Pretty Little Liars s05e07 Episode Script

The Silence of E. Lamb

Previously on Pretty Little Liars It's from "A".
"Did you miss me, bitches?" You need to give me those names, Paige.
Eddie wants Ezra to know that there's something to look into at Radley.
Oh, my God, I think that's supposed to be Mrs.
D was on the board at Radley Sanitarium.
Bethany was a patient there.
Bethany was buried in her yard.
You think that "A" killed Bethany and Mrs.
D? Is there something going on between you two? - Yeah, that would be a connection.
- A slip? Caleb, I had no idea when you'd come back or if you'd ever come back.
I won't be staying long.
Your hair, your clothes, a lot's changed with you since she's been back.
Oh, yeah, and nothing's changed with you? Lucas and Melissa are working with Mona.
And they're all after Alison.
They remember how Alison treated them.
They don't want things to go back to the way they were.
Then maybe we can really get rid of her.
Ibarra is the only teacher of yours who wouldn't schedule a video conference with me while I was in Texas with your dad.
Is he new? Yes, and he's very low-tech.
He won't even use an electric pencil sharpener.
Bye, Mom.
Uh, Emily, wait a second.
I just had a thought.
Ask Alison to come by for dinner.
When? Tonight.
Tonight? Yeah.
Spur of the moment.
And you know what? Ask the other girls to come, too.
She was just at the house.
Well, I know, but we didn't really get a chance to talk.
And with everything Alison's been through, I just want her to know that if she needs an ear that's attached to an adult, I'm here for her.
All of us? What does your mom want with all of us? Well, I think she's mostly asking Ali.
That's not like your mom.
She's a planner.
Okay, I'm pretty sure Emily's mom is not one of Mona's secret ninjas.
Are we supposed to be suspicious of everyone now? It saves time.
Well, I don't think I'm gonna be finished at Radley.
I can't just put that Bethany drawing up on the bulletin board with my phone number.
It's gonna take a while.
"A" is not gonna give us a while.
Hey, are you going to Ezra's later to help him move his research and spy stuff? Sure.
Look, Em, I will try to make it, but Can you put your mom off? No, not without an epic excuse.
Then we'll just do it, get it over with.
Your wish is our command.
What is that supposed to mean? I have to go to class.
Hey! Um, do you think you can walk me home after school? Everything that happened with "A" at my house was just really intense.
How's your arm? It's okay.
I'll be fine.
I don't know if I'll be fine.
Do you think the teachers will see my bruises? And what if they ask questions? I mean, that's the kind of thing that they have to report, don't they? Ali, breathe.
The concealer covers most of it anyway.
Hey, Emily.
Hi, Sydney.
You must be Alison.
I'm Sydney.
That's a beautiful scarf.
Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save Better lock it in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know You won't tell what I said 'Cause two can keep a secret If one of them is dead A rat? Yesterday, after practice.
I heard her screaming.
Somebody put a dead rat in her cap.
You didn't hear about this? No.
She was shaking all over.
I guess she has a thing with rodents.
Who did it? No one's fessed up.
Coach wants a team meeting, but I don't think it was someone on the Sharks.
Everyone loves Paige.
Likes her, I mean.
Well, I haven't seen her yet.
I don't think she came to school.
You okay, Emily? Yeah, I'm fine.
What do you know about this? You're gonna have to give me a hint.
What happened to Paige? Oh, the rat.
Ah, God, it makes me irked just to think about it.
Hey, Sydney.
Such a creepy thing to do to someone as sweet as Paige.
How is she? She stayed home today.
A dead rat has "boy" written all over it.
Any particular boy? None comes to mind.
Not even Noel Kahn? He lent me his notes as a favor.
Caleb? What are you doing here? Exit exams.
Well, how's reading about monsters gonna help you? Shouldn't you be studying? I'll wing it.
You can't wing it.
It's like all of high school in one test.
Look, I'm good.
Okay? If they ask who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, I'll say Daniel Day Lewis.
What? I believed it.
I should've asked.
You never did.
So what's going on? What do you mean? You only eat three at a time when you're bugging out about something.
