Project Blue Book (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

Curse of the Skinwalker

Previously on "Project Blue Book" You've been to the base before.
If you went there again and got proof, we could blow the lid off this whole government cover-up.
This is a very important panel, Doctor.
The sad truth is, U.
Air Force has completely mismanaged this investigation into the UFO phenomenon, and it's high time the CIA took that away.
Wait, what is this? What are you saying? Rizzuto is a Russian spy.
Born in the U.
to Bolshevik parents, party member since he was in short pants.
He's working with the Americans now.
I'm going to kill him for you.
And then we'll be even.
Doctor said turn him back to his bed.
- I know, Rex.
- Just do it gently.
That's a good boy.
That's it.
It's okay, honey.
Come on.
There you go.
What? Do you see something? No.
Let's just get him back to the house.
There you go.
That's it.
Come on.
Let's get to bed, big guy.
Billy? - Son? - Billy? Okay, uh, a loud noise from a safe distance.
Wake him up.
He's coming.
Oh, my God.
What are those things? Rex.
- It's the alien.
- Go.
- Billy, we've got to run.
- Go.
We got to run.
Come on.
Come on, go! We've got to the house.
"The Chapman family bought the ranch - three months ago.
- - Claimed to have been" - Go on.
I can't read your handwriting.
"Claimed to have been pursued" "By an extraterrestrial being".
"After they were chased by balls of blue light".
Well, there are natural phenomena which could explain the blue lights.
Sort of feels like the alien is the headline here, Doc.
Sorry about that, sir.
I didn't see you coming.
What's he doing? I'll find out.
Who are you? I'm Captain Michael Quinn, United States Air Force.
I'm just trying to get to the Chapman Ranch.
Do you know it? I know it, but if you don't want any trouble, you'll stay as far away from that ranch as you can.
There's creatures in those woods you don't want any part of.
Thanks for the warning.
What was all that about? Apparently, we're headed in the right direction.
Lot of security for an old farmhouse.
Well, it doesn't feel like anyone's home.
- Duchess, hey! - Sorry about that.
She's just trained to guard the house.
She really is a sweetheart though.
You you must be the men from the Air Force.
Chapman? Laura, please.
This is my husband, Rex.
We're just so happy you're here.
Rex and I read about what happened in Washington D.
with the saucers.
Yeah, but but what was it? I mean, really? - Temperature something? - Temperature inversions.
Inversions, right.
So, you know, we figured maybe you could help us figure out what's going on here.
Could we take a look at where you had this encounter? Yeah, it's just it's right over this way in the woods.
All right, now.
Come on.
Watch over Billy, all right? - You you have a son? - Yeah, he just turned ten.
He hasn't been quite right since we've moved in.
Mind if I ask you about the house? All that security.
Bars in the windows, bolts in the door.
Security was there when we bought the place.
Previous tenants put it in.
We asked about it, but They didn't give us much of an answer.
But Billy, I mean, he's been sleepwalking, and those locks, they help keep him safe when we remember to use them.
How long has Billy been sleepwalking? Since the first week we moved in.
And these lights that you saw - Mm-hmm? - How big would you estimate they were? When they got up close, I'd say about the size of tractor tires.
They were zigzagging through the trees.
You have a theory? Well, it is possible what you witnessed is a natural phenomenon called ball lightning, the result of static electricity igniting particles in the air.
Does ball lightning chase people or explain what Rex shot at? This is where I saw it.
I was about here when I fired.
Hey, Doc.
What's that? I'm not sure.
You say you fired out that way? Look, something burned those trees up there.
What is it? You see something? What the hell is that? - Well, it's not an alien.
- Yeah, no shit.
Who would have made it? Could be our neighbor.
Some kind of warning maybe.
I mean, he shunned Laura and I ever since we showed up.
Calls us outsiders.
Cut our fences.
Yeah, if you're not from around here, some people think you don't belong.
I'm wondering if we may have met this neighbor.
What's he look like? Something's coming.
What is that? What are you doing here, girl? How'd you get out? Billy, Billy.
Billy? Billy? We'll check his room.
He's not there.
That's him.
That's him.
He's in here.
Hey, Billy.
Hey, hi.
Mom's here.
He was here.
Who? Who? Who was here? The alien was here.
Come here.
It's okay.
Mom's got you, okay? Rizzuto, you missed your appointment.
Come on, I heard you turn off the vacuum.
I know you're in there.
Just open the door.
- Hello.
- Who are you? Can I help you? Rizzuto.
Excuse me.
What are you doing? I'm General James Harding, United States Air Force.
Edward and I had a meeting this morning, and he didn't show, so I'm here out of concern.
I'm sorry.
I didn't get your name.
Susan are you, uh, are you the housekeeper? Girlfriend.
Where is he? He left early this morning, and I stayed to tidy up.
