Pretty Little Liars s06e00 Episode Script

Special: 5 Years Forward

1 For six seasons, the mysterious A has hunted haunted, and taunted the pretty little liars.
"I'm still here, bitches.
" "And I know everything.
" After years of living in terror Somebody help me! They finally discover the true identity of their tormentor.
Cece Drake was A.
Game over.
The liars have moved on and started new lives.
I mean, a lot has happened, good, bad, and ugly.
But after five years of peace the pretty little liars must return to Rosewood and face a new more sinister threat.
He's coming for you.
We came back here for you, Ali.
So move it! Calling my name Is a twisted game In this special episode, you'll learn the secrets of the new season direct from the creator and writers of "Pretty Little Liars.
" I think Emily comes back with the bigger secret.
The cast reveals what has changed.
He inherits a grip of money.
While she was in Europe, she met her fiance.
I want you to give me All of you Plus, you'll go behind the scenes to reveal the liars' all new looks.
I decided to do the opposite of what they were in high school.
Discover some of Rosewood's biggest changes.
Radley sanitarium is now a hotel.
Find out how the moms think they escape from that locked basement .
And experience two exclusive never-before-seen "Pretty Little Liars" moments.
All right here on "Pretty Little Liars.
Five Years Forward.
" Hi, I'm Marlene King.
I'm the creator and executive producer of "Pretty Little Liars.
" And I'm sitting here in Spencer's barn which is really the place where our story started six years ago.
And I'm with the amazing pretty little liars.
When we made this time jump, we literally wrapped one episode one day, made the time jump the very next day.
I think that actually, like, was the biggest challenge.
It's like we knew what was coming up.
So we, I think we're all very excited.
I mean, when we got the news, we were all so excited.
Up until this point, like, we've been with the story.
When you-you write something, it's like, "Oh, yes.
" This is, we're kind of acting it out real time.
And now with this jump, we have this sort of thing, like filling in all we have not experienced with somebody, and this is what sort of very strange about all the situation is that is that we have known these characters for so long and then now it's, like, oh, we sort of catch up again.
Um, you know, reintroduced to something we've kind of helped to craft.
Our wardrobe was very different.
We got to change our hair, which, you know when you change, when you physically change yourself it sort of helps you to fit into the character a little bit more.
'Cause you're ultimately still who you were.
You're just a little older and wiser and What are some thoughts you might have about this upcoming season jumping five years? Well, it's-it's great to be able to see Aria as a grown-up and how our whole family dynamic changes a bit.
And then, of course, everyone wants to know does she actually end up with Ezra which I really wanna know myself.
I think Hanna’s gonna have a lot figured out.
And she's gonna look like she's got it all together.
But I think she's still prone to making some of the same mistakes and, and, uh, you know, Ashley is gonna need to figure out how much advice she can give her and how much Hanna's gonna be willing to take.
'So, Ash, what can you tell us about' 'what Hanna's been doing for the last five years?' In the prom episode, Caleb talks about going to New York.
Who's moving to New York? We are.
If that's still your dream.
Yes, we move to New York.
Caleb did not go to college 'cause he doesn't need to.
He's that smart.
They moved to New York together and he continued his journey on, like, in the tech world.
I'm officially an information risk analyst.
What's that? I keep the hackers out.
Meanwhile, Hanna was going to school for fashion.
She goes to college for fashion at F.
And they live in Tribeca.
And, uh, this is like so what I would wanna do like, in my real life.
Um, so I'm really excited about that.
We got to see your apartment in New York.
- Yes.
- 'Tell us about that.
' That was a tiny, tiny apartment.
It was a shoebox.
It probably costs $3000 a month.
Uh, that's-that's how New York is.
Um, but it was cool.
It was actually like a good mix of, like, Caleb and Hanna style.
I mean, she kinda took over the-the decoration mostly, but - Wall that you could decorate - Yeah.
I think I there was just like a computer in there and that was all I got, but still But, yeah, she just studied fashion she became an intern for Zac Posen.
She went to Europe um, and worked for him and met her current boss Claudia Greco, who's like the Anna Wintour of fashion.
Um, and she becomes her assistant.
It was interesting to go from, you know, the end of 6A and we're at the prom and it's like this little bit romantic moment and then when we come back in 6B Hanna and Caleb are not in the same exact place.
Things really didn't quite work out with her and Caleb.
She was always gone.
