Proven Innocent (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

SEAL Team Deep Six

1 Previously on Proven Innocent - You played me.
- Baby.
Why'd you have to ruin this? LINDA: Heather Dupinski she connected all of us.
There was something really special when we first started hanging.
If you had new evidence of her guilt, then you would win in a landslide.
You mean, recharge her for murder? You can tell me.
I won't say anything.
The night that-that Rosemary was killed, everybody's looking for her, except for Madeline.
My lawyer actually thinks I'm gonna have a shot at getting out of here.
Do you really see us together out there? MADELINE: Yeah, I do.
No! [GASPS.]
You okay? - I'm fine.
- Mm.
Just got a little lonely up there.
I'm sorry.
Did you call your P.
last night? Tell her you were gonna spend the night here? - Not yet.
- Wren.
I will, I promise.
I don't want you getting your parole revoked.
There's no way I'm going back there.
I enjoyed last night way too much.
It was nice finally getting to take our time, right? - Mmm.
I got to get up.
So do you, right? Don't you have some job interviews? I'm not really interested in the jobs the halfway house is offering.
Wren, you have to work as a condition of your parole.
I know, but I just I don't know.
Why don't you come work with me? Yeah, we're looking for a new office clerk.
I-I don't want any special favors.
Well, I do.
So come work at IDG.
You'll be great.
You sure you're ready to mix those worlds? Introducing your coworkers to your secret ex-con girlfriend? Really? Really.
Yes, really.
- Nope, stop! - WREN: Mmm.
: I have to go to work.
We have to go to work.
Get up.
Why don't you take me out We'll chase the light Stay awake WREN: Well there's something that's gotten a lot easier.
Making coffee.
VIOLET: Yep, it's just a push of a button.
Also, we've got flavored creamer and Stevia.
There's snacks and pop.
Oh, uh, Easy Boudreau.
Wren Grant.
So you're the lawyer who stole her away from me.
- You remember me telling you about Wren? Uh, yeah.
Your prison buddy, slash protector, slash confidant.
Slash very good friend.
This must be our newest ex-con law clerk.
You guys have had others? Oh, we still do.
A lot of our clients have trouble finding jobs even though they've been exonerated, so they work here.
True story.
I'm Bodie Quick.
- You want the "Quick" tour? - Sure.
You must be Lieutenant Commander Tate.
And you must be Madeline Scott.
That I am.
Oh, and I'd guess you're Easy Boudreau.
You'd guess right.
Let's find a place where we can talk.
Her name is Rachel Clarke.
A seaman in the Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School.
She looks badass.
She was.
The prep school is the first stop for any sailor who wants to become a SEAL.
And Rachel would've been one of the first females accepted into BUD/S uh, Navy SEAL school.
Instead she was convicted of murder.
Four years ago she was court-martialed for murdering her naval instructor, Petty Officer Chris Moore.
Two Silver Stars, Purple Heart.
Moore was highly decorated.
Beyond that, he was the base admiral's son-in-law.
I don't need to tell you this was a huge case.
But you're here, so I'm guessing you think the Navy got it wrong? Well, Clarke was at the top of her class.
The embodiment of military excellence.
Never disciplined once.
She was the perfect candidate.
- What do you think happened? - I think Clarke was railroaded.
The Navy isn't too excited to have a female SEAL.
They had an unsolved murder and they pinned it on her.
We have a staff meeting, Mr.
If you don't mind me asking, what is all this? Case files from the original Scott trial.
And why is it all here? I have it brought up on occasion.
When the mood strikes.
You see, Isabel, it always comes down to this: no matter how we build it, without the murder weapon that was used against Rosemary Lynch, any new case against Madeline Scott is a nonstarter.
Where are you with Levi? I've gained his trust, but I'm not sure he has anything relevant to say.
He did mention Cathedral Cove.
BELLOWS: What about it? ISABEL: The night of Rosemary's murder, Levi said that everyone went looking for her.
Everyone except for Madeline.
- Yes, and? - And he said that Cathedral Cove was Madeline and Rosemary's favorite place.
That they'd sit out there for hours.
