Pretty Little Liars s07e90 Episode Script

A-List Wrap Party

1 Welcome to the "Pretty Little Liars A-List Wrap Party.
" I'm Ji Mai, a "PLL" fanatic, and your host for tonight.
I've got an exclusive VIP access to the hottest party in Hollywood.
[upbeat music] I am so excited for this wrap party, but I'm also a little sad too.
- I mean, this is our last one.
- Oh, I'm so excited.
I think this is awesome mainly just because it's the best crew that I've ever worked with.
Can't believe it's been seven years.
Wrap parties are always fun, and this is our final wrap party so it's gonna be really awesome.
I'm very, very excited.
We've been working hard for seven years so it's just time for us to celebrate.
Everyone deserves to have a really good night.
I'm sure craziness will ensue.
You guys, we're about to turn up with the entire "PLL" squad.
I'm gonna dig up some dirt, get you some juicy secrets.
Are you ready? 'Cause its about to be on.
The "Pretty Little Liars A-List Wrap Party.
" Here we are inside the private A-List room of the series final wrap party with the five prettiest little liars on television.
Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Pieterse.
How are you guys? - all: Good.
- Yeah.
Okay, mind blown with this last episode.
Did you have any idea that it would end like this? - No.
- Some of us did.
I think, Troian, you've known for a while.
You knew for a while, right? - We didn't know.
- Mm-mm.
- I - But you've always I think some of us go to Marlene and we're like "So, tell us.
" - Marlene did not tell me.
- Yeah.
Marlene would not tell me this time though.
I did not know anything.
I actually overheard the ending from another castmate and I didn't want to know.
- What? - I genuinely did not want - to know until the end and so - What do you mean? Like you're walking by the water cooler and somebody - Who was it? - Drew Van Acker.
- What? - Oh, come on.
He knew, and that's how I found out.
Drew ruined it for me, but I loved it.
Okay, so you found out through Drew? - Yeah.
- And then, Shay, you were saying somebody else knew before you? Yeah, I mean, I think sometimes throughout the years, you know, some of us will go and ask the writers to kind of explain to us what's gonna happen, but for this one, yeah, I think Troian, you were the first one out of us to know what was gonna happen.
- Which makes sense.
- That's so true to you, even on your character on the show, like, of course Troian would be the first to know.
How did you find out? I found out because I'm A.
- Yeah, she's A.
- I had to know.
I understand.
When I was watching, you know, it all go down after it was revealed, you, Alex, the whole thing, I literally was like, "I don't think I can still talk about this yet because it's still so unreal.
" This is seven years of not knowing.
- Yeah.
- So how did you find out? Was it a script you read, like No, no, no, I was always somebody - who really liked to know - Okay.
And I like to know what was coming up and I was constantly just asking Marlene like, "Please tell me, please tell me, please tell me.
" Finally she sort of pulled me aside privately.
I think that was two years ago now.
- What? - Wow! Wait.
- Yeah.
- It was that long ago? Well, she was thinking in terms of the end game.
Oh, it's just so nerve-racking because I feel like that's the biggest responsibility for "Pretty Little Liars" is who carries out the final "dun-dun-dun.
" So that's an honor for you to be - I's a total honor - Yeah.
But at the same time, like, it was so much fun to get to play Alex and Spencer in the finale, but also, like, every scene that we got to share, you know, together, like, just us closing out our storylines with, you know, watching the two of you close out your storyline and watching, like, the Ezria wedding, which I still get so scared talking about these things.
I feel like I'm spoiling things.
You guys have seen everything.
- There's nothing I can spoil.
- Oh, my gosh.
Now you mentioned about emotional moments watching the girls in the finale episode.
What was epic to you guys? What was hard to shoot? What was the mood like? Our good-bye scene in the script, we didn't shoot it on the last day but the dialogue was just even hard to say.
I think they only got, like, one good take because my voice was cracking and I, like, couldn't actually get the words out.
Yeah, it was weird to get the direction.
Marlene had to come in and be like, "Could you be less emotional?" - It was sad.
- Yeah.
All right, Shay, Sasha, fans have been all about Emison since, like, day one.
Did you guys ever think that these two would get their happy ending? - Kind of.
- Kind of, yeah, I don't know.
Emily's had so many girlfriends.
I think I've had more relationships on this show than anybody.
So it's been a revolving door of, like, girlfriends for Emily, but I think, I mean, that's definitely what the fans wanted and, you know, we've worked together since the beginning.
And Alison had so many terrible relationships, and Emily I think was the only one that, like, truly loved her in that way.
- Right.
- So, her recognizing that I think was really sweet and important.
- Yeah.
- Right.
What was it like shooting the proposal scene? It was funny, yeah.
I think it was very fitting that it wast smooth, - like we were in an argument.
- Yeah.
We're not going to sleep until you tell me what's in that purse.
You make me a better woman because you searched for one.
Do you promise to do that every day - for the rest of our lives? - I love you too.
