Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022) s02e01 Episode Script

Chapter Eleven:

Got a secret ♪
Can you keep it? ♪
Swear this one you'll save ♪
Better lock it in your pocket ♪
Taking this one to the grave ♪
If I show you then I know you ♪
Won't tell what I said ♪
'Cause two can keep a secret ♪
If one of them is dead ♪
Two can keep a secret ♪
If one of them is dead ♪
Tabby, I am obsessed with this.
It's just like one of my mom's diaries.
I thought, "New year, new story."
I love it. Thank you,
thank you, thank you.
[SIGHS] Now, open mine.
Oh, my gosh, Imogen!
This is so perfect.
It has my name on it.
A literal clean slate,
for your next movie.
Kelly, merry Christmas!
dead. Oh, my God, they're dead.
Kelly, what's going on? Who's
[KELLY] My dad's dead.
Chip's dead. A stabbed them.
[SHUDDERS] A's in police custody.
[KELLY] He escaped the hospital.
He's on the loose.
[BREATHES HEAVILY] A is out there!
How could you let this happen?
Isn't it your single most important job
to keep serial killers from escaping
and murdering even more people.
Should we be in a safe house
or assume new identities?
I assure you,
the Millwood Sheriff's Department
has everything under control.
Under control? More people are dead.
We're confident we'll have Archie
Waters back in custody very soon.
A couple of hours, hopefully.
Do you know how much damage he
could do in a couple of hours?
A tried to kill me.
He's gonna come after
me again, and my baby.
We'll have officers posted
outside of your homes.
And you should all remain in lockdown,
at least until he's caught.
Now, please, try your best to keep calm.
No offense to Deputy Maroon,
she seems like a nice person,
but there's no way that she or
her department are catching A.
Millwood's law enforcement is a joke,
as evidenced by my late
father's tenure as Sheriff.
I can't believe we're just supposed
to wait around until A kills us.
Sheriff Beasley and
Chip were both bad guys.
Assaulters. A would've
thought they deserved to die.
"Punish the guilty." A said that.
In horror sequels, the
killer always starts off
by targeting his loose
ends from the first movie.
Okay, so if A is doing the same thing,
killing off his loose
ends, who else qualifies?
Chip was the person A used to
test me when he lured us to school.
Oh, my God.
Damn it! Madame Giry didn't answer.
Well, I know one loose end that's
not getting a phone call from me.
My mom's dirt bag drug dealer
can burn in hell for all I care.
Mouse, why are you calling me?
- Steve?
Oh, my God. [SOBS]
I think A just murdered Steve.
[PASTOR MALACHAI] The sins of the
mother must fall upon the child.
[SCREAMS] No! No! No!
[GRUNTS] No, no! No!
- [TABBY] Imogen?
Are you
He's out there, Tabby.
Somewhere, hunting us down.
If he doesn't get us
tonight, he will tomorrow.
Maybe. Maybe not.
I was thinking,
tonight's New Year's Eve,
AKA the anniversary of
- Angela Waters's death.
- Exactly.
[SIGHS] And canonically, the
killer always pays tribute
to the person whose death he's avenging
on the anniversary of their death.
For Angela, that's midnight
tonight, which means
We gotta call Deputy Maroon.
All right, thank you
for letting us know.
They caught him.
Archie Waters is in custody.
- So it's over.
How is everyone feeling this week?
Like we have been the past
six months, Dr. Sullivan.
Stressed. Trapped.
I am so goddamn over
this scary-ass bullshit.
I wanna have a normal life.
Bright side,
Archie's trial is over,
jury deliberations are underway.
Right now, you just have to
put your trust in the system.
Dr. Sullivan, no offense,
but read the room.
No one here has faith in
the criminal justice system.
[DR. SULLIVAN] Fair enough.
Let's shift gears, then.
What are you most afraid of?
Isn't that obvious?
Sometimes, when we speak
about the worst-case scenario,
odd as it sounds, it can help.
What is the worst
thing that could happen?
I'm afraid that Archie Waters
will get off by reason of insanity.
For sure. And if he's put in a mental
institution, guess what happens?
He escapes. He'll have a
classic horror movie break-out
and [BREATHES DEEPLY] come after us.
Basically, we're fucked.
