Prank Encounters (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Fright at the Museum

When two complete strangers each agree to take on a one-day gig - You're gonna be a security guard.
- I am dying to get a new assistant.
it's business as usual until their paths collide and these temporary assignments turn into all-out supernatural surprises.
- My God! - No! [loud bang.]
It's the most elaborate hidden camera prank show ever devised.
- Get down! - [screams.]
Double the stakes What is that? and double the scares.
My God! And there's only one person with his finger on the button when you least expect it.
[women screaming.]
All right.
Let's cue another scare.
This is where fear meets funny.
You're on my prank show, Prank Encounters.
- Did you know? - No! This is Prank Encounters.
[breakbeat music playing.]
Okay, time for a little history lesson, Prank Encounters style.
This Prank Encounter will be set at the fictional Gaten Museum of History where an Ancient Egyptian artifact has arrived that dates back to the 15th century B.
Once cleaned and prepared, this item is going to be part of a brand new exhibit centered around Apophis, the serpent god of chaos.
And, one thing, the artifact does carry with it a deadly curse.
You see, the museum has apparently had a string of bad luck ever since the artifacts started arriving.
People who work at the museum believe that it's all because of this man, Ahmad Moussian, an Egyptologist who was part of the excavation team who helped uncover the Apophis artifacts in Egypt.
Only Ahmad seems to understand the true power of the evil surrounding Apophis.
Look, this is the curse of Apophis.
You know what the black plague is? It is actually Apophis's curse! [Gaten.]
He has made repeated attempts to sabotage the museum exhibit in an effort to stop the curse from happening, as a direct result, Ahmad has been banned from the museum.
It's only a matter of time before the curse begins to spread, and Apophis returns.
And, in just a few minutes, these two unsuspecting targets are going to wish they never took jobs at this museum.
Khadijah will be working in the museum's Shipping and Receiving department with our actor, Dave, who's playing a museum warehouse employee.
Her job will be help bring our artifact to our next target, Matty.
Matty has been hired as an assistant to the museum's curator, played by Kathy, who's also an actor.
In fact, everyone that Khadijah and Matty run into tonight are actors and everything will be caught on hidden camera.
When Khadijah and Matty meet for the first time tonight, they'll have to work overtime to escape the curse of the Serpent God.
[static interference.]
[haunting music.]
Do you have any sort of interest in archaeology or anthropology? So, ironically, I didn't at first, but my partner is huge into this stuff.
We actually want to take a trip to Egypt.
This would be a dream for him.
If you've actually seen the most recent news, they just unearthed a new tomb in Egypt last week.
No, I did not know that.
Yeah, it's dated from the Old Kingdom and it's an incredible find, and we have something from that excavation coming tonight.
Oh my God! - Yeah.
- [both laughing.]
Do you feel comfortable helping me with translating what's on the sarcophagus when it arrives? Yes, okay.
I'm excited.
So, this is like, groundbreaking.
Like, wow.
Yeah, Indiana Jones stuff.
I support all of this.
All of it.
Show me Khadijah.
[digital beeps.]
Looks like Khadijah's getting settled in at the warehouse.
Thank you so much for coming.
This is gonna be a pretty easy night.
You'll be working with me, I'm Dave.
So, Khadijah, tell me something about yourself.
Well, I'm a business major in school.
I'm a senior right now.
My dream job is to work for myself.
So, I'm in school for business.
All right, give me that, right? So here, we collect items from around the world, we help stage them, we help prepare them for exhibit.
Have you ever been to a museum? Does that sound easy? Yeah, that sounds like I do eBay, so it sounds similar, like It's very eBay and museum, pretty much are the same thing.
This is for what we're picking up.
So, you got your list, right? Let's go take a ride.
All right, guys, let's do this.
We're pickin' up two items.
Do you see them? Yeah, the overweight package, item number 5721, and item number 5722.
Okay, Khadijah and Dave are on their way to the pickup location.
