Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life / Seulgirowoon Gambbangsaenghwal) (2017) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

PRISON PLAYBOOK (Episode 15) Je-hee, try this too.
It looks good.
I guess food really needs salt.
It's incredible that your restaurant hasn't shut down.
That's tree bark.
Not food.
Ski resorts are opening soon.
-Want to go skiing? -You know how to ski? Of course.
What can't I do? I'm good at everything but baseball.
I need to use the bathroom.
Where's the restroom? Walk straight, and you'll see it.
-It's a little far.
I'll go with you.
Look, I'm not a child.
Plus, it's light out.
I'm fine.
It's inside a large cafe.
It's safe.
CHARGES MADE Chef Je-hee Kim's negligence resulted in the Complainant's injury.
It's supposed to be first snowfall, but it's raining instead.
It looks like it'll pour soon.
If it rains, let's drink coffee by the Han River.
Let's do everything you want to do.
Je-hee, is everything okay? With me? Yes.
Why? Nothing.
I'm just asking.
But can we go snowboarding instead? Do you know how to snowboard? Je-hee.
I told you, there's nothing I cannot do.
Seriously You're good at bragging too.
Why are you not annoying even when you're being conceited? That's It tastes good.
SEOBU PENITENTIARY You won't run into him if you don't work in the greenhouse, so hang in there for two months.
Don't tell the warden about this.
I feel bad asking.
He already knows.
He freaked out, saying he'd send Chief Yeom back to Daegu, so I said to excuse you from your labor assignment.
People started saying you get preferential treatment.
If reporters get a whiff, it'll only hurt you.
It's crap! You have two and a half months left.
Let's avoid crap.
Aren't they announcing the decision on Min-chul's parole today? That's right.
It's today.
-He should get it, right? -Of course.
I looked at his file, and he didn't cause trouble once.
He has the maximum merit points too.
He never even cursed at a guard.
How could he live like that for over 20 years? He's the only person in this prison who admits his crime and regrets it.
He has to get out.
He came in 1995, so how many years has it been? The warden should know by now.
Let's go.
How can you read the Bible right now? You may get out of here before I do at this rate.
I have an entire week left, but you may get out in three days, if you are approved.
That's a good thing.
Are you actually jealous? When was I jealous? I'm just saying.
God Everything I do annoys you, doesn't it? Yeah.
You realize that now? Let's fight.
He's coming.
Min-chul, I can't wait either.
Everyone's in the warden's office.
Let's go.
WARDEN'S OFFICE Will they announce the result on the phone? They send a written notice, but they call the high-profile ones first.
Min-chul is famous, so they'll probably call first.
They should've decided by now.
He can't wait in his cell.
Hiya! Huh? What's the good word? It was approved, right? It wasn't.
Excuse me? That's absurd.
How could Min-chul be rejected? How could that happen? We should follow the rules! We did follow the rules.
We submitted the request by the rules, and about 10 to 20% of the applications get rejected.
Damn it He was rejected because he was unlucky.
Don't complain here.
Lieutenant Paeng.
Please, stay within your boundaries, okay? I know you want to get out as soon as possible, but what can we do? We were only notified.
Still, the Christmas special pardon is coming up too.
There are more opportunities.
You'll get it for sure next time.
I'm sure.
I'm so upset.
My insides feel crushed.
I feel bad now.
-Let's go eat.
-What the fuck? "Sorry"? He's been waiting every second of every day for this day.
What? "Sorry"? How could you say "Sorry," so lightly to someone who's been waiting for this day for 22 years? Right.
Is this like you stepping on someone's foot in the street? It's like you bumping someone's shoulder, right? Sure, it's nothing.
It's just a minor occurrence before lunch.
Just a "Sorry," like you're giving alms! That will do, right? Lieutenant.
That's enough.
If you continue, you're done for.
Shit! Let's go eat.
Damn it.
Come in for some coffee.
I'll take him back.
Goodness Come on.
You haven't eaten all day.
Where did Lieutenant Paeng Go? His noodles will get cold.
I want to know why.
I'd like to officially ask the higher ups for the reason.