If you'd like to leave a note for him, I can make sure he gets it.
Oh, actually, I'd like to know a little bit more about who you are, and why you're in his apartment.
'Cause the Rizzuto that I know would be lucky to have a gal of your caliber even let him light your cigarette, let alone vacuum his place.
Well, I guess you don't know him like I do.
Well, you got me there, but now you've made me curious.
What else don't I know? Fellas! What's going on? You know, I was just asking myself the same question.
And being that this is a matter of national security and that I have the authority, you're gonna help me find out.
Hi, Faye.
How are you? Allen just wanted me to check on a couple of things.
I'm sorry.
May I go in? You're not authorized to work at the Blue Book office anymore, not without additional clearance.
When did that happen? Yesterday.
General Valentine's orders.
I'm not sure even the captain knows.
What about my research? I'm assuming my work still belongs to me.
Can I at least get that? One second.
Blue lights in the woods, it could be ball lightning, alien creature, effigy hanging from a tree, but boy in the cupboard? You smelled that odor in the house? Yeah.
- What was that? - I don't know.
I noticed something similar out in the woods.
I'm not sure if there's any direct connection.
- Rex, don't do this please.
- I don't need these men to tell me what happened here.
No, Rex, put the rifle down.
He cut our fences he hung that monster in the trees, - now he terrorizes our son? - Rex, calm down.
- Please don't do this, please.
- No.
Come on! - Rex! - Everything all right? Please, please.
You have to stop him.
He's going to the neighbor's ranch.
He thinks he's the one who tried to hurt Billy.
Please, please.
He's just gonna make things worse.
Doc, this is now a property dispute between armed ranchers.
That's a job for the police, not us.
You heard Laura.
We don't have time for the police.
Doesn't make it our business.
Captain, the Chapman family called Blue Book, they asked for our help, and, yes, this may be a little off the beaten track, but it doesn't make it any less necessary.
Is that his horse? Hey there, fella.
Which way did he go, huh? He's got to be out somewhere.
Chapman! Divide and conquer? 100 yards apart.
Walk a straight line.
Every 100 feet, shout my name.
If he's in here, we'll find him.
Chapman! Can you hear me? Mr.
Chapman! Rex, you out here? Mr.
Chapman! You all right? What are you doing out here? Trying to stop you from doing something stupid.
Laura sent you out here after me, huh? What's that? What the hell? Hello? Anybody there? It's you.
You're trespassing.
Yeah? Why don't you try putting up some signs? The hell are you wearing? What are you doing on my land? Chapman family says their boy was attacked by some kind of creature.
You seem to fit the description pretty well right now.
Their boy was attacked? Did they get a good look at it? Hey, there you are! Rex! You wanna break into my house, terrorize my son, huh? I'll show you how to scare someone.
- All right, all right.
- You don't understand.
I'm not trying to scare you.
I'm trying to protect you.
You need my help.
Your family is in grave danger.
The Navajo call it a Skinwalker.
It's the name given to a medicine man who's chosen to take the form of an animal in order to inflict pain and suffering upon others.
Or in this case, the ranch your property sits on.
You expect me to believe that those creatures are on my land? Why do you think you paid so little for it? It's because it's cursed.
The Navajo go back generations around here.
And the Utes nation, another tribe in the area, they used to abduct and sell the Navajo to New Mexico slave markets.
As the legend goes, the Navajo put a curse on them and the land.
Now, Skinwalkers watch over it.
So you're saying that is what Rex saw in the woods the other night, and what locked his boy in the pantry? Yes.
"Becoming a Skinwalker requires the performance of an evil act, such as the killing of a close family member.
This gives the Skinwalker the ability to transform into animals or even other people in order to exact revenge".
That's what these effigies are for, to ward them off, to protect you.
But if the Skinwalker has already entered your home we're too late.
It will come back again, and it will take a life.
I think you've been trying to scare off me and my family ever since we got here.
Now you want me to believe that there's some shape-shifter out there based on some legend that's gonna come back and kill us? Yes.
You try to pull that stunt again and come near me or my family, I'll kill you.
I swear to God.
I think for everyone's safety, you should probably stay away from their ranch from now on.
I, uh, found something else when I was out looking for Mr.
Chapman earlier.
These symbols mean anything to you? I don't know what these are.
I might.
I think I know where it came from.
- Sticking to her story? - She lied to my face.
Why are you so sure? I don't believe for a second that the woman in that room had spent an hour of her time with a guy like Rizzuto.
You didn't get rough, did you? If you did, that makes my line all that more effective.
Hi, Susan.
I'm General Valentine.
Are you here to tell me why vacuuming my boyfriend's floor is suddenly against the law? No.
That's not unlawful, and you're not under arrest.
You're only here because we need your help.
My help? Mm-hmm.
Eddie and I have only been dating for a couple weeks.
