Power Rangers s01e12 Episode Script

Power Ranger Punks

Let's try it again! Make sure it's straight.
I don't want it to wrinkle.
Soinning bottom twist, side.
Make way for the Bulkster, dweebs.
Hey! Woops.
Sorry, Bulk.
Out of my way, dork head! Watch.
Where you're going? I can go wherever I want to goooo! Oh! You sure that's where you wanted to go, Bulk? This will be a piece of cake I'll send down a monster to attack them when they're least expecting it.
And then you'll suffer, you foolish, Power Rangers.
Finster, Finster.
Get to work you good for nothing loafers.
Well, don't just stand around playing with day.
I need a monster right now! Yes, yes.
Madam Woe.
She's nearly as horrible as you, Evil One.
She'll give them a real headache.
You'd better get it right this time.
Yes, my Queen.
Madam Woe, oh no! You boys better follow the rules and pay for the cake or just don't come back.
Those two never learn.
Yo, Billy! Speaking of which, why don't you let me teach you a couple of moves for the dance tonight? Just to impress the ladies.
Ah! No, thanks.
I'm not really interested in engaging femanine attention through bodily gyrations.
Say what? Billy doesn't want to dance just to attract girls.
Yeah, well, to each his own, Billy boy.
So, Billy, did you ask anyone to the party tonight? Negative.
No way! Come on, there's gotta be some girl in your class that you can ask.
My priority is to complete my experiment on weather anylysing device for my labratory.
- See you later, guys! - See ya! Bye! I apologise profusely.
Oh, think nothing of it.
I'm afraid neither one of us was monitoring our designated entrance or exit.
Wow! Well stated.
My necklace seems to have, ah.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Sorry, allow me.
Thank you.
I've been having some diffuculty keeping it fastened.
And that's most likely why to fell.
And you want to give him tips on how to meet girls? What can I say.
Looks like a match made in heaven.
It's time to finish them once and for all.
And I never go anywhere without it.
My mother gave it to me when I graduated from the accelerated baby genius program.
I graduated from the accelerated baby genius program too.
Have you invitied anyone to the party tonight? A, not at this precise moment.
You? No, not yet! - Um, excuse me, Billy.
- Hey, Billy, can you come over here for a sec? It's kind of an emergency.
Oh! Excuse me.
- So ask her to the dance.
- Huh, that's your emergency.
It will be the biggest one in your life.
Go on, Billy, you can do it.
Ah, I can't.
I have to go.
- Billy.
- Yes.
Would you escort me to the party tonight? Most definately.
You know it probably would be advisable for us to get know each other a little better prior to this evening.
We could meet later.
You know, just to talk, perhaps we can exchange some ideas on the new weather device I've been working on.
That's a capital idea.
At the park, by the lake, say precisely 4 o'clock.
Great, I couldn't think of a more perfect place to discuss the weather.
Let the power of the sun, wind and sea gather together and come to me.
- Madame Woe.
- Why do you call me? You can control the sun.
That and much more, Rita, all my powers are at your command.
Madame Woe at your service.
What is your wish? - A little favour.
- Name your desire.
Your crown jewel gives you the power to send those brats to another dimension.
One will be at the park at 4 o'clock.
Once you've gotten rid of that one, the others will follow.
Then destroy them.
I am honoured to do your evil deed.
- Who are you? - Your worst nightmare.
What are you doing? Getting rid of you, you pathetic little Power Ranger.
But I'm not a Power Ranger.
Oh, my necklace! - Ha ha ha! - Ooh! What's going on? Billy! - Now your mine! - Help! I can't understand you.
I secificly told you to get the Power Ranger, Madam Woe, not the girl.
It's Marge necklace! Hey! Jason.
Jason, do you read me? Guys.
Go ahead, Billy, we read you.
I need help fast, I'm surrounded by Putties.
Alright, hold on! We'll be there as soon as we can, buddy.
Thanks for the accelerated response, guys.
Those Putties are a total pain.
Thanks again, guys.
