Private Eyes (2015) s03e05 Episode Script

The Grape Deception

1 I can't take it.
Where is she? Four months is It's too long to be away from her mother.
Why did you send my baby so far away? Why did I send her so far away? Oh, look.
I know I said that you could have her tonight, - but I changed my mind.
- Are you kidding me right now? - No argument.
- Thank you.
Jules! Jules! - Jules! - Aah! Che piacere vederti, mamma e papà! Would you listen to those rolling r's? You can't possibly be our daughter.
- I'm gonna need to see some I.
- It's still me, Dad.
Just take it over here.
Bella tell me about this scarf.
It's a sciarpa, mom.
And the purse is Milan street style It's just like mine.
We're twins! Oh, hey, Matt, why don't I just take her? - I'll bring her back tomorrow.
- No, that's not OK.
We agreed I feel awful.
You didn't get my text, did you? I actually already have a ride.
(honking) Buongiorno, sir! Signora Dorasay - Liam! Look at you! - Liam! Liam flew home yesterday.
- His parents bought him a moped.
- Uh! - Is that thing safe? - Absolutely, sir.
We drove one all over Italy.
- You did? - Yeah.
- You ready? OK.
Watch the curb.
- Yeah.
OK, bye! I'll talk to you later, guys.
I love you.
Did you know that they rode a scooter all over Italy? Well, everyone rides scooters in Italy.
I don't think they do.
Come on! He had a beard? - Oh, I definitely saw stubble.
- (laughing) - It was only four months! - Four months is like two years - in a teenage body.
- Not helping, Everett.
I'm sure Jules hasn't changed as much as you think.
Just give her a chance to get her feet on the ground.
Where are we going? I told you.
New client.
Does this new client have a name? (sighs) Cassie Lewis.
We roomed together in college.
- Wow! Way to bury the lead.
- I thought your father-daughter issues were much more pressing.
And what exactly does your ex college roomate want? She wouldn't say.
She said: "Get here as quick as you can.
" Hmmm.
Where exactly is "here"? Belanger Estates? You know these guys are famous for their Bordeaux blends? That's a smoothie, right? Kidding.
(Angie sighs.
) Listen.
You may hear some stories from a long time ago Oh! Angie Everett: The College Years.
Can't be any worse than that time you borrowed - your dad's patrol car - I thought your hockey career - affected your long-term memory.
- No, no.
Not so much.
You might as well tell me now, Everett.
- Save yourself the embarrassment.
- Ange! Oh! Thank god you're here.
Wow! You have not changed.
- Cassie Lewis, this is my partner.
- Matt Shade.
Hockey player turned PI.
Very sexy transition, P.
- You do your homework.
- Which is how I know that you two are the best.
Follow me.
I've been a wine specialist with Trent Auctions now for five years.
First day on the job, I reached out to Martin Belanger to see if he wanted to sell off some of his historic cellar.
Took some time, but he finally agreed - to offer up a few of his best.
- Wait, he's not selling The Winston '45? - What's the Winston '45? - It's the Holy Grail of wines.
There's only one in the world.
It's it's priceless.
How much do you think you'll get for it? We're anticipating half a million or more.
- Is it here? Can I see it? - No one can.
The Holy Grail has been stolen.
I see you and you see me Watch you blowin' the lines when you're makin' a scene Oh boy, you've got to know What my head overlooks The senses will show to my heart When it's watching for lies 'cause you can't escape my Private Eyes They're watching you Private Eyes They're watching you, watching you, watching you Watching you - When was the last time you saw it? Last night before I left.
That was around seven.
Is this door locked all the time? Always.
You need a five digit keycode - to lock and unlock the door.
- Who else has the code? I don't know.
There's over fifty workers at the vineyard.
But they don't all work the night shift.
- We'll have to ask Martin - No, no, no.
You can't do that.
In order to convince Martin to sell the Winston '45, my company had to put up a guaranteed minimum of a quarter of a million.
If we don't sell that bottle, we're out the money.
And I'll be shilling - dessert wine in the Balkans.
- OK.
When's the auction? - Three days.
- Prospective buyers get a preview at the lots on offer, right? The serious ones get VIP access to the vineyard.
- Perfect.
- Why's that perfect? Because we just found our cover.
We're gonna bid on the Winston '45.
My family has been making wine in the Pomerol region since the 1700s, but the Winston '45 is the greatest vintage they ever produced.
