Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Inside 'What I Know'

- The girls got it done and
The Boys finally scored
a real win for the team.
I'm Aisha Tyler, and
it's finally time for Mario
to whip up a big batch of
those Vought gruyere air puffs,
because we have so many
questions about
the Season Two finale
of the boys.
Hey, everybody, welcome to
"Prime Rewind: Inside the Boys."
We are going all in
on this devastating
big bad daddy
of a season finale.
The fights, the death,
the city skyline self-love.
We have put together
a panel of guests worthy
of this revelatory episode,
so joining me tonight,
the showrunner, ring leader
and chief agitator of
"The Boys," Eric Kripke.
- Hey, how are you.
- Hey. Welcome back.
And the guy who can
do whatever he wants,
Homelander himself,
Antony Starr.
- Hey.
- Welcome back.
- Good to see you.
- Yay. And the woman who laughs
at just the right time,
Kimiko, Karen Fukuhara.
Hi, lady.
- Hi.
Hi again.
- Hi again.
- And father of the year,
Billy Butcher, Karl Urban.
[ laughing ]
- Aisha, how are ya?
Hey, guys.
How are ya?
- Hey.
I thought I was father
of the year, come on.
- You guys are neck and
neck, quite honestly.
[ chuckles ]
- Oh my God, you guys.
That ending!
What a reveal! Neuman!
My moral compass is spinning.
But, honestly, now it
makes total sense,
when we had
Claudia Doumit last week,
she answered every
question like this.
- Moo-ha-ha-ha!
[ screaming ]
- Right.
That's her.
- That's sinister.
- That's our Neuman.
- I love it. Neuman!
Uh, Eric, what does this
Neuman revelation
mean for the future
of the show?
- Well, I can't tell you
too much,
because there's
a whole other season
where we're going
to unpack all that shit.
Vic Neuman is
a character from the books,
and we were always from the
beginning really interested,
obviously, politics is already
a huge part of this show,
and ultimately, we wanted
a politician to really
get into that world.
In the comic, he's kind of
an idiot from the beginning,
and a puppet,
and we wanted to misdirect,
and so we created
a young, smart kind of
firebrand of a politician
and then reveal that
she has ulterior
and certainly bad motives.
Like, every so often
a writer will pitch me,
like, but maybe she's doing
the right thing,
and I'm like, she did blow
up congress, though.
[ laughing ]
-So so I'm in the
writer's room every day,
figuring out what
her journey is in Season Three
and revealing the things
that we know
of who she's in
allegiance with.
It's fun, I actually now
have some of those answers,
and I will not say any of them.
- Kripke!
- That's actually code
for I have no idea.
- No, I really do!
- I haven't written it.
No, I bet you do.
- I swear to God, I do!
- Wouldn't you like to know?
- I know! I know, motherfuckers,
I know.
- Speaking of blowing things up,
whether the Supes are
killing America's enemies,
rescuing a dolphin or
burning down a movie set
because their racist lover
isn't being considerate
about their feelings,
collateral gets damaged.
Like, really damaged.
And we can't just allow all
of this good property
to go to waste, so we are
giving you a chance
to purchase liquidated
Supe-damaged stuff
with no money down.
A once in a lifetime
super-sized offer
is coming your way.
At killer costs,
these properties
were involved in some of
the greatest rescues and heroics
by The Seven.
Buildings torn in half
by Homelander.
Electrical damaged properties
by Starlight and Stormfront.
Apartments with toxic mold
from The Deep's
secret aquarium themed
kink parties.
Homes burned by Lamplighter.
And at fire sale prices,
because this place
is on fire.
Call now.
-Supe house.
-Supe house.
- Kripke, that was so good
of you to let them
use your
house for that.
- What can I say?
I'm a giver.
- I do love that,
though, because
so much of superhero lore,
is just watching these
incredible fights and
not ever talking
about that fact that
some poor guy's house
got smashed by a semi-trailer.
- Totally.
- Do you know what I mean?
Guys, the finale kicked off
with an instructional video
about what kids can do
to prepare for
a Supe terrorist attack.
