Psych s03e10 Episode Script

Six Feet Under the Sea

First stop is the touch pool.
Line up at the dolphin gate.
Oh, stay with your buddy.
Make sure you watch your step as you enter the aquarium.
We did it, Gus.
A year of planning's finally paid off.
Don't you think we should wait until they get a little further away? No.
We have to move now.
We've got 10 minutes to find a dolphin, feed it, then ride it.
Plus, my dad being sick and not being able to chaperone, the fates are with us.
It's a perfect storm.
I don't want to miss the otters.
No, we won't.
Um You brought your dad's camera, right? You're not sick.
And you're not very thorough.
How did you know? Oh, maybe it's that snorkel hanging out of your backpack.
What kind of undercover operation are you running here, kid? Plus, you left this behind.
If you're going to take time to create a deception, do it better.
Dad, I'm confused.
You want me to lie to you? No.
I want you to make it more of a challenge for me to catch you.
Because I always will.
Wait a minute.
Something's wrong.
What do you mean? I mean this doesn't add up, Gus.
There's not really a burglary ring at a gentlemen's finishing school, is there? I'm sorry, Shawn.
I made up the thing about the case.
I needed you to come down here to do me a favor.
Well, you know what? This is a bad time.
My dad just got a new fishing boat and insists on taking me out to kill innocent fish.
And I can only avoid so many things at the same time.
All right.
What is it? It's a funeral.
Absolutely not.
You know I hate funerals.
They're depressing.
There's organ music, and six times out of ten, there's a snake in the casket.
We'll just go really quick.
I need someone to support me.
All right.
Who's it for? Would you please just tell me who died? I don't like all this secrecy, Gus.
And what's with the aquatic theme, all this Ocean Society stuff? Did Jack Costo die? Jacques Cousteau died in 1995.
Well, I don't think these people got the memo.
Come on, who died? Who was it? One of those guys? The boat guys? Huh? Was there some kind of accident? Dude, I got it.
It's the guy with the horn-rimmed glasses.
If there was ever somebody with one foot in the grave Sorry.
You know, the camera adds 10 years.
It's 10 pounds.
Just shh.
Wait a minute.
Is this a funeral for a sea lion? Yes.
Yes, it is.
And don't start, Shawn.
Shabby's more than just a sea lion.
He's a local hero and a heartwarming story.
I can't believe you made me put on a dress shirt for something with flippers.
The ocean is a little smaller today with the loss of this inspirational guy.
Is that Randy LaBayda? Dude! They got Randy LaBayda from Animal Planet.
Shh! If sea creatures could cry, their tears would cause the water level of all the oceans of the world to rise an alarming two-and-a-half inches.
But Shabby would want us to rejoice.
I was the last person to see him alive and some people think I'm crazy to believe this, but as I returned him to his home, Sweet Mother Ocean, I thought I actually saw him wink at me.
Just how famous was this sea lion? He's the big local story of the year.
He was rescued by the aquarium people, Shawn.
Remember? Floating on that loose raft.
Then he died tragically after being released out into the wild.
Come and grieve.
It's a poignant story, and I need you to support me in my time of need.
You've got to be kidding me.
This is an open casket? Shabby.
You almost made it.
But you touched our hearts and our souls.
Be free swimming in the ocean of heaven, where there are no natural predators.
Good speech.
Your turn.
You kidding me? Shabby, buddy.
You lived a full life.
I guess.
Uh, probably balanced a beach ball on your nose At some point.
Maybe honked a horn with your mouth or barked the melody of Grand Old Flag.
Clearly, you ate very well.
Oh, no.
"Oh, no" what? I think this sea lion was murdered.
I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth I know, you know They just don't have any proof Embrace the deception Learn how to bend Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end Why do you hate me? I don't hate you.
I'm telling you, there's something unnatural going on here.
We should go back to the aquarium to check out Shabby's cage or something.
He wasn't in an exhibit.
He was in the ocean.
He was released back into the wild three days ago.
Gentlemen, I'm gonna need to see you for a moment.
Great, now you got me kicked out of a funeral.
Just add it to the list.
Kicked out of PetSmart.
Kicked out of Santa's Village.
Kicked out of the Salvation Army.
Dishonorably discharged.
Now, what do you mean I apologize.
He's angry because I tricked him into coming.
I am a conservationist.
I am an annual pass holder at the aquarium.
