Producer's Showcase (1954) s03e09 Episode Script

The Great Sebastians

[tuning orchestra music] [dramatic orchestral music] - [Announcer] April 1st, 1957, live from New York, Producers' Showcase brings you another evening of outstanding entertainment.
[dramatic orchestral music] [lively drum music] [upbeat Vaudeville music] [audience applauding] - Madam.
And now, Madam, now, Madam, can you give me the date of this lady's birth, please? - That lady's birthday? July the 21st.
- You're correct, Madam.
- 19-- - Nevermind the year, Madam.
[audience laughs] [audience applauds] Now Madam, what is this, please? - [Essie] That is a necktie.
- [Rudi] Ah, madam, and this? Ah, come back later, Lady, for the finish we give away dishes.
[audience laughing] Ah, a lady and gentleman on the second row, Madam.
- Are you married? - Yes.
- A married couple, Madam.
Do you receive any vibrations in this couple, Madam? - From the lady I'm receiving the vibrations of a name.
M-, Mirro, Miraslav is the name of the lady's first husband.
- Yeah, that is correct, Madam.
- Whom she loved very much.
Much more than her second husband, but not as much as her third husband who is with us tonight.
[audience laughing] [audience applauding] [ominous music] [dramatic music] [lively classical music] - [Announcer] Tonight, Producers' Showcase proudly presents Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne in The Great Sebastians.
[lively orchestral music] [ominous music] [lively orchestral music] This is a production of Showcase Productions Incorporated.
[lively orchestral music] Producers' Showcase will return with Act I of The Great Sebastians in just a moment.
[upbeat Vaudeville music] And now Act I of The Great Sebastians.
[audience applauding] - Now Madam, now Madam, can you tell me what this is? - It's a fur coat.
- That is correct, Madam, can you tell me what kind of fur? - I can, but I'd better not.
[audience laughing] [audience applauding] - Now, Madam.
Madam, there's a gentleman holding up something.
Quickly, Madam, quickly, can you tell me what it is? - Is, a-- - quickly, Madam.
- It's a-- - Quickly, Madam, quickly! - I don't think the gentleman is concentrating hard enough? - I'm so very sorry, Sir.
Madam said you are not concentrating, you must have a very weak mind.
[audience laughing] May, I, uh, what is this, Madam? - Is round and-- - Yeah, very, thank you.
- It's flat.
- Correct.
- It's metal.
- Yes, that's right.
- Yet something inside it moves? - That's correct, Madam.
- Oh, it's a watch, a wristwatch! - That's correct, Madam.
- Yes, a lady's wristwatch.
- Yes, correct.
- It was given to her as a present.
- Yeah, correct, Madam, yeah.
- No, no? Uh, uh, that's a dirty trick, Madam.
[audience laughing] Uh, no, you are correct, Madam.
- Yes, I know I was, she gave it to herself.
[audience laughing] - Ha, you see what I was [audience applauding] - Madam came born with an ear.
Quiet of hands, she can't concentrate.
What am I touching? - It's round-- - Yes, yes, correct, Madam.
- It's not flat.
- [laughs] No, no.
- It's round like a ball.
- Yes, round like a, yes, that's correct, Madam.
- Yes, I think it's got something inside it? [audience laughing] - Yes, I hope you don't mind? - Oh, it's a lady's head! - Yes, that is correct, Madam.
Can you tell me the color of her hair? - Yes, I can, tonight it's blond! [audience laughing] - That is correct, Madam.
[audience applauding] Thank you, thank you very much.
[audience applauding] - What's this? - I'm having the room searched.
- See here, Vlasta Habova, I am the theater-- - [Vlasta] You are the theater manager.
You know how much money the Sebastians have made here.
- But what's that-- - They haven't banked anything, they haven't spent anything.
They're trying to smuggle their money out of the country.
They have no sense of patriotism.
- How can you say? Sebastian is a Czech hero.
All through the war he's broadcast from London, gave heart to the resistance movement.
They're very well liked here! - [Vlasta] By whom? - By many people! Who do you think sent most of these flowers? Only the Minister of Foreign Affairs Johann Mazurik.
- Their knowing Mazurik is not in their favor.
He's lived too long in the West.
[audience applauding] - They're finished, they're taking their bows! [lively Vaudeville music] - Ladies and Gentlemen, may I thank you for the way you have received our act this evening.
In all our experience you are the greatest audience we have every played to.
Yeah, that's so.
[audience applauding] Yeah, isn't that so, Madam? - They were marvelous! - Well, perhaps that is because, you know, this is our farewell performance in Czechoslovakia or, perhaps, it is just because it is Prague, the city of my birth.
And here we go.
[national anthem music] Yes, thank you, thank you very much.
- We hate to leave you, but from here we go to London, the city of my birth.
[England anthem music] [Rudi laughing] And to you-- - In London we start our grand tour, Germany, France.
[national anthem music] Let's discuss, kaputz.
Very happy landing, Lady.
And did you know that in every country we play in the native tongue? When we are in England, we do the act in English, just as this moment we are addressing you in Czech.
Oh, Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been so wonderful, we could go on playing for you forever.
[audience applauding] - I'm sure you wish to see the rest of the Bill.
Goodbye! - No, no.
Does that mean you want to see some more? [audience applauding] - Au revoir! - We could demonstrate, you know? - Auf wiedersehen! - It has been such a great pleasure-- - Arrivederci, 'til we meet again! - [Couple] And God bless you! [lively Vaudeville music] [audience applauding] - Yeah, don't cross under stairs, it's unlucky.
- I'm surprised to see you here? I thought you were still out there doing a single? - Essie, unless you learn the new code, that's exactly what I will be doing, a single.
- You give too much, you know? The Great Alexander said, "A good performer "always leaves an audience hungry.
" - Listen, if you mention the Great Alexander once more-- - Rudi, our act is supposed to last 20 minutes, it says so in the contract.
Why do you want to give 'em half as much again for nothing? It's not good business.
- It is good business to know what we are doing out there.
- Oh, I only missed once.
- Listen, Essie, you missed, you missed three times! - [Essie] What three times? - Well, I'll tell you, Madam, if you please? - A tie! - No, Essie, no, that is the old code.
- [Essie] Rubber boots! If you please, it's now rubber boots! - [Rudi] Yes, now, if you please.
- Rubber boots.
- It is if you please.
- Rubber boots.
- It's always if you please.
- Rubber boots.
- If you please.
- Rubber boots.
- If you please.
- Rubber boots.
- If you-- - all right, all right.
