Prime Suspect 1973 (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 - Cheers.
- I admire you.
- Nothing happened.
- Be careful, Jane.
Before I got this job, I was an outpatient here.
- Who's that with Eddie and Julie-Ann? - A new player.
All we know is on the street he's known as Oz.
He kept a tally book.
Now this Tod.
Had quite the party on the thirteenth, on the day Julie-Ann died.
'She was last seen climbing into a red Jaguar.
' I don't usually drink that much.
Guv? You need to see this.
You think I'm guilty? My own daughter.
You think I'm capable of this? After you picked Julie-Ann up from Homerton Hospital, where did you drive her? Sir.
They locked her in here.
This is a cell.
George? George?! What's going on? In this dirty old part of the city Where the sun refused to shine People tell me there ain't no use in tryin' Now, my girl, you're so young and pretty And one thing I know is true You'll be dead before your time is due, I know Watch my daddy in bed a-dyin' Watched his hair been turnin' grey, yeah He's been workin' and slavin' his life away Oh, yes, I know it He's been workin' so hard And I been workin' too, baby Every night and day Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! We gotta get outta this place If it's the last thing we ever do We gotta get outta this place Cos, girl, there's a better life for me and you This way, Mrs Collins.
You heard he's out today? I heard.
We should send a welcoming party to his house.
- These aren't the old days.
- They will be for Clifford Bentley.
So, where were you between the hours of six and midnight on Sunday 13th May? I've already told you.
My wife and I were having dinner with Daniel Zimmerman, the quality control manager at my company.
Well, Mr Zimmerman claims you left his house shortly after 10pm.
Did you go straight home? Yes, we did.
And on 1st May, did you pick Julie-Ann up from Homerton Hospital and take her back to your house? I picked her up, yes .
but only to take her back to the estate in Hackney where she was staying.
What? Sir, DC Hudson called.
He's finished the house-to-house.
The next-door neighbour claims she saw a man matching Eddie Phillips' description visit the Collins' house two nights ago.
All yours.
She's bricking it.
Yeah? You wanna take the lead on this one? - Me? - Yeah, you're good with her.
Between you and me, Bradfield wants to recommend you for a TDC post.
You don't clear up six burglaries in one day without flashing on someone's radar.
Mrs Collins, where were you on the evening of Sunday 13th May? I was out to dinner with my husband.
And on 1st May? I know you've already spoken to the clubhouse.
I was at a charity golf match at the Royal Blackheath.
When you got home, was Julie-Ann there? I didn't go straight home.
I went to my sister's and I stayed there.
Today is supposed to be a day of reflection, not interrogation.
- So Eddie just showed up? - I never met him before.
He came looking for money.
He said he'd keep coming back so I gave him some.
How much? I don't know.
Eight, nine pounds? Whatever I had in my wallet.
- And why did he target you? - I didn't ask.
- I just wanted to get rid of him.
- And now he's missing.
That doesn't explain why you locked your daughter in that room.
I didn't.
We have her fingerprints on the inside of that door.
Red fibres found on Julie-Ann's socks match the samples we took from the rug in that room.
I don't deny that Julie-Ann used to stay in that room, but she hasn't been home since last year.
There was blood on the mattress.
Maybe someone had a nosebleed.
A nosebleed? - Keep an eye on him.
- Yes, sir.
Why have we still not found Eddie Phillips? Post some more wooden tops in a car outside the Pembridge Estate, speak to informants.
Do something.
I want him found.
Yes, sir.
Teresa O'Duncie claims Julie-Ann demanded money from her father and now George Collins says Eddie tried to get money out of him.
Julie-Ann's posh accent.
I mean, he knew her old man was well-off.
Or he knew he was a pushover.
Sir, the photos from the Drug Squad surveillance of Dwayne Clarke.
- I've checked them against the log.
- What are you doing now? Sir? Can you go to Barclays and pick up George Collins' bank statements, please? Yes, sir.
Of course.
Bank statements.
Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty How can you lose? The lights are much brighter there You can forget all your troubles What are you doing? Here's me thinking I had a hole in my pocket.
Look at you.
You're a mess.
