Pretty Little Liars s05e00 Episode Script

We Love You to DeAth

1 Send out a code "A.
" She's plotting something big.
Narrator: Tonight, it's a Halloween treat "Pretty Little Liars" fans rule the world.
Narrator: Just for you.
Everybody just loses their damn mind.
Oh, my God! - Bah! That's why I like it.
- That's why.
So, what have you heard? I know why I like to be scared.
I would start laughing 'cause it creeped me out so much.
I literally had to like, I didn't have a shirt on.
[Chuckling] It's very strange.
Shay stole my fridge once.
- So this is payback for that.
- 'Cause you don't need it.
- I do need it! - [Chuckles] [Laughter] "Will we found out who 'A' is so I can move on with my life?" I am promising you that you don't have to wait that long.
People who you thought you could trust Just tell him the truth.
You can't.
No more secrets, Ali.
That's why it's called "Pretty Little Liars.
" Aah! Narrator: The dearly departed are back from the dead.
Merriman: After having been killed on this show You're never really dead around here.
It's really you.
Narrator: And if you survive until the end Benson: I'd never get through an episode, 'cause I'm just like [Whimpers] Narrator: A holiday sneak peek that will chill you to the bone.
Bellisario: Even that had to be scary [Gasps] But that's our show.
Narrator: Get ready for an hour of tricks [Screaming] I know so many of our fans can't watch the show with the lights off.
Man: Wanna play? Narrator: And treats.
Fans love their "ship.
" You're never alone.
I'm a huge Spoby fan.
I really love you.
Ah, yes.
My Paily heart.
This is our gift to the fans.
This time's different.
It's a priceless thing to have that kind of support.
Help me! They love us, we love them.
It's mutual.
Pieterse: We have a lot in store for you.
You don't even know what's coming.
It's gonna be brilliant.
[thunder crashing] Something's out there.
Pieterse: When "Pretty Little Liars" first started out, I didn't realize what kind of success it was gonna be at all.
[All scream] Gotcha! Hale: I get chills just thinking about it.
I think that we all knew at the beginning that we were a part of something really special.
Friends share secrets.
That's what keeps us close.
Hale: I didn't know it was gonna get to this level, but I knew that my life was gonna change forever.
- Ali? - She's gone.
I've looked everywhere for her.
I think I heard her scream.
I remember seeing the billboards, and it was literally just the four girls, dirty, in their black dresses, and I just remember being like, "there's gonna be something really cool about that show.
" The belief was that it was going to hit right in the sweet spot of the introduction of social media, but we didn't really know what that meant because, you know, social media was brand new.
Oh, my God.
"I'm still here, bitches.
" Together: "And I know everything.
" Bellisario: So, it wasn't really until I got recognized in a grocery store in, like, the backwoods of Canada that I was like, "oh, this is a thing.
" [Chuckles] "This is a big thing.
" [Girls screaming] Together: We love "Pretty Little Liars"! The fans are unbelievable.
They've been, not to make a pun, but a-plus fans.
Our Twitter fan base, it's bonkers.
It is just a force to be reckoned with.
[Laughter] Pieterse: They're record-breaking on Twitter.
I never knew that was possible.
If we didn't have that kind of support season 1, there wouldn't have been a season 2.
And with social media, it makes it so much easier to really connect with them.
[Laughter] Guys, thanks so much for coming over to my house tonight.
[Laughter] Um, let's take some questions from our fans.
Do you honors.
You want to read it with me? No, no.
No, no, go.
The tooth one.
That was gross.
All: Oh! Oh, that was good.
Mitchell: That was the best one.
"Dead girls can't smile.
Stop looking.
A" that corset, the bones.
That was good.
That was cool.
Oh, my God.
Are those finger bones? "What will you do when the rest of me comes out of the grave?" [Gasps] I don't know.
I've kind of like all of them.
I wasn't on the train, but I liked the way That was really fun.
That was fun.
Bellisario: Adam Lambert, like, performing was so fun.
Benson: Poor guy was trying to perform.
He was, like, slipping all around 'cause the train was, like, literally tipping over.
It's like a music video.
Bellisario: The train was held on suspension cords.
For each shot, they would move it.
A lot of people got sick shooting it.
I was really only there for the good moments.
I just had to show up in, like, a suit, you know, and just come in and look scared and then, you know, be done.
I found you.
That was a fun year for costumes, too.
I think, like, all of us liked our costumes that year.
Oh, my God.
You look amazing.
Oh, no big.
Barely took six hours.
[Chuckles] I loved dressing up as Barbarella.
I loved that costume so much.
It was handmade, and they did such a great job.
But it was just really fun to get to kick some butt in heels.
I was Red Coat.
I was myself with an Alison mask on.
Bellisario: Yeah, that was so weird.