I am a registered aqua-blogger with topic-starting privileges and level three-thread management on the sea lion message boards No.
I want to know what you mean, "He was murdered.
" I'm a psychic.
I work with the SBPD.
I also make my own saltwater taffy.
Wait a minute.
What Why do you ask that? Because I've seen some suspicious things at that aquarium.
We can't talk here.
Is there somewhere we can meet? Yes.
Dude, what are you doing? Cleaning up.
But why? This place is a mess.
And it's not all the time that we have an attractive conservationist come by the office.
Oh, and by the way, I call her.
What do you mean, you call her? You can't call a person.
Why not? 'Cause I already called her at the funeral.
You did not.
She touched me, Gus.
That's because you bumped into her.
It doesn't matter.
Contact is contact.
It's the rule, buddy.
You know what? Get ready for battle.
"Get ready for battle"? Come on.
This is ridiculous.
We can't go to battle over a girl we don't know.
I'll back off.
You'll back off? Why? Because this is silly.
Look, you do your thing, you work it, and I'll stay out of the way.
You think I can't get a girl on my own! Fine.
I'll back off.
I already backed off! Too bad! Backed off what? Well, I was in charge of Shabby's rehabilitation.
And a lot of unexplained things happened.
First of all, they moved up the date of his release by six days.
And why did they do that? Well, um.
Randy LaBayda.
Randy LaBayda? From the funeral? And Pacific Ocean Aqua Patrol.
I used to watch that show after wrestling practice in high school.
I was the captain.
Um, the aquarium did a personal appearance deal with him a couple months ago.
Put him on the ads, built a Randy LaBayda manta ray tank.
What? And someone wanted him to be the one to release Shabby.
And you didn't want that to happen? Well, no.
It was too soon.
Of course.
LaBayda shanghaied the whole thing.
It was supposed to be a quiet release with a local photographer.
I got to the dock, the photographer had been canceled and I wasn't even allowed on the boat.
No aquarium staff whatsoever.
I never got to see him again.
So awful.
So, uh, what happened out on the boat? Well, no one knows.
Everyone got back late and a little upset.
Then they locked up the ship's log in LaBayda's office at the aquarium.
April, we're going to need to get into that office so that I can feel things.
I can get you in.
How soon? Tonight.
Are you wearing sweatpants? These are my sneaking-around pants.
Don't be jealous.
I got you a matching pair.
You're dressing up for her.
Dressing up? Dude, I'm wearing sweats and this ridiculous lime-green jacket.
That's my lime-green jacket, Shawn.
And it's only for players.
Okay, look.
I backed off.
You need to get over it.
This is it.
What, is there like a hidden door in the rock wall? No.
You said you can get us in.
Yeah, I, uh, I can give you a boost.
The electrified security fence is broken here.
Oh, unless they fixed it.
You don't work here? Well, technically no.
I did, until Tuesday.
I was asking too many questions, and LaBayda's producer, Tim, had me canned.
Which is why I asked for your help.
You want us to scale a wall? Is it too high? Oh, no.
I could probably free jump it if the ground wasn't so wet.
You could not.
I could vault it.
Where would you land? Okay, listen.
There's a door right on the other side of this wall.
It'll lead you straight towards LaBayda's office.
The code is 1-8-4-2.
If I'm wrong, you can just leave.
If it doesn't work, we're probably going to jail.
Who's first? Come on.
See? She's legit.
Legit? She just boosted us over a wall.
She does have very impressive strength for a girl of her size.
Coolest office ever.
Hello! What's this? Wait a minute.
There's two laptops.
Why lock up this laptop over that one? Why does this have a GPS on it? It's the only software on this computer.
And it's not picking up anything.
Can we stop playing with this guy's computer and get to the ship's log, please? Knock yourself out.
This is all wrong.
They were supposed to release Shabby near San Miguel Island.
Where they let him off is nowhere near close to that.
Why would they do that? We need to get out of here.
Goodbye! Okay.
Let's get out of here.
All right.
Oh, wait, there's one more thing.
What? I have unfinished business here.
And a date with destiny.
No! You are not swimming with the dolphins.
When are we gonna have another chance, Gus? I don't care, Shawn.
Come on.
I'm in, I'm on it, I'm out.
Hopefully they have a harness or a small saddle of some sort.
I've charged up my camera.
You don't have to worry about the flash.
It's all digital.
Just keep on snapping.