Girls, all of your feelings are valid.
But all these months, we've
been working towards the big day.
The verdict.
You'll get one by the week's end.
Either he'll be sent
away to the Welby State
Psychiatric Hospital
outside of Rosewood,
or he'll get the death penalty.
Either way, Archie
Waters cannot hurt you.
Girls, have you kept all of
your cell phones private still?
Yes. Only inner circle
Yep, no more batshit calls or texts.
We've had a lifetime of those.
Noa, have you spoken to your mom lately?
Uh, yeah, I, I have.
I was hoping she'd be out by now,
but she decided she's gonna stay
a while longer.
She's She's doing well in rehab.
Almost six months sober.
She doesn't wanna mess that up.
Well, this week is gonna
be stressful, no question.
We'll just take it day by day.
Once there's a verdict, let's
meet and we'll discuss next steps.
How does that sound?
Why do we think the jury
is taking so long to decide?
A has killed, like, millions of people.
Everyone gets their day
in court, I guess. [SIGHS]
- We didn't.
- True.
It's kind of morbid,
but I keep thinking about
what he must've looked
like during the trial,
- without his mask on.
- Hmm.
I can show you what people
think A's face looks like
on the SpookySpaghetti website.
Fans have been posting
drawings and paintings,
some of Archie as a hideous monster.
"Fans"? Uh, Jesus. [SCOFFS]
Uh, Mouse, please, no serial
killer fan-art while we're eating.
- Oh, my God.
What now?
Wait, did the verdict come in?
No. But I just got an email from PIFT.
The Pittsburgh International
Festival of Terror.
I submitted my short to
them. Remember, Avenge?
The one I made starring Imogen.
[CHUCKLES] What did they say?
"Dear, Miss Haworthe, we
regret to inform you that "
[IMOGEN] Oh, no.
I'm so sorry, Tabby.
Girl, your movie's incredible.
It'll get into another festival.
Actually, PIFT was the last
one I was waiting to hear from.
I guess there's just not an appetite
for feminist rape-revenge movies
on the festival circuit these days.
Screw the festivals, then.
Put your movie online, and let
people discover it that way.
I can even link to
it on SpookySpaghetti.
- What? It's all self-created content.
Tons of short films have
been posted on the site.
I agree with Mouse.
Uh, just not the SpookySpaghetti part.
Same. It doesn't matter where
or how people see your movie,
just that they do.
What do you think?
Like you said We never
got our day in court.
Chip never had to answer
for what he did to us.
The powerful, incredible film you made
is the closest we got to
telling our side of the story.
I think it deserves to be seen.
- Damn straight.
Thanks, my lovely losers.
I'm posting it on Vimeo.
Amazing, and we will all amplify.
But not on SpookySpaghetti.
[SMACKS LIPS] I promise.
[ASH] "SpookySpaghetti."
[CHUCKLES] Okay, I'll admit,
some of the stuff posted
on here is garbage,
but some of the stories and short films
are super well-done.
Albeit disturbing.
So you've been saying
for the past six months.
Can you blame me?
There's so much Archie
Waters content getting posted,
I can barely keep up.
Maybe I could take
your mind off all that.
If you're into it.
I am into it.
Noa! [SIGHS]
- [NOA] Hi.
- Shit, you scared me.
Sorry. Can I sleep in here tonight?
And I promise, I'll be out of
here before your parents wake up.
[GROANS] How can I say no to that face?
My face?
What about the rest of me?
[WHISPERING] We have to be quiet.
[WHISPERING] Yeah, I'll try.
No, no, no, no! [SCREAMS]
Imogen, what are you doing?
Sneaking around? Again?
Mr. and Mr. Winters, [CHUCKLES]
I was just dropping off some more
goodies for the baby. [CHUCKLES]
How how is she doing, by the way?
All safe and sound?
Estelle is great.
Just like the last 20
times you've checked on us.
Yeah. Imogen, we'd appreciate it
if you'd stop popping by and
leaving gifts on our doorstep.
We'll send you a photo
and an update next month,
per the terms of our agreement.
But no more unscheduled
check-ins, okay?
Morning, Noa.
Oh, hi, Mrs. Noble. Uh, Mr. Noble
and Shawn went out for a run.
I heard them go out.