Is it about Alison? Okay, Emily's mom is making dinner for her tonight.
And we all have to be there in case Mrs.
Fields decides to grill her, too.
Why do you all have to be there? How much immoral support does Alison need? Caleb.
If you're gonna make a break, just do it.
It's not that easy.
I didn't say it wouldn't be messy.
Caleb, I've been through a divorce.
Okay? It's not just about cutting off Alison.
I don't want to get into some weird custody battle over our friends.
Well, if you lose them, you've always got me.
I should probably get in there.
I could use the next 10 minutes to figure out why there are three branches of government.
Good luck.
Hey there.
You the new volunteer? Aria? I mangled it, didn't I? What? Your name on the badge.
Oh, no.
No, you got it right.
Did you volunteer for the reading program last year? Nope.
No, this is my first time here.
Feel like we've met before.
I don't think so.
It's good to see you again, now that the smoke has cleared.
Yeah, my ears are still ringing.
Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one that has to take these tests.
I'm taking them to get out, you're taking them to get in.
Either way, it all comes down to the same thing.
Pass-fail, win-lose.
Is that what you learned those two years someone had you in a box? I got out of the box, didn't I? With a little help from your friends.
Everybody needs someone to depend on.
You seem to need a lot of support.
I'm not sure I know what you mean.
I'm not sure either.
I don't know you that well.
You don't know me at all.
That's right.
I just know you from what you leave behind.
Like a tornado.
Notice how the artist used the paint.
He wanted to capture a feeling as much as the flower.
I want you to do the same.
Use any color that expresses how the flower makes you feel.
No, Donna, don't do that.
There are no mistakes, guys.
Great paintings often come out of mistakes.
Aria, would you mind spreading out the other prints on the table? Thief.
It's one thing to not participate, it's another to disrupt.
She stole my drawing! No, she didn't.
This is Aria's first class with us.
Just ignore her.
She's having a day.
What happened? Police may have upset her.
That patient they found dead was her former roommate.
Hey, when did you get back? Last night.
Where's Dad? My apartment.
I thought I'd give him some space and come here and maybe talk some sense into Mom.
Is he okay? He's all right for the moment.
Have you been in the barn lately? No.
No one has.
Not since Mom fired my sober-buddy.
Why? He may have been sober, but he was a lousy housekeeper.
He left food out.
Dad wants to sell the house.
Maybe they should.
The house, Melissa.
This is our home.
Let me throw this away and then we can talk.
No, if he left a mess, I should clean it up.
He was here for me No, it's okay.
Just let me do something, okay? Please.
What is in here? Oh, my God! I told you he left food out.
I have to go wash my hands now.
Where have you been? I got your S.
when I was at the store.
What's going on? What's wrong? What did you say to Alison? What? She just left me a message, pissed.
What did you say to her? Were you trying to catch her in a lie? I don't need to catch her, okay? I'm way ahead of her.
Besides who cares if Alison's pissed? You're trying to dump her anyway, right? I don't need you to do that for me.
What is that? It's a beer.
What are we celebrating? My freedom.
I walked out of that stupid test.
Caleb, why would you do that? Because Algebra and Civics, they don't mean a damn thing in the real world, Hanna.
You are making some really great life choices right now.
Yeah, well, it's called a decision.
You're just mad 'cause I can make them, you can't.
How's this for a decision? You need to leave now.
I have a dinner to go to.
Enjoy the pot roast.
You ready? Sure.
Wow what? Nothing.
I just Wow, I forgot how enthusiastic you were about watching things.
Have you heard from Aria? Yeah, I just talked to her.
You should have waited.
I can talk to Eddie myself once the police finish.
Look, in my experience with Eddie Lamb he's much less likely to talk to you after the police leave.
He wants us to know something.
He left a picture on my doorstep.
Yeah, because he's a good guy, but he's really big on self-preservation.
Aria will be fine.
Okay? She told me not to let you do any heavy lifting.
Did you park downstairs? Around the corner.
I hope your friend's shed has a lot of room.
It's a little bit more than Aria let on.
Actually, would you let me borrow one of those cameras? There's just somebody that I want to keep my eye on.
