Privileged s01e07 Episode Script

All About the Haves and the Have Nots

1 previously on privileged - does your dad know you're back? - no.
So, doesn't know, not telling him.
got it.
Somebody stole my tennis bracelet.
I don't want to make a scene.
Just give back the bracelet and go.
Megan's already told me, You've been acting all weird lately.
I'm just trying to get over her.
You can't just drop a lifelong friendship Without telling the other person what you're doing.
I'm sorry for accusing you of taking the bracelet.
Rose remembered that she loaned it to a friend.
"i'm sorry" means nothing Coming from you.
You probably think i'm a terrible person.
I may not know everything that down with you guys in the past, But i saw this one from start to finish.
This one's all on you.
Good morning, ladies! Ok, that first-thing-in-the-morning chipper voice you do? Gotta stop.
Well, i have a reason to be chipper.
While laurel's away, She asked me to open up any mail from school, So i opened up this letter,and vila- Your progress reports.
- double vila- - they're good.
Yeah, we know.
We get a copy of them at school.
Oh, yes, well, i can see why that would make sense.
Anywho, i am really impressed.
And now that we've got your grades into a groove, I think it's time to kick things into high gear.
Meaning what? Meaning we need to add some extracurricular activities To your high school experience.
You know, beef up your college applications.
One does not get into duke on g.
Take a good look at us, perky.
- do we look like mathletes? - ok, don't worry.
i did some research, And i think i found the perfect volunteer opportunity for you girls.
Old people.
old people.
- i won't do bed pans.
- yeah, and i don't look good in stripes, So the whole candy cane outfit, It's not gonna work for me.
Ok, no bed pans and no stripes.
I hooked you up with an organization called once upon a dress.
They provide donated dresses to high school girls Who can't afford them for prom and homecoming.
so they wear used dresses? - i'd sooner borrow someone's toothbrush.
- uh-huh.
But you're gonna do it anyway, right? - ok.
- i guess.
well, great.
i'll be by later to pick you up And take you girls to the local high school To pick up the dresses.
This is gonna be super fun! See, that's not chipper, it's upbeat.
Subtle difference.
Ok, you look good in stripes.
It's because i'm tall.
What happened? are you ok? Is he gonna take a blood test? Because needles freak me out.
For a minute there, i was touched by your concern.
This is dr.
besser, this is megan.
- she's the new tutor.
- oh, nice to meet you.
Uh, fill this out.
besser does the annual checkups for everyone here on staff.
He makes sure laurel's premiums And our cholesterol levels stay nice and low.
A doctor that does housecalls? - how quaint.
- he gets 5 grand a day.
And by "quaint," i mean "holy crap.
" You can take my blood pressure,but no needles.
Can't do them.
seriously, There's, you know, fainting, there's crying, - and it's just- it's not pretty.
- you didn't finish the form.
Oh, no allergies, no history of anything scary.
Oh, except my great aunt tina, She had a lousy colon.
I don't really know what was lousy about her colon, But i just remember everyone used to talk about it.
What about your in-case-of-emergency contact information? Oh, i didn't even see that.
You can put down anyone-mom, dad, it doesn't matter.
Yeah, well, mom left when i was seven, So that's a big no.
And dad is a lover of the sauce,if you know what i'm saying.
Haven't talked to him in a year,so - that's not gonna work.
- oh, boy.
I could put charlie, although let's face it, He's not really returning my phone calls these days.
So that's probably not the most responsible emergency contact.
He's dating someone knew, you know how that goes.
I have another appointment.
Yeah, like i'm gonna put down will.
Hey, will.
Hey, megan.
I guess i'll get that from you later.
So, i haven't seen you around lately.
Yeah, i took a trip down to casa de campo with some buddies of mine.
Oh, because who doesn't like to party in the dominican republic, - right? - exactly.
And i've been spending a lot of time with lily.
Oh, does that mean she's your girlfriend now? - no, we're just- - spending time.
Um, does she still hate me because of the whole bracelet thing? - well, she doesn't not hate you.
- right.
Then again, she does talk about you a lot, So obviously she cares what you think about her.