Wait for now.
He served more than 80% of his sentence.
He never caused trouble for 22 years.
How could he be rejected for parole? There must've been a mistake.
If you know someone up above, please ask.
If not, I'll submit a request for an explanation.
I need to explain properly to Min-chul -why he was rejected.
-I said to wait! Why won't you fucking listen to me? Why I ought to I thought it was strange that Min-chul was rejected too, so I asked around.
I know he's the most reformed among all the crooks here, and that he's a good man.
I know that, okay? Whatever.
I don't care.
What did they say? Why? What's the reason? They probably saved him for the Christmas special pardon.
They'll announce the Christmas special pardon prisoners soon.
They say if he wasn't selected this time, he'll most likely be a Christmas special pardon.
-Are you crying? -Are you insane? You need to speak nicely.
Please, you bastard.
Seriously Anyway, tell him not to be too disappointed and to wait, and that there will be good news.
What if he doesn't get it again? We can't do that to him again.
I won't tell him.
That's right.
Let's not tell him.
Let's not.
If he doesn't get it again, how would we face him? Goodness It's okay.
I'm fine.
You should sleep.
You didn't sleep at all last night.
Really? Are you sure he's a candidate? You are sure? That's what the warden heard.
We have to wait for the announcement.
The Ministry of Justice announces special pardons.
All we have are rumors until then.
Anyway, you can't tell Min-chul, okay? Let's not break his heart twice.
Is Captain Na a psychopath? I heard he nonchalantly said, "Sorry," to Min-chul.
That's why I can't keep from cursing when I see him.
I can't refrain from cursing.
You curse at everyone else too.
They make me curse.
Do we not curse because we don't want to? You'll get screwed one day because of your cursing.
You think you can be a refined corrections officer who doesn't curse for the rest of your life, right? Give it a few more years.
Let's talk then.
I curse too, when I have to.
But I don't call everyone a "bastard" like you do.
Let's talk after a few more years.
Is this a plastic model? Yes.
Why did you try to eat it? I got it to look at.
Why did you get noodles to look at? Maybe Captain Na has a past that we don't know about.
Otherwise, how could a person have no empathy whatsoever? There must be something.
Right? No, he doesn't.
He's just not that type of person.
-Yes, sir.
A lanyard should be worn around your neck.
Yes, sir.
HYEONG-SU NA It's so cold.
-So cold.
You have three days left, right? -Yeah, I have three days left.
-You must be happy.
I'll visit often.
Don't get yourself in trouble before then, okay? You worry me the most here.
You're the biggest ticking time bomb.
Je-hyeok, that man Is he a lunatic? No.
He is someone who accumulates beatings.
Han-yang's visitation is canceled.
Plus, ten days in the hole for insulting a guard.
Don't jinx me.
-Too late.
You bastard.
Let's see if you can get out I'll tack on 1,800 years to your sentence.
What? 1,800 years? Watch what you say.
Watch it, you bastard.
"You bastard"? Why you bastard Oh my god.
He broke my arm.
God, this hurts.
Help me.
He's trying to kill me.
Lieutenant Paeng is killing me.
Help me.
Give it a rest.
What's taking you so long? Ji-won is waiting.
Bang! Min-chul.
-Are you okay? -Of course, I'm okay.
I forgot it already.
I was out of line.
I should be grateful just for the fact that I'm still alive and well.
I was being too greedy for a moment.
I'm sorry.
I've lived here for 22 years.
I'm sure the remaining three years will fly by.
I'm fine.
Having you curse on my behalf is good enough for me.
Thank you, sir.
You know Never mind.
Great! -Play dumb.
-Of course.
He'd be hurt again.
I really hope he gets it.
They'll announce it soon.
You haven't seen Chief Yeom, right? You haven't seen Chief Yeom, right? I have no reason to.
I don't go for my labor assignment, and all I do is train.
He's a real snake.
You really need to be careful, okay? I'm sure he's looking for a way to make money.
He's always been obsessed with money.
That's right, he's obsessed with money.
I'm sure he's busy looking for an inmate who's rich and a sucker.
