Pretty Little Liars s06e13 Episode Script

The Gloves Are On

Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" Charlotte was dead when she was thrown from the bell tower.
She was murdered? I think the person the cops should really be talking to is right over there.
She chose to help Charlotte torture us.
God, I missed you.
Never been really good with needles.
You live in California but you're doing your treatments here? Family that campaigns together stays together.
They won't take back the advance.
They are not going to love the follow-up.
It's time to tell us what really happened that night.
You left the hotel with Ezra and you came back a half hour after Charlotte was killed.
We didn't see each other the night that Charlotte was killed.
You didn't call me, I didn't leave the hotel we didn't walk or talk or go anywhere.
Whatever you say, Aria.
I've never had a salt rub.
Does it hurt? Can't be worse than a sugar wax.
Why didn't she meet us here? - Spencer, let it go.
- Why lie? Why not just say I snuck out to go meet Ezra? She's got a boyfriend in Cambridge.
Oh, please, this is about so much more than that.
If we had never told her about that security tape, she wouldn't have This is so not relaxing.
Hanna, the police didn't ask us to stick around to exfoliate.
There are gonna be questions.
Aria doesn't know where Ezra went after she left him.
Yeah, but she knows that he was in a dark place.
Just 'cause you're depressed doesn't mean you pick up a weapon.
Okay, you guys, my mom gave us these passes as a gift.
We're here to chill, not spill.
It's just so twisted.
She hasn't even spoken to Fitz in, like, five years and now if he did this for her they're gonna be bound together forever.
Not because of the tape.
It's gone.
What? You erased it? - When? - Doesn't matter.
It's done.
What do you guys think this room was before they turned the nuthouse into a spa? Why? The sauna smelled like burned hair.
Okay, that's it.
I'm done chilling.
- Wait, what are you guys doing? - I'm gonna go get dressed.
I have to meet with Melissa.
We have a meeting with my mom's campaign team.
- Yeah, I think I wanna go too.
- Well, we can't leave.
We have appointments! You can't do this.
Come on, guys.
I left my key in there.
Sara? How long have you been there? And why are you following me? First the cemetery and now here? I wasn't following you.
I was saying goodbye to someone.
Who? Charlotte? The person you claimed in court scrambled your brains and stole your soul? Why did you even come to Rosewood? Answer me! Last time I checked, this was the quiet room.
It's no sweat if you can't find it.
No, I have printed everything out.
- This whole stack is coverage.
- Just resend the e-mail.
Jillian's not back till tomorrow.
Is that a stuffed pig behind you? Yeah, that's Pigtunia.
Wait, is there a picture of Justin Timberlake on one of those walls? Wait a second, I thought you said that Jillian wasn't back till Friday.
Nah, she's coming back early.
But don't freak about the Fitz pages.
She's, um, kind of over him.
What does that mean? I guess she called your old teacher yesterday and said he sounded wasted at 11 in the morning.
He wasn't wasted.
The man is dealing with a lot of grief right now.
Well, don't scorch me.
I'm a fan.
I think the guy's definitely got more stories to tell.
I gotta go.
Hey, don't lose sleep over Fitz.
He'll share when he's ready, okay? Detective Calderon, what's this regarding? My colleagues are studying the hotel's security footage from the night Charlotte DiLaurentis was murdered.
Yes, I already gave them access to everything.
You did, but apparently there was nothing recorded after midnight.
The tape skips to noon the next day.
Oh! Well, I'm not really well-versed in the technical Me neither.
But we have an IT specialist trying to determine whether there was a malfunction of the device or - Or? - Whether it was deleted.
I'm sorry.
What are you implying? We haven't reached any conclusions yet, ma'am but I will need a list of the staff that worked that shift and the hotel guests who stayed here that night.
Well, there are no health food stores here, Claudia.
Believe me, I grew up here.
I thought butter was a side dish.
Yeah, I'll overnight the magnesium.
