Pretty Little Liars s05e20 Episode Script

Pretty Isn't the Point

Previously on Pretty Little Liars We all saw where he was standing, by the coolers where they keep the blood.
Our blood.
We still don't know why he was visiting Ali in jail or why he fought with Mona.
My dad doesn't think that I'm college material.
- He thinks Kate is.
- Who is Kate? My stupid, perfect step-sister.
You know, training a horse, it's an art.
Taking all the fight out of it until it truly is broken.
That's how you're gonna feel when I'm through with you.
Welcome to the family.
The winner gets $20,000 scholarship.
We're gonna have to pay for my tuition somehow.
What's wrong? You're married, Talia.
Cyrus? Back away from them! Now! You told me that you were hired to paint a mural for Hollis.
I did not say "hired.
" I was careful about that.
Well, do you know what else you didn't say? Vandalism.
Although we did not find a body, the amount of blood in the house would indicate that the victim's wounds are fatal.
Mona Vanderwaal was murdered.
"Thanks for donating to my get-into-jail fund.
A" What? Did you find something? Yeah.
My brother's got jock itch.
Wish I didn't know that.
What's with all this new gym equipment? I don't know.
He's obsessed.
It's nice.
How much did he pay for this? Hanna? - We're not shopping here.
- Okay, it's just a question.
I mean, I want to know why Mike's all of a sudden training to become a ninja.
Maybe because he's running errands for a blonde spider in cellblock H.
Okay, guys, just stop.
This feels wrong.
No, what's wrong is Mike stealing our stem cells and handing them over to Ali's "A" -team.
Hanna, we don't know what was in that envelope he gave Cyrus.
- It could've been cash.
- Right.
So maybe he's hiding our DNA in here until he gets further instructions.
Has anybody checked that mini-fridge yet? - What about the gym bag? - No, I got it.
If your brother did send that bloody "A" text, then we should be doing more than turning his room inside out.
We should be setting fire to Guys.
Did you find that in here? It was under a really disgusting gym sock.
He just bought this last Friday.
Who is it for? And when did your brother acquire taste? Why does Mike have that? Maybe he ordered it for Mona and it just got in.
Maybe it's a Mother's Day gift.
I don't think he's telling his mom.
"I'm with you.
" These aren't just beads.
It's a message, in Morse code.
I've seen these advertised online.
The beads, they spell out words.
"I'm with you?" - With who? - That necklace is probably for Alison.
That's who Mike's with.
Oh, please.
If my customers knew it was lard, they'd shove me in the oven.
It's your mom.
I'll email it.
Didn't she want to talk to me? No.
She just called about that leftover cobbler you brought home last week.
What? Isn't it nice that we have something in common besides you? - Do you think she knows about - Us? Not from me.
We are moving slowly, Emily.
And I am perfectly fine with you and me staying just between you and me.
And your husband.
That's right.
Do you just wake up this beautiful? Oh.
Hey, Mike.
We're not actually open yet.
Well, the door is open.
Can I get some coffee to go? Yeah.
I'm gonna need two.
Do you want to bring a pastry or something? No, they're both for me.
It was a long night.
Oh, really? What were you up to? I've already got one big sister.
Not looking for another.
I know your mom loves the idea of shipping you off to Hogwarts, but what about you? Are you freaked out about living overseas? No.
Why? Should I be? No, you'll be fine.
I, on the other hand, needed a horse pill just to get across the ocean.
My advice is, don't take it 'til the wheels are off the runway.
Why? What happened? Faulty equipment.
We had to get off the plane.
I was fast asleep, I got wheeled around on a luggage cart by a bank teller from Parma, Ohio.
- You slept the whole time? - I have no memory.
I mean I'm told I ate a fish taco in my sleep.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's it going? - Um.
You remember Jonny? Yeah.
What are you doing here at Hollis? My dad just asked me to pick up some class schedules for Jenna.
What are you doing here? Uh, Jonny has an old friend who has an Oxford connection and he just It doesn't matter.
But how've you been? Is Tanner still making you work 24/7? Pretty much.
- Well, if you're free tonight - I'm not.