Me? I have no money.
I'll be careful.
Hey, Sang-jae.
Funny seeing you here.
Hello, sir.
Druggies are good at bringing in financiers.
But they're sloppy in carrying out the plan.
Still, now that they're gone, my source of income is gone.
Show what you can do.
You still have gambling debt, right? That was so long ago.
I have less than 100 million won left.
How about Je-hyeok Kim? Shall we go after him and squeeze 300 million won from him? To him, 300 million won is chump change.
He's such a loose cannon he may bite you if you piss him off.
You need to plan it well.
That's all.
Where's Je-hyeok Kim? Why? You want his autograph? Yes.
I'm a fan.
Je-hyeok Kim is my favorite player.
I feel sorry for you.
He doesn't work here anymore.
I hear he'll focus on the training in the greenhouse training facility.
"Greenhouse training facility"? Yes, greenhouse training facility.
You didn't know? He has a personal training facility.
The warden made it for him.
It's pretty nice.
He has almost every exercise equipment he needs there.
I see.
Wait at the budae jjigae restaurant.
Who says I'm coming? I'll be waiting at home.
Don't laugh.
You're so mean, playing with my emotions.
I don't want you to see me walking out of prison.
My dad too.
So, let's meet at the budae jjigae restaurant.
My dad will go there too.
-What about your mother? -She won't come.
Even when her mother passed away, she went to the restaurant.
She'll never come.
You're really done with drugs, right? Can't you tell? I'm really done.
Trust me.
Say, "Yes.
" Go on.
Yes, I trust you.
I'll give you a present.
I'll give it to you when you get out.
What is it? What's the present? What? What is it? Tell me.
I'll give it to you when you get out.
Give it to me now.
I want it now.
What is it? What's the present? What could it be? -What is it? -Visitation over.
-Please exit for the next visitation.
I'm leaving.
See you on the outside.
Be quiet.
Ji-won! What's the present? Tell me! I'll die! I'll die from curiosity! Ji-won! Ji-won! Hey, Ji-won! -What? What is it? Okay.
-No, no.
He'll be back.
-Let go.
Yes, yes.
He'll be back.
-Ji-won! -Why are you so heavy? Is it very cold out, ma'am? The weather is the same.
You know the weather from there.
It's the same.
No, ma'am.
It's different.
It is very different.
Even if it is the same "outside," it is colder in here.
That is how prison is, ma'am.
I said to stop being so formal.
Stop being so formal.
Or I won't come anymore.
It's very difficult for me.
I'll try.
I'll try I'll try, ma'am.
I'll do that.
Anyway, why me? There are several other inmates here who were here for many years.
Why did you want to interview me? Do you know me? No.
How would I know you? Are you by any chance my daughter? You're my daughter, aren't you? Yes.
I'm your daughter.
How How How could this How How could this be? WINTER 1995 Weren't they expensive? They're counterfeit.
Then I'll take them.
-That's right.
I have something to say.
What is it? No.
I'll tell you tonight.
Have a nice day.
You're so silly.
I really have something to say.
What? What is it? The sun is going to set.
I love you.
You brat.
That's stupid I'm leaving.
Lock up.
You bastard! Die! CERTIFIED FAMILY RECORDS Number 11, please proceed to Window 5.
Two copies of my family record, please.
I guess you got a scholarship.
How did you know? Three national scholarship recipients came before you.
I see.
The school requested it.
Why else would someone your age need your family record? Here.
That'll be 2,000 won.
Thank you.
FATHER: MIN-CHUL KIM You said Dad was in heaven.
I'll tell you everything in person.
I'll go to Seoul tomorrow morning.
No, Mom.
Tell me now.
Tell me.
I hear he's at Seobu Penitentiary.
He's in prison.
Just pretend he doesn't exist.
Nothing has changed.
You and I can live happily on our own as we have been.
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you all this time.
Your dad committed a huge crime, but I don't hate him.
He was a good person.
He was incredibly good to me, and I liked him a lot.
So, you are our precious child that your mom and dad were blessed with out of love.
Understand? Hello? Is this Seobu Penitentiary? WAITING ROOM FOR VISITATION Hello.
