Power Rangers s01e52 Episode Script

Two Heads are Better Than One

Ah! After 10,000 years, I'm free.
It's time to conquer earth.
Alpha, Rita's escaped.
Recruit a team of teenages with attitudes.
# Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Mighty Morphin' Power rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # You mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # ( mid-tempo instrumental music plays ) Stop! Help! Help! Ugh! Remember to scream as loud as possible to attract attention.
Any questions? - Yes.
- I just wanted to say how nice it is of you boys to volunteer to teach us self-defense.
( applause ) Hey, anything for Angel Grove's moms.
Today's class is about teamwork.
Teamwork can be one of your best weapons against an opponent.
Okay, Kimberly and Trini are gonna help us show you what we mean.
First off, when they wall then use the buddy system.
- Hi! - But unfortunately, they're still attacked.
- KIM: Uh! Uh! - One mistake Trini's making is she not yelling.
Stop! Help! - ( applause ) - Thanks.
( laughs ) See, by working together and dividing their attackers, they stay calm and are able to defeat them easily.
Remember, ladies-- Two heads are better than one.
( applause ) RITA: Two heads are better than one? Ugh.
Maybe that's the problem with Finster's monsters! They've only got one head, so they're stupid! Hey, I'll take an extra head.
- Move over! - Ow! Make me a monster that had two heads so it'll be twice as smart.
I have a delightful parrot monster I'm working on.
I want it special! It is it has one head here and another down there.
- Yeah, that's good.
- Yes, of course it is.
- I'll have it for you in a jiffy.
- Ooh, it better be good this time.
Okay, ladies, go home and practice, and, uh, we'll see you all in tomorrow's class.
( indistinct conversations ) ZACK: Mmm, good, huh? - Tommy, you've got to try this.
- Yeah, man, they're great.
( indistinct conversations ) - That's really good.
- KIM: Uh-huh.
What is this? It's a mixture of anasis cosmosis, cidium fruit, and creka fruit.
They're my new exotic fruit shakes.
I got some pineapple, a little guava, some papaya, and a whole bunch of stuff.
Yeah, Ernie bought all kinds of exotic fruit so that he can make them.
( up-tempo instrumental music plays ) Okay, karate geeks, we are here for the self-defense class.
Well, you guys are late, and class is over.
Besides, it's a women's self-defense class.
- We know that.
- We want to meet some babes.
- ( cowbell ringing ) - Yeah.
Like, uh Kimberly.
- ( sniffs ) - Ugh! You know what? You guys should be in the class.
You know, we've got some real babes for you two to meet.
- ( exhales sharply ) - SKULL: Yes! Oh, which reminds me, partner.
We gotta to figure out what we're teaching next time.
- Right.
Uh, catch you guys later? - See you later.
- Bye, Tommy.
- ( dance music plays ) Pow! - Waa! - Okay, here's a move.
- Ahh! - That's a good one.
Check this one out.
Uhh! RITA: All by yourselves, boys? ( evil laughter ) Oh, this is perfect.
( evil laughter ) First, that 2-headed parrot will eliminate those two.
Then, we can go after the other Rangers! ( squawks ) TOMMY: Look out! - What was that? - I think it was a message - from one of Rita's monsters.
- It's Morphin Time! - Dragonzord! - Tyrannosaurus! ( squawks ) TOMMY: That thing's got a powerful punch.
Top head! ( high-pitched voice ) Ha ha! Your divide-and-conquer definition of teamwork is a good one, Power Rangers.
- But we're here to improve it.
- Oh, man.
What is that thing? - Some sort of 2-headed parrot.
- What's the matter, Power Brats? BOTTOM HEAD: ( deep voice ) You said yourselves, "Two heads BOTH HEADS: are better than one.
" - Not in your case, birdbrain.