A lot of travelling, and she didn't really make time for her relationship with him.
It was strange a little bit.
Jump from super romantic to having anxiety just to see this girl who's been my girlfriend for six years, you know what I mean.
But, yeah, she comes back and she's engaged.
Let me see this? It looked bigger when you posted it.
While she was in Europe, she met her fiance.
That was like the saddest part I've ever had that I was away from Caleb.
Spencer went off to Georgetown, and I think really finally got to actually focus on academics, uhm, for like the first time 'cause she was always dealing with, like, A and that mystery and all this kind of, like, issuing her homework to be in the woods.
You know, it's kind of snooping around.
Spencer and I just went out of sync.
She and Toby really fell apart 'cause he was staying in Rosewood, he was still on the police force.
Every chance that he can, he can go he visits her, but, you know, he still has his life back in Rosewood, he's still a police officer.
And they just really grew apart.
She was finally getting to do something that she wanted to do and be in a major city and be involved in politics and her career, and I think he was still very, very much involved in a small town.
I like this town, but everywhere she went it was, like, she saw something that she wanted to forget.
You've got to take a romance that's been working for six years and kind of watch the moment when it all crumbles.
Now she's graduated Georgetown and she's working on Capitol Hill.
- You work for a lobbyist.
- No! We're not lobbyist.
We work with grassroots political organizations to advance progressive legislation.
You're a lobbyist.
I don't think she's probably a glorified coffee gopher uh, but she has high political aspirations.
He inherits a grip of money.
And I say a lot of money.
Um, from We finally find out from the house that was blown up.
- He finally By A.
- By A.
By A.
He inherits all this money and he buys three acres outside of Rosewood to, uh, start building his dream home.
And, uh, you know, he's working on the force and he, by accident walks into in a robbery.
And he apprehends the suspect turns out the person that he saves uh, is this girl named Yvonne Phillips uh, who ends up being a very important person uh, in the story and in his life.
Who do you think has changed the most during our five-year time jump? I know that the easy one is to say Ezra's changed the most but I feel like I know, I know it's But here's the thing You know, you're a writer, so you never know, like you're-you're into this, like, world of darkness.
Yeah, my life's meaning, all that stuff I think Ca-Caleb has-has changed the most because it's, like we I mean, all over the whole course of the show I mean, we come to somebody who's, who's really you know, come up from a really bad situation and got into this amazing kind of lifestyle.
And then our characters over this time jump we go fishing every We go fishing.
We're, like, best, best friends.
Yeah, we had a real bromance.
- Like best friends.
- 'Yeah.
' Wow, you're bringing that flip-flops, Em? It's Malibu.
I think for Emily it was about going as far as she could.
Kind of an, I think California to her has always held a special place in her heart.
So she moves to the west coast and she goes to school there for a bit.
And then she drops out because after finding out that her father passed away in the army it was too much for her.
When my dad died, I just couldn't see a point to it.
- To college? - Anything.
As much as as it was tough with her father passing I think it was good for Emily to be in California so she starts bartending in California.
But in the school and then her mom being back in Rosewood.
It was like a happy-sad thing to have to come back to Rosewood.
I think Emily comes back with the bigger secret.
Uh, I think that-that you three create secrets in our first episode, back really but Emily comes back with the secret which we won't spoil that she is keeping from her friends and 'Yeah, I think Emily comes back with the biggest baggage too.
' I think she is the most damaged by, four years without, without A.
Coming up, our first new "Pretty Little Liars" moment that you haven't seen anywhere else.
Time for you to see your sister.
And later, the cast details an all new threat to Rosewood.
Paranoia, blackmail, it's a life-threatening situation.
When "Pretty Little Liars, Five Years Forward" continues.
Cece please don't do this.
Darcy tweeted "Of course Spencer can defuse a bomb.
" Dammit.
Andthentherewasone tweeted "Emily didn't have a Plan B after swimming, huh? And Lauren tweeted, "Emily is going to Pepperdine in Malibu" which is in California.
Where is Paige? In California.
A mark.
You're about to see something no one else has seen.
Footage of an event that happened in Rosewood, Pennsylvania after the last time you saw the "Pretty Little Liars" and before you'll see them again.
A lot can happen in five years.
For more than a decade, Charlotte has been told she was a bad person.
I mean, if that's all a person hears she begins to believe it.
It's gonna take years to reverse that kind of damage.