The same way that I heard you
sneaking into Shawn's room last night.
- Again
- Oh, I can explain.
Look, Noa, you are welcome to stay
with us as long as you need to.
But when you are under my roof,
you will abide by my rules.
How is your mother's rehab going?
Any word when she might get out.
No, not yet.
But trust me, I'm
counting down the days.
[GREG] Twenty-one!
- [MALE JOCK 1] Greg, easy
[MALE JOCK 2] Twenty-two!
Come on, man!
- Twenty-five!
- [MALE JOCK 3] Twenty-five!
Shit, Bryant. Didn't have
to flex on me like that.
You're lucky I was taking it easy.
Little, uh, word of advice.
Some guys don't like
'roided-out chicks.
Then it's a good thing I'm
not doing any of this for you.
And, word of advice,
some girls are looking
for more than a himbo.
Time to pay up, boys
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Well, how'd I do?
- Hey!
- Sorry, Henry.
Um, that grand jete
is no joke, but you nailed it.
Thanks. But it's no fun
dancing Romeo without my Juliet.
I'm bummed you haven't gotten
the all-clear to dance yet.
I've been hoping it would happen
in time for PBT's summer program.
Did the doctor give you any kind of
time-frame during your last check-in?
Good news, Miss Bryant.
I'm clearing you to dance again.
She just said I should continue with
my strength and conditioning exercises.
I'm sorry, Henry.
No, don't apologize.
It just sucks.
This summer program was
one of your biggest dreams.
[MOUSE] Oh, hell, no.
You know how people have
been steadily posting about A
on SpookySpaghetti for
the last six months?
Yeah, since Archie Waters is apparently
Millwood's version of the Slenderman.
Most of it is fictionalized and random,
almost stream of consciousness.
But someone just posted this.
Pictures of us, our
names, our identities,
which have never been released,
officially, because we're underage.
Now it's like we've got
targets on our backs.
The five ultimate loose
ends. The five final girls
Who posted this? Can't we get it
taken down? Like, right the fuck now?
All postings are anonymous, but
I already emailed SpookySpaghetti.
No response from the
website's admin yet.
- And there's more.
- There's more?
That's A's, and Angela's,
bad-to-the-bone mother.
Bloody Rose Waters.
Lurking in places we
each have a connection to.
Okay, these are definitely unnerving,
but also, they're most
likely photoshopped.
Rose Waters is going viral,
just as the Slenderman
and so many horror icons
have done before her.
Hey, why is Rose Waters
"Bloody Rose Waters," anyway?
There are theories on SpookySpaghetti.
Like, remember A's mask?
How it was stitched together?
Literally still having
nightmares about it.
Oh, God, I think I know
where this is going.
Leatherface territory.
Legend has it,
Archie made the mask by sewing
together pieces of Rose's skin.
Specifically, her face.
According to SpookySpaghetti, he
skinned his mother to punish her,
for keeping him locked
in a cage all those years.
Yeah, but that's not real. Right?
People have been
posting about sightings,
and about how you can, like, summon her
Apparently, at 12:01 a.m,
the time of Angela's death,
if you look into a mirror,
one that Angela also looked into,
and say, "Bloody Rose
Waters" five times,
she'll materialize.
To quote Jordan Peele, [SIGHS] "Nope."
a triple "nope" from me.
Oh, I hear you. [INHALES DEEPLY]
But what if we wanted to
try it? Just to be sure.
[OTHERS] Seriously?
We could do it in the girls' bathroom.
Angela went here, same as us.
We could sneak in tonight.
If it's any consolation,
I heard M. Night Shyamalan
didn't get into PIFT, either.
They said The Sixth
Sense was too predictable.
I did kind of see the twist coming
about a million miles away. [SIGHS]
Wanna hear something
even more shocking?
[TABBY] Hmm?
PIFT rejected my shorts
three years in a row.
- Yes. That is shocking.
- [SCOFFS] Yeah, screw 'em.
When I make my ultimate horror movie,
which I am going to do, they'll
wish they'd discovered me.
[CHUCKLES] Anyway, you
don't need PIFT, Tabs.
Your movie is killing it online.
That movie, it's horrible!
Mrs. Langsberry.
It's a disgusting film.
How could you make it?