As soon as they arrive, they'll meet our actor, Jeff.
[van beeps.]
All right.
All right - Hello, I'm Khadijah.
- Hi, how are you? - Nice to meet you.
- I'm good.
I'm Jeff, hi.
Um, so, she's workin' with me tonight.
- [Dave.]
What happened to your arm? - Oh, um I was just doin' my thing and this crate just came down on me.
Oh, man.
So, she's got her list.
We have item 5721.
- Yep, this is 5721.
- [Jeff.]
Okay, I'll sign Okay.
And then we have one more item.
We have 5722.
[Jeff stammers.]
Um [Jeff.]
We need the second crate.
I dunno.
This is very weird.
I don't know why this This was not Huh.
You know, Matty, this was not something that I was expecting in my office.
This looks like it might be a part of the delivery.
Do you think you can help me? [Jeff shouts.]
Are you okay? [Jeff shouts again.]
Great, let's go ahead and put this onto the pad here.
All right, fantastic.
- [Dave.]
Are you okay? - [Jeff.]
Yeah, just You know what, please, just get it outta here.
Has anything weird happened tonight with you guys? - I just got here.
- No.
Yeah, I feel like there's all this negative energy around me right now.
Before I started selling on eBay, I was more interested in the weird things, like the metaphysical.
I do sage smudging.
Yeah, you burn it and evil spirits It cleanses the space of negative energy and negative, like, spirits and stuff like that.
This looks like a python or a large snake.
Okay, it's time to show Matty this artifact isn't quite what it seems.
All this is missing, but then you can see clear as day from here.
- [Kathy.]
I can see that.
- [Jeff shouts out.]
Is that normal? Guys, can you just take this? Can you just take it? Okay, well, you Here, can you lift this up? We've been having some issues.
Sometimes the power goes out.
Push, push, push, push, push Okay.
All right? - [Khadijah.]
Well, I hope you feel better.
- [Jeff.]
Please go! Get it out of here now! - [Khadijah.]
What? - Can you just - [Khadijah.]
We gotta go.
- Out! All right, all right! Good Lord.
What do we Where did [Khadijah.]
We're missing item number 5722, because he looked like he had to find it.
All right, Khadijah and Dave are making their way back to the museum.
Stand by, everyone.
We have to find that because it's part of the thing, and if we don't get it then I'm pretty sure he'll find - Whoa! - [banging on the door.]
You have to keep them separate! - What? - [Ahmad.]
Please! For the sake of mankind! You don't know what you're messing with! What? The pieces! You must keep it separate.
You can't I'm sorry.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm telling you! You do not know what you're messing with! [Ahmad.]
No! Keep it separate! I need to go get my sage.
This whole van need to be saged! [Gaten.]
Okay, they're pulling up to the loading dock outside the museum.
Let's join forces, let's bring Khadijah and Matty together.
[van horn honks.]
Great, Dave should be back - All right.
- with the sarcophagus.
- [Kathy.]
Hey, Dave, this is Matty.
- [Dave.]
He's here to be my assistant for the night.
This is it, guys, this is where Khadijah and Matty collide.
Matty, Dave.
- [Kathy.]
What was your name again? - Khadijah.
It's nice to meet you, Matty.
- [Dave.]
Let's get everything inside? - [Kathy.]
Can you guys help Dave? [ominous piano music.]
All right, right this way, guys.
Well, I needed two crates, and right now I'm only seeing [Dave.]
Okay, well she's got notes.
We're missing item 5722.
Yeah, that one over there.
- What's in You guys had a crate? - [Kathy.]
Were you guys here? - Where'd you get this crate? - Wasn't that here? Or how did that get here? You say that was the missing crate? Is it number 5722? [Matty.]
Yeah, 5722.
This was already here, so we don't know where that came from.
Jeff, we actually have item number 5722.
It's in the office? It was already in the curator's office.
I'm not takin' the fall for that.
