Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life / Seulgirowoon Gambbangsaenghwal) (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

PRISON PLAYBOOK (Episode 5) Je-Hyeok Kim Announces Retirement WARDEN YONG-CHUL KIM I Have Made My Decision After Much Thought Je-hyeok Kim looked calm as usual as he announced his retirement.
Captain Na.
Did you see this? "I will focus on my life in prison.
I am satisfied with my life in prison.
" It's not really something a person who killed a man should be saying.
Hi, Je-hyeok.
Come this way.
-What is it? -Who knows? I'm sure there must be something.
Just say the word.
I'll give you anything you want, other than breaking out.
-Where's mine? -Get it yourself.
Should I build you something where you can practice baseball? Yeah, one of our greenhouses is empty.
I'll set that up and make you a nice place for you to practice baseball.
I quit baseball.
No one believes you, my man.
It's time for him to go to his cell.
Do you want something else? Tell me.
I'm telling you, I'll give you anything you want.
Come on, now! I'm the warden.
I can give my buddy Je-hyeok a wish.
He needs to go.
That's my wish.
I'll let you know later if I think of something.
Okay, okay.
Let's do that then.
You have to tell me.
You have to tell me, or I'll be hurt.
What are buddies for, right? Tell me, okay? Sir! It's late.
You should go eat.
Thank you.
Lieutenant Paeng, can we talk? About what? I need to take Kim back to his cell.
Chief Sim! Please come and take Je-hyeok Kim to his cell! VITAMIN C POWDER, HOT CHILI PASTE, PLUM TEA, SODA Tonight's snack.
Parboiled squid and chili sauce.
All done.
You have mail.
What's that? Are those all for Je-hyeok Kim? Wow.
Kim really is on a level all on his own.
Je-hyeok Kim! You scared me! Be our hero! Please make a grand return! Let's go, Je-hyeok Kim! WING 2B HELPER Why that He'll get yelled at by Lieutenant Paeng again.
Why isn't he coming though? It won't feel like the day is over without being yelled at by him.
INMATE REQUESTS TO OUTSIDE LABOR How could an inmate be a guarantor for another inmate? You must not know, but this happens on certain occasions.
Model prisoners often do that for guys who were cut from the list because they couldn't pay the fine.
It's not like they'll make a run just because they're doing outside labor.
If they can't leave because of a fine, it's fine if they have a guarantor.
Why is that a problem? You are so careless with your job.
Whether I'm careless or careful, I'll take care of it, so don't worry.
You're a busy man.
Why are you concerning yourself with this? Are you saying -you'll allow this guy the outside labor? -The warden signed off on it.
Well His name is Joo-hyung Lee.
He found my remote for me.
I was so grateful, and And if an inmate wants to work, we should let him, shouldn't we? It's commendable.
Don't you think? Do you mean it? Yeah, punk.
If you cause trouble out there, they'll have my neck and Min-chul's neck.
Got it? Yes.
I shouldn't trust crooks.
INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION What is this, Dad? My discharge gift? Yeah, it's a discharge gift.
Don't get in trouble, and make lots of money.
His lawyer failed too.
The club and the agency are all being nice, but Je-hyeok flatly refuses.
His cellmates are nice.
I'm there.
You have nothing to worry about.
How's Je-hee? She is soft-hearted.
Good night, Mother.
Hey, what is this? OPPOSE JE-HYEOK KIM'S RETIREMENT You didn't know I started a petition? It's because Je-hyeok Kim is very tired right now.
He's too tired, and has forgotten about his fans' love and support.
I'll show him how much his fans love and support him.
Hey, even still.
How can you get Why not? Over a million people have signed already.
-Je-hyeok says he doesn't want to play.
-It's a lie.
What's a lie? He says he doesn't want to do it.
It's only because he's having a tough time right now.
It's too hard right now, so he wants to retire.
What do you know about him? Hey.
Je-hyeok's my friend.
Je-hyeok and I are friends.
We're best friends.
Maybe you used to be, back in the day, but you didn't stay in touch for ten years.
You call that being friends? I know more about Je-hyeok Kim than you do now.
Admit it! You haven't been best friends in ages.
Three of the bus drivers from the club came by.
The manager and coach also signed.
Why hasn't this man responded yet? -Do you have his number? -Who? Dr.
Dae-hyun Jung, who operated on Je-hyeok Kim's shoulder in 2005 when he was in the car accident.
I want the documents from the surgery.
-What? -To see how serious it was.
If he really can't get surgery again, I need to check for myself and find a way.
I emailed him, but he hasn't responded.
Do you know his number? How would I know a doctor's number from ten years ago? And doctors don't give out patient information to just anyone.
A reporter should know that.
I said I was family.
I said I was his sister.
-I said I was Je-hee Kim.
-What? You know impersonating another person is a crime.
I didn't.
A fan is family too.
Didn't you know? BAKER'S CERTIFICATION TEST QUESTIONS Are you interested? -Is it hard? -Yes.
Ask me a question.
"If you're baking a baguette, and you want to use 30ppm of vitamin C, what's the percent" INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Is it hard to get into that program? It isn't, but you need at least two years left in your sentence.