When are you moving out? You said a couple of weeks.
It's been months.
What was that? I'm not the one looking to get wasted at ten in the morning.
Dad asked me to stay longer to keep an eye on you, you loser.
John? Help me get stuff ready for the party.
The bank statements.
Look at the 1st and 2nd May.
Sir, can I sit in? - I'm not sure that's appropriate.
- Because? If I could stand at the back and observe.
Two withdrawals.
£250 each on the 1st and 2nd May.
I do my company's payroll on the 1st of each month.
So why withdraw another £250 on the 2nd? There was some overtime that I hadn't factored in.
Seize the company accounts.
On the 1st, Julie-Ann phoned me in tears, begging for some money.
Her boyfriend had run up a debt and was in a spot of trouble.
500 quid? That's how much I gave her.
It's the boyfriend that you need to talk to.
Some deal he and Julie-Ann were involved in.
- When he came to see me he wanted more.
- What deal? I didn't ask.
I didn't wanna know.
Just another one of his lies.
Some make-believe story about a wizard.
- Oz? - Yes.
I was just trying to help my daughter.
Anything? She insists the day Julie-Ann was picked up from Homerton, she never saw her.
She was at her sister's, apparently.
We need to find this Oz, if this is all about a drug deal that went south.
Maybe that's why Eddie and Julie-Ann were beaten up.
Or a robbery? Julie-Ann had 50 quid on her when George dropped her at the estate.
We've only got his word for it.
We know he locked her in that room, but for how long? Maybe something happened to her when they got back from that dinner party.
When Eddie went to Homerton Hospital with Julie-Ann, did he have crutches? According to Teresa O'Duncie's statement .
he did, yeah.
But Julie-Ann's injuries? Julie-Ann didn't have them then.
So we were wrong.
Julie-Ann wasn't beaten at the same time as Eddie.
So where'd she get those injuries from? About bloody time.
Good to see you, mate.
- You on your own? - Ma's at home, baking you a cake.
I ain't been punished enough? Whoo! Let's get you out of here.
- How are the preparations coming along? - Slow but steady, cos of the alarm.
We'll get through the dividing wall tonight.
Make sure your ex don't come out of the woodwork once she gets a whiff of the money.
She'll have to find me on the Costa del Sol first.
- How much is it? - A cool plum.
100 grand.
Stash money from one of Whiteley's rivals.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
We keep 40 per cent of whatever we get.
Only 40? Do this right, this job'll put us back on the map.
You have an answer for everything, Mr Collins.
So let me get your take on this.
During the search of your property, my officers found a golf club beneath your stairs with blood and hair on it.
Forensics will examine that hair and check the blood type against Julie-Ann's.
God, when I picked her up, I barely recognised her.
She looked awful sick.
She said she wanted to get clean.
What could I do? I agreed she could stay in her old room.
When Mary came home from playing golf, I was making Julie-Ann some soup.
It just upset Mary so much to see her like that, she went to stay at her sister's.
Jump to where you locked her in that room.
She asked me to put a padlock on the door.
She said it would help.
So while Julie-Ann ate lunch, I put a bolt on the door and then I left her.
I went downstairs.
Hours later, I heard her kicking and screaming.
I didn't know what to do.
And then it went quiet.
I went upstairs to check on her.
She was on the bed with a needle, about to - Why didn't I check the bag? - The golf club, George.
She went mad, like a wild animal.
She attacked me, pushed me over, ran downstairs.
Tearing the house up.
Whenever Julie-Ann came home, I'd hide the valuables.
But she saw the payroll money and took it.
She was opening the front door Mary had left her golf clubs in the hallway.
I don't think I planned to hit her.
But I did, several times.
She was just She was lying there, not moving.
You didn't call her an ambulance? I, er carried her back upstairs to her bedroom, and went to the bathroom to get the first-aid.
But when I came back, she was gone.
The front door was open and Julie-Ann was nowhere in sight.
The money's gone.
And Eddie he knew you'd beaten her? That's why he blackmailed you? How long was Mary at her sister's? Er I telephoned her, she came back home.
So er two, three hours.
