Power Rangers s01e48 Episode Script

Plague of the Mantis

Move forward, like this, try again.
Yes, Master.
You'll get better, rest a moment, I will test your mind.
Trini, what is the most honorable tradition of Kung Fu? In Kung Fu we always honour the tradition of the fair fight.
Always face your opponent with equal numbers.
Good, now to help you master the praying mantis style, I have bought along this.
Observe the mantis delicate yet powerful, peaceful, always ready to defend itself.
Let's try again.
Check out the Bug Fu.
Bug Fu, that's dopey! Yeah.
Hey, think of this.
If we find a bug to imitate, Then we can change people the moves, how to do it.
Let's go hunt for some bugs.
How cute! She wants to do Mantis Kung Fu.
Finster, make me a monster! I'll show her how it's done.
A mantis monster to take on Trini and destroy her.
And the rest of those Power Brats too.
Hurry up! Finster and make it good.
Those Power Rangers have been bigging us forever.
This could be tasty.
Finally with this mantis monster.
We'll get them.
Man, Trini is really looking good.
I know, she's been practicing really hard with the Master.
We'll all to learn this praying mantis technique if we want to keep up with her.
It's so difficult, Master.
It just means you have to work harder to perfect it.
I'll keep at it, Master.
- Hey guys! - Hey Trini! How can you stand to be near this thing? Yuk! Ah, an excellent example of mantis religiosa.
I have to study for my next Kung Fu lesson.
Wow, double duty, math and Kung Fu homework.
This is really cool! But why did you choose to learn Kung Fu? I think the real reason I like it is that it emphasises fairness.
Always play fair and never cheat in a competition.
That's a real challenge to live up to.
You're not the only Bug Fu expert in town anymore.
My partner and I are the newest and only masters of the mystical cockroach Kung Fu.
Ah, not more bugs.
Want to date a cockroach Fu Master, babe? Ah, I don't date bugs.
Skull, there's no such thing as cockroach Kung Fu.
There is now.
Yeah, want to see? We'd love to see more, but we have to go to the library.
Zordon, some unidentified energy source has landed in the park.
Trini is near by, I'll have her investigate.
Come in, Zordon.
Alpha has detected something suspicious in the woods near you.
I'll check it out.
Zordon, it's one of Rita's monsters, alert the other Power Rangers.
I shall Trini, be careful.
I've got to morph! Sabretooth Tiger! So Yellow Ranger, dare to challenge me to single combat.
You have no chance against me weakling.
Don't worry, Trini, we're here.
Whose this? We're here to mangle you, Mantis.
Wait Jason! We must be careful.
It's Kung Fu.
Tell your friends it's not a fair fight.
You have no honour.
She's right, I'm afraid.
The mantis has shamed Trini, she'll have to fight him alone next time, and it will be the end for her.
A brilliant plan.
And to think Baboo called it a dumb idea.
Right, Baboo? Um um um Silence, and savour my genius.
Trini, don't be so hard on yourself.
We're going to get the mantis.
I know, but it would have been more honorable to face him on my own.
It was a monster bug, no way.
Alpha, what information do we have regarding Rita's mantis? I'll punch it up on the Viewing Globe.
He's an expect at praying mantis Kung Fu.
He's very dangerous.
Perhaps he challenged Trini, because she's the Kung Fu expert? The mantis takes her out and he's going to have an easier time with us.
I'll put in some extra practice so that next time that mantis shows up, I'll be ready.
And we'll nail him.
Now's your chance to get Trini away from the others.
Thanks, Ernie.
Bye! Trini, somebody left a note for you.
Thanks, Ernie.
I got to go! Now what? It's easy, just look at the bugs and do what they do.
Not the dead ones, dummy.
Master, are you here? No, but I am, you have no honour.
You will now face me alone.
I do have honour, I believe in fair play, but you, you're one of Rita's monsters, you can't be trusted.
I give you my word as Kung Fu Master.
Redeem your honour, accept my challenge.
Hey Ernie, where's Trini? Yeah, she got this not, then left.
Trini, meet me at the Quarry for some special training, Master Lee.
Why there? We should check this out.
So, you have decided to face me after all.
Yes, you see I do have honour.
But honour will not save you from destruction.
The quarry's right over there.
Let's go! You want action, a few Putties should excite you.
- Look! - Oh no! Putties! You haven't defeated me yet, Mantis.
Oh, but the day is still young.
Hey, stop that! Get her, Putties! This should test your honour.
What about your honour? I have no honour, I'm one of Rita's monsters.
Kung Fool, you're finished! I remember what my master told me.
Fight cowardly Ranger.
Hey, that mantis has Trini outnumbered.
We must contact the other Rangers.
We read you, Zordon.
Trini is in trouble, she needs your help at the quarry.
We've got to get to Trini! Let's squash that bug! It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Tyrannosaurus! Now it's a fair fight, Mantis.
Agh! I've got them now, grow Mantis grow! I'll make bug juice out of you.
Alright, We need Dinozord power, right now! Rangers, log on! Zack here, ready to jam! Billy here, systems nominal! Trini here, ready to rock! Let's mush this mantis! Right, power up your crystal.
Morphin! Switching to battle mode now! Megazord sequence initiated.
Megazord activated.
Megazord ay? That just means more for me to mangle? Trini, what's he doing? The mantis will concentrate all his energies for a quick single blow.
Let's do it! Watch his footwork.
We're ready for him.
Power Sword! Let's take this bug down.
How do you always mess up? Bone heads.
You promised me.
Good work, Power Rangers, and Trini, you did the honorable thing.
You tried to be fair.
Thanks, Zordon.
It's not your fault Rita cheats.
At least all your practicing paid off.
Hey, we're teammates.
We'll always be there to watch your back.
I know, you guys are the best! Besides, we showed Rita that we're not afraid of her big bug.
And on the local front, those amazing heroes, the Power Rangers, once again successfully defeat another attack on Angel Grove by Rita Repulsa and her seemingly endless hoard of bugs.
Excellent work, Trini.
Thankyou, Master, practice makes perfect.
Good job.
Check that out.
Coachroach Kung Fu.
$50 an hour.
Learn from the masters.
Take home a sparing partner.
$20 bucks.
You know what we need? A little publicity.
Gather round everyone, gather round, and see just how powerful cockroach Kung Fu.
Really is.
And now for our top secret roach rondevew.
- Cockroach Power.
- Cockroach Power.
Get off me, get off me! Captioned by Grantman Brown