Presumed Innocent (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

People vs. Rozat Sabich

You want me to
repeat the question?
You have any idea who
the father might be?
- No.
- No.
Are you aware of any other
intimate relationships
that Carolyn may have been in?
Would you be willing to
submit to a paternity test?
Are you enjoying this, Tommy?
I am No. I'm not. She was
a friend and a colleague.
- Your response?
- [sighs]
Am I a suspect?
I just got the case.
[stammers, chuckles] God.
How long had you
been fucking Carolyn?
[inhales deeply]
[breathing heavily]
- Are you kidding me?
- We had a personal relationship, okay?
And this was something you didn't
think you needed to tell me?
No, it was No, it
was a personal matter.
I just lost an
election my career
- in part due to your personal matter.
- Okay. No. No.
[shushes] That is not true.
- Bullshit!
- No.
[breathing shakily] This investigation
was the nail in my coffin
- and I put you in charge of it.
- No. No.
Look, you asked me to do it. You
imposed it on me. I did not want to.
It It didn't occasion
you to think to yourself,
"Hold on. Maybe I have a
conflict of interest here.
- Yes, of course it did.
- I am having sex with the victim"?
[stammers] Raymond
[shushes] of course it did.
[breathes shakily]
- She was pregnant with your child?
- Okay, I can't.
I just, pl Come on.
[sighs, breathes heavily]
[phone ringing]
[Tommy] Rusty.
[clears throat] Hey, Rusty.
Listen, it would be good if you
could do that paternity test.
Remove your hand.
Remove your hand.
All right.
Get a warrant.
All right.
[car horns honk]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
- [car locks]
- [door opens]
[Barbara] Hi.
- Hey, B.
- [Barbara] Hey.
Where are the kids?
They're upstairs. They're,
uh, doing their homework.
- They eaten?
- Not yet.
Can you sit down?
Yeah, sure.
I was just informed that
Carolyn was pregnant and
they think that it was mine,
and I'm a suspect in her murder.
But it ended a year ago.
It did.
Um [sighs]
but it started back up again
just [stammers] briefly,
for not even
less than a week.
[inhales shakily] I'm sorry.
[breathes shakily]
You didn't even
suspect anything?
[groans] Of course not.
You think I w I would
have allowed for that?
- You might have pretended not to see.
- Well, I didn't.
I need to call Barbara.
What? Why?
Because she's my friend.
She's gonna wonder maybe assume
that you knew about the affair,
which m-means she'll wonder if I knew
and I need to assure her that I did not.
[groans] You know, I think
you should wait a minute
until Rusty has a
conversation with her first.
How long had this been going on?
[groans] I just found
out about it myself, Lo.
[Lorraine] That doesn't
answer the question.
Well, I don't have an answer.
Why are you attacking me?
Because people sense things about
their friends, their colleagues.
You have a very good nose and
this happened right under it,
which means that is
a reflection on you,
which makes it a reflection on me, which
gives me the right to be pissed off.
[Raymond groans]
- [breathing heavily]
- Poor Barbara. My God.
[Jaden] It's easy and quick.
- Five minutes.
- Five minutes?
That's plenty of time. [laughs]
- What are we doing?
- So you're gonna come up and out.
- Up and out.
- Yeah.
Then up
- Up.
- Then out.
- Okay.
- Other way.
- Why is it Okay. Okay. Okay.
- [laughs] You're not
[Jaden] We're going the
same way, so then it's
[Kyle] But if we're going
[Jaden and Kyle chattering]
- [mutters]
- [Rusty] Bunny Davis murder.
What about it?
There was a second spermatozoa sample
in the victim besides Liam Reynolds?
Yeah, inconclusive.
Yeah, but that wasn't in
the evidence doc that we
that we handed over
to the defense.
Not my problem.
No, but it is your problem,
because it's potentially
- prosecutorial misconduct if we didn't
- Hold on. Hold on.
It was an older sample
on a different day.
No, but that doesn't matter.
It was potentially exculpatory.
[Kumagai] Carolyn had all
this information, Sabich.
[Rusty] But I didn't!
[Kumagai] Well, then maybe you
should read the freaking report.
I don't know what to tell you.
[breathes deeply]
There were two different spermatozoa
samples at the scene of the crime.
And again, Carolyn
knew all this.
[Rusty] What did you tell her?
[Kumagai] That the only sample
we could identify was Reynolds.
[sighs] The other semen was
inconclusive. It was contaminated.
