Privileged s01e15 Episode Script

All About the Big Picture

previously on privileged You and i aren't perfect either.
Maybe i don't want to settle.
What happened? we broke up.
Mom's home? She came home a couple of weeks ago.
You all sat around like a perfect little family And decided to leave me here? You gave my mom the money to bail lily out of jail,didn't you? Yeah,i did.
The charges against me were dropped.
Mom bailed you out.
she went down there.
No,she didn't.
i never saw mom.
Where's mom? Went to get her hair done this afternoon.
I'm sure she's on her way home.
I don't think she is.
Privileged 1x15 " all about the big picture " Stupid phone.
Stop the check.
what check? The check that you gave my mom to bail lily out of jail.
You need to cancel it.
Unless you gave her cash.
Please tell me that you did not give my mom A briefcase full of cash.
no,because we're not in mission impossible.
What is go Lily wasn't bailed out.
What are you talking about? i thought you said you saw her.
She was released from jail.
They found sleazy sammy on his way down to acapulco, And the charges against lily were dropped.
And my mom is gone.
And so is your $25,000 check.
Wait,what do you mean she's gone? Ok,look,i will explain everything later, But right now i need less talking And more cancelling of checks.
The bank is closed.
You're a billionaire! I mean,isn't there a special hotline for you guys? Right.
1-800-i'm rich.
That's not enough numbers.
All right,i'll call my accountant.
That's a good plan.
Hello there.
And who might you be? oh,hi.
I'm megan smith.
I'm will's girlfriend.
Sorry,it might be a little sweaty.
The megan smith? Heh,yeah.
Well,i'm will's dad.
It's great to finally meet you.
I'll just take that back.
So,sir,it's nice to meet you.
I wasn't expecting you here.
I thought you were still in london.
Please,call me tom.
Will told me all about you.
My wife's going to be so disappointed she missed you.
She's already in bed.
Oh,i wish i was there.
Well,um,not with her.
I just,you know,i'm also very tired as well.
What are you doing this weekend? Can you come over for dinner on friday? M- uh,yh.
thank you.
hey,will, I've just invited your lovely girlfriend Over for dinner friday night.
I guess you can come,too.
All right,the jetlag has finally taken hold.
I'm gonna hit the sack.
Megan,looking forward to friday.
Good night.
Did you cancel the check? She cashed it this morning.
What? Oh,my god,she did? she cashed it.
Oh,my god.
I can't believe this is happening.
i kind of can't believe it either.
I thought maybe i was wrong, Maybe something happened,but no.
No,she just she left us.
She just left us again.
I'm so sorry,will.
Don't be.
i'll figure it out.
I don't know how to fix this.
I - i can't pay you back.
You don't have to.
None of this is your fault.
So your dad invited me over for dinner friday night.
Yeah,i heard that.
Think he'll mind if your girlfriend's mom's a felon? It's a 4-day seminar at the culinary institute in san francisco.
Luis is the youngest in his class Because he's such a genius.
I don't know how you girls walk so fast in those heels.
Rose could teach you.
You guysre probably the same size.
Oh,hey,are you free tonight? The aero theatre is showing one of my favorite bond movies - goldfinger.
Oh,i wish i could, But sage and i have to go to this party thing.
What is it again? A record release.
I don't know who the artist is, But apparently rihanna's gonna be there.
Rihanna? no way.
How'd you score those invites? Our publicist.
Yeah,i wish i could take you, But she didn't give us any plus ones.
Oh,that's-that's ok.
don't worry about it.
Call me after? Ok.
Ok,seriously,what's happening? You're dating a mathlete.
And you won't even make fun of him.
Is your part different? Your nose looks gigantic today.
Thank you.
It's the little things.
What did you do to the fridge? Oh,i couldn't sleep.
that makes two of us.
I'm not ready to talk about it yet,marco.
And,um,where did the coffee mugs go? Corner cabinet.
I rearranged the whole kitchen.
It's more efficient this way.