No problem.
You're a little out of your neighborhood.
Sometimes I just like to walk.
Pretty awful, isn't it, how things change so quickly in this town? Somebody's your girlfriend, then they're not.
One day there's a house and the next day it's gone.
If you or one of your goon squad played that trick on Paige You can call me a lot of names, but don't call me an amateur.
A dead rat? Really? Give my love to Alison.
It's like I said.
Thank you for showing up on that roof.
It's turning into my greatest hit.
It was pretty impressive.
All those boxes all those words, and it wasn't even the book I wanted to write.
What did you want to write about? My family.
My brother and me.
What happened when my parents divorced, and my mother and father changed from who we thought they were to who they really are.
And I was gonna figure it out all on paper, but I couldn't.
Yeah, well, families can be hard.
So I went with a mystery that I thought I could solve.
And not only did I not solve it, I, um I probably made it worse.
I know that feeling.
The camera is for my sister.
She's connected to all of this.
I just have to figure out how.
Maybe we should put down the puzzles and walk away.
Now, well, when you figure out how to do that, you give me a call, okay? You'll be the first one.
Rhonda, what are you doing in here? That doesn't belong to you.
You ripped that out of my book.
Where is it? Rhonda, I don't She gave these to me, not to you! Who gave them to you? Bethany? You know what they do to thieves? They cut off their hands.
What you gonna do, little girl, when you've got no hands? Why did Bethany give that to you? What are you trying to say? You think I'm a thief? You're the thief! - No.
- Hey.
What's going on in here? What do you think Aria stole from you? Rhonda, I asked you a question.
I need to take my shower now.
__ I got your text.
Cramps? Really? Sneak up much? Aria's stuck at Radley, Spencer bailed on me.
I mean, it can't just be Ali, my mom and me.
When did your mom start drinking beer? She washes her hair with it.
Look, I kind of have a headache.
Okay, you can have your headache in two weeks to go with your cramps.
I don't know.
Hanna, my mom is making pop-overs.
You know what that means.
Look, I've hit my Ali limit for one day.
Every minute with her just sucks so much energy out of you.
Yeah, well, she's really nervous about all this.
I mean, the cops have been breathing down her neck.
It's not the cops, Em, it's your mom.
Maybe she could use some practice getting her story straight.
We all could.
Yeah, that's why you need to be there.
Em, what's going on with you two? I don't know.
It's Ali's just been really needy.
I'll get some shoes.
And brush your hair.
Who told her she could have that shower stall? That's my shower stall! Everybody around here's taking all my stuff! Everybody! Mrs.
Horowitz means well.
I really shouldn't laugh.
Oh, no.
Seriously, please laugh.
I need as much laughter as I can get.
Hey, Hanna.
Hey, Mrs.
Sorry, I'm late.
No worries.
We were just getting ready to bring things to the table.
Do you want something to drink? Water is fine.
Oh, there you go.
Em, you want to give me a hand? Sure.
Hey, did you talk to Caleb? He's not gonna make any trouble.
A boy like that can make trouble without even trying.
Well, I trust him.
I don't.
Now would be a really bad time to make a mistake.
Caleb is not a mistake.
He is the most UN-mistake thing in my life.
You have to keep a clear head, Hanna.
It's hard to do that when you're kissing somebody.
So what do you want me to do? And keep it simple because you know I'm not very smart.
I'm just saying.
He came back to town, you were still in a relationship.
Maybe you should just cool it a little bit, make sure that you're doing the right thing for everybody.
Are you telling me not to see Caleb? Who wants a pop-over? Save one for me.
Long day? Yeah.
I'm actually really late to a friend's house though, so Volunteers don't usually stay this late.
Radley can be a little overwhelming.
Well, it's only my first day.
I'll catch on.
What are you looking for? Um, I'm sorry.
I'm late.
I have to go.
Is this Ezra Fitz? So they gave us a deal on the replacement windows.
It's the second set of widows we bought this year.
Al Simon said it was a "bad luck" discount.
I could use one of them.
I think we all could.
If you ask me, I think people make their own luck.
Sometimes things happen that aren't anybody's fault.