Clearly, you know more about him than I do.
A couple of weeks, and he's okay with you being alone in his apartment? - Is that surprising? - Well, to me.
I'm kind of old-fashioned, so I like to take things slow.
Where'd you two meet? He bought me a drink.
- What bar? - Coffee shop, actually.
Why can't you ask him all this yourself when he comes home? We will.
In the meantime, if you could write down where that coffee shop was, and maybe give me a couple of names of people that can vouch for your answers, we can all go our merry way.
That sounds fair, right? What is going on here? Is Eddie okay? We certainly hope so.
- So you know what this is? - Oh, I sure do.
I created it.
It's an experimental flare that produces white phosphorus smoke and blue flame when it's activated.
It's only supposed to stay activated for about an hour and then self-destruct.
So the fact that it survived intact tells me I've got some bugs to fix.
So how come it was found off of the base? Not really my purview, but I can look into that for you.
You you're a civilian scientist brought in by the Air Force? - Mm-hmm.
- So what goes on here? I thought this was an old army post.
Until the Air Force turned it into a testing facility.
I actually oversee a new tactical weapons division.
Thank you so much for bringing this in.
And if you see the Chapmans, please tell them I owe them an apology.
I hope we didn't cause any trouble.
You think she was telling us everything she knows? Eh, civilian contractor, she probably doesn't know much to begin with.
What's your gut telling you? I don't know.
Something just felt off.
Same for me too.
Well, remember that sweet smell at the ranch? Hmm.
When I was out in the woods, there was this sound.
A a kind of hum.
Yeah, I heard something like that too.
It felt like it was coming from underground.
There was something else I never told you.
When we split up earlier, I saw what appeared to be a I don't know.
There's that sound again.
What the hell is that? An earthquake.
Go! You know of any fault lines in Utah? There's the Wasatch Fault, but that's that's miles from here.
Hey, come here.
There's that smell again.
That is the only way back, right? So until we get someone to move that pole We're stuck.
We were headed for the ranch anyway.
Let's let's just keep going.
Yeah, storms out here don't mess around.
We don't wanna be stuck out here when it hits.
You're right.
She's lying through her teeth.
So why aren't we holding her? Jim, you broke all the state and federal laws by bringing her here.
Till we find Rizzuto, I'll have her followed.
If she is as smart as we think she is, she'll know.
And then we'll know who she really is.
Hey, there.
Excuse me.
Am I imagining things or is everyone looking at me like I sunk the "Titanic"? Hi, Mimi.
How how are things at Blue Book? What do you mean? Well, after the Robertson Panel, I can only imagine how much things have changed.
That's all.
They transferred the files.
I'm no longer allowed in.
And how did you know that? It's the government's first move.
What are you talking about? Do you remember what I told you when we first met? The government is trying to control the information that gets out.
That's what they do, and that's why you've lost your access.
Believe me, this is only the beginning.
No, you're overreacting.
Allen is out on a job, and when he comes back I'm sorry, we all talked about it, and we decided that it would be best if you took a break from us for a while.
A break? If they came for Blue Book, they'll come for us too.
And your presence here constitutes a risk that none of us can afford.
Just be careful.
Thanks again for letting us stay.
Oh, it's no bother.
Can I have one of those? Yeah.
I don't really smoke.
I'm trying to quit myself, actually.
I wanted to thank you gentlemen for everything you've done.
You know, with Edmund and all that.
I could have overreacted and well, I just wanted to make sure my family was safe.
- That's all.
- No, I understand.
You must encounter people like us all the time, seeing things they can't explain.
Well, I think there's a lot of things in this world that all of us have a hard time explaining.
Hopefully, we can provide some comfort.
You know, this, uh, this Skinwalker curse, though.
It's, uh well, it's really got me thinking.
You believe in any of it? No.
I think it's crazy.
But it would explain a lot, wouldn't it? It's certainly tempting to, to think that, yes.
Laura and I put everything we had into this ranch.
We need this to work.
It'll bankrupt us if we had to leave.
Billy? So that's where the music's coming from.
It doesn't work.
Jack just stays inside.
Let me see.
I'll tell you what, if you promise to go to sleep, I promise to fix your toy.
I need it.
He doesn't like the music.
That's why I play it.
Who doesn't? The alien.
Billy, there's no alien.
That's just your mind playing tricks on you.
The alien is the one who plays the tricks.
He just wants you to think that.
The hell? Billy? - Did you see that? - Hey.
- It's that Skinwalker! - Doc.
No, I saw it! It was in the house, - then it ran out on here.
- Calm down.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
What the hell are you doing here? I was tracking the Skinwalker.
It led me here.
Billy! - What's going on? - Billy is gone.
I've looked everywhere in the house for him.
He's upstairs.
I just checked.
I just went up there.
What the hell are you doing here? - You did this.