Okay, then.
I thought you didn't like me very much.
I guess I was wrong.
You're right.
I don't like you very much.
He's a murderer.
Someone with 30 priors is better.
Inmate 4502 was with a gang, right? Yeah.
He doesn't look it.
How's your hand? It'll get better.
There's no rush.
The woodshop chief will be returning to the shop this week.
I thought he'd be transferred.
Only his lackeys went down to Daejeon.
Chief Yeom only got demerits.
That's all.
He must have a lot of connections.
He must have something on Lieutenant Lee.
He keeps covering for him.
How impressive.
This is about you, punk.
Doing nothing isn't so hard.
I'll stay low, as if I'm dead, okay? One more thing.
The guys are still kind of new, so this is all.
Lieutenant Lee.
I can't do that.
It's lunch time.
Feed the guys.
Yes, sir.
When is Je-hyeok Kim coming back? I'm just curious, that's all.
I won't touch him.
I need to live too.
Don't you worry.
I won't lay a finger on him.
You were dumped? -Yeah.
-Why? I know you don't care.
That's true.
It was her birthday.
I baked her a cake myself and brought it to her house.
I made the difficult brownie cake, too.
-Do you know what a brownie is? -No.
Is it a puppy? Anyway, I baked her a really yummy cake, and brought it to her house and surprised her.
Then, my girlfriend started bawling.
She was kissing me in front of her house.
"The wax is dripping.
Blow out the candles.
" She was crying, barely able to blow them out.
And then, I said, "Hye-rin.
Hye-rin, happy birthday.
" I said it loudly, like a man.
Then she dumped me on the spot.
You were seeing a crazy woman.
-She's Sun-hwa.
-What? Her name is Sun-hwa.
Hye-rin was my ex before her.
-They're friends.
-You scumbag.
I didn't cheat.
I started dating her after Hye-rin and I broke up.
But the way Sun-hwa looked at me at that moment Dang it, I totally Hello, sir.
Kim is from our wing.
Why do you keep calling him out? I needed to talk to him.
I signed too.
So did he.
-Sorry? -Don't worry about it.
Are you speaking casually to each other now? We're close.
-Huh? -Huh? I don't know.
With diehard fans like Lieutenant Lee, the stars need to kiss up to them.
After all, he came all the way to Seobu Penitentiary for me.
Right? I wondered why you were suddenly transferred.
Lieutenant Lee.
Talk about devotion.
I'm a board member of his fan club.
It's the least I can do.
If you have anything to tell him, just let me know.
I'll take care of it for you.
Just transfer to Wing 2.
Song talks too much anyway and gets on my nerves.
Lieutenant Paeng.
My shift ended already.
What are you doing here? You should come to the office.
Look at the time.
Chief Sim.
Hello, sir.
Je-hyeok Kim.
I signed as well.
You'll play baseball again, right? Yes, take a few months off, and you can play again once your hand heals.
Je-hyeok Kim is what? A phoenix.
What is a phoenix? Je-hyeok Kim.
By the way, is Jean Valjean really going off prison grounds? Wow.
Min-chul Kim is impressive.
Does he have a machine gun in his mouth? He won't shut up.
Lieutenant Lee.
Come with me.
-Pardon? -I'll take Kim.
You two can talk.
PENAL CODE When did you fix this? It took only three days.
Just the thick pieces would have sufficed.
I'll get you a new bowl.
What is that? I'm very sick.
I need cold medicine.
-I can't.
-Why not? I have a cold.
See? I may really die.
You took a week's worth yesterday.
I did? No way.
When? I did not.
Everyone here saw.
Yeah, I saw for sure.
What, you bastard? That bastard wants to save the cold medicine and take it all at once.
There's a truckload of punks like you in here.
Stop with your tricks and move aside, will you? It's almost time for the news.
We need to talk.
We're talking.
So? They're exactly the same.
Look carefully.
I'll do this just once.
OPEN REFORM, EMPATHETIC REFORM Captain Yoo, the defendant in the military assault case that shook the nation, has his final trial date tomorrow, where he will be sentenced.
He assaulted a squad member to death, and is called "the Demon Captain.
" He was sentenced to three years at his first trial, and the prosecution at his second trial demanded he gets five years.
The prosecutor appealed for improper punishment He'll get three years for sure.
No way.
He beat a man to death.
Five years? Someone like that should rot in jail for the rest of his life.
Three years.
Five years.
What to make a bet? Everything in your commissary account.
Deal? Put that knife down.
I mean, why are you holding that knife up? Huh? Do you have a problem? Of course, not.
Then what is it? Okay, everyone.
I will give you a chance to turn your cheap watches into a unique luxury item that expresses your personality.
This is your chance.
Rolex, Gucci, Casio.
The photo of Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or even Dangun.
Give me a picture, and I'll let you see your gods on your watch.
Don't miss this great opportunity.
I'll do it for a single transportation card.
Hands? Just for today, I will give this customer a chance to meet Jesus for free.
Trust me, and give me your watch.