- Yeah, and again, Madam there is a gentleman holding up something, quickly, can you tell me what it is? - No, I can't, you tell me.
- Essie, quickly is key.
K-E-Y, key, quickly.
- Key.
- All right, quickly, Madam.
- Key.
- This quickly.
- Key.
- Those quickly.
- Key.
- Now quickly.
- Key.
- Please quickly.
- Key, key, key.
Key, I know it now.
- Yeah, you didn't know it out there.
- Oh, Rudi, why do we have to change the old code? I did it for five years with Alexander before I taught you.
We've done it for 20 years, dear, why do we have to change it now? - Because, if we had gone on using the old code much longer the audience would have begun reading our minds.
We should have changed this five years ago.
You're not out front working the aisles and the audience, oh, you can't hear 'em whispering.
- Rudi! - What? - Somebody's been in here! Somebody's been all through this! - [Rudi] They looked at the truck, too? I left the drawers closed! Essie? Did they get anything? Essie, did they get anything? - No, they didn't get anything.
- [Rudi] Well, wait 'til I see Josef about this.
[fist knocking] Yeah, come in! - Rudi! - Josie! Why do we have, Josie, will you get this for me? Josie, while we were onstage somebody was snooping around in here.
- Oh, I, I can't believe that? Strangers are not allowed back stage! - Is that for me? - It came in the last post, it's from England.
- What is the matter with you? - I'll check immediately with the doorman.
- Yes, see that you do.
- Do you mind? I forgot, have you any special interest in postage stamps? - Postage stamps? - Why do you say that? - My little boy saves stamps.
He doesn't have many English stamps, may I have that one for him? - Yeah, all right, all right, but find out first, who was in here.
- Right away! - [Essie] Rudi, who's the letter from, dear? - The letter's from the children.
- [Essie] Ah! - Essie, was there any reason why you didn't want Josie to have this postage stamp? - No.
Where do we go from London? - Ah, you acted as if you didn't like his asking for it? - [Essie] Rudi, where do we go from London? - From London we go to Munich.
Essie, you didn't answer me.
- Oh, grand, they love you in Munich! - Essie-- - Do you remember? - Oh, yeah, well, they have those very good critics over there.
- Yeah, what was it he called you? - He called me, "The Swallowed-Tail Swami.
" [Essie laughs] Oh, Essie, you know, you cannot ask for more than that! - He said you really liked it! - Yeah, I was good, wasn't I? - Oh, you were wonderful, Rudi! - Yeah, yeah, you were good, too.
- Oh, thank you.
Come on a bit more of that.
- Well, you know, so quick.
- Oh, quick was I, well, thanks to me! - Well, you seem to have the answers almost before I asked the questions.
[Essie laughing] Oh, Essie, you really shouldn't [speaking foreign language].
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Rudi, in Munich we use the old code.
- We are using the new code now! - [Essie] Not as good as the old code! - How can you say that? I've been working on this code for two years, how can you compare it to that kindergarten system of Alexander's? - Alexander was the greatest mind reader that ever lived! - If you please! - Rubber boots! - No, no, I don't mean that.
I mean, I don't wanna hear anymore about your first husband.
If you please.
- Now, Rudi.
If there hadn't been a Great Alexander there wouldn't have been a Great Sebastian.
And if there hadn't been a Great Sebastian, there wouldn't be any little Sebastians, see? - Essie, don't tear that stamp.
Essie, why were you so upset when Josie asked for it? - Well, you nevermind, I'll tell ya later.
- Essie, when you won't tell me what you are doing, you are doing something you should tell me what you are doing.
Are you smuggling again? - Well, that depends on how you look at it.
- Now, Essie, you must tell me.
Now, you know how I feel, I have always tried to be an honest man.
- The less you know, the more honest you can be.
- Essie? - Oh, Edie's gonna meet our plane! - Now, Essie, please tell me! I not only wanna feel honest, but I wanna feel sure that you can get away with it! - Look here! You earned quite a bit of money here.
- [Rudi] Essie, you can't take it out of the country, it's against the law! - It all belongs to us.
- [Rudi] No, if they start searching you and they find money! - They won't find any money! - Yeah, but will they find? - They won't find anything, and if you want to see it, look in my compact.
- There's nothing in here? - Oh, no? There.
- Oh, it's only a postage stamp? - [laughs] There are only three others like it in the whole world! If we can save this stamp until we get to England, it'll be worth over $1,000 pounds! [Rudi gasping] We'll surprise Edie's wedding present! [laughing] - You are wonderful! Wonderful! Essie, we have been asked at more borders whether we have liquor or perfume or tobacco or currency, but we have never been asked if we have postage stamps! Oh, Essie, we don't have to lie about this at all! - [Essie] No! - And I think you can get away with it! [fist knocking] - Lock the door! - Quickly! - Key! - Quickly! - Key! - No quickly! - Key! - Essie, quickly! - Key! Key, oh.
- Hide it.
[fist knocking] - Yeah, who is it? - It's me, Josef.
Sebastian, I'm having the theater searched and now, perhaps, you'll give me the stamp? - Stamp, what are you talking about? - The stamp for my-- - [laughs] Oh, the stamp! I thought you said, yes, of course, the stamp! From our son to your son.
- [Josef] You have a son? - [Rudi] Oh, yes, Christopher and a daughter, too.
- It's Edie, she's gonna be married on Tuesday! We're giving her all her house linen for a wedding present.
- Oh, yeah, and your boy, how old is he? - 16, he's still at school.
- Oh, you'll hear from him.
In the legit! - He's got to tell ya! - Oh, Josie, you should have seen him last year in his school play as Lady Macbeth! - He was marvelous! - And so loud, you know! - Oh, you could hear every word he said! We all be together for the Easter holidays, the whole family, it's the first time in five years, whee! - How long have you been married? - Uh, 22? - Uh, 22 years? - Yeah, 20, 22 years, yeah.
- How nice! In this business so few marriages last that long.
- Oh, I know, I know.
- You said it.
- But in all our years together, there has never been one thought of divorce.
- No, never.
Murder, yes.
- Yes.
But never, never divorce.
[fist knocking] - I'll go.
- If that is the man to take our trunks to the station, tell him they are not ready, come by later.
- General Zandek will wish to see these people after the show.
- Thank you.
[door slamming] [door slamming] I was afraid this would happen and it's going to.
- What is it? - A very important government official who was out front tonight has asked to meet you.
- Oh, that's good! - That's bad! - What? - Because you don't know how to behave with government officials, what not to say! - What's the difference? - What's there to say to be afraid of? - Sebastian, please! Last week, when you were playing in Caslav, the government of Czechoslovakia changed.