How could my dad have done this to her? 'Your father has to live with himself.
' 'That's his punishment.
' It's time for you to see your sister.
Do you think Alison has forgiven Charlotte for all the torture? I think she's trying.
I think there's a few things that are harder than others.
It feels like Alison and Charlotte are probably healing together.
It's really neat to see, um Alison, um, in a new light really connecting with Charlotte and trusting her and working with her you know, through these years.
But also Charlotte, uh, has this great doctor.
- 'Yes, she does.
' - She does.
And you end up meeting him.
I think it's really fun for the fans to see this new relationship bloom because a lot of Alison's relationships have been interesting and kind of dysfunctional a little bit and he just, he treats her really well.
It needs to be a little bit more of a secret because of the nature of their relationship because he is a doctor.
So I think that's also kind of how easy it is for Alison to kind of slip into you know, the same old secrets and lies.
'Lucy, can you tell us, like, a little bit' about what Aria has been doing since we last saw her.
You know, in the five years, I think she's in a good spot.
She's in a new relationship, she's fallen in love again.
Um, you know, I wanna believe that she really loves this guy Liam, who she works with.
And she goes to Georgia, and then, um, for a while, you know if you keep up with Aria, you know, she's very creative.
And she has always loved photography.
So she's majoring in photography finds a love of writing um, transfers to Boston Which was her original love.
She has always loved reading.
She has always loved writing.
I think that's why her and Ezra had such a, you know obviously they're very attracted to each other but they had an intellectual, um, attraction as well.
So, anyway, she goes to Boston um, changes her major to writing uh, finds a love of publishing.
And so when we catch up with her, she works for a publisher.
And that sort of, in a time jump, how her and Ezra get reconnected is more, not in a romantic way but they actually start working together.
I think Aria is in denial about a lot of things.
Maybe still in, you know, denial that she's fully over this.
I think if this happens to someone the-the things that these girls have been through I don't think you ever get over it.
I mean, you can pretend, you can get a new job a new boyfriend, new friends, whatever.
Move to a different city, but I think that it becomes who you are.
I think that those years molded who they are.
And I think, yeah, it's horrible, it's terrible but I think these are four very strong girls.
And I think that what happened gave them strength that a lot of people their age probably don't have.
- Take off your mask.
Now! - Take it off! Aria probably hides behind her work a little bit.
Hides behind a relationship.
If you look, Aria has dated lot of guys.
She has never been by herself.
I think that says something maybe a little.
She, you know, finds comfort in being with someone.
And I think it will always haunt her.
I-I think so.
Ezra I don't want you to come with me to L.
What? When I go there to somewhere for my internship I need to go alone.
Last we saw Ez-Ria 'uh, you guys were also at the prom.
' 'Uh, and you were talking about' sort of going your separate ways.
They were really good friends.
You know, I think that they knew that they needed to go and experience life and that meant sort of being apart.
Change could be good for both of us.
Ezra has had an eventful five years.
Like most people hopefully don't experience what he has.
I think coming back after the time jump 'Ezra comes back with the most emotional baggage' and is the most damaged by the incidents of the last five years.
So basically he has found a love.
Ezra has followed, um, the character Nicole down to, uh, South America to sort of view Habitat for Humanity and other sort of service saving the world type things.
This is sort of his dreams.
This is his callings.
This is what he wants to do.
Um, and that is sort of Taken away from him very, uh, quickly and um-m-m-m, violently.
So he comes back to Rosewood, back to this place where he I think, he really, in his mind, is like I'm not coming back here.
Now, he's back and just completely rudderless.
Completely has no sense of who he is and what he is supposed to do with his life.
And, uh, he falls down a really deep well, uh into, uh, a sea of alcohol if we continue on this metaphor.
This is a really dark, emotional place that we find him and broken.
- He's broken.
- Yeah.
In several episodes I have like bruised knuckles and it's all sort of things that are very, like, new to Ezra.
So, it's-it's really a lot of fun to play.
When "Pretty Little Liars Five Years Forward" continues.
The cast reveals what brought them back to Rosewood after five years away.
All of you in one place at one time.
When's the last time that happened in Rosewood? And the crew gives a new look to some old familiar places.
The Radley Sanitarium is now a hotel.
Seriously, you would never know that this used to be a nut house.
When we return.
Erica tweeted, "Mona has some killer heels.
" While Katie noted, "Guess in Rosewood you need to be ready for anything.
