Pretty Little Liars s06e06 Episode Script

No Stone Unturned

Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" Lesli? What are you doing in Rosewood? You mention my name to anyone ever again and you'll live to regret it.
We went to a junkyard to take some pictures and I'm sure A followed us there.
Clark may have taken a picture of A.
- So borrow them.
- We're all good.
I read the text you got.
From Aria.
You've been looking all along, haven't you? - What? - For whoever had us down in that bunker.
I've been trying to protect you.
If a few bites of a cookie can get me through my day - and help me sleep - Doesn't work like that.
Why were you stealing your file, Mona? She was stealing Lesli Stone's.
Lesli Stone was in Radley? Long enough to know Mona, and Charles.
What about Sara? I mean, why would Lesli Stone go after a complete stranger? It was probably just a rehearsal, Em.
Until she could get her hands on the real Alison.
Okay, so what do we do now? I say we catch her in the act.
Lesli Stone? That's crazy.
That's what I said.
But maybe it's not.
Okay, wait.
You were in a room with this person.
Yeah, and they were wearing a mask.
Look, Mona's always been shady about how she met this girl.
And now we know why.
They were sharing a straitjacket.
- Spencer - Let's not forget that Mona got a gas mask.
And she was passing out juice-boxes while the rest of us were making sure that we still had kidneys! What's takin' Hanna so long? I don't know, she probably has to drag Mona here on a leash.
Oh, Spencer, we saw A jump off a building.
A set up an underground bunker with more spy equipment than the CIA.
I mean, seriously, in your heart do you believe that Lesli Stone could People can surprise you.
Mona maintained a 4.
0 average and perfect hair while she was tapping Rosewood's police calls.
Spencer, we jumped on the Andrew train But he didn't have a motive.
This girl does.
She thinks that we killed Bethany! I can't get to her.
- Why? - Did Mona skip town? Mona's mom busted her for sneaking out to Radley.
She's totally unplugged.
Mona's not even allowed to leave her room.
Doesn't matter.
I'm not even sure Mona would be of any help anyways.
Now you tell me? After I tried to shimmy up her drainpipe? Okay, well, I have to go.
My mom made an appointment for me and her with Dr.
Sullivan, I can't be late.
Where's Aria? She's up at Hollis, she's sneaking Clark's negatives back into that cubby.
Okay, so what's the plan? Are we gonna track down Lesli Stone? Are we gonna go to Philly? - I have to get my head shrunk.
- Seriously? Wait, what is wrong with you people? A is still out there, we have to stick together and see if we can try and catch this girl in the act.
_ Hey! Did you see who put this on my car? This card.
Did you see who put it under the wiper? Have you see anybody outside of my house in the last hour? - Yes or no? - No.
- Mornin'.
- Hey.
- Um, I-I was just - Looking for somethin'? Uh, I was hoping it was a bagel and cream cheese in there.
Listen, here's the thing I'm not mad.
Uh, if you were that uncomfortable with me taking photos of you, you could've just said so.
You didn't have to go all klepto.
So what's next for the morning bandit? Wanna grab that bagel for real? I can't, um, but I I will owe you one.
Okay? I really appreciate it.
Have a nice day.
_ - Hey, Caleb.
- Hey, hope it's not early.
No, not at all, come on in.
I was just about to make some breakfast.
What What is this lump back here? I don't know.
I just woke up.
Caleb, how would you like your eggs? Um, Mom, I can't eat breakfast.
I have to go meet Spencer.
Um, can I give you a lift? - No, I'm good.
- Wait.
Where are you girls going? Spencer has an appointment in Philly.
And we're using the buddy system just like you asked us to.
I'll call you later.
_ Hey, Em? Which one should I wear to Caleb's office? Um, your office is where Caleb plays Grand Theft Auto in his boxers.
I just don't wanna screw up on my first day.
Everyone screws up on their first day.
That's what makes it a first day.
Do you still like it? Or did I make a mistake? No.
No, no, no.