Shooting the scenes with our daughters was very fun - 'cause you had one - Yeah.
- I know! - Twin that was crying the whole time, and one that was happy.
So we'd have to kind of switch.
- Yeah.
- And then in, like, a couple of our takes even I'm pretending to have one in this arm, but they would only show this baby Yeah, 'cause the other one was crying.
But I'm still moving this arm, yeah.
But not only that, they actually do look identical.
And the only way that we could really tell them apart was their earrings, yeah.
One had pink flowers, the other one had blue.
It was really cute, yeah.
Oh, my gosh, and Lucy for you, too.
Ezria was the only relationship that started way back in the pilot episode.
So how did it feel to have something that, like, lasted for so long? You know what, the fans of Ezria, they deserved that.
It felt right, like, I mean, it was the strangest thing was reciting those vows though.
I don't know, it just felt very real.
I don't know, it was weird.
But I can't image them not being together.
I mean, they've been through everything, so.
Right, wait I just have to rewind you to when you were saying it felt so real.
What do you mean? No I was just not that I want to marry Ian in real life, but that having to say that in real life would feel very strange, yeah.
Yes, it actually takes you through what it's like to say that to somebody, and look into their eyes and Nerve-racking, and in that moment we could never break eye contact - for the whole scene.
- Right.
And I could tell internally he was laughing, and I internally was laughing 'cause he does this thing with his mouth.
I was like, "Just don't do this to me.
" - I know.
- Because usually it's just hard to get through scenes with him, so it was funny.
And the fans appreciated it much.
So, Ashley, I have to ask you, Hannah was the closest to Mona throughout the series and I want to know at the very end, did Hannah suspect Mona was Team A.
or did she think she was playing the game the whole time? What do you think? Even when Mona I mean, after she tried to kill me, like, running me over with a car, like, Hannah still wanted to be by her side and stick up for her.
Why would you bring her to my rehearsal dinner? I'm sorry, okay? I didn't know what else to do.
The last time we saw Mona she tried to push you off the bell tower.
Yeah, and she feels bad about that.
Is Mona a good person? Like, is Mona bad? No, I think she's good.
You know, the game was a very big thing and it's a huge secret between me and the girls, and when Hannah broke that trust and introduced the game to Mona she needed Mon's help.
She knew that Mon's mind could get them to where they had to be to finish the game - Right.
- So Mona really helped them out.
And how did you feel when you found out that Haleb was pregnant? I always told Marlene I wanted to have kids on the show.
So that was her little way of sneaking in that I was gonna have a kid.
- [laughter] - Oh! There's so much juiciness here.
I love this.
Okay, well, we have to sneak into a break right now, but we'll have more of the cast with an exclusive on-the-set, behind-the-scenes look at the finale.
But first, we gave each of our liars a little time to think about what they've done and to come clean in our photo booth confessions.
You'll be seeing their confessions all through the night.
Don't even think about leaving this party.
I's just started, guys.
This show changed my life because you made this a success.
You tweeted with us, you Instagrammed with us, you watched every episode.
You were there through everything.
I would not be sitting here giving you this message if it weren't for all of you.
So I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
You've made the experience one that will be the best of my life, and I love you guys so much.
Remember when you were a total bitch to us? Yeah, yeah.
- What are you doing here? - Yeah.
Welcome back to the "Pretty Little Liars A-List Wrap Party.
" We were just chatting about what it's like to be wrapping up the show after seven life-changing seasons.
My favorite moments since I follow all you guys on socials is when you posted about your last table read.
That was a really emotional moment.
What was going on through your minds, you guys? It was sad having everyone in the same room, and coming together, and crazy.
It was just a very weird moment, and emotions definitely took over.
- Right.
- I had so many tissues in front of me, yeah.
- Aw.
- Welcome to Episode 720 of "Pretty Little Liars," "Till Death Do Us Part.
" No, this isn't about money.
I's about having a home, and parents, and friends who risk their lives for each other.
Knowing it never really ends.
[applause] Even the grown men executives were crying.
No way.
Yes, there were men in suits crying.
But it just it goes to show how special the show was I think it's just bad because when you connect eyes with, like, somebody like, every time I see, like, Ashle's crying then I bawled, and I'm bawling, then she bawl it's, like - Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, everybody was crying in that room that day.
I think it sunk in, like, this is the last time I will ever play this character and I feel like Aria became part of my identity because like I said we spent our 20s on the show.
That's when you're growing up and figuring yourself out and Yeah, and we also remember that room when we had our first table read, like, I know what everybody was wearing - Yeah, I know.
- I remember that so vividly.
It was the same room we had our first and last table read in the same Yeah, that wasn't hard.
- Hey, that's awesome.
- Yeah.
All right, if you weren't casted your character and you could be casted another character, who would you want to be? - I've always said Mona.
- Really? I really like Mona.
Yeah, just because she's been, like, eight different characters.
There's kind of a little Mona in all of us I feel like.
Yeah, split personality? Yeah, totally.
I've always said Spencer because I love the character, but I think it's because it's Troian.
