Private Eyes (2015) s03e01 Episode Script

Catch Me If You Can

Previously on Private Eyes.
It's the one-year anniversary of our very first case.
Figured you're part of this firm might as well have your name on it.
Italy is gonna change your life.
Thanks, Dad.
I love it.
Everett's being charged with espionage.
Your partner stole top-secret data.
- How did I miss this? - She had us both fooled.
My name is Dana Hudson.
I'm afraid of what other photos - he might have of me.
- Where are these photos? They're on a hard drive in the main computer lab on the fifth floor.
That guy pretending to be my buddy's brother, - he was in on it too.
- So the whole thing, sexual harassment, the invasion of privacy, - her father's illness - Was all fake.
She knew it would push your buttons, so she exploited it.
You have no idea how much this means.
- It's a scam! They were keeping us apart to split our focus.
Please tell me you didn't give her the hard drive.
Drop the phone! Now! - Ready to go? - So ready.
- What are we gonna do? - I'm gonna get you out of here.
- Where are you taking me? - Loretta wants to see you.
Sit down.
Look, if I broke a rule or something I said, "Sit down.
" You're quite the celeb.
Espionage, million-dollar bond, daily meetings with that handsome hockey player.
- He's my partner.
I'm a P.
- Good for you.
The problem is you're also a prisoner on my cell block.
You may have noticed I run things around here.
Yeah, I got that impression.
I like things quiet.
When people come in here and start stirring things up, claiming they're innocent, investigating new leads, gets everybody in here riled up.
It gives them false hope.
And in here, hope is a dangerous thing.
- Except I am innocent.
- So am I.
Nobody cares.
The cops said I murdered somebody.
They said they "couldn't find" my alibi witness.
My lawyer told me that I'd be out of here in a week.
That was five years ago.
I lost my job, then I lost my house, and eventually my daughter too.
I don't even know what she looks like now.
- I'm sorry.
- Like I said, nobody cares.
Not them, not me.
Makes it easier all around.
Well, I don't do easy.
Well then you and I are going to have a problem.
And yesterday, someone swore at me in Italian.
[Can you believe it? They thought I was a local!] That's great, honey.
[What's wrong? Your voice sounds weird.
] Nothing.
I'm just tired.
Angie and I were up all night on a stakeout.
Tell Angie to call me back sometime.
] - [She's not returning my texts.
] - Yeah, honey, I will.
We'll talk soon, alright? Love you.
Love you too, Dad.
] When are you planning on telling her? She doesn't need to know about this, Dad.
Is that what I think it is? I don't know what else to do.
They're holding Angie on a million-dollar bond.
Yeah, well, I don't have the answer to that question, son.
But from where I stand, Angie is more than worth it.
Everett, front and center.
- What's going on? - You won the lottery.
Shade, how did you? - Does it matter? You're out! - My bail was set at a million dollars; where did you get that kind of money? Ah, I took back a few beer cans, looked under the sofa cushions.
Do you know that you had - $200 in pesos in your desk? - Oh, my God.
You didn't.
- What? It's just a house.
- It's so much more than that.
I needed my partner back.
Besides, we'll be fine as long as you don't violate the conditions of your parole, which means a daily check-in, a 9 p.
curfew, and you're not allowed to leave your house unless I'm with you.
I'm going back inside.
I would if I was you.
So, fill me in, partner.
What's the latest? Zoe and I have been working all the angles.
Dana and Dominic are pros.
They do this all over the world.
Well, sure, but there's gotta be something, right? CCTV of her handing me the drive? - Doesn't exist.
- The car she was driving? A rental.
Fake name.
Well, what about her cellphone? Asthma inhaler? Maybe there's a prescription.
Shade, it's been three days.
Dana, Dominic could be anywhere by now.
If we don't find them or recover that drive, then We will.
Don't worry.
How can you be so sure? Oh, you gotta be kidding me! Is that Ellis? Seriously, Agent Ellis? Didn't get your fill last time? This doesn't stop 'til I'm holding that drive, Shade.
