Power Rangers s01e19 Episode Script

Green With Evil (3): The Rescue

I'm enjoying this so much.
I'm almost sorry to see it end, but when my Empress Commands.
Ha ha! I obey.
Ah! Ah? Ha.
There is no escape Jason.
Ha ha ha! No that Goldar has Jason right where I want him, it's time to call forth my old friend Scorpina.
She'll make mince meat out of those Power geeks, starting today.
Ha ha! Yes! From Demonside an evil place, bring forth an villianess to face the Power Rangers, with a sting, Scorpina will bring to the world her evil way.
Come, Scorpina.
Come, Green Ranger make my evil unstopable.
Come on, Alpha, you almost had a lock on Zordon.
Ai yi yi yi, I'm hurrying, Rangers.
The sub generator is loosing power.
Zordon's signal is fading.
Hurry, Alpha.
Switching to alternate energy source.
Come on.
We're still not getting enough power.
Zordon's signal is too weak.
We've lost him.
Poor Zordon, he's gone again.
In that brief second he was back, he was trying to tell us something about the Green Ranger.
Which means he was probably involved in all this.
The computer is still trying to locate Jason, unfortunately it has come up with nothing.
I've got a really bad feeling about this, guys.
Soemething isn't right.
We're going to have to split up and find Jason.
You're beginning to make me angry.
Where are you? You are only prolonging the inevitable, Jason.
Show yourself, give up, I'll be meraful.
Ha ha ha! So, Goldar, how does it feel to be outsmarted by a human being? No human has ever defeated Goldar.
Well, I'm going to change that.
Sorry, Kim, can't help you.
I haven't seen Jason around for a while.
Do you think he is in trouble or something? I don't know, Ernie.
Hey, we'll help you find Jason, smashon, missing persons are our specialty.
Hey, we work cheap.
What is cheap? But we take payment in kisses! Ugh.
Close your eyes.
Don't do it.
Sick! Yeah, sick! Ernie, if you see Jason let him know we're looking for him, okay? Sure thing, Kimberly Excuse me-- Oh.
Tommy, wait.
Have you seen Jason around? Yeah? As a matter of fact, I waited for him after school and he didn't show.
That doesn't sound like him And let me guess you worried, right? That is what you do best, isn't it, Kim? Hey, Tommy - What's with him? - I wish I knew.
- You find out anything? - Checked all over.
No one's seen Jason.
Same here.
It's funny, Tommy said he waited for Jason after school but he never showed.
That's bogus.
I know Jason was there I saw him.
Then you talk to Tommy, okay? He probably thinks I'm making all this up so I have something to say to him.
Come on, let's catch him outside I think the Rangers suspect something, your Evilness.
Well, why don't we have a look and just see what is going on down there.
I'll bet that pesky little Ranger is up to no good, Somewhere in the park.
Ah, yes.
Kimberly and Zack, trying to mess with my Green Ranger.
Ha! Yeah, I'll get you.
Oh, There he is! Yo, Tommy.
Yo, Tommy.
Ah, man, talk about bad timing.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Tommy's gone.
Something is definately up.
He's weird.
Putties didn't even attack him.
Come on, let's get to the Command Center.
Green Ranger, it's time.
Your not begging for mercy human, because you know, I'd never grant that.
I thought Rita wanted me to destroy him.
She wants that pleasure to be mine, and has ordered me personally to see to his end.
So, we meet again.
I've been looking forward to this.
You wear that Green Ranger costume and yet your loyalty's with Rita.
I'm her Green Ranger, and she is my Empress.
She's evil! Yeah, and so am I.
Soon, you and your friends will be a memory.
Ha ha ha! We couldn't find Jason.
We'll haven't been able to locate him here either.
I just hope he's okay.
How long till the computer is ready to locate Zordon? I did it, I fixed our wrist communicators.
That's great, Billy.
Now we can get a fix on Jason and teleport him back here.
You are a skilled warrior.
Let's end this.
I don't want to fight you.
Because you know I'll win.
No! Because if you're truly a Ranger, you're gonna be on Zordon's side and not Rita's! Zordon is a memory.
Rita will soon rule the world! Oh, no.
You don't.
Ha ha! When I think about the terrible things Scorpina used to do.
Oh, yes.
They were the worst.
You remember, now's the perfect time to bring her back.
Now that.
We are together once again we can, we can finish the Power Rangers.
Please do me a favour and her Stinger away from me.
The time you got him on the head, he wined for a week.
Ha ha ha! Oh, gosh.
We have partial power in the main computer.