There could be no other Spencer.
That actually kind of reminds me of we were doing a scene together and I was looking at Sasha playing Alison and, like, we were all, like, lovey-dovey and, like, we're all friends and I was thinking that she was, like, gonna marry Emily and I was like, "Remember when you were a total bitch to us?" - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- What are you doing here? - What a change! - All right, Troian, tell us about your role.
I mean, with the Alex and being a different character but looking the same, and the British accent.
It was just a total blast and the crew, like, joined in with me doing the accent.
It was, like, almost, like, British Day whenever I would come and everybody would everybody just kept on talking to me in a British accent and I was like, "Well, this makes it easier for me to continue, I guess.
" But yeah, it was a total blast.
Doing scenes with yourself is insane because I would come in and Marlene would be like, "Okay, who do you want to rehearse as first? Do you want to be Alex or Spencer?" And I would say, "All right, "well, I want to be Alex because she's the one "who has the freedom to move around in the scene because Spencer's chained to the bed.
" - Who are you? - [laughs] Really? How hard did Mona hit you? I'm just a girl who met a man when he came in from the rain.
That's really cool to picture now, now that we've seen how it played out to see what you were actually doing behind the scenes.
Who did you channel to get that Alex? Were there any inspirations or any moments in your life that you needed to get to get that grit and that? Actually I watched a lot of, like, Sid Vicious.
- I wanted her to feel - Oh, my gosh.
Very, very punk and Sid Vicious just, like, didn't care at all about the way that he was coming across.
He just did whatever he wanted.
That to me was Alex, especially because it's such a contrast to I think the way Alex views Spencer which is so strung up, and tight, and, like, all of this.
So whenever I wanted to be Alex I wanted to just be, like, a mess and, like, spit and yell and everything.
Alex looked like a hot ball of fun.
I wouldn't have minded, like, meeting Alex - She's a hot mess, yeah.
- In a pub somewhere.
How does it feel now after a long seven-year journey to, I mean, literally after this wrap party know that you're not going to come back, and you're not going to work together - Don't say that.
- And you're not gonna see a lot of this crew.
How does that feel? I think I'm gonna miss the people the most, that's the thing.
I's like, our crew is hands down the most amazing people I've ever worked with, and they're not all gonna be in the same place at the same time.
But it is a small world.
Like, I'm sure one day down the line I'll work with Jill who does sound, or Carlos - Yes.
- Who does B-camera, like, I'm stoked to see what everyone does 'cause I know we're all gonna go off and do really cool things and take these fans from the show.
I know they're gonna support us in whatever we do.
- What about for you, Ashley? - I think that the show ended at the time that it was supposed to and I think that we're all very proud of how successful the show has been and just knowing that we've touched so many people's lives and the last episode was truly our best episode ever.
I mean, we're always going to be a family.
This is not the end for any of us, so tonight our wrap party, it's not like, "Oh, my God, I'm never gonna see you again.
" I's, "I can't wait to see you again, or work with you or whatever," you know? - Really, really cool.
- I's just kind of crazy 'cause, like, growing up with, like, "Dawson's Creek" or "The O.
" and when those shows ended I remember how, like, heartbroken I was, - and now that's, like, our show.
- Yeah.
The last day of shooting was such an emotional day, not only because of what you guys are sharing, but your fans knew this too.
I mean, Ashley, you shared on Snapchat you were crying and I felt it through your emotions that you were really things come to the end.
I know, Shay, for you too, you were getting emotional.
What was that like for you guys shooting the ending, getting emotional, and then also how are you conveying this to your fans? I Snapchatted just because I thought it was really cool for the fans to see, like, our last moments together and, like, how we are with our crew and the relationships that we've built and, you know, it was all, like, just a very genuine feeling that we were just, like, leaving something that's been so much a part of our lives for the last seven years and I think it was really cool for the fans to know, like, this is our last day, her's what it looks like, her's what we're going through and How much we care about everyone.
Yeah, I think it was really cool for them to see our last day because we share it with them Right, they've been a part of our journey for the entire way We share every yeah, for the seven years.
So, like, when the final moments you also want to share it with them, even if our eyelashes are coming off and we're crying our eyes out, you know? Right, I cried, it was so hard.
Since we know this was going to be a monumental occasion we sent a camera crew to the set for the last day of shooting for the final episode.
We wanted to see what that was like for all of you, and of course share it with all your fans.
So let's take a look at it right now.
That's what those cameras were for.
- All right, now we know.
- Now we know.
Rolling sound.
[cheers and applause] The last day was very strange.
I had never felt a feeling of feeling really sad but at the same time excited.
I'm excited about the future, but I'm so sad and upset to leave behind something that means the world to me.
The last day was really hard.
There were so many emotions and I came to set and I started crying.
I just remember being like [gasping sobs] Like, not being able to breathe.
I just remember being totally punch-drunk.
I was shooting in every scene twice, fighting with myself.
Well, I am Spencer now! It was just completely overwhelming.