Which, by the way, that whole experience about getting a mask, which you went through.
Mitchell: Mm-hmm.
What do you want? Your face.
If you are claustrophobic [Chuckles] I advise you not to do something like that.
Sit back.
There's, like, only little holes for your nose, and you have to sit there with your eyes closed for like 20 minutes.
It's perfect.
I think my funniest moments are, like, off set when Ashley does, like, a prank or something.
Well, there was also the day, the Halloween, the first Halloween, when we were all going absolutely nuts.
And you ripped off your black Elvira wig, and you pulled out your eyeglasses.
My dark glasses.
Oh, my God.
I remember that.
And you, like, stripped off your clothes so you were just in your fat suit.
I was, like, running around in my fat suit.
So, what do you think of my costume? It's very nice.
But, you know, I liked you a lot better like this.
It's always the same thing where you get super excited about your Halloween costume.
Hot chick, Britney, hot witch, hot Indian chick, and, uh Mary, queen of Scots.
Mandi designs the most amazing things.
You try it on in the dressing room, you're so excited.
The first day comes, and you're like, "check out my costume.
" I used to think that I was born in the wrong century, but now that I've actually gone to the bathroom in this thing About eight hours into that costume, you are so done with it, and then you have seven more days of that costume.
And then we did the Ravenswood episode, which was less dressing up for Halloween and more dressing up for a period.
This girdle is cutting off my air supply.
It's a corset.
It's torture.
At the end of every episode, we've all begged everybody to let us burn our costumes, and poor Mandi's like, "no, I have to put them up at a museum.
" Meow.
I'd still like to burn them, but they were great.
[Chuckles] The couples on "PLL" are perfect.
Kelly: Ezra and Aria, I love them two pieces, they're adorbs, I can't even deal.
Paily, which is Paige and Emily.
I think they're so adorable.
They bring out the best in each other.
My favorite romantic Toby and Spencer scene happens when Spencer forgives Toby for being on the "A" team.
I'm all about Emison.
My favorite scene was when they got to finally hook up! Get it.
Ah [Chuckles] Then she wrote, "yum!" Benson: Mmm, yummy.
I wouldn't know, so [Laughs] Pieterse: The funny thing is, is when you're around them all the time, they get less yummy and more funny.
They get more funny than yummy, yeah.
Hale: But I feel like the novelty of their looks has kind of worn off.
Get over it.
That sounded terrible.
Bellisario: [Laughs] Yeah, it did.
I think we recognize they're very attractive, but we're around them so much - and we've seen, like, so many different sides of them.
- Yeah.
Uh, I'm gonna wash up.
[Laughs] Yes.
This question is so funny.
Bellisario: Oh, I think I have my phone right here.
- Oh, yeah.
- Mitchell: I think we all do.
- Ian's such a doll.
- We love Ian.
I'd like to know more about you.
I'd like to know more about you, too.
I love working with Ian.
Ezria is what it is because of me and Ian's chemistry, and I just, like I absolutely adore him.
Do you have any idea how much I love you? It's just such a great, like, Romeo and Juliet kind of story because these are two people that shouldn't be together but can't stay away.
It's a wonderful sort of intimacy.
Hale: When we first started working with each other, we were so conscious about, like, brushing our teeth before we have to kiss, and now it's like, that's all out the window.
Harding: Especially for the pilot, when we were very cordial, I went into the corner and, like, flossed, and she had, like, one of those wisps, you know? And now I could probably have, like, an onion sandwich.
I don't even ask anymore.
I had no top on recently.
[Chuckles] There was coverage, but that was that was a little no.
No cups.
Right, no cups.
There was not a lot of clothing.
I didn't have a shirt on, and, like, I could only do that with him, and it was kind of like, "well", we definitely know each other very well now," so [Chuckles] I missed touching you, and I missed kissing you.
Fans love their "ships.
" They love their relationships.
Let's get out of here.
Bellisario: Caleb and Hanna are always out being bad kids, which is fun, and they're, like, super sexy.
Ezra and Aria are, like, always in their apartment being romantic and eating off of each other's hands.
They like to feed each other, which is, like, kind of gross.
And then Spencer and Toby are always playing detective.
That what they like to do instead of dates.
[Chuckles] Goofball.
They have this very well-known moment together the scrabble game in the motel stakeout.
Top or bottom? I'm just kidding.
Seriously, from that moment on, me and Troian have been the closest of friends.
I look to her for everything.
She's, like, my best friend.
I know fans hate to hear this, but, like, it's very much like a brother-sister relationship 'cause, like, when you shoot every day with people, they become your family.
They do.
You're Crazy beautiful.
Mitchell: There have been really great times with Emily and all of her girlfriends.
It is just a movie, so if you don't want a big commitment, we won't get the large popcorn.
