Prison Break s04e17 Episode Script

The Mother Lode

Previously on Prison Break: Your mother works for us.
Your mother is alive.
You know, I'm thinking more and more that this - is an inside job.
- Why? The hardware he brought to the meet.
He could read Scylla right on the spot.
Hands on your head.
Mike! We've got to get out of here! Michael.
Get in! Sorry, but right now I want my life back more than I want your money.
Where's Scylla? Let's talk about that, okay? Where is it? I can get it.
No, he can't.
He's stalling, Linc.
- It's gone.
- You're right.
You have no idea who this guy's working for? No.
No clue.
Your boy's dead.
And now, I'm coming after you.
Who was that? It was my son.
What is this? I don't know Just found them on the doorstep.
Son of a They lay one hand on my mama, and I swear on my life She's in a state home.
I thought we were working with these people.
So did I.
I'm gonna make a call.
Find out what's going on.
We had a deal.
Our deal is contingent upon the retrieval of Scylla.
Based on the mediocrity of your performance on that front, thus far, I thought it best to make sure you're all properly motivated.
Just tell me how your team is progressing.
I swear to God, man, when I When I get a hold of you-- If I were you, I'd be doing everything in my power to demonstrate my competence right now.
We killed the guy who came to Miami.
We found some keys on him.
We're looking into them.
Are we done? Not quite.
A new competitor has joined the search.
We're the ones getting Scylla.
Well, that's good to hear, because the competing party, is your brother Michael.
Michael's with you.
Michael's getting treatment with you.
Apparently, Michael's a little more headstrong than either of us imagined.
But don't worry.
We have a lead on him, somewhere in Central Arizona.
Oren is waiting in his limousine.
If you speak to Michael, tell him to find a very good hiding place.
Because if any of my men spot him They've been given a green light.
If we take turns sleeping, we can be there by tomorrow night.
Should we call Lincoln? Let him know we're coming? Michael, he took the Company's deal to save your life.
And for what it's worth, I might've done the same thing.
Then you'd be wrong, too.
You know, this promises to be a really, really long ride.
So, how about we just Call truce, all right? Forgot napkins.
Get down.
S04E17: The Mother Lode Come on.
He comes anywhere near my kid You know, Don You seem to be taking this whole thing pretty well.
Yeah, well, I'm a pretty calm guy.
All I'm saying is, my mama, his son, his wife.
We don't even know who they got on you.
That's 'cause it's none of your business.
All right, all you need to worry about is that I'm here to do a job.
The company that manufactures the keys.
It's called Hold-Secure.
Listen to this.
Each key they produce is implanted with a computer chip.
That chip sends out a unique electronic signal that opens its lock.
Something that high-tech, I'm telling you, I'm betting they got a database that'll tell us exactly where each key's corresponding lock has been installed.
Look at that.
These keys run about You only spend that kind of money if you're protecting something of vital importance.
Like Scylla.
Someone just tried to access Carruth's account at Hold-Secure.
And what information was compromised? We don't know yet.
And who was trying to access it? We don't know.
Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
Good work.
Yes? It's your son.
We already have safeguards in place to deal with Lincoln.
I'm talking about Michael.
He's escaped Company custody.
He's coming to Miami right now.
Christina? If only they understood what it is I'm trying to do.
Thank you very much.
Thanks! Okay, what now? We'll think of something.
Michael, we can't afford to buy a car and we can't fly.
It's time to call your brother.
Got it.
We've got the locations of those two locks.
One's in Little Havana.
The other one's down by the water.
Lincoln, why don't you and I-- You take Self and go to Little Havana.
We're gonna head south.
Huh, that's a surprise.
We need suntan lotion.
Be right there.
It's me.
What's your problem? Look, I need you to hear me out on this, Linc.
Everything was all set up and you blew it.
You couldn't just let me handle this, could you? If by "handle," you mean give Scylla back to the general, then no, I couldn't.
It's more complicated than that.
Actually, it's not.
I want my life back and this is the only way we can do that! I don't believe that's true.
You know what, man? You need to grow up.
Look, if that's how you really feel, Linc, I should warn you I'm going to do everything in my power to stop you.
Listen to me.
I had a deal with the General.
You blew it.
He finds you, he's gonna kill you.
Surprise, surprise.
I did this for us, Michael.
You, me, Sara, LJ, so you could be with Sara.
Two seconds, think of your family.
Feels like family's the only thing I can think about these days.
What does that mean? Michael? Linc, Mom is alive.
What? Guess I'll see you in Miami.
We gotta get out of here.
Sir, you mind if I ask where you're going? Dallas.
Mind if we hitch a ride? I got 100 bucks; gas money.
Please? Sir? Cab's not big enough for the two of you.