Was it yours?
- [grunting]
- We concealed evidence! We
I didn't conceal anything.
It's all in my goddamn report, and
you need some serious fucking help.
[breathing heavily]
[line ringing]
Goddamn it. Fucking pick
up. [breathing heavily]
[Rigo] You've reached Detective
Rodriguez. Please leave a message.
- [beeps]
- Rigo, it's me.
Can you call me back?
It's very important, okay?
Just call me back.
[breathing heavily]
[Nico] You're saying he
physically assaulted him?
He grabbed the guy by his fucking
throat. He was, like, fucking doing this.
He's sick. You know
what I'm talking about.
He's fucking sick.
Yeah. Tommy, take a seat.
I [stammers] I don't
need to sit down. [sighs]
Listen, this guy
[chuckles, inhales shakily]
Just-Just take a moment.
I'm fine. [chuckles]
As delicious as the prospect is
that Rusty may be culpable
I just want you just
to follow the facts.
- I got you. I know what you're saying.
- [chuckling] Right?
'Cause our job is not
to get Rusty Sabich.
Our job is to get it right.
I'm a professional. I
understand what you're saying.
So, just let the
evidence be your guide,
not your fucking feelings.
[knocks on door]
[TV plays indistinctly]
[line ringing]
[line ringing]
[Rigo] You've reached Detective
Rodriguez. Please leave a message.
[Kyle] Hey, Dad.
[exhales deeply]
- [Rusty] Hi. What you eating?
- [Jaden] Hey.
- [Kyle] Hmm? Chinese.
- Chinese.
- Hey.
- [Jaden] How was work today, Dad?
Uh [breathes
deeply] it sucked.
- You guys want a napkin?
- [Kyle] Mm-mmm.
- [Jaden] What happened?
- Um [sighs]
a lot. [sighs, chuckles]
[phone buzzes]
[Rusty scoffs]
Guys, phones down please.
Phones down.
So something has
happened. [sighs] Um
and-and before you
hear it from others,
I would like you
to hear it from
So your father has some-something
he would like to
[inhales shakily] tell you.
I don't think that now
is the time or the place.
Is there a better
fucking time or place?
You want them to hear
it on the news? School?
What's going on?
Carolyn Polhemus and I
were having an affair.
It wasn't going
on for very long,
but the detectives
in the investigation,
you know, have a lot of questions
about it about-about that.
And I think that
your mother is right.
I think it's better that
[stammers] you hear it from me
than see it on the news
or hear about it from one of
your friends at school, so
I want you to know
that I'm sorry
and that I love you.
[door slams]
[Barbara] Kyle.
[muffled rock music playing]
- [door slams]
- I will not be alone with this this time.
[muffled music continues]
[Barbara] I'm sorry, honey.
I I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- [Jaden sobbing, sniffles]
- It's all right. It's a shock.
- I know.
- [Jaden sighs]
[Barbara] Now, listen,
real life has come early
and we are in for some
difficult days, okay?
- [sobbing]
- But we will get through this.
[Jaden] Are you gonna leave him?
[Barbara] I don't know yet.
Your father is a good man
and I think he loved her.
And that is very
difficult for me.
[Carolyn] I, um
I just don't want
anyone to get hurt.
Me or you, or
I just think
we're at that point.
I can't do this anymore.
Don't you agree?
[sniffling, breathes heavily]
[Jefferson on TV] "Just
a simple guy," you said.
"Still wet behind the ears." A
lot of junk about American ideals.
Yeah, this is certainly
a lot of junk, all right.
- [Clarissa] Now, look, Senator
- [sniffles]
[Jefferson] I don't know. This
is a whole new world to me.
- Hey.
- You okay?
Do you love Mom?
So much.
Then why?
- [Rusty grunting]
- [Carolyn screaming]
[breathes deeply]
[banging continues]
- [Kyle grunts]
- [banging]
- [grunts]
- [banging]
- [Kyle grunts]
- [banging]
[sighs] Hey, it's not
even 06:00 in the morning.
Come on.
Come on. You're
making a lot of noise.
[Kyle] I couldn't sleep.
[Rusty] Kyle. Kyle.
[Kyle grunts]
Just come inside. Come on.
- I'll make you some pancakes.
- I don't want any fucking pancakes, Dad.
[breathes heavily]
[police siren wails]
[indistinct radio chatter]
Claude, what are you doing?
[Claude] Sorry,
Rusty. Search warrant.