We already told you, we don't have it.
Dana does.
Or her partner.
Enough with the Dana and Dominic garbage.
Do you have any idea what was on that drive? Top secret data on every military intelligence asset in the world.
You put a lot of people's lives at risk.
So, why aren't you out looking for the real criminals? The real criminals, yeah.
I spoke to the people at Summit Path about them.
You know what they told me? Nothing.
Not one person had ever seen them.
Same thing at the rink.
No photos, no emails, you don't even know their real names.
We're all through in there, sir.
Pack it up.
Pack it up! So, you guys wanna waste my time? You wanna play games? It's fine.
You got a trial coming up, and when that's done you're gonna spend the next 20 years of your life behind bars.
Oh no, no, no! Don't come in yet! - The other letters are here.
- It's OK, Zoe.
Don't listen to that Ellis guy, OK? He doesn't know what he's talking about.
He's right, though.
You guys have exhausted every lead, and Dana and Dominic are still ghosts.
I mean, if we don't find that drive, and somehow convince Dana - to confess that she set me up - We will.
We will.
All it takes is one lead.
Maz! - Look who's here! - Yeah, yeah, welcome back.
Wow! Rein it in, buddy.
Couldn't meet you at the station.
The place is crawling with Feds.
- You got something? - Maybe.
Probably not.
Just promise me you won't get your hopes up.
- Not anymore.
- What is it? Woman was caught on camera smashing a car window - and stealing a laptop.
- Is it Dana? Her name is Beth.
She works at a women's shelter downtown.
- I don't see the connection.
- Look, she's at the Red Bird.
You're gonna want to hear her story.
Just - Don't get my hopes up.
- Exactly.
When she first came into the shelter, I couldn't get her to stop crying.
She said her name was Tina.
I took her in, same as I would anyone else.
And I remember thinking she looked just like my kid sister - blonde, blue eyes, - and they both have asthma.
- She had an inhaler? Yeah.
So once she calmed down, we got to talking, and she told me that her boyfriend had stolen her laptop.
Let me guess.
She wanted you to go get it back for her? Yeah.
She said she would have done it herself, but she was too afraid.
So she gave me the address of his gym, said that he went there every Tuesday.
- Do you know where Tina is now? - I gave her the laptop when I got back to the shelter.
She left that same night.
Said she was going to her mother's.
I didn't think anything of it until the police arrived.
I feel so stupid, you know.
I was just trying to help.
Would you excuse us for one second? - It's gotta be Dana.
- What did I say - about getting your hopes up? - She pulled the exact same scam on Beth as she did on me.
And the asthma? - Whose laptop did she steal? - Guy by the name of Dalton Yi.
Head of security for a company called Centro-Guard.
Talked to him, we didn't really get much.
The head of a security company left his laptop in his car? Yeah.
You'd get it if you met him.
I don't like to brag, but you don't get to be Toronto's premier provider of security solutions without being smarter than your average bear.
And how smart is your average bear these days? See? He gets it.
So, are you guys local cops or? - Feds.
- Yes.
What we mean is we are federal agents on assignment to the local division.
There's a huge national crackdown on fitness-club theft.
OK, cool.
What exactly is it you do here? Design and build cutting-edge security systems.
Doors, locks, sensors, biometrics, everything custom.
And who are your clients? I can't call myself a security expert - and tell you that.
- Come on, what's the harm? I mean, can't trust the Feds, who can you trust? OK, fine.
We did a full security overhaul - of the Landon Museum.
- The Landon? Was there anything sensitive on your laptop that thieves may have been interested in? Information about the museum's security setup? I mean, sure, technically, you could use our laptop to access the network, but you'd need, like, grandmaster-level hacking skills to crack my password.
Shade! Hi! So sorry to keep you waiting.
I must confess I have never followed hockey, but my husband is your biggest fan.
- Thank you.