Haven't heard from keith? Nope.
You ok? Or are you not ready to talk about it either? i'm great.
i've got your season 3 box set of friends And 4 more refrigerators to organize.
Ahh,season 3,that was an excellent year.
But as much as i believe in the healing power of ross and rachel, It is not what i recommend for a breakup.
The only way to get over a boyfriend Is to make a big change.
You haven't seen the pantry yet.
In your life.
Like what? I don't know.
change your routine.
Uh,start a new class at the gym.
Because i'm fat? No.
not at all.
Paint your room a new color? Laurel would kill me.
change your hair? I'm not 16 or a girl or white.
Ok,there must be something.
Look,you've been focusing way too much energy into keith.
We just need to figure out a way to redirect it To make a positive change.
America's most wand,2 o'clock.
I want mom's number.
I don't have it.
how is that possible? I did have it.
it's been disconnected.
Trust me,i tried calling it Like a million times last night.
You're seriously not going to give me my own mother's number? What part of "it's disconnected" don't you understand? Look,if you don't believe me,call dad,ask him.
Why should i believe either one of you? Look,i know how you must feel.
You have no idea how i feel.
Mom was here all this time And you never once called me? I did call you.
You were on your honeymoon with your drug dealer husband, Remember? Lily.
Tell dad to get call waiting.
I've been calling him all morning And the line's busy.
Reddish hair.
5'4" and three quarters.
Yeah,sometime yesterday.
I can't be sure when.
Please,don't transfer me again.
Yes,i'll hold.
what's going on? I've been trying to file a missing persons report.
They keep telling me i have to- You have to wait 24 hours,i know.
That's ridiculous.
Think we should try calling hospitals? No.
Well,the cops aren't doing any good.
Dad,does any of this feel familiar? Filing missing persons reports, Calling the hospital.
This is not like last time,all right.
Your mother wouldn't just disappear.
That's exactly what she would do.
That's exactly what she did do.
That was different.
She was unhappy then.
Things have been going really great for us the past couple of weeks.
We were even talking about finding another place.
She stole $25,000 from will.
What? She asked will for the money to bail lily out of jail, And he gave it to her, But she didn't use the money for bail.
She didn't even go to see lily at all.
She lied to will.
She lied to alof us.
So lily is- She's out.
The charges against her were dropped.
She's been trying to call you all morning, But your phone's been busy.
Dad,i'm so sorry.
Look,i know how awful all of this is And i just-i just- i don't want you to get sick over this again.
I just you have worked so hard to- Man,on telephone: are you there? Hello? Yes.
yes,that's right.
Reddish brown hair.
Well,wiat am i supposed to do? So i didn't know that's what you meant When you said come over for lunch.
I'm sorry.
i just i had to get my mind off of everything.
Are you hungry? do you want a sandwich? Relax for a second.
But I still haven't heard from my dad.
Well,you just saw him a few hours ago.
He's probably processing everything.
He's not processing anything.
He's in denial,which is exactly how He handled this the last time this happened.
I should call charlie again.
I thought you said he went to visit his grandparents.
He did.
So what can charlie doe? You're spinning.
just take a breath.
Look,i just don't want my dad to fall into his old patterns again.
He's been sober for less than 2 years, And this is a lot for him to handle.
Look,i know that you're worried about him, But i'm worried about you.
Me? i'm fine.
I mean,it's not like i'm exactly shocked by this.
I feel like an idiot for falling for her crap again, But i'm fine.
So you don't think That you're falling into old patterns again? I'm just asking.
what do you mean? Ok,when you first got down here,you didn't call your dad Because you were afraid that everything was going to go back To how it was before you left for school,right? Right ish.
Basically right.
and you didn't want your family relying on you To clean up their messes again,right? This is what you told me.
i'm just confirming here.
and so here you are, And once again,everything's falling apart.
And once again you're bouncing off the walls trying to keep it together.
Well,because if i don't,who will? You think they will? I just think that you should give them a chance To see if they can pull themselves together without you.