Don't fool around.
Do it right.
Of course, sir.
Want to try it? Excuse me.
May I borrow your watch? Dad bought me this watch.
Da-hyun of Twice, please.
You have talent.
You're better than Mr.
You'll play baseball again, right? Going back from retirement is nothing anymore.
No one will judge.
But you know, according to The Penal Execution and Correctional Treatment Act, an inmate may not, without permission, manufacture or alter an item.
And illegally converting a pen into a banned item such as a knife is a serious violation Shut your stupid mouth, will you? Joo-hyung, I'll redo it and put the screw in.
It's okay.
I can ask Mr.
Kaist to do it for me.
He's busy right now.
-Give me one minute.
-You bastard.
So? How much longer is he on errand duty? Until this week.
There isn't much time left.
How's his left hand? Can he feed himself? He always ate with his right hand.
What about my food? Feed me.
You bastard.
I'm working the night shift.
Stop bugging the nice lady and come in.
-Thank you.
See you again this time tomorrow.
-Thank you.
-Have a nice day.
Je-hyeok Kim won't really quit baseball, will he? He may.
Aren't you interested in your own brother at all? Are you really broken up with Hye-rin? Sun-hwa.
What? I have a close friend at work.
She has a good personality, and she's pretty and cute.
That's nice.
You should introduce me to her.
I want to work with her for a long time.
She's good at her job.
I'll see how you are toward me.
I'll take you to work.
I'll pick you up if you work late too.
You don't have a car.
By bus.
I'll take you by bus every morning and pick you up at night.
Eat up.
The medicine I gave you before was strong.
Take it.
" Swallow it.
I'll swallow it in my room.
Swallow it in front of me.
Hurry up, already.
Let that bastard be.
Evaluations are coming up.
We can give him a zero.
Take a look at him.
His eyes are bloodshot.
He's freaking out, saying he can't see.
What do I do? I can't see a thing.
Have I gone blind? Please let me out.
Please! -Let me see.
-Hold on.
-Yes? Take him too.
We'll give both of them zeros.
-I'm sorry.
-I took my medicine.
-I'm sorry.
-I took my medicine.
I'm sorry, sir.
I was wrong.
Lieutenant Paeng! He suddenly got a stomachache after having lunch at the shop.
Maybe he doesn't like it here.
-Does it hurt a lot? -No, just a little.
I'm fine.
It's bearable.
Your stomach hurts? -Hello.
-It's been a while.
Behave, punk.
Okay? Here.
Take this.
-Do you know each other? -From Daejeon Penitentiary.
Hey, Lieutenant Lee.
Why don't you just open a real estate office? I was reading his file.
-Have a nice day.
Let's go.
-Have a nice day.
Have a nice day.
He looks the most normal among all the guys that came today.
We've got a big headache.
He beat up a bunch of guys in Daejeon over money.
Normally, he's fine.
He's a carpenter.
His stuff is a work of art.
But whenever money's involved, he loses his mind.
Who doesn't go crazy over money? Everyone goes crazy about money.
REAL ESTATE LICENSE Should we finish up? PROTECT WARMLY AND LEAD PROPERLY There will be a woodwork contest here next week, so clean up the messy stuff when you have time.
Mop the place too.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
I could barely hear you.
Do you understand? -Yes, sir! -Yes, sir! Excuse me.
How much is the prize for the woodwork contest? It's five million won.
Five million won? You're going to compete? There's a lot of pros, so it'll be hard.
One of them was an actual carpenter before coming here.
I didn't say I'd come in first.
Third place.
How much is that? Maybe like 100,000 won? Even that won't be easy, though.
Five million won Access granted.
NATIONAL PENITENTIARY WOODWORK CONTEST The prize is five million won? Why? Do you need money? Want me to lend you some? I saw your commissary account.
It has the max of three million won.
No other inmate other than white-collar criminals have that much.
Everyone is very poor.
Then will the money go straight into your account if you come in first? What's going on? Do you really need money? No.
I was just curious.
Yes, it goes straight into your account.
Jean Valjean should learn skills like this.
Warden at two o'clock.
Let's go this way.
This is Hyun-chul Kim with "Afternoon Discovery.
" I hear rapeseed are blooming in Jeju already.
In contrast, Seoul is still in the middle of winter.
Perhaps once the cold front passes, we may also be greeted by a warm spring.
This way.
Hold it right.
This side.
Pick it up from here.
How much do you make in a day from doing this? After netting out commission, about 200,000 won? What? 200,000 won? That much? -Wow, that's awesome.
-How much do you have left? Two weeks.
-Good for you.
-Thank you.
Where's the bathroom here? Bathroom? There's no bathroom.
Just go back there and pee.
I don't expect a thing.
It's because he's a good kid and he's cute.
Who's good and cute? Jean Valjean is a total crook.
He may act that way, but he's a good kid.
If Jean Valjean is a good guy, then I'm Jesus.
Give me a break.
I'd just be relieved if he doesn't cause trouble today.
I knew this would happen.
I should never work with crooks.