What if, while everyone was out looking for Rosemary, Madeline was at the cove? Potentially disposing of the murder weapon? It's a possibility.
You know, I've considered dredging Quarry Lake in the past.
It's-it's a massive undertaking.
But if I were to limit the size of the scope to a small cove I've been prepping to be a Navy SEAL since I was ten.
I saw these heroes on TV, all of 'em brave men.
And I wanted that, too.
But because I was born a woman, I've been through more crap than you could possibly imagine.
Her reviews were stellar since she first became a candidate.
Future couldn't have been brighter.
They said you lost control.
You snapped and killed Moore.
That's a lie.
But you did have a fight with him, the night that he was murdered.
And the case file said you were drinking.
I'd just finished P and I was just trying to unwind.
And maybe I did have one too many.
But then Moore got all up in my face with the whole "girls can't be SEALs" thing.
And we argued, but that was it.
The murder weapon was found in your wall locker the next morning.
The day before we had an inspection.
They dug through every square inch of my locker.
And there was no gun.
So, what I got into some little pissing match with Moore at the bar, drove drunk into town, found someone to sell me an unlicensed firearm, drove back to base, shot him, and then after all that, what threw the weapon into my wall locker and went to sleep? So, obviously, you think the gun was planted.
- Hell yeah, I think it was.
- Why? Because I stood out.
My dad was in the Army.
I know all about "the club.
" But if the Navy wanted you out, they could've just made up an excuse to kick you out.
Framing you for murder is really extreme.
The admiral's son-in-law was dead.
All right? They, they needed to arrest someone.
So why not have it be me? There's actually a more logical explanation.
Which is? The real murderer framed you.
VIOLET: On this week's Until Proven Innocent, we will tell the story of Rachel Clarke.
One of the few female SEAL candidates in the history of this country.
To get as far as Rachel did, she had to be sound in both body and mind.
But the Navy said she snapped.
That she lost it.
How did it happen? This is a story about secrets.
Did Rachel have something terrible stirring inside of her? Or is the real secret about why an innocent woman was cut down before she was given a chance to truly fulfill her dream in life? - Typical.
- What? I'm just reading Rachel's psych report from after her arrest.
They called her "confrontational.
" I guess if you're an aggressive man, you're just a good sailor.
But if you're a woman, you're crazy and prone to snap.
The Navy is making strides.
But, yeah, we still got a ways to go.
This is Moore's house.
It's a nice neighborhood.
That's the Navy.
Provides everything a sailor needs.
Well, not for Moore and Clarke.
So the report said Moore was killed in his bedroom.
What about that house? They have a pretty good view of Moore's place.
Let's knock on a couple doors, ask some questions.
Let me handle this.
Is there a problem, Petty Officer? Sir, I'm placing you under arrest for trespassing.
I'm an officer with JAG.
Sir, ma'am, please turn around.
Like hell.
We're not trespassing.
Ma'am, be quiet.
Turn around.
I will not ask you again.
This is not our turf.
Takes me back to my high school days.
DUNLAP: Each of you are in violation of Chapter 18 U.
Code 1382: trespass on a military installation.
You were permitted egress, to speak to Defendant Rachel Clarke at the prison facility and access to DSO North.
- That was all.
- It was all my fault, Admiral.
And you will be disciplined, Commander.
Are you kidding me? We looked at a house.
This is a military facility, Ms.
You don't look at a damn thing unless I expressly say so.
So, you're telling me we're not allowed to reinvestigate? Because, uh, based on this report, it looks like this case was barely investigated at all.
- Excuse me? - Madeline.
Scott, as the commander of this base, I am the Convening Authority of Courts-Martial.
It is my duty, to review all investigations and to approve or disapprove of any and all convictions.
I did that in the Clarke case.
Her case was open-and-shut.
Never liked that phrase, "open-and-shut.
" Always makes me feel like someone's hiding something.
Not that anyone did that in Rachel Clarke's case, but based on this arrest and exchange we're currently having, it seems no one is interested in us reinvestigating.
What are you talking about? The initial crime scene canvass is incomplete.
No one spoke to the sailor who lived behind Moore.
That's the first I've heard of this.