That looks great, yeah.
I'm the one who's gonna have to wear long johns in August so no one sees my courage.
Um, do you want me to help you with that? Yeah.
You should wear this one.
- Thanks.
- Good luck.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Uh, did we - Oh, no, no, no.
I-I was just in the 'hood and I wanted to drop something off.
- Oh.
- Can I come in? Yeah, sure.
Come on.
What's that? My sponsor gave it to me.
Years ago.
Uh, the guy who wrote it, went through some heavy stuff.
Alright, if you hate it, might put you to sleep.
Have you What? Been sleeping, without help? Um, no.
Not really.
Uh, but my friend is waiting for me in Philly.
- So - Oh, right, um - Sorry.
- There's one more thing.
This way you don't have to wrestle anyone to the ground for the last brownie.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
Um, sorry.
What's wrong? My sister in London is texting me.
My mother's enlisting allies in the War over Commencement.
You thinkin' of skippin' it? No, it's-it's not about going, it's about speaking.
My principal asked me to stand up in front entire school and be the poster girl for trauma.
I'm just really not that into it.
Why you so sure? Well, why else would he ask me to be valedictorian? I mean, I have incompletes in every subject except for lunch.
And everybody expects me to stand up and give some really moving speech about being a survivor.
And I'm not ready to talk about it as if it's over.
When it's not over.
So don't do it.
- What? - Just say no.
Uh, considering everything you've been through I think walking across that stage and accepting a diploma is a pretty impressive accomplishment.
Did your Mom recruit another relative? No, that's Hanna.
I really have to go.
Uh, but I'll see you at the meeting later? You bet.
- Thank you for those.
- I'll see you soon.
- Where are you? - On the road, I got held up.
Well, she just raced into her faculty lunch, late.
I mean, where was she? Stuck at that junkyard? Wait, why were you held up? Dean stopped by, with a gift.
Dean? Drug-free Dean? Why was he giving you gifts? Because we're friends.
Toby better hurry back to Rosewood.
Will you stop? What are we doing when I get there? Stop asking questions.
Just drive faster.
Hurry up.
Okay, so the first thing you're gonna learn to build is a CMS interface.
I promise it's not as complicated as I just made it sound.
These days everyone wants a responsive design that adjusts itself to different screens.
So the photo of Kimye will look the same on your phone, your smart pad, and your computer.
What's Kimye? Kanye and Kim? Yeah, right.
You wouldn't, uh You've been You know what actually? You don't even need to know.
No one does.
Hey, I'm sorry.
That that whole Kimye thing was just joke.
I've got a lot of catching up to do.
It's exhausting being on the outside all the time.
Well, at least you, uh, you have the other girls to connect with.
What do you know about Alison DiLaurentis? I wouldn't ask, but when you're forced to answer to someone else's name and wear their clothes you become curious about her.
Why haven't you talked to Emily? I've tried, but every time I bring her up, Emily shuts down.
Do you think Alison knows who did this to us? Well, if she does, that person's not long for this world.
Look, I'm sorry.
I wish I had more answers for you, but the truth is, I'm on the outside looking in too.
I hate it.
Hi, there.
I'm so embarrassed.
I thought I put my ticket in my bag but I can't find it.
And now I'm thinking I may have used it to throw away my gum.
Um, which one is yours? Ugh.
God, this is so weird.
Um, I just got it back from the dealership and they changed the keychain.
But it's a dark green Range Rover.
Tan interior I need the ticket, Miss.
Have you checked your pockets? Well I thought that I checked everything.
Maybe you left it on the table.
Oh, come on, you know the car.
It has, like, a Harwick bumper sticker on the back.
Really nice smell inside.
Like, cinnamon toast.
Seriously? You honestly don't remember me? Oh, God, that really hurts.
I mean, fine, I'll just walk back to New Jersey.
Miss? I I think I know the car.
That's it.
Thank God one of us has a brain.
- What's your ETA? - I'm almost there.