But I'll call you later.
Uh, it was to nice see you again.
Same here.
What was that? It's an expression.
In Italian.
And completely pretentious.
The necklace said "I am with you.
" Why are you so sure it's for Ali? Who else? Mike has been to her jail cell more than once.
And he's meeting up with her sketchy friends, leaving candy grams in the woods.
And he just took out a huge withdrawal from "A's" bank account last week.
So he's using Alison's money to buy gifts for Alison? Classy.
Do you want me to say something to Aria's brother? No! No, God, no.
Why aren't you answering it? Is that Aria? No.
I'll just call her later.
"Her?" What's going on? Nothing.
I don't even know if I'm gonna go through with this.
This coach is pricey and if it's going to cost me money just to be in this thing Whoa, whoa, slow down.
Speak English.
I enrolled in a beauty pageant.
Miss Teen, county-wide.
The winner gets $20,000 prize.
I could use that towards my tuition.
Okay, stop.
There has to be a better way to bankroll college than parading around in a bikini and being judged like a heifer at a 4-H fair.
Caleb, this is not about big hair and twirling a baton.
I have to have this money so I can get out of this town.
Okay, let me help you.
You know, we'll call my mom in Santa Barbara.
The guy that she's married to, he's loaded.
We'll ask them for a loan.
After my dad basically slammed the door in my face? No way.
I am not asking anyone for anymore help.
But have you really thought this through? That pageant world is squeaky-clean, and last week you were modeling a Hazmat suit and pushing around a barrel with a liquefied friend in it.
I already talked myself into this.
I don't need any other reason to back out.
I'm going to do this.
I have to.
Listen, if that was awkward, you could've just introduced me as the guy who lives in the barn.
I wasn't introducing you.
Toby knows you.
Yeah, well, I think he'd rather know me as the guy who lives in the barn.
Okay, well, this has nothing to do with you, Jonny.
I mean a lot of stuff's been going on and Toby's just removed himself, not just from me, but from everybody.
Jonny? What's going on? What's wrong? Isn't that our vandalism? Why did they call it "The Trial of the Century"? Um - Because Clarence Darrow was - No, there's no Clarence Darrow.
That was Scopes.
Different decade.
Trial of the Century: Stanford White case.
First time a psychiatric defense was ever successful.
Harry Thaw shot Stanford White because he Oh, um, because he was jealous of his relationship with Evelyn Biscuit.
Yeah, that's what I said.
Um Oh, thanks.
Do you want to take a break? I know your head's not in this game right now.
And if you're worried about your brother I'm worried about a lot actually.
You know what? There is something that you can help me with.
So, my brother goes down to this gym on East Elm.
Could you follow him there? Just go in and see if he's meeting someone? I mean I'd go myself, but if he saw me there Got it.
I'm on it.
Were you in my room? What? You were in my room.
Why the hell were you in my room? Mike! Calm down.
I I was just doing laundry.
I don't keep underwear in my desk, Aria.
I'm gonna go outside and make a call.
You have no right to be going through my things.
What are you worried about me finding, Mike? None of your damn business! And, I swear, if you touch any of my things again, you will live to regret it! Compelling, aren't they? Is this a joke? - This is my work.
- Your work? - Really? - Yeah.
Mine, too.
I helped I This was all one piece.
- Not when I received them.
- Received them? From who? You can't just stick these in fancy frames and then sell them without my permission.
I'm sorry, who brought these here? Somebody from Hollis saved them from being hauled off in a garbage truck.
So technically, they're mine.
Until someone buys them.
I have a list of questions here from last year's pageant.
Let's try a few.
How would you reverse the extinction of today's endangered species? What is your opinion of our country's current foreign policy? Hanna, these pageants aren't just about being pretty anymore.
Pretty isn't the point.
Judges don't give out crowns to living lollipops.
You need to have an opinion about the world we live in.
I do.
Let's talk about the talent portion.
Have you given that any thought? What do you do well? Lots of things.
As in? Hanna, look, if you really want this, you've got to feel it on a cellular level.
There are girls that have been training for this since they could flush the toilet themselves.