- Yes, we know, we know! And so it'll change back again at the next election.
- If there is a next election.
Sebastian, please, you haven't been in Czechoslovakia for 10 years, this is not 1938, this is 1948! - Oh, Josie.
- The government is Communist! It's the kind that will reelect itself! I didn't say that! Remember now, I didn't say that! - Hey, look here, Joe! Who's the important person coming back to see us? - It is General Zandek! - General Zandek, oh, we have tons of information on General Zandek! - Essie, that information is in the third collar, get it out.
Why didn't you let us know that General Zandek was out front? With this information we could have made his hair pop out of his head! Listen, born in Ostrava on November 7, 1910.
Lost in a forest for 48 hours when he was five-years-old.
He would never imagine that we'd know a thing like that! At 19, he broke his leg mountain climbing.
At military school, he was very [laughs] unpopular.
At 16, he got the mayor's daughter in trouble.
Her name was Borgina Tronkova.
- What? - Yeah, look, Borgina Tronkova.
- Borgina Tronkova, that's right.
- That's right.
- Well.
That's trouble enough for any girl.
- Very sentimental about his mother, she died when he was very young.
Her pet name for him was Pepy? [Essie laughing] Pepy, oh, Essie, what we could have done with that.
Remember, Josie, wherever a man's mother is concerned, he is a complete pushover! - Sebastian, please, I beg of you, do me this one favor? Those things you know about General Zandek? Do not use them in my theater! Wait 'til you get to his home! - His home? - His home? - Yes, every Saturday night he gives a late supper party, he will ask you to be there.
- What makes you think so? - He always asks one or two acts to entertain his guests.
- Oh, does he pay well? - It doesn't pay at all! - No pay, no go, just! - Essie! - Tell him we're busy! - Only the fact you're sick could be considered an excuse! - The thought of working for nothing always makes me sick! - You know General Zandek can't make us go to his house and you know he can't! - Oh, he can't make you go, but he can make you wish you had! Sebastian, I have seen things this past week.
Please, see him! - No harm in just meeting him, Rudi.
- Thank you.
- Oh, I had better put on something decent.
Oh, Rudi, put on your trousers, Dear, that general may not understand artists! Rudi! - Yeah? - You're gonna not read his mind! - [Rudi] Oh, it's a shame, Essie, all that information, we could have made his eyes stand on end with that stuff! It's a shame.
- [Essie] You're gonna wind up givin' another half-hour show for nothing! - Yeah, you know, it's very hard to refrain from reading a person's mind when you know what it is in his mind.
- Now look, Rudi! - Yeah? - [Essie] Don't you try to impress him, will ya? - Yeah, and don't you dare to try to look too attractive! - Oh, no? - Oh, no.
- Too late.
[fist knocking] - You're about to be honored by a visit from General Zandek.
- Look, Sergeant, look, we got nothing up our sleeves? - Then the general can be much more pleasant when he feels safe.
Everything is all set.
- General Zandek, the Great Sebastian.
General Otakar Zandek.
- Welcome, General Zandek.
- It's a pleasure! I hear your voice very well during the war! - Oh, my broadcast? - Oh, your broadcasts were a great help towards the resistance movement.
- Well, you make me very happy.
- We came back safe to thank you.
- Well, you're very kind! - For your performance tonight.
- Oh, you enjoyed it, huh? - It was very entertaining.
- Yeah, well, my wife will want to hear that.
Uh, Madam? Uh, Madam, may I present General Zandek? My wife, Madam Sebastian.
- How do you do, General? - Madam.
- Oh, forgive me, I must sit down.
I'm not very well tonight.
- No, you know the performance is so exhausting for her! - I tried so hard I felt the presence of somebody in the audience, someone with a powerful mind! - [Rudi] It must have been you, General.
- I suppose my mind was too powerful for you to read? - That's not true, not true.
- I was here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.
I dropped in just to see your performance.
- Here again, tonight, you pay us a great compliment.
- No, no, I was looking for something.
I always thought that reading of minds, genuine mind reading could be of great service to someone that is, say, in my position.
- Oh, that's very interesting, Rudi? - Oh yeah, that is a very exciting source! - Yes, but watching your performance tonight, I decided that everything I saw was a trick.
- [laughs] Oh, so that's what you really believe, huh? - [Otakar] Are you claim that you actually can read minds? - Yeah, you know, frankly, General, our reputation speaks for itself.
- [Otakar] Yeah, but I am a military scientist, I must have evidence, I deal only with proven fact.
Please! Not three on a match! - Rudi? The General must have evidence.
- Evidence, yes.
- Very well.
General, concentrate.
Madam? Do you receive any vibrations from the general? - There is a woman who has been in his thoughts for many years.
- Yes, which one? - You had trouble with her father.
- Well, [laughs] that could be one of many.
- Aha, read her name.
- Boujina? - Borgina Tronkova.
- Borgina Tronkova, the little daughter of the man! - Yeah, now are you convinced, huh? - No, no, she was not in my thoughts.
As a matter of fact, I didn't think of her for years! No! Here name was not in my mind! - No.
Not in your conscience mind, but in your subconscious mind.
- She's never been out of your subconscious mind.
- Oh, General, you know there are many people who can read the conscious mind, but what makes the Great Sebastians unique is that they are able to read the subconscious mind.
- You had a painful experience when you were about 19! I'm seeing you being carried down a mountainside.
[gasping] You broke your leg climbing a mountain.
- That's true, that's true, but how did you? What mountain? - It's a, hmm, it's a very large mountain, there are trees, there is snow on the peak.
I think-- - Yes, yes, yes, but the name? I'm thinking of the name, read from my mind the name! - General, we cannot work in a hostile atmosphere! The channel from your mind to Madam's must be open by a willingness to believe! - I'm willing to believe, I wanted to be convinced and I am disappointed not to be convinced! Sergeant! I had hoped you could be of use to me, no, you are clever, but you are fakes! - You have your opinion of us and have our opinion of you! - Bring my car around to the stage door.
Quickly! - Key! - What are you waiting for? - I'm waiting for the key, Sir? - You've read his mind? - He was not hostile.
- Perhaps you can help me after all? Perhaps there is a chance? We shall see if it is worth taking? I'm having some guests at my house for supper tonight, you will be there at 12 o'clock! - Oh,-- - General.
- You will be there! There is something I need to know! And you will help me to find out! There will be a car waiting for you and an escort! A military escort! - Told ya not to try and impress him! - And who impressed him? You impressed him, you remembered the cue and at the wrong time! [sighing] You even impressed me! - Look, Rudi, please, don't joke, I don't like this! - Neither do I.