- TOP HEAD: You don't think so? BOTTOM HEAD: Watch this! ( squawks ) ( squawks ) Aah! Aah! BOTTOM HEAD: Well, what's it going to be, Rangers? TOP HEAD: Are you going to stay and fight or run away? - Jason, wait! - Let go, Tommy.
We can take this guy.
Let's not chance it.
We need the rest of the team.
Come on! - ( both heads laugh evilly ) - TOP HEAD: See you later, Rangers! - ( both heads laugh evilly ) - Alpha, teleport the Rangers here at once.
- Right, Zordon.
- ( beeping ) Rangers, Jason and Tommy were just attacked in the park by Rita's latest monster, the 2-headed parrot.
- ( evil laughter ) - With two brains working together, the parrot becomes twice as intelligent and twice as dangerous.
- It shoots feather-shaped darts.
- Yeah, and missiles.
ZORDON: The key to the parrot's power lies in both brains cooperating with each other in order to launch its attack.
I guess Rita finally learned how to use a little teamwork.
- Man, that is one bad bird.
- How can we stop it? Well, perhaps we could distract it with its favorite food.
Parrots do love fruit.
The data on the parrot shows that it likes pamangos best.
Hey, there's a lot of fruit trees in the park.
I'll go find one.
Good thinking, Tommy, but be careful.
Your powers are limited.
- I got it.
- ZORDON: The rest of you should stay here and study Alpha's data on the Right.
TOMMY: Okay, according to Alpha, there should be a pamango tree right around here somewhere.
- ( printer clacking ) - ( computer beeping ) Well, parrots are intelligent to begin with, so by doubling its cranial capacity, - Rita has created a monster that'll-- - ( siren wails ) ZORDON: The 2-headed parrot has appeared in the park again.
( wailing continues ) - Oh, no.
The Putty Patrol is there, too.
- They'll ambush Tommy.
- We've got to stop 'em.
- It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! TOP HEAD: Aha! Hello again, foolish Rangers.
Do you really think you're going to be able to outsmart us? ( instrumental rock music plays ) TOP HEAD: Fools, give up! You'll never win! ( both heads laugh evilly ) ( slow instrumental music plays ) Finally-- There it is.
Now I just have to climb a tree.
RITA: So, Green Ranger managed to find a pamango tree.
Ooh, if only I could just rip out all the fruit.
Your wish is my command.
I'll send the Putty Patrol.
# Go, Green Ranger # # Go # Ahh! # Go, Green Ranger # # Go # # Go, Green Ranger, Go, Go! # Ai yi yi yi yi! Look out, Tommy! The Rangers have him cornered.
Alpha, contact Tommy right away.
He must find the pamango fruit and join the other Rangers as soon as possible.
Stop! Give me those pamangos.
( panting ) ( beeping "Power Rangers" theme song ) Tommy, the other Rangers have been cornered by the 2-headed parrot.
It even gets worse.
The Putties stole all the pamango fruits.
How unfortunate.
That was our best chance of defeating Rita's monster.
Zordon, trust me.
I've got an idea.
ZORDON: Hurry, Tommy, let the Power protect you.
- ( upbeat dance music-plays ) - Hey, Tommy.
- # I said let's give it up # - Ernie, look, I need you to do me a favor.
What can I do for you? - # I said let's give it up # - Um, do you have any pamango fruits? Oh, I've got one left, but it's for my exotic-fruit drinks.
- # I said let's give it up # - What do you need it for? Uh, well, see, I bought Kimberly this cute little parrot.
- # I said let's give it up, whoa # - Oh, isn't that romantic.
Thanks, the vet said the best thing for his dust is a pamango fruit, and I just can't find any.
They're hard to find.
But here you go.
- It's for a good cause.
- Great, Ernie.
I owe you one, man.
- # Just do what you feel # - ( squawks ) - ( Zack panting ) - Look, guys, there he is.
( all shouting ) - TOP HEAD: All right, Rangers.
- BOTTOM HEAD: Your time has come.
We're going to finish you once and for all.