If you want to ride together, you're going to have to ride back here.
Get comfortable.
Gonna be eight hours till we stop again.
Hey, Linc If Scylla really is in there, there's gonna be security.
I need you focused.
All clear upstairs.
You find something? Picture of my mom.
Someone must have known I was coming.
Someone who's connected enough to be working with Carruth and who knows you well enough Get their hands on that picture.
There's only one person I can think of that fits that description.
You're saying my mom's in Miami? If she was operating out of this house, she certainly had access to money.
She's a Company agent.
Gretchen said she thought that this could be an inside job.
Linc Your mother could have Scylla.
She used to bake cookies when we'd come home from school.
Play kickball with us in the backyard.
There's just no way that woman was a Company agent.
You did read her file, didn't you? I saw medical reports that said she had the same diagnosis I did.
And that company doctors operated on her, too.
Now I'm wondering if they took her off to a log cabin in the woods after they were done.
Introduced her to a friendly shrink.
How else could someone just stand by and watch while their own children were hunted down like dogs? Maybe she didn't know.
She knew.
Maybe it was over her head.
Or maybe she didn't care.
Anyway, I'm just surprised the General waited so long to drop this bomb on us.
Actually, I think that part makes sense.
I mean, for whatever reason, your mother didn't want you to know she was alive or you would have known years ago.
The general was just keeping that secret, right? Keeping her happy, keeping her working.
But now the game has changed.
Yeah, now he thinks you might be useful.
Just like Mom.
Beyond question, he possesses the most gifted mind of any man I've ever encountered.
Well, I'll try not to take that too personally.
He drilled into your office safe And copied your card without you even noticing.
As I recall, you were sitting right next to me.
If we could have turned Michael Scofield, it would have been like having Pull over.
That's my ride.
What's going on? Good-bye, Jonathan.
This ain't the place.
I could pick that lock with my stump.
No, n-no, n-no, n-no.
Remember what they say about books and their covers.
Alright, when Harry Winston donated the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian, you know how he got it fron New York to DC? Registered mail.
It's the safest way to go.
After all, who is going to be looking for the Hope Diamond at the post office, right? And who would be looking for Scylla at some run-down storefront church in Little Havana? Alright.
Let's say, you're right.
They got Scylla back there somewhere.
You walk in there, reeking that cop stink, you won't even last a second.
That's a good point.
That's why you're going in.
May I help you? Yes, as a matter of fact.
I'm Charles Patoshik.
I'm a professor of anthropology at Southern Florida University.
I'm doing some various research on various different kinds of, uh, uh, uh, Caribbean religions, and, uh Perhaps you could start back there where you, you do your, uh, services.
That is our sanctuary.
Only the pure of soul may venture inside.
I know.
I-I have been in many such rooms.
Let me see your hand.
Your soul is black, stained with the blood of the innocent.
I cannot let you pass.
I have never been so offended in my life.
I suggest that you continue your research elsewhere.
If you drop something by accident You leave a fingerprint on it.
She wanted you to find this.
Why? You ever seen it before? No.
Do you remember anything about that day? I was four years old.
Any idea where it was taken? No.
You okay? I mean, if I found out my mom was-- Listen.
As far as I'm concerned, she's not my mom.
She's just someone in the way of my freedom.
All right? So, on my sixth birthday Um, my father was long gone by then, so it was just me, Mom, and Linc, and Mom hands me my present-- My, uh, my only present.
And I just know I just know it's the Millennium Falcon.
With the battle alert sound? Exactly.
- I totally owned that.
- Of course you did.
Anyway, I had been asking for this thing for weeks, and the package is just the right size, and I rip open the wrapping paper and It's a birdhouse.
Oh, no.
Yeah, except it's not even a birdhouse.
It's actually a birdhouse kit.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't talk to her for two days after that.
But when she finally got me to open the thing, we sat there together, put it together piece-by-piece And it was the first thing I ever built.
And I loved it And she knew I would.
She knew me better than I knew myself.
That's what moms do, right? Yeah, but the strange thing is Even though I haven't seen her for 23 years, there's this part of me that feels like maybe she still does.
Your truck looks a little low to the ground.
You mind stepping outside? I just got weighed 20 miles back.
You highway patrol? Where are you going? You've got no business in there.
Unless you show me a warrant, you get the hell out of there right now.
Thank you.
I got my weigh station ticket right here on the dash.
As soon as you see that You'll see I got it right here.
Here you go.
I need you to follow me back to Phoenix.
Are you crazy? I got to get this load to Dallas.
Well, that's your choice.
I got 'em.
I think we need to call your brother.
No signal.
We must be in the middle of nowhere.
Didn't Lincoln say that if the company caught you I think I saw a side door back here.