So you're saying i should ditch my family? I'm just saying that you should try and create some boundaries,all right.
Sometimes people allow themselves to fall apart Because they know other people will be there to fix it.
Are you calling me an enabler? If the crutch fits.
Suddenly i became extremely tired.
Take a nap.
All right,i'll call you later.
Wait,don't i have dinner with your faly tonight? That's tomorrow night.
And my mom is cooking chicken marsala, So be sure to tell her that you love it.
Chicken marsala? that's my favorite.
I know.
Elyse valencour is on line two.
Again? Did you find out I tried,but she won't specify.
Then take another message.
I'm sorry,but marco would like to speak with you.
Of course.
Because clearly no one in this house Wants me to get any work done today.
Show him in.
Is this about tomorrow night's menu? No.
actually,i wanted to talk to you abt your offer.
My offer? To help me open my own restaurant.
We haven't visited this topic in some time.
I know.
but when i first started here, You mentioned you'd be wling to help me get up and running When t time came.
I take it the time has come? I got a tip on a really great space And it should be available soon.
I put a few figures together, And i was hoping you might take a look at it.
Very good.
Why don't you organize your notes And give it to geraldine when you're ready.
Well,i'm ready now.
Lotta! hey,i love ydress.
Oh,lotta loves you.
Do they have that dress in my size? Oh,my god,luis texted me.
No way.
what does it say? "hey,babe.
" oh,he called you "babe.
" I know.
"first day of ser was crazy.
"asked us to create our own quiche recipe.
"i called mine quiche sage.
Can't wait to make it for you.
" He named a quiche after me.
That is so romantic.
Have you heard from zach? No.
i think he went to that movie.
But it's almost 10:00.
how much longer do we have to stay here? I don't know.
i'm kind of over it.
You want to go? Yeah,definitely.
That's what i'm talking about.
Rose! Hey,gorgeous.
What are you doing here? My buddies manage the band.
Hey,you meet my boy pete? Hi.
Can i get you a drink? uh,no thanks.
She loves champagne.
Hey! yo,waiter.
waiter! She said no thanks.
over here,man.
No problem.
Don't do that.
Hugh hefner called.
he wants his jacket back.
at's new.
my dad got it in russia.
That's weird.
look,i'm heading out to meet some buddies.
What are you doing here? Sorry,i just Well,i'm just gonna get right to the point,i guess.
Did you meet my mom when she was here? Yeah,i did.
Do you know where i can find her? I don't.
look,maybe you should talk to megan.
I've tried.
But nothing is saying is making any sense.
All i know is that my was home And now she's gone.
And i don't know what actually went down.
But you've ylways been straight with me.
I just want to know what happened.
Yeah,she was here.
But she's gone.
Where'd she go? I don't know.
When you got arrested,she said she wanted to post your bail.
She said she went to see you.
She didn't.
I know.
But that's what she told me.
And i wanted to help,so i wrote her a check,which she cashed.
As far as i know,no one's heard from her since.
So you wanted to bail me out? Yeah.
Thank you.
Well,that's gonna be tough to explain.
You know,i think i'm finally ready to say That sean connery is my favorite bond.
I've been flip flopping about this for a while now, But last night confirmed it.
I like hugh jackman.
He never played bond.
Oh,i'm just saying that i like him.
Oh,my god! We are! Rose,come here.
What? Oh,my god,that's a good picture.
I have to call patricia.
Wait,is that max? Rose: yeah,he was there.
Did you guys hook up? No.
of course not.
I'm just asking.
Damn,he looks good.
Uh,i gotta get to class.
You're kidding.
that's amazing.
Rose,she's already scored 3 invites for us Since this picture's been posted.
That's great.
That's fantastic.
Marco,we need to adjust the menu for this evening.
I forgot that mrs.
gould- Doesn't eat meat? Yes.
I remember from the last time.
I went to the market this morning and got yellow fin tuna.
I believe it's her favorite.
I don't know what i'd do without you.