How could you show it?
Isn't it bad enough
that Chip was murdered?
And now you're trying to,
what, destroy him in death?
That's That's not
what my movie's about.
People are watching it. And
you, you're suggesting that he
No, I'm not suggesting.
You know exactly what your
son did to me and Imogen.
Okay, okay. Can we just calm down?
I know what you claim he
did, but you're a liar.
- Take it down!
- No, I won't.
And I didn't even use his name in it.
So I'm sorry if people are assuming
your son is exactly what he is.
You have 24 hours to take that
vile thing off the internet.
If you don't, I will sue you
and your mother for defamation.
[IMOGEN] Did you make this?
[DAVIE] For the baby.
Thank you.
It's beautiful. [CHUCKLES]
Thanks for coming
with me, Mrs. Haworthe.
Of course.
Always happy to pay
respects to your mom.
I gave a tour of your house today.
Good news is I think I found
a long term renter for you.
That's good.
- I guess.
- It is.
But I did come across
something troubling
in the pantry.
A giant stash of supplies and presents
for the baby you gave up
for adoption months ago.
Are you planning to kidnap Estelle?
Or are the gifts to give you an
excuse to see her when you shouldn't?
It's just that the couple,
Rob and Blake,
they don't seem to understand the
The risks involved.
You know, even once
the verdict comes in,
if A escapes
there's nothing to stop
him from going after her.
Listen, I made an
appointment with Dr. Sullivan.
Just you. Alone.
It might help if you opened up to
her the way you do with your mom.
Will you try?
- I think you'll feel better.
- Calmer. Yeah.
- Yeah.
[IMOGEN ACTING] Happy prom night, Chip.
[IMOGEN ACTING] You scared me!
[NOA] Remind me again
why we're doing this.
Something about debunking
an online urban legend.
I mean, it's not like I'd
be sleeping peacefully.
To quote myself quoting Samuel L.
Jackson, "Hold on to your butts."
Bloody Rose Waters,
Bloody Rose Waters,
Bloody Rose waters.
Bloody Rose Waters.
Thank the Lord. So,
Bloody Rose isn't a ghost.
Really, ladies? The last
week before summer vacation?
Sidney Haworthe called, as you know.
My first question is,
have you been taking the anti-anxiety
medication I prescribed for you?
I don't wanna be medicated
when Archie comes for me,
and he is coming, Dr. Sullivan.
They always come back.
I need my edge.
You know, Tabby calls it
our "final girl" instinct.
And the baby can't defend herself.
Imogen, fear is the perception
of danger, both real and imagined.
Except our boogeyman happens to be real.
I know all about the
boogeyman. He scares me, too.
But Archie Waters cannot
and will not hurt you.
Is it possible that your recent actions
are really about you just not
wanting to let go of Estelle?
Remember, the first couple
you selected for adoption?
At the last minute, you called it off.
Because I got a weird
vibe from the Ezra dude.
[DR. SULLIVAN] I remember.
And they also lived further away,
in Rosewood,
while the Winters are close by.
Okay, let's look at this logically.
The adoption papers
are completely sealed.
Even if Archie Waters
escaped from prison,
say, your worst fears were realized,
and he came after your baby,
there is no way he
would know where she is.
Due respect, Dr. Sullivan
but you have no idea
who you're dealing with.
You don't know Archie.
That's our time, right?
It is, but Imogen,
if you're truly worried that Archie
Waters is coming after your baby,
don't you think the most prudent thing
to do would be to not lead A to Estelle?
Lurking around her house, you're
like a beacon calling him to you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Mouse, you're freaking me out.
You're on that website 24-7.
You broke into the school
to try to conjure a ghost?
[CHUCKLING] That was for fun.
Well, can we have fun for a change?
Like, can we go on a date tonight?
Absolutely. What do you wanna do?
[CHUCKLES] I don't know. Mini golf?
Perfect. Like you.
- Tabby. Hey.
- What's up?
- What are you reading?
- It
It's about the trial.
Are they saying A's gonna get off?
It's not about A.
It's about Chip.
[TABBY] Oh, my God, seriously?
"An essay by Mrs.
Langsberry." About what?
How her son's the forgotten victim.
Uh, try villain and not a victim.
Maybe have a little compassion.