- look, will, i- - i'm not getting involved, But i have gotten to know lily a lot these past few weeks, And i don't think she's as bad as you make her out to be.
I mean, she's damaged for sure, But she's a sweet girl.
I think she just wants people to accept her for who she is.
I do accept her.
No, you don't.
You're mad that she's not more together.
No, i'm not mad.
I'm frustrated.
I know how smart she is.
If she would just put all that psycho energy Into doing something good for her life Instead of making beer bongs, then Whatever.
Look, i'm happy you guys are hanging out.
And if you want, you can tell her that i'm sorry.
I'll talk to her.
It ain't gonna be lily.
Are you sure this is the right place? Heh.
Welcome to the public school system, ladies.
Oh, this reminds me.
i forgot to tivo prison break.
It's so sad.
I mean how could they allow fluorescent lighting When half the kids who go here Can't even afford regular visits to their dermatologist? News for you.
This is the kind of place most kids go to school.
Now i know why there's so much crime in this country.
You know, my high school is just a couple miles away, And it was way worse.
We used to have to go through metal detectors.
That must have been so hard for you.
You know, with the headgear.
Excuse me, are you pam? Hi there.
you must be megan.
It's so nice to meet you.
And i take it this is rose and sage Hi.
Did megan explain what once upon a dress is all about? - yeah, yeah, kind of.
- yeah, she did.
she totally did.
The dresses are donated, and it's so great.
Well, that's part of it, yes.
Basically there are 6 girls here at the school Who have been chosen to receive a donated dress For next week's homecoming dance.
But, uh, obviously the dresses, Well, they could use a little altering To fit these particular girls tastes.
it's our little project runway.
Here are their measurements.
What is this material, aluminum? That is just so sad.
As you can see, the girls cannot wait to jump in and start altering.
well, here's their volunteer form, Let's load you up.
Excuse me, dear.
I'll get this here.
For you.
Now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Can we just hurry? Yeah, we're not really in the mood to get shot right now.
Oh, my god.
- what? - what, did somebody break into your car? Do you know that man? Whoa.
nice getaway.
Is that some guy who owes you money or something? That's my dad.
Maybe he didn't see you.
Oh, he definitely saw me.
- was their eye contact? - full frontal eye contact.
He saw me and just drove off.
- did you call him? - no, i called charlie, Who didn't answer, again.
and then i found you.
you are so about to become my in case of emergency.
Well, i'm honored and confused.
- why would your dad ignore you? - exactly.
I mean, what kind of deep psychological damage Is this man trying to pull, Pretending to not see your own daughter? It's like some new kind of chinese water torture, Just without the chinese water.
But you haven't called him since you've been in town, right? 0 right.
- so How is him ignoring you at the coffee shop Different than you ignoring him this whole time? Ooh, 2 bucks.
Because my ignoring was much more esoteric.
He didn't know i was in town, So he didn't know i was ignoring him.
- way less hurtful.
- i see.
His ignoring was blatant and quite rude.
But if he hadn't seen you today, what would you have done? Probably gotten in your car and bolted out of there, right? - possibly.
but again- - sing it to another sister, mister.
You and your old man are playing a game, And as far as i can see, it's the same game.
all right.
I should have called him when i got back into town.
Charlie told me that he was living on a boat in the marina.
And it would have been easy for me to just say hi, But, you know, i just i didn't.
Why not? Bullet point version? My dad was a drunk And generally unemployed since my mom left.
I took care of lily to the extent that i could Bided my time until i could get out of there, Which i did, That was 5 years ago.
I sort of checked out after that.
- so now you're afraid that if you check back in - we're gonna fall into the same patterns- He's going to be drinking I'm going to be taking care of him.
- it doesn't have to be that way.
- right.
'cause family dynamics are so easy to change.
Look how well lily and i are doing.
- how do you know he hasn't changed? - i don't.
But if he has changed, then he should be the one to call.
I mean, he's the grown-up here, right? Honey, we're all grown-ups now.
Don't listen to him, mr.
it's so days of our lives, don't you think? I guess.
A father and daughter who haven't spoken to each other in years.
