Psych s04e05 Episode Script

Shawn Has the Yips

All right, Shawn, now, the most important thing about playing second base is the footwork.
- You ready? - I was born ready, dad.
Actually, you were born breech, son.
Took hours to get you out.
But I appreciate the enthusiasm.
All right, let's give it a try.
Here we go.
Get those feet going.
Come on, get low.
That's it.
- That was great.
- I just did what you said.
That was perfect, son.
Hit me another one.
You got it.
This time we're gonna try a few new things.
Stay low, just like you did.
That was good.
This time take your left foot, you're gonna point it toward the bag.
Keep your right foot firmly planted in the ground.
You're gonna aim for the lower part of the first baseman's glove while calibrating the number of steps before the runner gets there.
Got it? I think so.
All right, here we go.
Get low.
Big win today.
Big win.
Big win for the team.
Isn't that right, buzz? Well played, all of you.
Let us not forget that our valiant opponents also played a heck of a ballgame.
Respect, haircut hut.
Cheers! I don't know why you're giving that victory speech.
- You almost cost us the game today.
- What? I had five hits.
You also overthrew first base five times.
All right, look.
I know you're all thinking it, so here it goes.
I am suffering from a mental block.
It goes all the way back to my youth.
It's common amongst highly skilled athletes and international men of leisure.
- They call it the "yips".
- They should call it the "sucks".
Wait, wasn't there that guy What's his name? Yes.
Former Yankee second baseman Chuck Knoblauch.
All of a sudden he committed an unprecedented number of throwing errors, one of which sailed into the stands and hit Keith Olbermann's mother in the face.
- That's awful.
- Don't worry, Jules, I'm getting help.
I just recently started seeing a sports psychologist, and I'm happy to report that I'm already seeing marked improvement.
- Five errors is an improvement? - Could have been ten.
- Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.
Where's my food? Excuse me, I still haven't gotten my pizza chili cheese fries Also known as the Shawn Spencer.
Not that you'd recognize them as such, seeing as how this establishment refuses to call them that, even though I order them six times a week.
I brought you the fries, sir.
If you'd brought them to me, I think I'd know 'cause I'd be experiencing both euphoria and a burning sensation in the neighborhood of my colon.
- Do you want to speak to my manager? - I don't want to, I demand to, Jenny.
We will discuss both the name of the dish and the method in which it is expedited.
This guy behind Excuse me, I'm afraid we have Can I help you with anything? Hold that thought.
Lassie, we may have a real sort of serious problem.
Guys, you shouldn't have.
Come on.
You didn't think we'd forget.
Upgrade that to an emergency.
That guy by the door has a gun.
We need to make a plan.
There's a Louisville slugger on the wall.
I'm gonna crack the glass, use it.
Some of us aren't packing.
Police! Freeze, douche bag! What have we got? What we've got is a white male, medium build, about 5'10".
Attempted armed robbery.
A few shots exchanged between the perp and myself before he escaped out these doors here.
Looks like more than a few.
I was rounding.
O'Hara, expand the perimeter search.
I want this bastard found.
Thank you, chief.
I'll take it from here.
All right, people, we all went through a terrible ordeal today.
Not only were we almost killed, chief, - I never got my pizza.
- But setting that aside for a second Mr.
Spencer, unless you have something that will help this investigation, I suggest you shut the hell up.
I think I do have something, chief.
I'm getting some serious voodoo that the hooded man didn't come to rob the restaurant.
Then what was he doing? He wanted to kill someone.
Wanted to kill someone? Who? One of us.
Psych 405 "Shawn Has the Yips" Timing: Psych Team I don't have time for this.
Fact: the hooded guy came into the restaurant to kill someone at our table.
Fact: he failed, which means he'll probably try again.
Fact: if I can figure out who he was targeting, it'll probably give us insight as to the hooded man's identity.
Those aren't facts.
At best they're a stab in the dark.
A stab in the dark? Fact: that's a pretty good name for a horror flick.
Remind me to include it in this letter to Wes Craven.
I don't know why.
He never reciprocates.
Maybe against his will.
That doesn't make any sense, Shawn.
- The statements from everyone.
- Great.
I'll look at them.
Your hypothesis is crap.
Who walks into a known cop bar to kill a cop? - It makes no sense.