Every time we saw someone we couldn't look them in the eye because we would literally automatically start crying.
- It was a big wedding scene.
All the girls were there which felt right.
It felt right to do that scene on the last day, and actually the last take, the last camera shot was me crying so it totally worked 'cause I was already upset.
That is a series wrap on Sasha Pieterse! [cheers and applause] There was no dry eye at all.
We were all hugging and, you know, crying and laughing at the same time.
This is such an amazing experience and it's a celebration.
Troian Bellisario! [cheers and applause] It was all gonna be over and there was nothing that you could do to stop the passage of time.
Ashley Benson! [cheers and applause] We've had the best cast, and the crew, and everyone who's been working with us have done such an incredible job making an amazing show.
Shay Mitchell! [cheers and applause] Being on the show for these past seven seasons has been the best time of my life.
- Lucy Hale! - It was emotional.
I don't think there was a dry eye in the house from all the crew members, to the cast, to the producers.
Thank you for working so hard, and being so fantastic, and to seven seasons of love I say cheers.
- all: Cheers! - [cheers and applause] This party is just getting started.
We'll be right back with the cast and the mischievous mind behind the show.
Don't go anywhere, or else.
I's weird saying good-bye to you because it's not a good-bye.
I just wanted to say thank you for everything.
You guys are so amazing.
We did this all for you, and it was seriously worth every second.
A lot of you have said how much "PLL" has affected you and I want you to know that you guys have affected us and just, like, a really big thank you.
I have so much gratitude in my heart.
Everybody has said to me everyone on this couch has said to me that they wanted to be "A" at some point in time.
No way! And now the party can really get started because we have the mastermind behind "Pretty Little Liars" with us, the woman who developed the series and directed the finale along with so many other episodes, Marlene King is in the house! [cheers and applause] And looking fashionably fierce, too.
Thank you, well, these guys taught me everything I know.
So we all just watched the most epic finale ever.
Did you have this ending in mind? And how long have you been planning it? Well, definitely for years.
I didn't know sort of scene by scene by scene what it was going to be like until a few months before we started shooting it, even a few weeks for some things, but we knew who A.
was, and who A.
was going to be, and what the connections to all the dots were going to be.
So for years, really.
I see, and for you, ladies, what was your favorite plot twist in the finale? I would say Alex, yeah.
That was the ultimate plot twist.
That was the biggest plot twist.
As a writer, some of the fun was convincing the audience that Spencer was A.
for I think several acts before then we realize that wasn't Spencer at all, that was Alex.
Did you guys ever, you know, try to give her ideas with who A.
should be or Everybody has said to me everyone on this couch I don't know if Shay has said it, but everybody else has said that they wanted to be "A" at some point in time.
- I think everyone wanted - No way! I think every character - Brendan - Brendan.
Everybody on the show wanted to be "A.
" Oh, Brendan.
I's sort of the most coveted role on the show.
Everybody wants to be either bad, or A.
, or a combination of both.
- Right.
- And Lucy got to really have a turn this year too which I thought was really fun.
Marlene was so amazing and gave me the best storyline I could have asked for so it was fun to go to the bad side for a little bit, but she came around in the end, so.
- You got to wear the hoodie.
- I got to wear the hoodie.
That's all I wanted, yeah.
Also, can I just say that was really fun? Because I got to direct the episode.
- After, okay.
- Then you just come in after.
And then once he kind of starts to chip away at that Just have him cross this out.
Yeah, and action.
It was so clear that I guess you had been, like, thinking about it for a while because the second that I put, like, the camera on her and I was like, "All right, go nuts, I want to see what you do with this," it was like she had made every choice.
I'd been preparing for many years.
And I've also never seen you so evil, and I was like, "Yup, you got it.
" Looking over the last seven seasons, "Pretty Little Liars" has tackled a lot of social issues.
Which do you think had the most impact on your audience? I think two one of them is just the whole idea of bullying.
Bullying online, and bullying at school.
I's so prevalent in society, and the show tackles it literally every episode.
And also sexuality, Emily's coming out story.
People forget, seven years ago it was still and I think it still is now a big deal.
- It still is.
- If you don't live on the East Coast or the West Coast, you know, you're struggling.
And so I think we're all extremely proud of giving a face to a young woman who came out to her friends and was unconditionally accepted by everyone.
Have you had any stories where fans have come up to you and told you what "Pretty Little Liars" has done for them? - Oh, my God, all the time.
- Yeah, all the time.
- All the time.
- I've had older women come up to me and saying that they wished that the show was on when they were in school, you know, so that they could've had somebody that they would relate to and it's just really nice to know that as entertaining as our show is, it also has that impact on their lives in a very important way, yeah.
And I had somebody sent me a letter that I kept on my desk, and I shared with you - You brought it to me, yeah.
- And everyone.
It was a transgender college student who had tried to commit suicide and when she came out of the hospital all she had was "Pretty Little Liars" and she binge-watched it and came out of her depression.
Those kind of things are so meaningful to us.