" Danica tweeted, "Well, at least we don't have to wait for 5 years.
" A camera mark.
Oh, ah.
I did it, guys.
I will bring you home, Charlotte.
I promise.
Charlotte has been getting better She's remarkably changed and I think her mindset is totally different and I-I think she is remorseful for what has happened I thought I'd let you know in person.
The judge set a date for the hearing? - Yes.
- Oh, thank you.
Alison reaches out and asks for her best friends to come back and really help her to establish a family again.
At the hearing tomorrow the judge will decide if she should be released.
'And they want to hear from people who were involved.
' - Victim statements.
- Statements of support.
Statements that she isn't a threat to anybody.
That you guys are not afraid of her anymore.
The girls, I think, don't wanna do it.
They But they feel an allegiance to their friend and they feel an allegiance to each other and so they kind of come back to this place that they all chose to leave All of you in one place at one time.
When's the last time that happened in Rosewood? Long time.
When you jump five years ahead this is a great impact on the design of the show.
And you three are very important obviously, to the design of the show.
What informed the changes you made in this five-year jump? What was the process of coming up with a new look for each of the PLLs? The jump was, gosh, what a great opportunity to make some changes from going from teenager to adult looks with the actors.
But it's never something that I come up with alone it's always a team effort, which I love about the show.
So, Cameron, tell us how this big five-year leap has impacted costumes? So, I came on at the leap.
So, which was a really good time to have a new costume designer.
And I started by watching a lot of "Pretty Little Liars.
" Because, you know, their old looks do inform their new looks so there's certainly a huge change with all the girls but we'll still see essence of their high school selves, for sure.
Like, Cindy was saying Shay had moved to California so there's definitely a beachier vibe with her this season.
And Aria, she's always been so colorful and mixing patterns that, I don't think that would magically go away in five years so we've kept on doing that.
For me, it was a lot of, uh Are they gonna have short hair, long hair, different colors? They like changing it.
The girls like being different a lot I've found over the years.
I definitely, I think, wanted to see a more adult version of them.
Because they've been in high school for six years now maybe.
I don't know.
It's a long time.
Fourteen actually, but who's counting.
Who's counting? For me the jump was, um It had a lot to do with their wardrobe and with their career choices in life.
I decided to change everyone's looks.
Like do the opposite of what they were in high school.
So, uh, for Ashley and for, uh, Lucy I made them with less makeup, more sophisticated.
For Shay, I made her little bit darker.
She's from California at this point and so she has that west coast look and for Troian I chose little bit more sophisticated and more of a classic look.
You'll see the difference d-definitely in every character.
Every character has a little bit of a change and a little bit of their mark.
Has this five-year jump affected the actors? Well, I think that they are really happy playing the age that's closest to who they are.
I think they're happy with the clothes that they're wearing and they feel comfortable with the-the the makeup and the hair that we've chosen for them on this five-year jump.
This is something that I think they've been waiting for.
- So And they're excited.
- They're looking forward to They're excited about this whole entire jump.
- 'We're all excited.
' - Yeah.
What was the PLL's reactions, uh, the girls, when they saw what you had in mind and what was their input? I mean, what did they what did they offer and what do they say was important to them when they were talking about this five-year leap? Troian probably had a little bit more of an opinion because we thought that her character would go a little bit like more on a casual weekend look but she is staying basically more on a business side.
And, um, so I thought that I'd be able to give her little bit more of what her personality truly is.
She's more, you know, smoky eyes.
I thought I'd give her the most, to tell you the truth.
Just because for during the years in high school she wore the least of makeup.
I think the biggest note I got from all the girls was like less jewelry, smaller jewelry.
That's what they really wanted.
Smaller accessories.
Why is that? Probably like, big earrings hurt.
You know? Probably I don't know.
I think they were just Yeah, I just think they were After six year, like touching your shoulder.
It's like.
Oh, that's not my hair.
It's my ear lobe.
I am really excited today to be here with Mike Suby the composer of "Pretty Little Liars.
" The man whose music keeps you on the edge of your seat every week and, uh, pulls at your heart strings.
'Welcome, Mike, and thank you for sitting down with us.
' Thanks for having me.
Looking at the five-year time jump that we're taking are you setting a new tone with score? Are there any challenges musically? Are you adding any new instruments? In episodic television, long-form episodic television uh, we're constantly writing new themes, finding new palates 'developing characters, character relationships.