Okay, well, there's an alley right when you turn right on Front Street, meet me there.
Are you stealing her car? No, I am borrowing it.
Don't get all preachy with me, Puff 'n' Stuff.
I gotta go.
You saved my life.
Love you.
Hi, um, does Emily Fields still work here? Oh.
Sorry, I heard you talking about Emily.
No, she-she doesn't work here at the moment.
But I'm-I'm Ezra Fitz, I'm the owner.
I can pass along any Wait, wait, wait.
Ezra? Why-why do I know that name? I-I feel like Emily had a teacher.
Yes, that would be me.
I had bit of a career change.
- I'm Nicole Gordon.
- Hi.
I worked with Emily in Haiti.
We did that housing program.
Oh, yes.
That's right.
She had an amazing summer with you guys.
Yeah, that's what I thought, but then she changed her e-mail and her number and never sent me an update.
Well, I mean, she had to change everything.
After the trial.
When was the last time you two spoke? I've been in India the past eight months.
What trial? I mean, someone must've seen something, right? A had to have been trailing us the whole time and we weren't the only ones here.
There's a guy that runs this place, but I don't see him.
Um, Em? It's kind of hard to hunt for clues and pick emojis at the same time.
I was just checking with Sara.
I wanted to see how her first day was going.
Well, you two seem to have gotten pretty close.
Well, yeah.
She's staying with me.
For how long? I told you guys.
She has a bad home life.
And we all had things come back to.
People who love us.
I was just wondering what it was like for her down there.
What she was thinkin' about in the dark got her through it.
Clark? Hi.
What What are you doing here? Just came back to take some new pictures.
Somebody stole mine this morning.
Oh, Em, this is Clark.
The photographer I met at Hollis.
Nice to meet you.
So what are you doing here? When I got home I-I realized I lost my tripod.
I thought I must've left it here.
Well, let me help you look.
Oh, no.
That's fine.
Emily offered to help, so Hey, a friend of mine is looking for me at The Brew.
What friend? Nicole, from my Habitat trip.
I didn't even know she is on the same hemisphere.
Okay, well, do we need to leave right now? If you wanna stay and look around I can drive you home.
Yeah, I How could I say no? What kind of lab did you say Lesli worked at? I don't know.
It was at a college.
Why? Maybe this key card could help us get in there.
How fast do you think Caleb can make a copy? I have no idea.
God, this girl's such a slob.
Ugh, she has this hairbrush back here that smells like a cat box.
Well, what's Caleb doing right now? Why do you keep asking me about Caleb? Why do your shoulders go up every time I say his name? - Are you guys still - No, we're nothing, okay? Hanna? Don't lock Caleb out.
Believe me, I can't.
My mom keeps letting him in.
I mean, they eat meals together now because I won't let him cut my meat.
What is she using this for? Those are wire cutters.
Why does she need to cut wires? Why does Caleb wanna cut your meat? Because he thinks I'm weak and I'm not.
Oh, my God.
She has, like, ten pairs of these grandma glasses in here.
Okay, look, I'm gonna text Caleb.
No, don't.
We need his help to copy this.
I'm not gonna tell him why.
Oh, my God.
I can see better with these.
I needed glasses this whole time and I never knew it.
Let me see.
Give me another pair.
There's no prescription in these.
- What? - They're clear.
They're fake.
She has multiple pairs of fake glasses.
God, this girl is fooling everyone.
_ Oh, my God.
What? What's inside the boxes? They're unassembled cages.
Cages? For what? They're not for gerbils, Hanna.
There's four of them and each one is big enough for - What? - For us.
So have you incinerated those negatives yet? Not yet.
I mean, I'd understand if you did.
You must feel like you're under a microscope.
Police watching you, parents watching you.
Yeah, well, hopefully that'll all stop soon.
What? What do you mean? Have they actually caught the guy? Uh, no, not yet.
But they're, they're pretty close.
How do you know? Sorry.
I don't mean to pry.