And it's locked on to Jason's wrist communicator.
Can you teleport him here? Yeah, it's just going to take a minute.
I have to feed his co-ordinates in manually.
Anything we can do? Just cross your fingers.
Hold on, Jason.
It is over.
I am the victor.
What do you think of my sword? You're about to pay the price of defeat.
How much longer? I've almost got it.
The suspense is breaking my circuit board.
Billy, hurry! For what it's worth, you put up a pretty good fight.
And now the battle is finished.
I've locked on, he's teleporting now.
Huh, what? No, hah! Jason, you're back! Guys, that was way too close.
The Green Ranger nearly sliced and diced me.
Green Ranger? I got a lot to fill you guys in on.
You're not gonna believe what happend.
You had him at your mercy, and you let him escape?! He was teleported out, Goldar.
You had more than enough time to dispose of him, Green Ranger! Rita trusted you, but as it turns out, she should have left me there to do the job! Give me another chance and trust me! I will destroy them! You may yet get another chance to prove yourself, but for now you'll remain where you are.
It all started in school.
I finished talking to Tommy and the next thing I know Wait a minute, you said you were at school? Tommy said you didn't show up.
That's weird, the next thing I know, I'm fighting with Goldar.
And he has my Power Morpher, and then the Green Ranger shows up and then we went at it.
Did you find out anything more about it.
I can tell you one thing, he's a mean fighter.
Man-- Can you believe our emery this time.
Is another Ranger.
What's happening? It's the emergency alarm.
Ai yi yi yi! Alpha, what is it? Watch the Viewing Globe.
Who's that? It's the evil Stinging Scorpina, I haven't seen her in over ten thousand years.
She's launched an attack on the warehouse section of Angel Grove.
We've got to stop her.
Good luck, Rangers.
Beware of Scorpina's sting.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Let's do it! Power Rangers! So Putty Patrol, attack the Power Rangers.
The battle is grand.
And for once we are winning.
But altough she is a great warrior.
She is greatly outnumbered, she must be called back before it is too late.
Gosh and Golly, can we go watch it? Very well.
Here I come.
Jason, are you okay? I think she's cute.
What do you think, Squatt? Am I prettier? Yes, you're much more beautiful than Scorpina, your Evilness.
You're by far the most evil.
Yes, aren't I? Ha ha! Scorpina.
Don't, Scorpina, me, I was at least out there battling them.
Perhaps you should send in the Green Ranger now.
Couldn't handle it.
You're wrong.
Shush now, Green Ranger did quite we'll against the Power Geeks he nearly had them, until he let Jason escape the Dark Dimension.
So do you think I should send the Green Ranger? I think I don't know what I think, your evilness.
No send me, I want go to.
Well, I could go with Baboo.
Oh, shut up! Let's not forget who's the most powerful warrior-- Your the most powerful.
You right, ah, now that I think of it you are the most powerful.
And I should go, not Green Ranger.
Oh, no, the Green Ranger.
Baboo, will you put a cork in it already.
I make the decisions around here, and so I've decided that you should fo it.
Thank you, my Queen.
I promise I shall not fail you.
And I'll be busy working on a spell to cause an eclupse and cut off Megazord's solar power, when the final battle begins.
Sometime's I'm so diabolically brilliant I can't stand myself.
To your victory, and the end of the Power Rangers.
I've pushed forward, my Queen.
I'm ready for another chance.
Patience, Green Ranger, your time will come.
I'll be waiting to crush the Power Rangers.
Rita's bound to strike again soon.
With Scorpina and Green Ranger out there, we have to keep our guards up.
I don't get it.
Every time Rita attacks.
She pulls back.
It almost as if she's holding back, getting ready for a bigger battle.
At least the wrist communicators are functioning and the computer's back on line.
Is it powered up enough to start looking for Zordon again? Yes, Jason.
I'm scanning the sector that Zordon's signal was in, and I think I've found something.
- Zordon.
- Rangers, can you hear me? Zordon, we can barely make you out.
Hang on.
Alpha, do something.
Ai yi yi yi, I've got him, but I don't know how to keep him.
Lock onto his molecular pattern.
Come on, Alpha, you can do it.
- It's not holding.
- It's not holding.
Something is drawing power from the Command Center.
You lost him again.
Magic wand make my Goldar grow! Rangers, look at the Viewing Globe.
There is a major disturbance in downtown Angel Grove.
It's Goldar! Ai yi yi yi! Man, Goldar's gone off the deep end.
We've got to stop him.
It could be a trap.
We don't have a choice.
Captioned by Grantman Brown