This one isn't bad, either.
I mean It's no '47 Cheval Blanc.
But then again, what is? Well! A brilliant hockey player and a connoisseur of fine wine.
We should do a Shadow vintage.
Yeah! (laughing) Uh, why is it called the Winston '45? Oh, well The bombing during World War Two destroyed most of the harvest, so only six bottles survived.
So after the war was over, my grandfather took five bottles and sent them with this Spitfire pilot who flew over the Channel and delivered them in person to Winston Churchill.
- For the celebration of VE Day.
- And you got the last bottle? Well It was passed down to my father, and then to me.
Why sell the Winston when it means so much - to your family? - Cassie.
She convinced me that you can't keep something locked up forever.
And if the bottle gets what we think it will, it will enable me to expand my product line, allow us to produce wines from varietals and even a second label.
Does everyone here at the vineyard know where you keep the Winston '45? Of course.
Yeah, I mean, it's no secret.
Isn't that a little risky? Keeping a priceless bottle - of wine within easy reach? - Well, I trust the people who work for me, Miss Everett.
- Let me show you the bottle.
- No! Don't! That's fine.
We've taken up more than enough of your time.
Maybe we could just uh meet with your authenticator? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Of course.
She is amazing.
She knows my wine better than I do.
Sweetness on the attack.
I get hints of - baked apple and pear.
- Hmm! Star bright.
Medium viscosity.
I get crème brûlée.
- I get grape.
- Yes, well (chuckling) It's from a limited run two seasons ago.
And, in my opinion, the vintage is still trying to find its identity.
So you authenticate all the wine in the auction? - All 600 of them.
- A lot of trips to the cellar.
- Comes with the territory.
- And the Winston '45? - Is it worth the hype? - Oh god, yes.
It'll be the most exquisite thing anyone has the privilege of tasting.
How do you authenticate a bottle you can't open? I test it for clues to its history.
Cork condition, viscosity, that sort of thing.
- Have you completed your tests? - Yesterday.
- Must have been a late night.
- Pff! Not as late as the cellar hands.
- What's a cellar hand? - Cellar hands do everything around the vineyard, from inventory - to scrubbing bungs.
- What's a bung? - You don't wanna know.
- Eww! Judging by the description Cassie gave us, - I think we just found our man.
- Looks like he's headed - on a trip.
- Hey! Juan Carlos! (sighs) Why do the bad guys always run? - (grunts) - Aaah! - I don't have it.
- And yet you know it's missing.
And you were in the main cellar last night.
I was doing inventory.
I got a call on my phone.
I went outside to take it.
- I forgot to lock the door.
- Let me guess.
When you got back, the Winston '45 was gone.
The bottle's not here.
Where is it? I didn't steal it.
That wine, it's like a symbol of peace, man.
- It's like sacred to me.
- Then why did you run? - I thought you were him.
- Him who? The Wolf.
The e-mails started coming in a few days ago.
Asking me if I'd steal the Winston '45 for money.
It's an anonymous server.
I can't trace it.
"I'm all junked up on the 45.
" "Don't be a piker, I'll make it worth your while.
" "Get it, or I'll tell your boss.
" - They're all signed "The Wolf".
- Did you ever reply? No.
What does he mean, "I'll tell your boss"? I'm here on a visa.
I'm only supposed to work at the vineyard, but - You got a second job.
- I send money home.
I love this vineyard, but I need both jobs.
Don't tell Martin, OK? Fine.
But we're gonna need your passwords.
(Matt): I think he's telling the truth.
- He had motive and opportunity.
- But the Winston '45 was taken last night.
Why wait so long? The guy's been a cellar hand here for months.
Maybe he didn't know how much it was worth - until the Wolf contacted him.
- It makes more sense that it was one of the people here for the auction.
How would they get in so late? Look around.
There's no security here.
Except for a lock on the cellar door, - which was left open.
- We should talk ask Cassie.
- She knows the buyers.
- Maybe she can tell us - if there's a wolf in the pack.
- Read the headline.
"Famous wine stolen from estate auction.
" How did this leak? I have no idea.
- Uh It's everywhere.
- Yeah.
Which means I'm nowhere.
My career is officially over.
Cassie! You knew about this? Why didn't you tell me? I thought I could get the Winston back before the auction.
The sale of that bottle was going to breathe life into this vineyard.
Without it, my expansion plans go out - the window.
You knew this! - We can get it back for you.