' So it's something we're doing every week and over time anyways.
This is a special situation but it's really an extension of that.
Of that constantly evolving score.
- It-it Yeah.
I mean - Okay.
So what I did for the five-year jump, I incorporated some new elements to the score.
Something new for the viewer to say "Okay, this sounds a bit different.
" Well, I just messaged her today The girls are older, they've had their life experience and something to reflect that they have a little bit more under their belt.
A little more sophisticated language.
Coming up, the cast reveals the biggest changes in the upcoming season.
There's a lot more skin.
I feel like I feel like I had to show a lot more skin.
And see just where the five-year leap takes them.
It was scripted as a heart-shaped bed.
When "Pretty Little Liars, Five Years Forward" returns.
Sometimes you make it impossible - Guess who? - Oh, my gosh.
Emily tweeted, "I feel like a part of my life "has been finally been answered.
I can't wait for the new season of PLL.
" - Hi! - Oh, hi.
What just happened! Robert tweeted, "Did anyone get "the moms out of the basement? "I'm really worried for them.
I think they ran out of wine.
" Okay, well, we lived off some of, uh, Mr.
Delaurentis' Scotch for a while Then after that, after that, he came down to do laundry and he found us.
That's-that's my theory.
Wait a minute.
Do your think Peter Hastings washes his own shorts? You know, no, it couldn't have been more than a day.
I'm hoping that Officer Toby, like, rode in 'and saved us all.
' I think the girls probably finally figured out that we were gone.
I think it may've been, like, months later.
But I think they finally realized - 'Months later?' - 'Months later.
' Have you've seen my mom? Hi.
I'm Bryan Holdman.
Co-Executive Producer of "Pretty Little Liars.
" And I'm here to interview, uh, some guys from our art, set-tech and props departments.
Uh, Chris? W-what are you doing? Hi, Bryan.
I'm, uh I'm having a little trouble letting go of "A.
" The layers we built together all those layers.
And the dolls, so many dolls.
Chris, I think we all would agree that "A" was an important part of the show but, um, we've moved on.
You're right.
There's a whole new brand of terror and torment coming to town and these Pretty Little Liars do not see it coming.
- No.
- 'Time to embrace the future.
' And on that note, I-I have something I wanna share with you and I have to admit I'm pretty excited about it.
Actually, Chris.
Uh, you know, uh They have to see this.
Don't Ple Don't do that.
I give you the future face of terror in Rosewood.
So guys, in five years' time, a lot can change in Rosewood.
And, you know, some of our old familiar sets have gone away.
Well, if you didn't know what this place was you'd never know what this place was.
One set, with a sort of five years later facelift which we're sitting in, it's the Radley Sanitarium and now it is a hotel.
- It is.
- It's a boutique hotel.
Are there actual physical parts of this set that were part of the Radley of old that people have seen before? There are a few of the arched doorways that were in the underground Radley tunnels.
Starts with the art director and the set designer drawing it and then goes to construction and paint and labor and plasters and grips to bring it all and put it all together.
- That's a lot of hands.
- It's a cast of thousands.
It's a cast of thousands to make it all look real and Like it's-like it's just a boutique hotel.
Yeah, exactly.
'We're here in Spencer' barn' 'and it's made such a transformation' from the barn we saw in the pilot.
I think what people don't know and it's so fun and it probably never occurs to people that 'Spencer's barn was already redone in the pilot.
' The first thing is "Previously," right? And then we jump to modern times and the barn was redone but we've never seen the inside of the barn redone until this season.
that we have.
It's so cozy.
- Yeah.
- I love it.
So, should we say who's living in Spencer's barn? - I'm living in my barn.
- Finally.
Six years later.
'cause Spencer wanted to be an interior designer' And so the feel like the whole thing was that she got to redesign the barn but then Melissa got to live there.
It is very cool to kinda have a homecoming after the time jump and, like, Spencer finally gets to live in the space that she designed for herself um, while she's helping her mom run for a seat in the senate.
After five years' time, a lot can change in Rosewood and that meant that some of our long-standing sets had to go away.
They were taken down overnight.
Um, and in their place we immediately started building the new sets.
So the next morning, actors would come in and a place that had been their bedroom for six years - was just gone.
- Just gone.
Did any of the actors have a chance to say goodbye to their, you know, bedrooms of five-six years? No, I don't think they did.