Well, what day is it in Tokyo? Okay, well, then you'll get it yesterday.
Hello? Claudia? Hanna? Lucas! Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? Didn't you see me waving? I honked at you.
Wait, that was you in the silver Jag? Can you look a little less shocked? I am not shocked, I'm impressed.
How are you? Last time I heard, you were, like, movin' to Chicago.
Uh, Seattle.
But I sold that company.
I do game apps now.
Uh, do you still live with your folks? Oh, uh, no, I, uh, have a condo in Palo Alto and a town house in Hong Kong and a loft above The Grille.
But, hey! Look at you.
Sporting bling.
Did Caleb finally propose? No.
Uh, Caleb and I, we split up a few years ago.
But my fiancé, Jordan, we live in New York.
Wow! Now I'm shocked.
Well, you know, we're still friends.
It's probably my boss.
- Oh! - Is everything okay? Yeah.
Yeah, everything's fine.
Um, you know what, I gotta go.
But I-I wanna drive that car.
Oh, I forgot you were camping out here.
Yeah, me and the other water bugs.
Where's Spencer? She's just finishing up the strategy session with Gil.
Hey, what about, uh, her college paper? How did they react to that? They asked her to adjust her interview style.
I know I had more clothes here.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How did it go? - Not good.
- They asked me to lie.
- They don't want you to lie.
Okay, they want me to use a non-denial denial.
- So lying.
- Yeah.
If you can avoid addressing certain things, you should.
No, don't take off your shoes.
We've to be at Hollis in 30 minutes.
What is this Hollis thing? Gil asked me to post about it.
Registering college kids to vote to try to reverse the political apathy of our youth.
- That's noble.
- It's really not.
It's a photo-op for the candidate's children who are starving.
Okay, well, I'll make you some eggs.
Uh, do you want some toast? Oh, my God, please.
- Burned.
- That's the only way I make it.
I'm gonna go steal some stuff from the campaign headquarters.
- When did that happen? - What? - Caleb? We're friends.
- Really? 'Cause I know how you like to shop out of other people's carts.
If you're referring to Hanna that cart is engaged to someone else.
It really doesn't matter because there's nothing going on.
Maybe you're more comfortable with lying than you think.
Uh, are you leaving? I thought we were having lunch today.
Yeah, I just had to pick up a few things from the drugstore.
You know, I only planned on being here for a day or two.
- Do you need anything? - No.
You know, I, um, I spoke with, with Will Perkins.
Your dad's friend, the medic.
And he'd be happy to write you a recommendation for grad school.
Um, you didn't have to do that.
It's Are you kidding? I wanted to.
Um, see you later.
Em, Emily! Hear what? That you had nothing to do with that security tape.
If you or your friends tampered I didn't.
Why would I have to tamper with it? I'm not in high school anymore.
Ashley, excuse me.
Jen just took this message for you.
Thank you.
Well, it gets worse.
What? What's wrong? Who's that from? It's from Detective Calderon.
They just confirmed that the tape was erased.
And they want me to go down to the precinct this afternoon for further questioning.
Why do they need to speak to you? They're investigating a murder, Hanna.
I have a daughter who was staying here who was once tortured by the victim.
Don't look so surprised.
Do you know what you want? What? Oh, no.
Um, I'm good.
Just whatever you're having, you can order two of them.
Excuse me.
Are you our waiter? Great.
Um, I'll have a, a beer.
Anything you have on draft will be great.
What about you? Iced tea, thank you.
So, um I looked at that thumb drive that I took from your place.
That's just research.
Ezra, there were some horrifying images.
Yeah, I know.
I Uh, is-is there anything else on there other than research? Here.
That's what I have.
I-I started the first chapter in Colombia and I was about halfway through the second when Nicole Look, it's crap.
It's crap.
And I know that you don't wanna give up until I hand it over, so there it is.
Hello there.
Forgive the interruption.