- I don't like it a bit! - Neither do I.
- He wants to use us.
- Says he wants us to find out something? - I know, I heard him.
- Essie, what do you think it is? What do you think he wants us to find out? - How should I know? What do you think I am, a mind reader? [ominous music] [somber music] [door ringing] [suspenseful music] I don't like this.
- [Rudi] Uh, The Great Sebastians, please.
- You are expected, come in.
This way, please.
- In society, I was afraid we would be late, the General said midnight.
- I told ya, nobody that's anybody gets to a party on time.
- Your cape, Madam? - Sorry I rush you, I apologize.
- Your cape, Sir? - You're always rushing me.
- I'll put these in this anti-room! Then I'll tell the general that you're here.
He and his guests are at supper.
- Then we are late, see I told ya so, I told ya so! - Oh, nevermind.
- The hours I spent waiting for you, fixing your eyelashes! - Oh, that's enough.
- Then running back to put perfume behind your ears! Tell me, has anyone ever sniffed behind your ears? - Don't you be vulgar! - See, we gotta pump this fella while we have a chance, we gotta find out something about the guests.
How can we read their minds when we don't know anything about 'em? Information, let's see, information.
[ominous music] - Rudi! I don't like this! I wish we hadn't got into this! - They're very careful, not a thing! [door slamming] You may announce us! - You will stay here 'til the general and his guests have finished supper.
- Oh, we are the general's guests, we were invited to supper.
- Oh, no, Madam, you are the general's entertainers.
The general's entertainers never sit at the general's table.
- We were good enough to sit at the table with Mr.
- You know Johann Mazurik? - Yes, we happen to be old friends, we had lunch with him today.
- You did, Sir? - [Rudi] Yeah, does that surprise you? Well, now, perhaps you will tell the general that we will have supper with him? - Yes, Sir, yes, Sir! - [Essie] Yes, Sir, tell him The Great Sebastians never read minds on an empty stomach! - Yes, Madam! - Yes, Madam! Rudi! The gentlemen's overcoats, the information! Something about this house I don't like? Oh, with that gate, it looks like a prison.
Rudi! Get out of here while we've got the chance! - No, no, no! We'll get a good supper out of it anyway.
and Mrs.
Karel Cerny, C-E-R-N-Y.
- Know anything about him? - His speech has been in the paper a lot.
He's short, he wears glasses with a ribbon.
- [Essie] Short, glasses with a ribbon.
- And this is from his mother.
- Mother.
- She lives-- [guests laughing] [guests muttering] She lives in Bratislava.
- Bratislava.
- Somebody's sick? - Good.
- In hospital.
- That's enough on him.
Cerny, hospital, Bratislava, short, glasses with a ribbon.
Somebody's sick, somebody old.
- Novotny, Sigmund Novotny, I've seen his name, too! He's something high up! Something in the interior! - The interior of what? - Interior of the government, they have something they call interior? - Oh, fancy, what's his name? N-O-V-O-T-N-Y, Novotny.
C-E-R-N-Y, Cerny.
[guests laughing] - Sit here! Now remember, when you get up from the supper table, now follow the ladies to the powder room.
Yeah, I don't know why, but people always talk more freely when they are near plumbing? - Yes! Oh, what a lovely house! - And what is that? - [Oscar] The general says you were not invited to supper! - Well, then we leave! - But I sneaked this food out of the kitchen for you! - You can sneak it right back to the kitchen! - Scraps from the kitchen! I'd rather starve! - Madam, Madam! - Rudi! Caviar and goose, I think, oh well! [laughs] - Yes, goose, yes! - Well! - This is a bit of all right! - You know, as a matter of fact, Sergeant, we prefer eating in private! - Goose! - And we love goose! I'm very partial to a bit of goose, is that pate you've got? I haven't got the pate.
- Now, wait a minute! Wait a minute, wait a minute, now leave me some! - Fair's fair! - Now, what kind of cheese is that? - Now, now, Rudi, now you know-- - No, no, you took most of my-- - I'm starving! - Fair is fair! [Oscar laughing] - You eat off your own plate! Perhaps we let you stay for our performance, dear, we have the same vibrations.
You have the kind of mind I love to read! - Oh! You really think you could read my mind? [Essie laughing] - Now try, Madam, try! Sergeant, will you place your mind in the dining room for a moment? - I'm, I'm in the dining room, yes? - Now concentrate on the name of one of the guests.
Now think hard, Madam.
- I have the impression of a C.
C and an E.
Oh, now I see the full names.
C-E-R-N-Y, Cerny.
- That's right, he's the new chief of press relations, yes! - I knew we would have no trouble with the newspapers here! I had prepared them for our taking over of the government! - Your husband did a good job, Mrs.
- Thank you! - Just, Cerny, you did! - But the press abroad! Some of them openly accused us of, of doing what we did! - Did you approve of what we did? - For heavens sakes, Zandek, don't you trust anybody? - Not really.
- I see Mrs.
Cerny shimmering in a yellow-- - Ah, Mrs.
Cerny is in white.
- Shimmering in the yellow candlelight, she looks gorgeous! She's all in white.
- But, nowadays, what with the children and the entertaining, and all those party meetings, if I didn't have to go to all those party meetings! - Oh, I see, the thing you like to do least is go to all those party meetings? - Oh, no, oh you misunderstood me, that's not what I meant at all! - [Karel] Now, Sophie, don't! - Now, Sergeant, concentrate on another name, yeah, no matter how long! - All right, yes, all right.
- Yes, this is right.
Madam? - Oh, this is very clear, N-O-V-O-T-N-Y, Novotny.
- We did not expect America to be pleased! For a while, nothing else must happen, that why I feel we must keep Mazurik in office! - I agree with you! Mazurik is a symbol.
- You think we need a symbol? - At present, yes.
- Oh? - I will defend that point of view.
- Mr.
Novotny is tall and blond.
- Oh, no, Mr.
Novotny is tall and dark! - Tall and dark.
- Tall and dark.
- Oh, I see how you made the mistake.
There's a tall blond woman sitting there at the table, she looks like a man, she's in uniform.
She's on the general's staff, Colonel Bradacova.
- What? - Yes, of course, a cozy little party, the general, Bradacova.
- Bradacova.
- Mr.
and Mrs.
- Cerny.
- Mr.
and Mrs.
- Novotny.
- No, no, no, no, no, no! She is not exactly Mrs.
Novotny, although, in a way.