Compassion? For Chip?
[CHUCKLES] Never mind.
Forget I said anything.
I was gonna wait to tell
you when we got home,
but guess who got into
law school? [CHUCKLES]
[CHUCKLING] What? Oh, my
God, Mom! That's incredible.
That's right. Your mom is
going to be an esquire. [LAUGHS]
Well, eventually. I think
I'm deferring for a year.
Why? You've wanted this for so long.
I know, but it means
moving back to Pittsburgh,
and given that Archie's
trial hasn't ended yet,
I'm not sure the time is right.
Mom, we'll figure all that
out, but you have to go.
Corey. Faran.
- Uh, Martha. How are you?
- Mrs. Beasley?
Blessed and busy, devoting
my time to the church.
Oh, that's nice.
Uh, you mean Saint Maud's?
No. We attend Our
Mother of Holy Grace now.
You have no idea how
good the congregants
there have been to me and to Kelly.
How is Kelly? I've tried to
get in touch with her, but
She's thriving.
Remote learning this past semester
really was the right choice for her,
and she, too, has found a safe haven.
And her true self, under
Pastor Malachai's guidance.
Sowing in the morning ♪
Sowing seeds of kindness
Sowing in the good tide ♪
And the dewy eve ♪
Waiting for the harvest
And the time of reaping ♪
We shall come rejoicing
Bringing in the sheaves ♪
[KELLY] Faran, it's so good to see you.
What brings you to Our
Mother of Holy Grace?
Well, two reasons.
First, we bumped into your mom, and I
wanted to make sure you were doing okay.
I've never been better.
Seriously, Faran.
Six months ago, I was drowning.
I was paralyzed by fear and grief
after Karen and A and my dad.
But this church, this community,
got me through that darkness.
I tried calling you.
Imogen tried calling you.
I didn't wanna add to your burdens.
You wouldn't have been.
We're your friends.
Look, I'll admit.
When Momma first brought
me here, I was skeptical.
But now, I'm in a good place.
And no, I'm not brainwashed.
If that's what you're thinking.
What was your other reason?
Henry and I got offered spots
in PBT's summer intensive,
but I can't go,
so I was thinking maybe
you could take my spot.
Is your doctor still telling
you it's too soon to dance?
No. She gave me the
all clear two weeks ago.
Am I missing something here?
I just thought
Taking a break from dance
has given me the space
to realize that as much as I loved it,
it was also traumatizing.
And Henry, dance is his life.
It was the basis of our relationship.
And I'm growing, changing,
learning new things about myself.
New strengths.
I don't know.
It's just been easier to say that
I'm still not allowed to dance,
I guess.
I'm so sorry you still have to
lie to the ones you love, Faran.
But I, and all of Our
Mother of Holy Grace,
[SIGHS] will be praying for you.
I called PBT. Told them to give my spot
to someone who could use it.
But you should still
go, Henry, seriously.
I want you to go.
Without my Juliet?
I love you, Faran,
and I'm willing to stay
in Millwood for you.
"My son, Chip, was a
kind soul, a loyal friend,
and an upstanding citizen.
I was proud every day to be his mother.
I still am, but his death will
haunt me for the rest of my life.
Murdered by Archie Waters in
cold blood on Christmas Eve,
for no reason."
It goes on like that
for another 400 words.
Many psychologists believe
that one of the worst traumas
a person can endure
is the loss of a child.
Is she wrong to grieve him?
No, but
She called me a liar.
She's the liar, or at
least, delusional
I'm sensing some anger here, Tabby.
Yes, I'm angry.
I'm angry my best friend raped me.
I'm disgusted that the whole town
thinks that he was the victim
and that he got away with what he did.
I'm furious that Mrs. Langsberry
gets an entire page
in The Millwood Mail,
while I'm basically put
under some bullshit gag order.
I'm pissed that Imogen and
I never got our day in court,
and I'm fucking livid that
I put my heart and soul
into a movie that no one gets to see
because it makes my rapist
Anger is a valid emotion, Tabby.
There is no shame in
feeling it or expressing it.
So what should I do?
Walk around in a blind
rage all the time?
No, you put your anger down on paper.
Mrs. Langsberry told her
story. Now, you tell yours.
Look, I tried telling my story my way.