- Najma Hammoud.
I'm the curator here at the Landon Museum.
Come, let me show you the exhibit that's getting set up right now.
I am so pleased that you want to donate to the museum.
Your timing is perfect.
We're setting up for a big gala for all of our patrons.
A private viewing of our new exhibit: a collection of rare artifacts from the Hermitage Museum.
In exchange, we are loaning them pieces from our permanent collection.
- Oh, this is incredible.
- It's a katana sword of the Muromachi period.
Utterly priceless.
- How much are we talking? - Suffice it to say we had to purchase an additional 20 million of insurance - just to host the exhibition.
- Wow! If you'll excuse me.
20-million dollar sword, huh? Yeah, history just got a lot - more interesting.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, honey bear, do you remember the name of that woman we met that dealt with Japanese artifacts? Remember? Slender, blonde hair, blue eyes? Right.
Had an asthma inhaler.
It sure would be nice to see her again.
Does any of that ring a bell? Sorry, no.
Oh, wait, she had a colleague too, right? Tall, blue eyes, sandy blonde hair.
Maybe drives a blue sports car? - Oh, you must mean Mr.
- Mr.
Rudolph - Here.
- "Octavio," right! That's his name! When do you expect him again? Tomorrow night at the gala.
Shall I tell him you're looking for him? No, no, that's OK.
We prefer to see his face when we surprise him.
What am I missing? What's so special about a blue sports car? The day after you got arrested, Zoe and I canvassed witnesses near the site.
Several people said they saw a man and a woman drive away in a blue sports car.
At the time, it didn't lead anywhere.
Now, it's a direct path to our ghosts.
Angie, do not come here, OK? Seriously? Life in the balance here, Maz.
Do you not remember what I told you earlier? Hi.
How are you doing? There's Feds all over this place, OK? Really.
[We ran this Octavio guy's credentials,] we know he's a phony.
It's gotta be Dominic.
We just need you to run a quick vehicle search.
It will take two minutes.
Alright, give me a second.
Hey, guys, did you hear? Impound just brought in a donut truck.
There's like 20 fresh boxes in the kitchen.
- Yeah.
- I would run.
I would hurry.
- Alright, what do you need? - I texted you the info.
OK, I got 97 ownership registrations for a blue sports car.
How many men? - 68.
- Any way to narrow that down? - Not without more information.
- OK.
Thanks, Maz.
Oh, you're welcome.
It's nice to get a thank you every once in a while.
What are we gonna do? We can't look into 68 owners.
Maybe we don't have to.
Think about it, if Dana and Dominic do this all over the world, - why would they own a car here? - What's your point? My point is, back in my playing days, when me and the boys would land in a new city and want a piece of flash to ride around in, we'd hit up the local exotic-car rental agency.
You and I are literally from different planets.
Call Zoe.
Oh, we got company.
- Ellis? - Yeah.
He's been tailing me for three days.
Can you lose him? Sorry I asked.
Damn it! I called every rental agency in the city.
The last woman I talked to knew who Mr.
Rudolph was.
[Her description matched Dominic's.
] And? [There's no local address on the rental agreement,] but all the cars have a GPS locator.
And according to that, it's parked at the Dovercourt Hotel.
- Is this it? - I don't know.
The witness I talked to just said "blue sports car.
" We need a way to get him down here.
Hold on.
- What are you doing?! - We tell the guy at front desk we backed in it.
He'll page the owner; we see who comes down.
I like it.
What? I can't do it.
Too beautiful.
- Oh, my God! Give me this.
- No, wait! - What now? - We don't really have to do it.
We just have to tell the guy at the front desk we did.
Good point.
- Hello, Dominic.
- Shade! Buddy Ugh! That was immensely satisfying.
Let's get him in the car.
As soon as he wakes up, we'll find out - what he's doing at the museum.
- OK.
Well, I hope it leads us to the drive.
Oh, my God! It's Ellis! Ms.
That was a nice piece of driving back there.