- Fact.
You say that word again, I'll punch you in the face.
Truth: there was only $42 in the cash register.
He's right.
The manager verifies it in his statement.
Who walks in and tries to knock off a known cop bar for $42? That doesn't make any sense.
He's a lowlife whacked out on junk.
I've seen it many, many times.
- Dad.
- Thank god you're okay.
I'm fine.
What's up? I saw the shooting on TV.
I've been trying to call you.
It's been going to voice mail.
I've been worried to death.
I forgot to turn on my phone.
Let me ask you something.
What did you do right after the shooting? I called my folks to tell them I was okay.
- And what was the first thing he did? - He ate a banana.
- You ate a banana? - I sure did.
You know why? Because it makes me think of you, 'cause you're my big ol' papa monkey.
I need to see everyone who was present at the shooting.
That's us.
Gotta go.
Thanks for coming by, dad.
- Gus, am I overreacting? - No.
We're not done here, Shawn.
Since you were involved in an armed robbery attempt and subsequent shooting, per department policy, Dr.
Erlich is here to offer counseling to anyone who wants it.
If no one needs to speak with Dr.
Erlich Okay, let's get back to work.
Excuse me.
I didn't want to show weakness in front of the rest of the group, but I could use a little counseling.
There's no shame in asking for help.
- You can use the conference room.
- Right.
Do I have to use the department's psychologist? - Not technically.
- 'Cause I'd like to call in my own guy.
- This is a sports psychologist.
- Yes, I know.
Manny is fantastic, and he's helping me with the yips.
I'm not using public funds to help you overcome your mental block of overthrowing first base.
Would it help if I told you I'm also pee-shy? Chief? CSI found these in the alley behind the sports bar.
Room 16.
The downtowner motel.
This matches the shooter's sweatshirt.
Which he probably ripped while escaping, and the key fell out.
There's a damn good chance that he's at this location.
- I know this place.
Let's go.
- I'll drive.
No need.
I finally got my car back from the shop.
It's perfect time.
I am gonna ask you to sit on a towel, though.
No offense.
Why would I be offended by that? I don't know what we're gonna find here.
The shooter's back at the motel.
Gus, don't be the ribs that flip over Fred Flintstone's car.
I know you're not completely sold on my hit man theory, but I need you to suspend your disbelief and hop on board the streetcar named Shawnsire.
You know how that metaphor makes me uncomfortable.
- I knew it.
- What? I knew there was something about that guy that didn't scream "junky thief.
" He was wearing a $5,000 watch.
And I know his socks were 80 bucks 'cause I just ordered some with your Nordstrom's card.
I told you to stay out of my wallet.
Like you're not gonna be happy when you get those points.
- I got it.
- You know who the hit man was after? No, I know what happened to my pizza chili cheese fries.
That dumpy catcher from the haircut hut got them.
Now there's a purple-haired lesbian running around with dyspepsia that should be mine.
I'll be in the car.
- Gus, freeze! - What? Excuse me.
Where would I find the monitor that goes with that surveillance camera? Under the hostess stand.
But the cops already took the tape from the day.
I'm not interested in the tape.
Can I move now? Exactly two steps to your right.
That guy's a lot smarter than Lassie gave him credit for.
Check it out.
What? He knew exactly where to stand so that surveillance camera wouldn't pick him up.
Why would someone so intelligent carelessly drop their motel room key? They wouldn't Unless It was a dummy lead.
Juliet confirmed it.
The shooter wasn't at the motel.
Lassiter still thinks this guy's a junky thief, so he's combing the area in case the perp saw them and took off.
Yeah, I figured I'd need more to convince Lassie.
That's why I've completely restaged the crime scene with stand-ins where each of us were sitting.
This way I can figure out who the shooter was targeting.
Let me guess.
I'm the pepper, you're the salt.
Juliet's the sugar, Lassiter's the lemon, McNab's the cherry - Mashed potatoes? Really? - This is actually kind of fun.
- Did you scoop out the last lesbian? - Just tell me what you got.
All right, we know that the shooter held his position at the door - for exactly 26 seconds.
- And we know this how? Because that's how long it takes to sing happy birthday.
I got the singing, Shawn.
Upgrade that to an emergency.
I know who he was after.
- Seriously, how's Lassie? - Not good.