No, we are leaving, Shawn.
I'm gonna ride that dolphin into modern history.
I'm going up top.
I'm staying here.
You're missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Please.
That dolphin is not gonna ride itself.
Shawn! Shawn, get back here! Get out of here.
Not now! Quiet! Pa does not love Fa.
No, Pa does not love Fa.
You're not listening.
I'm sorry.
Stop doing that! What the hell are you doing? Conducting an investigation, thank you very much.
Then why do you smell like herring? Because this is an aquarium.
You're feeding him! We're about to go to jail and you're training dolphins? He insisted.
I had no choice in the matter.
I said, Pa does not love Fa.
And your hands are filthy.
Do you realize how many germs you can transmit like that? Here.
Give me that.
What? Give Here, dolphin.
You just want to feed him yourself.
I'm getting rid of the evidence.
And, yes, it's not fair that you, the person who cares less than me about marine wildlife, gets to feed them and I don't.
Just throw it and let's get out of here.
Don't make a move! Drop the fish, sir, and nobody gets hurt.
Breaking and entering? It was really just entering.
Climbing and entering.
We had the code.
Is that a backstage pass? And a Dolce jacket? I have third row center at Phil Collins tonight, and I get called back here because my department's psychic wanted to break into an aquarium to feed some fish? That is not entirely true.
Then why were you wearing swim trunks, carrying a How To Ride a Dolphin pamphlet? Chief, that's a long story.
The truth is we're on the trail of something.
Something big.
Something important.
Slightly sexy.
Chief, I think I can shed some light on this.
This is April McArthur.
I did it.
Yeah, um I couldn't let you guys take the fall for me.
I'm sorry, miss.
You broke into the Santa Barbara Aquarium? Yeah, well, um.
I led them to believe that I was still an employee at the aquarium.
I got them the code for the alarm and got them into the facility.
She was also able to inexplicably lift us over a security wall.
Chief, she has a good reason.
She was actually acting heroically.
Thank you, Juliet.
No, thank you.
And I like those earrings.
Chief, there may have been a murder.
I can't believe poor Shabby is dead.
You, too, Jules? Shawn, the ShabbyCam is my screen saver.
We can all learn from him.
Wait, wait, wait.
Who's Shabby? You don't want to know.
I don't? Yeah, probably not.
Just know I am taking lead on this case.
There is a crime at play.
Trust me.
I will straighten out these aquarium people.
They do not want to press charges at all.
They like her.
And so do I.
We do not want to arrest this woman.
We need to help her.
Wow! Well, thank you for that endorsement, O'Hara.
Now, I have to get back to the Bowl.
Somebody needs to take me, because if I miss Against All Odds, then somebody is getting fired.
I missed it? They released you already? Lassy, it was all a big misunderstanding.
We're working a case.
Jules is helping out.
We are solving a heinous crime.
Heinous crime? Wait a minute.
How heinous? Look, it's not a big deal.
There may have been a murder.
We've got it covered.
I just need a name.
I'd rather not.
You guys don't know what I've been through these last couple weeks.
I chased down a group of diamond smugglers.
Not exactly.
I chased them to an airport, where a plane was waiting for them.
What does "Rocinante" mean to you? A full-bodied Syrah.
A gay couple from Lisbon? No, it was the name of their plane.
It flew off into a lightning storm.
I wanted to chase them, but apparently our helicopters only fly when there's rainbows in the sky, so they got away clean, which mean I'm officially jackass number one around here.
I need a case.
Give me the victim's name.
Is that a street name? It's more of a given name.
Last name? He doesn't have one.
Do not play with me.
Can I spell it? I don't care.
T- H-E.
T- H-E S- E-A.
S -E-A L- I-O N? Thesealion? What is that? French? Pinniped.
Pinniped? Never heard of it.
All right, description? Black.
Height and weight? Six, seven hundred pounds.
Jeez, Louise! Listen, can you get a body exhumed? Of course I can.
As long as I'm in on the autopsy.
I'm going to kill you, Spencer.
I never told you that the victim wasn't a sea lion.
Carlton, I tried to keep you out of this.
Uh, how long is this gonna take? I don't know.
I've never examined one of these things before.
Okay, that's fair.
Are there any signs of, uh I don't know, foul play? Well, a couple of things are odd.
I found a strange empty piercing.
Maybe he started swimming with the wrong crowd.