Who is this sailor? Uh, Admiral you're the victim's father-in-law.
There's an obvious conflict of interest here.
I suggest you recuse yourself and let us do our job.
Scott, Mr.
Boudreau, if you follow the rules, you can investigate anything you want.
But understand this: you are only welcome here by my good graces.
- Are we clear? - Yes, sir.
I've slept with two other guys since you, Bodie.
What? Seriously? Who? No, you know what, I don't even want to know.
Was it that guy the-the guy from homicide? The guy with muscles on top of muscles? I don't think I can take that guy.
It was nobody.
Hmm? But, uh [CHUCKLES.]
I like that you got all spun out thinking it was.
That is seriously cruel.
You know what? You're a terrible person who I want to have sex with immediately.
I've had enough of your jokes, Bodie.
To explain it No joking? I'm dead serious about you.
But, honey, look I want to do this.
I-I mean I mean you and me.
For real.
Baby Do you even know what that means? Yeah.
I think.
Real means no games.
No secrets, no manipulation.
You can't ask me for any more info.
I'm either your source, or I'm your girlfriend.
But I can't be both.
You, you've got that thing That makes me, oh I've got to give you praising 'Cause, boo There ain't no better man [GROANS.]
- All right, man.
You got skills like my son.
What's your name Ronaldo? [LAUGHS.]
My name is Cole, sir.
- We're looking for your dad.
- Is he in trouble? MADELINE: No, not at all.
We just want to talk to him.
- Is he home? - He's inside.
My wife and I had just divorced.
I was pulling double duty a lot that year.
It's possible that, investigators came by the house, but I wasn't home.
But either way, I didn't see or hear anything that night.
Nothing at all? Not a thing.
They found the gun in Clarke's locker.
She snapped.
Couldn't take the heat.
It happens sometimes.
We all know she did it.
Now, if you'll excuse me, that's all I have to say on the matter.
Ensign Bennett said Rachel snapped, too.
And he barely knew her.
Why does everyone keep giving us the exact same answer? You're gonna get a lot of that.
Nobody wants to talk because the punishment is severe.
Bye, guys.
Unless you're outside the chain of command.
Hey, Cole? Do you remember the night one of your neighbors was killed? Yes, ma'am.
Did you see anything? I-It's all right, hon.
You're not in any trouble.
I promise.
You can talk to us.
I woke up 'cause I heard a loud bang, like a gunshot.
So I looked out the window.
I saw someone come out of the house.
What did this person look like? He was tall.
"He"? Are you sure that you saw a man, not a woman? I'm sure.
I even told my dad, but he said I must've made a mistake.
What the hell are you doing? How dare you speak to him without my permission? Cole, get inside.
Go get washed up for dinner.
I'm sorry, sir, you need to leave.
Your son just told us that he saw a man leaving Moore's house that night.
No, he didn't.
Do not come back here.
Looks like we have a witness.
MADELINE: The prosecution argued that Seaman Clarke snapped, and killed Chief Petty Officer Moore in a fit of rage.
But an eyewitness saw a man leaving Moore's house the night of the murder.
Where was this eyewitness at Seaman Clarke's original trial? MADELINE: He was told not to testify by his father.
He was eight years old at the time.
So, not exactly reliable MADELINE: You can't judge his veracity without meeting him.
We're requesting a subpoena.
Scott, don't interrupt me again.
That may work for you in civilian court, but if you do it here, you'll find yourself on the curb.
Apologies, Your Honor.
This court does not believe an eight-year-old boy's account of the events of that night would have changed the jury's verdict.
How can you decide that without even hearing his testimony? Ms.
Scott, the murder weapon was found in Seaman Clarke's wall locker.
Everyone keeps saying that as if that settles it.
Apologies for interrupting again.
You are not suggesting that Seaman Clarke was framed, are you? That's exactly what we're arguing, Your Honor.
Or we'd at least like the opportunity to explore that in a new trial.
Scott, Mr.
Boudreau, we are not inclined to set aside the findings of this court based on what you've brought us so far.
Bring us something more concrete beside an eight-year-old witness, and we'll consider it.