Oh You know what? Maybe we should just go.
Hey, hold on.
This this is where we were the other day.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll check over there.
You check back there.
Nicole? Hi.
Well, at least you still look like Emily.
What are you doing here? Well, we finished the project.
So I came back to see my dad and thought I'd make a little detour.
Hey, do, either of you want coffee? - Yeah.
- I-I'll do it.
No, no, no.
I will get it.
Ezra told you, didn't he? Don't be mad at him, please.
I-it's okay.
I'd rather you find out the story from him than me having to tell it again.
Um, doesn't your dad live in Florida? Yeah.
All right, so you were more than just a little detour but, um, I didn't want to do this over the phone.
Thank you.
What's goin' on? I'm a supervisor now and I have been asked to put together a team for an eight week project in Thailand.
And I have this crazy idea of reuniting our Caribbean crew.
Is that crazy? - Uh, when does it start? - Mid-June.
So basically, you could just fly there in your cap and gown.
But I'd I would want you to change before you pick up a power tool.
- You already made summer plans? - No.
You-you think it's a bit far from home? No.
You heard they have bugs down there the size of your head? No.
Yeah, yes.
It's not that, it's just I'm still adjusting to being back.
And my mom has me in intensive therapy I'm trying to help a new friend deal with everything and You know what, I I shouldn't be throwing this at you right now.
I only brought it up because I remember when you got off that plane you were a mess.
But within weeks, you had that light in your eyes.
Helping other people really seemed to It did.
And it-it will again.
You know, there'll be other trips.
I'm in.
- Wait, what? - Yeah.
I wanna do this one.
Are you sure? Can I bring a friend? You sure you don't want some coffee or something? No, I'm okay.
Thank you.
Um, you said he'll be back in He's just pickin' up lunch.
I know, I should just ask the gym to give me a new card but they always charge me so much.
_ Oh, God.
Everything okay? Yeah.
It's fine.
It's just my mom.
Can I ask you a question? Did anybody ever ask you to talk about it? Um Well my mom keeps asking me to I guess some reporters offered money.
Who's asking you? Um, my school, at graduation.
Oh, right.
Emily told me.
You're the brainiac.
That's not me.
I wish I had paid more attention at school.
Why? I mean when I think about how much I used to sweat homework assignments and exams.
It's just a bunch of wasted energy.
None of it matters.
I don't know.
If I could explain how it felt to be down there and how it feels to be up here I'd want everyone to hear it.
Hey, you.
Hey, hi.
I'm just waiting for an order to take home and, uh, eat.
You don't need a book.
I was just killing time.
Caleb, we may never know what happened to her.
And maybe she'll tell you or me or Dr.
Sullivan, but maybe she won't.
I'm not even trying to force her to, you know.
I'm not trying to smother her.
I know.
I know and I think on some level she knows too.
She just She likes to keep you guessing.
You know after her dad and I split up Hanna moved into my bedroom and we would watch movies late at night.
And she would laugh at the sad parts and she'd sob at the jokes.
I just feel like I've lost her.
I think I saw a glimpse of the Hanna we know last night.
She left the freezer door open and defrosted like $80 worth of groceries.
And after I marched upstairs and yelled at her, she looked up at me and she was thrilled.
I'm not suggesting you yell at her.
I'm just Just remember underneath it all, she is still in there.
It's not just the junkyard, Emily, it's the bottle of hair color in the darkroom, the text in Sullivan's office.
I mean, how did A know we were all gonna be there at the exact same time? Aria, it's always been that way.
Uh, hello? Are you there? Um, Em, I-I gotta go, Ezra's here.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Um, so, I was just gonna drop this off but then I saw your car in the driveway.
You left your application for the photo competition at The Brew.
Oh, thank you.
And I-I saw that you needed a recommendation so I wrote you one.
Which I know is-is very presumptuous and if you want somebody else to write it No.
No, I mean Who knows me better than you do? Wow.
And you definitely used your creative writing skills.