Not that either.
Min-chul Kim's visitor.
Come in.
You're going? Goodness.
Don't do it.
He'll be shocked.
Don't do it.
I want to see him for myself.
My dad.
I want to check for myself whether or not he's a good person.
WING 6A HELPER He uses an entire greenhouse in the prison as a personal training facility? Yeah, that's preferential treatment.
TRAINING I'll meet secretly with Je-hyeok Kim.
How? He has a lot of gnats surround him.
That's what an errand boy is for.
I'll take care of it.
Also, I may really go public with this, so please prepare a reporter that you can control.
An easy reporter who will write, "Despicable Star Je-hyeok Kim, Who Abuses His Fame.
" Hey.
Can I catch one? Seeing you, I feel like I can do it too.
Four, three, two, one.
I think I broke a finger! Hey! How do you catch these? Doesn't it hurt? It doesn't hurt.
You cyborg bastard.
Jailbird, scram! Je-hyeok is waiting.
Yes, sir.
He should be able to make a comeback sooner than expected.
I really think he'll reach mid-140s easily.
I don't want much.
I want him to take the mound at least once.
Shouldn't he take a break? He may wear out his right shoulder before he gets to use it properly.
What do I say? Hey.
You try to stop him.
Je-hyeok, when is Ji-ho coming to visit? Is she not coming? Why isn't she coming? His Achilles heel is his girlfriend right now.
My Achilles heel is also my girlfriend.
When should I tell him? Aren't you eating? You should eat today.
Slow down.
Looks like the drugs finally left your system.
You got fit too.
It's because of the IV.
Drugs work quickly on me.
If you take drugs one more time and come back here, I may really kill you.
Why would I come back? I really quit doing drugs.
He's being polite.
I guess he's back to his senses.
Anyway, aren't you going to throw me a farewell party? Do I just leave like this? A fare well party, my ass.
Like you did anything good.
What is there to celebrate? What? Oh, right.
Where did it go? Why you Hey! Hey.
Open up.
Open up, you shit! Are you nuts? Would you open it? I will not, you bastard.
I guess this is the last time we'll see that.
I hope Han-yang will be okay on the outside.
He will be.
He's normal if he doesn't take drugs.
You're right.
As long as he doesn't take drugs, he's normal and a good kid.
I'm not that easy.
That's the problem.
It isn't that easy to quit.
Not at all.
Hi, Ji-won.
You came early.
Please, have a seat.
Did you take a cab? No.
I came in my wife's car.
Honey, over here.
Han-yang is going to faint.
You poor thing.
You couldn't even sleep because of your loser friend.
That asshole.
Wait until he gets out.
I'll slap him silly with tofu.
It's a way to express her love.
It's a bit much, right? My life sucks.
It sucks.
Please congratulate us.
We will raise him well to be a good person.
Go on.
I know I said not to wait here, but still They really didn't.
They listen so well.
What's taking him so long? He needs to say bye to the guards, and there's a process, so it may be taking a while.
He'll be here soon.
Don't worry.
You son of a bitch.
Han-yang Yoo.
You're under arrest for the use and possession of illegal drugs.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to an attorney.
Let's go.
Good work.
SONGYI BUDAE JJIGAE OPEN A broadcast shared with 50,000 inmates.
I am Min-joo Lee, your host of the Borami Broadcast.
We will start the last day of October with Yong Lee's "Forgotten Season.
" The start of winter is just around the corner.
How about working on your physical fitness in order to be healthy during the long winter? Please have a great day.
Hold tightly, will you? How can I hold any tighter? Lose some weight! What? Are you pissed off again? You get pissed off so easily lately.
I'm not.
Forget it.
I'll just ask Je-hyeok to do it later.
He's busy.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
I'll do it.
Come here.
Come on, don't be like that.
Stop it.
I mean it.
I'm really pissed off, okay? Min-chul, visitor.
She comes every day.
Let's go.
Nice, Boss.
Nice! What is it? How dare you come here? Je-hyeok Kim.
The warden wants to see you.