[Chuckles] I've definitely had the most relationships, I think, out of anybody.
You said you missed me the most.
You were the hardest one to leave behind.
Emison has gotten so crazy.
Are fans are big with 'shipping, and it's interesting to see how strongly they feel about it.
Like, that's one of the main questions "so, how do you feel about Paily or Emison?" Can we count on you for the full season? Yeah.
Some of the sweet moments of Emily and Paige was definitely when she was trying to drown me.
I really loved that one.
It was so romantic.
[Muffled shout] [Chuckles] No.
[Gasping] What the hell? I mean, I loved when they were swimming together at Paige's house.
That's one of my favorite scenes.
Don't look away.
What are you looking at? Not what who.
Blackburn: Hanna and Caleb, I feel like from the get-go, they were opposites.
I thought fancy Rosewood girls like you knew how to say "please" and "thank you.
" Well, please peel your sweaty body off of my locker.
Thank you.
I love that Hanna took a chance on someone that didn't really have much.
I really can't talk right now, mom.
I'm getting shampoo in my mouth.
Blackburn: I think that was maybe my fourth episode or something like that, so I was still very new not only to the show, but also to this business.
And it was like, "well, you're gonna get naked in a shower.
" And I was like, "what?" Want to share a towel, too? Another moment I really love just emotionally was when Caleb had to leave Rosewood.
Well, I have one very good reason to come back you.
Benson: I love to look up Hanna and Caleb fan videos, and that scene in particular was just on everybody's channel.
And so, I watched it, and I could watch it a thousand times over.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Blackburn: Honestly, we forgot we were even acting.
It was like we didn't even know where the cameras were almost, you know? And I love those moments.
My favorite couple was Caleb and Hanna.
Hashtag Haleb! Haleb! When Hanna goes camping with him and they have that romantic evening together - We love Haleb.
- Mm-hmm.
We knew when we were making the pilot that we already had very special fans.
I don't look at them as fans.
I look at them as friends because they have collaborated with us all.
The writers of the show really respect us, the fans, and they let us play detective right alongside the liars.
Parrish: I think our writers are very smart about it.
They listen to what the fans want, and if they can give it to them, they give it to them.
The writer/fan interface on this show is like nothing I've ever experienced before.
The immediate reaction is, you're terrified.
Interacting with people is one of the reasons you became a writer in order to avoid.
Goldstick: You know, the first time I did it, I guess I typed in all caps.
And people were like, "why are you screaming?" I'm like, "I'm not screaming.
I can't find the shift lock.
" I wasn't screaming.
Is this what you're looking for? Allen: The biggest backlash was, "I couldn't believe you were 'A'.
" King: That was huge.
Oh, my God! No! Toby! We had a mother call our office saying, "please tell us he's working for the greater good "cause I have six teenage girls at my house "who won't go to school today because they're so upset about this.
" [Sobbing] Please.
Just tell me that there's more to the story.
Allen: It's all in a way of people feeling so connected to the characters.
I think "A" is a guy.
This really came to a crescendo with Ezra being "A.
" Oh, my God! No! No! Gabrielle: Tears, screaming.
I didn't know what to do with myself.
And then, come to find out he's just writing a book.
With Ezra, I think a lot of fans were kind of ready and waiting for him to turn bad, and Ian Harding was thrilled.
Everybody wants to be bad on the show.
Aria, I know you're out there.
Harding: Marlene came to me and said, well, we don't really know a ton about Ezra he's a good guy.
Now let's kind of turn that on its head.
I didn't know I was going to fall in love with you.
Ezra, don't! Hale: I love that they took his character in that direction because everyone's a liar in Rosewood.
I would do it all over again.
We get to create such a complicated show because our fans let us.
They want to figure it out.
They don't want all the answers.
That looks identical to Ali, but the hair looks a little longer.
It's an audience that likes to be challenged.
They like us to scare them.
Oh, my God! They like us to befuddle them.
Sometimes they like it more than other times.
I quit.
I love the fact that our audience trusts us except for the ones that don't.
That episode slayed me.
It buried me alive, dug me up, and buried me again.
Mitchell: The fan-reaction videos are probably my favorite things to YouTube.
The last "whoa" moment [Gasps] Oh, my God.
Dougherty: It's helps to have somebody to grab.
"Oh, my God.
I knew that was gonna happen.
" "No, you didn't.
" "Yes, I did.
" [Screams] I'm so excited! [ High-pitched] Oh, my God! King: There are these parties that people are having all over the country.
They'll send us pictures on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram of the cupcakes they baked for their party, or they all watch in costume together.
I painted my nails for the event.
Dougherty: Let's face it your television screen, it's always been the campfire.
People come to this hearth to be told stories and experience them together.
Holy crap.
[Chuckles] It is so good.