They share this really intense look in a scuzzy part of town, And then he hops in his beat-up old car And he drives away? And i mean, why didn't she call out to him? I mean, who was ignoring who? Whom.
who? Toss me the sun block.
I'm still trying to decide if he's hot.
You know, there has to be a certain age Where you can't call a man a hottie anymore, He's just hot-ish.
Your, um, dresses.
What are you doing? I told you to give those to hilda for alterations.
And your tutor asked hilda to return them to you via me.
But if you don't know how to sew, I can help you.
for a fee, of course.
We know how to sew.
Yeah, diane von furstenberg, She taught me how to top-stitch when i was 10.
Even if we get them to fit, They're still going to be these hideous poofy things.
They're dreadful.
If you ask me, you should start over entirely.
You know what, ramster, That's not such a bad idea.
fishing ??jours cap antie Hello.
Next tour's in 5 minutes.
It's me, dad.
Wow, look at you.
You look like a million bucks.
- your hair's darker.
- yeah, i dyed it.
Well, it used to be that color, when you were little.
You look good.
- thanks.
you do, too.
- yeah, well, lost a few pounds.
- i can see that.
I noticed that yesterday.
I saw you at the coffee shop.
You saw me? I did? - you looked right at me.
- heh.
i'm a little lost.
Uh, were you at the coffee shop yesterday? Uh no.
I - i was at the high school for work,but i - so, you have a boat? - uh, yeah, yeah.
for a while now.
I do ok.
overcharging tourists,you know, Sightseeing up and down the intercoastal.
A little fishing, a little snorkeling.
- i give the people what they want.
- yeah, sounds good.
well, i'm not exactly captain of the love boat.
White knee socks and shorts Is not a good look on any man.
- so, you're down here for work, then? - yeah, i, um I got a job tutoring these girls in palm beach.
It just happened.
i- i would have called, But i've just been busy setting in, so Sure.
You look really good.
Well, 18 months sober.
I know you're too polite to ask, But i-i wanted you to know.
That's amazing.
- well, it is what it is.
- no, i mean, dad, that's great.
I mean, i'm really proud of you.
That's really, really, really great.
So, i hate to say this, - but my next tour's in about 5 minutes.
-oh, yeah, yeah.
no, sure.
I've got to clean out the boat and everything.
- yeah, yeah, yeah.
Maybe we could have dinner now that i'm back in town.
Uh, yeah, maybe.
Well, my boss is out of town.
Maybe tomorrow night? Whatever works for your schedule.
Ok, great.
There you go.
um Well, i'll see you tomorrow.
bye, dad.
Ææàãðü×Ãä»×é³Ãæ· Hey, where have you been? i was looking everywhere for you.
Occasionally i do love to see my boyfrid.
- hard to believe, i know.
- well, everything went really well with my dad yesterday.
You were so right, He is a completely different person.
He's sober and employed.
I do love a girl with low standards.
He's coming over for dinner tonight.
We're gonna catch up.
you know, like real father and daughter.
I'm thinking rib-eye steak, Mashed potatoes, heavy on the gravy.
I love you, marco.
Hey, lily.
You've gotten sneakier in your old age, you know that? - what are you talking about? - using a third party buffer To try and fix our situation.
- feels like something i would do.
- i wasn't trying to be sneaky.
I just was You know, trying to get us out of our fight.
And i understand if you're still mad at me.
- good.
because i am.
- i figured as much.
I told will that you probably wouldn't be interested in making up.
What does will have to do with this? I'm talking about dad.
What about dad? He invited me to this stupid dinner you're throwing tonight.
Genius move, by the way.
- dad invited you to dinner? - see, i knew it.
You probably thought i'd say no Because i hate you right now, And then you'd get the credit for doing the invite And still look like the perfect daughter.
- that would be sneaky of me.
- yeah.
i'm coming.
What time? 8:00 Don't expect me to be nice.
I never do.
Where's my guacamole? My sister is coming over for dinner, So you better make that 3 steaks.
Actually, four.
Who's the fourth? Ok, i think we should go, like, flower theme.
Like, you know, make it really cute like that.
Like, hand me that- that flower right there.
Oh, no, no.
i-that makes me scared.