- [Claude sighs]
- My wife and daughter are inside.
Well, they're gonna get woken.
I'll give you the honors,
but we gotta go in.
Come on. Let's go.
[indistinct radio chatter]
Why are they taking my computer?
- Honey, they have to take everything.
- Dad, it's mine.
- What's going on?
- This one's for
It's the other.
We could bring you to the
lab, but it'd be easier here.
[camera shutter clicks]
[breathing heavily]
[elevator bell dings]
Uh, Tommy, j-just a minute.
- You come to my house at dawn?
- Hey, don't do this.
In front of my family.
My children.
We typically serve warrants at
dawn, as was your preference.
In fact, you had files from
this office which didn't
- They were cases I was working on.
- You're not working on anything anymore.
As of this moment, you're
on administrative leave.
You think I don't understand
what you're doing?
- Get your face out of mine.
- How's it going, buddy? You all right?
- Come on. Why don't we do this
- Don't even try and do shit like that.
- You're out of control.
- I am not.
Medical examiners. You're
threatening district attorneys.
You're threatening me.
I'm not threatening you.
You are, with words and
tone, and body language.
- You are.
- [elevator bell dings]
You really think that I
killed Carolyn? Really?
- Look, that is not for me to say.
- Really? [scoffs]
What I can say is that
you willfully misdirected
- and you impeded this investigation.
- Oh, my God.
- That is not a good look for this office.
- Okay.
- All right. Yeah.
- It's not a good look for you.
[Dr. Rush] You lied
to your therapist.
[Rusty] I thought you said this
wasn't gonna be about blame.
We had a session alone and you
You deceived me point blank.
I am not a liar.
Well, you are. Of
course you are.
It is the lie of omission.
- You told me
- No, I lied about that.
You told me that the
affair had ended.
I lied about that and
I lied about Carolyn.
I lied about the affair,
but [stammers]
like, only that.
- [Dr. Rush] Well, the good news is
- I'm not a liar.
The good news is that
Barbara is she's here.
A lot of people wouldn't be.
So what are we doing?
What's the goal?
[breathes deeply] Barbara?
Um, I don't I don't know.
I-I guess I feel trapped.
We have kids.
Rusty, you want to
salvage this marriage?
Yes. Yes, I want to salvage it.
And not just because
we have kids.
I love you.
I know that that sounds
hollow right now.
If you're arrested
[Rusty] No,
the-the [stammers]
There's not There's not
an "if." There's not an "if."
[breathes shakily]
I will be arrested.
I mean, they're going through my-my
phone and my computer right now
and they're gonna see that
I was obsessed with her.
I mean, I was I was basically
stalking her, you know?
I mean
the breakup wasn't good.
If I was a prosecutor, I
wouldn't fucking hesitate.
And-And it's being Tommy
Molto, there's no "if."
- [press reporters clamoring]
- [Nico] Uh [clears throat]
[reporter] When will
the DA name a suspect?
No, we're not prepared to
name a suspect at this time,
but we're confident that
one will be forthcoming.
I ran for this office on
a promise of vigilance.
It's a vow that
I intend to keep.
Gone are the days when
the district attorney
sees crimes against
women and simply shrugs.
[Nico] Carolyn Polhemus's
killer will be found.
And that killer will
be held accountable.
- [news reporters clamoring]
- Enough of that.
[Raymond sighs]
[doorbell rings]
Uh, is-is Raymond here?
[inhales sharply]
[breathes heavily] Yeah.
[Rusty] They raided the house.
They took my phone and my-my
computer, Barbara's, the kids'.
Yeah. Well, what do
you expect, Rusty?
I mean, you did it a
thousand times yourself
to a thousand different
people, right?
It's the drill. Now
you know how it feels.
They're gonna charge me. [sighs]
You know this for sure?
Yes. They're going to
go through the computer
and see that there were a lot of
emails to her in that last week.
They're going to go
through the cell phone.
See there were a lot
of calls and texts.
They're going to say
that I was stalking her.
And you add that to the
prints at the scene.
They don't have evidence
leading to anyone else.
And Tommy Molto is certainly
not going to go looking.
You better get
yourself an attorney.
That's why I'm here.
Oh, no.
I need somebody who is
versed in Delay and Molto.
You need someone who
is versed in defense.
No, I need someone who can
get into their heads, Raymond.
You are the best
lawyer that I know.
And I need you.