What about the main door? You'll never get that open.
I'm sure it's latched from the outside.
Can you open the side door? Maybe.
Help me out.
I don't think we're going to be able to move this.
Maybe we won't have to.
I have troubling news about General Krantz.
He's alive.
I don't see how that's possible.
Yes, well, what I'm hearing is a helicopter with a medic took off from Company Headquarters in Los Angeles one hour ago.
It landed for two minutes in Canyon Country and now it's back in Los Angeles.
So you got the corpse? The helicopter landed back at Company Headquarters.
You know how important getting rid of him is to what we're trying to accomplish.
All right, I can still get this done.
Not in our time frame.
All right, I'm pulling the plug.
We need to start dealing with the consequences.
Wait, wait, wait.
First things first.
He knows that I've betrayed him.
I need to disappear.
I think that's a good instinct.
I have a house in Sun Valley.
I have another idea.
Do you mind putting me on speaker? You know, Griff, you're a brave man.
And I thank you for everything you've done.
It's been an honor.
"Now" what? The car in this picture has Florida plates.
Did you ever vacation there? No.
Do you know anyone from Florida who came up to visit? No.
Why did they take this picture in front of that car? We didn't.
It's been doctored.
I'm not sure about that.
I mean, the lighting, the shadows.
They all sync up perfectly.
This is a '78 Zephyr.
Michael was born in '76.
You're the only one who could've picked up on that.
She doctored that for you.
Let's see what else she might've changed.
What's the license plate on that Zephyr? M-O-K 4-4-1.
Martin Luther King Boulevard intersects with Route 441 about five miles north of here.
You guys are here.
Listen, we're a little outmanned down in Little Havana.
We could use some backup.
We got a lead on the buyer.
Great, what are we waiting for? No, uh, I think I'm gonna do this myself.
Ah, come on, let's stay together.
We're a team, right? I said I got it.
After our little special deliveries this morning, each one of us has an equal stake.
Now whoever started this, we're all going to take them out.
The buyer, we think it's Lincoln's mother.
What? Like I said, I'm doing this myself.
Linc! If she has Scylla She's not just going to hand it over any more than the General would have.
You don't know that.
We always thought whoever had Scylla would do what the General did.
Maybe she won't.
Are you serious? Your mother is a Company agent? She was.
She might be one of the good guys now.
With all due respect, I don't think you're in a place where you can make a clear determination about that.
Listen, this MLK 441 could be nothing.
But at the church, there could be Scylla.
If I need you, I'll call.
This should work.
Christina? You need to acknowledge that our chance of success has substantially declined in the last 24 hours.
There are people out looking for us.
We need to start thinking in terms of contingencies.
Just a little while longer, only a few more days.
General Krantz refused to adjust when there were credible threats against him.
That's the reason we have Scylla now.
Are you honestly comparing me to him? I understand what you think your role is in all of this.
And I appreciate your efforts.
But if you can't tell the difference between he and I, perhaps you need to ask the General for your old job back.
Oh, look.
Here he is.
Would you like to take the call? Jonathan.
Good afternoon, Christina.
It's good to hear your voice.
I assume this means you've retrieved Scylla.
Not yet.
Oh, that's troubling news.
Have any idea where it is? Where are you, Christina? Johannesburg.
Where else would I be? I've had some of my contacts in your area check on your house.
There's no one home.
Well, of course not.
As long as Scylla's in play, that address is blown.
Where are you, Christina? I don't like your tone, Jonathan.
Excuse me if I sound a bit abrasive.
But it's been a while since anyone's tried to kill me.
Oh, my God.
Are you all right? What happened? Oren.
"Oren"? We found his body executed.
I can only assume that he's working with someone.
Someone who doesn't tolerate failure.
Now, where are you, Christina? You listen to me.
If you're implying that I had anything to do with this - Where are you? - After everything I've given the Company.
My husband, my children I think it's time that we had a sit-down.
- And talk.
- Tell you what.
Why don't you gather up the brain trust? That half-witted daughter and your psychotic mistress? Why don't you get together and figure out where Scylla is? Then call me.
May I escort you to your table? You haven't changed a bit.
I'm glad you got my message.
I know it wasn't the most straightforward mode of communication, but I had to be sure it was you.
At least now I know where Michael gets it from.
I'm sure you have a lot of questions.
Where's Scylla? It's safe.
That's all I can tell you for right now.
Then we've got nothing to talk about.
Really? That's the only reason you came here? Yeah.
I really would've thought you wanted to know the truth.
I know the truth.
You work for the Company.
The same people that set me up for murder.
Lincoln The same people that have been trying to kill me and Michael ever since we escaped Fox River.