( growling ) Aaaah! ( panting ) - That's it, I've had it with this guy.
- Jason, be smart.
Wait for Tommy.
TOP HEAD: What's the matter, Red Ranger.
Have you finally discovered.
BOTTOM HEAD: That you are no match for us? You're mine! Aaaaaah! Aah! ( panting ) BOTTOM HEAD: Huh? Divide and conquer, right? Red Ranger teaches about teamwork and then breaks his own rules.
- ( squawking ) - Here you go, parrot face.
This should keep you two accused.
Hu-zee-ha! TOP HEAD: Hey, that hurt.
What's-- What is that? Hey, it's a pamango.
BOTTOM HEAD: Give me that! It's mine! I'm the smart one! I should have it! TOP HEAD: Says who? I saw it first! It's mine! BOTTOM HEAD: No, it's mine, I say! it's mine! - TOP HEAD: Think again, buddy.
- BOTTOM HEAD: I said it's mine! ( both heads shouting indistinctly ) - ( Jason panting ) - Good job, Tommy.
That was great.
- Thanks, Kimberly.
- Thanks, bro.
I guess I lost it.
No problem.
Now let's show this turkey some real teamwork.
Ha! - Let's do it! - Right! Hyah! Strength now! Hyah! Hyah! Blitz heat! ( squawking ) - ALL: Power Rangers! Hyah! - ( squawking ) Magic wand, make my monster grow! - ( squawking ) - ( Instructmental rock music plays ) - Oh, man! Let's get it together! - ALL: We need Thunderzord power now! ( roaring ) - ( trumpeting ) - ( screeching ) ( roaring ) ( screeching ) All right.
Powering up all systems.
Rangers, log on.
- Zack here.
Let's get-cookin'! - Billy here.
All systems go! - Trini here.
Let's do it! - Polly wanna Megazord? Power up your crystal! ALL: 21 power up! Let's show this doofus what we're made of! - ( roaring ) - ( screeching ) - All right, Rangers.
Let's take him out fast.
- ALL: Right! Switching to battle mode now! Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord had been engaged.
Time for Dragonzord! ( fanfare plays ) ( roaring ) - ( fanfare continues ) - ( roaring ) - Let's get him! - Yeah! ( squawking ) ( squawking ) ( evil laughter ) They need more power! - ( fanfare plays ) - ( roaring ) ( squawking ) ( roaring ) - Let's finish him, guys.
- Right.
We call on the Power of Titanus.
( rock music continues ) ALL: Ultrazord, power up! # Go, Go, Power Rangers # - Give it up, birdbrain! - Huh? - Then we have no choice.
- ALL: Lock on and fire! # Go, Go, Power Rangers # ( squawking ) # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # You mighty Morphin Power Rangers # Hmmmm.
I don't believe it! Those Power Brats did it again! That's it! I'd monster wasn't twice as smart! It was twice as stupid! I have a headache! - ( indistinct conversations ) - Stop! Help! Help! Ugh! Excellent.
Man, I can drink these things all day.
( laughs ) - So, how do you like the parrot? - The parrot? ERNIE: Yeah, Tommy said it's been a finicky eater.
- He did? - Here, give him another one of these.
Thanks, Ernie.
- What? - I don't know.
( both laugh ) ( up-tempo instrumental music plays ) ( laughter ) Hey, check this out.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Wait a minute.
Where are all the babes? Yeah.
These are just a bunch of moms.
I think it's time for a little practice.
Would you two like to be the attackers? Sure.
Don't worry, ladies.
We won't hurt you! - Stop! Ohh! - ( coughing ) Ohh! Ow.
- WOMAN 2: Stop! - Ohh! - We taught 'em how to do it.
- I knew we could, partner.
( laughter ) - ( birds chirping ) - Always remember, boys-- BOTH: Two moms are better than one.
- ( both panting ) - ( air whistle ) ( laughter ) Captioned by Grantman Brown