I love "Pretty Little Liars" because it is such a complex show.
It is not just about pretty girls in pretty clothes and handsome boys, although that is very much appreciated.
I think the bond between the liars says that friendship can get you through anything and no matter, like, what you're going through, friends have got your back.
If one of them goes down, they are all going down together, and in my eyes, that's what a true friendship really is.
Come on, we're team Sparia.
The bond between these girls, nothing can break it.
These girls are not just friends they're sisters.
I'm good to stay.
Me too.
The only way we're getting Hanna through this is together.
Benson: I think in those moments, it's so sweet to show, like, how strong a girl's bond with her friends can be, 'cause it's so strong.
And you need that.
Goldstick: Even though high school is the most powerless time in your life, these girls were empowered by their friendship.
I could use a hug.
Mitchell: I love playing Emily because she really is there for all the girls.
Can I do anything? No.
Thank you for asking.
I kind of sometimes am like, "hmm, I need to aspire to be a little bit more like her, "a little bit more patient, "or I need to be a better listener," you know? With Hanna, the one thing I've taken away is, always be true to yourself.
It's time for a change.
I think she finally got to a place where she was comfortable.
She's just there to make people laugh and have a good time, and that's actually how I am in real life.
Let's deck the halls and fa-LA-LA-LA-LA.
What is wrong with her? Read her boobs the girl loves Christmas.
I really respect her.
I know that sounds weird because I play her.
The truth doesn't amount to much when it comes from a bunch of liars.
She's not, like, a kiss-ass.
Can I say that on TV kiss-ass? Probably not.
We blinded Jenna.
We killed her girlfriend.
She's back to punish us for it.
Except with absolutely no tact, but you're right.
Bellisario: That's what's great about these friends is that there's no being polite.
They've just had to grow up really quick.
To making it to senior year.
This ensemble clicked from day one.
Dougherty: They play really well together, which is what makes it a joy to write for this cast and this show.
I went to her funeral twice.
We never saw a body.
Oh, God.
We've been through this, okay? You were oxygen-deprived.
I just think it's so much fun to watch them because they're still having so much fun doing what they do.
They love being together.
When they're all together in the same scenes, it's almost difficult to get through the day because they're having so much fun.
Mitchell: Day players will come on, and they're like, "okay, so who hates who?" And I'm like, "what do you mean?" We truly are, like, sisters and really good friends now.
Goldstick: I do feel like a parent in some ways because I have the luxury and blessing to work with talented young people who have come into their own.
What is this place? I think it's "A's" lair.
King: There is so much love and passion put into every detail of this show.
People ask me all the time, "what's the secret? How do you do it?" And my answer's always the same it's the people.
My name is Chris Vail.
I'm the prop master on "Pretty Little Liars.
" I'm Fred Andrews.
I'm the production designer of "Pretty Little Liars.
" Let's get out of here.
Vail: I think we all have fun with the mystery of the show.
I mean, we all think it's delicious and sort of delight in being part of that.
Hello? Anyone there? Andrews: What scares people is the believability.
It's where your mind fills in the gaps, your imagination goes.
That becomes terrifying and suspenseful because it could happen.
I don't think we're alone down here.
[Clatter] [All gasp] I tend to like the sets where it's got a very claustrophobic feel.
The lighthouse is one of my favorites.
It's such a small space.
You're so high up.
It just ups the whole peril level.
[Grunting] Mitchell: It was so fun and thrilling to shoot that scene.
It felt so real.
You know, they blacked out the entire stage, and I couldn't see any of the crew members.
Come here.
[Grunting, gasping] If that were real life, that would probably be one of Emily's scariest moments.
This is the perfect place for "A" to hide.
Andrews: We spend quite a lot of time on the personality of the sets.
We really try to put in a lot of details.
We have a lot of fans that freeze-framed stuff.
It almost looks like she could step right out of the frame and kiss you.
Or laugh in your face.
I love our fans because they're so thorough, and they're obsessiveness with all the details challenges us and pushes us harder certainly to kind of put that stuff into the show.
Welcome to the lost woods resort Mary Smith.
This might be my favorite prop on the show the guest register.
I spent hours, I had people handwriting pages.
Each page got sanded, creased, and torn.
I've had people think that it was from the 1930s.
[Screams] Oh, my God! Mrs.
[Dog growls] It's probably one of my favorite things we've done because even standing there and looking at it as far away as I am now, absolutely believed it 100%.
And I have our little bobblehead Hanna.
Boy, did it not catch on fire.
It took us about three takes to get any sort of even smoke coming off of this thing.
It was like the panels on the space shuttle, they make this out of.
We put A's in every set that we do.
We try to be subtle about it.
We ended up designing in the way the flames burned down the lodge at Thornhill that it would end up spelling an "A" before it went and spread to the rest of the lodge.