You can think it as much as you want, I'm not a monster.
and not even an apology? If I thought an apology would do any good I would offer it.
Please sit down.
Leaving you two boys was the hardest thing I ever did.
But you did.
And then you went off and worked for the Company.
Y-You think you know what the Company is, but you don't.
It is a body that bends to the will of its head.
And right now, it is bloodthirsty and war-hungry.
Because that's who General Krantz is.
But what if a woman, a mother ran it? Can you imagine the difference that would make? You think you're a mother? A mother's priority is her family.
If I give Scylla back to the General, he leaves me and Michael alone, and I get to spend time with my son in peace.
Look, I could sit here for days and try to explain to you why I did what I did.
Suffice it to say, I couldn't protect you then, but let me protect you now.
What if General Krantz were no longer in the picture? Once he is dealt with No one would come after you.
But I need time, Lincoln.
I need two days to put everything into place.
If you give me two days Then I can give you and Michael your complete and utter freedom.
All right.
All right.
I'm going to get started right away.
But if Krantz suspects any of this, he's going to hunt us both down.
And for that reason, I can't risk being seen with you Until all of this is over.
How will I get in touch with you? You can't.
I'm sorry.
Once we pull this box down, it'll push the water machine right through the side door.
We're slowing down.
I think we're getting off the highway.
I'm almost ready.
Can't you grab that strap over there? All right, hold it.
Come on! You all right? After you clear the area, I don't anticipate any problems.
All right? Scylla or not; here we come.
All right.
Hold on.
What the hell are those guys doing? We're not going against any additional people in there.
- We wait until they come back out.
- All right.
So Lincoln's mother is really the buyer? It appears that way.
I hope he understands, that if I need to take her out to get to Scylla, I'm not going to hesitate to kill her.
No question.
Well, let's just hope it doesn't come to that.
You serious? Yeah.
Am I serious if we can get Scylla without killing Linc's mother? That's the preferable outcome.
Wait a second.
If I'm gonna be in the foxhole with you, I need to know that you have my back.
Burrows has the item, and the only way to get it is to kill her.
What is your move? I pull the trigger.
There they go.
Come on.
Don Self Homeland Security.
We're investigating a cruelty to animal charge.
I have no idea what you're referring to.
We're referring to ritual slaughters of chickens.
Okay, that might be allowed where you come from but here in America, that's no mas.
But Chickens? Look, this is preposterous.
This is because I'm Caribbean? I swear to God, I smelled chicken blood.
Worse than the place down the street we shut down.
You want to turn this into something? Sit down.
If there aren't any chickens, there aren't any chickens.
But we're not going to know that until we take a look around.
The smell was coming from back there.
That is our sanctuary.
I-I cannot let you disrupt it.
I understand your concerns, but I need to go back there.
I insist, you cannot do that.
Best I can do is have you accompany us, please.
Come on.
Let's go outside until they're done.
Let's go.
That's not a very heavenly thing to do.
Find anything? Oh, yeah.
What the hell are they up to? I don't know.
He just asked to rent that closet.
Did a woman ever come down here with him? Yeah, once.
I'm telling you, that's all I know.
Drop it.
Come here.
Both of you On your knees.
I said on your knees.
I told you not to come in here.
Where's the other guy? He ran.
Let's go.
Okay, let's go.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Let's go.
Come on.
We're not going to make it back to the truck.
I know.
Take this.
I'll be right back.
Michael! Michael! You all right? Yeah, thanks.
The General should know by now not to mess with us.
The General didn't send me.
Who did? Who sent you? Lincoln! We've got some news.
So do I.
We're staying low for two days.
Christina's promised to get rid of Krantz.
I think she's lying.
I know it sounds crazy.
Though she said she's going to change the Company in how it operates.
So what, the Company's gonna go non-violent now? - Just hear me out.
- I'm telling you.
I think she's lying.
It's from the church.
Some kind of credential.
There were some automatic weapons in there, too.
And trust me, if there's fake IDs and weapons, something big's about to go down.
Your mom She said after two days, that's when she would make the change.
Take a look at the date on that laminate.
Two days away.
You think that's just a coincidence? Come on, Lincoln, you can't be surprised that a woman that would abandon her kids would be less than truthful about her intentions right now.
- Hey, where you going? - I need to talk to her.
Just take a moment.
Let's figure this out.
If she's looking to head the company, there has to be a more realistic plan than a one-man frontal assault.
She'll listen to me.
She asked you not to come back, Linc.
That's a warning.
Lincoln's back at the plaza.
I think we need to realize he's more of a threat than we gave him credit for.
He found the mansion.
His guys got the stash at the church.
He's not going to stop.
I told him to stay away.
Christina, we have a clean shot.
Take it.
Take it.