Forgive me, but a hockey player and his girlfriend? - They're private investigators.
- Cassie hired us out of her own pocket because of her loyalty to you.
- And her commission.
- No, I don't care about the commission.
You can have it.
We can get the Winston '45 back.
Just give us until the day of the auction.
- Yeah, what choice do I have? - OK.
Cassie's sending over a list of all the registered buyers for the auction.
Oh! I'll get Zoe going on Juan Carlos' emails She's still at her auntie's house - up north.
Remember? - Oh, yeah.
Looking a little flushed there, partner.
I am not used to day-drinking.
Everywhere we turned around, there was another glass - in front of us.
- You weren't supposed to drink them.
Swirl, sniff, sip, swish, spit.
(laughing) It's so peaceful out here.
You miss the screech of the streetcar, - the smell of raw sewage? - (chuckles) I don't know.
Cassie has a pretty glamourous life.
It's the one she always wanted Sounds like admiration.
Cassie told me you're just the same old Angie.
Smart, spontaneous, stunning And sleeping.
Baby girl! I missed you so much.
- I missed you too, Dad.
- Yeah, well, I missed lunch.
So why don't we order food in and then Jules can regale us with tales from Italy.
I'd love to, but a bunch of us that just got back are going out.
Can we talk later? I mean, it's only 7:30.
- We never ate before 9 in Italy.
- Sure, honey, yeah.
- Have fun! We'll talk later.
- Bye.
I miss you guys! - Bye, sweetie.
- (door opens, then closes) - Well - Is it just me or does she seem like a totally different person? You mean older, more mature? As if her perspective has been altered from four months of international travel? - Yeah, something like that.
- Yeah.
- Should I be worried? - No.
I've seen this movie before.
There was this 16-year-old boy who once came back from his first year in junior hockey.
Barely looked his dad in the eye.
- Yeah.
Cut to the chase, Dad.
- She just got home.
Let her adjust.
Why don't I make us something? So These are the registered bidders on one of the finest wines in the world.
They're just a bunch of entitled asshats.
For most of them, it's not even about the wine.
They collect trophies: the rarer, the better.
Which is gonna make it that much more difficult to figure out which one is responsible for the theft.
- Hey, what's a "piker"? - A gambler who places small bets.
This Wolf guy has his own language - and it's pretty cheesy.
- Uh - Back in the day, when I had money - By "day" you mean '90s? I met with a group of investment brokers who were trying to start their own hedge fund and they all spoke the same way.
Like they were - gangsters from East London.
- One of our asshats is a commodities trader.
Aaron Brisbane.
Says here he toured the vineyard the day before yesterday.
If he's The Wolf, how do we get him to admit that he stole the Winston '45? Oh, that's easy.
We buy him a drink.
- (muffled music) - (indistinct chattering) - Another one of these, miss.
- Oh, you betcha.
Angelina! Mr.
What's your poison? A Latour from your private stock? Oh, come on, it's Wenesday afternoon! The Latour is more of a Friday wine.
How about this one? Oh! Of course, sir.
Did you just turn down a first growth Bordeaux? - I sure did.
- Aaron Brisbane.
- Matt Shade.
- The Shadow? No way.
Now I'm definitely gonna stick around to find out what Matt Shade drinks on Wednesdays.
- (laughing) - How about the Winston '45? (laughing) Unbelievable what happened.
You keep it cellared for 70 years, then three days before you reap the reward it gets stolen.
The reward would be just getting to try it.
Man, I'd give my left you-know-what for the chance to taste that.
Actually, no, it'd have to be my right.
I think I gave my left one away for a bottle of 2000 DRC.
- (laughing) - Get ready to soar with the 2012 Owl Valley Chardonnay.
The 2012 Owl? Nice choice, Shadow.
I've wanted to uncork that juice for years.
May I? Be my guest.
I feel like I just popped my cherry again.
- (chuckles) - Here.
A little thank you very much.
- The Solera Club.
What's this? - Life-changing.
Swing by tonight.
I've got a bottle that'll get you so junked up you won't care what day it is.
8 o'clock.
Don't be late and don't tell anyone.
I think we may have just found our Wolf.
Are you kidding me? I've heard of The Solera Club.
- So who are they? - They're a group of the wealthiest wine connoisseurs in the city.
They hold monthly tastings where they try to one-up each other with exclusive bottles of wine.
You must have made quite the impression.
I think Mr.
Brisbane is easily impressed.