I dance.
That's your talent? Yeah, I dance.
_ Excuse me? I'm looking for Talia.
Is she in the kitchen? No.
You just missed her.
She had to leave early for a catering gig in Philly.
Oh, right.
I forgot.
I'll call the landlord.
Can I tell her who stopped by? Sorry.
Of course.
I'm Eric, Talia's husband.
You must be Emily.
Of course.
Um, Talia talks about you all the time.
She does? Yeah.
You must be something special if you can get her to take a bike ride.
I can't get her to stop working long enough to walk to the mailbox.
Yeah, well, it was just an easy ride.
Single lane.
We hardly got off the bikes.
Emily? I know what's going on with you and Talia.
You don't have to feel weird.
Sorry, I I I do.
- I didn't know about you until - It's okay.
I understand.
Really? - 'Cause I'm still - Look, Talia and I have been together a long time.
And if she needs to experiment, have a one-time thing, I can live with that, 'cause I love her.
And I expect to be doing that way longer than anyone else.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come on in.
Hanna's still in the shower.
Can I get you some breakfast? No, I'm okay, thanks.
I can't dance on a full stomach.
Well, I didn't know you could dance at all.
Hanna says you've been taking lessons since you were four.
Three, I stopped when I was in seventh grade.
My mother was hoping for a ballerina instead of a jock.
Emily, do you think she knows what she's getting herself into? I'm having disturbing flashbacks to that campaign for Homecoming Queen.
That was different.
This pageant isn't about proving something to herself, it's only about winning tuition money.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean It's okay.
It is what it is.
I didn't expect to be in this position.
Miss Marin, can I ask you something? Sure.
Do you think it's okay to date a person if some part of you knows it's not gonna last forever? I mean, if it's amazing in the moment, but ultimately, you think it's probably doomed? Are you asking me about me or are you asking me about you? Neither.
I'm just curious.
Emily, people get hurt and disappointed in relationships every day.
But no one should jump into one with that intention.
So wait.
And he put it inside the tree? What was it? I don't know.
I started to climb up, but then I heard something and I thought he was coming back, so I took off.
I could go back.
It's okay.
You did the right thing.
Your instincts were right.
He's definitely up to something.
It's in the woods behind Mona's house.
I know which tree it is, I could show you.
If you could just describe it, I've got it from here.
You shouldn't go alone.
I don't think you should be alone in the house with him either.
I won't be.
My dad gets back later.
I'm fine, really.
Are you sure? 'Cause you know I'm here if you need me.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Where's your toolbox? Why? Did something break? No.
I just need your toolbox.
Really, there's nothing in there that's gonna help you pick a lock on a gallery door.
No, but I can take it off its hinges.
Look, before you plan on stealing back your own work, why don't you let me talk to my mom? You must have legal recourse.
Is she into representing vandals? Besides, judges don't like me.
What do you mean? I mean, I've been screwed over by enough authority figures in my life to know not to start trusting them now.
Well, amen to that.
Don't get that look in your eye.
You're not driving my getaway car.
If you're aiming for Oxford, you need to be buttoned-down, not Badlands.
Okay, look, I know that I said I needed to be on the straight and narrow, but this is different.
You're being exploited.
If he even sells one of those paintings He already has.
- What? - I checked online.
- Which one? - Corner rabbit.
I painted that! Where is your toolbox? That's where you applaud.
I'm holding two cheese steaks.
I don't have enough hands.
Well, seriously, what did you think? - It was good.
- "Good?" - Good is not good enough.
- Hanna, relax.
We still have time to make it great.
Yeah, 2 hours.
My coach is coming over here to check on my progress.
She's your coach.
She's coming by to support you.
Have you met Nan Zabriskie? She makes you feel like the girl in fat camp who got caught eating her toothpaste.
What? It was minty.
Um, did you forget the mustard? No.
It's on there.
Caleb, what's going on? Somebody else signed up to be in this pageant.
- What do you mean? - Who? No freaking way.
What? Who is it? Kate Randall has this room reserved tomorrow at 7 p.
Kate Randall? As in your stepsister Kate Randall? No, this has to be someone else.