Obviously, paralleling
current real-world
school shooting drills.
So, Eric, why did you feel it
was important to start there?
Tell me a little bit
about that moment.
- Well, because
the gun culture in America
is fucking horrific.
And allowing it to continue
even though
it's threatening our children
is the goddamn craziest thing
I've ever seen,
certainly the subject
makes me angry.
I'm a father.
What's really sad
is those videos about
what to do in a
school shooting really exist,
and we just switched out
shooter for super villain.
- Right. I think you made
a really important point,
which is the idea that
violence in schools
would be so normalized,
that rather than trying
to figure out
how to fix the violence,
we would be trying to tell our
kids what to do if it occurred.
And that it occurring
would be so frequent,
and kind of casual,
it's mind boggling.
- Right.
- I mean, the idea that
as a parent, whether your kid
was going to come home
from school is a general thing
that we've been working on
for a very long time here,
and it does seem crazy
in such an advanced
and wealthy and the way
that we perceive ourselves,
sophisticated country
that we haven't been able
to solve that problem.
- Uh, I have to say, you know,
I've got a couple of kids
and early on in my career I had
the choice whether
to relocate my family
to the states,
I swear that the one thing
that stopped me
was the prevalence of
gun violence in America,
and in particular the fact
that I didn't want my children
to have to pass through a metal
detector to go to school.
I find it shocking
and abhorrent
and just just really sad
that that's the state
of American culture, and
I just pray that one day,
something or someone is going
to be able to change that.
- Right.
- Like, let's not deal with
the problem of gun violence,
let's just get you prepared
for inevitably,
a shooter coming
into your school
because we're too fucked
to do anything about it.
- Right, right, the idea
that this isn't just
a possible occurrence, but
for all intents and purposes,
a probable occurrence.
I also think that it brings up
an interesting aspect
of the show
that you guys are
really examining, which is
the idea that we
weaponize everything.
If we find something
and it's powerful,
we are going to turn it
into a weapon,
and I think that's at the core
of the Vought commercialization
capitalization, and creation,
we find out,
you know, downstream
in Season One,
of these superheroes.
But it stands to reason that
if there were real superheroes,
America would find a way to
turn them into military weapons.
And that would be
more important than
serving the public good.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Everyone's just like, yeah.
- Sadly true.
- It's so true.
So sad.
- Well, put.
Karen, this was a big
moment in this episode.
During the competition
with Stormfront,
Kimiko bursts out laughing.
This is, like a
new verbalization for her.
- Yeah.
- Why do you think that
she was laughing?
- This is the first time
anyone hears Kimiko audibly,
and I struggled with it when
I first read the script because
I was thinking about what
would make her laugh enough
to change her physical
but then everyone's coming
together and she realizes
that she had already
let these people in,
and she began
her process of trust
without her really noticing it,
and then in this moment
it all just comes up and
she realizes that she
didn't have to struggle
on her own,
and now that she's here
facing Stormfront,
and getting her revenge,
vengeance with her family,
I think that's what makes
that laugh happen,
and, you know, that change
happen within her.
- I literally am
tearing up a little bit.
I don't know why this
is making me emotional.
- Oh my goodness!
It wasn't supposed to be!
It wasn't supposed to be!
- It was really
that was nice.
- It's such a great moment
when you just hear
this little chuckle
come from off-screen.
I was like, wait, what?
And then you see this
cheeky little thing,
like, finding herself and having
all this stuff going on.
It's great.
- That's really lovely.
Well, Karl, this episode was a
real crossroads for Butcher.
He really found himself between
a rock and a hard place.
Does he give Ryan to Vought
or does he tell
the truth to Becca?
And why do you think
he chose to come clean?
Was seeing his father a factor?
Did that change his thinking
about this kid?
- Well, I think there were
ultimately a couple of factors
that went into
that moral decision.
I think first of all,
Becca makes him promise
on Lenny's grave
to swear that
he will protect Ryan,
and invoking the memory
of Lenny kind of I think
really connects with Butcher
on a very deep level.