But then i suppose i better get used to the idea.
I read your research and passed it on to my business manager.
He thinks it'll be a very sound investment for me.
And so do it.
Thank you,laurel.
your support means a great deal to me.
Laurel is giving me the money! What? oh,my god,that's amazing! I know! i know! i know! i know! What for? Ok.
well,i took your advice And decided to get positively proactive.
I'm finally opening my restaurant! You are?! Oh,my god! Ok,no more jumping.
no more jumping.
What is going on here? i'm loving that dress.
Really? this is thfourth one that i've tried on.
I'm meeting will's parents tonight And i want to look respectable.
And cute.
and hot.
so respectably hot-cute.
Oh,you look beautiful,honey.
they're gonna love you.
Ok,so tell me everything that laurel said.
I want to hear the plan.
T! all right.
Hold on one second.
What's up,lily? You have to come to dad's right now.
He'sng completely psycho.
No,i can't.
i'm going over To will's house for dinner tonight.
This is serious,megan.
I think he's go??e of the deep end I need you.
Let me guess.
emergency at the smith residence? She is freaking out.
i don't know what's going on.
You know what,if i leave now,i can make it.
I'll just call will and i'll tell him i'll be a little bit late.
I could be there by 7:45.
that's not so bad.
You're gonna be late for your first dinner with will's pa O? don't give me the face.
i cannot handle the face right now.
I thought you were gonna let your family go at it alone for a while.
That was the plan.
I like that plan.
the plan was very freeing.
I felt like a little bird.
Be the bird.
Fly to your boyfriend's house And meet his parents,and have a good time.
Your family drama Will sti??i be there in the morning.
Or maybe tll figure it out for themselves.
The whole goal of the bird plan Was that they become strong and independent So that i could rejoin the nest at some point,when it's safe.
That way i don't have to sit on the eggs all the time And make sure that they don't crack Or drink or wind back up in jail.
Your metaphor just got a little too elaborate.
Now,if you'll excuse me, I'm going to rub my good news in rami's face.
I've got 10 minutes.
talk to me You look nice,honey.
you going out tonight? I ordered pizza.
You said this was an emergency.
There o emergency.
He wants to sell his boat, Hionly source of income, To pay will back the 25,000 mom stole.
K him how h?s going to pay his rent.
He wants to go on unemployment.
Dad,you can't go on unemployment.
Damn straight he can't.
I'm not going through that crap again.
I don't really remember you Going through it with us the first time.
But she's right,it's a bad idea.
I don't see any other way.
It's our responsibility as a family to pay will back the money.
Like hell.
you think i'm paying off mom's debt? She stole my bail money.
Yeah,which you didn't wind up needing.
She didn't know that.
Ok,everyone,calm down.
I can't believe how insensitive you girls are being.
Not just to will,but to your mother.
Excuse me? You don't know why she took the money.
Maybe she's in trouble.
I mean,she's obviously feeling desperate.
You're out of your mind.
oh,my god.
I'm not saying she didn't make a mista Dad,i need you to not go down this road right now.
Mom is not in trouble.
She's a user.
she conned us, And she took advantage of will.
That is what happened, So deal with it.
You don't know that for sure.
That's all i'm saying.
Lily: unbelievab I gotta get out of here.
Where are you going? i told you.
I'm meeting will's family tonight.
i have to go.
We're your family.
That-that has nothing to do With the fact that i made a commitment.
Lily,let her go.
i mean,if your sister wants to leave- No,i don't want to leave,i have to.
Don't make me feel bad about this.
I'm not trying to.
i'm saying if you want to go,go.
I can't believe you're going to walk out at a time like It's always a time like this.
I am so sorry.
no,don't worry.
I told them that you were still working with the girls.
What happened? Well,lily called.
Did she tell you about last night? No.
what happened last night? I tried to call you but your phone was off, So i just figured it'd bwhat happened last night? Well,lily showed up here And she was asking questions about your mom, Which i answered.