- Ah, ha! - Ah! - Miss Habova! - Habova.
- Vlasta Habova, she's head of cultural action.
- Those racketeers! - I like you.
I feel I should warn you, you are in danger.
You are in grave danger.
You'll have to use your wits.
- You had me frightened for a moment.
- Commissar Habova suspects you will try to smuggle money out of the country.
You will be searched, probably at the border.
I have friends there! I could give you their names! - Ah, that is so nice! As a matter of fact-- - You know, that was very good caviar, not too salty, but it always makes me so thirsty.
- Of course, they're having champagne! I'll try to get hold of a bottle.
- Yeah, what year? - [Oscar] I'll have to look.
- Oh, well, bring it anyway.
You give me your compact! - I wasn't gonna tell him! - Give me your compact! - They'll never find it! - Essie they're not gonna find that stamp on you! - Oh, Rudi, you'll have me tear it up! - No, I promise, no! - Why, you're gonna hide it in with the cigarettes? - Now wait a minute, I put the stamp in the bottom there, so, and then that on top of it, so! It'll do for now.
- I wish this was over.
- Oh, don't worry, we'll scare the pants off these fat cats and get outta here.
- Hey, Rudi, I had an idea for an opening.
- An opening, good.
- I did it once with Alexander.
- Yeah, let us think up something else! - Now, look! You bring me in blindfolded and I introduce you to all of the ladies in the room by their names.
- Yeah, and how are you gonna code that? - The color code! We know Mrs.
Cerny's in white, Colonel Bradacova, she's in uniform, that's gray! - Oh! - Whoa! - You got champagne, very well! - 1943! - I'm very thirsty! - Oh, go on with ya! [people exclaiming] There! Come on, it's our lucky day! [laughing] I hope we have time to finish the bottle? - Oh, you will, Madam, they just served the mocha torte.
- Oh, you peeked in the dining room, then? - Yes, Mrs.
Cerny is wearing white.
- White.
- And she's also wearing a flower, big flower, right here.
- Ah, and Miss Habova, of course, is dressed for cultural action.
- Well, she is dressed for action, she looks like some sort of flamingo.
[Rudi coughing] - [Essie] Flamingo? - I wasn't prepared for flamingo! - Flamingo is a bird, it's sort of a pinky-red bird.
Red covers it.
- It doesn't quite cover Miss Habova! [people laughing] - He's a dream! We love you, Ducky! [laughing] - Oscar! - Oh, you'll excuse me.
- Get that out of here! - Yes, Sir! - Take the lot of yourself and you get out! Close the door! - Yes, Sir! - Put away those cigarettes, Rudi! You smoke too much, dear! - Madam Sebastian! Sebastian! Now you'll learn why you're here! What I'm going to tell you must not go further! Among the people you are going to meet here tonight, there's someone who is disloyal.
- Disloyal to the government? - To me, it is the same thing! You are here to tell me which one it is.
Now let me tell you who my guests are.
- Oh, no, General, let us tell you who your guests are.
- No, no, not at the moment, General.
But with your permission, Madam and I will wait in that anti-room and when all your guests are assembled here, I will lead in Madam blindfolded.
- I will introduce Sebastian to each lady in the room, calling her by name.
Remember, blindfolded.
- It is not necessary, all this hocus-pocus! - You are wrong, General! If you want us to find out what you want us to find out, it will first be necessary to convince your guests that we can read their minds.
Then, if one of your guests has a guilty thought, they will be frightened, afraid that his thought will betray him.
- My guests are not fools! - No, but have you ever tried to keep out of your mind something you are trying to keep out of your minds? You can't do it.
- That's nonsense! - General, would you like to turn lead into gold? We have the formula, old alchemists' formula.
Now, put some lead in a pot, sit it over a fire and when it begins to melt, stir slowly, without thinking of the word rhinoceros.
Now that you know the formula, do you think you could ever stir molten lead without thinking of the word rhinoceros? - [laughing] You know, you are more intelligent than I thought you were! - Well, you know, we are not The Great Sebastians for nothing! - We are tonight! - [Otakar] My guests will soon be ready, is there anything you need? - Yes, we need some pads and some pencils.
- [Otakar] Pads and pencils? - We want your guests to write down a thought and then Madam without seeing what they have written, will read that thought.
- Good! Can I write something? - Well, of course.
- And you will read it? Out loud? - Word for word.
- Oh, that's very good, I'll be watching their faces and then I, I'll know! Um, you wait in there! I do not wish to start until all my guests have arrived.
- All your guests? - [Otakar] Yes, there's another guest coming.
- Uh, General, you know, that uh, that opening, that introduction we mentioned, oh, you are so right, it's hocus-pocus! - Yeah, we better not do it! - No, no, no, I like it very much! I want you to do it! - No, no, General, we'll have to think of something else.
- Now, just a minute! Sergeant, be sure to save some supper for Mrs.
- [Oscar] Mrs.
Balzar, yes, Sir.
- All right, all right, if you don't wanna do it, don't do it.
- We do! - But we do wanna do it! - I don't understand you people? - That's good! You see, our luck is still with us! Mrs.
- We're lucky when we get out of this house! - Darling, don't worry, Mr.
Mazurik won't let anything happen to us! - Balzar.
- Yeah.
- Balzar.
- Yeah.
- Oh, Rudy, I'm nervous! Let's run the color code.
- Madam, will you present me? - Red, flamingo, Habova.
- Madam, will you be good enough to present me? - Gray, uniform, Bradacova.
- Madam, may I have the pleasure? - White, Mrs.
[door ringing] Balzars! Oh, Rudi, we don't know what they're wearing? - Oh, well, we'll leave her to the last.
- Oh! - No it was not difficult at all, it is only a two-hour drive.
- [Sophie] Maria! - Sophie, darling! - How lovely you look! Thank you, Sweetheart! Oh, General, truly I am so sorry to be late! - No, Madam, Mrs.
Balzar, you are still in time.
Oh, in time for what? - Otakar has that mind reading act here from the Variete.
- Mrs.
Balzar, Sophie, come sit down, I know the general wants to start.
- To start what? - We about to have our minds read! - To read my mind? - Everybody ready? - Yeah.
- Yeah, we are ready.
- Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.
and Mrs.
Sebastian! [Rudi whispering] Oh, I beg your pardon, The Great Sebastians! [guests applauding] - Madam Sebastian, will you be good enough to present me? - Colonel Bradacova, may I introduce The Great Sebastian! - But, how did she know? - It's just a trick.
- Madam Sebastian, will you present me? - Miss Habova, this is The Great Sebastian.