Of what? God, we can't make them any worse than they already are.
Yeah, but all we were supposed to do was alter them.
Pam didn't say a thing about completely changing them.
Pam is an idiot.
We cannot let those girls go to homecoming Looking like fashion road kill.
This is needless suffering.
Yeah, you're right.
Yeah, we have to help them.
- oh, my god.
- don't worry about it.
it's fine.
We don't need that part anyway.
We didn't need the whole bottom part of the skirt? No, i have an idea for that.
can you just give me the flower? What? Megan asked me to remind you that the dresses are going back to the school tomorrow.
So But clearly you have things under control here.
Wait! Is megan out with her dad again? I'm not sure where she is.
You never ask me about my family.
Does rami have a family? all swell sorp shop Hey there, stranger.
Carlos said i'd find you here.
Yeah, i'm just running a few errands during my break.
Oh, well, um, i would have called, But it seems as though you have forgotten how to operate a phone.
- sorry, i've been kind of swamped.
-well, um, do you have a minute? I know you've got to get back,but - i swear, it'll just take a minute.
- what's up? I need you to come over for dinner tonight.
- i'm sorry, i can't.
i got- - my dad's coming.
- how did that happen? - i invited him.
I went to go see him the other day and It's a much longer story And i'll tell you all the details later.
But the point is, Is that it was supposed to be just us for dinner, And then he invited lily.
- ok, so? - so, that sucks.
I mean, it was just supposed to be me and him.
He's changed so much since i left, I thought this was gonna be the start of a real relationship for us.
- then why would you need me there? - well, you know, Now that lily's there, The whole dynamic's gonna be thrown off.
- and we're in this stupid fight.
- what else is new? I know, but i just want it to be nice.
And my dad loves you, and i just thought maybe you could come And keep it light and breezy.
I'm not really feeling light and breezy these days, megan.
Plus i've been fighting this cold.
Are you serious? You're actually going to give me the "i have a cold" excuse? I'm not giving you any excuse.
I already told you i can't come.
But that was before you knew how important this was.
- look, if you have plans with mandy- - i'm not doing anything with mandy.
- i just- - then what is it? Why haven't your returned my phone call for the past week? I've been busy, that's all.
Charlie, will you please come? I really need you there.
- let me see what i can do.
- good.
- i gotta check with carlos.
- dinner's at 8:00.
Thank you.
Hey, girls.
It's all under control.
Um, that's exactly what i wanted to hear.
Look, i'm sort of having this spontaneous dinner party.
And well, technically, it starts in 30 minutes.
I already called laurel and she said that it was ok.
Who's coming? Charlie, lily, and my dad.
Your dad is coming over? - is that ok? - i mean, i know i said i would help you with the dresses.
We don't need help.
- maybe i should reschedule.
- no, don't be silly.
We're fine.
just go-go have fun with your family.
yeah, let's not get crazy.
Um, ok.
Well, thanks, rose.
Maybe we could add some velvet to this one.
Cover the top with like a bolero thing.
And burn it.
Rose? She seemed really nervous, didn't she? God, i bet tonight's gonna be so intense for her.
I guess.
Aren't you curious what he's like? - not really.
- i am.
I can sort of picture him.
He probably has this great smile.
Kind of quiet,maybe a little soft spoken.
He's probably sad for all the time he's lost with megan, But he's-he's super proud of her now.
Are you ok? Yeah.
i'm acting weird.
No, you're not.
It's just It kind of sounded like you were talking about our dad.
That whole soft spoken thing.
That was so him.
God, it was, right? I just remember him having this Really warm voice.
You know, kind of quiet.
I just hope it goes really well for her tonight, that's all.
Well, don't you look de-lovely.
You look pretty dapper yourself.
I was gonna go all out with the musk, But then i remembered it's a straight crowd.
You're gonna be fine.
Please be charlie.
Please be charlie.
please be charlie.
And will? I brought a date.
You didn't know i was coming? Hey, are we late for the party? What? Yeah, what's on the menu for this thing? I'm starving.
They're eating with us? It's our house and our food.
So technically you're eating with us.
Hello Hi dad.
smith, hi.