And then I think it's really
quite as a simple as
being in the moment
when he sees that love
of a mother for her son and
he sees the woman he loves
being compassionate and
loving and affectionate
towards this boy,
and just has an epiphany
that there's just no way
that he can betray her.
You know, it's not just
Homelander's kid.
It's not just some abstract
concept of there's a Supe-kid
out there that's
Homelander's son.
It's, hang about,
this is Becca's son,
and she loves him.
It's just another log
on the emotional fire
which prompts Butcher
to do the right thing.
Which is one of
the rare occasions.
- Rare, very rare.
- Nine times out of ten,
do the wrong thing.
You pray that he's
going to do the right thing,
but, you know, so,
this is an instance
where he
does the right thing.
- Oh, his tiny heart grew
three sizes that day.
It's nice.
- Yeah.
- Well, watching this season
of "The Boys" has been
a veritable clinic on how
to deliver a sick burn.
So I'm going to give you
guys some of
my favorite burns from the show,
and I'm going to ask
you to rate them
on a scale of one to 10
in a segment that we call
Here we go.
This is Homelander
talking to Butcher.
On a scale of one to 10,
rate that burn, guys.
- Wait, wait,
before we rate it,
give us the tongue wag
on delicious.
- Oh, God
- De-l-l-l-l-l-licious.
- De-l-l-l-l-l-licious.
[ laughing ]
- There you go.
That's what makes it.
That's what makes it.
That's the thing.
- It really does sell it.
[ laughing ]
- I'm going to have Karl
rate that burn since
the burn was directed
at your character.
Rate that burn, Karl.
- I would say that
it's probably a seven.
Probably abut a seven,
seven and a half maybe? Yeah.
- That's fair. Here we go.
This is Lamplighter
speaking to Hughie.
Hughie says
And then Lamplighter says
I'm gonna let Karen
take that one.
Rate that burn.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Karl, you have high standards,
so I don't know.
I would have rated Homelander's
"delicious" 10,
but I think this would
be like a solid eight?
- That's good, that's fair.
Okay. Here we go.
This is Frenchie and Kimiko.
Frenchie is interpreting
for Kimiko.
Frenchie/Kimiko to Stormfront:
Uh, so
Antony, since that
was your lover
who ended terribly with
a boot up her kitty,
rate that burn.
- A boot up her kitty?
I'm not sure that
a boot up the kitty
is the biggest threat
you could come up with
in context,
seeing as the little one
can tear people's heads off.
- Fair.
- But definitely, like,
its got a swagger about it,
so I'm gonna give in like
an eight, eight and a half.
- It is insult to
injury, for sure.
You know what I mean?
- Thank you.
Yes, insult to terrible,
terrible injury.
Well, let's get into
a theme that
recurred throughout this season.
The theme of family.
And honestly, there's no-one
on this show
that doesn't have deep
and destructive
family issues going on.
Antony, what do you
think Homelander's
ideal family would be?
He was trying to build
a family this season,
it didn't quite go his way.
So what do you think he
would prefer,
just him and then female him
raising little baby him?
- It would just be, like,
genetic clones
with different sex organs.
- Exactly.
- I don't know that he
really understands the concept
of family.
I think he desperately
wants connection
in some way, shape, form,
I just think he's completely,
because of his background,
because of the way
he was raised ill-equipped
to even comprehend
what that means
and, you know, he's also
got a healthy disdain
for humanity, and people
that are less than him,
which is kind of everyone.
I think he's forever going
to be a lonely dude
that always wants connection
and is never he's never
going to be able to achieve it.
Perhaps his Little House
on the Prairie days
were done with the Nazi.
- Right. One thing that's really
interesting about his character
without, like, going too
deep is he has, like,
real diagnosable
psychological issues that come
when a child is not
loved properly, right?
They are dissociated,
they cannot connect
with other people.
It helps you understand why
Homelander's such a dick,
because he just doesn't know
how to form relationships
because he's never had any.
- Yeah.
- He just wasn't loved properly.
- I I think
thank you for saying that.
That's what I've always said,
just misunderstood.
I think he does know how
to build relationships,
I just think the relationships
that he builds
are completely one sided
and, uh
ultimately the guy
is an emotional wreck
and so anything, anyone
that comes into his orbit
has got to serve him
in some way or
they become superfluous.