Wow, I know as a fan myself, when I get to bond with other people who have watched "Pretty Little Liars" it brings you into this in-crowd where you just understand that it's a bond, it's a sisterhood, it's a relatability and it's an empathy for everybody and what they're going through out there and I love that "Pretty Little Liars" brought that to everybody.
'Cause crazy as it is, I always say, and I've always said it, it's a story about friendship.
Well, I couldn't have imagined this day without you guys.
Let's take a selfie before the photographer gets here.
I's a story about unconditional friendship - between these five people - Yes.
And that's what the heart of the show is.
Aw, well, thank you so much for joining us.
Now you can get back to the rest of your party while we get ready for some more surprises.
Coming up next we have a very special look back at seven seasons of mystery and murder that you're not gonna want to miss.
I just want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for supporting us and this show for the past seven years.
You guys are the best fans and honestly if it weren't for you we wouldn't have been able to have this amazing experience.
Thank you so much.
I hope you love the ending, and, yeah, here we go.
Let's see whats coming up.
When you're that young, you're, like, 15 and someone says they want to kill you, like, I would tell my parents.
And also "A" was always threatening to kill you.
Welcome back to the "Pretty Little Liars A-List Wrap Party.
" The series has come to an end, so we're partying like there's no tomorrow, and we're giving the girls their last chance to reveal their secrets.
So, ladies, I want to know, what was it like for you guys when you first met each other? Like first impressions compared to what you know of each other today? I remember thinking about Shay, she's really glamorous and beautiful and she's got great hair.
And she's so smart.
I don't know if a lot of people know that about Shay.
She's so smart, and worldly, and cultured.
And what I remember about Troian is at the table read, I was like, "I love her voice.
" It was so, like, husky, and raspy.
And so that was my first, initial reaction.
And she's just one of those people that whatever she does, she does it really well.
I's, like, annoying, but awesome at the same time.
But Ashley and I go way back.
We met on MySpace when we were 15.
- Get out! - Oh, my God, my mermaid hair.
- What? - Your mermaid hair.
It was a beautiful photo.
- And that horrible bikini.
- You looked great.
Oh, my gosh, that's crazy.
What about for you, Troian? What was your first impression of the ladies? My favorite actually embarrassing story about the first time that I experienced Sasha was we were in the bathroom together and I assumed that she was my age at the time which was like - I assumed she was a young 20s.
- Yeah.
I was, like, washing my hand and I was like "God, "the way that you play Alison, "you got that, like, mean girl, that, like, middle school mean girl.
" I was like, "You just brought me back to, like, being, like, 12, or 13 or something like that.
" And I had no idea that she was actually - 12.
- Only 12.
- It was 12.
- Just turned 12.
And she was very polite about it and she was like, "Oh, thank you, I'm so" - Wait.
- But I just remember, like, looking at her and being like, yeah, like, you've got this character down and I didn't realize that there was a 10-year age difference between us.
- That's crazy.
- That's insane.
There's nobody else who could've played Alison.
- How? - Literally nobody.
We had the best Alison under the sun.
- Aw, that's so sweet.
- Thanks.
All right, so for you, Shay, what's a funny memory you have of these ladies when you first met them? Funny memory I have is when we shot the pilot in Vancouver.
I'm Canadian so I'm used to the cold, and I just remember looking at all of them with, like, massive jackets on and to me I was like, "This is a nice fall day.
" - It was December.
- I know it was, but for me it wast - It was freezing cold.
- That cold.
- It was so cold.
- Yes, it was.
We were outside fighting, and it started snowing and we were in bikinis.
No, for that scene, but I wast there.
She's asking my first impression when I first saw you guys, and we were walking to Thanksgiving dinner.
So in my mind It was look at these California bitches.
I was like, yeah, they all have big jackets on and All right, so I want to know, what would you guys do if the things that happened to your characters happened to you in real life? I would change my phone number, and I would've gone to the police.
And your parents.
I would've told my parents.
If someone was harassing me like that, I would 100% tell my parents before it got that bad.
Sasha, for real, at that young of an age For reals.
When you're getting random text messages and somebody Totally, but I have a close relationship with my parents so maybe that's why.
I think anybody would call the police ASAP.
Yeah, but, no, think about it.
At that age, when you're that young, you're like 15 and someone says they want to kill you? Like, I would tell my parents.
And also, "A" was always threatening to kill you.
Yeah, regular.
Like, those are the messages to you is, like - Totally.
- They were really violent.
Or, like, Lucy, when you were stuck in a box.
[panting and whimpering] [screams] What would you do in real life? I'm 100% certain I could take anyone out.
I know I'm small, but I feel like I could've whoever put me in that box, I feel like I could knock them out in real life.
- I would find a way.
- See? I would never be put in that position - Well, it's true.
- Because it would just never I also think we wouldn't have gone in the forest as often as we did.
- Yes, stop going in the woods.
- You know, like, I think I would've learned my lesson, yeah.
And stop going to the woods in heels.