Yeah, like, I don't know, say like a meteor falls and hits your car, but the walking around stuff, that's usually somebody else's fault.
Right, Ali? I think what Hanna means is No, Hanna knows what Hanna means.
Maybe you're right, Han.
Maybe we do set ourselves up for bad things.
We don't mean to, but we do.
I mean what happened to me there were times in the dark where I would just think "What did I do to anyone that was so bad to deserve this?" You can't blame yourself for what happened.
Sure, in the light, in clean clothes and hot plate of food, that makes sense.
But when you're by yourself, you don't even know what day it is.
The only one around to blame is yourself.
I did.
I was so ashamed of what had happened to me.
Don't say that.
I was ashamed.
And that's why I asked Emily and Hanna and the others to not tell anyone when I came back.
And they didn't.
And that must have been so hard for them.
You have some very special friends, Alison.
I know.
You're the special one, Ali.
There is no one in the entire world like you.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
Can I help you clear? Please.
What? I had to have something to wash down all the baloney we had with dinner.
Look, I know that it was my idea, but you really cannot go back to Radley.
I have to.
Look, maybe Rhonda knows who visited Bethany, who Bethany's friends were.
The more I find out, the closer we are to exposing "A.
" Let me see that drawing.
This was the last thing that Bethany drew.
She must have left Radley after this.
Yeah, but did she leave hours after? Weeks? Days? And why did she end up at the DiLaurentis' house? This early stuff is so normal.
It's just what you draw in art class.
So how did it go today with Ezra? It was fine.
You didn't say anything, did you, about Aria, why would I slip you into a conversation? You guys have done enough slipping on your own.
Wait, that looks like a Chagall, the woman flying like that.
She's not flying.
She's falling.
Look, look at the vines.
Look at the bars on the window.
Someone falling at Radley? Toby's mother? You think that Bethany saw that? Well, saw it or heard about it.
Wait, you think that Bethany was the "fragile patient" that was on the roof with Toby's mother that night? Who else knew Bethany at Radley? That's Mrs.
DiLaurentis, isn't it? Yeah.
D was on the board.
She was part of the cover-up.
So Bethany left Radley and then she went looking for Mrs.
And found someone waiting for her with a shovel.
Maybe that person was "A.
" I have to show this to Toby.
Well, take a picture.
I've got to get this back under the mattress before Big Rhonda finds out it's missing.
She really, really doesn't like people touching her stuff.
What are you doing? Taking your keys.
You're leaving but I don't think you should drive.
Emily, I thought I was helping you Yeah, I needed help, but you weren't helping.
I'll tell them that your mom called and you had to leave.
You know, all that stuff about her blaming herself? Your mom didn't buy it.
I was looking at her.
She wasn't buying any of it.
Hanna, right? It's Sydney.
Emily's friend from swim team? Oh, hey.
Having a hot date with my homework.
You on your way out or No, I just had dinner over at Em's.
Oh, must have been some dinner.
Do you want to sit for a minute? No, I was just gonna head home.
Not like that, you're not.
Wait it out with me.
We'll split a panini.
Okay, I guess I probably could sober up a little bit.
I've already yacked on my mom once this week.
Um, can I have a soy latte with caramel and whipped cream? - You? - Same.
Did she eat anything? Just some salad.
I tried to coax her.
She just doesn't have any appetite.
Because she knows whose side you're on.
I'm not on anyone's side.
Really? Then who is staying in your apartment? What was I supposed to do? Send Dad to a hotel because you're mad at him? I'm not mad at him! Okay? I'm just trying to figure out who he is and who you are and what Mom and I are up against.
Now who's taking sides? This isn't helping anything, you and I going at each other.
It's bad enough between Mom and Dad.
Parents Parents are not supposed to stop loving each other.
This is not about love.
If it were about love, then there wouldn't be bodies buried in backyards up and down the street.
This is about lies and whispered conversations that stop when somebody walks into a room.
It's about Alison.
What really happened to her and what happened to that poor girl who ended up in the ground.
You're right.
I am? But it's still about love, Spencer.
Sometimes people do things they can't explain things that they regret.