What did Maz have to say for himself? He said to say hi and that tracking a bottle of wine is impossible.
But we still have a solid lead, Cass.
How do you know that Aaron Brisbane - has the Winston '45? - Just a hunch, but it definitely turned his head when I mentioned it.
- So what's the next step? - Our inside man here has a ticket to the ball.
Now all we need to do - is turn him into a prince.
- (chuckles) (muffled music) - OK, Shade.
We've got eyes.
- Can you hear us? Loud and clear.
I'm entering the Wolf's den.
- Everyone take their seats.
- And there's our wolf.
So I've brought something very special for you beautiful people tonight.
But as is our custom, we're gonna have a little fun before we reveal the treasure.
You've each got a glass in front of you.
[The first one to correctly identify the mystery juice.]
gets the first taste of the real booty.
Stems up, beautifuls.
Let's go through the grid, Matt.
- Grid? - Eyes, nose, tongue and quality.
Start with the eyes.
- Tell me what you see.
- Good clarity.
Rim variation indicates the wine is at least 20 years old.
[OK, that's good.
Keep going.
Well, what does the nose give us? Red and black fruit.
Olives and bell peppers.
Oh, it's good.
Is it tobacco or smoked meat? - Smoked meat? - Smoked meat.
You're on fire, Shade.
[How about the tongue? Quality?.]
- It's from the Northern Rhone.
- Syrah - It's Ermitage.
- Oh! It's a Louis Marchand! - One of the best vintages.
- [1961,.]
'64, '72, '82 and '90.
OK, so 1 in 5 chance or 80 percent chance you get it wrong.
- Not helping, Everett.
- I know what it is! A 1982 Petrus.
(He mimics a buzzer sound.
) Afraid not, Maddie.
Anyone else? It's a Louis Marchand.
And the vintage? Winner! First taste of the mystery bottle [goes to Matt Shade.
The Shadow knows.
(applause) Oh! That's it.
That's the The Winston '45? How did you? Don't ask if you don't wanna know.
You're actually gonna open it? That's the plan, superstar.
- You gotta stop him! - Shade! Grab it and run! - What are you doing? - Sorry.
[Hey! Stop him! Call security!.]
- Hey! Get back here! - Start the car! - Shade, watch out! - (grunting) - (panting) - Oh, my god! I'm so sorry, Cassie.
So, the suspect is still not talking, but don't worry, we'll crack him open like a cheap bottle of wine.
I wish we had better news for you, Cassie.
- Yeah.
- Maybe I do.
Hey, Shade.
That looks like evidence.
And you touching it.
Take a look at the glue behind this label.
- Oh, wow! It's clear! - Uh.
- So? - That means it's new.
- It should be yellow.
- This bottle's machine made.
Chateau Belanger used hand-blown bottles during the war.
- So you're saying this puppy's a fake? - Well, the label's real, but the wine and the bottle aren't.
Which means the real Winston '45 is still out there.
Hey! Hey! Yeah? Let me do the talking, OK? Where'd you get the bottle, Aaron? Is it English that's the problem? You lied to me, Shadow.
And you cost me a lot of money.
He's not the one who sold you the fake.
- What are you talking about? - The bottle you bought wasn't the real Winston '45.
Someone made a fool out of you.
You think he's more upset about the money or his pride? Oh, I think his money is long gone.
You got one chance to make this right.
Where'd you get the bottle? Chong's Chinese Palace? Aaron was told to wire 250 000$ offshore, then ask for a package at the coat check.
They handed him a wooden box with the bottle inside.
A priceless wine, one-of-its-kind, and the deal goes down at an all-you-can-eat buffet? - Except it wasn't the Winston.
- Listen, the auction is in two days and if we don't find - the real Winston, I - We'll look into it as soon as the restaurant opens.
Let's get back to the agency.
- Yeah.
I could use a drink.
- I'll check in with you later.
OK? OK, enough with the pity party.
We gotta get your mind off this.
What can I do? Distract me.
Tell me about - you and the Shadow.
- (laughing) Well, let's see.
A couple of years ago, we ended up on the same case and then He just stuck around until OK.
Come on, skip to the good stuff.
- What's the good stuff? - Like how is he in bed? - Come on! - Oh, my God! - Are you kidding me right now? - Wait.
You two aren't together? - No! Of course not! - You, my dear, are a sassy stone-cold catch and he, from what I can tell, is a super hottie bad boy modernman FILF.