As expected, you aren't intimidated.
I knew I'd see you eventually.
What do you want? A lot.
I want a lot from you.
You're getting out soon, right? You signed with Nexen and everything.
You must be in a good mood, but I want to kill that mood a little.
A reporter close to me keeps asking for a present, so I want to give him one.
"Superstar Je-hyeok Kim Receives Special Treatment in Prison.
He uses a greenhouse alone as a personal training facility.
The guards also give Je-hyeok Kim preferential treatment.
" You know, this is So? What do you want? What else? Money.
I want 300 million won.
What? That's nothing to you.
This is my account number.
Deposit it this week.
Otherwise, Nexen will be in a pickle.
The player they signed will have a crappy rep.
Hey! Boss.
-Yes? -I put the blanket down.
You should sleep.
-Not at all.
Also, I put some money into your commissary account.
It's the pay for being my catcher.
I'll give you more next month.
Thanks for your hard work.
You haven't heard back from them regarding the retrial, right? We have to wait a lot more.
They say it usually takes at least three months.
My gosh.
Why does it take so long? If you're granted a retrial, is it over? Can you get out? No.
It just means the petition is granted.
The actual trial comes afterward.
It's never-ending.
It never ends.
But if my petition for retrial is granted, it means I'll likely win the retrial.
-I see.
-With a retrial, it's more important that the court grants it and agrees with the reason for the retrial, rather than the actual retrial itself.
Of course, the likelihood of getting the retrial granted is less than five percent.
Don't worry, Jung-woo.
You'll get it.
If you don't get it, what's the use of laws in this country? I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I can't sleep whenever I think about it.
The Truth Behind The Demon Captain's Case The Three Soldiers Confess Sergeant Oh Killed Private Park The tone has changed overnight.
It's now "The Demon Sergeant Oh.
" People are cursing him out.
"Asshole Sergeant Oh.
" "Killer Sergeant.
" The world opened its eyes to the truth.
It feels so good.
I wondered why there has been nothing in the news.
This is great.
This should've been in the papers sooner.
The Three Soldiers Confess Sergeant Oh Killed Private Park Jung-woo must be shocked.
I was going to tell him today during the visit.
The article beat me.
A paper must've published it in case they miss out on the scoop.
It's not bad.
The comments are positive.
Maybe we should've leaked it sooner.
This is the perfect timing.
You did well.
We have to do anything and everything that may help us get the retrial.
Anyway, I wonder where Sergeant Oh is.
I heard he quit his job.
I can't believe someone like that entered a large corporation and was working there.
I just can't believe it.
He's living in a hotel in Gangwon.
He's in a penthouse there.
He's doing just fine.
How do you know that? Because I've been tracking that shit.
Whether or not we get the retrial, whether or not we win the trial, I want to beat the crap out of him at least once.
We'll follow the law.
We'll do everything by the law, but before I send him to jail, I want to punch him at least once.
Otherwise, I'll lose my mind.
Thank you.
I feel like I've gotten much healthier.
What do you mean, "feel"? I'm sure you did get healthier.
I'm glad she has a boyfriend.
She has someone to comfort her during difficult times.
That guy is such a jerk.
She said the hot stone pot was hot, but he touched it and pressed charges because he got burned.
Chef Je-hee was really stressed out, wasn't she? She even went to the police station recently.
When? You know the day it was supposed to be the first snowfall, but it rained instead.
You must feel so much better, since he dropped the charges today.
You heard, right? Yes.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Thank you for your hard work.
-Thank you.
It's warm.
I hugged it all the way here to give it to you.
What the heck? I was there when you took it out of the warmer.
I was at the convenience store too.
Oh, really? -Joon-ho.
-Yes? I did something.
What? What did you do? I want to go to Gwangju and open a small restaurant in my name.
That single-table restaurant has always been my dream.
The real estate broker called today.
There's a place I looked at, and they're selling it at a cheap price.
That's great.
You should feel honored.
I didn't even tell my mom.
You're the first person I told.
But Je-hee, will you tell me only the good stuff and not tell me the bad stuff? I heard a customer pressed charges and you even went to the police station.