And then She kind of kissed me.
She kind of kissed you? I mean,it wasn't that kind of kiss.
it was more like a kiss of gr like in the godfather.
A mafia kiss? Sort of.
you really had to be there.
Oh,yeah,i'm really sorry i missed that.
Ok,um,but obviously Something else happened because you're freaked out.
It's too much to tell you about now.
And i don't want to keep your parents waiting any longer, So i'll you later.
Ok,but are you upset about the kiss? Later.
So tomorrow is the benefit at whitehall.
Do we really need to go to that one? Right.
ok,so what-what time is that at? Why so early? How early? 1:00.
'cause we can't miss the red carpet part.
Ok,so where do we have to be? Perfect.
It's luis.
Patricia,can i call you Yeah.
Look,i've got to get the living room ready for zach.
Is that ok? yeah.
good luck.
Um,yeah,that sounds - that sounds great.
Yeah,that- that sounds- that sounds good.
Josephine,this is probably The best chicken marsala i've ever had.
Really? oh,i'm so glad.
The cook was gonna do it,but i thought i'd give it a l.
You have no idea how lucky you are.
She never cooks for me.
Stop it,you two.
They are always ganging up on me.
Not always just most of the time.
You ok? Mm-hmm.
So at some point, I want to discuss your ideas for the magazine.
I loved your angle on it.
didn't you,will? Told you,she's a genius.
You're not so bad yourself,kiddo.
Did you show megan those shyou took at the races last week? No,not yet.
It's been a little crazy.
Oh,they're fantastic.
I think you could easily get those published.
Really? yeah,i really do.
I- it's the work- Uh,if you'll excuse me.
I just have to go to the bathroom.
i mean,what i love about it now Is that you're really developing a point of view.
Oh,i agree.
Ok,so before we start with the movie, I have a little surprise for you.
Open it.
Well,they're for your collection.
Um,driver dave had to take me To like 3 different stores to find them.
You're still upset about the picture from the party? No.
I don't know,a little.
Well,you don't think something Actually happened with max,do you? No.
Then why are you still so mad? Obviously it didn't mean anything.
I know,but it's still not that fun Seeing your girlfriend's ex-boyfriend hanging all over her.
He wasn't hanging all over me.
Look,the point is, I know you and max used to go to these kind of things all the time.
And it's just not - well,not really.
I mean,yeah,we used to party together a lot,but- But i don't party.
I don't even like to use the word "party" as a verb.
And you and sage are gonna keep getting invited To these events or whatever,and i'm just gonna keep- Well,so,i'll just ask patricia if she can get me a plus one.
I mean,if she can.
No,i don't want to go,ok.
Ihate those kind of things.
I just don't fit in there.
Me nther.
But i have to go.
But why do you have to go? Because i promised sage.
And this is a really big deal for her, And i can't just back out now.
And do not make me choose between you guys because- I'd lose.
She's my family.
I know.
You're leaving? I'm just not really in the mood to watch a movie right now.
But,uh,i'll call you tomorrow,ok? Oh,and thanks again.
I heard this place was going on the market soon.
That's right.
the owner is selli But why? it's always so packed.
Is there something i'm missing? Lony of ra living downstairs? Gino is just getting older And his son ded he didn't want the place.
Can i get you a drink? Sure.
Let's see what kind of gin you've got.
Oh,my god.
Is everything ok? I'm sorry.
i've got to go.
Will: you ok in there? This is a really pretty bathroom.
It's the fluiest towels ever.
Talk to me.
I know you're upset about the kiss.
No,i'm not.
Well,i am,but not because i'm jealous.
But just,you know, It's just another reminder of how messed up my family is.
I mean,my sister kisses my boyfriend.
My dad sides with my mom over me again.
Wait,what do you mean? what happened at your dad's tonight? Nothing.
you know,just a buming and fighting and- Oh,wait,he's obsessed with paying you back the $25,000.
Well,you told him i won't take it,right? Numerous times.
so maybe i should talk to him.
are you crazy? Ok.