[breathes shakily]
Do you have an ounce
of fucking humility?
The gall it takes for you
to come into my house
- I should've told you. Listen to me.
- look Lorraine in the face
[breathes shakily] Listen to me.
It-It [breathes shakily]
It was wrong of me.
But you know what? It's
a fucking surprise.
I did it because I
wanted you to win.
It wasn't the right thing to do.
But do you really think that I
killed her? Do you? You know me.
I thought I did.
Fuck! [sighs]
Come on.
[breathes heavily] Where
the fuck have you been?
- [line ringing]
- [breathing heavily] Pick up.
[sighs] Hey.
Where have you been? I've
been trying to call all day.
- Fuck you, Rusty.
- [breathes heavily]
Listen, I need your
help. [stammers]
[breathes heavily] Please.
Listen, I need you to get
me in to see Reynolds again.
Look, they've taken me off the
case. There's nothing I can do.
No, no. Listen. Just-Just
please, please listen.
Rigo, I need you, okay?
There was a second sperm sample and
I know that Reynolds knows something.
I need to get back in to see him
and you can get me in. Just please.
[buzzer sounds]
Why are we meeting here?
I have, um [stammers]
I don't have, uh,
security clearance today.
Oh, so you're just a regular visitor?
No more "officer of the court."
Oh, this is perverse.
I know you know something.
Are you a suspect?
I'm here, Liam, because if
you have any information
that leads us to
the real killer,
you might shave some
time off your sentence.
You like perversity? [sighs]
Even if you had Carolyn killed,
it could work in your favor.
You'd have to have an accomplice which
means you'd have something to trade.
Right now, you're serving a life
sentence for killing Bunny Davis.
By pointing us to Carolyn,
you could possibly see the
street again, you know?
Even if you had a hand
in the murder too.
Now that that is perversity.
Okay, so so, just to be clear, you're
telling me incriminating myself
- If you had an accomplice.
- in a prosecutor's murder,
- could lead me to my freedom?
- [Rusty] Yes.
What's certain is that you are currently
serving a life sentence without parole.
And I am offering you an
opportunity to change that.
Oh, God. [chuckles]
This is beautiful.
You're desperate.
So, nothing then?
Not yet.
- Not yet.
- Well, he's a sick guy, you know?
[buzzer sounds]
I mean [sighs] he had it
out for her, he threatened her.
[breathes heavily] She was killed
the same way Bunny Davis was.
Bunny was stabbed.
And tied up like Carolyn.
I don't know how many
times I have to say this.
[prison guard
speaks indistinctly]
[sighs] I just need
to get to the truth.
I'm just I
[sighs] I mean
And And And
I mean, short of that, I just
Just some fucking reasonable doubt.
You could have
told me, you know?
That I was sleeping with her.
If for no other reason than
to save me some fucking time.
I didn't kill her.
I mean, I
I can't even Like
[sighs] You know, the police certainly
aren't going to be looking for who did.
I mean, at least
not many of them.
So I need you.
No more fucking lying to me.
- [Raymond] I didn't say yes.
- [Lorraine] You didn't say yes.
- [Raymond] I did not say yes.
- [Lorraine] You didn't say no.
You cherished Carolyn.
- It's not about Carolyn.
- Yes, it is.
She's the one who was murdered.
Look [sighs]
if I thought for a second
that Rusty was responsible
You did think it for
a second. You told me.
- Rusty couldn't have done this.
- [Lorraine] Oh, bullshit.
- [sighs]
- Whether he did it or not
He's my close friend.
Maybe my best friend.
I mean, it's not inconceivable
that I would want to help him.
[Lorraine] This
is how you retire?
Why can't we just travel
like we talked about?
You know, get a little
place in Florida
Does it have to be Florida?
Florida's for dead people. I'm
I'm not dead.
I mean, sometimes I
feel like it but
[chuckles] That's
what this is about.
Your not wanting to be dead.
Right now, my legacy
I went out in defeat.
I was beaten by a conniving shithead
who's holding press conferences every day,
dancing on my political grave.
If I could avenge those two
tiny little suck fucks
[scoffs] That would
be meaningful. [sighs]
[breathes heavily]
And it's not a crime for me to
want to wake up every morning
to a life that has meaning.
[Lorraine] I'm sorry you
feel it doesn't right now.
[Raymond] This isn't about you.
You are my wife.
You mean everything
to me. You know that.
Just not enough.