You didn't happen to find any tattoos, did you? Carlton! Well, I found some flat reef coral in the fur.
How is that possible? Yeah! Coral! In the ocean! Are you really asking that question? A sea lion is a precision animal.
It knows how to swim around a reef without thrashing into it.
That's true.
And I found some synthetic fibers.
Okay! What kind of fibers? Monofilament line.
The kind found in fishing nets? All right.
I've heard enough.
Close this thing up.
Let's go, O'Hara.
Lassy, you're not being very helpful right now.
Really? Well, let me see if I can close this case for you right now.
Now, I'm no expert, but let me take a shot.
You've got a sea lion, and you've got a net and you've got the ocean.
You put them all together, case closed.
What? I'm worried he might be right.
Are you serious? I don't know, Gus.
We definitely need to see that reef.
And I know how we can get out there.
All right.
That's it, that's it.
Your hands are at ten and two.
Down there, that's your trim tab.
Over there, your heat gauge.
That's your fish finder.
Uses waypoints, just like in a car when you find a place you like.
Look at that.
You got a little microwave down there.
Would you Shawn! Please focus.
Look forward.
Do not become complacent just because it's water.
Dad, we're still in the dock.
Look, Shawn.
Do you wanna drive this thing or not? I never asked that! Isn't that right, Gus? Yeah, I'm gonna get in the middle of that.
Man, I just wanted to come see your new boat, go out onto the reef The reef? I'm not going out on the reef.
That place is restricted waters.
What if I told you it was for a case? Well, that would make it worse.
What if he didn't? Look, we won't tell anyone, okay? We totally promise.
Plus, it'll totally solve a crime.
Shawn, would you please listen to me? I'm not going out onto the reef.
That place is off-limits to people.
I'm not going to lose my boat, I'm not gonna lose my license to follow some stupid, lame-ass hunch of yours.
You're really not gonna budge on this? What do you think? Told you.
All right! All right! I do! I wanna learn how to drive.
Shawn, hold up a second.
I wanna grab my tackle box.
Shawn! Shawn! No! Shawn! Don't worry, it's cool.
It's cool.
What are you doing? Get back here! He's gonna come after us! No, he can't swim that fast.
Besides, he wanted me to do this.
Shawn! He wanted you to steal his boat? Yeah.
He didn't want to be responsible for crossing over into restricted waters.
Shawn! Get back here! Didn't you get that with the whole, "Shawn, Shawn, let me show you how to drive"? I think he wanted to show you how to drive.
Yeah, so I could steal it later.
This thing's all numbers.
It's very hard to read.
Maybe it's upside down.
First of all, Shawn, that's a Thomas Guide.
Ah! I thought it was a little land-heavy.
But look, I think the reef is down here in the corner.
Did you listen to anything your dad said? The map is the screen.
Gus, don't be exactly half of an 11-pound black forest ham.
That's clearly the GPS.
It's latitude and longitude.
You follow the degrees.
Oh, yeah? Those numbers with the little quotation marks there? Yes.
Dude! I think I know where it may have gone down.
That laptop was probably tracking LaBayda's boat.
Punch this in.
zero-six, and then, uh, one of those little lines that I would use to, uh, to make a winky face in a text.
No, no, no, go back, go back.
It should be the left eye that's winking, not the right.
No Gus, pretend the person doesn't even have a right eye.
No ocular socket whatsoever.
Sutured shut.
From birth.
Shawn, I got it.
Yes! That's it, right there.
That's good.
Now, 50 degrees Come on, buddy! Two degrees to the right.
Two degrees up.
What do those two little dots mean again? Kick out the lights.
Oh, dude, we're getting close.
Right on top of it.
Kick out the lights.
Why am I gonna kick out the lights? I think I see another boat out in the distance.
Where is another boat? It doesn't matter where, Shawn.
We're in restricted waters.
I can't get arrested twice in the same week.
You might have a few arrests in you, but I don't.
Did you hear something? Like what? Like voices.
Take him! What? I had this dream before, Shawn.
Ever since we saw Dead Calm.
You have to take one for the team.
What are you talking about? Take one for the team! But no one's gonna hurt us.
Hey, guys.
These are restricted waters.
What the heck you doing out here? Ahoy there! Um, yes.
Uh, my name is Shawn Spencer.
This is my first mate, Hummingbird Saltalamaccia.
Hello! We were turned around.
We just now realized that we're in restricted waters.