- Right.
Karen, Kimiko lost
her brother this season.
It does seem like she's finally
settled in with The Boys
as her family.
You know, and in their
own kind of insane way,
they are a family, they do care
for each other, you know,
to the capacity that
they're able to.
Do you think that this
surrogate family of The Boys
is ever going to be able
to replace
the family that she lost?
- Yeah, I think replace would
be such a harsh word to use
because, you know, her
vital years growing up,
they only had each other
and they only had each other
to experience this camp with,
and so I don't think that
anybody would be able to replace
Kenji, but
I think The Boys
through Frenchie, and Hughie,
and then Mother's Milk
who even says that Kimiko
is a part of the team,
that allows her to realize
that, you know,
she does have a home
within this group.
She has a place, and I think
that at the end of Season Two,
we really see
that click together.
And I hope that it continues
for Season Three.
But who knows?
Who knows what'll happen?
- Karl Karl and Eric,
in the last episode, Butcher
had to confront his father
and the emotional damage
that his father had done,
not just to him, but
to his brother growing up.
And Butcher had to deal
with a lot of pain.
You know, obviously
the pain of losing Becca
and this road of vengeance
he's on, but do you think
that original pain, the pain
of what his father did,
turned him into
the man that he is now?
- Yeah, I certainly
believe that
that is a huge contribution.
There is a monster
living within Butcher,
and that monster
is his father,
and I place that squarely as
his father's violence
towards not only Butcher and
his brother but his mother.
And that is this ugly being,
this beast,
and you see that character
come out
at a couple of different points.
When Becca dies at the
hands of, inadvertently, Ryan,
Butcher is again transformed
into that monster,
and momentarily you fear
for Ryan because
you know, he looks at Ryan
and he picks up that crowbar,
and that is Butcher
at his most dangerous,
that is Butcher unhinged.
Everything he touches
is potentially toxic.
He is a danger to
not only himself
but to the people around him.
You know, and he promised
to keep Ryan safe,
and so, yeah.
- Eric, in that scene,
you know,
as a viewer I just was
so desperate for his father
to have, like, one loving
moment towards his son.
It was just so disappointing
that he never got there.
- So much of the show
is this exploration
of toxic masculinity.
When we met him, we were just
like, oh, he's on the warpath
because his wife's dead.
And that was always going to be
the rug pull we had under us
of, like, well, no,
she's not dead,
so why is he in fact
so angry and violent?
And Becca says it,
it started so long before me.
And so he had to really explore,
and come to terms
with why he was that way.
Um, yes, no spoiler alert,
it's not like
Season Three
he puts on a sweater
and starts volunteering
at the local library.
That is not what Butcher
does in Season Three.
So, you know, there's
more issues to explore
but, you know, he showed that
he's capable of humanity.
He made a real human choice
in the finale.
Even at terrible cost, you know?
It cost him the one
thing he loved most.
What I love about this show
is like it's so fucking cynical,
and all that, but I actually
see it as a really emotional
and hopeful show, because
there's like these little bits
of humans trying
to do the right thing,
and I think that is certainly
where our focus is
of who we consider the true
heroes of the show.
- Right, right.
All right, guys, so after
a season as action-packed
as this one, don't you think our
characters deserve to kick back,
relax and just fall in love?
Well, we, do, so we're going
to play matchmaker right now.
I'm going to give you guys
a character from the show,
and I want you
to give me someone you
would ship with them, all right?
From the show or beyond,
anybody you choose.
First up Homelander
is newly single.
I'm assuming that's
a tattoo on his back?
Now that his Nazi lady
love is gone,
who would you ship
with Homelander?
- Okay, first of all,
first of all,
that is not
a picture of my back,
because the skin is peeling.
- I did see the terrible
sunburn on that guy.
- Someone's got a fungal
disease or some shit?
I don't know what's
going on there.
That ain't my back, okay?
Thank you.
I would say the safest person
to ship away with Homelander
on the Good ship Lollipop
would be Kimiko,
and when she pisses me off
- No!