All right, I'll head over and sign it out, right now.
And what was in that crate? This.
We noticed it was a large serpent.
It does look like a cobra.
So, knowing that there's $140 million under this cloth, I'm gonna ask the three of you, especially you, to be very careful as we unwrap.
There you go.
Wow! Is that paint? It looks like some paint rubbed off of the cloth.
No, that's not paint.
This paint does not rub off.
No, that's not paint.
I can feel the energy of this.
I feel the person inside of this.
This is powerful.
Extremely powerful.
Um This piece right here that's missing looks like it fits with that.
Oh! Oh, my goodness.
Let's see if this fits there.
All right.
[Kathy gasps.]
Oh, my Okay, we've been having some electrical difficulties just in the last couple of days here.
Ow, God! [Dave.]
What was that? Jeff? - Khadijah, will you come with me? - Sure.
Come on.
Jeff, what are you doing? [Jeff.]
I thought I saw a snake, okay? [Dave.]
Where? [Jeff.]
Somewhere crawling around these crates.
That's why I jumped back and collapsed.
- [Dave.]
A snake was in there? - It was somewhere.
- Are you guys gonna help me? - Yeah, sorry.
Thank you.
You're pulling on my on my God! All right, you okay? Yes, I don't know where that snake It was in there somewhere.
We gotta get back to work, Jeff.
I thought I saw a snake.
[Jeff scoffs.]
He's just such a klutz, Jeff.
This is his fourth fall this week.
I think this man was on the property.
What? [Khadijah.]
When we were getting in the truck, there was a guy who tried to stop us.
- [Kathy.]
It looked - Yeah.
This is who you saw? And this is him? That looks just like him, yeah.
But who is this Ahmad person? Is he dangerous? So, Ahmad actually has been trying to break into our facility for the last week.
He's part of the original excavation team.
He's an Egyptologist and we have a restraining order that he is not allowed to be within ten feet of these premises.
Okay, well as long as he's not crazy and try to hurt us, I guess we're good.
He jumped out of the dark, he was waiting in the corner for us.
Okay, so that's unique.
[laughs nervously.]
So, Dave, you called security, right? No.
We did not call security.
Could you call security, please? Khadijah for security.
I got you, what you need? Ahmad Moussian is on the premises.
What? Ahmad Moussian is on the premises.
When was this? This was about 15 minutes ago.
It took you this long to call me? Seriously? Was it Dave? It took him this long to call me.
All right, well, until we have Ahmed either in custody or off the premises, we're gonna have to go into lock-down.
I'll be over there to check it out.
While we're on lock-down, we're safe in here.
It's like a safe room.
So, I would appreciate if you guys could all help me with the translation with this incredible tablet.
Basically, what this is is a direct translation of every hieroglyphic that you find on the Rosetta Stone.
We can punch in the hieroglyphics in order and actually have it translate back to us what the ancient Egyptians meant for it to say.
So, what do we think this one is here? It looks like a crown? The second one looks like [Kathy.]
Great, second one is? Looks sort of like a wand.
Okay, perfect.
[notification chime.]
That's accepted.
[printer engaging.]
What's that? That's the That scared me, man! I would love to put the missing piece up again.
Matty, could you go ahead and do that? [electrostatic buzzing.]
This is what I'm saying.
This is When he puts it there, this happens.
Jeff to Khadijah! Yes, Jeff.
Help! Help! There's snakes in the car! [Jeff yelling indistinctly on the walkie.]
Jeff, are you there? [indistinct speech on the walkie.]
This is Ahmad.
This is Ahmad.
Do not initiate the curse! Do not! Do not! [Gaten.]
Okay, I gotta get in.
Did you see what this says? No, but that came from the translation.
Okay, I'll read it for you.
It says, Apophis never should be removed from his resting place.
We're in danger.
Well, whoever removed him is in danger.
- Do you guys know who Apophis is? - Uh-uh.
He is the serpent god.