In heels, like, quit wearing your heels - running through the woods.
- That's my new Instagram bio, "Stop going into the woods with heels.
" Now, with so many characters being murdered in the show, what was the most surprising death? Which was something you guys didn't expect? In order to actually surprise me on the show it would have to be somebody like Toby, or like Caleb, or like Spencer, you know what I mean? That would be actually shocking.
Is that the same for all of you ladies, too? I think I was still shocked when my dad died, - that was kind of - Yeah.
Oh, yeah I forgot your dad died.
That was sad.
Well, it happened in the jump, right? - Yeah, yeah.
- What'd you say? - I forgot her dad died.
- Ashle's like, "Oh, yeah, I forgot your dad died.
" Your dad died, yeah, yeah.
I think that was also the thing, why it was never so surprising whenever anybody died on our show, because they would just come back for flashbacks.
- Right.
- Right.
You know what I mean? So you knew when somebody died you'd be talking to Ashley and be like, "Oh, man, it sucks that you're dying but, like, now I'll probably see you more.
" Like, we saw Andrea way more after Jessica died.
- Totally, yeah.
- You know? - Yeah.
- Because we did lose so many beloved and not so beloved characters over the years, we thought we should take one last look back at those who didn't make it out of Rosewood alive.
This is our "Pretty Little Liars" in memoriam.
[somber pop music] See your face In front of me Lost in love And make believe When we're close time stands still And all is silent In your eyes I can see the truth In the night as we stand here and all is quiet These are the words that are meant for you So hear me now Fragile sounds of my heart Beating loud for you to hear See me now As a part of your dreams Before I'm gone and you won't see Only when I see your eyes The love so pure it shines so bright And I know exactly why I feel the way I do Never leave I heard you say When we come back I'm going to be asking the questions that you fans have been dying to have answered.
So stick around, the "Pretty Little Liars A-List Wrap Party" has just started.
[upbeat music] I just wanted to say thank you for supporting us.
Thank you for giving us a reason to be together for seven years.
And I'm just super excited to see what happens next.
I'm so, so happy that I will always, always have this show to watch episode after episode for seven seasons and I can just go and visit all my friends, and that's all because of you.
So we've had a lot of funny moments, a lot of laughs, - a lot of like - A lot of boob grabbing.
Boob grabbing, nipple grazing.
To each other.
There's boob grabbing on the set? Welcome back, guys, we were just talking about you.
Well, not you personally but you fans in general 'cause "Pretty Little Liars" fans are among the most passionate and like to get very personal, wouldn't you guys say? - Yeah.
- So let's find out what's some of their most burning questions.
- You guys ready for this? - both: Sure.
Okay, if you could've changed one thing about your characters what would it be, and why would you change it? - Shay, you can go.
- Yeah.
They all think that I'm gonna say her wardrobe.
- I'm not like Emily style-wise.
- I think we know this.
Seeing on Instagram you love a good, pretty piece of fashion.
Definitely do.
I don't really know if there is much I would change about Emily.
- Really? - No.
I really do like how she was.
So if you were gonna pick one item of clothing that Emily could start wearing, what would it be? - Heels.
- Yeah, probably heels.
- Yeah.
- Okay, nice.
What about for you, Ashley? - Nothing.
- Nothing at all? - No.
- You loved your character - just the way she was? - Mm-hmm.
But that's, like, being an actor, like, for me, like, Acting 101 is not judging the character.
I think when you judge and be like, "Why was she doing that?" you get that's the wrong thing.
Ari's not me.
Although I would not act like Aria, or do the decisions she made, that's who she is, that's how she's written.
You have to accept that, you know? Troian, I feel like you're very similar to Spencer because Spencer is very intelligent and I mean, those sides are the same.
Is there anything you would have changed about Spencer? No, I agree.
I really, I mean, there's I could not have said it better than Lucy - and they are who they are - Right.
And we feel lucky to have portrayed them for as long as we did.
Yeah, now who was your favorite villain on "PLL"? I mean, I love some old school Ali.
I was just gonna say the same thing.
I really do.
I think Ali's my favorite villain.
But Mona too, like, I love dark Mona.
I love Mona and Radley, you know, she's crazy.
- Yes.
- And I love Alex.
I love Alex.
I also love when we thought that Spencer was bad for a second, and when she was in the insane asylum that was interesting.
Ooh, that was juicy.
You weren't really a villain.
Felt very much "Girl Interrupted" - for you in those moments.
- Yeah, I loved that.
What's one thing you ladies will miss about one another? One thing.
I know there's a lot.
You guys have covered some but what's the one thing? - For each person? - Yeah.
I would say, well, for Troian she's the advice, you know, go to her, and also she explains words.
Like, we'd read a word and Ashley and I would be like, "Troian, what does it mean?" - No, you wouldn't.
- She's the dictionary.
You guys would get into a competition - We would argue, we would.
- About who was right about it, and then you'd be like, "Troian, what is that?" And then all of a sudden you guys would start, - like, hitting each other.