Apparently not nice enough.
What are you doing here, Sergeant? I was about to ask you the same thing.
Me? Oh, I was here for the SPA.
Needed a little rubdown after those prison beds.
Where's Mr.
Shade? Uhh, he just left.
He, uh he just left.
A reaction to the facial peel.
You care to rethink that one? What do you mean? He's supposed to accompany you whenever you're out of the house.
Part of your bail conditions, remember? Oh, yeah.
You see, we had an emergency at the agency.
Zoe got a stapler stuck in the Never mind.
Doesn't matter.
I will call him right now to come get me.
Don't bother.
I'll give you a ride.
Come on, don't do that.
I just made a mistake.
You're under arrest for breach of recognizance.
Turn! Hands.
This way.
This will make sure you don't leave the building.
- How does that feel? - Is that a real question? Do me a favour and walk to the door.
OK, I'll give you a couple of extra feet so you don't accidentally She's good.
I'll meet you outside.
- No! No! - Sleep! You're a real piece of work.
You know that? Just because she's the one with the ankle bracelet doesn't mean you're in the clear.
I know you were at Summit Path that night.
As soon as I find that drive, I'm coming after you too.
How many times do we have to tell you, we don't have it? See, the problem is I know you're lying.
You know, those eggheads at Summit Path, they embedded a piece of code in the drive's startup routine.
It alerts them whenever somebody tries to access it.
- And no one has? - Not yet.
Which means there's still a chance that I can save some of the thousands of lives you put at risk.
Enjoy your new cell.
- Hey, Zoe.
- [They're gone.
] We good? - Yep.
Bring him in.
- Where's the hard drive? - I have no idea what you're talking about! - He thinks we're recording him.
- Maybe we should - just turn him in to Ellis.
- Wouldn't do any good.
There's nothing to tie him to me, and it would just be his word against ours.
Driver's license, credit card, coffee card Oh! I will take that.
Room key.
Maybe this'll tell us something even if you won't.
Now, all we have to do is figure out what room he's staying in.
Zoe? Here we are.
- Room 400.
- Thank you so much! Mr.
Rudolph here gets a little forgetful when he's had - too much to drink.
- I don't even know what city this is! Oh, wait! You never showed me any ID.
Oh, god.
Uh, give it to you later! How long before you think he figures it out? Not long enough.
Let's go! How long are you planning on keeping me here? That depends on when you just had to start talking.
You realize we're in this together, right? You know I can't take you to Ellis.
And the fact that you're tied up means anything you say can be - explained away as coercion.
- OK.
- What do you want to know? - Where's the drive? Moscow.
Unless the buyer moved it.
That's funny.
The Feds say no one's accessed it yet.
I just deliver the goods.
I don't tell 'em - what to do with it.
- Really? Then what are you still doing here? What's happening at the museum? We didn't mean for you to be arrested.
You know that, right? Is it the katana sword? Just doing a cash deal? Dana felt terrible about it.
I mean, to a point.
She's not exactly famous for her warmth.
- And where's Dana now? - You're wasting your time.
Ten years I've been working with her, no one's even gotten close.
Sooner or later everybody screws up.
Not her.
If you want my help, let me hook you up with my passport guy.
- Oh, give it up.
- You could be on a plane tonight, put all this behind you.
I'm not running.
You see, that's the problem, Angie.
You still think you're getting out of this.
Thing is you've already lost.
Find anything? Ugh! He likes to get his "Wild Kingdom" on! Hold on, I might have found something.
What is it? I have no idea, but I'll bet you Mr.
Rudolph does.
Dana! Hey! Hey! Where are the stairs? Taxi! Hey! Hey! Don't! Dana was right there.
I let her get away.
It's not your fault.
At least we know she's still here.
You mean was.
That little incident probably scared her off for good.
Thank you.
Car will be fixed in half an hour.
What now? It would really help if we knew what this thing was for.
Zoe, send a picture of that to the Centro-Guard guy.