- It's just a trick! - You have to admit it's a good trick.
[laughs] - And now, Madam? These two ladies, may I have the pleasure, the double pleasure? - How do you do, Mrs.
Cerny! - [gasping] Oh, how do you do? - May I introduce The Great Sebastian? - Oh, Karel, did you hear she is wonderful! - And again, the pleasure! - Oh, Mrs.
Balzar, The Great Sebastian! [guests applauding] - Ladies and Gentlemen, may we have your attention? It is Madam's great gift that she can read your thoughts.
Now, in order to help you concentrate, we will ask each of you, please, to write a thought on a slip of paper.
Sergeant, will you see that each guest is provided with pen and pencil? Now, when you have written your thoughts, please fold the paper twice, fold the paper twice and I will collect them in this bowl.
- Madame Sebastian, instead of writing a thought, may I write a question? - I do not answer questions, I am not clairvoyant.
[Rudi wheezing] I have an impression of why you want to ask a question, you are worried, something is constantly on your mind, an illness-- - Karel, no! - Not yours, a relative, perhaps? - Which relative? - Karel, it's your father! - Sophie! - It is your father.
He is ill in hospital, not here in Prague.
Think of the village where he is, oh, this is not a village, it is a town, a very large one.
I have the impression of a, B, Bratislava! - Oh, she is wonderful! - [Karel] These people are amazing! [guests exclaiming] - Thank you very much, thank you! Now, ladies and gentlemen, Madam Sebastian! Pardon.
[whispering] Madame Sebastian, by pressing your written thoughts against her forehead, still folded and invisible, will tell you what thought you have written.
[guests exclaiming] Shh, shh, please, please.
Now, no, in order to have Madam concentrate, we will ask all of you, please, to be very, very quiet.
[claps] Is there someone out there in the hall? - [Otakar] Oscar! [guests exclaiming] - [Rudi] There is no one here? - Close the door! - Yes, Sir, yes, Sir! - [Rudi] You know, I am so sorry, oh no, it is my fault.
- Close the door! - Yes, Sir.
- Look, quiet, please! Quiet.
Now Madam must concentrate.
Madam, we are waiting.
- The People's Democracy will live forever! - That is word for word what I wrote! - Yes, word for word.
- Real quiet, quiet please, quiet.
Madam must concentrate, Madam? - Somebody in this room.
[door ringing] - Yes? [door ringing] - [Essie] Has revealed-- - Yes? - [Essie] Secret information-- - Yes, yes! Yes! [fist knocking] I told you no one! I will see no one! - I am very sorry, General.
- [Otakar] How dare you! - I'm, I'm very sorry, General, but it's Comrade Bacilek.
[guests exclaiming] - Ah, Comrade, Bacilek.
- General? I have to interrupt.
- Not now, not now, it can wait.
- No, it cannot wait.
- I am very sorry, I'm afraid it must wait, we are in the middle of our performance.
- Quiet! - Who are these people? - They are entertainers.
- Yes, we were.
- Quiet! - Novotny, you are to report at once to the prime minister, he's waiting for you.
- What's happened? - You will be told.
- Cerny, the foreign office is talking to Moscow, there will be instructions for you.
- What's happened.
- Tell us, what's happened? - It's Mazurik.
- Mazurik, what now? What has he done now? - Mazurik is dead.
- [Otakar] Mazurik? - No.
- [Otakar] Colonel, report to headquarters immediately! - Yes, Sir.
- Cerny, under no circumstances will there be a release of this news until it has been decided how it will be announced.
- How, how did he die? - Suicide.
- Oh, no! Not Mazurik, not suicide! - How else? - I'm not surprised, Mazurik was weak.
- No, Mr.
Mazurik was a good man.
- What makes you so sure? - We are friends of his, we had lunch with him today.
- You were with Mazurik today? - What did he talk about? - He talked about London, he talked about the war, he talked about the old days.
- What was his mood? - He was quiet.
But he wasn't depressed.
- I cannot believe that he would commit suicide? - No one will believe he committed suicide.
- You had lunch with Mazurik today, he committed suicide tonight! - You noticed nothing? - No! - You lie! Get out of my house! - Karel, what will we do without Mazurik? - Sophie, stop it, stop it, stop it! - Let her cry, why shouldn't she cry? [Sophie sobbing] - General, the Sebastians are not to leave this house.
- Javorsky? - Comrade Bacilek, I'll take charge! - Sergeant! - General, Comrade Javorsky represents the party.
Yes, Comrade? - The Sebastians were the last outsiders to see Mazurik alive.
If there is to be an announcement that Johann Mazurik committed suicide, a statement from them telling why would be very valuable.
- That could be of great service, Comrade.
- I shall prepare such a statement.
- Comrade, why was Javorsky put in my house? - You have been in the party long enough not to ask for explanations.
- Without my knowing! - General Zandek, Mazurik had many friends, when the news of his death becomes known there may be attempts to defect.
The border control should be tightened.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, I should be the commander myself.
I will be at the daybreak by the border.
- Sir, is there a car that can take us to our hotel, please? - Oh, this has made us very late.
- [Otakar] You are to remain here! Until I release you! - General, I am giving the orders here.
- [Rudi] Well, thank you very much, you are very kind.
- [Essie] Oh, he's been kind to us all evening.
We are very grateful.
- You are under arrest! You are under suspicion of trying to smuggle money out of Czechoslovakia.
- Smuggling? - Says who? - Sebastian! Empty your pockets! Madam, your handbag! - No! - If you please! - Rubber boots! - No, Essie, no! - Corporal! The handbag.
And they are to be thoroughly searched, stripped to the skin! - Not my skin! Nobody's gonna to strip me to my skin! - Corporal! - Rudi? I could do with a cigarette.
- [Oscar] Oh, American cigarettes.
- Yes, we like American cigarettes.
- [Oscar] So do I.
- Well, the bloody nerve, don't let him get away with it! - Quiet, Essie, quiet.
Now let me handle this.
Sergeant? We are ready to be searched.
- Rudi? - Why, Essie, we have nothing to hide? [lively orchestral music] [ominous music] Well, can we go now? - There are your things! Rudi? They cut the lining of my bag, my best evening bag! I'm getting real fed up with your Czechs! - Essie! - Is there anything missing? - Well, I don't see my cigarettes? - They've been confiscated.
- Confiscated? - By me.
- I was just dying for a decent cigarette? - [sighing] All right, all right.
I want you to sign this statement of what you know of Johann Mazurik's suicide.
- We don't know anything about that.