Just now.
And we both have hepatitis.
I also couldn't help but notice you are not the Coast Guard.
No, we thought you were the Coast Guard coming to tow us in.
Us? Yeah.
No, no.
But does that mean that they're coming? And if so, do you have an ETA? No.
No idea.
We just we've been, uh, drifting for about an hour.
We stalled on our way to Monterey.
Ah! Old Mexico.
Monterrey, Mexico is 2,000 miles inland, Shawn.
Up north.
So, what are you guys doing out here? Oh, you know.
Just, uh, hiding from sharks.
Yeah, we heard that they can see you if your lights are on, so we kicked ours off.
Uh, that's not how sharks work at all.
Regular sharks.
Of course.
But we heard there was an infestation of genetically-altered, shark-like beasts here, in this area of the water.
They can smell the light.
They also type.
What? Not well.
But they're sharks, with fins, so it's still impressive.
Oh, and, uh, how long did you say before the Coast Guard gets here? They're not just right around the corner or anything, are they? I'm telling you, Gus, there's something wrong with those guys.
Did you want to stay out there and chat it up with them? No, but we may not be the only ones out there looking for the sea lion's killer.
Maybe he didn't want me to take the boat.
I'm jumping out here.
Okay, but you're gonna get wet.
I can't believe this, Shawn.
I'm gonna get arrested two times in one week.
Okay, Dad, we have to come up with a system for unspoken actions.
I can't believe you called the cops.
I didn't call them, Shawn.
They called me.
Why? The coroner finished his inquiry.
Found a bullet inside the sea lion.
22 slugs, actually.
He was shot? He was murdered.
So, am I gonna need a lawyer? 'Cause mine's on a boat.
Off Cape Horn.
It might take a while.
Mister LaBayda, would you remove that bird from your shoulder? Oh, this is an Australian hissing owl.
And I have to do a show with him in about three hours.
If I haven't bonded with him by then, he will spend the entire shoot crapping all over my Ed Hardy tee.
Now, I would appreciate it if you'd watch your tone.
'Cause this thing is like a sponge and he can get really aggressive when things get tense.
Detective, telephone.
I'm in the middle of something.
It's the FBI.
Again? Would you tell them I didn't know they were smugglers until it was too late? And tell them if I had access to my own plane, I could have followed the Rocinante into the storm! Maybe you should tell them yourself.
Didn't I have her fired? Oh! Is that your source? No.
LaBayda, our source is the court, as in a court-sanctioned search we did of your office.
We found animal-tracking software on your computer.
We don't tag our animals, Randy! Once they're released into the wild, they're free.
Perhaps you'd like to explain.
I need someone to take the bird.
All right.
We were going to track him.
But it was such a great, heartwarming local story.
It would have been a great national one.
I mean you can't blame me for wanting the people to know what happened to this special creature.
Well, we need to know why you released him miles away from where you were supposed to.
I, uh, think I'd like to make my phone call now.
I bet you would.
LaBayda's Sea Adventure.
Burn the disks.
Is this you, boss? Destroy the footage.
Take a vacation in Mexico for at least a week.
Can you do that? I can't get to the footage right now, Chief.
Why not? Because your two hair analysts are reviewing it right now.
I don't have a hair analyst! Who set that up? Oh, crap.
Get over there! Now! Hair analyst? That worked? I've always dreamed of having one myself.
I need the sunset perfectly framing the silhouette.
It has to be me and the wild.
Now, let me just say, you see a single strand of my hair out of place, let me know.
We cut right then and there.
And that includes chest hair.
Tim, you got me? You got me? Yeah, I got it.
All right.
Here we go.
All right.
Three What? Freighter, freighter.
What? No! No! Get out of the way! Get your big polluting ass out of my shot! How many boats are there gonna be? Okay! Perfect.
I guess this'll just have to do.
I don't like it.
I wanna go on record saying, "I don't like it.
" Gus, he's not a murderer.
He's just an egomaniac.
And for fairly good reason.
His hair is spectacular.
Swim, my friend.
He released Shabby in the wrong place to get a better shot! That means Shabby was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Arrivederci, my furry little Michael Phelps.
He didn't shoot him.
He didn't do it.
Yeah, pumas are pretty mean.
I know one time I ran into a puma.
Oh, man, I was Gus, look at that.
That's the same boat we saw.
The same guys! It was five days ago.
We've been drifting for about an hour.