- Yeah, I know.
You'd be like, "Got it right, got it right.
" - Yeah, we would do that.
- Troian's you're human Siri.
- Yeah.
- Ashley, I'm gonna miss the uncomfortable moments she puts you in when she does her pranks and jokes with the crew and cast.
I mean, one time she actually made our hair person think that she burned Ashley on the arm - Oh, my God! - And I had to sit in it.
- That's so wrong! - And I was so uncomfortable because I knew she was joking but, like, she just lets you sit in it until it's uncomfortable.
And I'm like, "Okay, we need to tell her that you're joking," you know, and she just doesn't.
- Ashley, that's evil.
- Yeah.
- I love it.
- Luce, I'm gonna miss your little she's, like, the most, best gift giver, best, like, arts and crafts, so, like, I always see her working on something and every sing you know, she really does give the best gifts.
- Aw, thanks.
- And Sash, I mean, my partner in this.
We've had a lot of funny moments, you know? We have a lot of a lot of laughs.
A lot of laughs, a lot of, like - A lot of boob grabbing.
- Boob grabbing, nipple grazing.
Protecting each other.
There's boob grabbing on the set? Oh, yeah.
No, no, no, in scenes.
In, like, our sex scenes and Oh, got it.
You know I'm here for you, right? Why are you getting so sentimental? I'm trying to create a vibe here, and it definitely is not sweet.
I was just actually thinking, like, the thing that I'm gonna miss the most is that on our set I don't think I've ever laughed harder.
Like, there were just so many moments at 3:00 a.
when I thought I was going to pass out if I had to run through the woods in my heels one more time and then, like, Ashley would say something and I would literally just, like, fall to the ground in the wood chips of the Warner Brothers back lot.
And I just don't I don't feel like I've ever had that much consistent fun.
I'm gonna miss going to work and everyone has a good time, but the second that camera rolls everyone knows their lines.
Like, this is the most fun group of girls, but also the most professional.
There was never a moment where I was like, "Oh, my God! Why don't they know their lines?" Or, "Why aren't they" and then the second someone yells cut it's back to being goofy.
So it was the equal amount of work and fun.
I can actually see that here even today.
There's so much glam, obviously you guys have to get dressed for the wrap party.
You ladies were on time.
Glam was wrapped, outfits together, everybody in position.
I mean, you're very, very professional and you guys know the drill.
You're amazing.
Which brings me to ask, do you think you would be open to a reunion years from now, let's say, like, a 10-year reunion show or anything like that? I would definitely be open to a reunion just 'cause I would want to see everybody and it would very much depend on what it was for, and what the characters were gonna be doing next and why we were doing it.
I mean, I would never want to pass up an opportunity to do that, you know what I mean? But I think the great thing about our friendship is that I feel like I can have that with the girls with or without a reunion.
So I think the reunion will have to be it would have to be pretty special and I think we would all really want it to be something that would be - Yeah, meaningful.
- Do it justice.
- Yeah, to do it justice.
- Right.
I don't feel like you ladies would lose much touch anyway.
I can see that when you guys have children, or start a new company I feel like you guys would be there to support one another.
- Yeah.
- Well, don't kick off your party shoes just yet because we still have so much more fun that you can't miss, guys.
You got to grab a snack but come right back for more of the "Pretty Little Liars A-List After Party.
" I just want to thank you guys, our fans for being with us these last seven years.
I's been so crazy and we wouldn't be able to have done all these seasons without you.
Your support means the world to us.
I's been so fun getting to meet all of you guys and seeing your feedback on Twitter, and talking with you guys.
So thank you so much, we love you, we wouldn't be here without you.
Are there any secrets that you could finally let out now? Dirty secret.
Yeah, I'm so glad that I can finally just, like, air out all that dirty laundry.
Hey, you 're back! So we're just getting into the juicy stuff.
I have a huge question for you guys.
I want to know, now that the series is over, are there any secrets that you guys have kept from your family, from your friends, that you could finally let out now? - Dirty secrets.
- Right.
Yeah, I'm so glad that I can finally just, like, air out all that dirty laundry.
Was there a moment that you guys had to keep a secret and it was so hard whether it was your family asking you, bothering you, your fans, that you were like, "Oh, I can't wait till this just gets free"? My family, like, learned to quit asking me I think, like, season two because - Oh, really? - Yeah, they just quit asking - because they knew I couldn't.
- Yeah, I mean, and I think now everyone knows the storyline so we it's been nice to not have to keep anything.
- Right.
- What are secrets from the set that most fans wouldn't know? - We hide our phones - Insane asylum yeah.
Like, we always like, they're all - There's always a phone - Around us right now.
We all have our phones here but, like Where's your phone, you guys? Show it, where's your phone? Mine is actually downstairs, so.
Really funny.
- So, we hide them always.
- Oh, nice.
You could have your real phone but Real phone in the scene, it's just our character's case.
Not mine.
I had this, like, old 1999 cell phone for the longest time.
