Power Rangers s01e21 Episode Script

Green With Evil (5): Breaking the Spell

Can't believe that Tommy's the Green Ranger.
There has got to be a mistake.
Alpha, are you sure about this? The computer matched his interspacial bio vibrations with the Green Ranger's Yeah, but the computer has also been under repair.
Maybe it made a mistake.
Not likely, Alpha corrected the malfunction.
Then Tommy is the Green Ranger.
How could Tommy do this to us? Rita must have cast a spell over Tommy and is controlling his mind.
You see Rangers, we can't give up, we have to break Rita's spell.
And save Tommy To the destruction of Megazord And total domination of Earth.
HaHaHa Bury an oyster tube.
And now the others know.
Yep, after today It was possible because of our great Empress, Rita.
Ahaa, but my brilliant plan continues.
HaHaHa! Are you ready for the fight? Yes, my Empress.
It will be an honour to help you conquer Earth.
Of course.
Oh, this will be good.
Ooh, Rita will rule the world.
She will enslave mankind.
She'll destroy the command centre again.
Alpha, you've made your point.
And you'll reconsider? - Alright.
- Okay.
Let's do it.
We have to find Tommy and break Rita's spell.
Let's split up and look for him.
What if he is at Rita's palace? Then we wait him out.
He'll show up sooner or later.
What about Zordon, Alpha? Green Ranger thought he got rid of him for good, but there is still a chance I can bring Zordon back.
Keep working on that Alpha.
The rest of us will find Tommy.
- Ernie! - Would you believe this is happening? I know.
It's terrible.
Thank goodness for the Power Rangers.
- Hey you should be thanking us - Yeah us Yeah we are the ones who helped the Power Rangers to scare off that ugly gold guy.
Yeah right.
Yeah, right.
We're the ones who should be on TV.
- Yeah on TV.
- Dream on Bulk.
Have you seen Tommy? - The new Kid? - Yes.
- He's over there.
- Thanks.
Tommy! Tommy I know.
I know you're the Green Ranger.
Well, then, Pink Ranger, you should also know that you and the other Power Rangers will soon be destroyed.
Let us help you, we can break Rita's spell! Rita is my Empress, and she will soon rule the world.
Tommy, please, let us help you! You, have been warned.
But Goldar, we haven't seen this Zord in over 10,000 years! - Quiet! - But what if Silence, you fools! If she choose to call forth the Dragonzord, then it shall be called for! There!! Behold the mighty Dragonzord.
Now my Green Ranger shall have a Zord which he can use to crush those Power Rangers.
At last their destruction will be complete.
Aha aha aha.
All this will belong to Empress Rita once I and my Zord put down the Power Rangers forever.
Ha ha ha.
Yi yi yi yi.
I've got to find a way to get Zordon back.
If I can just manage to get access to his dimentional files.
Let's see.
Numerical sequences correct.
Sector one zero two nine.
Search initiated access granted.
I've done it.
I'm in.
Computer begin.
Search of sector one zero two nine, sweeping all parimeters.
Well, Zordon, now it is only a matter of time.
So you found Tommy? Yeah, and his eyes were glowing green.
It was very scary.
- Wow.
- Man.
He's known all along who we are.
That were the Power Rangers? Yes, and he is definately out to get us.
He's got to be under one of Rita's spells.
That would explain why he's been acting so weird.
And why the Putties didn't attack him.
Finally this is all starting to make sense.
Trini, what's wrong? There's big trouble downtown.
It's all over the radio, a monster is attacking the business district.
Rita's not going to give up, is she? It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Let's do it! Ha ha ha.
Over there.
He's on top of the building.
Dragonzord destroy the Power Rangers.
What's he doing? He's calling the Dragonzord with his flute.
Look out, he's going to fire.
- Aha! - Aha! Whoa! Tommy, stop.
You don't know what you are doing I'm destroying and I'm doing it because my Empress commanded it.
Soon she'll rule the world.
What's this? Tommy, No.
Why doesn't he stop fooling around and finish them? Don't do this, man.
I must there is no other choice.
Look out for his tail.
We can't stop him.
It's working! I can't believe this is happening.
Alpha 5 , Well done.
You have re-established our computer link-up.
Zordon, it's you.
You're back.
Yes, Alpha.
Get them to their Zords immediately.
Their Zords have been taken away.
The Green Ranger is on the rampage.
By destroying the Sword of Darkness, they will break Rita's evil spell.
My power morpher.
It's glowing.
- Mine too.
- Zordon's back.
Log on.
mastodon, rearing to go.
Triceratops, battle ready.
Pterodactyl's looking good.
Sabretooth Tiger on line.
Agh! I don't believe it! Alright.
Tommy, stop, you don't know what you are doing.
Alright, Rangers.
Power up! - 2.
1 Power up.
- Let's do it! - Switching to Megazord power mode.
- Right! Megazord sequence activated and initiated.
Megazord Activated.
Let do it! Increase power.
We've got to save time.
- Right! - Right! - Give it up, Tommy.
- No way.
I'm sorry it has to be like this, but Zordon said I've got to destroy your sword to save you.
Before you and Rita destroy the world.
I'm going down.
Agh! Ah.
Agh! Ahh.
Agh! Oh, man.
And now, Red Ranger, it is time for me to destroy you.
I must be victorious for my queen.
Agh! I think he is finally going to do it.
Agh! It's all over, Tommy.
All right, guys, let's morph! You destroyed the Power Sword! Rita's spell is broken! You okay, Tommy? What's happening to me? You're no longer under Rita's power.
My head's spinning, What have I done? What you did, you did under Rita's influence.
You own the power now.
Fight by our side, we can defeat Rita.
After everything that's happened? Tommy, we need you.
It's where you belong.
Will you join us, Tommy? Oh, look, Zordon.
You are watching history in the making Alpha.
Finally the prophesy has been fulfilled.
The Sixth Ranger is now one of us.
Alright then it's Morphin' Time! - Dragonzord! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! - Tyrannosaurus! Yeah.
We're back! We're ready to morph into action! - Six working together to fight evil! - And stop Rita! - And all her menacing monsters! - From destroying our planet Earth! - And ruling the universe with evil! - Look out, Rita, - we're not backing down 'cause we're the - Power Rangers! Rangers with our new friend comes new power.
Use your flute Tommy, and bring life to the Dragonzord.
When he combines with the Mastodon, Tricratops and Sabretooth Tiger a new fighting machine will be at our disposal.
- Alright.
- Ah, man.
It's awesome.
Look, they're coming together.
Rangers, I give you Dragonzord in fighting mode.
Check it out.
Man! It's morphinominal.
The safely of the universe is once again in your hands Power Rangers.
I can't believe those beat us.
I will avenge you, my queen.
I promise you Zordon and his Power Rangers will be made to pay.
We missed you, Zordon.
Morale around here was pretty low without you.
The fact remains that even as you faced your greatest danger, with all the odds stacked against you, you carried on like true superheroes, and persevered.
We really owe a lot to Alpha.
Ahh! Alpha, you displayed exemplary leadership capabilities in my absense, I am very proud of you.
Ah, well, um, I ah, shucks.
And now I welcome our newest Ranger.
Now that you are a true Power Ranger, Tommy.
You must follow three basic rules or lose the protection of the power.
First never use your power for personal gain, second, never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you to and finally keep your identity secret.
No-one may know you are a Power Ranger.
You can count on me Zordon 100%.
Here, I made you a communicator.
- Oh, thanks.
- You're one of us how.
Welcome aboard.
A new chapter has begun, Rangers.
Let the Power protect you.
Power Rangers.
Captioned by Grantman Brown