She's silencing me! My movie
You're a filmmaker, Tabby,
but you're also a writer.
It might sound trite, but
writing about it might help
get some of this anger
out of your system.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
"Sorry, Ash.
Moms want me doing inventory tonight.
Rain check on our date?"
[NOA] Four, five, six.
Park Place! That's mine. [CHUCKLES]
You owe me $1100,
and that doesn't include the room
and board for the last six months.
- Mom.
- Oh, come on.
I'm kidding.
Uh, on that note, I have some good news.
What is it, babe?
My mom is officially six months sober.
And the best part? She's
getting out tomorrow,
so I'm I'm moving back home.
Damn! [CHUCKLES] Okay.
Well, it it's gonna
suck to not have you here,
but I'm really, really
happy for you, Noa.
Thanks, Shawn.
And she wanted me to thank
you for the hospitality.
Especially you, Mrs. Noble.
For always making me feel like
I was a part of the family.
This is such bullshit.
I know. That's why I'm
journaling about my feelings,
giving voice to my anger.
According to Dr. Sullivan,
that'll help me feel better.
- Is it working?
- No.
I I don't know how I'll ever feel
better about what Chip did to us.
[CHUCKLES] I'm right there with you.
You know the thing I
couldn't tell Dr. Sullivan?
The thing I can only tell
you is, in my heart of hearts,
I wish I had done what
Principal Clanton and A asked.
What do you mean?
Trial night.
With our bullies, Chip was tied up.
The knife was right there. I should
have carved that "A" into his chest.
Branded him.
Am I an awful person?
You could never be an
awful person, Tabby.
And maybe Dr. Sullivan was right.
About you giving voice
to your anger about Chip
by writing it down.
Should we close the door?
Dear Lord, you know my wants,
my desires, my impure thoughts.
Please help me and Greg
overcome our weaknesses,
our temptations.
In your name, I pray. Amen.
What is it with the praying, Kell?
Can't we just, you
know, like we used to?
I'll make a believer out of you, Greg.
- Come to church with me.
- No.
It's not what you think.
- It'll bring us closer together.
Okay, explain to us again why
we're on this little adventure?
Yeah, before we all get
Lyme disease and shit.
A posting on SpookySpaghetti said
Bloody Rose was shacking up in some,
well, shack in the woods.
Probably another urban legend,
but shouldn't we know for sure?
Sure, but why text us? Me and Noa?
Faran, you're basically Linda
Hamilton from that Terminator movie.
Don't ask me which one, I'm not Tabby.
And Noa, you're basically The Flash.
If shit goes south, you could
book it out of here for help.
- Fair.
- Okay.
Thank you for indulging me.
Now, according to the
website, the cabin should be
right in front of us.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, for the record, I am
not going in there. Mmm-mmm.
We saw it. It exists. Let's go.
- Ash?
- Inventory with your moms, huh?
[ASH] Are you upset, Mouse?
I didn't know what else to do.
So, you catfish your girlfriend?
I didn't technically catfish you.
When you cancelled, I
hopped on SpookySpaghetti,
and I saw the posting about
Rose Waters and her shack.
And I got worried.
- Ash
- Look, Mouse
you can't keep putting
yourself in danger.
And you can't lie to me.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Please don't break up
with me 'cause I'm insane.
Break up with you?
Oh, never.
I love you, Mouse.
[CHUCKLING] I love you, too.
How about no more late-night escapades?
And maybe, you could ease
up on the SpookySpaghetti?
[REPORTER] After a month-long trial
and a week of deliberations,
multiple murderer
Archie Waters, AKA "A,"
has received the maximum sentence
possible, the death penalty.
When carried out, this will be
the first execution to take place
in the state of Pennsylvania since 1999.
For the families of
Archie's ten known victims,
- the nightmare's finally
[SIGHS] So, the verdict is in.
Archie Waters is on death row.
There will be no escape from a
low-security mental institution
in this horror sequel.
I hope this news brings a
modicum of comfort, at least.
The question for us is,
now that we know A's status,
would you like to continue
our sessions or suspend group?
Personally, I'd like to keep
meeting. Alone, or in group.
Same. I might need some help figuring out
who I am, if I'm not a prima ballerina.