Your waiter will be right over with two iced teas.
Um, I, I ordered a beer.
I know, Ezra.
We can't serve you that.
Are you, are you kidding me? - What's going on? - Please, this is awkward.
Look, Ashley, nobody broke a chair.
It was an incident.
I'm sorry.
- Enjoy your lunch.
- Thank you.
What's your take on that? Why is the turnout of millennial voters so sluggish? Well, most young people don't have a permanent address so it's very difficult for them to register.
So are you sticking around Rosewood solely for your mom or are there other things keeping you here? The death of Charlotte DiLaurentis must have thrown you? Yes, and how could it not? This person had a huge impact on my life.
And it does take time to process an upsetting event before one can move on.
I'm surprised you'd use the word upsetting.
Most people on social media assume that you're celebrating.
Well, the media's gonna create the narrative they wanna tell.
So you object to that narrative? No, what I object to are people who are desperate to find a connection.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
Can you excuse me for just a moment? Sure.
- What are you doing here? - My mom's in trouble.
Emily! Emily.
Mom, what's the matter? Maybe you can explain this.
Was it all just lies? I mean, all the, all the details from Mom, please.
I must've looked like an idiot sending you care packages, because you didn't like the food in the cafeteria.
When did you drop out? Mom, can we please not talk about this here? Please? No, ugh! Fine.
Lorenzo knows the tape was erased.
Alright? So you have to ask your mom No.
My mom's not an attorney right now.
She's a candidate, I cannot ask her anything and I can't talk to you right now.
I'm in the middle of an interview.
Spencer, the police have a list of everyone who stayed at the hotel that night.
Someone was murdered and you're gonna get questioned.
We all are.
Hey, I'm so sorry about that.
Wasn't that one of the other girls from the bunker? Is she still in town because of Charlotte? You know what, I think that maybe I should just get back to registering the students.
Just one more question.
No, I'm sorry.
I really don't have time.
I'm only here to spread the message.
Be inspired to create the future that you imagine by voting.
Thank you.
I don't understand, Emily.
It wasn't a decision.
It just happened.
- Did you get kicked out? - No.
Honey, why didn't you call me if you were going through something? Mom, you worried if I skipped a meal.
How was I suppose to tell you I was skipping school? Did you get that at a costume shop? I'm goin' home.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I need your help.
Do you want anything to drink? I haven't been here in a while but there might be an old coconut water I'll pass.
Uh, do you live here alone? Well, I had a hamster but I'm out of town all the time, so he Were you here the night that Charlotte DiLaurentis was killed? Why? After the hearing, we all went back to the hotel and we got trashed.
And? We collapsed in my room.
But now the police think that we snuck out and we killed A or Charlotte.
Well, I was thinking maybe maybe you could say that you-you came to my room and you-you brought me take-out and we talked until the sun came up.
You know what? Forget that.
Um, I'm sorry I even asked.
- You want me to be your alibi? - No.
No, I don't.
I really didn't think this through.
Let's just pretend that I never came here.
Hey, when you're in New York, let's get dinner.
Uh, Hanna.
You need me, I'm there for you.
"And still there they were stars reeling overhead "the earth barely moving beneath them.
"He knew in that moment whether they made it "through this night or not he finally found his match.
" Okay, is it just me or is this amazing? Uh, I-I-I mean there's some stuff that needs connective tissue - Is he writin' about you? - What? What're you talking about? No.
This book is about him and Nicole.
Well, I'm just saying the description She was small like me.
Big deal.
Ezra likes small women.
Get a grip.
Why would you say that? Aria, you guys went through a lot together.
- That was high school.
- Not for him.
Why are you so upset? It's just been a rough couple of days.
And we're readin' an unfinished novel by somebody who may have killed Emily, don't.
He said he went home.
Okay, well, tell me why Sara Harvey won't go home? Everywhere I go, she's been shadowing me like some dark cloud.
I'm afraid that she might know something.