When When did I have a solo exhibit at The Brew? I might have embellished slightly.
But I mean, I do have your self-portrait hangin' above my desk.
I did.
I mean, I did.
Well, I appreciate it.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, anytime.
Whoa, what is that? Uh.
I did that.
For my photos.
Well, that-that certainly is disturbing.
Not sure if I'd wanna have that hangin' above my desk.
I meant to call you, I'm so sorry.
- Where are you going? - To my car.
Look, I-I, I'm sorry, I didn't make it today.
I just came by to make sure you're okay, and you are.
See ya.
Hold up.
Can you please let me explain? I-I skipped today's meeting because I I decided that I'm gonna write that speech after all.
I don't give a crap about the speech.
Don't you get it? Uh, in my life, when someone doesn't show up or answer the phone, there is a very real possibility that they're lying in a gutter somewhere.
I didn't - I didn't realize - Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
I know.
Will you at least come inside and have a cup of coffee? I can't see you anymore.
What? Why? Are you seriously gonna cut me out of your life because I skipped one meeting? No, I need to stop seeing you.
Because every time you're near me, I I just wanna grab you and kiss you.
And the fact that you have a boyfriend isn't the problem.
The problem is, I don't care.
- Hey.
- God, Caleb.
I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean to freak you out.
I let myself in.
Your mom made me a key.
- Of course, she did.
- Hanna, knock it off.
Knock what off? I'm not the one who just shows up at someone's door for no reason.
I have a reason.
Sara? What are you doing? What happened? I will pay for the bike if-if they can't fix it.
No, what happened to you? And if this doesn't come out I'll replace the whole carpet Hey, Sara, stop.
Talk to me.
How did you get hurt? Were you in an accident? I don't know.
I don't know.
You don't know what? If it happened on purpose.
I-I turned onto that street behind the school and I felt like I was being followed.
By who? There was this dark car, it was going real slow.
Did the car hit you? It suddenly sped up, and the side mirror smashed into my elbow and I-I have to clean this up before your mom sees it.
No, you don't.
I'll do it, okay? Just look at me.
If I show you a picture can you tell me if it was the same car? Okay.
Look, is this it? - I think so.
- Okay, listen to me.
We may have figured out who's doing this.
Who is we? Sarah, you're safe in this house, okay? A-and in three weeks, you and I can both get outta here.
- We'll get on a plane and - What? A program I did a couple summers ago.
They're going to Thailand.
And my supervisor said that I could take you.
My mother won't let me leave the country.
What if we talk to your caseworker? She can't help me.
No one can.
Sara, I can help you, okay? I won't let anything happen to you.
Lesli experiments on animals? Of course she does.
What do you think we are to her? You guys, less talking, more looking.
- Which one is her desk? - Umm wait, this is it.
What am I supposed to be looking for? Well, she's furnished an underground bunker so I'm guessing she must have a stack of receipts the size of a phone book.
So, Ezra came to my house.
I came really close to telling him.
Telling him what? About why we're here.
I hate lying to him.
Okay, but you guys aren'tven together anymore so why do you feel like you owe him? No, it's not about owing him it's just who I turn to in times like this who makes me feel safe.
Is that really fair to him? What the hell was that? Spencer, what are you What are you doing? Wait.
Why am I beeping? I haven't even stolen anything yet.
Spencer! Say something! Why are we, like, radioactive? Bitch chipped us.
She chipped us? She friggin' chipped us? - Well, how do we get it out? - She chipped us in the bunker.
That's why we were drugged.
Yeah, just like every other animal she sicked on us.
Birds, snakes, wild horses.
Okay, we can stand here and list A's greatest hits but we still need something real to give to the police.
So, Aria, please keep on checking the desks.
Hanna, let's check these shelves.
Why can't we just hand over our heads? Hey, um, the copy shop's printer ran out of ink so I may have to show you the good pictures on my phone.
I can't go.
Why? Wh-what happened? Did your mom No, i-it's not my mom.