Why don't you tell me things like that? I can suffer alone.
I don't need to make you suffer too.
I'll worry about myself.
Why are you worrying about me? I didn't know you were having such a hard day, and babbled about going skiing, and how good the risotto was.
You must've been hurting so much.
Why are you making an idiot out of your boyfriend? Je-hee.
From now on, tell me about unhappy, difficult things too.
Of course, it'll worry me.
Yes, I'll be very angry and very concerned if something like that happens to you.
But still, I want to know.
I should know.
It's your life.
Okay? Okay.
What a good girl.
You know, even when you scold someone, you're so sweet about it.
What? You are so sweet.
I was wrong.
But since you said it like that, I'm not upset at all.
That must be why you're my dream guy.
God I'm a good judge of character.
I won't let you go.
I'm so shameless.
Can I kiss you? Time is ticking.
I heard you lost the scholarship.
Not that.
Say something else.
I missed you.
You're wearing the ring again.
Of course.
You gave it to me.
I didn't get the scholarship when we got these rings too.
I was too distracted dating.
FALL 2015 MIRACULOUS HAND MASSAGES Does it feel good? I don't feel anything.
You did it hard, right? I'll do it for you.
Turn around.
That feels so good.
Never take it off, okay? Where's yours? Tada.
I'll never take it off.
How can a pitcher wear a ring all the time? Wear it only when you see me, okay? Okay.
Isn't it your exam period? You have to study, right? No, I don't have to study.
I can just wing it.
Should we go watch a movie? -Sure.
-Let's drink.
Don't say "sure" to everything.
You may have to pitch tomorrow.
You're right.
You say "sure" to everything.
You're so soulless.
It's not that I'm soulless, I just like everything.
I really like both.
As long as I'm with you, everything That's enough.
-The world -That's enough.
It's because I really You're making me cringe like crazy.
Stop it.
No, no.
Don't talk.
-In the whole world -Stop it.
-I adore -Stop it! What a pretty name.
Eun-su Kim.
Mom says it's the name she wanted to change her name to.
You know my mom's name, right? Mi-suk Jeong.
It couldn't have been easy to come see me.
I'm a murderer, and I'm in prison.
It must've been scary.
Mom said you were a good person.
You went to prison before I was even born, but she said you were a good person.
I thought maybe she still liked you or something.
I wanted to see for myself what you were like.
After meeting you, I see she was right.
Visitation over.
Please exit for the next visitation.
-I'll go now.
-You'll come back tomorrow, right? Of course.
I'll see you tomorrow, Dad.
Dear Lord, what did you do with all of my prayers from the past 20 years? I begged that she'd forget me and meet a nice man and live a happy life.
I begged so much.
How could you make me such a big sinner? What am I supposed to do about this big sin? You knew, didn't you? It's so that I'd repent much more, isn't it? Now, I don't resent or hate anyone or anything anymore.
All I have left are things to be thankful for.
Lord, thank you so much for giving me an angelic daughter.
I killed a man and didn't know I didn't even know that my daughter was born.
Thank you so much for sending me an angelic an angelic daughter who calls me Dad.
Thank you so much.
There's nothing more that I could possibly want.
Please let me see my daughter often If you'd let me see my daughter often, I can live in jail for the rest of my life.
I don't care.
Please, Lord.
Why were you praying for so long in the church? God's busy.
I was thanking God.
I said I received all the blessings in this world, and that I don't care if I rot in jail for the rest of my life, and I thanked God like crazy.
That's what I was praying about.
Sorry, God won't be able to grant you your wish.
You're getting out by a Christmas special pardon.
You're getting a Christmas special pardon.
Sorry? Say that again? Min-chul is getting out by a Christmas special pardon.
Min-chul was selected for the Christmas special pardon! Me! Me too! All they must do is manage the shared facilities, and most have to take precautions on their own.
There is a movement for a better fire prevention system.
Next on the news.
The recipients of the Christmas special pardon were announced today.
This Christmas season, the Ministry of Justice decided to release 758 model prisoners with excellent behavior.