We'll give you three days.
Three days? - Your Honor - In that case, Your Honor, we'd ask you to order prosecution to turn over any discovery material they'd be obligated to give us in the event of a new trial.
The discovery will be turned over forthwith.
What is the difference between a warrant officer and a petty officer? Is it-is it, like, personality? EASY: Guys, focus.
We need to find an alternate suspect, or our client will continue to spend the rest of her days in the brig.
Found something.
So, the Navy's theory of the case was that Rachel had a knockdown with Moore - just before she killed him, right? - Correct.
So, if Moore had had a brutal fight with someone just days before he was murdered, that person should also be ID'd as a suspect.
Were they? Naval incident report, 25 September at 2200 hours.
"Chief Petty Officer Moore arrested after an altercation.
"Treated for lacerations.
Multiple sutures.
" No charges followed.
And that incident report was not included in discovery at Clarke's original trial even though it was requested.
They buried it.
Ooh, a naval cover-up.
: "I guess" they just couldn't handle the truth.
" I've heard a lot of Jack Nicholson impressions in my day.
That was the worst one.
This report may not prove that Rachel's innocent, but it does prove she was royally screwed over.
So, we need to find out who fought Moore, slap him with a subpoena, then we'll have reasonable doubt.
- Except - This file has been redacted.
There it is.
All mentions of the person who fought Moore have been blacked out.
EASY: Okay.
Bodie and I will go talk to Clarke's instructors.
I'll get Tate.
We'll go to court and petition to get this report unredacted.
The incident report, illegally withheld from defense, indicates that Chief Petty Officer Moore had a brutal fight with someone just days before he was murdered.
We demand that the court grant our motion for an unredacted copy of this report.
Before you proceed any further, Ms.
Scott, has Commander Tate advised you that the burden of proof lies with the defense? MADELINE: He has, Your Honor.
Were you also aware that the trial court ruled the report be suppressed and redacted, and therefore is not illegally withheld? Uh that's not in defense counsel's file.
That's because the matter was ex parte and sealed.
Determined to have no bearing on this case.
May I ask why? If I told you that, Counselor, it would defeat the purpose.
You do know what "classified" means, don't you? I do.
Let's go! Up the ropes! Move! ANDERSON: Let's go! Up and over! I want ten! Knees up! Excuse me.
Ezekiel Boudreau, Bodie Quick.
Chief David Wyatt.
EASY: We represent Rachel Clarke.
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
Clarke? Thought JAG locked her up.
They did.
We believe she was wrongly convicted.
From your cadet evaluation file, it seems you believe Rachel didn't do it, either.
Nothing but the truth.
She was a squared away sailor.
Guts, determination.
Solid attitude.
Sounds like Arnold from Commando.
He was Army.
And on steroids.
So, why'd you change your mind at her trial? Sounds like you wanted her locked up.
I did.
Like I said, nothing but the truth.
She snapped, killed Moore.
Just like that, huh? Martin Anderson.
These are Rachel Clarke's lawyers.
Chris Moore was my best friend.
What Clarke did to him, she could have done to any one of us.
Why's that? As instructors, we push these cadets to their breaking point.
And then we push harder.
Any specific reason Clarke would snap and kill Moore? ANDERSON: Maybe 'cause she had a crush on him.
And nothing happened.
He was happily married, had a kid.
I think it all got to her head.
She could've dropped out, but she went psycho and she killed Chris instead.
There is some doubt about that.
Not for us.
Keep your voice down.
What, did you think I wouldn't find out? I have customers.
What's the matter, Linda? Can't function without a fix? Hey, you got a problem, Heather? Did you follow me? It's all true, isn't it? The secret clique.
I mean, why else would you be mad that that Linda's talking? You know, you were pretty cute in high school, Levi.
Lots of us girls had crushes on you.
I mean, Linda here had a huge crush on you.
- Didn't you, Linda? - Shut up, Heather.
But things got tougher in college, huh? You just kept coming back and hanging out with all of us high schoolers like a loser.
How come? Oh, yeah.
Because you were obsessed with Rosemary.
It was so embarrassing.
Rosemary and I used to laugh about it.