I The friend I wanted to bring I can't leave her behind.
Her home situation's a disaster.
You know, she's still trying to figure out how to stand on her own and and You're the only thing holding her up.
You know, I've only known her for a couple of weeks, but it's just been intense.
She's still trapped in a nightmare.
Well, I-I think you all are.
You're right.
But there are moments when I'm with her and I completely forget.
You know, it's like, she's helping me more than I'm helping her.
Em is Sara capable of returning your feelings? What? No, no, no, that-that's not what I'm feeling.
I'm just I'm sorry, you came all the way out here and I should've waited a day to give you an answer.
Well, I-I don't know about you, but I'm still really glad I made the trip.
Can anybody hear me? Hanna, what are you doing? She doesn't get to keep anybody in cages anymore.
- Stop.
- I'm letting them out.
Hanna, get away from the window you're gonna set off the alarm.
- I don't care.
- What? You will when the campus police show up! Just get away from the window.
Oh, oh.
Okay, stay back.
Move really slowly.
These are not cuddly animals.
Wait, why is it moving like that? Is it on speed or something? Hanna, it's a lab! It could be on a lot of things, okay? Starting with anthrax! Just stay calm.
Guys, hey.
- Check out this invoice.
- Aria.
She just ordered like a dozen Don't scream, you're gonna make it worse.
Is there another light we can turn on? No.
They're nocturnal, okay? I don't wanna traumatize them any more than they already have been.
We just need to get them back in their cages.
- Them? - Yes, there's rats too.
And they jump.
Do you guys have any food? Do they eat cheese sticks? Hey, Spencer, not all of them, that's my dinner.
Shut up.
What are you doing? What just happened? Why'd the lights go out? Have you guys lost your minds? Mona, you followed us here again? Why did you turn the lights off? So the security guard wouldn't see us.
Us? Oh, save it, Mona.
You are not one of us.
You're working for A.
You and Lesli Stone are going down.
We have what we need and we're giving it straight to the police.
This college will prosecute.
I'm just trying to save you from yourselves.
Cut the crap, Mona! The only thing you're trying to protect is Lesli's vendetta against us.
Yeah, which is crazy because we had nothing to do with what happened to Bethany! Yeah, we had never even heard of Lesli's friend until she was found in Alison's grave! Her friend? Where did it say in Lesli's file that she was friends with Bethany Young? - She hated that girl.
- Oh, really? And I suppose she hated Charles too? So much that she had to start pretending to be him.
Lesli is not pretending to be Charles.
She's just pretending to be stable.
That's why she didn't want anyone to see that file.
She was in Radley the same time as Charles.
You're telling me that Lesli never even I asked her myself.
She'd only heard Charles' name once.
The night that Bethany snuck out of Radley and never came back.
Charles snuck out that night too.
That was the night that Alison disappeared.
Charles was already dead by then.
Not according to Lesli.
They were looking for two patients.
The entire place went on lockdown because of Bethany and Charles.
He had to be dead, Mona.
He donated his organs.
Show her, Spencer.
Spencer, why did you just give her those? Don't worry, I made copies.
This donation form's a sham.
Look at the medications Charles was taking.
Nobody would want his liver.
He's not an eligible donor.
- So what are you saying? - What, that Charles is alive? Of course, and probably planning something big and wanted to keep us distracted.
- Lesli's just easy pickings.
- We have a picture.
And the person in the hoodie is not a guy.
Spencer, if you caught A in a photo it's because A wanted to be caught.
He was a patient there, how could no one know this? Yeah Uh, yeah Thank you for your time.
Charles chipped all of us.
That's why it hurts when you press on it.
And you think the person who did this to us the person who's after us is Charles? The dead Charles? He never was and I knew it.
He tried to make us believe he was dead because he had to.
I mean, the only reason he gave his name up was because he thought we'd never get out of that hellhole.
Okay, so what was Lesli? A speed bump.
On the way to finding Charles.
But we will.
Sara, I was just _