See if he recognizes it.
Gala starts in an hour.
If Dana really wants that sword, -it would be her best opportunity to take it.
How is she gonna steal it in a crowd of people? Diversion.
It's their M.
Get everyone focused on one thing while they do something else.
Like playing on our sympathies to take a hard drive.
Or making up a phony puck story to split you two up.
Can we order a pizza?! My treat! For all we know, he may be the diversion to keep us away from the gala.
Zoe, we're gonna check it out.
- Wait, "we"? - Yeah.
I'm gonna need backup, and Angie's stuck here.
No, no, no, no.
I can't play a rich person.
Champagne makes me sneeze, and I hate tiny dogs! Come on, Duchess.
Let's get you dressed.
Do I need an accent? Maybe taller hair? I will not eat fish eggs.
I will eat fondue.
This is a terrible idea.
- Would you relax? - It's easy for you to say! You're not 15 feet off the ground.
Shade, - so good of you to come.
- Aw, thank you.
And thanks for the tickets.
My wife sends her regrets.
- This is - Zoe Von Fursten Berg Dorf Goodman.
I have a company that makes me oodles of money.
Oh, oh, OK.
Well, make sure you're here for the unveiling of the katana sword.
It's at 9 p.
Alright, thank you.
- OK.
Hahaha! - Haha! Tata! Aaah What the hell is wrong with you? I told you I'm no good at being rich! How about just being human? Uh, look.
Take this.
Go over there and stand next to that stage.
If you see anything unusual, contact me right away.
And just try to act normal, OK? - You got this.
- OK.
Go on.
You're never gonna get into that.
- Really? Fingerprint scan.
Technology's the best! Doesn't matter.
You're still not gonna get anything.
Data-scrubbing app.
Need a secondary code.
Technology is the best.
What's your deal with Dana anyway? - Why are you protecting her? - She took me in when I was nothing.
Made me who I am.
- A criminal? - I was always a criminal; - she just made me a good one.
- You say that with pride.
That's the difference between criminals and normal folk.
Criminals don't care that people think they're criminals.
You got a text.
- It says "Gambit.
" - Uh oh! That's our kill code.
- "Kill code"? - I didn't check in.
If I don't reply in the next five minutes, Dana calls off the entire operation.
You mean stealing the katana sword? I wouldn't do that if I were you.
It needs a specific word.
Don't suppose I could convince you to give it to me.
Not without some major concessions on your part.
- Shade, come in.
- Zoe, what's up? I heard from the Centro-Guard guy [about the photo I sent him.
He says it looks like a key fob,] but all their fobs are encrypted in-house with a 40-bit code.
The one Dominic has isn't one of his, but it could be a copy.
It's why they stole the laptop: to make a homemade version.
Where's the sword now? Still under wraps.
It's almost 9 o'clock.
If Dana was gonna make a move, you'd think she would have made it by now.
[Unless she already has it and the box is empty.
] - [Shade, are you there?] - Stay alert.
Dana's here.
There you are.
Been looking all over for you.
Ow! Wow! Someone likes it rough.
You got a lot of nerve showing up here.
Let's go.
If you're planning on taking me outside, I'd suggest you find - a more subtle way of doing it.
- I was never one for subtle.
There are 15 security guards standing around.
Do you really want to see what happens when I scream? Fine.
We'll wait, considering we've got your partner.
You know, my offer still stands.
I can get my passport guy on the phone in 10 minutes, and I'll sweeten the deal.
I have $40,000 in cash in my rental car.
It's yours - if you let me go.
- You're bargaining.
- You must be desperate.
- I'm trying to help you.
You seem like a nice person, I'd hate you to spend the next, - what? 15 to 20 years in prison? - Just forget it, OK? - I'm not letting you go.
- Why do you care so much about a stupid Japanese dagger? You mean sword.
It's a katana sword from the Muromachi period.
Same same.
Where's the hard drive? My guess? The Golyanovo District of Moscow.