Only, your wife's sister told us that on Wednesday 1st May, she didn't see you or Mary.
Just taking it all in.
Never thought I'd miss this.
- Oh, bloody hell.
- What? The stupid cow just needs to add "jailbird" and the world and his wife knows.
Come on.
Come on, let's go inside.
- That Nick's missus? - Uh-huh.
What's her problem? I've done my time.
- So who's here, then? - Just a few of the usual suspects.
Hello, love.
Tell 'em he'll be right in.
Didn't want them to see me cry.
I knew I would.
I know, it ain't been easy.
No, it ain't.
Things are gonna be different.
You think I'm stupid enough to get caught again? Come on, better go in.
They can wait a while longer.
What did you think of the banner? - I hate it.
- Knew you would.
And the screws didn't know who was doing it, did they? Didn't have a bloody clue! Here, when did you get out? Cake? - Day before you did, didn't I? - I made it myself.
Sure? Would you like some cake? - Here, darling, bit of cake.
- I'm all right, thanks.
Danny, Danny, have a bit of cake.
I made it myself.
Would you like a bit of cake? Don't go round tonight It's bound to take your life It was a good setup.
Good setup.
No way! No way.
There you are! You not in the mood for a party? - Are you pleased he's back? - Course I am.
What kind of question is that? No matter whatever happens, Ma, I'll look after you.
- I can look after myself, thank you.
- I'm serious.
You can do better than him.
Don't know why you've stuck with him all these years.
He's your father.
He'd better not mess you about again.
Come up when you're ready.
Do you recognise this? This is from a set of ladies' golf clubs we found at your house.
Then it's probably mine.
Your husband confessed to using this golf club to beat your daughter with.
Oh, God in heaven.
Oh, George! We found her blood on it.
We believe this was used in a brutal attack on your daughter in your home on 1st May.
What will happen to him? Nothing.
When we dusted it for fingerprints, we only found yours.
George told us what happened.
You weren't at your sister's, we checked.
I was trying to stop her! For her own good! By hitting her with this? Do you have any children, Mr Bradfield? You don't know what it's like to have a daughter who takes that poison .
and destroys the life you've given her.
I couldn't let her leave.
How many times did you hit her? Yes, I hit her.
But I didn't kill her! No.
But by lying to us, you're helping the bastard who did.
Anything you've held back? Anything.
Her bag.
She left it behind.
It was a tatty old thing .
but I kept it .
in case she ever came back.
All right, darling? Yeah.
You all right, darling? Great party.
Hey, Dad.
Do you want to go? - Yeah.
- Your brother's leaving.
Oh, great to see you, Lenny boy.
- Anything.
- Yeah.
I might take you up on that kind offer.
Did you hear that? Anything I want, as long as it ain't more than ten bob! The tight bastard! No change there, then.
- Come here.
- Oh, get off! Whoo! - I'm spilling my drink! - Never mind that.
- You silly old sod.
- Here - Let's have a night on the town, eh? - I've got to sort this mess out.
Ah, the boys will clear this up.
Where's David? Why wasn't he here? He went out.
- You what? - Who's paying for this night on the town? John, fetch me a hammer.
What are you doing? - Where's the box? - What box? There was one and a half grand in it.
Where is it? I don't know.
Where's the money? Tell me! - Dad.
- I haven't touched your money.
I don't know.
Then why don't I believe you? You hid it under our noses when we're barely scraping by? It was for all of us, for when I got out.
Well, what's happened to it? One of you must've taken it! The Old Bill turned the flat upside down.
They must've taken it.
Yeah, they took everything else.
Thieving bastards! Sign here and here, sir.
Thank you.
- Please find who killed her.
- We're doing all we can.
They're devastated.
I just hope we're doing the right thing by letting them go.
Julie-Ann had 250 quid on her in new, traceable bank notes.
George Collins inferred that Julie-Ann and Eddie were doing a deal with Oz.
We need to find this Oz.
Then Eddie could be telling the truth.
So this Oz Could it be him? Which means Eddie is the direct link between Julie-Ann and Oz.
This day wouldn't be so bad if we could have at least charged the parents with something.