Are you sure you left your wallet in the truck? Would I say it was there if it wasn't? Whose side are you on? Seriously.
It wasn't me.
Are you kidding me? Who else would steal his wallet, but you? Tell me the truth while I'm asking nicely.
I'll take care of it.
It wasn't me.
It really wasn't me.
Am I stupid? I'm getting out in two weeks.
Why would I steal someone's wallet? And do you have proof that I stole it? Do you? Take off your clothes.
-What? -Take it all off.
I didn't steal it! Why won't you believe me? It really wasn't me! Are you embarrassed? So why did you do it? If you're innocent, take it off and show me.
Let's resolve this quickly.
What a tough life.
This is just ridiculous.
I'm sorry for the trouble.
Not you.
This young man.
What a tough life he has.
Why are you suspecting someone without any proof? How do you know if he took it or if someone else took it? I'll look a little more.
If I still can't find it, we can then pat people down or something.
What are you doing? Have a drink.
No alcohol! It's juice! Juice! Juice! Juice! The hand is quicker than the eye.
Don't you know that? Drink.
We don't have food to go with the drink.
Hold on.
Here's the last song for today.
Unlike "A Letter From A Private," or "About Thirty," this song is about one who comes into the world alone and leaves alone.
In other words, it's about the life of an ordinary person.
A man who will remain forever young in our hearts.
Here's Kwang-seok Kim's "Unfortunate Guy.
" Learn to weld and make lots of money.
You have talent.
You have good hands.
You're tall and good-looking too.
How old are you? I'm 21.
I envy you.
I envy you.
Youth is so nice.
Youth is beautiful.
Go way over there.
Don't go near the truck.
Meal time! Dinner time! WOODWORKING DIY You're competing in the woodwork contest this time? No.
I'm just Dr.
Ko's assistant.
No more baseball? No, no more.
Take a break while you're down.
There will be many pros competing in the woodwork contest, so it'll be hard.
With that determination, that kid should get something.
What do you mean, "kid"? Aren't you the same age? It's fine.
Since he was with a gang, after all.
He's scary, right? But he's gotten much softer now.
Even Jean Valjean speaks informally with him.
Dad doesn't scare me one bit.
He isn't scary now, because he lost his claws.
I'm the scariest in this room now, right? Self-defense.
Today will be your funeral.
You bastard! -You bastard! -My egg! How dare you crack eggs on my head? -You bastard! -I'll peel your eggs too! -What, you bastard? -My egg I heard something unpleasant happened while you were out today.
Did Lieutenant Paeng tattle to you already? You really didn't do it, right? No, I didn't.
That's fine, then.
Dad, I heard a really good song today.
It's from a long time ago.
I heard it for the first time, but it was hella good.
Which song? The title was "Unfortunate Guy.
" It felt like someone put background music into my life.
Do you know the song? What was it? He sang "A Letter From A Private" or something.
I don't know.
It was my first time hearing it, but it was really nice.
This is outrageous.
What? It's understandable that I didn't know it.
It's not even a recent song.
That's not it.
It's because you say the exact same things he did.
WINTER 1995 Hey.
What's your problem? What's your problem, you asshole? I'm sorry.
Forget it.
Don't be sorry.
Just go back home.
Go home.
If you're going to doze off while holding a sword during a war, just sleep in your room.
Don't come out and disgrace your boss.
Min-chul brought you here but you keep hurting his career.
Just go back home.
Want me to buy you a ticket? I'm sorry, Boss! It will never, ever happen again! That's right.
That will never happen again.
Goodbye, you wuss.
I won't go.
Why are you being like this too? Didn't you say you wanted to be a teacher? Go home and study, and become a teacher.
I'm going to do this.
I won't go home.
Even if I live for only one day, I'll live in style.
You punk.
Your mother called me again today.
I don't know how to face her.
You should take care of your friend till the end.
I won't go home until I succeed as a thug.
Anyway, did Big Boss give you this car? What is it? Is it a Grendizer? That's right.
It's the new Grendizer.
This is awesome.
It isn't a used car, is it? You punk.
Boss wouldn't buy me a used car.
That would be so lame.
It's a new car, punk.
Min-chul, I'm feeling kind of down today.
Shall we take a spin around Haeundae? Shall we? Shall we do that? Min-chul, drive.
You've lost your mind.
How dare you order around someone older than you? -Why you -I'm sorry.
What will I do with you? You adorable little thing.
Okay, Mr.
Let us go.
Will Haeundae be enough? Maybe Oh.
It's Yong-joon Bae.
DONGHWANG CONSTRUCTION You're a Yong-joon too.
Why are you so different? You're different from Jong-won Lee too.
You're more different.
Why you Okay, fine.
I'll take the boys tonight.
Don't be like that.
Look, Madam Lee.
Who's left in the Rotary Gang? Our boss maimed them last year and sent them packing.
Why are you afraid? Don't be silly.
We'll go today and bring up your sales.
Let's hit up Songjin Club tonight.
But that's the Rotary Gang's turf.
There aren't many of them left.
And we'll bring all the boys.
Don't worry.
What is it? There's nothing going on here.