We stalled on our way to Monterey.
They weren't on the way to Monterey.
They were on their way to the reef.
The reef where Shabby went off the grid.
Why would they be going out there at night? Guys? Out of there! Plan "A" or plan "B"? "B.
" Get out of there! Oh, my God, I killed him! Shawn, you can't steal your dad's boat for a second time.
Gus, you don't understand.
My dad wants me to do this.
Do I, Shawn? You were really good with him.
So were you.
You really scared him.
And the bird.
I don't know if this is the right time to ask, but what about Shawn? What about him? I don't know.
Something intriguing.
You know, odd.
It's refreshing.
I was thinking of letting him know that I'm, uh, "available.
" You know, and all that.
What do you think? I don't know.
Is there a problem? No.
No, there's no problem.
Your dad's getting pretty good.
Too good.
I think he's been waiting in there since Thursday.
It's pretty creepy.
And mildly impressive.
They're going that way.
We gonna follow them or not? Uh, I'm definitely a "not" right now.
But They might be coming back.
Walking in the opposite direction.
I think this is our best opportunity.
But they're going to get help.
They're unloading stuff.
Barnacle Bill.
What Shawn! You wanna be Hawkeye or Crow's Nest? What do either of those mean? I don't know.
I was hoping you did.
What is all this stuff? GPS, radar, sonar, electronic pulse sensors.
High-tech stuff.
That's how they knew we were in the water.
Whatever they were doing, they didn't want to be found.
And they were doing it at night.
It's just a bunch of salvage equipment.
Wait a minute.
We need to get this thing off.
What are we looking for? This thing! This thing! This thing! Here.
Let me do it.
I was a Navy scout.
This is a satellite tracking tag.
What's it for? They use it for tagging animals.
Training, research.
Well, a couple of things are odd.
I found a strange empty piercing.
Why does this have a GPS on it? LaBayda was tracking the sea lion.
He found a bullet inside the sea lion.
22 slugs, actually.
They killed him, Shawn.
But why? We should go.
They're coming.
They're gonna see us! Quick! Jump in the water.
Hang from the anchor.
Where's the anchor? That only works in cartoons.
Is there a shark cage? How could that possibly be a good idea? I don't know! At least I'm coming up with some ideas! I'm telling you, I saw the boat rocking.
I swear.
It's fine! There's no one.
Everything's fine.
I saw something.
I'm telling you.
You're paranoid, man.
We're in the home stretch here.
Let's go.
Get going.
No, I'm not.
I'm checking the pull.
Dude, this is like Out of Sight, but super gay.
Don't touch me, Shawn.
Wait! Wait! You hear that? Hear what? All right.
All right.
I'm just nervous, man.
I see a flashlight.
Don't touch me, Shawn.
What does "Rocinante" mean to you? No.
It's the name of their airplane.
It flew off into a lightning storm.
Dude! I solved it! Will you be quiet? But I solved it! Be quiet! Hey! I heard it again.
Didn't you hear that? What do you hear? I hear birds! Listen! Listen! Untie, push off.
We're going.
I think that's the engine.
I'm gonna kill you, Shawn.
I think they're gone.
I'm gonna call for help.
He'll hear you.
He has eagle ears.
Eagle ears? Yes.
How about I send a text? Mute your keys! How do I do that? Come here! Okay, what? What? What's so important? I just got a text from Shawn Spencer.
And what did it say? It says that he solved the crime, and And what? He's trapped in the hull of a smuggler's boat going out to sea.
What do we do with that? "How can we find " Okay, now type the letter "U" instead Y-O-U, and you don't need that punctuation.
It's just faster.
Dude, I really do feel so Clooney right now.
I am not Jennifer Lopez.
That was a compliment.
How is that possibly a compliment? Did you see El Cantante? She was amazing.
Shabby's transmitter.
Don't Hold on.
Get off me, Shawn.
Get off me.
Got it! Ooh! Ooh! I got another text! What does it say? "Turn on LaBayda's laptop.
" Uh Someone get it out of evidence! Now all we do is wait.
Gus, scratch my leg.
Just Would you just scratch my leg? I'm not scratching.
The elastic on my sock I'm not scratching your leg, Shawn.
Can you give us a general location of the boat? Well, it's a little bit problematic.
Well, I have my sister on ready with the Coast Guard.
Just give us the coordinates.
That's the problem.