Back off.
You used to laugh at him, too, Linda.
Remember? He was just a big joke.
You're pathetic.
That's why you killed Rosemary.
Why don't you tell him about Sparrow Ridge? Why don't you shut the hell up? Is that what you called the clique, Heather? What's Sparrow Ridge? Must tie into what happened to Rosemary.
I mean, why else would you lie on the stand and testify that my sister and I killed her? What's Sparrow Ridge, Heather? Hi.
Can I help you? I'm looking for Madeline Scott.
Right this way.
Hello, Madeline.
Commander Tate.
We found what you're looking for.
You got us the unredacted report.
The congresswoman has pull on the Armed Services Committee.
You might need some of that when you see who the redacted person is.
I assumed that Moore was duking it out with another drunken sailor.
He was.
Just so happens that drunken sailor was an admiral.
Well, now we know why Dunlap was stonewalling us.
So what's next? Grill the hell out of him.
EASY: We read the incident report about the vicious fight between you and Chief Moore, the week before his murder.
- That's classified.
- Not anymore.
You two went at it pretty hard.
Maybe Rachel Clarke wasn't the one who snapped.
- That's it.
I've heard enough.
- Yeah, you must've been really furious with him.
So, when Rachel and Moore had that fight at the bar, you took advantage of the optics and you framed Rachel.
We need an answer, sir.
Or my next phone call will be to D.
What's this? Copy of the letter I wrote to SecDef, saying how honored I was to potentially have the first female SEAL under my command.
Why would I frame her? As for my fight with Chief Moore, it was about his relationship with my daughter.
He was drinking heavily and they had just had a baby.
I tried talking to him.
But he got belligerent, and it got ugly.
I didn't want our private matter to go public.
It would have brought shame to this base, and to my family.
That's why I had it redacted.
Sorry to hear that, Admiral.
Me too.
But it doesn't mean you didn't kill him.
I was a fan of Seaman Clarke.
She had potential.
But while she was using her skills to murder my son-in-law, I was attending a banquet with the Joint Chiefs.
It's all on the record.
So I-I hate to disappoint you, but I'm not your killer.
EASY: The Pentagon confirmed the admiral's alibi.
So he didn't murder Moore.
Rachel, the admiral said Moore's marriage was in trouble.
Your other instructor suggested there was a relationship brewing between the two of you.
I wasn't sleeping with him, if that's what you're asking.
He was my instructor.
MADELINE: We're just trying to help you.
If there's anything you want to tell us, now's the time.
I sit in this cell every day wondering how I got here.
Who betrayed me and why? And is it because I'm a woman? And I feel so frustrated, because I'm a fighter.
And I can't fight back, and I feel so Powerless.
I get it.
Being in the Navy, is so much harder for a woman than for a man.
The slightest infraction is magnified.
What happened? Moore and I were friends, but that's all.
We spoke a few times, about things he didn't want to tell his wife, but I didn't mention it to anybody because fraternization is frowned upon.
EASY: And by fraternization you mean? Any personal relationship between officers and enlisted, including talking, is prohibited.
It would have destroyed my chances at becoming a SEAL.
Why didn't you bring this up at your original trial? I didn't see the point.
And then, after my trial was over, it was too late.
But the truth is, Moore wasn't exactly the most stable person.
He told me he was having nightmares.
About what? He wouldn't say, but this one time, I found him drunk in his office, and he was really upset.
And he kept ranting about someone named Fahdi.
Who's that? I don't know.
But he kept on saying that it shouldn't have happened and that he didn't deserve to live.
After that, I just kept my distance.
So Moore and Rachel did have a relationship.
Platonic, but still more secrets.
You know the question we have to ask now.
- Huh.
- Who the hell is Fahdi? Hmm.
Margaret Atwood said, "The best way to keep a secret" "is to pretend there isn't one.
" Sometimes secrets can have dire consequences.
The military, for example, uses secrets to protect the chain of command.
The fear is if the truth is told, everything will fall apart.
But what happens if you're the weak link in that chain? Who's there to protect you? WREN: I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
No, it's okay.
You looked curious.