I think they arrived the next morning and the sets were gone, and we were down to sheets of linoleum on the floor and sets were history.
Just an empty space.
I think several of them were quite shocked that they walked to the stage and saw the vacant hole where their homes once lived.
You know, week to week, on our show the liars are always following mystery or romance to some new location.
What we refer to in-house as our swing sets.
Um, are there any fun, crazy swing sets that you guys had a challenge or a pleasure creating in 6B? Oh, yes.
I won't discuss what the scene was.
Uh, but it was great fun because it was scripted as a heart-shaped bed.
It was a bit of a, um Scavenger hunt to find the pieces and create the visual.
And wandering through the prop house I found a round bed a light-up heart and a gold lame heart in the prop house in three separate places and married them together and created a heart-shaped bed.
Then from there, I just went, "How over the top can I make this?" It was great fun to do.
- Very over the top.
- Great fun.
Perfectly over the top.
And how about you? My favorite was probably the studio.
We did it in the back lot in an empty space and just brought in a few walls.
So you just have something for the eye to focus to and a few pieces of set dressing and some carpet.
You never notice the big, black empty void that it was in and it worked perfectly with just a few pieces brought in.
I won't give any spoilers but what is also great about that set is it gives us a glimpse into the work life of one of the pretty little liars, uh Five years later, which I think is exciting too.
Coming up, the pretty little liars take us back to the beginning.
That's the scene that sort of started it all - when we have that moment.
- Gotcha! And later, our second exclusive never before seen "Pretty Little Liars" moment.
And I thought you were done lurking in the shadows.
When we return.
Are we to say that we're not afraid of her? Is that the truth? That we're not afraid? Pll4eve tweeted "The liars are still looking for answers "so they're doing what they're really good at Snooping.
" "A" camera marker and marking.
'Nice!' Jana tweeted, "Hanna has always been my favorite liar.
" "Now she gets to travel the world and works in fashion.
" Hashtag mydream.
"A" camera mark.
"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.
" What brilliant scholar said that? Winnie the Pooh.
'Last we saw was our-our lovely goodbye scene' 'in front of Alison's house which' Oh, that scene was so beautiful, yeah.
Let's talk about that.
What did that goodbye feel like? I found myself actually getting emotional, like, for real.
Not, like, acting 'cause it was just like It was such a sweet scene.
Yeah, I think all the girls, although it was like, really sad to leave one another, we were kinda ready to be like okay, there's a next chapter of our life, you know? It was sad, but it was also exciting.
For a lot of people and a lot of the fans of the show that really, I'm sure, I mean, it's bittersweet a little bit.
It was saying goodbye to your teenage selves.
Yeah, um, it was, it was, uh 'And to "A.
" It was goodbye to the "A" story.
' - Goodbye.
- You gonna be okay? Yeah.
I spent my whole life dreaming about get away from here.
But right now, this is the only place I wanna be.
It was definitely kind of the funny thing that we had to, like, I think it was the next day continue shooting, and so it was that kinda thing where you were like, okay, so go into the emotion of what it would really be like to say goodbye.
Like, and-and so we did it and then afterwards, it was like "That was beautiful.
Okay, here's your call time for tomorrow," and we were just like, "Oh, wait a minute.
" But I think also for me, for Spencer especially saying goodbye to Ali and, like, what that relationship was and for some reason, it felt like I was gonna take these girls with me wherever I went as Spencer.
There was something about leaving Alison behind in that front yard that was saying goodbye to Spencer's childhood.
I decided it was such a sweet moment and you really saw the five girls back where we started.
I was curious since we're here in Spencer's barn and it's made such a transformation from the barn we saw in the pilot.
How does it feel to think about where you are now in the barn versus where you were when we shot the pilot in Vancouver? Gotcha! 'That's so not funny, Alison.
' I thought it was hilarious.
First of all, it's like five degrees in Vancouver when we were filming this.
We were all like huddled in a corner all, like, snuggled-up.
It was freezing cold.
We were all in, like down jackets and, it was a really Cra I mean, that was an all-night shoot.
Friends share secrets.
That's what keeps us close.
That's the scene that sort of started it all when we all wake up, we're discombobulated.
Spencer's gone, I wake up and then we have that moment.
- Where is Ali and Spencer? - We don't know.
And then I remember being so cold and because I was outside of the barn and they, I was walking in, and I was back lit so they just kept on telling me, they were like first of all, we can see your shoulders are up like this 'cause I was wearing, like, nothing.