Go pee somewhere else.
It's full here.
You've got balls of steel, haven't you? Boys! Come out! Rotary boys are acting out! -Do you want a beating? -What? -You bastard! -What? You bastard! You bastard! The criminals responsible for the Songjin Club Gang Fight, which made the news across the nation, were arrested in Nampo in Busan.
In this fight for control over the red light district in Busan, two gang members were stabbed and killed ruthlessly.
The police figured out that most of the gangsters who wielded the knives were from the region and frequented Songjin Club, and are investigating.
The Prosecutors' Office indicated that they'd request harsh punishments.
DEFENDANT Tae-hyun Sim and Jong-won Lee will be executed.
Sang-boo Song, Chil-sung Bae, and Min-chul Kim are sentenced to life in prison.
Did I get a response yet? Did it reach Jong-won okay? It isn't here yet.
You're not allowed to exchange letters like this, but I'll bring it to you as soon as it comes.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Meal time! Thank you! Thank you for the food! That's good enough.
No one will check.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I'm a gangster.
Inmate 4358 is here to clean, sir.
Min-chul, since you're here, I can finally breathe a little.
-Yes, sir.
They plan to implement a policy to permit taking a vacation at any time of the year.
Schools and companies will soon be open for only five days a week.
Today your accomplices went to heaven.
It was already decided, wasn't it? Thank you for letting me know.
By the way It arrived this morning.
It looks like he sent it a while ago, but it had to pass through so many people, that it took a while to get here.
From: Jong-won Lee To: Min-chul Kim Min-chul.
I think this will be my last letter.
I got hit a lot after I came here, but the guards haven't hit me since last week, and they ordered me good food and everything.
I think my execution date must be drawing near.
As I'm writing you right now, Kwang-seok's song is playing on the radio.
He's singing about his parents, brothers, and old friends that he misses.
Jong-won It sounds like the soundtrack to my life.
I wish I could have some soju with you while listening to this song.
Don't waste your life.
I'll go first.
Please live a good life, for me as well.
And early this morning, we heard some unbelievable news.
Kwang-seok Kim, who always comforted us with his songs passed away last night.
Here's a song to all the people who remember him and remember his music.
This song may be the most similar to his life, which ended in tragedy.
This is the last song for today.
Kwang-seok Kim's "Unfortunate Guy.
I applied just so that I could meet you.
I came from Daegu.
How did you know I'd be here? How could I not? There's a rumor in all the prisons that Je-hyeok Kim is assisting the idiot obsessed with complaints.
You'll play baseball again, won't you? -I guess -You have to, no matter what! Je-hyeok Kim's nickname is the Phoenix after all.
-Right? -That's right.
Thank you.
Okay, you have four hours.
Look at the diagram before you, and make exactly what you see.
Are you ready? -Yes! -Yes! Why won't it work? Saw.
A saw.
What's wrong with him? Da-hyun, tell me the time.
What did she say? I don't know.
The watch won't work.
I wear it to look at Da-hyun's face.
Je-hyeok, that punk.
Want me to beat him up? Dad, can you even beat him? No, I can't.
What? Are you really a gangster? I am.
I'm a famous gangster in Busan.
Although I'm a tiger without his claws now.
I decline your offer.
You know, I'm not afraid of you one bit.
Do you know how scary I am once I'm angry? People pee in their pants.
Okay, okay.
But Dad.
Do you think Je-hyeok really won't play baseball again? I'm worried about him.
Joo-hyung, worry about yourself.
What about me? I'll get my act together once I get out, and make lots of money.
What do you want to do first when you get out? I'm going to have budae jjigae stew.
-Budae jjigae stew? -Yeah.
That's right.
You must not know about it.
On the big street outside of the prison, there's a 24-hour budae jjigae stew place.
I see it every time I go out to work, and I want to eat it so badly, it drives me nuts.
I'm going there as soon as I get out.
You can eat budae jjigae stew, or beef, whatever you want, but don't come back here.
Of course, not.
I'm going to live an honest life now.
Congratulations! Are you that happy about coming in fifth? Of course.
I won 30,000 won.
-Congratulations on coming in first.
-Thank you.
Please teach me.
I think I have a talent for woodwork.
I'd like to learn for real.
The contest has now ended.
The corrections officers from the other penitentiaries, please guide your respective inmates and return safely.
Also What was that again? The corrections officers whose inmates won, please come here and give us their account numbers.
Great job, everyone! -Great job.
-Great job.
NATIONAL PENITENTIARY WOODWORK CONTEST The CRPT will be raiding the cells tonight.
I don't have anything.
Still, be careful.
Captain Na is leading it.
Lieutenant Lee wouldn't pull anything, right? WING 2 SURVEILLANCE ROOM Hot water! Water for instant noodles! -The crows are in the air.
-Crows? The crows are feasting.
Don't feed them.
What did he say? Cow Cows? Crows? Crows are having a feast.
-He says not to feed them.
Crows? Crows are having a feast.
-He says not to feed them.
What a waste.
Hurry! You son of a bitch.
I just helped you.