It's her.
Don't you get it? She can do anything.
She's everywhere, and she's nowhere.
It should always be possible that "A" is there or "A" is watching because "A" can kind of do things that normal people can't.
[Drill whirs] Almost every set that we build onstage, there's always a window, there's always a crack in the wall, there's always a way that "A" could be there while the girls are there.
I think it just helps up the spook factor and the suspense.
What kind of town throws a party in a graveyard? Ravenswood, the initial concept was a town that was built around the graveyard.
So, everything kind of revolved around death and the afterlife.
The catacombs idea evolved out of that.
Where does this even go? Um, hell? Just a guess.
That was actually Radley that I then turned into the catacombs.
[Bats chittering] [Screams] Benson: It was just a really dark set, which I loved.
We had a lot of effects and wind machines and leaves blowing everywhere.
Hold on! We felt like we were shooting a movie.
It was so much fun.
It was, like, a really nice introduction to Ravenswood, which is a very scary town.
[Gasps] [Gasps] Did you miss me? [Chuckles] [Screams] Sam: Every liar loves being scared.
Help me.
There's a doll speaking in the back of my car.
When Alison was attacked in her own home.
"A" versus Alison, one-on-one.
If I was Emily, I would have gotten really hood, like, picked up furniture and hit "A" with it.
When "A" strapped Emily to the log splitter Get me out! That was really making my heart pound.
Any kind of situation that "A" has, like, done, what would you do in that situation? Um, call the cops.
Call the cops.
There is a creepy doll talking to me.
I'm out of here.
[Laughter] In my house that I live in, it was built in like the 1920s, and there was definitely some ghost activity going on in there.
So, that was kind of freaky.
You know, I lived in a haunted house.
I told you all those stories, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I totally believe.
I've always believed in it.
I definitely lived in a haunted house a couple years back.
Like, crazy things happened.
Like, there's no other explanation.
Yeah, I believe in ghosts.
Next question.
Bellisario: Yay! Who's up? Oh, gosh.
See, I am always so scared about telling people what I'm scared of because then they're all gonna know exactly what that is, so what have you heard? Shay, I think, is just mainly afraid of rodents.
[Screams] Mm, I should have probably picked something I'm terrified of puppies.
What was that? It was a bird, a beaver.
Do you need to wait in the car? I hate spiders hate them so much.
Also, clowns not okay.
Campfire stories.
Those get me.
King: Tension is what scares people.
It's not about, like, "boo, wah.
" Scary is really all about especially for "Pretty Little Liars" it's all about the tension leading up to the "boo.
" Aah! [Screams] I think sometimes we just want to, ahh, let it all out.
I mean, that's what's fun, right? Blackburn: Especially when it's from a distance, it's cool to feel those things and then know that you can go home and you're safe.
Harding: Or it could be just the pure physical side of things.
When you get really scared, your heart starts going nuts, your dopamine is released.
I think.
I have a BFA in drama.
So take what I say with a grain of salt.
I thrive on it, at least.
It's like, I hate it, but I love it at the same time.
[Screams] I don't know why it's so much fun to scare people, but it is.
I had to run from Mona's car.
[Tires screech] [Grunts] And Mona tried to push me off of a cliff.
[Shouts indistinctly] It was scary.
DiLaurentis wasn't really "A," but when my mother on the show buried me, that was creepy.
That must have been terrifying.
That was terrifying.
The first time you saw anything of Alison being buried was, like, just her hand coming out of the grave.
I was covered in dirt, like, teeth, everything.
Second time was when Mrs.
Grunwald pulled me out of the grave.
That was even worse.
And then, of course, they literally dug a six-foot grave, put me in it, and started pouring dirt over me.
It was freezing, and there was this, like, really weird cold sap dripping on my shoulder.
[Chuckles] [Thunder rumbles] Being buried alive is not fun.
I don't recommend it.
[Chuckles] Hello? Benson: Hanna and the mannequins.
[Gasps] "A's" in there, and there's swinging mannequins everywhere.
It's hitting my face.
I'm like it's so scary.
I fall to the ground.
That was really fun.
So, the closers we always do such cool closers.
Bellisario: I think it was when your mom was dragged across the lawn.
Benson: Oh! Mitchell: Yes.
That was gross.
I think that was extremely scary.
Parrish: Some of the "A" closers are creepy, but also, some of them are very funny.
There was one in particular that I liked with Tippi where it seemed like "A" was going to eat Tippi but actually was just feeding Tippi.
So, I think some of them are morbidly funny.
[Chuckles] [Parrot chuckles] Are we talking, like, character, or yeah, let's do character.
I would have Spencer.
I would say Spencer.
Benson: Emily, too, 'cause you I'd probably break down the door, but, like, it would be your plan.
