Pretty Dirty Secrets (2012) s01e04 Episode Script

I'm a Free MAn

Pretty Dirty Secrets Webepisod 04 - I'm A Free man I think this maybe more your style.
- Really? Oh, yeah.
All dirty cops in Rosewood seemed to be man.
You could use one.
It's a little easier on you for eyes.
(?) You think so.
I was thinking more a sexy nurse.
I was a doctor few years ago.
What would I call you, doctor? Noel.
Doctor Noel.
Are you with someone? Maybe.
Maybe not.
So, want you to tell me about Shana? I just moved here from New York.
It's not New York I'm hearing.
- I grown up in South Carolina.
- Ah - So, Halloween.
What your plans? - I don't know.
What, you people, do around here? Usually we come to my place.
My parties are the stuff of legend.
I'm taken this year off.
I have bigger plans.
So, you are Noel Kanh.
Guilty as charged.
My friend tell me about you.
Hold that talk.
Where is Jenna? Not I keep her Garret.
Look, Kahn, someone is calling my house, hanging up when my mom picks up the phone.
I want that to stop.
What makes you think I know anything about that? You've no know idea what you getting yourself into, do you? Jenna's moved on.
Get over it, she chose me.
You think you won, but you don't know her like I know her.
She'll use you just like she uses everybody else.
It's what she does.
So she is.
You'll never guess what just was down here.
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