[car approaches]
- [brakes squeaks]
- [engine rumbles]
- [engine powers down]
- [car door opens, closes]
[television playing
will you look at me?
Where's your mom?
Out back, smoking
by the tree house.
Not that I know that though.
[cell phone buzzes]
[Rigo] Hey [sighs] we
got the lab results back.
Paternity confirmed.
Sorry, Rusty. I know it's
not what you wanted to hear.
[panting, moaning]
[helicopter whirring]
[sirens wailing]
What's that?
[sirens continuing]
[police officers chattering]
Um, Jay, go get your mom.
Go get your mother.
- Okay. [breathes heavily]
- [Rusty] Jay?
I love you.
[breathes shakily]
[Jaden] Mom!
[breathing heavily]
[officer] Mr. Sabich, we have
a warrant for your arrest.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.
Please turn around and put
your hands behind your back.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be appointed
Look, it's a sad day.
It's a very sad day when a member
of our law enforcement community,
who's entrusted to safeguard the public,
is accused of such a heinous crime.
When a public servant
so betrays his duty,
so violates his
commitment to justice,
to humanity,
by taking another
individual's life.
If there is any consolation,
we can all take heart
in one of our most cherished
jurisprudence ideals.
[Nico] Nobody is above the law.
[breathing heavily]
[Jones] The arrest of a former
prosecutor has sent shock waves,
not just here in Chicago.
This case is sure to
attract national attention.
Mr. Sabich was taken into custody
at his residence last night.
The arrest was evidently
made without incident.
Mr. Sabich spent the night in
detention, in the building behind me
where he now awaits arraignment.
[clerk] Criminal case 861246.
The People of Illinois
v. Rozat K. Sabich.
The defendant is charged herein
that he did commit murder
in the first degree
and that he did knowingly, intentionally,
and with malice aforethought
trespass with force and arms upon
the person of Carolyn Polhemus,
thereby taking the life
of the aforementioned
Your Honor, Thomas Molto,
Chief Deputy District Attorney
for the People of Illinois,
registering my appearance
as well as the appearance of District
Attorney, Nico Della Guardia.
Raymond Horgan for
the defense, Judge.
Your Honor, the defendant
is present in court.
We would acknowledge
receipt of the indictment
and waive the remainder
of formal reading.
On behalf of Mr. Sabich,
we would like the court to enter a
plea of not guilty to the charge.
Plea of not guilty
to the indictment.
Bail is set at 1.5
million signature bond.
Is there a request from either
party for a pretrial conference?
Your Honor, given the depravity
visited upon a beloved member
of our law
enforcement community,
the People would ask that
a pretrial conference
be set at your
earliest convenience.
That would be an unnecessary
waste of the court's time.
The charge in this
case is entirely false.
The reputation of one of the
city's finest public servants
and attorneys has been
impugned, perhaps destroyed
without any basis in fact.
Justice in this
case must be swift
and we therefore ask the court
to find an immediate trial date.
- [crowd murmuring]
- [chuckles]
Be careful what you
ask for, Counsel.
I have made my request.
The defendant has waived
pretrial conference.
The matter will be set
immediately for trial.
Defendant's motions to
be filed in 14 days,
and the prosecuting attorney
to respond seven days hence.
Now, Mr. Molto,
Mr. Della Guardia,
this case is likely to
inspire many speeches
which you seem
predisposed to give.
Mr. Horgan is correct when he observes
that these are very serious charges.
Against a lawyer who has served this
court with distinction for many years.
Let us aim for
justice to be done.
And it need not be served
with any extra pomp.
And that goes for
you too, Mr. Horgan.
I don't do pomp, Judge.
[inhales sharply] The
defendant is remanded.
His bail will be processed.
This proceeding is adjourned.
[gavel raps]
- Thank you for
- Yeah, goes without saying.
Don't talk to anybody in there.
And get something to eat, will you?
You gotta be kidding me.
I am definitely not kidding.
This is as serious
as I get, Nico.
Maybe we should start with wiping
the smiles off our respective faces.
Fuck-Thing One. Fuck-Thing Two.
[TV plays indistinctly]
It seems you got a good
draw with this judge.
Yeah, she's an ex-defense
lawyer and she
she's fair, you know?
I just wanted to
say I know that
today must have been
really hard for you all.
I wanna say thank
you for being there.
Is it good that
it's happening fast?
Time favors the prosecution.
So the faster, the better.
- For all of us.
- [sighs]
[cell phone buzzes]
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