- I can kill her,
and then she can't die,
she can come back
and get killed endlessly.
- Oh, God.
- Oh.
- She's not feeling it,
not at all. No, perfect.
All right,. so next up,
poor Ashley,
who's apparently
still in the 8th grade,
really struggling with
her professional life.
Who should Ashley be with?
Karen, do you want
to answer that one?
- Yeah, I would really
love to see her
get with some of
the marketing guys.
[ laughing ]
- I love them, they are such
a fantastic duo.
Either one of them I would
be happy with.
- Yeah, right.
Ashley, I think, would
connect with Seth,
because he would be
very non-threatening,
and after a long and
difficult day at the office,
they could cuddle,
because all they're ever
going to do is cuddle, because
he doesn't have a penis.
- Not necessarily.
- Thank you, I was about
to go there, Karl,
and you beat me to it.
You are a man of many talents,
and after my own heart.
Yes. All right.
And finally,
the very well endowed Mr.
Lovesausage from episode six.
That is a tree-trunk,
not a penis, but
feel free to regard it
as you will.
Who do you think could
tolerate a relationship
with Mr. Lovesausage?
Karl, do you want to
take that one one?
- I would just
I would vote MM,
just for the pure comedy of it.
I feel that Laz was so
comfortable with having
that love sausage
wrapped around his neck,
and I think he deserves
to have more scenes
with a lovesausage
around his neck,
so that'd be my vote.
- Karl, tell Aisha the story
of when Laz first
found it in the script.
- Oh my God,
this is hilarious.
So, we were on set one day
and we like to
give each other shit, as you do,
and we were joking around
about episode six,
and you know, Jack and I
were saying,
"And that moment when the dick
wraps around, your MM's neck"
and Laz goes, "Oh, yeah, right.
That's good."
And we're like, "No, no,
seriously, the penis,
it wraps around your neck"
and he goes,
"No, man, you guys
are shitting me.
That's bullshit!"
And we're like,
"Dude, read the script."
And he hadn't actually read
the fine print in the script.
The actual stage direction,
and honestly, it was one
of my favorite parts
of shooting Season Two was
seeing Laz read that script
and the horror that
came over his face
when he saw that there
was going to be a dick
wrapped around his neck
and he was like, "Oh, man, this
Kripke, what did I do to him?
What did I do to him?
Why is he doing this to me?"
- I want to be really clear
that I only wrap 10 foot dicks
around the people
that I love, so
That's bullshit.
- It's just a gesture
of deep affection, right?
Really caring.
Like a warm,
snuggly penis hug.
- Dick hug. It's a dick hug.
- I actually thought of
a really great hashtag
for this episode: #cockcuddle.
So that's just a
gift to the fans.
- Right, yeah.
- The cock cuddle.
That was what that was,
the little dick around the neck,
it was a cock cuddle.
- Sweet.
Sweet is what it is.
- It's for the kids at home.
Okay, let's take a look
at what people are saying
about "The Boys" online.
@CoolguyJ says
So The Butcher Becca saga has
been one of the core threads
someone could
argue the core thread
of the last two seasons
of the show.
How do you feel,
how does your character feel
going forward, and
we'll start with Karl.
- Well, that is really
a Season Three question,
isn't it?
And one of the things that
I've learnt in my career
is never to hypothesize about
anything to do with writing
because if it comes
from an actor, inevitably,
it's never going
to end up on a show.
[ laughing ]
- Don't pitch it if you
want it to go in.
Don't pitch it.
- No, no, no, no, never do that.
Bad idea.
But I think for me,
you know,
what's interesting going forward
is Butcher, emotionally,
he's got to be feeling
a certain sense of failure
over his inability
to protect Rebecca,
particularly from Stormfront,
so it will be very interesting
to see how that sense of failure
manifests itself behaviorally
going forward.
- We know who knows
the answer to this question.
- Yeah, we're not going
to do any of that.
[ laughing ]
Came from an actor, so nope.
- Since it's our very last
episode of Season Two,
of "Inside The Boys,"
we cannot end it
without you guys sending your
final thoughts and prayers
out to a character on the show.