Maddie says that what you do for the firm here is really important.
Getting the word out.
Telling the stories.
So, what's your story? Sorry, I'm not one of your sympathetic, wrongfully accused clients.
I did the crime, I did the time.
Which was? Armed robbery of a liquor store.
The clerk got hurt.
I was just some young kid on a joyride, and it cost me 20 years of my life.
Ten of those years were with my best friend.
You guys got close.
How much of that story do you know? Obviously not enough.
Sorry to interrupt your trip.
Oh, my conference finished early.
And it sounded like you wanted to talk.
So, how's the campaign going? Good.
The numbers are healthy.
You better be careful, Gore.
You may actually win this thing.
So what can I do you for? I'm finally gonna do it, Clifford.
I'm gonna dredge the quarry lake.
You're still obsessed with Madeline Scott.
I'm obsessed with justice.
Well this isn't my office anymore, it's yours, so I'll just say what I said to you way back then.
It's a mistake, a boondoggle.
It's different this time I know where to look.
- Do you? - A specific cove.
Madeline's favorite place at the quarry.
If you do this, it will come out.
The media will be all over you for going after that Scott girl again.
I realize.
And if you don't find anything, you'll be crucified.
You can forget about becoming A.
It's a gamble.
I know that.
But you always told me to trust my instincts.
When it comes to the law, there is no one better than you.
But Madeline Scott is another matter.
She's your great white whale, the one that got away, and the harder you hunt for her the more desperate you seem.
She's guilty, Clifford.
To see her living in freedom and helping other people escape justice It's not right.
Well, what do you want from me, Gore my blessing? I wish you well in everything you do.
I always will.
But I'm no longer your boss, and I'm not in a position to save you from your mistakes anymore.
Can we come in? Yeah, come on in.
Who's your little friend? Bodie, meet Nathan.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too, sir.
Eh, have a seat.
Can I get you a dry martini or an orange juice or chocolate milk? I'll take the chocolate milk.
Oh, my God.
- I'm no doctor, but [WHISPERING.]
: he seems a little old to be my son.
Yeah, he's mine.
Nathan's my nephew.
Uh, my sister's been hooked on opioids.
So I've been fostering him for her while she cleans up.
Which will never happen.
It's been, uh, two years, um, headed towards permanent.
It's why I've been afraid to give this a real shot.
This is me.
Not hiding anything.
You still want to do this? Yeah, sure, I mean I really want to hide these weapons before he kills himself, okay? Can I just? Hey, hey.
TATE: Here's Moore's deployment record.
There's no mention of anyone named Fahdi in Moore's jacket.
What if Fahdi's not a person? Follow me.
I'll cross-reference all the incident reports on file for any mention of There.
A naval investigation into a Taliban massacre at the Fahdi District in Kabul Province.
Fahdi District.
Search the naval records, see which units were deployed to that region.
Chief Moore's SEAL team was assigned to that A.
We're gonna to need to talk to the other members of Moore's unit.
One step ahead of you.
Here's the unit's deployment records.
CPO Wyatt, you spoke to my colleagues earlier and didn't mention that you, Anderson, and Moore were in the same SEAL squad.
So? So, what happened in Fahdi? I don't have to tell you anything.
You do, CPO Wyatt.
That's an order.
WYATT: It's a matter of public record.
The Taliban murdered a family.
Just another day in paradise.
Rachel said that, before his death, Moore was suffering from something that seemed like PTSD.
And it was getting worse.
She said he kept saying, "It shouldn't have happened.
" What was Moore talking about? What did he do? Look, there's a reason you didn't mention that the three of you were in the same squad.
Why does it matter? I can't imagine the pressure that you guys are under.
- I've never deployed.
- You're damn straight.
But I do know what it feels like to spend every day living in a place where even the air feels like it's trying to kill you.
That's enough to make anyone snap.
Rachel said that Moore should talk to someone about it.
Something terrible happened at Fahdi, didn't it? Talk to us, Wyatt.
I can help, but only if you tell us what happened.
Moore, Anderson, and I were about to clear a known insurgent's house.
Before we breached the door, we heard a loud bang.
It sounded like gunfire, so we returned.