- Oh, man.
- Yeah, I've never seen him this bad.
This son of a bitch destroyed my car.
Calm down, Carlton.
At least you're okay.
- You should count your blessings.
- Shawn's call kept you from being hit.
Jules, it's not important that it was me that saved Lassie's life, or that I was right, or that he should have listened to me from the start because I was right.
The important thing is that you're unharmed, and that it was because of me and I was right.
Do you know how much the city gonna pay to fix this? Are you asking Shawn the psychic, or Shawn the guy who worked for a couple afternoons at a Meineke? Do you have any idea who'd want to shoot you? A lot of people want to kill me.
I take great pride in that.
Spencer, are you getting any vibrations on who that might be? Chief, the psychic universe is echoing Lassie's sentiments.
He has so many enemies, it literally could have been anyone.
- His landlord.
His mailman.
- His ex-wife.
Okay, we'll start with someone that Lassiter busted.
Okay, but that only eliminates Bigfoot.
By the way, little-known fact: bigfoot He only wore a size ten.
I need ballistics on the shooter's gun and details on its vantage point when he fired on Lassiter.
All right, since I'm point on this, you pull all my old case files, start going over them.
I'm hitting the streets.
You're staying put.
No, I can't have my lead detective on the street with a target on him.
Okay, so I'll organize things from here.
I also can't have any appearance of bias or a conflict of interest in this investigation.
O'Hara, you're taking over as point.
I'll assign someone the field work, you go over the old cases.
Spencer, I need you to get any readings you can from the evidence.
And I want you kept in this room under 24-hour guard.
What? Sorry about this, partner.
The frozen yogurt guy's out front.
Did you want to go get one? Wait, you can't.
These cases offer the most promise.
In each of them the perp threatened physical harm against Lassiter.
- All right, let's dig in.
- Are you looking at Palermo? - Don't forget about Palermo.
- We won't.
- How'bout Fletcher? - Him too.
Hold that up a little higher so I can see it.
This isn't gonna work.
What? Much better.
We're just missing one thing.
Yeah, pizza.
I was going to say an immersion therapy tank and hallucinogens, - but I could go for a slice.
- Yeah, I'm hungry.
I'll call Luigi's.
They deliver.
They deliver hallucinogens? That doesn't seem legal, does it? Where's the cordless phone? - Why me? - You always lose it.
No, I don't lose it.
I place it somewhere that later eludes me.
That's the same thing.
Maybe to those of us without the nuance chromosome.
What? Maybe instead of arguing about it, we should actually look for it.
Whose elliptical is this? Why don't you take a look at our bodies and judge for yourself.
Gus, when did you get it? Why don't you take a look at 'em in a month, when I'm ripped to the bone, have an eight-pack.
Possibly nine.
Tall boys.
You can play my abs like a harp.
He never uses it.
I just joined a gym, and I got into this incredible fitness regimen.
It's all about self-motivation.
If you want me to teach you some of the tricks my trainer taught me No thanks.
I'm not really into the whole motivational Tony Robbins thing I prefer his brother Baskin.
Hello, Mrs.
Is your husband available? I see.
Would you please give him a message for me? This is detective Carlton Lassiter.
Let that fat bastard know that I know that he's the one trying to kill me, and if he wants to tangle, baby, my dance card is wide open! I see.
I am very sorry for your loss, ma'am.
I actually had an uncle with coronary disease, so I understand I can't find that phone anywhere.
I guess we're having doritos for dinner.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Vibrations piercing through from the other side.
Person of interest, possible shooter, just released from prison.
Ivan Petrovich.
I was just reading that guy's file.
He's some sort of drug lord or something.
Where is it? Here it is.
- That's weird.
- What? Our names are listed on the case, but we didn't work on it.
And yet we got paid for it.
- I was never paid for it.
- Maybe we didn't.
- Did you or did you not get paid? - I don't know, Jules.
I'd have to check some files, crunch some numbers, place some calls.
- You took money, but you did nothing? - I answered the phone, and it was the chief, which technically makes me a consultant.
Was it a misdial? Maybe.
Why are we splitting hairs? Ivan Petrovich isn't just a drug lord.
He's the worst kind.
He targets high school kids.
Remember that quarterback that od'd? - It was in the newspaper.