All right, who is the highest maintenance on set? Who takes the longest to get ready? - Ian Harding.
- The boys take forever.
Wait, seriously? They take forever to come down, like, dressed - Yes.
- What? They take the longest to change.
They've got hair and socks to worry about, what? You'd be shocked.
And out of you guys here, who would you say is gonna be the most on time? - I'm always late.
- I'm always five minutes late because I always have to get coffee.
And who's lowest maintenance if there wasn't glam, God forbid? Who would be like, "That's fine, let's shoot"? Probably Troian.
Or Ashley, yeah.
Oh, for real? Oh, but you need your coffee and you're good? - Mm-hmm.
- So over the last seven years what has fan support meant to you? You guys have seen it change and grow to a huge, unbelievable amount today.
What has it meant for you in your personal life? I think because it's been so huge internationally it's cool for me cause my family's in South Africa and so that's how my family sees me is, you know, through the show.
And just the fact I saw the other day, like, our show is in the top five shows almost in every country.
- Yeah, that's crazy.
- Wow.
Which is mind-blowing.
- Yeah.
- And I think you only kind of realize that when you get out because we're always shooting on a sound stage.
You don't really know how other people are reacting to the show, and you really notice that when you travel and you go abroad and you realize that it's really globally successful.
- I's crazy.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- And they're so into it.
They're little investigators and, like, they know more - Brazil.
Brazil? - About our show than we do.
- When we went to Brazil? - Oh, my gosh, yes.
My favorite story about Shay is, you know, this was very this was, like, season two.
- Season two.
- We got off the plane and there were hundreds of little girls there and I was like, "Oh, my God, who is here? Like, someone really famous is here.
" both: We were so excited.
- Someone here is, like - And then we realized, oh, like, they were there to see us and I had never experienced that.
I still haven't experienced anything - like that since then, so.
- No, no.
both: Lucy, Shay, come down! That's they would yell that from the hotel.
- Oh! - It was funny.
- That was a fun trip.
- That's so sweet, aw.
Any memorable fan gifts that you've gotten, or letters? - I think tattoos on bodies.
- Yes.
I think there's a guy that has all of our faces tattooed.
There's a guy that has all of our faces.
- Who we met.
- Yeah, who we met.
I met in Germany and he had my face first - Yeah, I met him - And then slowly but surely.
At a Beyoncé concert and he has everybody's And he has all of our faces.
- Yeah.
- That's some dedication.
I don't know who the artist was, but they actually are great.
- They look pretty good.
- They did a good job? They did a really good job.
Yeah, you wouldn't want your bad side - on this person's arm forever.
- No, right.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
They're just amazing, they're really supportive.
Well, because you fans are so special we wanted to give you one last chance to say good-bye, so let's take a look at our fan farewells.
all: We're "Pretty Little Liars" biggest fans! There's so much that I'm gonna miss about the show.
The girls' fashion, all the friendships, being a little bit afraid every time I got a text message because what if it was from "A"? What we're gonna miss most of all is live tweeting with all the other "Pretty Little Liars" fans.
Thank you for seven years of just pure enjoyment, and laughter, and hysterical crying.
Emily's coming out was one of my favorite storylines because it helped me deal with my own struggles.
How lucky am I to have a show that makes saying good-bye so hard? This is Anne from Mexico, and I have the most amazing memories from live-tweeting with the cast, the crew, all the fans.
Through all seven seasons there's never a dull moment.
As dedicated fans, we'll miss seeing you all on the screens.
I's so hard to make something so special to so many people, but you did it, and it was awesome, so congratulations.
Thank you to the cast and crew of "Pretty Little Liars" for making my Tuesday nights amazing.
Thank you, and farewell, my friends.
Thank you for everything.
- I love you all to death.
- Thank you.
Congratulations on a wonderful show.
- We'll miss you.
- both: We love you! Thanks for the wonderful memories, "Pretty Little Liars.
" all: Shh! Hello, you pretty little liars.
I's me, Eric Stonestreet, here, saying congratulations on seven years of such a fun show that so many people enjoyed.
- I'm gonna miss it.
- Hey, what's up? I'm Adrienne Houghton from "The Real" and I am such a huge fan of "Pretty Little Liars.
" You guys keep me at the edge of my seat every week.
Congratulations, "Pretty Little Liars" - on seven seasons.
- We will miss you.
Since it's the final season of "Pretty Little Liars" I'm really gonna miss running home to watch the final episode.
both: Congratulations, "Pretty Little Liars," on seven seasons, we'll miss you.
And I wish you all the best, you pretty little liars, you.
This has been a great night, and I'm sorry to say that the party and the series really is over.
I can't believe I'm saying that.
Now it's time for all of us to say good-bye to the show that has kept us guessing, and gasping, and texting, and tweeting for seven unforgettable seasons.
From the cast and crew of "Pretty Little Liars," thanks for coming to our "A-List Wrap Party," and remember, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.
Good night, everybody, Ladies, congratulations.
all: Cheers.