Welcome to our home.
Oh, here, Let me help you with your coat.
thank you.
I didn't realize it was gonna be such a big party.
Oh, that makes two of us.
We'll eat as soon as charlie gets here.
Yeah, no problem.
So, dad, did you have any trouble finding the place? No, no.
Kind of hard to miss.
So, arthur, Megan's never told us much about you.
Yeah, like, what do you do? He has a tour boat for cruises.
It goes along the intercoastal.
Well, that's cool.
Hey, next time you're out there, you should just honk.
We'll come out and wave.
Is there anything to drink? Yeah, there's tea and sparkling lemonade.
What is this, bingo night? i mean something to drink drink.
I just, um- - well, i thought since dad wasn't drinking that- - come on, This house must have an insane wine cellar.
Ha ha ha we do.
What, we do.
Don't stop on my account.
please, have some wine.
Oh, i'm fine.
Yeah, i don't want any either, But, lily, if you need wine, I can go get you some.
- any idea when charlie's coming? - i think it's so great That you decided to stop drinking.
- yeah.
are you in aa? - sage, that's a really personal question.
It's ok.
I've been in a program for about 18 months now.
Yeah, we hear it really works.
We know so many people who have done it.
Oh, maybe he knows jordanna's father.
- really tall, kind of effeminate.
- ok.
anyone need any more rolls? So it's going well? It's like a perfect storm Of everyone who gives me anxiety in my life.
I mean, all that's missing is kurt fullman.
Old boyfriend? No, no.
tenth grade lab partner.
He had a lazy eye.
totally creeped me out.
Hey, it's charlie.
leave a message.
Here's a message for you.
Where the hell are you? we're waiting on you.
- why isn't he here? - look, cherie, If i have to hold off any longer, Your guests are gonna have 2 choices for their steaks- Well done or extra crispy.
Ok, you're right.
I can get you a flask.
There's isn't a flask big enough in the world.
Just bring out the steaks.
So she signs us up for this once upon a mess.
Oh, stop.
It's not mess, it's dress.
Ok, whatever.
we've got to alter these 6 really, really sad dresses In, like, no time.
And the lady from the high school What's her name again? - pam.
- right, pam.
so she says that this thing is gonna be just like project runway, but hello, newsflash, project runway - is edited.
- is edited.
Well, the truth is, We wouldn't be doing this whole charity thing If it weren't for megan.
she's helped us so much.
Well, that doesn't surprise me one bit.
Of course it doesn't seem like the two of you need much help.
You're gracious hostesses, good manners.
Your parents obviously raised you right.
Oh, um, dad, actually, the girls' parents passed away.
oh, i'm so sorry.
- don't worry about it.
- no, no, no.
it's ok.
Megan and lily were into fashion, too, - when they were younger.
- really? you're into fashion? Oh, yeah.
Remember, you used to pull all your mom's clothes out of her closet And dress up you and lily.
- no way.
- oh, my god, i forgot about that.
- you used to put on mom's dress.
- yeah, the flowery one with all that lace.
And you made me wear that green dress with all the rhinestones.
- ok, it wasn't as bad as it sounds.
- yes, they were.
I looked like a miniature dolly parton, - minus the boobs.
- minus the boobs.
You guys would dress up all the time And put on these little shows for us.
And then all of a sudden you just stopped.
How come? Well, maybe 'cause mom left and took all of her clothes.
Mom didn't just leave.
It was Megan, i know this has always been an issue for you, But it was a lot more complicated than that.
We don't have to do this right now.
Let's just skip it, ok? What's so complicated, dad? She walked out and left you alone to raise us.
And you did a find job of it, sir.
Rose, could you pass the asparagus? We should also thank marco for this amazing meal.
Is there some reason we can't talk about mom? She took off.
It's not like she's dead.
She's right, megan.
Now, what these girls went through is a lot worse than what you went through.
- of course it is.
i was- - you were just too young To understand what was going on at the time.
She never nted to understand.
She just wants to hate mom forever.
Ok, look, stop.
If you guys want to talk about mom all night, be my guests, But we're not gonna do that here.
Whatever you want, megan.