- I only read the London financial times and dog fancy.
Oh, boy.
I officially feel guilty.
I'll return the $500, plus interest.
I'll apologize to the family and I'll do the thing in the box with the guy in the thing.
Confession? I need to get back to the station and tell Vick about Petrovich.
Enjoy your doritos.
That's a bummer.
Should we start trying to track this guy down? The sooner we do, the sooner Lassie isn't sequestered at the station.
It could wait till tomorrow.
I remember Petrovich.
He's the worst kind of scum that there is.
All right, I'm putting an APB out on him.
Why is my speakerphone on? Chief, I demand to be the one to bring in Petrovich.
He was listening in on our conversation? Chief, my partner has the right to know who tried to kill him.
All right, this one is personal.
Petrovich is a monster.
That one family whose lives he destroyed when their son od'd on his poison During his trial, he turned around and winked at them.
- I remember as well as you do.
- And all I was able to get him on is a weapons charge.
Now, that has eaten me up for three years.
That's not your fault.
You got him on what you could, and we've all been there.
Look, I have to think about your safety.
This man is hell-bent on revenge, and he's targeting the one officer who put him away.
I didn't work that case alone.
McNab was there when I busted petrovich.
- Where's McNab? - He's off duty.
I'll run the search on Petrovich.
O'Hara, give McNab a call, just to make sure that he's okay.
Better yet, go by his place.
I'm sorry.
Officers, please.
This is ridiculous.
Damn it! Come on, McNab.
Go around back.
Thank God.
I was just in the shower.
What's up? Ivan Petrovich tried to kill Lassiter, you were in on his arrest, he's threatened you too.
That guy's the devil.
For your safety, Beckett is gonna stay with you.
I'm gonna check back in a little while, okay? - Nice robe.
- Thanks.
I'm just gonna grab my mail.
Go on in.
I'll make us some eggs.
- How bad is he? - He's stable.
Looks like he's gonna be fine.
Luckily, it was a crude device.
It was rigged to go off the second the mailbox key was turned.
The blast blew him into the pool and probably saved his life.
- This is Burton Guster.
- Gus, thank God you're all right! Juliet? Looks like Petrovich may be targeting everyone who was on the case, which includes you.
But we didn't actually work on the case.
Somehow Petrovich may have seen the file.
Have you talked to Shawn? What are you doing? "If your heart rate drops below 150, you die"? The bomb squad is on its way.
How did you figure this was booby-trapped? I saw that Petrovich went after McNab on the local news.
I put it all together.
I can't believe we're being targeted for a case that we never worked on.
- At least we got paid for it.
- Really? I'm starring in the elliptical version of Speed, and you're guilting me? It's more like Lethal Weapon 2.
Where Danny Glover found the bomb attached to his toilet.
God, I would kill to be on a toilet right now.
- I'm not gonna die on this thing? - Don't think like that, Shawn.
Whatever happens, I'll be right here.
Where the heck are they? - I'm really tired.
- Wait, wait.
No, no.
Just hang in there, Shawn.
They'll be here any second now.
Look, I just I just gotta say that I know.
I got $800 for the Petrovich case.
Not $500.
I forgive you.
Shawn, are you all right? Where's the bomb? - Down there.
- Why are you exercising? If his heart rate drops below 150, he's toast.
My God, I wrote this note.
- What? - I left it for Shawn as a motivator.
I do the same thing.
It's a trick my trainer taught me.
What kind of sick trainer have you been working with? Wait a second, so what is the beeping, blinking thing? We're idiots.
Will you Please make it stop.
Thank God.
- Go back.
- All right.
Watch my back.
Enough! If Petrovich knew you were listed, he would've already made a move.
Now, man up and let's go.
- We're cool.
- We're men.
Get down! Everybody's good? Everybody's good.
It's McNab.
I didn't know he was out yet.
Buzz, buddy! Hey, guys.
That bomb did a number on your eyebrow.
- Blew it clean off.
- Amazing.
Just the brow.
It's okay.
I've still got one good one.
How are you feeling? The doctors say I have a concussion, but I fine feel.
- Plus I've lost parts of three toes.
- That's terrible, man.
What's going on with you? You have a tickle in your throat? - No, I'm just a little dehydrated.
- Jeez.