What are you doing? Everyone freeze! Wing 2, Cell 6.
Step outside.
Yes, sir.
What's going on in there? Cell 6 is clear.
Okay, thank you.
You may go back in.
Captain Na.
According to the guidelines, when conducting a search, the original state of the cell must be maintained, and the cell must be returned to its original state upon completion.
What gibberish is this now? That idiot has lost his mind.
-You know the rules well.
-Thank you.
But it's a different situation if an illegal item is found.
What do you mean? According to the search conducted, it was confirmed that our cell does not have any illegal items.
There weren't any inside, but there is one here.
What? What is this? What else? It's a watch.
What about it? What's wrong with it? It's been modified.
Oh, this? Everyone does this.
It's not just me.
Everyone here does it.
This is nothing.
You bastard! You still haven't learned your lesson.
You punk.
Get your act together! Come with me.
I'm sorry.
I'll scold this bastard and teach him a lesson.
Lieutenant Paeng.
What are you doing? Are we out in society? Don't treat inmates like they're members of your club.
I'm sorry.
I'll teach him properly.
Please, let him go this once.
Quiet down.
That's not it.
He's being discharged soon.
And this isn't that serious.
We usually just laugh it off Just how ridiculous have your searches been? Is this a social club? If you're going to laugh it off and let things go, why bother searching the cells? Can you modify a watch with your bare hands? You need a knife, and you need to make illegal trades.
ILLEGAL TRADES BY INMATES Should we just let everything slide? Should we? We'll investigate thoroughly, and punish those responsible strictly by the rules.
Take him away.
I I'm sorry.
I'm getting out next week.
I'm sorry! This Everyone does this I'm very sorry! Let's go home.
OPEN REFORM, EMPATHETIC REFORM Jean Valjean's scheduled to be discharged next week.
He got unlucky.
Could something like this delay his discharge? That's why I'm saying he's unlucky.
Lieutenant Paeng is one thing, but Captain Na is super strict.
Anyway, he may not be able to get out next week.
Poor Jean Valjean.
What? Yes, I mean it.
This isn't mine.
It belongs to Min-chul Kim in my cell.
You son of a bitch.
It's Min-chul Kim's? There's a girl group member on the watch.
But this is Min-chul Kim's? That's right.
I don't have money to buy a watch.
Everyone here knows I'm broke.
You'll know if you check my account.
I'm a bum with no money.
How could I have bought a watch? It's Min-chul's watch, and I wore it just for today.
I mean it.
It really isn't mine.
-Are you sure? -Yes.
That's not right.
Min-chul was so good to you all this time.
How could you frame him? That's terribly dishonorable Get out.
Get out, you bastard.
"Dad"? "Dad"? You Get out.
I can't sleep with a bastard like you.
Get out! Je-hyeok.
Come out.
Be quiet.
They're sleeping.
Come out.
You know that guy with the heavy Jeolla accent.
Chief Sim asked me before, but I ignored him.
But he asked again today.
He looks like the type that hates inconveniencing others.
Want some? I guess he couldn't refuse his daughter.
His daughter? Yeah, his daughter.
She's struggling, but wants to do music, so she's in Hongdae every day.
She released some albums, but they all failed.
She's having a really tough time.
His daughter is your fan.
When he told her you were here, she asked him to ask you to write something encouraging for her in her CD.
Something encouraging I'm a terrible writer.
I know that.
I can write something for you, but No.
I should write it myself.
Tell Chief Sim to come to the woodshop tomorrow.
I want to think a bit about what to write.
Maybe around lunchtime? Just give it to me.
I want to give it to him myself.
What great fan service.
Good job.
Can you print out what I have in my commissary account? Sure.
Give me your password.
You need my password? Otherwise, anyone could print it out.
Ask Lieutenant Paeng.
You're in his wing, so he can print it right away.
Want me to ask him? No, it's okay.
Do you have a debt? Dr.
30,000 won came in today.
I'll treat you to short rib patties today.
That sounds good.
Buy it for me during lunch, and show off your award money.
Chul-doo Kang.
137,000 won.
Can't you give it to me quietly? Inmates have a right to privacy too, you know.
Joo-hyung Lee.
What will happen to Min-chul? What else? He'll get demerits and lose points, and go down to S2.
That's terrible.
I heard his parole hearing will be happening soon.
Pack quickly.
You'll be late.
Thank you.
It's nothing.
My prize money came in today.
Fifth place? How much did you get? It's 30,000 won.
It isn't much, but I feel great being able to share it with you all.
Your award money came in? Yes.
-When? -This morning.
You should check too.
Come to think of it, you're the one who should be treating us today, not me.
Where will you spend your five million won? -I checked this morning.
-Sorry? I checked my commissary account this morning, and it wasn't there.
Maybe everyone gets paid at different times.
What's wrong with him? Is he Jekyll and Hyde? My money! Why don't I have my money? My money! Chief Yeom.
You took my money, didn't you? You took my five million won prize money, didn't you? You son of a bitch! What crap is that? Are you fucking nuts? Then where's my money? Why didn't I get my money? How would I know? Wait.