But I'm afraid it's not over.
Why? What's the matter? It's Marge, she never reached the primary destination point that we assented to.
Assented to? Run that again.
Marge never showed up here as planned.
Well, not exactly, evidently she showed up, but all I found was her necklace which indicates she met with Yes, Zordon.
Rangers, I need you at the Command Centre immediately.
We're on our way! Zordon, can you tell us what happened to Marge? I'm afraid Jason is right.
Rita is behind this.
She set a trap to capture you, Billy, and accidently captured Marge instead.
It's all my fault.
Billy, you shouldn't blame yourself.
We've battled Rita's monster's before.
Don't worry.
We're going to get this one too.
You'll need to be careful, Power Rangers, for you must face a powerful foe.
I call your attention to the Viewing Globe.
She is called Madam Woe, for she brings Woe of trouble to everyone she touches.
She controls wind, rain, heat and cold with the energy of her crown jewell, which also has the power to send people into another dimension.
The only way to defeat her is to combine your powers.
How do we do that? By combining your five power coins.
Any one of you can assume the power of the entire group.
Well then, I'll be the one.
I volunteer.
Let the Power protect you, Billy.
Okay, Guys.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! - Power Rangers! - It's her! Now you will join your friend.
She's warped us to another dimension.
Apparently so.
Huh? Marge! - Are you okay? - Yes.
You You're the Power Rangers! Yes, don't be afraid, we'll get you out of here.
I promise! Feel the power of Madam Woe.
Now to finish you! Let's move in! Oh, no! You weaklings will never defeat me.
Wave blasters out! Fire! Your weapons are no match for the power of Madame Woe.
Our weapons don't seem to work on her, but there must be some way to beat her.
Man, we've got to figure out what to do.
Yeah, with alacrity.
With what? He means fast.
No! Now, which one of you wimps is the first to suffer my wrath.
We can't beat her here.
We've got to get back to our dimension.
The only way to do that is by combining our Power Coins.
Good thinking, ready when you are.
Let's do it! - You little brats! - Now! - Tyrannosaurus! - Mastodon! - Sabretooth Tiger! - Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Morph to the power of one.
Your parlour tricks cannot save you.
No-one escapes Madam Woe.
Now you'll feek the sting of my anger.
Over here! No! My crystal! She's weakening, you'll be free in a second.
Alright, Guys, we're almost out of here! When we get there, hang to the side, out of the way and you'll be fine.
Okay, everyone ready.
- Yes.
- Yes.
We're back! Let's go! - Let's do it! - Let's do it! - You escaped! - But you won't, Madame Woe! Let's bring them together! Power Axe! Power Bow! Power Daggers! Power Lance! Power Sword! Power Rangers! - Woe is me.
- Fire! Wow! You guys were I think the phrase is - Totally awesome? - Exactly.
Ooh! I have a headache.
Why don't I ever get to win? It's just not fair! That was great! I was really disappointed when you didn't show up at the designed time.
Well, I was worried actually.
That's sweet! I was worried too, until the Power Rangers showed up.
So they rather saved the day, huh? Especially the one in blue.
I'm partial to blue.
He was so gallant, so heroic.
Yes, oh, I mean, he was.
Oh, surprise.
Oh, Billy! My necklace! Check out, Billy.
Oh, man! I mean, he's got all that going on and he hasn't had to dance a lick.
Some of us dance our buns off and still don't have that going on.
Hey, you two, you think you can pull a fast one on me.
I told you if you wanted to come back here, you had to pay for that cake.
Actually, I thought they made a pretty cute couple.
That cake cose me money, money you owe me now, or you two clowns can leave.
Alright, I'll give you the money, but first I gotta get it from the bank.
What is this? This is the bank.
Here, this aught to take care of the cake.
Yap, that took care of the cake alright.
Hey! Hey! Come on, Herman, it's not time for cake yet.
You've still got the sandwiches to serve.
Yeah, right.
But first I've got to build up an appetite.
Let's dance! Captioned by Grantman Brown