Yeah, as long as my mom's in rehab,
I could use the extra support.
And I've got my internet
addiction to deal with.
Hashtag SpookySpaghetti. [CHUCKLES]
I don't think I'm ready
to stop therapy, either,
uh, but I do have to
thank you, Dr. Sullivan.
I took your advice and
I feel so much better,
having put my rage into words.
I'm here for all of you
and happy to continue the work.
In my experience, trauma
doesn't just evaporate.
I'm here to help in any way I can.
It's safe to say that I believe
you children are the future.
Of our church, of this
town, and of the kingdom.
I'm trying to keep an open mind, Kell,
but you know I'm an atheist, right?
[SHUSHES] Stop talking.
Listen to Pastor
Malachai. Hear his words.
[PASTOR MALACHAI] There's an activity
we used to spearhead in years past.
A celebration,
and a purging that will help
us expiate our town's sins.
Shall I tell you all about the
glories of Redemption House?
So, you have your
apartment all to yourself?
Yep. Until my mom comes
back later this summer.
For reals. [CHUCKLES]
And she's cool with
you staying here alone?
You told her you were moving
out of the Nobles' place?
What she doesn't know,
won't hurt her. Girl code.
Don't worry. As we have
proven, we can keep a secret.
Mmm. Okay. Favorite summer movies, go.
Mine's Independence Day, even though
it's slightly problematic these days,
followed by Midsommar,
the director's cut.
Call Me by Your Name.
Also deeply problematic,
but doesn't Ash kind of remind
you of Timothee Chalamet?
[LAUGHS] My mom and I used to
watch Dirty Dancing all the time.
[SIGHS] Kellerman's forever!
[CHUCKLES] 500 Days of Summer for me,
and does Mamma Mia count?
Wet Hot American Summer, obviously.
Guys, I can feel it.
Best summer ever!
We are gonna have a blast.
Okay, I can't believe it,
but we made it. [LAUGHS]
The end of sophomore
year and we're alive.
Fuck yeah, and we're gonna
be hot-shit juniors next year,
which, you know what that means.
- Prom, bitches.
Oh, my God! Should we start
saving up for a limo now?
Guys, genius idea.
Should we go on a summer road trip?
I, for one, could use
a break from Millwood,
even if it's just for a day? [CHUCKLES]
[WOMAN OVER PA] Would Imogen Adams,
Faran Bryant, Tabitha Haworthe,
Noa Olivar, and Minnie Honrada, report
to the Principal's office, please?
Ladies, [SIGHS] I'm afraid
I have some bad news.
- Is it Archie?
- Has he escaped?
- Are we in danger?
- Oh, my God.
Is A coming to kill us?
What? No. No. [CHUCKLES]
Nothing like that. But [SIGHS]
your grades, no surprise,
suffered this past school year.
And the results of your end of
semester Keystone Exams came in,
and all five of you,
- well, failed.
- Failed?
I've never failed anything.
Well, if we did, it's 'cause
we've had a pretty fucked up year.
Excuse me?
What Noa means, Principal Smithee,
is surely you can understand
we haven't exactly had it easy.
- Mmm.
but I simply, and legally,
cannot advance you to junior year,
unless you complete summer school.
As in school during
- summer?
- It's just mornings.
And this will give you
an opportunity to retake
and, hopefully, pass
your Keystone tests.
It's only a month. You'll be
free and clear by July fourth.
At least we'll be together.
And Smithee did say it's just mornings.
I'll be able to keep my
shifts at the Orpheum,
which means summer movies for
you guys for free. [CHUCKLES]
And to think I used to
be a straight A student.
Do me a favor and never
say that letter, ever again.
- Noted.
I guess, if nothing else, our
brush with crazy killers is over.
And, hey
at least we're alive.
Nick, are you sure
this is the right cabin?
Because Bloody Rose
would be hard to miss.
Check the post on SpookySpaghetti.
Uh, I'm trying. They
took it down already.
Okay, well, she's not here, doofus.
Let's go.
Or, uh, we could stay.
- Have some fun.
- Mmm, what did you have in mind?
School's out for summer ♪
School's out for ever ♪
School's been blown to pieces ♪
School's out for ever ♪
School's out for summer ♪
School's out with fever ♪
School's out for the ♪
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