Power Rangers s01e50 Episode Script

Return of an Old Friend (2)

That coin may help you defeat Rita.
What good will Tommy's Power Coin do if he doesn't even have his powers anymore.
Rangers, we've located your parents.
Look! Oh, look at them, guys, it's so aweful.
We have to try! Jason's right.
We can't give up now.
I just hope they're alright.
I assume you, your parents are safe for the time being.
Well, what can we do? First we need Tommy! Alpha, locate him and teleport him here immediately.
Right away, Zordon! Alpha, you must work quickly.
What's going on here? Huh, what's he doing there? There is no way they can bring Green Ranger back.
It's impossible! He's lost his power, Goldar.
That's right! Thanks to Rita! Brilliant! Brilliant! Now we destroy Angel Grove.
Time to show how wicked I am.
I'll start the next phase immediately.
And Dramole, my most horrible monster yet will finish Earth once and for all.
Tommy! Welcome back, old friend! Alright, I get the picture.
Look, I'll do anything I can to help.
But how? How can I without my powers? I believe the only way possible is to infuse Tommy with an enormous amount of my own energy.
But Zordon, that can be dangerous for you and Tommy.
I agree with Billy.
What happens if these temporary powers give out during a fight.
Yeah, we can't ask Tommy to take the risk.
This is a risk I'm willing to take.
When do we begin? Victory shall be mine! The Power Rangers are no more.
Amazing! I hope it works! Zordon, be careful! If you drain too much you'll cease to exist.
Billy's right! Rangers, it's our only chance.
You worry too much, Alpha.
Oh, please let this happen.
- I don't believe it! - It's working! Whoa! This is amazing! I'm back! You again Green weakling.
That's right, Goldar! You have no chance of defeating me.
We'll see about that.
Empty threats from a powerless Ranger.
I'm more then enough to beat you, Goldar.
I shall enjoy crushing you again.
You've come for your precious Dragon Dagger and youe pathetic Power Coins.
Hah, come and get them! Right! Just you and me, Goldar! Putty Patrol, take care of my old friend! Aha! Way! Had enough already? I'll never give in to you, Goldar.
Yeah, get up and fight me! Zordon, please, your energy level his already dropped dangerously low.
Just up it more.
This can't go on much longer.
Oh, look, you guys! There's way too many of them.
Tommy can do this! Alpha, turn up the power! Ai yi yi! Alright, here goes! He's back, Zordon! You did it! Way to go, Goldar, do it again! Now I'll finish you! Oh, no! Not now! Don't quit on me power.
Just got! I got it! Dragon Dagger! What are we going to do now? I just remembered I left the oven on.
I call on the power of the Dragonzord.
I should fire all of you bunglers.
I couldnot possibly have worse help than I do already.
- Are you ready, Scorpina? - I am! Perfect! Ha ha! Come on, my friend.
One more time.
He's too weak, Zordon.
He'll never make it! Alpha, bring Tommy back.
You fading Zordon.
Bring Tommy back, Alpha.
Oh, no! We've lost Zordon! Alpha, can you still bring Tommy back? I'll do my best! The Power Coins are unguarded.
We must go! The Power Coins! I got you! Hang on, a few more seconds.
Tommy! Doesn't look good! But he brought back our Power Coins.
Look at him now! Oh, Alpha, is he going to be alright? His readings are very low.
How's he doing? Well, he's resting comfortably and he seems to be okay.
That's a good sign.
I can't believe we lost Zordon as well as our parents.
Don't say that, Zack.
Alpha, there has to be something we can do.
I've been thinking about that Rangers and I've come to the conclusion that what worked for Tommy might work for Zordon.
Wait, you want to run that by me again.
He's right.
If Zordon used his energy to infuse Tommy, why can't we use ours? Use our Power Coins to infuse him.
So if we hold them to gether and concentrate their energy towards Zordon.
We can bring him back.
It might work! We've got to try! I say we do it! We call on the power of all these to combine.
- Triceratops! - Mastodon! - Sabretooth Tiger! - Pterodactyl! Tyrannosaurus! - Alright.
- We did it! Rangers, I thank you.
Ai yi yi! This is too emotional for my robotic neurons.
Oh, Alpha, don't, you'll rust.
I just wish we could bring our parents back as easily.
We will think of something.
You numbskulls, you had Green Rangers and you let him get away! It's lucky for you.
I still have my monster.
Summon Dramole.
Rangers, that alarm means the dreaded Dramole monster has come up through the earth's surface.
We've got to stop him! Once this monster has been destroyed your parents will be free.
Okay, let's go and get that disgusting rat.
Caution, Rangers, Dramole is very dangerous, avoid the mind control gas emitted from his nostrals.
Zordon's right.
Remember what happened to me.
Alpha, will Tommy be alright.
I will watch over him.
Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go get our parents.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! This way, guys! We know he's around here somewhere.
Oow! Gross! Don't breath it, you guys! Guys, what's happening to you? What's the matter? Ai yi yi! Four of the Rangers are under the Dramole's spell.
there is very little we can do to help them, Alpha.
Zordon, look! - Attack the Pink Ranger! - Attack the Pink Ranger! Let's go me! Zordon, his whole body is electrically charged.
When he reached into the force field around the Power Coins, he must have absorbed its energy.
The overload should wear off soon.
Affirmative, Zordon.
Tommy, you're back! And the energy from the force field has restored your powers.
How do you feel, Tommy? I'm really angry! My friends are in danger! I've got to do something about it.
I'm morphin out of here.
Dragonzord! What just happened? What's going on? - Man! - Look! - Tommy! - Alright.
- Alright.
- I'm so glad to see you! It's good to be back! Make my monster grow! Time for Dragonzord! We need Dinozord power now! - Alright.
- Alright.
- Morphin! - Morphin! Let's do it! Alright.
Megazord Battle sequence now! Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated.
He's going to fire! Full power to the shields.
Tommy, we're down! We need time to reboot.
Dragonzord's got you covered.
Megadragonzord power! Ultrazord power up! You're through mullet face.
Lock on and fire! Oh no, not again! Curse you, Power Rangers.
They're escaped today, but they've not seen the last of us.
Rangers, I'm pleased to confirm that with the destruction fo the Dramole monster your parents have been freed.
Yeah! They've been transported from the Dark Dimension back to the Youth Centre and they remember nothing.
That's the best news I've heard all day.
Second best news is that Tommy's got his power back.
Alpha and I will have to analyse your powers Tommy, to see if they can be restored to you permanently.
As it is they could fail, leaving you vulnerable.
Knowing this, Tommy, do you still choose to be a Power Ranger? Absolutely.
It's good to be back with my friends, even if it's only for a while.
Welcome back, Green Ranger! Hey, guys! It's Parent's Day, remember.
Well, what's all this about? Well, I'm just glad you guys are my parents.
Dad, did I ever tell you how proud I am to be your daughter? Mum, you sure look pretty today.
Oh, go on.
I love you guys so much.
I was kinda afraid you might feel uncomfortable.
Kimberly, what gave you that idea? Because we're divorced, doesn't mean we don't love you.
We'll always be here for you.
Oh, there's somebody I'd like you to meet.
Hi, nice to meet you.
You feel kinda weird.
It's this boring party thing man, it's getting to my brain.
Do you wanna split? No, I got a better idea! - Food fight! - Food fight! Stop this! Can't you do something about this mess? Well, you know what they say.
If you can't them, join them.
Can you believe our parents.
No! Well, you know what they say right? You're only as old as you feel.
Captioned by Grantman Brown