Really? That goes to the same high school as her? You know, it wasn't enough that she stole my father and my college money, now she wants to go after my crown, too.
Hanna, wait.
Where are you going? You cannot just go and punch her out.
I am going to the bathroom to pee.
And when I get back, we are going to rehearse until it's perfect.
I am not gonna let her take this away from me.
Can I help? I think this dead bolt may require more than what I brought.
I got it.
How many times have you been in the barn when I'm not there? You're new at this, aren't you? Hey.
How is she doing? She's doing good.
I'm not convinced.
Is she having a hard time keeping up with Emily? No, no, no, she's keeping up.
It's who she's competing against, that's the problem.
That's it.
Last one.
Come on, come on.
Toby, what are you doing? - Is this your van? - Yep, - that's my painting in the seat.
- Jonny! I've got the rest in the back.
He was just taking back what was his.
Would you step back, please? What are you doing? He didn't do anything wrong.
If you want to question somebody you should be questioning the creep who runs the gallery.
Open this up for me.
Toby No.
Leave it alone, okay? What are you even doing here? I'm doing my job.
Responding to a call.
The question is, what are you doing here? She didn't have anything to do with this.
You can let her go.
That's not your call to make.
You need to come down to the station with me.
Please turn around and put your hands behind your back.
Toby, stop it! Spencer, it's okay.
I got this.
No, it's not okay.
He's only doing this because he's mad at me.
No, I'm doing this because a business was burglarized and there are stolen goods in the vehicle.
You cannot arrest him! What are you doing? Have you even heard a word that I've been saying? Will you please just stop being a cop for a minute? Toby! - Just walk away, Spencer.
- No, I won't.
Will you please just talk to me? I can't do this here.
Okay, when do you want to talk about this? You're still on Tanner's radar.
She wants to take advantage of my relationship to you.
- This isn't about Tanner.
- It is.
Don't give her ammunition.
Just walk away.
Walk away! Well.
That was revealing.
Hanna The girls who take this crown home all have one thing in common.
They have allure.
You, however, need to learn to keep a secret in this age of over-sharing.
I have lots of secrets.
Well, anger isn't one of them.
Look, I know that I messed up on that one move, but It's not about the one move.
It's the whole package, everything you're putting out there.
You're not pageant material.
It was, um It's my fault.
I picked the song.
It doesn't show what Hanna can really do.
Oh, I think I've seen more than enough of what Hanna can really do.
I'm sorry, this isn't going to work for me.
You know, that was a really lousy thing for you to say.
I'm doing her a favor, dear.
Taking her money would be criminal.
She'd only crash and burn in a much more humiliating and public setting.
She doesn't have what it takes to go the distance.
You, however, do.
I only came here to help a friend.
That's very generous of you.
You know, Hanna needs to win this.
She might need it, but she doesn't want it.
There's a big difference.
Hanna! Hanna, wait! Emily? What are you doing here? - How did you know that I was - Your mom told me.
I got your message from earlier and you sounded weird.
What happened at the Brew yesterday? Did Ezra find out about us? No.
But I met Eric.
You told him I was an experiment, a one-time thing.
I didn't know where this was going.
It's going nowhere.
I'm not into girls because it's trendy.
I don't think of you that way.
This relationship now has three people in it, Talia.
And you've been lying to every one of them.
Look, I need to go, okay? I have a friend who needs me right now.
What're you doing here? Never mind what I'm doing here.
Why is this here? Mike, why are you stashing my blood in the woods? It's not yours.
Really? Whose is it? Is it Spencer's? Is it Hanna's? Mona's.
Now give it to me.
Didn't you hear me calling you in front of the school? Hanna, that woman is not a coach.
She's a gorgon.
I don't care how many beauty pageants she's won, she's an ugly person.
Hey, girls.
I didn't hear you come in.
Hanna, I spoke to your father.
He doesn't know anything about the pageant or how Kate could have signed up for that room.
She's not even in Pennsylvania this weekend.
What? Doesn't matter anyway.
Thinking I could do this was asinine.
Says who? My coach.
Who would rather be your coach.