- Father I'd like to - No, I get it.
I get it.
Plus he knows vintages like there's no tomorrow and, I mean, he's not afraid to mix it up, you know, - when the going gets tough - Sounds like you're the one with the crush on him.
- Me? - Yeah.
No! No, no, no.
I would never do that.
Really? Because if I seem to remember, back in the day, he was exactly your type.
You mean our type.
I remember you liked to do it in places - where you would get caught.
- Oh, my God! Don't go there.
Remember that one time you snuck up to the roof of the science building - with James Montgomery? - Our clothes blew off the roof.
We got stuck up there for hours.
Campus securituy had to rescue us.
Oh, my God! Honey, look, all I'm saying is If I had somebody that looked at me the way that Shade looks at you, I sure as hell wouldn't be sitting here getting drunk and talking about the good old days.
Hey, guys! Sorry I'm late.
It's only three hours past dinnertime, what's another ten minutes? - (Becca): Now, now.
- Grandpa's angry.
No worries.
I'll call Sal's.
I'll have a gigante - here in twenty minutes.
- Oh! - Jules already ordered.
- Yeah.
We're having crostini toscana, caprese salad, pappardelle alla leper and risotto ai funghi.
- Great.
Let's eat.
- Seems Italy has introduced our little girl to a whole new culinary world.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Finally! Come to papa.
But the gigante is our thing, honey.
It's tradition.
I thought we could start a new tradition.
Yeah, but that's the thing about traditions, honey.
They're not new, they're old.
That's what makes them traditions.
- A little help here, Dad? - Sorry.
You're on your own.
- I'm starving.
- This pappardelle - looks gorgeous.
- Just try the crostini, OK? It's not the same without the authentic Italian olive oil, - but still - Yeah, honey It's not about the crostini.
I know what a crostini is.
You know what? It looks delicious.
Let's eat.
Let's eat! I'm telling you, you're gonna love it.
You had a standoff with Jules over pizza? When you put it that way, it sounds childish.
Is there a way to put it where it doesn't sound childish? She's growing up, Shade.
You gotta let her do that.
- (laughing) - I let her go to Italy! Yeah, but you expect her to come back exactly the same way.
Look, she's just discovering other things that are important to her.
It's part of getting older.
Why are you so wise this morning? You and Cassie solve the world's problems last night? - Not exactly.
- What did you talk about? Oh, look! We're at Chong's already.
You know, the Internet will still be there when your shift is over.
It's live, genius.
And I'll never get - to experience that moment again.
- Hey! - You know this guy? - I remember he tipped me.
He came in yesterday with a claim check.
Picked up a package.
- Who dropped it off? - Dropped what off? The package! Oh! Don't know.
But I'm pretty sure it was right as we opened.
During the morning rush.
You have a rush at 11am? If I open even one second late, the people from Crestfield freak out.
And you do not want to tangle with them.
Not quite what I expected.
Try not to bump into anyone.
We can't afford the lawsuit.
- (chuckles) - Here we are.
- Nevin Ainslie, Room 453.
- Um We said we were looking for an old bottle of wine The Winston '45? Uh! Say those magic words and you'll never leave.
- (knocking) - I'm naked, but you're welcome to whatever's left of me! Oh! You're not Nancy.
Neither one of you.
Thank goodness! No offence.
We're private investigators.
Oh! You're here about the stolen scrapbook.
No, sir, we're here about a bottle of wine.
- The Winston '45.
- Yeah, that's what I said.
I don't think you understand.
We're talking about - a bottle of wine.
- So am I.
- The Winston '45? - Son Which one of us use an hearing aid? I stand corrected.
Please go on.
Someone came through here and grabbed it when I was out playing "Name That Tune" - in the third floor lounge.
- The wine? The scrapbook! My labels are in it.
Sir Winston Churchill.
The Bulldog himself.
"Dear Nevin, thank you for your heart of courage "and your wings of valour.
You will never be forgotten.
" Signed W.
You're the Spitfire pilot who flew the Winston '45 over the Channel on VE Day.
Didn't even get to taste it.
I was just the courier.
But Mr.
Churchill had the labels sent to me as a keepsake and I held onto them.
Ever since.
Until some arsehole stole them.
Would you give us a minute, please, sir? Yeah.
Take all the time you want.
If you see Nancy out there, send her in, will you? Yeah.
If he had five extra labels That means there's five extra bottles out there.