I mean, was she sitting in that lobby that night? Wait.
Can't Hanna's mom just kick her out of the hotel? For what? You can't evict somebody for eating fried chicken with gloves.
Okay, well, just stop thinking about her.
- Go have dinner with your mom.
- No.
I'll sit here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, come in.
- What's this? - Uh, research.
My boss wants to buy a cat while she's in Asia.
They have this weird breed with super short legs.
They call them munchkins.
It's only slightly offensive.
Well, so is my boss.
Look, I'm really sorry about the way that I talked to you today.
I was just so focused on trying to be my mom's savior No, it's fine.
Lucas is gonna help us.
- He is gonna be our alibi.
- Really? Um, is that munchkin lover? No, it's Jordan calling me to say goodnight.
- Oh, let me give you guys a - No, it's fine.
I'll just call him back.
You seem really happy.
So, um, is it weird now for you to for you to see Caleb? No.
I'm getting married, Spencer.
God, why does everybody keep asking me about Caleb? I, I didn't realize anybody else had.
Oh! So do you have feelings for So when you, um When you guys, uh, met up in Spain, did you No, no, I would never do that to you.
I'd No.
And I don't even know if he feels the same way.
Well, then I think that you should find out.
I figured if anyone could decipher your chicken scratch, it'd be me.
But there were even a few words that I couldn't Why did you do this? 'Cause I-I thought that maybe if you saw it in a different form it would inspire you to pick up where you left off.
It's really good, Ezra.
Really good.
Look, forget about who I work for.
Okay? I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks.
This is me talking.
You need to finish this book.
I want the entire world to know who you really are.
You are compassionate, sensitive.
You're kind.
Maybe I'm not.
- Damian.
- Spencer.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, I wasn't, uh, expecting you.
Are you here to finish our interview? I came to ask you if your article was really about millennials and politics or if you have another angle? The bunker girls.
Um, I think you need to relax.
I'm writing about the of senatorial candidates.
I don't, I don't have an agenda.
- Really? - Really.
Then why are you playing phone tag with Mona Vanderwaal? Is she gonna offer you some fresh insight into Charlotte's dollhouse? Uh, no, she's scheduling a sit-down with the opponent's daughter.
What? Mona's working for the other camp.
I'm sorry.
When did this happen? Well, don't look at me.
Apparently Mona approached your mom about working for her campaign first but was shown the door.
You really didn't know.
I've heard of inner circles but leaving your daughter out that's cold.
- When do you have to go in? - 5.
- He already grilled my mom.
- Alright, Hanna.
Don't forget.
This is Lorenzo, not Wilden.
He's not bent on making Ali's friends look like Friends? Have you heard from Ali since that dinner? Have you? Alison is not looking to make any more friendship bracelets.
I thought you said Lucas was gonna help.
You're worried he won't come through? I'm worried about everything, Emily.
My mom losing her job, my boss firing me because I didn't send the right laxative to Tokyo.
Everything! Do you wanna mix that with water? No.
God, I hate that I'm in this place and being forced to lie like I'm in 11th grade all over again.
Oh, it's Liam.
- Hey, you got a minute? - Sure, what's up? Why are you unbuttoning your shirt? Uh, I have to go pick up Jillian's mother at Logan and take her to this trustee thing at the Gardner.
Now officially a male escort for 80-year-old cougars.
- Um, Liam? - Mm-hmm.
I am not alone.
Hanna and Emily are here.
Oh! - Hey, guys.
- Hi.
I just wanted to give you a quick update.
Um, Jillian said if she doesn't have something from Fitz by tomorrow, she's moving on.
What? Why? She left me this long message saying that he was a fraud and he was two months away from teaching creative writing on a cruise ship.
Well, she's wrong.
She'll have something on her desk by tomorrow.
Will you tell her that, please? Yeah.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
What? Why are you worried about his book? Those are words.