- Well, if that will help, we will be very glad to sign a statement saying we don't know anything.
- Wait a minute, Rudi.
- Now, Essie, we still have to pack.
- Rudi, before you sign anything, you've got to know what it says, remember that contract you signed for Blackpool? - You have the most wonderful memory when you don't need it! All right, all right, what is the statements? - "We, the undersigned Rudolph Schlupp and Esther Silk Schlupp--" - Just a minute, just a minute! Where did you get those names? - From your passports.
- We are known as The Great Sebastians.
- "We, the undersigned Rudolph Schlupp and Esther Silk Schlupp--" - Cut out the Schlupps! - "Known in the music halls as The Great Sebastians.
Desire to reveal the conversation we had today with the late Johann Mazurik.
" - Say, is this for the newspapers? - Ah, yes, for all over the world.
- Oh, Essie, that's good, that's very good.
Good, go ahead now, go ahead.
- "We became acquainted with Mr.
Mazurik "in London during the war when he was a member "there of the Czechoslovakian government in exile.
" - No, no, I think you should say our acquaintance was not just business, we were friends as well.
- "At Mr.
Mazurik's invitation, we had lunch with him today.
We found him in a serious state of depression.
--" - No, no, no, no.
We didn't say that, we said he was quiet, but not depressed.
Now you'll have to change that.
- "He confessed that he felt he had betrayed the people of Czechoslovakia.
He told us that he now realized that only under Communism can the people of Czechoslovakia find happiness, prosperity and peace.
" - No, he didn't say anything like that! - Quiet! - I tell you, he did not say anything like that! - Quiet! - I tell, Essie, don't! Put down that inkwell.
- "He said he realized that he had worked against the best interest of his country and so, it is clear to us now, that it was for these reasons Johann Mazurik committed suicide.
" Madam? You will sign first.
- Me, sign that? It's just a pack of lies.
Sign it yourself, you made it up! - This statement is in the interest of the People's Democracy.
- The People's Democracy! You don't give a hang about the people! - [Rudi] Madam.
- If you're gonna lie, do it off your own back, don't get nice, decent people into a thing like this! - Madam.
- Don't Madam me! This is no time for it! - You plan on returning to England? - Yes.
- Your children are in England, those are their pictures I found in your wallet.
- [Rudi] Yes.
- You must want to see your children? And if you want to see your children, if I were you, I'd sign the statement.
- And if we don't sign? - We'll have to keep you here.
- Here in this house? - For people who will not work with us, we have other places.
Madam? I'll let you think it over.
- I thought it over.
- I leave it here! - You can take it with you! And you know what-- - Essie, shh! - You know what you're trying to say to me, Rudi? - Essie, come here.
Let's sign this, let's sign this statement and get outta here, get out of Czechoslovakia.
- Rudi, I thought you had a sense of decency! Johann Mazurik was your friend! - No, let me finish-- - And now you're willing to put lies in his mouth? - No, I'm not! - Now that he's dead? - Let me talk, let me finish! You don't know what I am going to say.
- What are you going to say? - Well, tell me, what is wrong with signing the statement now and then telling the truth when we get across the border? - What about this side of the border? - Yeah, well, what about it? - The only Czech who would know the truth would be you! - Essie.
- That sergeant and he gang wouldn't let the truth get back here! - Yeah, I know-- - Rudi, the people that love Mazurik are here! All they'd ever be told would be that pack of lies with our names on it! - Yeah, but we have also-- - I rather go to jail than sign that paper.
- Oh, my, Essie, really! - I'm not being a bloody angel.
I know we've done a bit of hanky panky in our time, but that's different.
That isn't income tax, you know.
That's very serious.
I don't understand you? Mr.
Mazurik was sweet to you.
He was sweet to both of us.
And he was a sweet man and you're willing to put lies in his mouth now that he's dead and gone today.
I'm ashamed of you, I am.
- Will you.
Oh, Essie, you're right, you're right.
This is very serious.
- You hit me? - Yeah, I know, but you see, oh, Essie, we've never had to face up to anything like this before.
You know this is big, this a big thing.
This is bigger than the act.
Oh, Essie, I am so proud of you, I really am.
- [Essie] Proud of me, what for? - Oh, Essie, you didn't even have to think to know what we had to do! [paper crinkling] - Oh, Rudi! You think we'll be what they call, liquidated? - Essie, that always sounds to me like being put in a bottle.
[Essie crying] Whatever happens, we'll be together.
- In this world.
- Yeah, and the next.
- You believe that? - Oh, yes, I do! I just can't believe that we would close here and not open somewhere else? [Essie crying] - Edie was gonna to be at Northolt to meet our plane Monday.
You think they'll let us wire her to say we've been delayed? Oh, Rudi, I do hate to miss the wedding.
[crying] We'd like to go back to our hotel if you don't mind? - Your hotel tonight will be Pankrac Prison.
You will stay at Pankrac until, it will be up to you to decide how long? - [Essie] That'll be 'til the first pews of hell freezes over! - Goodnight, goodnight, Madam! Stubborn, British cow! - I'm glad I'm stubborn! - I'm glad you're British! Have you got your registration card from the British Consulate? - In my bag.
- Has it got its telephone number on it? - Why? - Well, you heard what he called you, stubborn British! - That's not all he called me.
- Essie, the British government aren't going to let these Czechs do this to us! Now, you stand guard, watch out for the corporal, he is upstairs! - You're marvelous! Alexander would never have thought of this, dear! What's the matter? Don't they answer? Oh, come on, Rudi, make it fast! [phone clicking] [Rudi sighing] - Yes, who is it? Oh, Mr.
Secretary, you know, I am so very sorry to disturb you at this time of night, but it's a matter of great importance.
Yes, yes, of course I should have told you! This is Sebastian of The Great Sebastians.
Sebastian of The Great Sebastians, well look, I have told you twice.
Sebastian of The Great Sebastians, we are the headline act, we've been playing the Variete.
Yeah, where is your home? We have played every theater in England.
Yeah, we broke the house record in Nottingham.
Yes, six months ago we broke the house record at the Palladium in London.
Yeah, were you in London six months ago? At the Palladium? Well, of course, you remember the mind reading act.
Look, we broke the house record.
Well, perhaps you will remember it better this way? There was an American on the bill with us, his name was Stanley K, yes, he's a little fellow-- - Nevermind telling him who you are, tell we're being held here! Tell him they've got to do something about it! - Yes, we are being held prisoners here, my wife and I.
Prisoners, here in Prague, in General Zandek's house.
Well, I will tell you what this has to do with you.