And any one of them could be the real Winston '45.
So six bottles of Winston '45 were saved from the bombing.
How did you end up with all those dead soldiers, partner? We had a lot to talk about last night.
After the war ended, Martin's grandfather sent five bottles - to Winston Churchill.
- Which were delivered by our Spitfire pilot, Nevin.
Those bottles were uncorked and finished - on VE Day.
- Except Nevin kept the labels in a scrapbook since then.
And those labels were stolen at roughly the same time as Martin's Winston.
Why would somebody steal the real bottle from Belanger Estates when they could just make fakes - from the labels and avoid the risk? - To authenticate them.
You need to create the illusion the original is up for grabs.
- It's the Mona Lisa heist.
- What's the Mona Lisa heist? It's the case that made Angie want to become a PI.
The Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world, was stolen from the Louvre.
The thief made six flawless forgeries to sell on the black market.
So he could make six times the profit.
Knowing that none of the buyers would ever admit - to having bought a stolen painting.
- So we need to track down - the other Winston '45 buyers.
- Cassie has a list of 60 names.
What about reserve bids? If the buyers were serious They'd make a reserve bid And those bids would be secured by a bank.
How many of those were there? - Now I speak? - You speak.
We had almost twenty bidders and they pulled their bids when the news broke that the Winston was gone.
You're biting your lip.
You've got something.
Well What if we look at the reserve bids that were pulled before the news of the missing Winston broke? I'm gonna bet there's Aaron's plus four more.
Grab a seat.
Keep the attitude, have a seat here.
We'll get you back to the spa in no time, alright? (sighs) Uh? Well, that makes all of them.
- Four fake Winstons.
- And Brisbane's makes five.
All with machine-blown glass and freshly glued labels.
Which means none of them is the real Winston '45.
What did our buyers have to say? They're all singing the same tune.
Contacted anonymously, assured they were getting the real Winston, transfered 250 G's offshore and went to pick up their bottle.
- Never from the same location.
- No.
Makes sense.
You don't want the buyers running into each other.
Let's run through the drop points.
We got Chong's Chinese Palace and Rona Jean's Silver Moon Salon.
Glen Manor Bingo Hall.
The public library.
Century Club Aquafit.
Who are we after here? - Granny Oakley? - Do you see it? - What are we looking at? - Smack-dab in the middle Crestfield Gardens retirement home.
(elevator dings) Hi.
The shuttle driver said only one person visited all the drop sites.
Nancy Colgate.
- Fourth door on the right.
- Do we really believe that an octogenarian heisted the priceless Winston '45? I guess we're about to find out.
- (knocking) - Good afternoon, ma'am.
We're questioning all the residents here at Crestfield to see if their experience Sssh! Sssssh! Get in here, - both of you.
- OK - What have you got? - I beg your pardon? Nevin told me everything.
It would mean the world to him if you could - get those labels back.
- Um - I don't understand.
- I'm Nancy.
Nevin and I are (both): Oh! That Nancy.
Wait a minute.
If you two are so close, then why did you help steal his labels? - What are you talking about? - Well We know you made deliveries to these five locations.
I did.
As a favor to my granddaughter.
What does this have to do with Nevin's labels? You didn't look inside the packages? No.
Why would I? Why are you looking in my fridge? My granddaughter gave me that one.
She's a wine expert.
Would you happen to have a photograph - of your granddaughter? - Of course I do! - Shade.
- Simone is amazing.
She knows everything about wine.
So that's lot 34.
Hey, Simone.
You got a minute? Does it look like I've got a minute? The auction is about to begin in a few hours and we've had to pull 50 extra bottles out of the wine cellar to try to make up for the lost Winston.
Actually, that's why we're here.
We may have some good news.
- Is that? - The Winston '45.
At least, we think it is.
We need your help to authenticate it.
Because if you say it's real, then it is, right? So? Is it real? Is it the last of its kind in existence? Yes.
It's incredible.
You found it! - Are you sure? - I'd stake my reputation on it.
- Um.
- What about this one? Is this one the last of its kind as well? Or What about this one? Or This one? They seem to be multiplying.
I don't understand any of this.
I get it, Simone.
You put your stamp on thousands of bottles for the rich and ignorant and you never reap the bounty.
So you stole the Holy Grail of wines and then leaked the story to the press.
Which was all the proof your buyers needed that you had the real Winston '45.
Then, you played on their greed and sold them all fakes.