But it is still about love.
You were so right.
Melted cheese is the best booze-blocker.
You can say that again.
I need a napkin.
I think there's one under here.
Yeah, here you go.
Thank you.
I was just reading about that.
So scary.
Apparently they lost everything.
We were at Em's house when it happened.
Did you know whoever lived there? Yeah.
Yeah, our friend Toby grew up there with his stepsister Jenna.
Her name just keeps popping up.
People seem to have a lot of beef with her.
Well, she definitely has her own chuck to grind.
And somebody thought her house would make a good barbecue pit? God, I would love to rake her over the coals.
Actually, that is not true.
I just think at the whole time we were fighting someone else's battle.
Have you ever wanted to make up with Jenna? Quit fighting? I mean, there was always a possibility that we could with Shana Jenna.
But after everything that happened in New York, it was just too late.
Sounds juicy.
Last chance for chocolate mousse.
Uh, I'm good.
Thank you.
You know, I'm sorry that Hanna had to leave, but it was really nice having that time with Alison.
Why was it so important to have Ali here tonight? I wanted to see the two of you together.
You know, hindsight's 20-20 and I just realized that maybe you thought of her as more than just a friend before she left.
I did.
A lot changed while she was gone.
How do you feel now? I'm working on it.
You know, Emily, I still talk to people, you know, people in the police force.
And that story that Alison told you about being kidnapped it's got some problems.
Look, honey, I can't tell you how your heart should work.
But just remember that you may have saved Alison once you don't have to keep saving her.
Hey, if you want we can take these to go and I can drop you off at home.
Yeah, yeah.
Um, actually I think I might walk home.
The air, it will probably help.
You sure? Yeah.
I'll see you at school.
And you heard I was trouble But your name is a wave washing over me No games, just a slave to you totally 'Cause I don't care what they say about you Virgo And you don't care what they say about me Virgo Did you blow off your dinner? I got kicked out.
Seriously? What happened? Did Emily's mom catch you spitting into your napkin? Look, Hanna, I probably shouldn't be giving advice about friends.
You handle Alison however I don't want to talk about Alison.
I want to talk about us.
What do you mean? I may be having a hard time making decisions lately, but so have you.
And when it comes to me you've been on the fence ever since you got back.
Look, we've talked about this.
You and Travis There is no "me and Travis.
" Not when you're back here.
What do you want? I don't know.
The time that I spent away from here, it made me question a lot.
I'm not the same person.
I learned stuff about my family and me and the world.
When I look around this room I don't see the same stuff that I used to.
Do you see me? Of course.
Then why don't we just start there? So pull me down if you want to And I hope that you want to 'Cause I want to be your man And I want to say it loud You can show me where trouble goes Tell me secrets only trouble knows 'Cause you want to be my girl Hey, Paige, it's me.
I heard what happened to you in the locker room.
I should have called you sooner.
I'm sorry if this was because of what you told me about Mona which I think it was.
I'm sorry I put you in the middle of all this.
If you need anything, please call me.
Listen, even if you don't need anything, just call.
Okay, I love I'd love to hear from you.
I hope you're alright.
I'm walking out my door right now, Spencer.
No, I haven't talked to Hanna.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Ezra? You saw Eddie as you were leaving, right? Yeah.
In the parking lot.
Why? He called to set up a meeting.
I waited for over an hour.
Eddie never showed up.
That is not how she was dressed when she left.
Where is Ali going? Did you see her come back? No.
Not yet.
Well, how was she acting when she left your house tonight? Hard to tell, she left pretty early.
Might have been Hanna's fault though.
She was drinking.
In front of your mom? Yeah, I had to kick her out.
She knows I'm mad.
She might not even show up.
She has to show up.
We have to figure out what Ali's up to.
Sorry, you guys, I ran into Caleb and we had a few things to talk about.
What did I miss? Did you just get the text that came in? It's from "A.
" No.
Are you sure? Check your phone.
I don't know what text you're talking about.
"New York, New York, it's a hell of a town.
" Ali's keeping secrets.
"Maybe that's because of Hanna's big mouth.
" Care to fill us in? __ __