Where's my son? - All right.
Hang on, hang on.
We just found him outside.
Trust me, he had nothing to do with this.
Then where did my son go? Billy didn't go anywhere.
The Skinwalker took him.
All right, everybody just calm down.
We're we're gonna find him.
All right, just tell me when you saw him last? I just I just tucked him in.
- The pantry.
- Doc? He hid in there once before.
What what is that? - Must be how Billy got out.
- I've never seen that before.
This goes on quite a ways.
That's not how Billy got out.
That's how the Skinwalker got in.
- Billy! - I'm coming with you.
No, you stay here with your wife in case Billy comes back.
If you see its eyes, shine that light.
He will not like that.
What is this place? That smell it's like it's getting stronger.
How far does this thing go? Billy? Billy! What? Listen.
Another earthquake.
Uh - Captain! - Just a sec.
Give me that.
You see that? - What? - It was there.
Come on.
I found something.
- Come on! - Yeah.
What do we have here? Commander Corry for Major Robinson.
Commander Corry for Major Robinson.
- Commander Corry.
- Go ahead, Robbie.
I just received a message from Hector.
How's he doing? - All right, I guess.
- You guess? Uh, yes, sir, the message was decoded.
It reads, "All well".
Well, I guess Mike has the situation well in hand.
Yes, sir, except that wasn't quite all the message.
- At the end - Billy? - He had the letters K.
- K.
? This is Cadet Happy calling Space Patrol Headquarters cold room.
Calling Space Patrol Headquarters cold room.
Cadet Happy.
Freeze! Mom! Dad! - Oh, honey! - Mom! Billy, my boy! Oh, you're safe.
I love you so much.
It's okay.
Captain, you understand that the Air Force limits the information that I can share.
Hynek and I have top secret clearance.
- Un-limit your information.
- Look, gentlemen.
If the Air Force hired you, they can fire you as well.
Now we can get a couple of generals on the end of that phone who'd be more than happy to make that happen if we ask them.
It's your choice.
Have you ever heard of tectonic strain? Yeah, of course.
Forces generated within the Earth's crust which can give rise to anomalous luminous phenomena.
Lights in the sky.
We've been working in the caverns underneath the Chapman Ranch, drilling down and directing a high-powered water mixture into the fault line.
You're making earthquakes.
We are examining a possible connection between tremors and reports of UFOs.
Uh, hold on a second.
How does that work exactly? Well, when the Earth shakes, pockets of ethylene gas below ground can become exposed.
And ethylene gas can cause aural and visual hallucinations.
Like blue lights through the trees.
Or alien creatures.
All the things that the Chapmans saw, what we saw.
So the gas created the illusions.
Yeah, like the Skinwalker.
So you've been researching the use of this gas as a weapon, and you've been using the Chapmans as lab rats.
As I said before, that was unfortunate, and I have told you more than I should already.
And what are you going to do about the Chapmans? We have apologized, and we will certainly make sure that the power line is restored so they can have their lights back by nightfall.
Again, sorry about the mix-up.
If you'll excuse me, gentlemen.
Okay, fine.
Thank you.
Great, or we can just handle the rest when we get home.
Yeah, and what were the names of our contacts at "The Times" and "The Post" again? Do you think that given what I do I haven't dealt with reporters before? Well, the captain and I, we shut down lights over D.
when the president of the United States thought that we were going to war, so trust me when I say that we know better than you how to put our story on the front page of every newspaper in this country.
And what you really need to ask yourself is what can you do to compensate this family for the damage you've caused them.
Let me just grab you guys a cup a coffee or something? Well, that's very kind of you, but we've got to hit the road.
Just thought we'd check-in before we leave.
How is how is Billy? Well, it's a lot of process, but he's safe, and that's what matters most.
Thank you.
Hopefully, we can put this all behind us now.
We've decided to sell.
Yeah, we've had enough of this place.
And even if we go broke, anywhere else is better than here.
Well, I think that is probably wise, but you won't go broke.
- What's this? - Open it.
I spoke to the top brass at the military base, and they have agreed that a sizable financial compensation is what you and your family are entitled to.
This is a letter of guarantee.
You just need to call.
How on earth did you We have friends in high places, and that means the case is officially closed.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
We don't actually have friends at "The Times", do we? I thought we didn't trust the press these days.
The thing about secret government research programs, they'll pay a good price to maintain their secrecy.
The threat is all we needed.
Great, they're fixing the pole already.
So the Skinwalker, just a legend? Who knows? Either way, I'm glad we're not spending another night in that house.
Amen to that, Doc.
House has good bones.
And the yard is beautiful.
You won't find a better value in the Valley.
We have a saying about this house.
The grass is green on every side.
Can we get cows, Dad? I want cows.
Three, one, five, four, five, six, five, three, five, nine.

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