Recipients include Assemblyman Jeong-yeon Lee, who was sentenced to two years and six months for embezzlement, and one of the accomplices of the Songjin Club murders that stirred up the nation in 1995, who was sentenced to life, reduced to 25 years, Kim, and others.
Each facility will receive the list of awardees, and the prisoners will be released before Christmas.
You! -You! -What the fuck? Have you lost your mind? Shit.
You crazy bitch Who the hell are you? I'm Captain Jung-woo Yoo's big brother, you son of a bitch.
Are you okay, ma'am? Are you hurt? Are you Private Park's mother? I'm sorry.
I've said so many terrible things to you.
I'm truly sorry.
It's okay.
I understand how you felt.
The truth is, after my son died, I looked at his journal, and he had written about only one person.
It was how much he adored Captain Yoo, and that he wanted to become a captain like him.
Back then, none of it registered.
I couldn't make sense of any of it then.
But I get it now, that Captain Yoo was the one person Jun-yeong trusted.
But we did such a terrible thing to that person.
I'm so sorry.
I'm truly sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay, ma'am.
We We understand.
I and Jung-woo understand everything.
You really are an idiot.
You didn't know that? Also, stop calling me here.
I'm busy, you bastard.
Let's go.
I don't have a key.
Take me to my cell.
What? That bastard.
RESTRICTED Call the reporter.
Wow Je-hyeok Kim really is an idiot.
I told you he was a psycho.
Damn Je-hyeok, that psycho freak.
Take a picture.
I already told the reporter, and he's on standby, but he needs a photo.
Get me a picture of the training facility.
Je-hyeok Incredible.
You're wearing the ring again.
Of course.
You gave it to me.
I didn't get the scholarship when we got these rings too.
I was too distracted dating.
But Ji-ho.
I have a problem.
What do I do? If I tell the warden or Joon-ho, that bastard will go right to the reporter.
I want to go and beat the crap out of him, but that would only hurt me.
It's driving me mad.
Then, don't do it.
I mean, stop training.
Well I get out in two months.
I'm almost back in shape and my speed is almost there.
But, I should stop training? Je-hyeok.
Do you want to play baseball, or do you want to be the best? You're right.
You have two months left, right? You have only two months left.
It took you so much to get here.
You can't ruin it all because of that piece of shit.
You can make your comeback two months later.
The world won't come to an end because you can't train for two months.
Even if you make your return two months later, your life will be fine, so empty out that training facility right now, okay? Good boy.
Then, you can't train anymore.
Why should I clear out your training facility? No.
It's okay.
I know people say I'm getting preferential treatment.
I've trained enough up to now.
-Thank you.
-Who says it's preferential treatment? Bring him to me.
I'll throw him into the hole.
It is preferential treatment.
You did give him preferential treatment.
I always thought it was improper.
Now that he said to empty it out, I'll do it right now.
Is that okay? God He's so annoying.
I can't stand him.
What's wrong? Why are you running? Jailbird.
He's in the hole.
He was caught dealing a banned drug, and got 30 days in the hole.
Who ratted him out? Chief Yeom.
That bastard ratted on him directly to Correctional Service.
I help people denounce their crime and repent.
What did you say, you bastard? Let go.
Let go of me! Let go! Just let him bark away.
Ignore him.
Why do you let him get to you? -You can do that? -Yes.
I can! Lieutenant Paeng will be disciplined if he gets another demerit.
-Stay out of it.
-I knew his temper would get him in trouble.
The cell's all split up.
Min-chul gets out tomorrow, right? Je-hyeok Kim is leaving too.
What if our dear Captain Yoo is left all alone? Don't worry about me.
I'll get out soon too.
This came to my house, saying he'll kill me if I testify.
-What is that? -Did something come for Jung-woo Yoo? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
So, who's the next target? I'll take care of it.
I'll handle it.
Handle what? Don't do it.
You're almost there.
Je-hyeok Kim.
Pay it back with your body.
Come to the woodshop at midnight.
Come alone.
Nothing more should happen here.
You'll stay with me even if I quit baseball, right? Ripped and synced by gabbyu @ Subscene