He is the god of chaos.
He is the opposite of light and order.
Yeah, that's kinda crazy.
Okay, can you read it from the beginning all the way through? Um I don't think we should do this.
I'm gonna just let the spirit know that we're just doing this for educational purposes.
I don't think it's a good idea.
I don't.
It says, "Apophis never should he be removed from his resting place.
Never should he be awoken.
" Black people don't do this.
"Never should the words" Don't say that.
"Tueallalaa Aqayadakahay be spoken aloud.
" [static crackles.]
Whoa, all right.
- [Kathy.]
- [Matty.]
Okay, this is scary.
All right.
That's what you call BS.
Like, what is that? What did that mean? It means you need to call Someone needs to get us out of here right now.
We can't get out of here.
Matty, can you go and grab me the flashlight in case the lights go out? Excuse me, no.
I can't, no.
I have to get out of here.
Okay, there's no way out.
We're on lock-down.
Matty, go get the flashlight.
Here, let's stay away from any - [Matty yells.]
- [Kathy.]
What? [Matty.]
There were snakes! No, no, no, that's a snake up in there.
What do you mean? [Matty.]
What do you mean, what do you mean? I cannot be in here! [Dave.]
There's a snake.
Go look at it! - Go look at it, Kathy.
- [Kathy.]
No! [everyone screaming.]
- The hell? - [Khadijah.]
I can't be in here! [Matty.]
Bugs! [Khadijah.]
I cannot be in here! [Gaten.]
Now listen here, all right? You're good.
- I cannot be in here.
- All right, now calm down.
You're still on lock-down, I don't have a positive on Ahmad yet.
We need out! - [Ahmad.]
Hey! - [screaming.]
Whoa! Whoa! - [Ahmad.]
I'm going to save you! - [Matty.]
Bro, what is wrong with you? - I say let him come up in here.
- Excuse me, I cannot be in here.
Call security! Call security! Call security.
Security, please, come! [hissing.]
Kathy, I cannot be in here.
Get me out of here.
- What the hell is that? - Kathy, get me outta here! - [Kathy.]
I'm trying.
- [Khadijah.]
Get me out of here! [Kathy.]
Security! Get me out of here! Get me the fuck out of here! [Dave.]
Security! [everyone screaming.]
Tell me you did not read the translation.
- [Kathy.]
She - [Dave.]
She did.
You! Whatever you do, just don't speak anything else out aloud.
- [Khadijah.]
Get me outta here! - [Kathy.]
My God! [Ahmad.]
What the hell? [Kathy.]
Oh my God! [Matty.]
Kill that thing! You better kill it! - [Matty.]
I need a weapon! - [everyone screaming.]
Guys, come on! Just give me your hand.
Come here.
All right, okay, calm down.
I know what's goin' on.
You're fine.
Get me the fuck outta here, I'm not playin'! You're gonna be okay.
I'm security, okay? Get me outta here! Okay, I'm getting you out.
I'm gonna get you out, okay? Just calm down a second.
I'm security, I can explain what's going on here.
Before I let you out, I have to let you in on something.
You're on my new Netflix show, Prank Encounters.
[everyone laughing.]
It's all good.
Oh my God! - You good? - I'm good.
You good, okay.
Matty, Khadijah, do you guys know each other? - No.
- No.
No? Would it surprise you to know that you guys are the only two people who are not in on it? [Matty.]
Great! Great, great, great, great, great! Y'all freaked me out.
But that snake, hell to the no.
Hell to the no.
It freaked me out.
I didn't know what the hell that was and I thought I was seein' things, like, "Damn these glasses, I'm trippin'.
" [Gaten.]
Khadijah, you have a fear of snakes? - Yeah.
- [Gaten.]
You do? Yes, I'm very scared of snakes.
- Good, good.
That's very ideal for us.
- [laughter.]
That's very ideal for this situation.
You guys are the actual stars here tonight, so a big round of applause for them.