- You sold it to the Russian mob? - It's just business.
So what are your plans for the sword? Guess you're gonna miss out on that $20 million payday.
Unless you took it already.
Well, I guess we're about to find out, aren't we? Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please.
It's the moment you've all been waiting for.
Come join me.
Come closer, please.
Haha! May I present the one of a kind, priceless Muromachi sword.
Shade, look.
The same key.
Shade, the sword's still here.
That's my cue.
- Let me go! - Hey, is there a problem? Yes.
This man is trying to drag me to his car.
Sir, let go of her.
Angie, I get it.
It feels wrong to run, but even if you catch Dana - which you won't - she'll never confess to setting you up.
And the cops have you on video.
There's is no version of this where you don't end up in prison.
Pick up, Shade.
- Sir, you're coming with us! - Sorry it had to end this way.
This is Matt Shade.
Leave a message.
Are you sure there's money in your car? Grey duffel bag.
Take my keys.
You better be telling the truth.
Yeah, OK, OK.
Zoe, I could use a diversion right now.
Oh, boy.
Ha! Amazing! Look out! - Oh, I'm so sorry! - Code red! Code red in gala mezzanine.
It's fine.
It's fine.
It's fine.
- Ma'am, come here.
- I'm rich, it's OK.
- Where the hell have you been? - Uh, I'm almost there.
I can't believe you let yourself get captured.
[It's not a big deal.
They don't know anything.
] And Angie's under house arrest.
Or at least she was.
What's that supposed to mean? I convinced her to take door number two.
- She's running? - [Wouldn't you?] See you in five.
Angie, what's up? - I tried calling you.
- [Things got a little hairy] here.
Dana was here, but I lost her.
- Shade.
I had to let Dominic go.
- What?! Dana sent a kill code, OK? They were gonna scrap the whole thing.
My bet is Dominic is on his way to you right now.
Whoa, whoa! Angie, slow down.
[I thought we were protecting the sword.
] The sword is a diversion, Shade.
Think about it.
Why would they stick around after stealing top-secret government data? I mean, why has no one accessed the drive? [There's a good chance the drive hasn't been delivered yet.
] - It means they still have it.
- [Exactly.
] - At least for now.
- [What are you talking about?] The Hermitage Museum, it's in Russia.
[Dana said they sold the drive to the Russian mob.
] They're using the outbound shipment to smuggle the hard drive out of the country.
Well, you need to stop it, Shade.
Thousands of lives are at stake.
I put a GPS tracker on Dominic's phone.
I just sent you the link.
[It's the best I could do.
You have to get the drive back.
] You're a genius.
OK, sit tight.
- [And, Shade] - What is it? There's something else I need to tell you.
Thank you, gentlemen.
I'll take it from here.
Where's the fob? Hello to you too.
- Don't get cute.
- Where's the drive? Let's do this.
Hey, did a blonde woman come through here? Yeah, you just missed her.
- Come in, Zoe.
- What's going on? Dominic just left here with the hard drive.
Whoa, Dominic was here? Yeah.
Call Maz.
Get him to scramble a roadblock unit.
I'll send him the location.
- Is Angie OK? - Just do it! Son of a bitch! Hands where I can see 'em! Hands in the air, let's go! Keep 'em there! No big moves! Go ahead, go ahead! - Shade, stay back, stay back! - Get out of the vehicle! I don't know what's going on.
I'm just the driver.
- Save it.
Cuff him.
- Check his pocket.
There's a fob.
Let's get out his plaque.
You better be right about this.
Shade, be careful.
Take it easy, those are priceless artifacts! Trust me.
Is that the hard drive they say Angie stole? One and the same.
Now, there's one more favour I gotta ask of you.
I want to be wheels up in three minutes.
Yes, Ma'am.
- Angie.
- Relax, I just want to talk.
Well, I'm flattered, but, uh, I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time.
- Take me with you! - Excuse me? There's $40,000 in that bag.