Will,you're still not getting this.
The fact that you went behind my back and talked to my mother Is the whole reason that we are in this mess right now.
, How could i take oense? You're just blaming me for of it.
No,i'm not blaming you.
Look I wish that i could explain to you Why your logical approach to dealing with things Does not work for my family,but i can't.
And it's not fair for me to expect you to understand.
What is that supposed to mean? It's not a bad thing.
Will,you live in this lovely world With these,like,perfect parents And fancy soaps that are shaped like pootles.
I mean,will,it doesn't get cuter.
I want to be there for you.
Tell me what i can do.
That's the thing.
You can't do anything.
And every time you try,it just makes things worse, And then i end up feeling guilty.
You shouldn't.
but i do.
I feel guilty for getting you lved, And then i feel guilty for leaving them and Look,i know you want me to separate myself from my family, But i can't.
I did that for 5ears, And i wound up back here.
This is my family,for better or for worse, And i can't es it.
And i just I can't keep dragging you into this.
Will you please say good-bye to your family for me?t/ Wait,you're leaving? I just-i have to get back to my dad.
I left them in a really bad way,and I'm sorry,will.
Ok,ready to help cure cancer.
I think this luncheon's for the children's museum.
Oh,well,i'm notgonna wear earrings,then.
Ok,do i look? Gorgeous.
and me? Stunning.
Wow,you girls look smokin'.
And miserable.
what's going on? We're just tired.
We really wanted to sleep inoday.
Well,you've had a busy week.
Where you going? A party.
Sounds awful.
Well,it's not a party party.
It's a work party.
And,well,there's ontomorrow,too.
And that basically sucks up our whole weekend.
Yeah,and luis comes home tonight, So that s i can't pick him up from the airport Like i wanted to.
And zach hates me Because i used the word "party" as a verb.
Ok,well,here's a crazy idea.
Why don't you girls skip the parties this weekend And hang out with your boys? Well,we already told patriciwe'd go.
And this is exactly the type of thing we wanted her to make happen.
And now it's happening.
And i pay her a lot of money to make it happen.
That's true.
So what if you stopped paying her? Well,then she probably would stop working for us.
just-i don't know, It seems to me that when you hired patricia, Your lives were really different.
Your number one priority Was to go to all these fabulous parties And to get,well,for lack of a better word,famous.
No,that's the word.
And now you have new priorities,like your relationships.
I mean,you met 2 guys That really care about you a lot.
Wouldn't you rather hang out with them Than a bunch of strangers? So you're asking us To throw away our careers for some guys? Nice feminists principles.
Exactly what career would you be throwing away? I mean,all you've been doing is going to parties And getting your picture taken.
And i'm not saying it's not fun to be famous, And if that's still what you want to do,then go for it, But if it's not making you happy, Then what's the point? Ok,look,we'll go over your chem labs tomorrow night.
But just have fun today, Whatever it is that you decide to do.
Look,if you s want to go,i'll go.
Well,do you want to go? Sage,i-i've only ever been doing this for you.
And,well,that's enough reason for me, But if you're asking what i'd rather- I know,i know.
You wanted to see me? Yes.
yes,come in.
So how did go at the restaurant last night? You still likethe space? It's a great location.
Everything a it is pretty much perfect.
I think we should offer a down payment today.
You need more? No,no.
this is more than enough.
But i can't accept it.
I thought this is what you wanted.
Well,i thought so,too.
It turns out i was wrong.
I don't want to do this without keith.
t/ We broke up, And i thought i needed to move on with my life, But the truth is, He is my life.
I know what you must think of me.
What do i think? That i'm weak.
I mean,you did all of this on your own/ You buila whole empire, And i can't even open a tiny restaurant without my boyfriend.
I wouldn't be doing any of this If i didn't feel it kept me connected to robert.
I understand more than you realize.
No,keep it.
Put it in a safe place.
It's yours when you're ready.
I'm really tired.
I don't want to have another fight.