- And your skin is purple.
- And your skin is blue.
So, uh, they were like, so you have to relax your shoulders and when you come forward, because you're being back lit um don't breathe because we can see the air, we can see your breath.
And it was supposed to be Labor Day weekend.
- That was like, hot.
- It was supposed to be summer.
I do you remember you having to put ice cubes in your mouth, right? - Oh, yeah.
- Wait, why? Why? Because it would cool down her breath.
To cool down my temperature.
'So you don't see the breath.
' So you wouldn't see the breath.
So I remember you eating ice cubes What do you mean she's gone? I've looked everywhere for her.
Think I heard a scream.
'I also remember, like, waiting for you guys' 'to get set in the barn and just standing out' in, like, the coldest dark night and just being like, "I'm so warm, I'm so warm" and it wasn't working at all.
And then I remember we got into the van and-and you pulled up your phone, and you were like "I have an idea for the theme show's song.
" - 'Yes.
' - I remember this.
And you were there and we listened to it and we were like, "Mar, you have to hear this show" and it was our theme song.
You couldn't, like, commit to it.
You were like, yeah, I guess I'll just ask if it can be, but I remember, like, you were playing it off of your phone You were like, "Please, it'd be so cool if this was" It was, yeah, I mean, people think that song was written for the show.
Yeah, it's so perfect.
But truthfully, Ashley found it in the dark of night.
You're welcome.
I remember pigtunia for some reason.
She's always been beside you.
Scary pigtunia.
You on the floor, Ashley and I using the excuse that we would be cuddled on the couch together just to, like, stay warm.
You were like, "We'll be on the couch, under the blanket.
" That was probably the beginning of Butter Benzo.
Yeah, that was probably the beginning.
And then I remember having to, like, sneak-drink.
We were sneak-drinking in that barn and now Yeah, from the red solo cups.
You were having a little wine and cheese party.
It's just weird to think that, like, I mean, I was 19 Back then and you too.
- Yeah, we were babes.
- Oh, you were 20.
But it was just, it's just so weird that we've actually, like most of my 20s have been on this show and, like, now being in this like, six years later, it's so crazy.
It's been such an experience.
We all kinda started when we were kids, you know? For some of us, this is our first job.
For me, I'll speak for myself.
It was my first job, literally right out of college.
It's been such a sort of transformative and wonderful experience and as much as, you know there can be long hours, and especially for, like the-the four leading ladies.
Like, they-they're here a lot.
And that can be pretty pretty grueling.
But I think I will be very, very sad when it's done.
You know, one the great privileges of being able 'to work on a series that's long-running' and especially with young people.
You're watching young people evolve, their talents evolve.
You're watching them grow up in front of the camera and of course, behind the scenes.
Well, the funny thing is with Lucy, I mean she was uber-professional from, like, day one.
I mean, she just is.
I mean, she doesn't make a mistake.
She's kind to everybody and she's just, she's really good at what she does.
How will you go with working with Ashley Benson? Well, Ashley started at I think the age of 19 or something I mean, she was young.
But all of us, the whole crew and everybody, you know, we've been her family for those years and we've all gotten to see her grow through those years, and it's great.
How about Troian? Well, she was born 80.
' - 'She's an old soul.
' - 'She's an old soul.
' 'And she's just gotten lovelier with each year.
' And Sasha, we've watched Sasha grow up in the set She's definitely Gosh, she was so young when she started But still, I mean crazily mature for her age - Also an old soul.
- Poised.
And Shay, you know, has been so special to this cast.
And Emily's character has been since day one you know, much of the heart of the show She's just beautiful and has such grace and uh, sweet, sweet heart, sweet spirit.
And a lot of followers.
A lot of followers.
A lot of Instagram followers.
Coming up, see a confrontation that you haven't see anywhere else.
They're the ultimate frenemies, I think.
And then, discover the new more sinister threat to the people of Rosewood.
This isn't happening.
When we continue.
Somebody misses you when you're away Betty Who tweeted "So excited "my music is on the "Pretty Little Liars" special.
"Such a fan of PLL, and I can't wait for the new season in January.
" Oh somebody loves you PrettyKissesA said "I love all the Liars new looks "but Spencer's new look is my favorite.
Those bangs!" And now, a brand new scene from the middle of our five-year time jump.
You won't see this anywhere else.