So as your characters, why
don't you get us started, Karl?
We'll start with you.
- Sure, I um
My thoughts and prayers
in this final episode
will be out to
Ryan's therapist.
How he's going
to deal with this little kid
who is going to be looking
at him going,
stop being a cunt.
- He's going to be a handful.
- Right.
- Yeah.
My thoughts and prayers
to that person.
- Also, like, I don't know
how you unpick the deep
psychological damage of
I lasered my mom to death.
- He'll be fine. He'll be great.
- It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be grand.
Karen, how about you?
- I know I did thoughts and
prayers to Stormfront already,
and so I think I'm going
to do a genuine one this time.
Um, to my brother Kenji
because, really,
you know, thoughts and prayers.
Mouse. R.I.P.
- Aww
- Maybe he'll be back
for a flashback scene.
Who knows.
Oh, I should not say it.
- Don't pitch it
if you love it.
Um, that was one of the
genuinely sweet moments
in the whole show
for Kimiko is
finding her brother,
and then womp womp womp.
But that was lovely.
That was lovely.
Okay, Antony, how about you?
- Can I do two just
really quickly?
- Absolutely.
- So I've got deepest and most
sincere thoughts and prayers
going out to Doppelganger.
Sorry, dude, wrong place,
wrong time.
What do you want me
to say?
Bad luck, sorry, bro.
And then the other one
would be
my most heartfelt, deep,
sincerest thoughts and prayers
are going out to Queen Maeve,
who's seriously
signed her ticket
as far as
Homelander is concerned.
Um good luck.
- Eww.
- Ooh, scary.
- Eric
- Before I do, I will say
if you ask me
what was one of
my top five regrets
of the season of things I wish
I could have done different,
it would have been
Doppelganger as Homelander
actually going through and
sucking Homelander's dick.
I feel like we left money
on the table with that one.
- You absolutely did.
- Cause he's right there
and you're like,
Oh my God, he's gonna do it!
- But then like we pull back
and it's like,
the money move would've been
for him to actually do it.
- And then kill him, right?
- And then kill him.
And then kill him.
Of course.
- I would say
my thoughts and prayers
are for my writing staff
who are now banging their
heads against walls
trying to figure out how
do we get even weirder
and crazier in Season Three.
I'm hoping they pull through
and deal with
their fucking prick of a boss.
- Oh, God, that guy.
That dude.
- Yeah, fuck that guy.
- Fuck that guy.
I love you.
All right, now,
what do you guys think?
Who should make an
appearance in Season Three?
Let us know, tweet your
answers @TheBoysTV
and Inside the Boys
with the hashtag
I want to thank Eric,
Antony, Karen and Karl
for spending all
this time with me.
This has been such a fun season
for me as a fan of the show
and for me as a fan
of all you guys to get to
have these conversations
with you.
It's been a blast.
I want to thank everybody at
home for taking a Prime Rewind
for going "Inside The Boys,"
fist first,
but only with consent.
And don't forget to
check out "The Boys" showpage
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bonus awesomeness.
Until next time,
don't be a cunt.
Rewatch "The Boys"
on Prime Video.
I'll see you next time.
Thanks, guys.
- Well done, Aisha,
that was great.
- You're so good!
- Fucking A.
- Thank you.
Thank you guys.
- Cool, thank you, Aisha.
- See ya.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Aisha.
- Eric!
- I just, I wanted to tell
you this was
such a fantastic season,
I loved it so much.
But I have so many questions
that we didn't get
to answer on this show
and I just
- Oh
- Now that it's just
you and me
- Right.
- A couple of things, okay?
Are there more Supe born
kids like Ryan out there?
Are we going to meet
Hughie's mom in season three?
Is she a Supe?
And who's going to lead
the Church of
the Collective now?
Is it going to be Carol?
Is Terror going to join
the gang next season?
Because I just love that dog.
- Please, just rewatch
Season Two, it's awesome,
and stay tuned for Season Three.
We'll answer it all.
- You're a cold and withholding
man, I hope you know that.
- I'll catch you next time.
- He hung up.
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