No,me neither.
Look,i just - i wanted to say something, And then i promise i'll leave.
Lily,m?m sorry for not being a better sister to you.
I'm sorry that i moved away to new york And didn't work harder at keeping in touch.
Most of all, I'm so sorry that you never got to see mom.
I just wanted to see her,you know.
Hear what her voice sounds like.
I have this vague memory of her from when i was little.
And i try to imagine what she looks like now.
Want to see a picture? Seriously? Oh,my god.
She's so pretty.
Yeah,i know.
She looks like you.
Seriously? No,i thought she looked like you.
I mean look at that smile.
I see that.
re your friends back.
I don't need them anymore.
Oh,that's right.
Now that you're a big-time restaurateur,you're a busy man.
Oh,by the way,i have some name ideas for the restaurant.
Save them.
the restaurant plan is on hold indefinitely.
Why,what happened? I have some things i need to do first.
And i'm gonna need your help.
clear your schedule.
Tomorrow morning is day one operation get keith back.
I'm in! Ooh.
any chance that there might be Some chocolate chip pancakes at this meeting? I'm just saying.
helps me think.
Whatever you need.
I'll see you bright and early.
Now i want some chocolate chips.
No,it's-it's not that.
We've appreciated everything you've done for us.
No,it'sust - yoknow,rose and i have been thinking And we just think that this is the best way to go.
I know,patricia.
i- Thank you.
Wow,did you just fire patricia? Yeah.
and it was really hard.
I bet.
Why isn't rose here? She and zach are at the beach making up.
It's ok.
This whole thing was really my idea to begin with.
Well,for whatever it's worth, I think you made the right decision.
Yeah,that's because you don't understand Why i did it in the first place.
but i'm old-school.
'cause i think being famous should be a result of doing something in your life, Not the goal.
Not that you're judging Or anything.
Anyway,i know that.
I just didn't know how to be famous the regular way.
I just knew that i needed it to happen,so- Why did you need it to happen? So that i could take care of rose and i The way that we've grown accustomed to.
Um,i think you're covered.
This is laurel's money.
Ok,i want to be able to take care of us on my own.
I don't want to have to rely on anyone for anything.
And now,i don't know what i'm going to do.
Sage,when i was your age, My biggest concern was trying to get ethan hawke to marry me.
the reality bites ethan hawke, Not the "i left my wife for the nanny And haven't showered in 10 days" ethan hawke.
Anyway,the point is,is that you have a long time To figure this stuff out.
I'm going to be 17 in 2 months.
Moley cyrus was 9 years old??when she first started.
And she already looks older than me.
No offense,miley.
You have your whole li to be a grownup,sage.
You don't have that much time left to just enjoy being a kid.
We're way past sandcastles,sweetie.
buyou could just hang out with your hot new boyfriend And coast for a while.
If i leave, I can still make it to the airport and pick himp.
Go do it.
Want some chocolate chips for the road? Empty calories.
It's $200.
I've worked out a payment plan And i'm going to pay you $200 a month Until i' completely paid off my mother's debt.
Which,by my calculations, Will be roughly around my 68th birthday.
Actually,it'll be closer to your 34th.
What,they didn't teach you math at yale? Did you just do that in your head? This is not your debt.
I'm the one who decided to give shelby the money.
It's my responsibility.
This is just like a bad investment.
You have any idea how much money i've lost in bad investments? $76,000? megan.
$92,000? You don't actually have to guess.
The point is, It's my mistake.
You and your family owe me nothing.
No,i owe you an apology.
Sorry i left like that last night.
I don't know,i just-i got anxious.
Every time your dad refilled by wine glass, It made me think about my dad.
Oh,man,i I never thought of that.
Of course you didn't.
Because a normal person doesn't look At a glass of wine like it could kill their father.
I'm sorry that i told you to ditch your family.
The woman that i feel in love with Could never give up on anybody.
Did you just That's right.
I love you,megan smith.
Deal with that X i love you,too.