That's rose's bracelet.
These are mine.
No, that one.
the tennis bracelet.
Yeah, i recognize the engraving on the clasp.
- that's rose's bracelet.
- let go of my wrist.
I thought you loaned that bracelet out to a friend.
You have some serious balls stealing a bracelet And then wearing it back to the scene of the crime.
That's because she didn't think that you guys were eating with us.
And because??? I love how you let me feel awful.
- shut up, megan.
- lily, Did you steal that bracelet? Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous.
You want the stupid thing? Take it.
I'm out of here.
Excuse me.
I can't find my damn keys.
What? - nothing.
i, uh- - don't give me that disappointed look.
- i get that enough from my sister.
- i'm not giving you any look.
I didn't steal that bracelet, ok? Rose gave it to me.
Or i thought she gave it to me.
- why would you think- - what difference does it make? These girls have everything.
And they take it all for granted.
So i borrowed a stupid bracelet.
so what? I thought she gave it to you.
You know what, This thing with us, whatever it is, It's not really working anymore.
And he agrees.
I thought we could do this.
No, you thought you could be my knight in shining armor And save me, or change me.
Or whatever.
I don't think anybody can change you, lily.
I'll see you around.
Ok, i know that you're freaking out right now, But you have to remember, there was a whole party going on.
- i couldn't just- - ok, wait, stop.
Before you go down another lying road again, Let's back up.
Did you think that you lent the bracelet out to precious or not? - you knew it was stolen at the party? - well, yeah, But i didn't know for sure that lily stole it.
But you knew that you didn't lend it out.
So basically you hung me out to dry.
- you're mad, aren't you? - no, i'm not mad.
i just I'm trying to figure out the logic behind it.
It's just that you and lily, you were getting along so well At that party together.
And then the whole bracelet thing ruined it.
No, the bracelet thing didn't ruin it.
Lily stealing ruined it.
And you covering up for her made me feel awful.
Yeah, but that part wasn't supposed to happen.
Ok, she was supposed to forgive you, And you guys were supposed to be friends again.
Oh, that is really sweet in a way that's Totally messed up.
I just I just think it's silly that you guys, You don't talkto each other And you live so close.
You know how you always tell me and sage How lucky we are to have the things that we have? Well, you have things, too.
Like a family.
Yeah, that's true.
And I know that this may sound ungrateful,but They're not the kind of family that i want.
I get it.
You're not the osbournes.
But so what? I would give up every single one of my tennis bracelets Just to have dinner with my dad again.
Are you done yet? 'cause in case you forgot, Rose and i have a ton of work to do.
We're done.
um I thought you guys left.
Lily did.
We had a Well, i guess you could say we broke up, Even though we weren't officially a couple to begin with.
- well, i'm sorry.
- no.
I'm sorry.
I never should have interfered in your relationship Or acted like i knew anything, Because obviously i didn't.
Well, like you said, Lily can be really sweet when she wants to be.
You're a good person, megan.
I'll see you later.
You really need to go to all that trouble Just to make a dessert? Well, it's the secret to a perfect crme brule.
Plus, using a torch makes me feel butch.
Ooh, dessert.
Should we eat it in here? You know, now that everyone's gone, - we don't have to be so formal.
- actually, i should probably get going myself.
Ok, um, good night, then.
Thanks for dinner.
That was a really nice thing you tried to do.
Charlie was right, you know.
Charlie told So you know that i've been living down here the whole time.
We don't need to get into all that.
The point is, i'm proud of you.
I just Nice to meet you, marco.
Did you call them? I did.
they didn't pick up.
But let's not panic.
Sorry we're late.
It took us a while to find some extra security To come down here with us.
Plus we got sidetracked at neiman's.
I mean, how do you choose between a valentino bow pump And a miu miu ballet flat? Where are the girl's dresses? Oh, they're right here.
Ok, who's amelia? Ok.
yay! This is gonna look so cute on you.
Excuse me, ladies.
- where's nina? - what is going on here? There are not the dresses i gave you to alter.
Yeah, those got kind of messed up.
You girls were supposed to donate Your time and energy to a cause.