It's all yours.
I'm never gonna beat that charge.
My life's over.
Pull up your pant leg.
- Police! - Police! Keep the right side.
Check the office.
- It's clear.
- All clear.
Yes, sir! All clear! Let's go! I'm not asking to tag along forever.
Just take me wherever you're going tonight, and I'll figure it out from there.
What about Shade? - The Feds are after him too.
- They've got nothing on him.
This is your fault! You hired me to steal that drive and now I'm facing 20 years! The least you could do is get me out of the country.
- Angie! - You can't stop me, Shade.
No, you don't have to do this.
I've got the hard drive.
- Where's Dominic? - The police have him.
- It's over, Dana! - No, not for me.
I have a flight to catch.
And what's your client gonna say when you turn up without the goods? From I hear, the Russian mafia is not very forgiving.
It's not enough, Shade.
I'm still gonna go back to jail! You don't know that.
We've got the hard drive now, we can use it as leverage.
It won't work! Just give it to me! Have you lost your mind? Where did you get that gun?! I'm not kidding, OK? I'm not going back there! Just relax, OK? We're a team, we'll figure this out.
- Just put the gun down.
- This is your last chance.
Don't do this.
I need you.
I can't live without you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Now, take me with you.
Wow! I'll tell you one thing: you're certainly not boring, Angie.
But unfortunately, you're also not that bright.
What are you talking about? Do you know what the first rule is in my business? Hmm? Never get caught with the goods.
Why else do you think that I went to all of that trouble of hiring you to steal the drive for me? Why do you think we came up with that plan of hiding it in the museum shipments? So it couldn't get traced back to me.
Oh, my God! I am so happy you just said that.
You OK? Yeah.
Ah Ah - You owe me a new shirt.
- How did you? Blanks and blood bags.
Oh, and this.
Why else do you think that I went to all of that trouble of hiring you to steal the drive for me? Why do you think we came up with that plan of hiding it in the museum shipments? Hands out! Up in the air! - Get her! - Hmm! - Hold it.
- OK, put your hands up! That was colossally stupid.
You're welcome.
So how was Florence, sweetie? ["It was amazing!] [Except I got in trouble for touching the statue of David.
] [- Not there.
- Jules, let's go!] [I gotta go.
] [What time is it there? Shouldn't you be at work, Dad?] I had a late night last night, honey.
I decided to sleep in.
[Well, you sound a lot better than the last few days,] [that's for sure.
] Well, we'll see.
Things are definitely looking up.
Say that again.
Well, if it isn't the fancy P.
Did you come to gloat or what? I talked to a friend of mine.
He took a quick look at your case, and you were right, the cops bungled it.
And I should care because why? Because he wants to talk to you.
Well, he can talk to my left ass-cheek.
Just hear him out, Loretta.
You could be out of here by New Year's.
All lawyers ever want is to squeeze out every last dime.
- And besides - Nobody cares.
You see, that's where you're wrong.
Chloe? You're so grown up.
Thank you.
See you soon.
I don't think I've ever seen you look so happy.
I just reunited a mother and her daughter, thank you very much.
- And my lawyer called.
- And? Well, I had to plead guilty to criminal mischief, but it's only a $90 fine, and we have 30 days to pay.
There goes the coffee budget.
They also returned the million-dollar bond.
You shouldn't have done that, you could have lost your house.
Yeah, I could have lost my partner.
You might wish you had once you see my legal bill.
- Hahaha! - Seriously, I owe you - big time.
- Well, in that case why don't you put this on.
I got a surprise for you.
You know I'm not really into hostage role-play, right? You did say you owe me.
Come on.
Watch your head.
Alright, take a little step forward.
OK, come on.
Right over here.
Yeah, that's good.
Oh, my God, Shade! It's perfect.
It is, isn't it? You can barely tell that the "Shade" is 10% larger.
- What?! - I'm kidding.
- To Everett and Shade! - Everett and Shade.