Here I am, going on and on about losing toes and getting blown 20 feet, and you're dying of thirst.
- Let's get you some water.
- Buzz, I can get it.
It's okay, I You stay here.
You know, do whatever you want.
I had a killer workout this morning.
All right, everyone, listen up.
As most of you know, Ivan Petrovich is back on the streets, and he's targeting our own.
And this morning he went after officer McNab with a bomb.
Bringing in Petrovich is our number one priority.
And the person who I've put in charge, despite my concern for his safety, is the man who knows Petrovich more than all of us combined.
Detective Carlton Lassiter.
Big dinger! Lassie! Thank you, everyone.
It's good to be back on the case.
I've made up a list of all the places I think Petrovich might be hiding.
They're being passed out.
I want each location surveilled or checked out immediately.
You've all been assigned an individual team, which you'll find in the lower right hand corner.
- Excuse me.
- What? What is it? Shawn Spencer here.
I'm having a psychic vision.
It's of a place that's not on your list.
Martin's Foogoo Chair.
Sonny and Cher Lair.
Martin's Lair of the White Worm.
Martin's Shoe Repair? That's a phony business Petrovich used for his drug trade.
He wouldn't be hiding there.
It's the size of a phone booth.
There's an extra room.
There's more to that place.
This is a very strong hit.
I think it's worth checking out.
Why don't you stop by? Fine.
You ride with O'Hara and I.
The rest of you, let's get on it.
We've got work to do.
- There's nobody in here.
- That's a shame.
I was hoping Daniel Day Lewis'd be here to fix the rip in my tretorns.
The man cobbles.
I knew this was a waste of time.
Let's go, O'Hara.
Daddy's getting something.
Oh, yeah, he's definitely getting something.
I'm sensing there's an extra room attached to this place.
A secret room.
We just have to find the secret It's not this.
But what do we have here? Shawn, you might want to let this go.
What is this thing? Look, there's gotta be like a secret lever or Let's go.
Did you guys hear that? It sounds like Petrovich has a dead spot.
Move that table.
It's weighting like a entire tree.
I'm going down there.
I know you're down here, Petrovich.
Why didn't we stay up? I told you I get freaked out by tassels.
I got him.
Look at that.
- Lassie's getting some press.
- Good for him.
He deserves it.
wo can get on camera the most.
You're on.
How does it feel to have taken out one of SB's most notorious drug lords, a man who was personally targeting you? I'm happy that particular piece of scum is off the street.
Let's just leave it at that.
Describe the moment for us.
Were you scared? I don't get scared, Linda.
He reached for his gun, and I reacted.
You should ask Petrovich that question.
I can't.
He's dead.
- So what's next, detective? - Well, there's still Knock it off! There's still work to be done, but I am gonna take the time to visit some of the members of our community who were most affected by Petrovich.
It's gonna feel pretty good to give them this news.
There it is.
And here it comes.
And wait for it.
- Wait for it - I don't get scared, Linda.
- 4 and half seconds.
I win.
- There's no way.
Sorry, Gus.
The watch does not lie.
Doritos, i'll never get sick of you.
You have to admit, Lassiter stepped up big today.
Yeah, I guess.
- Do you not agree? - I don't know.
Don't you think there was something weird? Lots of things were weird.
Like your irrational fear of tassels.
- Irrational? - Yes.
What purpose do tassels serve on shoes? - I don't know.
- I do.
I'm sorry.
There's still something bugging me.
You want me to do a little armchair psychology on you? - No, I do not.
- I think you're jealous of Lassie.
I'm happy to admit that Lassie succeeded.
Really? Then why did you just put "succeeded" in air quotes? Okay, fine.
Lassie did great today.
- There, you happy? - I would if you really meant it.
Lassie did great today.
- Lassie did great today.
- Oh, God.
- Lassie did great today.
- You know what - Today - Rewind his interview.
I'm retiming.
An exclusive interview with the detective who single-handedly took out notorious drug boss What are you doing? The shooter had no scar.
- I take it all back.
- What are you talking about? - Look at Petrovich's left hand.
- What? Just look at it! You see that scar? Yeah.
So? So Petrovich wasn't the guy in the bar.
Why haven't you been picking up? We didn't hear the This is charging.
This is not.