Do you think I'm a thief or something? -Do you want to die? -Show me your account.
What? Show me your account, you son of a bitch.
Who are you to tell me to show you my account? Huh? Freeze! What a mess.
You punks have completely lost your minds.
You're both begging to return to court, aren't you? Excuse me.
Chief Yeom took my five million won.
This bastard took my money! He took my five million won! Hey.
Do you have proof? Do you have proof that I took your money? Exactly! Show me your account! We'll know after you show it to me! Shut up.
Lieutenant Lee.
Go to the administration office and print out Chief Yeom's commissary account details.
I didn't take it.
I really didn't take it! Gosh.
If you're so innocent, just show your commissary account details.
What are you doing? Get going.
Chief Sim.
Please send someone else, not Lieutenant Lee.
How can I trust him? Someone else should go.
Wing 4.
Sang-jae Yeom.
-Password? -It's 0217.
How could I have five million won This isn't mine.
Okay? It isn't.
-This isn't mine! -Shut up.
It says you got five million won right here.
Why are you talking so damn much? Seriously, you scumbag.
I thought you were just swiping a little here and there.
You just shot yourself in the foot.
Take him away.
Let go.
Let go.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Let go.
Let go! You guys did this, didn't you? You did it to screw me over! Lieutenant Lee, please tell them! You know I didn't do it! Hey? Lieutenant Lee! Please tell them! Lieutenant Lee! Hey, Lieutenant Lee.
Take care of it before the warden shows up and freaks out.
Yes, sir.
We understand you were angry, but still.
You can't go around breaking things.
That's all taxpayers' money.
What will you do? PROTECT WARMLY AND LEAD PROPERLY What are you looking at? REAL ESTATE LICENSE Don't you be like him.
He's my mentor starting today.
COMMISSARY ACCOUNT LEDGER SANG-JAE YEOM BALANCE: 16,300 WON What is this? What else? He made a stink because he was embarrassed about being broke.
Thank you.
Where are you going? How did you get this job? Pardon? You need to check his personal account.
If it exceeds three million won, it goes into their private account.
How did you get here? Sang-jae Yeom's personal account.
Password is 0217.
This bastard is a total thief.
How could he take someone else's award money? -What? -You seem different.
What do you mean? I thought you two were very close.
You did? Lieutenant Lee.
What do you take me for? I may be a bastard, but I don't split money with crooks.
I don't cross the line.
Let's go.
I need to use the bathroom.
This is why you need to replace the head at least once a year.
Chief Yeom, that bastard.
You're out, bastard.
-It's been a while.
Behave, punk.
Okay? Here.
Take this.
NEW INMATE INFORMATION KI-CHUL JO -Do you know each other? -From Daejeon Penitentiary.
One more thing.
The guys are still kind of new, so this is all.
Clean up the messy stuff when you have time.
Mop the place too.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
I could barely hear you.
Do you understand? -Yes, sir! -Yes, sir! Okay.
Those bastards.
Should we take that bastard's money? We'll be in deep trouble if we do.
I was just kidding.
Money hasn't been flowing well lately, so -Seobu, first place.
-Account number please.
Ki-chul Jo.
Seoul Bank.
-Thank you.
Chief Yeom's got some guts.
How could he think of Where is he coming from? Did he finish discharge training? He's being discharged tomorrow, but his survey isn't done yet.
That's him, right? The bastard who sold out Min-chul.
Did you request a visit with the warden? Yes.
Why? There is something.
Sorry, the office is messy.
I should've cleaned sooner.
Why did you want to see him? -Warden.
-Yes? May I ask for a favor? Sure.
Ask away.
I'll do anything you want.
I've been waiting for so long.
What's the favor? What? What? Tell me.
What is it? Is it serious? Tell me.
I'll do anything you want.
Thank you.
What do you mean, "punk"? -According to the rules -Oh, for fuck's sake! He's here.
Are you okay? All because of a selfish prick.
We saved up the hot water.
Why don't you take a shower? Dr.
Get me some hot water.
You can't sleep, right? Joo-hyung.
Don't live like a thug.
Don't sin.
Don't steal from others.
Even if you live for one day, be a good person.
Live as a good person.
If not, you'll regret it for the rest of your life, like me.
Live a good life when you get out.
Don't come to a place like this again.
Got it? Dad.
I promise I'll come visit.
I mean it.
I'll make lots of money and buy a box of your favorite noodles and come back.
I'll give them out to all the cellmates in here.
You do that.
I may not be able to see you off in the morning.
EMPATHETIC REFORM I'm sure at least that punk will come visit.
You were so good to him.
He won't come.
Crooks have no loyalty.
I could line up guys who bowed to me on their way out over the 20 years between here and Busan.
But none of them come.
But I'm not hurt at all.
I wanted to do it.
I was nice to them so I could feel better.
I shouldn't be hurt.
I'm not hurt at all.
Not one bit.
I don't understand why discharges are done at 5 a.
Why can't they do it at midnight like they used to? You're here early.
The warden planned a surprise for Je-hyeok Kim's birthday today.