What, so you can sleep easier? - They've been through enough.
- They confessed to beating their daughter and gave us the runaround.
GBH, perverting the course of justice Yeah, well, we all know you haven't got kids, mate.
Public Order Act 1936.
Chapter on unlawful meetings.
You know you've got ketchup on it? What's going on between you and Bradfield? Nothing.
Nothing's going on.
Are you trying to end your career before it's even started? They're like dogs, they like being stroked.
- But for God's sake, don't let 'em hump your leg.
- I'm not.
Nothing happened.
- Mind if I join you handsome chaps? - More the merrier.
Good work today, Morgan, with the girl's mother.
- Seriously? - We'll make a WDC of you yet.
- This beef's tough.
- That's lamb.
Right, Uniforms are back from the Collins' house with Julie-Ann's bag.
Lawrence is going through the contents now for Forensics.
Sort my tray out, will you, Morgan? Tennison? Someone needs to enter the property in the exhibits book.
This is Julie-Ann's bag that we found in the shed at the rear of the property.
Bit of a rocker, by the looks of it.
Slade at the Forum.
David Bowie at Earls Court.
What's that on the back? Dwayne Clarke sold drugs to TOD on the day Julie-Ann died.
Maybe he was a part of Eddie and Julie-Ann's drug deal.
Get on to the GPO, get an address for that number.
Len? A quick word? Before you say anything, Jim, I've thought about it and er I've had a change of heart.
It would only make things worse.
What? Some gossip going round the station.
You and my probationer.
Thought you should know.
Sir? Can we? Sorry, I'll I'll let you get home.
It appears we're the subject of gossip in the station and if it makes you feel awkward, I'll do whatever I can to help facilitate a transfer.
You want me to leave? - No, but we need to clean the slate.
- We will.
Have a Have a good night.
- That money was supposed to see us through.
- Hey, don't worry.
We'll be "seen through" all right.
Soon enough.
Yeah, I know.
You think Silas is gonna be a problem? He's been having a bit of a wobble.
You might need to give him some encouragement.
I'll have a word.
Oh, I've forgotten something.
You go on.
I'll catch up.
All right.
Evening, Detective.
What brings you here? Are you lost? - I made a promise to Charlie Hopkins' widow.
- Which was? That you'd pin a hit-and-run on an innocent man? Innocent? I was nowhere near that copper when he snuffed it.
You destroyed your car in a hurry.
Just had to get rid, didn't I? Tread carefully, Bentley.
Where's your brother? - Can't I trust you two to do anything? - I told him to be here.
It's too risky without a lookout.
Come on.
Better cancel tonight.
- Is Oz in? - Yeah, he's upstairs.
Boss, that address from the GPO.
The TOD number we found in Julie-Ann's bag.
It's from a phone box in Hackney.
- A phone box? - Yeah.
What happened to you last night? Lost track of time.
- I can't have you smoking that shit.
- But it helps dull the pain.
Am I asking you? I've had enough.
- All this between you and your brother.
- He left me.
He didn't push you off that roof.
What happened was an accident.
And that's all you've ever had to say, innit, Dad? It's in the past.
We are where we are, son, but this job is the Bentley boys going big-time.
So pull yourself together or you're out! Your choice.
So either TOD comes here at a pre-arranged time or he's someone in one of those houses.
We'll draw up a surveillance schedule, make enquiries with the local collator.
The woman who answered the door to that house was high as a kite.
Well, this is hippy central.
There was a man passed out behind her on the stairs.
- Isn't the Homerton Drugs Unit near here? - So? - What if TOD isn't a name, but initials? - Yeah? - Sir? - Did you finish the house-to-house? Just a thought.
The receptionist from the hospital.
- What about her? - T-O-D.
- What are you on about, Tennison? - Could it be Teresa O'Duncie? She already has connections to the case, more specifically to drugs and users.
Might be worth speaking to her.
Let's go.
Do you abbreviate your name, Miss O'Duncie? What do you mean? T-O-D.
Is that you? Do you recognise this number? That number is for a phone box on the King Charles Road in Hackney, right around the corner from where you work.