What's wrong with you? I don't know why this give me so much trouble.
I just saw the coroner's report on Petrovich.
He had already been dead for two hours before we got there.
- Lassiter shot a dead guy? - Sounds about right.
So whoever's targeting Lassiter and McNab is still out there.
- How did he die, by the way? - Drug overdose.
A major one.
They found giant amounts of PCP, heroin, and methamphetamine in his system.
The guy's in prison for three years.
He gets out and then ods? Did the coroner's report say anything about him being restrained, or abrasions on his body? He had rope burns on his wrists.
Petrovich didn't kill himself.
Someone tied him up and forced the drugs on him.
Was Lassiter serious when he wanted to reach out to members of the community whose lives were affected? He's been doing it all day.
Why? I think he's in serious trouble.
Thanks for meeting me here.
Of course.
- Would you mind? - Of course not, sir.
I have some great news, if you haven't heard already.
What would that be? Okay, thanks.
Let me know.
There's still no word from Lassiter.
And they checked Salamatchia's home but there's nobody.
He was special ops, twice decorated.
- Any other addresses listed for him? - He owns a restaurant across town.
What's the address? Today is the anniversary of his son's death.
I know where they are.
So it was you this entire time.
I'm sorry, sir, I just don't get it.
Petrovich pumps drugs into our schools, and my son ends up dead, and you lock him away on a guns charge? That's my definition of not getting it.
Put 'em down.
Look The gun charge was all I could get him on at the time.
I wanted him off the streets.
What am I supposed to do? Poison him.
Blow him up.
Make him dead.
That's murder.
That's justice.
I'm a soldier.
I've killed people whose muddy boots Petrovich wasn't good enough to lick.
His death, and yours, is just my way of bringing things back into balance.
You see my point.
What I see is a decent man whose grief has driven him to the breaking point.
Don't pretend that you feel something for me, please.
I've given the better part of my career chasing the Petroviches of the world because of people like you.
I understand the pain that he's put you through.
I've lost my only child, gone through a divorce.
Just what the hell do you know? Mr.
Salamatchia Sorry, detective.
Freeze! Drop it! You drop it or I'll kill him right now.
Now! Please tell me one of you is carrying a weapon.
Weapon? No.
It's just It's just this.
You are unbelievable.
It's okay.
It's totally out of range.
- I recognize you.
- Yes, sir.
- We're listed on the Petrovich case.
- No, we are not.
- I'm not gonna lie.
- Since when? No, I saw you in the bar.
I know everything there is to know about that case.
You weren't on it.
- One time.
- What? Get those feet going.
Get low.
Get low.
One time.
Damn it.
Good work.
Great work, Lassie.
Did you just throw our cordless phone into a tree? A man's life was hanging in the balance.
It was clearly our only move.
You're buying us a new phone, Shawn.
Your mind is not an opponent, Shawn.
It's a teammate.
A teammate that's there for you in good times and bad.
You may not always get along It may be moody Wear your shower sandals without permission.
But never doubt its loyalty.
So when I roll this ball to you, I want you to scoop it up and deliver a perfect strike, knowing all the while that your teammate is pulling for you.
I did it.
I'm over the yips.
What? I knew you could do it, Shawn! I'm so proud of you! Little long on the hug.
Thank you, though, doc.
My pleasure.
You still want me to bill chief vick? Yeah, but we're calling this "trauma therapy.
" Will do.
See ya, Gus.
That's it, buddy.
I'm back to being a five-tool player.
Call me Tori Hunter, but do it in the jamaican accent.
Me said 'em call me tori hunter.
Can we now go to Kingston's and get some jerk chicken? - I'm starving.
- Let me get the stuff.
Your treat too.
You still owe me for those socks.
You still owe me for your whole life.
You know what they say about athletes and mental blocks? Don't even try it.
I'm not trying anything.
I'm just stating the fact that most athletes find that when they get over one mental block, it shows itself in another part of their game.
For example, hitting.
You trying to go Hannibal Lecter on me? Are you out of your mind? This is one unflappable element of my game.
- You want me to throw it at you? - Serve one up.
You bring that little tater over here.
You bring that little tater tot.
Gimme another one.
Put it in here.
Die! Dr.
Manny! Could you come back, please? All right, come on.
Bring that meat.
Damn it!