Shouldn't you be there too? Hello? What's wrong? The warden planned a surprise for Je-hyeok Kim's birthday today.
Shouldn't you be there too? Hello? What's wrong? Did North Korea shoot a missile? Was there a terrorist attack? Victim of Je-Hyeok Kim's Case Dies What is it? It's been a while since we had seaweed soup.
Happy birthday, Je-hyeok Kim.
Thank you.
It's your birthday? You should've told us.
Je-hyeok Kim! This is from my heart! Tiramisu is the best cake.
Where did you get it? From Lieutenant Paeng.
Lieutenant Paeng gave you tiramisu? That's why the warden's been making a fuss the past few days.
Sorry? Kim.
Report to the greenhouse for work.
All of you in here, report to the greenhouse.
Really? I left the CD there.
Did you see it? I didn't even open it, so that you could see it first.
What? This is Dae-hyun Jung.
I worked really hard making this.
You're the Phoenix.
You're the symbol of the phoenix.
If you give up on baseball like this, you wouldn't be Je-hyeok Kim.
This is pretty legit.
Those are all weapons.
Aggravated assault will extend their sentences.
They'll all be screwed.
Also, we received permission from the country for this.
We, Seobu Penitentiary, was the very first penitentiary to receive permission to play baseball as a special activity! Applause! Je-hyeok Kim, you're so lucky.
Where else would you meet a warden like this? Also.
You don't need to do this.
Don't do it.
I won't play baseball again.
I'll never play again.
I really quit baseball.
I'm not a phoenix.
I'm not a hero either.
I'm just full of bad luck.
No one has a crappier life than I do.
If you think you have a sadder life, raise your hand.
I'm also very shocked and saddened by Je-hyeok Kim's retirement.
It's been ten years already.
Since you're family, you must know that the bigger problem for him wasn't the shoulder surgery, but the strain the body took from stomach cancer surgery and the rounds of chemotherapy.
However, he overcame this better than anyone What is this about? I had stomach cancer.
I even had cancer.
Even the doctor said I was lucky.
He said it was a miracle to find it so young.
No, but shit.
It's still cancer.
How is getting cancer lucky and a miracle? If that's so lucky, you should all get it too.
I I went through 12 rounds of chemotherapy.
There wasn't a day I didn't throw up and every day I wanted to die.
Whenever I opened my eyes, I wanted to die.
If you don't get surgery, it'll probably take two to three years more to rehabilitate it.
And Well This is incredible.
What is it? We saw something in the CT scan of the abdomen, so we checked, and we see signs of stomach cancer.
We'll need a biopsy to be sure, but it's pretty certain that it's stomach cancer.
Still, you're very lucky that we found it so early.
It's a miracle.
Heaven helped you.
But that's not all.
After cancer surgery and shoulder surgery, I did rehab for three years.
All by myself! Not a single club wanted me, but I trained alone for three years.
I wanted to give up.
I wanted to give up hundreds of times every day.
But how could I give up? Baseball was the only thing I knew how to do.
How could I give up? I didn't want to play baseball either! I didn't want to play baseball either! I was just pushed into it.
I was just pushed into it.
But it was good for a few years.
I thought even my life could have happy days.
But, if you're born unlucky, it stays that way.
I'm a murderer now.
I'm a murderer.
All I did was play baseball the best as I could, but I'm a murderer.
Why am I a murderer? What did I do wrong? What did I do that was so wrong? Why are they doing this to me? Why is my life so shitty? Fuck, why? Why should I be with those bastards? Say that again.
Does it really say that? Yeah.
I'm going to think seriously about it.
-I think he's right.
-But still.
It takes courage to give up too.
You worked hard for so long.
I requested a visit with 7102.
Will he be much longer? -I waited a while.
-Just a minute.
Je-hyeok Kim.
He refused your visit.
Sorry? We just received the notification.
I apologize.
You'll have to come back another time.
Don't mention baseball ever again, okay? Of course.
It would be best not to talk about baseball for a while.
What is it? Why are you opening the door at this hour? You have a new cellmate.
Why can't we live comfortably? Who is it this time? Introduce yourself.
I'm Jung-woo Yoo.
Which cubby should I use? Are you the Demon Captain? How could that demon get only three years? Captain Yoo.
Someone died because of something you did.
Leave me alone! Disturbance.
CRPT, please report.
Haven't you seen me before? I'm sure you have.
-What is he doing? -Let go! Wait a second.
Let go! Je-hyeok! The sports festival starts today.
I want to win the prize.
So what? I want to win.
I'm still hungry.
First place gets five boxes of instant noodles.
The inmates in this cell are like the Avengers! How can I move into this cell? I said to stop.
Je-hyeok quit baseball anyway.
-What's the point in doing nothing? -It's okay.
It doesn't matter.
You don't even need arms.
The entire world is filled with scammers.
How could he be in his right mind? He quit baseball, which he did all his life.
It's so bad, that it's only natural that he quit baseball.
The probability is extremely low.
Your childhood friend is barely surviving each day.
Can you still call yourself Je-hyeok's best friend? He says he gave up, but I just can't.