We have a very definitive location, it just doesn't seem to make any sense.
How far out are they? First Street and Main.
Juliet wants me to check outside.
You are not doing that.
She says we may not be where we think we are.
I trust her, Gus.
I'm gonna do it.
Shawn Shawn! Uh, Gus? Change of plans.
All right, let's do this quick.
I got the diamonds, we'll lose the equipment as fast as we can, we'II What the hell? Wait a second.
This is not my boat! My bad! Gus, I told you, our boat is called Just Chillin'.
Just Chillin'! Ah! Yeah! Inexcusable, huh? We're sorry, and we'll be on our way.
I'm sorry you had to be here.
Apology accepted.
Get down.
Down! Around this way.
Come on.
Towards the truck.
Now what the hell's going on here? All right, guys, I'm just gonna be honest, 'cause that's usually the best policy.
Right? I'm a psychic.
You're psychic? Yeah.
So I know you guys weren't really on your way to Monterey, and I know you weren't stranded.
In fact, you were in a desperate search for the wreckage of the Rocaninante.
That was nowhere near close.
I really hate that you said that.
Do we shoot them? I don't know yet.
You don't know yet? Well, uh, I'll tell you what else I know.
You found your wreckage from a plane that everyone assumed escaped, but actually went down in restricted waters, which is why your booty was so tough to find.
You a cop? We are not cops.
No, but if I was a cop, I'd be a bad cop.
That much I know.
Not because I'm tough or unscrupulous.
Because of lateness.
Just general tardiness.
Would you stop moving? Get over here.
What's the point of this? Unfortunately, a sweet sea lion named Shabby was innocently looking for a fish or a squid to eat What the hell is the point of this? The point is, you saw the signal coming.
I got a hot signal coming.
What is it, a boat? No.
It could be a diver, though.
You thought you'd been had, so You fired into the water, thinking it was a diver, but no.
I got it, whatever it was.
A sweet, innocent sea lion, attached to a beeper by a television host on the slide hoping to exploit his story for a comeback.
And when you tried to pull him out of the water, he managed to break free.
Why? Because he was a winner, and a very strong swimmer.
And a survivor.
That's right.
At least At least for a couple of hours he was.
You're here because of a sea lion? I'm here for all the sea lions, Jack! And the fish, and that stuff that looks like coral but moves when you touch it.
Gus, what am I talking about? Sea amanonees.
Don't do this to yourself.
Sea anenomies? Yes! Yeah, well, it's too bad you can't do anything with all that information, isn't it, now? Yeah.
Except that Shabby left a little something behind.
And I've been doing something I like to call stalling.
And Rutger Hauer calls "shhtalling.
" Why? Because he's Dutch.
No, why are you stalling? Because of that.
Put it down! Don't move! Drop it! All right.
Saving your ass again, Spencer? Lassy, I believe you'll find that whatever your missing smugglers had is in that truck over there.
Diamonds? Perhaps in the boat.
What are you talking about? I'm helping you.
I told you.
It's a two-way street.
Hold on.
How did you A little bit of this, and a whole lot of that.
Hey! Hi.
The case is finished, but I still have to do a little paperwork.
That's all I'm doing here.
But look at you! Look at you! Yeah! First day back.
They even offered me LaBayda's office.
I said no.
Really? Mmm-hmm.
That's the worst decision anyone's ever made.
Listen, Shawn.
Um, I asked them for you, but they don't really allow people to ride dolphins.
But we could arrange an interaction.
That would be easy.
No, it's okay.
I'm gonna wait.
Wait until it's natural, organic, happens in the wild Um, that's illegal.
What if I ride a whale? I mean, what if I do the same thing, but with a whale? That's a joke.
Of course it is.
Of course it is.
Yeah, the, um Well, listen.
Anything else I can do, please, you really are amazing.
How about dinner? You and me.
Very dark restaurant.
I'll bring some candles, in case it's too dark.
That's something I like to do.
Listen, Shawn, I, um I really would love to.
Uh, but, I don't want to get in the way.
Get in the way? Yeah.
I like her, and I think you two will get there.
So, thanks for everything.
Uh, what does that even mean? Good luck, Shawn.
In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity I'm not inclined to resign to maturity If it's all right then you're all wrong But why bounce around to the same damn song? You'd rather run when you can't crawl I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth I know, you know They just don't have any proof Embrace the deception Learn how to bend Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end I know, you know I know, you know