Not charge a bunch of overpriced dresses to your credit cards.
You've completely missed the point.
Listen u spam.
My sister and i spent 2 full days Trying to turn those train wrecks you gave us Into something great.
And you know what, we couldn't.
And you know why we couldn't? Because you can't make a filet mignon out of chopped meat.
Every girl deserves one night Where they get to feel like a queen.
And the best way to feel like a queen Is to wear alexander mcqueen.
So that's what we did.
We tried, we failed, we shopped.
And if you want to take those gowns away from them, If you want to tell nina, amelia, and Nazaktar over there That they don't deserve the finer things in life, then go ahead.
You want to be a dream crusher, Be my guest.
Yeah! Sign our volunteer form now? Thanks so much.
um How was the dinner with your dad? The dinner with my dad, That one that you completely bailed on? I told you yesterday i wasn't sure i could make it.
Yeah, i know why you couldn't make it.
You told my dad that i was back in town.
He told you about that, huh? Yeah, he told me, after he lied to me about it.
When i first went to go see him, He acted like he didn't know that i was here.
Well, you didn't want him to know, So maybe he was just holding up his end of the lie.
Why didn't you tell me that he knew? Or better yet, why did you tell him when i specifically asked you not to? I told you when you first got back That i didn't want to lie to your dad.
That was a messed up thing you asked me to do.
If you felt that strongly about it, You should have said somethi.
It wouldn't have mattered.
- you would have done what you wanted anyway.
- ok, that's complete crap, charlie, And you know it.
It's like you're this totally different person, And i don't know why you are, but it sucks.
I don't know what you want me to say.
I'm not going to apologize for not lying to your father.
How about you apologize for lying to me? Or bailing on me.
- you don't get it.
- no, i don't.
- i'm late for work.
- you know what, fine.
If this is what you want, then you win.
I'm done trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with you.
You clearly want nothing to do with me.
And as long as you're acting like this much of a dick, I don't want anything to do with you either.
Hi, marco.
Are the girls upstairs? They are.
And you have a visitor.
- marco, would you- - i'm already gone.
Sorry to drop by without calling.
I just felt bad about last night.
Thought we should talk.
Yeah, we should.
I could go first if it'll make it easier.
Why did you invite lily? Pressure, i guess.
She pressured you to invite her? No, pressure from you.
I thought about having dinner alone with you.
but i- Honestly didn't think i could handle it.
Figured if lily was along, She'd take some of the heat off things between us.
And she did.
bless her - thieving little heart.
- i know she's got problems.
But, you know, in some ways it's easier for me to be around lily than you.
- why? - 'cause i don't have to worry about disappointing her.
- she was so young when your m left- - i was seven.
Yeah, well, you were born older.
So you were just gonna go on living your life Knowing that i was just a few miles away And never call me? I honestly didn't think you wanted me to.
I was a terrible father, megan.
I don't blame you for hating me.
I don't hate you.
I did hate you.
But i don't anymore.
I can see how much you've changed, And i just thought this would, you know, be a great opportunity to start over.
That's what scared me to death.
I saw how you looked at me when you came down to the docks the other day, Like suddenly you thought i was jimmy stewart or something.
The way you looked at me at the coffee shop Was a lot easier to deal with.
I knew it.
i knew you saw me.
I don't need you to be jimmy stewart.
because i'm not.
You've always thought your family, Your job, your lae, It had to be perfect, but it can't be.
If you get 80% out of what you're hoping for,that's That's pretty good.
Megan, i know i've been a disappointment as a father, I may continue to disappoint you,but I'm gonna try like hell to be at least an 80??? - if you'll let me.
- i'd accept 75.
And i'm gonna need your phone number, You know, in case of emergencies.
I'm so proud of us.
I know.
We weretoday.
Except not all old and dumpy.
There you girls are.
I am so sorry.
i had the weirdest day, And i completely lost track of time.
- excuses, excuses.
- i know, i know.
I will call pam And i will take the heat for everything.
Maybe i could buy us some more time.
No worries, we already took care of everything.
What do you mean you took care of everything? You know what, I don't even want to know.
Toss me that spoon.
It's good.
Looks good.