Who cares about the stuff he makes up? Why don't you ask him for the truth about the night Charlotte was killed? - What was that? - Timer.
On my phone.
My mom asked me to meet her.
I've to use the bathroom.
What are you gonna say if the police call you in? Are you telling them that you met up with Fitz? No, I was asleep the whole time, remember? Oh, Hanna, no, no.
Please drop that in the kitchen.
Hey, are you getting out of here? Yeah.
I just have a few work e-mails to deal with.
Emily, I saw you in the bathroom.
I don't know what you mean.
Em, it's me.
Are you sick? No.
I'm broke.
What-what about the Salk Institute? It's not real.
I mean, the place is, I just I don't have a job there.
What's going on? The last couple of years have just been a lot harder than I made them sound.
I left school and I blew through all the money that my dad left me.
And that's why when one of the girls that I bartend with told me about it Told you about what? Donating my eggs.
That's what the injections are for? You have to take a lot of hormones before the procedure.
That's why I'm havin' it done here.
Em, you don't have to do this.
I'll lend you No.
No, it's okay.
I want to.
I mean For the first time in forever I actually feel good about a choice I've made.
I'm gonna help two people start a family.
I just wish you would have told me sooner.
I didn't know how.
Well, whoever they are they are the luckiest couple in the world.
So you reached out to a friend you hadn't seen in, what, five years? Lucas and I were close.
And were any of the others awake for this 3 a.
snack? No, I mean, I'm the only one who even eats fried mozzarella sticks.
Do you mind if I invite someone else to join us? Can you come in here, please? Maybe you can help us.
Hanna doesn't seem to recall letting you into the hotel.
She didn't, there was another guest leaving as I got there.
Can you describe this guest? Uh, a man.
I didn't get a good look.
My hands were full of greasy bags.
Why were you so eager to drop off food in the middle of the night? Hanna called and I was happy to hear her voice.
And she sounded a little tipsy, so I thought that maybe we could have little bit of fun.
He means talking.
We talked until the sun came up.
Now were you drinking alcohol too? Nope.
Ice water.
Was it in the room? I would've thought that ice set out at turn-down would have melted.
- I went to get more.
- So you left the room? Just a walk down the hall to the ice machine.
Was it down the hall? 'Cause according to my records, Radley doesn't have an ice closet on the third floor.
Melissa, what's wrong? I am an idiot.
I totally botched things with that reporter from Hollis.
With Damian? You talked to him? I wouldn't exactly call it talking.
More like nervous blurting.
What did you blurt? Everything was going fine but then he got up to take a phone call and when he came back, his questions changed.
And I saw words written on his pad.
- What were the words? - I could only make out a few.
But they really freaked me out.
Source, cover-up and tape.
Whatever happened to that tape I made you? The one where I talked about the night that Alison disappeared? Oh, my God, Melissa.
It's-it's gone.
It's gone! I destroyed it! Stop.
Don't be paranoid.
Oh, never mind.
She's here.
I want an answer to the question I asked you yesterday.
Why are you here? The police asked me to stay.
I might be able to help.
I'm talking about the funeral.
If Charlotte was as horrible as you told the judge she was why did you go? Did you lie in court? Was it all an act, so you could walk out like a victim? I'm lucky I was able to walk out of there at all.
What's that supposed to mean? I don't know about the others but I know you feel guilty, Emily.
Guilty? I have nothing to feel guilty about.
Should I take these gloves off? Sara, I couldn't have done anything, okay? None of us could.
It all happened so quick Who are you trying to convince? Me or you? We need to talk, the others are on their way and we can't do this in front of them.
- What others? - Look, Ezra.
I know you're lost right now.
I know you are, you're filled with anger and you're full of despair Well, what the hell are you talking about? Charlotte! For God's sake, don't make me say it, Ezra! Look, I know why you did what you did and I will do whatever it takes to help you.
I swear if you want me to lie for you, I will.