I feel like I would want "A".
That's good.
[Laughs] Sacrifice you.
Allen: If you really step back from it, that's terrifying to have somebody who has this much intelligence honing in on every single thing that you do.
Goldstick: The idea of being bullied in the 21st century it's 24/7, and it can't be escaped when you get home at 3:30 when you lock the door and rush to the oreos.
It is around the clock.
And they're not just trying to, like, get you.
They're designing your life to be miserable.
Hale: You know how we do, like, the creepy cam where someone's just constantly watching us.
And for me, like, that is so twisted.
Emily: It's a kid's coffin, right? [Gasps] It's Mona.
Mitchell: For myself, some of the creepy scenes were, like, anything with the dolls.
It's very clear in the book series that Alison treated the Pretty Little Liars like dolls.
Dolls can be scary.
In the episode where "A" sends the girls their talking dolls Keep Toby safe.
Oh, my God.
it was the first time we sort of really brought that scary doll theme to the show.
But Emily didn't get a doll, and nobody could understand "why didn't you get the doll, Emily?" And she seems that little Emily doll in the backseat.
It was like her perfect little Emily Chucky doll.
I'm taking you to her.
Go alone.
Our use of dolls is not altogether wholesome.
[All gasp] Follow me, end up like me.
This originally started out as a little doll in a Christmas outfit that was intended to stand next to your Christmas tree.
King: He'll find a doll, and he has a little wardrobe made.
And it's just crazy what he does.
Vail: We've now made rag dolls and bobbleheads and liv dolls to look like the girls.
People shouldn't make scary things.
I love the creepy-kid factor.
Remember the little boy in the doll shop? Sorry about what happened to her.
Must have been awful breathing dirt into your lungs.
I don't even like sand in my mouth.
The little twins scare me.
Every time we shot in the graveyard, they would be there.
I would start laughing 'cause it creeped me out so much.
I find myself talking to these stuffed creatures.
The innkeeper Harold Crane.
[Knock on window] [Both gasp] Are you checking in? He was just wonderful.
Grunwald's one of my favorite characters to work with.
You shouldn't be in here.
Benson: She's just so intense, and she's such a good actor.
- You're being watched.
- Those are her real eyes.
Like, that's n there's no contacts in there.
Aria: "She knew too much.
" Mitchell: Those "A" moments are probably the funniest, when we have to be like, "A.
" It's always, like, a very serious moments 'cause they need to get that, like, scared look, but all of us girls, I mean, we've done it so many times now that it's just kind of funny.
So, I just keep my eyes straight forward and I do not look at Ashley Benson no matter what.
"You're mine now.
Kisses" " A.
" [All gasp] I knew it was about to hit the fan.
Being team Ali, I was like, "good.
One less person on my girls' list.
" Let's get real Mona was the original "A," and nobody is ever going to be able to take that place.
She's so good at being bitchy, and I think she's super pretty.
I definitely felt like there was, like, a heavy boulder on me, as if someone I personally knew died.
Are you kidding me? We cried like babies.
Woman: Like babies.
Mona's dead.
[Laughter] That would be so awesome.
That would be a lot of fun.
I would want to be Mona because it's like seven characters in one.
Those bitches are finally gonna get what they deserve.
Let's see how many Mona's I can count.
- Nerdy Mona, popular Mona - Hey.
"A" Mona, madhouse Mona, sweet Mona 2.
0, badass Mona, helper Mona, R.
[Chuckles] How do I say this without sounding rude? Try.
Mona's the devil.
She's actually extremely smart.
You were always one step ahead of us.
You're not the only genius in this car.
She was able to be "A" for a long time before being caught and basically ruined these girls' lives for years.
I get the feeling that you make a lot of people nervous.
Am I right? Janel has done a really good job in making Mona very creepy.
I remember when she was in Radley.
[Screaming] I found that to be pretty intense.
Parrish: The psych ward scared me.
Actually being in that room with crazy hair and makeup, I felt a little bit insane.
I did everything you asked me to.
This is my first time playing a villain, and I have to say, it's so much fun.
I don't have to pretend to be anyone else anymore.
I don't have to hide.
You do.
And I would probably rather play the villain than play the girl next door.
Why the grim faces? Did somebody die? You know, when someone's been on the show since the beginning, the fans almost feel like, "they can't really kill Mona, can they?" [Door creaks] Mom? Oh, they did, and I'm all onboard for that.
[Gasps] Bye-bye.
[Chuckles] Mona?! What the hell? Mona is, or was, one of my favorite characters, so when I read it, I was like, "no!" You saw all the blood in there.
There's no way anyone could have lived through that.
I had no idea that it would be, like, murder central.
The amount of blood in the house would indicate that the victim's wounds were fatal.
Oh, am I in "Saw 7"? Interesting.