But to use your own grandma as a wine mule? That's a whole new level of tasteless.
You can't link any of this to me.
And the only thing a jury would convict my grandmother of is a bad palate.
Maybe she's right, guys.
I guess the only thing left to do not is drink.
Your grandmother was kind enough to give us this bottle.
- Care to join us? - I probably shouldn't.
Hey, do you have a corkscrew? - There must be one around here.
- Oh, my God! What have you done? The Winston '45! You have no idea what I went through to keep this safe! It was the last one.
And now it's gone.
Shadow Vintage.
100% grape juice.
Only the thief would know the real Winston '45 - was under that label.
- Now everyone else does too.
Martin loaned us an old bottle out of his cellar.
Total cost: less than 10$.
But seeing the expression on your face when that bottle hit the ground Priceless.
(sighs) (indistinct radio chatter) Et voilà.
The one and only Winston '45.
There's still time to get it in the auction.
The bidding may be even higher after the adventure it's been on.
This doesn't belong in an auction.
So are you putting it back in the cellar? No, it doesn't belong in a cellar, either.
Not something this beautiful.
So what are you gonna do? I need to ask you a favor, Shadow.
(knocking) It's open.
Nevin? Finally.
Did you find my labels? They're a little the worse for wear, but yes.
Fantastic! I thought they'd be gone forever.
Would a 50 do? Uh, it's on the house.
You need something like this at my age to remember who you were.
About that.
There's There's actually someone here who'd like to meet you.
Ainslie? My name is Martin Belanger.
I think you knew my grandfather.
Oh, my goodness! Oh, he was a good man.
I would be honored if you would tell me about him over a drink.
- Is is that? - The Winston '45.
Last of its kind.
I'd never thought I'd ever be able to taste this.
Sit sit down.
Sit down, everybody.
I think it might be wasted on me.
You may be surprised.
- To seizing the day! - Whenever it may come.
- Hey! Bad time? - For you? Never.
- I came to give you this.
- Oh! I feel weird taking money from you.
No! Martin covered half your fee and my company was so over the moon about the auction, minus the Winston '45, that they picked up the rest.
Really? Then I will take that.
This, however This is from me.
It's an Henri Lepagnier.
Open it in a year.
It'll blow your mind.
Only if you come back and drink it with me.
You know what? I don't know where I'll be.
I gave my two-week notice.
What? You love that job! I thought I did.
But after working with you and Shade, I realized that I was just collecting commissions on other people's passions, you know, not my own.
So what's next? I don't know.
Maybe a wine apprenticeship in the Rhone Valley.
Somebody in college told me the key to happiness - was freedom.
- Ha! Ha! Ha! - That was a long time ago.
- So, what happened? Really, what happened? Did you grow up? You got cautious? You lose your sense of spontaneity? Geez, just call me boring and get it over with.
You're far from boring, Ange.
But maybe I was wrong.
You have changed.
Come on, you used to go after what you wanted.
Just saying Here.
Come here.
Remember: one year.
OK? Somebody special.
(Jules): I thought Mom was picking me up.
I was in the neighbourhood, so I figured I'd swing by.
You don't mind, do you? No.
No, of course not.
Look, Dad, I'm sorry about the other day.
I didn't mean to mess with our family tradition or Honey, that wasn't your fault.
I got hung up on something that didn't matter.
Hey, I I got you something.
Here you go.
What is it? It's Rossi, the best olive oil on the market.
For the next time we order from Sal's.
- Dad, thank you! - (chuckles) I guess Part of me wants you to stay a 12-years-old girl forever.
Dad I'll always be your little girl.
- I miss Italy.
- Yeah, I know you do, honey.
That's why I've got one more little surprise for you.
Where are we going? Almost there, honey.
Just a few more steps.
And here she is! Our guest of honor! - Hey, Jules.
- Hi, sweetie.
- Wow, everybody's here.
- Hello.
- Have a seat, miss.
- Thank you.
It's not quite Italy, honey, but it's as close as I could get.
- It's perfect, Dad.
- Now, you get to be the first - to try our most recent vintage.
- Um - Relax, Shadow.
- Oh, when in Rome - Right on.
- (laughing) - Thank you.
- A toast.
To traditions, new and old.
Wouldn't you rather have a beer? No! I've I've learned a few things in the last couple of days.
About wine.
To another great case.
Solved by two brilliant detectives.
- Wait! - Gotcha.