I'm gonna go take my shower.
Did you stick around long enough to hear what happened after she said that? I told her off, Hanna.
She had no right Who's that from? _ Oh, my God.
Did "A" put Kate's name on the sign-up sheet? "A" is sitting in jail, Emily.
Mike did this.
And Alison's gonna use whoever she can to keep us here forever.
And guess what? It worked.
I'm not doing that pageant.
Well, I am.
For you.
I know how much you need that money, and I swear, I will win that prize for you.
Emily, stop.
"A" is just gonna come after you, too.
"A" can come after me any day of the week, anywhere.
That's not going to stop me from helping someone I love.
Why didn't you call me? Did my mom come down to the station? She did.
And posted my bail.
Okay, you'll pay her back.
I already have.
She took it out of the security deposit for the lease which expired about She's not kicking you out.
I believe the words she used were "effective now.
" Is there room for interpretation? Do you guys have any packing tape? It's that scumbag from the gallery who should be punished, not you.
If Toby had made just one call.
I don't think Officer Toby was in a calling mood.
I'm really sorry.
I I can't believe that he just acted like such a Such a what? An over zealous cop? Over zealous boyfriend? Where are you gonna go? Who knows? Maybe I'll live in my car for a while.
I've got some cool art to hang on the walls.
Take this, too.
Dad! Dad, are you here? Dad! Stay away from me! Do you hear me? Aria, listen to me.
No, I swear to God I'll call the police.
Just listen, okay! I can explain.
Do you want to know what happened to Mona or not? I know what you're thinking, but I didn't hurt her.
A few nights before Thanksgiving, I went to Mona's house and I I surprised her.
When did he get the axe? I can't keep up with you, Lesli.
I swear we're gonna need the entire weekend just to catch up.
Oh, come on, Lesli, just try.
Mona? Lesli, I have to call you back.
What is all that? What is this? What the hell is going on? Don't touch that, okay? Just leave it alone and I'll explain.
What are you doing? I've been offered a chance to make things right for your sister and her friends.
Mona, what are you talking about? I'm talking about exposing "A" and finally bringing that person down.
Is that your blood? Yes.
And soon it's going to be smeared all over this house.
And Alison DiLaurentis is gonna look responsible for killing me.
Because "A" wants to see her locked up.
Why would you want to be involved in all this? Because "A" came up with this plan, Mike, and it's brilliant.
Wait, wait, wait.
You've been talking to "A"? Not directly.
But I will eventually.
I have to earn it.
And to do that, I have to commit to this 100%.
That means I go away.
And when I find out who "A" is, I come back.
Alison gets out of jail and your sister and her friends are finally safe.
And I'm everyone's hero.
What do you mean "go away"? For how long? You have to look at the big picture, Mike.
It's only temporary.
Mike, if what you're telling me is true It is.
I swear.
We fought about this for days and she convinced me that she had it all under control, that she would be safe.
I don't believe that anymore.
Is this why you've been visiting Alison in jail? You told her Mona's plan? Mona and I were supposed to meet a bunch of times.
But she's never shown up.
I only went there to find out if she knew anything about "A".
Because you think that "A" double-crossed Mona and killed her.
But why are you so sure that Alison isn't "A"? She can't be.
Alison wasn't even here when it happened.
Cyrus told me that "A" had him get Alison out of town that day.
Mike, why do you have Mona's blood? She gave it to me as a promise that she would be coming back.
I wasn't hiding it in that tree because I hurt her.
I was hiding it because I didn't want you to find it and ask questions.
That was all I had left of her.
So that necklace was for Mona? Mike was holding onto any grain of hope, but not anymore.
He realizes she's really dead.
I guess your brother didn't realize how vicious "A" can be.
I can't believe your brother knows about "A" at all.
If Mona told Mike, she must've really trusted him.
More than I did.
So what now? Do we tell Alison? How can we? We've destroyed a lot of evidence that could've proved that she was innocent.
And basically made a barricade so the police had to throw her behind bars.
Well, are we gonna say anything before her trial? We have to.
We accused her of being "A".
To her face.
How do we take that back?