Um, but no, in fact, it's ABC Family.
[Chuckling] Well, what's so great about our show is that we do so many flashbacks that no one ever really goes away.
- Detective Wilden was really funny.
- Yeah.
He was so fun, so when he died and he was, like, fully dead, that was sad.
And Andrea.
We love Andrea.
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! I was not ready to die.
[Laughs] This is a lady who has raised a very naughty child and has behaved in ways that are not particularly commendable, and then she says really horrible things on occasion.
Ali would be so proud of you, Hanna.
You've really kept the weight off.
Parker: What's that about? Thank you.
Yeah, it's really bitchy.
We all have a dark side.
Maya was a free spirit.
What you see is what you get, you know? She didn't mind that she didn't fit in, that she wasn't part of, like, a group.
I like to live life in the gray area, but the way I feel about you is crystal clear.
We didn't really know anything about Maya beyond her relationship with Emily.
It's still a mystery to me.
I wonder what Maya's real story is.
How much did she know? Why was she so scared? [Siren wails] They found a body.
They think it's it's Maya.
Fan reaction to Maya's death was heartbreaking.
Little kids would come up to me in the street crying like, "oh, my God, Maya.
" I feel so, sort of, like, honored that people really felt close to her, like, that she was as friend of theirs.
Did you miss me? Detective creepy pants, I used to call him.
Homicide is a capital offense in the state of Pennsylvania, and you girls are going down.
Just going straight from, like, partying in high school to, you know, lead Detective of a homicide.
Woman: Look who else was in Cape May.
He was involved in some kind of nefarious activities Morning.
and, uh, sleeping with one of the girl's moms, but besides that, he was pretty straightlaced.
Garrett? Garrett was a police officer for the Rosewood P.
, and then his life kind of took a more twisted and dark path.
It's over, Jenna.
There's nothing left to link us to that night.
She deserved to die like that.
A very troubled and kind of mysterious soul.
Ian was a very bad, bad boy.
Snake with blue eyes is how I would put it.
You can't avoid me.
I live in your backyard.
Almost every line he had had like three meanings.
Well, you know how it is small town, people gossip, they think they know you, but they don't.
Who exactly are we talking about here? You never want to read that page "dead.
" [All gasp] Of course, when you get that call from Marlene that you know, and you do get that call.
- It's Wilden.
- Parrish: Marlene was like, "no, you didn't do anything wrong.
I just want to let you know, Mona's going to die.
" The writers are like, "we're sorry.
" [Chuckles] Johnson: Playing dead is pretty easy.
The coffin was quite comfortable.
There's a pillow in there for you to lay your head down.
Ian took a great shot of me texting.
A lot of the fans have enjoyed that one.
[Screams] Gellman: After a while, you know, pretending to be dead for that long, just having her scream in your face, it went from being terrifying to hilarious, and we had a lot of fun.
Oh, my God.
Parrish: I fit into the trunk of a car, mostly 'cause I'm very small I'm mini sized.
Trying to keep my eyes open, by the way, not so easy.
I was shocked to see that the grave was actually six feet deep.
It was not a shallow prop grave.
It was an authentic dirt nap I was getting ready to take.
D had a lot of secrets.
She knows exactly what happened on the night that Alison was allegedly murdered.
I want to tell you what happened, but not for a little while.
[Chuckling] I cannot watch with other people.
I do watch the show with my dad.
He is obsessed with the show.
I need silence and, like, rewind.
Kelly: If you miss one second of the show, you miss a lot of information.
We've got about 1,000 followers that we watch the show with every week.
Woman: Because of social media, it definitely feels like I watch the show with a whole bunch of people.
[Laughter] We all Hale: We all do our own stunts.
We all do our own stunts.
Goldstick: They get into it.
They're upset usually when there's a stuntperson on this show.
It's like, "really? I can't do that?" [Screams] Troian wanted to be in that room with that snake.
[Screams] She wanted to hold it.
It was like, "Troian, find a reptile for the weekend.
" Let us just do our job.
" Probably an island or Italy somewhere in Europe.
Everywhere in Europe.
I would just die.
Bellisario: Lucy's like, "Nashville.
" That'd be fun.
Real New York.
We tried to go to New York, but we ended up creating New York on the back lot of here.
But we'd love to go somewhere.
That's a good question.
I don't get enough scenes with Paige.
Yeah, me neither.
We'd love to have more scenes with Lindsey.
Oh, are you okay? Who was that? I don't know.
Goldstick: I'm a big proponent of wanting to put together pairs you haven't seen.
"Who would really shake up Spencer Hastings?" We're bringing in a new character this season who's gonna knock her off her pins.
Oh, good one.
Hate it, and I think that now with social media, it's so much easier for people to hide behind a screen.