My wife is a British subject and she is registered at your consulate.
Yeah, please look.
No, no, her name on the register would be under Esther Silk Schlupp.
No, no, S-C-H-L-U-P-P.
No, but the name of the act is The Great Sebastians.
He never heard of the act.
- Oh, never you mind, Rudi.
- I'm so very sorry, Esther.
- Well, don't expect waiting for it.
[suspenseful music] [ominous music] - I've just heard! I've heard they're taking you to Pankrac Prison.
[suspenseful music] - [laughing] Oh, yes, we know.
- Well, why don't you sign the statement? They will make you sign it when you get there! - I'd like to see them try.
- Oh, they will start the minute you get to Pankrac.
Questions, questions, before you go to sleep tonight, tomorrow, the next day, hour after hour! They won't let you sleep until you sign.
- What's it to you whether we sign or not? - Let me call to Comrade Javorsky, hmm? Let me tell him that I have talked to you, that you will sign? - So that's it? - That's what? - You think that if you can get us to sign, it'll get you in right with the sergeant? - Tonight, in your dressing room, you read Javorsky's mind! You did! I saw it myself, that's why I brought you here! Tell me what is on his mind now! - He don't happen to be here.
- What difference does that make? People miles away from each other sometimes think of the same thing! If you can read minds, read his, Madam! Read his mind, now! - You go and be a general somewhere else.
- You are fools! You write your names on a little piece of paper and you could go! You have a chance to get out of the country, if I were in your place, I-- Why should I waste my breath on you, you won't listen to reason! You fools! [suspenseful music] - Check the window! - [Essie] Is there such a thing as a subconscious mind? - What? - We're always talking subconscious mind, and that just impressed me there isn't one! - That's what? - Is there such a thing as a subconscious mind and if there is, what is it? - It's where you think but you don't know you're thinking! - Now, what have we-- - Rudi! - Still got on the table? - Rudi? - What? - I've just read the general's subconscious mind! I am a mind reader! - Oh, Essie, this is no time to come down with delusions of grandeur! - Look, Rudi! Did you hear him say? - Yeah.
- He said, "You've got a chance to get out of the country, "if I were in your place," that means that in his subconscious mind he wants to get out of the country! - What? - The general wants to get out of the country! - Essie, you are right, kiss me! - Oh! How can we use it? - Oh, well, it's the sergeant he's scared of.
- If I'd only known that, I would have read the sergeant's mind for him! - [Otakar] Yes, yes, put it in my car! - Oh, perhaps you still can! No, no, no, here.
Project, Madam, project.
Find him, Madam, find him! - A robe, yes, Sir! - Finding something moving.
It's a car, it's moving.
- The driver is here.
- There is.
- Yes, Sir! - Go on, Madam! - There are two men in the car.
- You see one of them? Can you reach his mind? - It's the sergeant, he's angry with someone.
[suspenseful music] It's a cold anger.
- Yeah, but can you hear what the sergeant is saying, we must know what he is planning to do? - He's saying, "Let him think himself safe.
"Next week, "next week.
" Now it's fading.
Something's interfering? - Oh, try again, Madam? - Oh, I see something moving, it's not a car, it's a boy.
It's a child, he's in a forest! He's frightened, he's lost, he's lost in a forest! - I! I was lost in the forest! - Now he's running, now he's standing still? Oh, he's listening, I hear a voice calling.
"Pepy! "Pepy!" - My mother! That was my mother, no one called me Pepy but my mother! But why should my mother be in my mind? - In the forest you were frightened.
- Yes, yes, I was frightened, but she found me! - She'll always find you when you're frightened.
You're frightened now.
You think to escape, to leave the country! - [gasping] No, no, that is not in my mind! - It was in your mind! - No! - It was in your mind, you can't deny it! It was in your mind! - For a moment only! - [Sebastians] Rhinoceros! - Yes, yes, you are right.
It will never be out of my mind now.
You know, it was when they mentioned the border, when the thought first came to me.
If you can get to the border, you can get across! - Yeah, and you will take us with you! - Shh, impossible! - Then we will take you to Pankrac with us, surely! - Shh! Who is it? - [Kovac] Corporal Kovac, Sir.
The chauffeur is waiting with your car.
- Tell it to wait! - Yes, Sir! [suspenseful music] In the backyard there is a gate.
A small gate opens to the road.
I will drive my car around and meet you there, shh! - General! How did the British Consulate find out these people were being held here? - I don't know, it's impossible? How could they? - I suppose, Madam, that they read your mind all the way from Pelleova Street? The foreign office has instructed me to inform you that you are free.
- Well, then I can have back my cigarettes? - Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm afraid I owe you a package of cigarettes.
- I'm afraid you owe us a great deal more than that.
- You, Madam, you wish to get out of this country! You shall, as soon as we can arrange it! - Javorsky, I'm leaving for the border this minute, I can put her across the border myself.
- As far as I'm concerned, you can kick her across! - Not while I'm there! - You won't be there! You are a Czech, you will remain in Czechoslovakia! - No, I won't leave, we've never been separated! - That's enough! - Here! - Take your hands off her! - [Essie] Leave me be, leave me be! You leave! - Your handcuffs! Where's the key? All right, bring him over here! - I won't leave you, Rudi, I won't go! They can't make me go! - [Oscar] Hold him arm, hold it still! All right, lift it up! - [Essie] It's not right to do this! - [Oscar] Higher! - [Essie] If they're gonna keep you here, then they're gonna keep me, too! They can't me go, Rudi! - No, go quickly, Essie, quickly! Go, quickly, Essie, please, quickly, quickly! [Essie sobbing] - Let me sit down! You won't get him you dirty liar! - [Oscar] Get away, get her away from me! - Oh, you stinking swine! - Oh, get her out of here! [Essie sobbing] No, wait! Madam, what happens to your husband depends on you.
What you say and what you don't say! - [sobbing] I won't cause no trouble.
I'll go with the General if you will let me kiss my husband goodbye? Oh, see you again, Rudi, more quickly than you think.
- [Oscar] General! Get her out of here! - [Otakar] Put her in my car! - I'll be back with another copy of the statement for you to sign.
You will sign it! [dramatic music] [suspenseful classical music] [dramatic music] [gate crashing] [dramatic classical music] [sentimental orchestral music] - [Announcer] The Great Sebastians will be produced as a motion picture by Columbia Pictures, whose latest production, Jeanne Eagles, starring Kim Novak and Jeff Chandler, will soon be seen in leading movie theaters.
[sentimental orchestral music] This has been a production of Showcase Productions Incorporated.