I know that you did this to protect me.
Oh, God.
Now don't, don't answer it.
Not yet.
Is she already here? Do come in.
Join the party.
Anybody bring torches, pitchforks? Anything like that? You didn't protect Aria, okay? - I protected Aria! - Hanna And we are not gonna go down for this because you thought that you had to slay the dragon! - Hanna, please - What? My mom may go down for this too.
He needs to own up to what he did! Hanna, just let me talk.
Look, you can say that it was self-defense.
Charlotte had a very long history of throwing the first punch and nobody would ever question you.
They can't! You seem to already have all the answers.
Ezra, it wasn't just some random car that hit her, okay? Somebody planned this to make it look like she jumped.
And you might have already had that plan in your head.
That paper that I wrote, "Texas vs.
" You read it the summer before I published it when we met up at DuPont Circle right before your reading.
It's time for you to leave.
Not until you're honest with us.
Honest, Emily? You are not asking me to change your grade you are asking me to confess to a murder.
Where did you go that night after you left Aria? Why the hell can't you tell us? - Emily, leave him alone.
- Why? Sara Harvey won't leave us alone.
- She's sticking around Rosewood to punish us, Aria! - Yeah, she's good at that.
And she will use this against us until it looks like we planned this and Ezra just carried out our wishes! It's time to go.
Now! Get out! Okay.
We're gonna leave.
But you two better figure this out before the police do.
- You need to leave too.
- Ezra? How long have you known me? Who do you think I am? Hmm? I don't know.
You're not the same person I said goodbye to in front of The Brew that summer.
You're right.
And I'm not going to pretend that I am sorry that the person who made your life a living hell who tormented you five years later I am not going to say I'm sorry that they are dead 'cause I am not.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Were you waiting up for me? - No.
I was just reading "The Gardener's Desk Reference.
" Where have you been? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just I met up with Hanna and Emily.
Um, when you first heard that Charlotte was killed where did your mind go? You mean as in like who did it? I mean, Sara Harvey was pretty high on that list.
- Why? - I don't think that she did it.
But I do think that she remembers more than she's letting on.
I'm not following.
Hanna really didn't tell you? Tell me what? About what happened the night of the prom.
When we went to Radley and we met Ali on the roof to try to stop Everyone knows that.
E-even the cops.
Yeah, but something happened before that that nobody knows about.
She's headed to the roof.
Please help me! - Hey! - I tried to keep you safe.
- Oh, my God! - Stop.
Don't touch her.
'Oh, my God!' You were given an impossible choice.
Yeah, I know, that's That's what I always try to tell myself, but what if that's not true? What if all of those years of being stalked and tortured what if that hardened me? Like maybe it happened so slowly that I don't even know that it was happening.
Hey, listen to me.
You are a good person.
Yes, you are.
And you, you wear your heart on your sleeve.
It just happens to be the sleeve of a flak jacket.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Sorry, I didn't call, I Come, sit.
I want you to promise me something.
Mom, it's been a really long day.
I just I never want you to go through something alone.
We can go through it together.
Promise? Yeah.
- Did you get my messages? - Yeah.
I had no right to ask you to do that.
You don't have to answer me but did you have something to do with Alison's sister falling off that bell tower? No.
You're braver than my mom.
She's been wanting to ask me the same thing, but I think she's scared of the answer.
She can barely look at me.
Waking up in my old room gets harder and harder every day.
What's this for? I've to go off to San Jose tomorrow.
You're welcome to stay here as long as you want.
Have you eaten? Hello.
You okay? Did I wake you? No.
What's up? Um, you know, those chapters you sent? Jillian ate them up.
She devoured them like the carnivore she denies she is.
She read them already? And she liked them? You're officially The Book Whisperer.
Wh-what do you mean? Whatever you're doing, just keep doing it.
Thank you for not judging me.
I just wish you hadn't judged yourself.
There's, um There's something else that I've been judging myself for.