Even on Instagram comments, you always have those people who will come on just to start stuff.
Hale: Yeah.
It's just so upsetting that there are still people who want to engage in that and there's still people who get that attention.
And they're just making girls cry.
It's so disgusting and so disturbing.
I think that it's great that our show tackles it, but I think it's a really big problem that we haven't found a solution to.
Mitchell: Yeah.
[Sighs] A lot of coffee.
Coffee trucks.
We get coffee trucks.
A lot of food, a lot of coffee.
[Chuckling] A lot of food.
Night shoots are killer.
We call them "fraturdays.
" We start at like midday on Friday, and we watch the sun rise.
Hale: As miserable as it can be sometimes just being up that late, I feel like those are the times we've had the most fun, too.
'Cause we get delusional.
We're all tired.
We're all laughing.
Bellisario: Totally.
Great question.
Pieterse: It depends.
If it's chocolate cake, chocolate cake.
Hale: Cake.
Or apple pie.
Pie who cares unless there's ice cream with it? But I feel like people that like pie are, like, obsessed with pie.
Yeah, we talked about this.
There is no gray area.
There's, like, a thing with Ezra and Aria I guess they're, like, obsessed with pie, and so they're, like, always eating pie.
It's happened, like, more than three times.
Why pie? Why not pie? All: Ooh.
Just wait.
So, what'd you get for Toby? I'm abstaining from Christmas this year, remember? When you're out on bail for murder, it just feels like the right thing to do.
Hale: We were so excited when we found out we got to do a Christmas episode.
Come on.
Everybody loves Christmas.
But Christmas in Rosewood is a completely different story.
Even that had to be scary, and I was like, "guys, it's Christmas.
" It's like, "why are we doing" a scary Christmas episode?" [Gasps] But that's our show.
It was surreal because we had snow in Burbank in July.
We got to see all of our boyfriends and Paige in boxers, Santa boxers.
The fans will love that.
No shirts.
What's wrong? I'm pretty sure that some kid peed on me.
King: The DiLaurentis family sponsors an ice ball, and it's an event like we've never seen on the show.
It's really special and fun.
I think you know what I want for Christmas.
Goldstick: It's not a standalone episode that doesn't deal with where we've been and where we're going.
Woman: Get out of my stuff.
It has some shocking revelations in it.
It adds even more mystery, better mystery, more exciting mystery to that we've already established.
[Chuckles] They're very smart not to tell us.
You know.
Yeah, I know.
What? I know.
I believe that you know.
Yeah, we're in the know.
We're in the know.
No idea.
I feel so left out.
This is not okay.
Nobody tells you anything when you want to know it, only when they feel like telling it.
And then they only tell you enough to make you crazy to know more.
I really want to know who "A" is.
I think it's Melissa.
She's shady, she's shady, and she's shady.
Wren is "A.
" I'm not sure what that means.
It could be one of the girls.
Hey! Big "A"! Is that a coincidence? I don't know.
There are no coincidences on "Pretty Little Liars.
" Are we gonna find out soon? I hope we do.
I think fans got a little worried when they found out that we're going seven season because they thought maybe they're gonna have to wait that long to find out who "A" is, but I am promising you that you don't.
The identity of big "A" is going to be revealed before season seven starts.
before season seven starts.
Yeah, that's a big scoop.
That is.
That's a big scoop.
Goldstick: There's an end game, there is an "A," there is a future for these girls beyond Rosewood, there is life after high school.
There's still more to be explored.
"You'll know everything soon.
I promise.
" It's pretty plain and simple without the fans, this show would not be where it is.
We're so thankful for every one of our fans.
You guys have been so loyal, so wonderful.
You guys have supported us since day one.
There's not one tweet that goes unnoticed or unappreciated.
Every day, I look at your stuff and the tweets that you send us.
It makes us feel like we're doing something good here.
Thank you so much for going on this wild ride with us and being there and growing up with us as we've grown up with you.
It's changed my life, so I say thank you.
I love you.
I'm just very grateful, and I count my blessings every single day.
It's really awesome.
[Chuckles] I'm, like, gonna cry.
It makes me emotional.
[Chuckles] Thank you so much for all of your support.
Thank you so much for being our "PLL" army.
I'm seriously crying.
I love Halloween.
I'm a Halloween baby.
Oh, it's my favorite holiday.
As I was growing up, every single one of my parties was Halloween themed.
I think I know what I'm gonna be this year, too.
I do like Halloween.
Dolly Parton.
I am the worst person to go to haunted houses with.
The wig, the enhancements I'm closing my eyes throughout the whole thing, and Shay's like, "stop it, Ashley!" My go-to is pulling out my most sparkly dress and I go as Beyoncé from "Austin Powers.
" [Gasps] [Chuckles] My God, you jerk! Aah! [Laughs]