Oscar Wilde once said "That life imitates art more than art imitates life.
" Now to me To me, that means that life and art can become so blurry that it's hard to tell the difference between the two.
Alright, well, think about this over the weekend because there will be an essay on it, okay? Mona.
I thought you were done lurking in the shadows.
Alison DeLaurentis.
Never thought you'd be the one to stick around Rosewood.
After you ran me out of town with a pitchfork I actually came to like this place.
And a teacher even.
Considering my limited high school experience I'd have to say I missed it.
Well, I'm in town for my 21st and I thought we could go out for a drink and celebrate.
What about your college friends? Well, they threw me a party at, uh, Duke but it wasn't the same.
Come on, don't you have five minutes for some nostalgia and a little buttercream frosting? 'Kay.
Have you talked to the girls? I actually invited them back for a little reunion but en vain.
I spoke to Aria on her birthday.
She's been writing a lot.
She's been reading her short stories at open mic night on Harvard Square.
Did you see Spencer's pic of the White House rose garden? You know, she would never leave without asking the first lady if she could replace the rose bushes for something more Eco friendly.
Hanna and I went to Miami on spring break And we crashed a party at Matt Damon's house.
Uh, any word from Em? The last time I talked to her she was on her way up to Stanford to visit Paige.
I think they've been seeing each other.
Are they together? You know, Ali, considering everything we've been through I never thought I'd make it to 21.
You're not here to celebrate.
You're here about her.
You applied for a summer job at Well-Be.
And as Charlotte's warden, no less.
Kind of interesting choice for a poly-sci major.
And Mina Davis how creative? Isn't that your mother's maiden name? Dr.
Rollins didn't recognize your name on the application but saw you leave.
Ah, you looked familiar.
You botched your application.
I tried to visit Charlotte legit the first time and the hospital wouldn't let me in.
You needed to put on scrubs for a visit? I didn't expect to get much out of her from one rendezvous.
Figured it might take a few.
What do you want? I saw you've been posting on social.
Seems like she's getting better.
She is.
Should Charlotte ever get cell phone privileges what's she gonna post? About us.
I've spent every day with her for the last four years.
She's changed.
I'm about to start a career in the public eye.
I need to know her intentions.
Her intentions are to get well.
She was a master at playing the game.
Even better than me.
You may trust her, but I don't think I ever could.
When can I see her? When she gets out.
And I know she will.
Charlotte's been working very hard.
Hi, it's me.
Mona was here.
She wanted to talk about Charlotte.
She wants to see Charlotte.
She wants to see Charlotte and obviously, Alison isn't really liking that.
You've become very protective of Charlotte which is it's-it's a beautiful thing.
And it's-it's I think the whole DeLaurentis story and-and seeing how these sisters have survived along with your brother.
To me is just like such a great That's how I think you and Charlotte are alike.
You're-you're both survivors.
Success story, in a way.
Alison brings you guys back because she-she needs your help with Charlotte but an event occurs that-that forces you guys to stay in Rosewood and out of that event a new big bad is born.
The big bad.
We can't tell you what happens when we get back to Rosewood.
However, the girls begin to again receive messages.
They know it's not from Charlotte.
Um, and this time, it feels very different.
It is not just a manipulation game.
There's something that's very, very dark and twisted.
This time, it's no longer about "I'm gonna expose some secret that you have" or I'm gonna, you know ruin your chances of getting, like the Orchid Scholarship.
You know what I mean? It's paranoia, blackmail.
It's a life-threatening situation He's coming for you.
- We have to go.
- Now, Alison! We came back here for you, Ali, so move it.
It's too late.
He's already here.
Because it's life or death, so quickly, you guys fight back right away.
You're not victims.
You're You're, like, on top of this right away.
And I think that's a big difference between moving forward and the past.
I'm just not really good at this.
Mm, I've got a lot of practice.
Breaking back into the high school hallways What words come to mind when you describe Season 6 be? These are the glory days - Classy, juicy - Deceptive.
- Edgier.
- Spooky.
Do you still have nightmares? You're asking us to lie.
It shouldn't cost you your life.
- Dangerous.
- Sadder and badder.
- Sexier.
- There's a lot more skin.
I feel like There's a lot more skin.
I feel like I had to show a lot more skin.
These are the glory days Six B is going to be scary as hell.
And unlike anything that you've ever seen before.
The fans are just gonna fall in love with it.
Don't you ever say goodbye