should have doubted you.
- What changed your mind? - I just saw him with Mirkovic.
They're working together.
You were right.
That motherfucker.
What did I tell you? You two you need to trust me.
I'm all in, Da.
Anything you want.
I'll never step away from this family again.
From here on out, I'll do whatever you need me to do.
No questions asked.
I need you to lead.
A wise man once said "The only true wealth in this life "is children.
"More than all the money or all the power on this Earth.
" I am rich beyond measure.
Fuck, man.
Yo, these slippery little motherfuckers, man.
D-Mac and Marshall, bro.
Fuck! Fuck they little ass done got into? G, these little niggas done went to Gary and took a meet with motherfucking Cousin Buddy.
They ain't got shit to offer him.
Nigga, peep.
They dropped a brick of Dahlia off on 'em.
How the fuck they pull that kind of work? Nigga, I don't know.
But they offered this nigga distro and a meet with the connect.
Hold the fuck up.
Don't none of this make no sense.
Them little niggas ain't got no pull, no money.
How the fuck they gon' front like they got a Dahlia connect? It was Tommy.
It was motherfucking Tommy.
Yeah, G, I paid D-Mac to drop that nigga, right? And this little motherfucker came back to me with my bounty empty-handed.
This little motherfucker cut us off at the knees, G.
Tommy gotta go.
But we gonna kill these little niggas first.
- What's up, D-Mac? - Yo.
Yo man come here.
Let me holler at you.
Hey, but wait, let me tell you what me and Marshall got going on for you.
Hold up, man.
I-I need to talk to you first.
But wait, we hooked up Dahlia distro for you in Gary.
- You did what? - So Marshall got a cousin.
Nigga got one eye.
Well, actually, he got two, but one's looking east.
The other one's looking west.
What the fuck did you just do? Wait, I'm trying to tell you.
Look, so me and Marshall was in the mix with Jenard running coke to Gary, but Jenard fucked us out the deal, so I went back and told Cousin Buddy fuck coke.
We got Dahlia for him.
I don't know who the fuck that is.
- You give him my name? - No.
- You tell him where we was? - No.
- Was you fucking followed here? - No.
I don't know.
Why you tripping, man? This is a good thing! I did this for you.
No one asked you to bring this shit to Gary! Man, I was trying to do something good for you.
Yeah, well, you could have got yourself killed! All of us dead! You got this huge fucking future, and you out here doing dumb shit! Running with that trash bag Jenard, making bad deals, shooting up clubs for attention.
Wait, what the fuck you just say? Yeah, I know it was you that shot up the club, and I know that JP is your father.
And I'm your uncle, D-Mac.
So I gotta protect you.
Shut the fuck up! We family, D-Mac.
You and me and JP.
And I know you ain't gonna shoot me.
Try me.
'Cause you ain't no killer.
You know, I followed you to that old house.
I saw y'all there together.
But I ain't know you was fam.
I couldn't even Shit is just so fucked up.
Yeah, all the way around.
Should have told you, told JP.
Waited for the time.
Now it's on you to tell him.
Wait, what? Wait, fuck that.
Man, you the adult.
You should have been way more responsible.
Okay, I'll do it.
But you coming with me.
We do this shit together.
Put that shit away.
How you think he gonna take it? About as good as you.
Man, I ain't calling you Uncle Tommy.
- It's a'ight.
- Maybe just Tom.
Well, that ain't never gonna fucking happen.
Go! Move! Uncle Tommy! Fuck.
Oh, fuck.
Get up, get up.
- Oh, fuck.
- Shit.
Come here, come here.
Keep it right there.
Come here.
Come on, come on.
Jesus Christ.
No, no, man, it-it ain't my blood.
I'm a'ight.
Okay, okay, so what's up? Why you call me here? You know the boy that's been shooting up your club? The one with the dreads? Yeah.
He got hit, JP.
He's bad.
Well, you live by the sword, you die by it.
He's your son.
My son? He had this.
How long have you known? I been knowing for a minute.
I was just waiting for the right time to tell you.
The right time is the motherfucking second you knew.
Not after he's fighting for his life! No, I know, and-and I ain't got time for this! I gotta see my son.
Thanks for coming so quickly.
Appreciate you making the trip.
Happy to be here.
Happy to do what we do best.
Claudia, you're looking as beautiful as ever.
Since when did your father let you sit down with the men? Since now.
Easy there, boy.
See, we need your bullets, Ioan, but you're gonna need my daughter's intelligence if you wanna survive Chicago.
We're going to war.
We're gonna need every gun and man we can control.
We're gonna kill every Serb that we can find.
Most important of all we're gonna kill Tommy Egan.

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