When we finally entered, there were no guns.
Just a dead family.
Women and children.
Shot to death.
The loud bang must've been a car backfire or something.
Moore and I wanted to report it to command, but Anderson insisted that we would be court-martialed.
It was a mistake.
There was something else.
An old man was still in the house.
He was alive.
We could've saved him, I think.
But Anderson shot him, killed him, just to make sure there were no witnesses.
Made a promise that day to never speak about what happened.
Moore was gonna talk to somebody about what happened at Fahdi, and you and Anderson killed him to keep him quiet.
No, I It was not me.
M Moore was like my brother.
It had to have been Anderson who killed Moore, not Rachel.
When everyone told me she snapped, I believed it.
I didn't know Moore was gonna talk about Fahdi or that Anderson was planning to do something about it.
I would have stopped him.
I didn't know.
Say we believe you.
You still need to make amends.
You need to tell a judge what happened.
You can give Rachel Clarke her life back.
ANDERSON: We heard a gunshot.
We believed we were being fired at.
- And you returned fire? - Damn right.
Rule number one of combat: people die.
Rule number two: sometimes those people are civilians.
So, in the heat of battle, bullets flying, everyone is fair game? I didn't say that.
But if you have to ask the question, you're gonna hate the answer.
If it brings us one step closer to ISIS or the Taliban.
MADELINE: And after the shooting stops, when the situation is secure? It's never secure, not over there.
But you would agree that the shooting death of an unarmed civilian, after an engagement ends is unacceptable? Without knowing the specifics, I can't answer that question.
How about these specifics: an old man, wounded but not mortally lies on the floor in a house where the rest of his family has died.
But, thanks to you, that man, a witness to an unlawful kill, is now dead.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Chief Anderson, the only reason that this hearing is even taking place is that Chief Wyatt, who was in your squad, provided this court with a statement.
You shot an elderly man in cold blood.
And this is the gun that was used to kill Chief Petty Officer Moore.
And untraceable.
CPO Wyatt has confirmed that you are the owner of this gun.
Looks like you got it on your last deployment, didn't you? I ask that this court direct Chief Anderson to tell us how his weapon ended up in Seaman Clarke's wall locker.
DUNLAP: What happened to you was a true injustice.
On behalf of the U.
Navy, it is my honor to reinstate you as Petty Officer Third Class.
I'm fighting Now, let's see what I can do about getting you readmitted to SEAL 101.
Thank you, sir.
Till I win this war Till I win this fight I'm fighting Thank you for your service.
Ah, ah Hear my battle cry Ah, ah Hear my battle cry.
BELLOWS: You murdered Rosemary! You're lying, Madeline.
I don't know what you want me to say.
BELLOWS: How about starting with the truth? No one believes you! MADELINE: Stop saying that! It's time to tell the truth.
It's me.
Do it.
Dredge the lake.
So, Wren She's great, right? Smart.
I know you, Maddie.
I know she means more to you than just a friend.
She's Your girlfriend.
: I like her.
Why didn't you ever tell me about her? It's not like that.
I My best friend didn't tell me about a relationship she's been in for over a decade.
You're right.
I shouldn't take that personally.
When it first started, it just made things a lot easier.
When I got out, it made things really complicated.
I still like guys.
But I love Wren.
And I don't know what that means.
I don't know if she's my person.
If we split up, I don't know if I would date men.
Do I date women? Do I want to get married? I [EXHALES.]
I don't know.
And I'm not ready to answer questions about it.
I'm just not.
- That's okay.
It's Levi.
Hey, Lev.
Can you slow down? You're going where? Hold on.
Don't go anywhere.
I-I'll be right there.
How'd you find this place? Linda said they used to meet outside of La Grange.
Said something about Sparrow Ridge, so I looked it up on the Internet.
MADELINE: You're better at this than I'm comfortable with.
You do know breaking and entering is a crime, right? Yeah, not when it's been condemned for a decade.
MADELINE: Well, even then.
- Huh? - Check this out.
- All right.
- After you.
There's stairs right there.
Linda Barrett.
Heather Dupinski.
Rosemary Lynch.