What's your connection to that location? There ain't one.
Do you know a man named Dwayne Clarke? - No.
- Dwayne Clarke is a well-connected lowlife who supplied drugs to someone identified by the initials T-O-D on the day Julie-Ann Collins was killed.
Julie-Ann had that flyer in her bag.
It was you she was ringing.
Don't waste my time, Miss O'Duncie.
You stay on this track and I'll have you charged and in court before the week is out.
What for? I ain't done nothing! WPC Tennison, can you think of anything we could charge her with? Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in a murder investigation.
Spot-on! And that carries a life sentence.
What were you doing with Eddie and Julie-Ann? I help them.
I didn't know this would happen.
I swear on my life.
I-I-I-I All right, Teresa.
Deep, long breaths.
Why is Julie-Ann calling you at a phone box? It's not me.
I try to help the poor angels.
He's a dealer.
The gear he sells is better than the stuff they buy on the streets.
- All I've ever done is help them.
- The hospital helps them! What you do is poison them, you twisted cow! This dealer.
What's his name, then? All right.
I'm arresting you for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
The dealer, what is his name? Get her cautioned and booked in downstairs for further questioning.
It's my brother, Terry.
But everyone calls him Oz.
All right, listen up.
Our target is Terrence O'Duncie, AKA Oz.
One previous arrest five years ago for dealing heroin.
He operates out of a squat on King Charles Road, Hackney.
Where's Morgan? Case conference at solicitors' department for Kenneth Boyle.
- There could be women and children, so we need a plonk.
- Plonk's ready, sir.
I don't want you to leave.
In fact, it's er It's the last thing that I want.
- Good.
- Just so you know.
Not that I was planning on leaving.
- Just so THAT you know.
- Good.
Good to see you again, Mr Bentley.
I see you ain't bothered to decorate since I was last here.
Times have been tough.
My heart bleeds for you, Silas.
I trust you've changed the oil.
Your family well? John said they've gone on ahead.
Eleni hates flying, so they went by boat.
They arrived yesterday.
Kolossi village, right? Now remind me, where is that? South? Yes.
Near Limassol.
You look nervous, Silas.
I miss my family.
I want to leave to join them.
You can keep the caf closed.
If anybody asks Silas, Silas.
I fancy a nice cup of tea.
How about you? How long you been here? 18 years.
And in that time, have you ever been closed? No.
No If you leave for Cyprus, people'll get suspicious.
In three days, you'll be rich.
And then you can fuck off back to Kolossi and see Eleni and the kids.
Let's get this show on the road.
Have you ever done something like this before? Just keep your wits about you, Jane, you'll be all right, OK? On your word, sir.
Go upstairs with Uniform, see if anyone knows the victim.
Police! Where's Terrence O'Duncie? Where's O'Duncie? Dunno, man.
Upstairs? Stop! Obviously you haven't got to the chapter on hepatitis yet.
We're through! Give me a hand.
Plans are right.
That's the alarmed mesh.
Get off! Get 'em out, yeah? Boys and girls, come on! Move yourselves.
- Shall I? - Yeah.
Do it.
That's one down, eh? - Move it! - All right, I'm going.
Must be 40 or 50 junkies living here.
There's two young 'uns downstairs asleep.
- One is still in nappies.
- Get Social Services and an ambulance.
- He's up here.
- The scum.
- Police! Nobody move! - Jesus! - Get her out of here.
- Get dressed.
Come on.
What the hell's going on? You can't just come kicking down doors! Terrence O'Duncie? Come with us.
- What's this about? - The murder of Julie-Ann Collins.
You're joking? All right.
What's it gonna take for you lot to get lost? Huh? Look, I know how this goes.
I know how to keep my trap shut.
- 125? - You what? 300, then.
Split it between you.
You piggies can buy yourselves something nice.
Yeah (?) Oi, get your filthy fucking pig hands off my jacket! Spence! Come here! Come here! Yeah? Right with me.
- Get off me! - Spence! - Come on! - I'll kill ya! All right! All right! Yeah? What are you still doing here? Get down to the car! You didn't see anything.
All right? You saw it.
He went for me.