Psych s04e14 Episode Script

Think Tank

- What are you doing? - My book report.
Didn't you just start this book a half an hour ago? Yeah, I read the flap and then the first chapter, then I totally figured out the ending, so it's cool.
- How do you know that you're right? - You taught me how to draw conclusions.
You know what you're doing, don't you? Banking a whole afternoon of video game time.
You're operating on incomplete information.
It's sloppy, you're gonna find yourself embarrassed by it.
Dad, please, it's pretty obvious to figure out what's gonna happen.
Wilbur's gonna win the pig ribbon, and he and Charlotte are gonna live happily ever after.
All right, I'll tell you what.
If you get an "A" on that report, - I'm gonna take you to Disneyland.
- Sweet! Good luck, kiddo.
You were doing exactly what I'm doing now when you poisoned Mr.
Camfini's pizza.
Think about what you want on this pizza.
It's the last one you'll eat before you go to prison for murder.
I could also do a calzone.
It's the same basic principle, right? Where's the pineapple? You guys don't have any pineapple? Dad? - You gotta stop.
- I've made a pizza before.
You've got the wrong guy.
He's the only one who couldn't possibly have done this.
- Didn't you ever read the case file? - Yeah, I read th Went over the summary and part of I don't have time to read case files.
Medical alert bracelet.
- The guy can't handle nuts.
- What? Shawn, the poison was dissolved in peanut oil.
His hands would look like baseball mitts if he even got near that poison.
What'd I tell you? First of all, let me apologize for this interruption of process.
I borrowed $5 from my father last week, and he's decided that now would be an appropriate time to collect.
Here you go, pop.
Here's your five clams.
Take it.
Buy your lotto tickets.
Waste it on false hopes, easy dreams.
Meanwhile, I will go back to doing what I do, which is working for a living.
Speaking of working for a living, how can you, sir, stand there with a clean conscience, while I accuse an innocent young man of murder, when it was in fact you who poisoned Mr.
Camfini's pizza? You did this? Yes, I did.
I've had this place for 25 years.
I wasn't gonna let anyone sell off my place to some chain.
- This is a family business.
- I know.
I'm your nephew.
You were gonna let him take me? You know what? My work here is done.
Jules, cuff him.
Lassie, finish topping that pizza.
I got here as fast as I could.
What did I miss? Just me nailin' that guy.
What are you talking about? I nailed the guy.
How can you rewrite history? He wrote a term paper on president Mitchell.
The fact is, I saved your ass in there once again.
- It's not the first time.
- Name another.
Are you kidding? When don't you come to me for last-minute guidance? I'm in a slump.
Gimme a break.
I'll give you this one on a technicality.
But all the other stuff you do, does that fall under fatherly duties? Did that not sound like a thank you? Hello.
Walter Snowden.
I'd like to introduce myself and say very impressive work.
Thanks, Walt.
I'm Shawn Spencer.
- This is my partner - Burton Guster.
Or should I say Ghee Buttersnaps or Lavender Gooms or Clementine Wooliesocks, perhaps? - This guy really is a fan.
- A fan or a stalker.
Ghee Buttersnaps was said on a secure military base with no one else around.
Let's just say I've been following your work for quite a while now, and this last is very impressive.
I thought you were going to accuse that first gentleman.
Would have been completely ridiculous.
I wouldn't say completely ridiculous.
He did have a douchey face.
I saw what you were up to.
You turned it around.
You created a false sense of security for the real culprit, and then you coerced a confession out of him.
I mean, that was just Brilliant.
Let's just say that I am amazing and leave it at that.
I'd like to offer you a job.
Thank you, but no, thank you.
He already has a job.
Now, this is for the both of you, actually.
I run a fairly well-known private security firm, and I'm working for a gentleman who is quite important.
Walt, our jobs require that we go shirtless at any given moment, and this, no offense, sounds a little dry.
It's a two-week operation.
I'll offer you $8,500 a day.
- Do the math.
- Gus, do the math.
That's a lot of money.
What would we be doing exactly? You'd be part of a prestigious think tank.
- A think tank? - A hand-picked assembly of experts, who would be working with my client, Mr.
Ashton Bonaventure.
- The billionaire businessman? - That's fantastic.
I love that guy.
I love his mane.
He's looking for new product ideas.
No product ideas.
He will be after I pitch him the concept for the electric sponge.
This has nothing to do with businesses.
So what will we be doing? Preventing his assassination.
Psych 414 "Think Tank" Timing: Psych Team The latest threat on Mr.
Bonaventure's life has been alarmingly precise.
It states he will not survive his speech in Santa Barbara.
Any questions before we get in the room? When will Gus and I be riding in Mr.
Bonaventure's hot air balloon? I don't even see where that is a part of your duties.
I see.
Can I ride on the back of his jet ski while he performs water doughnuts? I don't see how that'll help protect him.
Will he at least leave the outgoing message on my answering machine? I believe in doing whatever it takes to stimulate the creative process, within limits, and to that effect, I have addressed all of the items on your contract rider.
Rider? We have people looking for your regulation-size trampoline, the packs of Big League Chew, and, of course, Mr.
Guster's official NBA "let's blast it" air horn.
- I didn't want one of those.
- No, they'll find it.
This is where your work begins.
Now, the experts inside here are the brightest minds in their fields.
The ideas will be flying around fast.
Now we'll go over every attack scenario imaginable.
Bonaventure's life depends upon it.
Hope you're ready.
Oh, my God.
- Look at all the Skittles! - You ordered them, Mr.
I'd like to introduce you to your fellow think tank members.
This is Fred Collins Boyd, who is a retired agent for the secret service.
He was hand-picked by president Reagan.
Reagan was the one after Mitchell? President Mitchell was played by Kevin Kline in Dave.
- He's a fictional character.
- No.
Dave was a fictional character who looked like president Mitchell.
And Svetlana Progoyovic, formerly an independent contractor working with government agencies, including the K.
She's now working for the American government in a preventative capacity.
- Independent contractor.
That mean - Hit woman? Yes.
- I shouldn't try - Don't even think about it.
And rounding out our team is Alan Zenuk, who graduated from M.
And is now a leading crime statistician, dealing with odds and probabilities.
I see.
But didn't Winnie from The Wonder Years also do that, and wouldn't it have been way cooler to have her instead? And I'd like to introduce you to Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster, who started a psychic detective agency four years ago and have since solved an impressive number of cases for the local police department.
- Gentlemen, have a seat.
- All right.
And, of course, you all know by now this is our client, maverick billionaire, Ashton Bonaventure.
He is an innovator on the cutting edge of the technological industry.
That makes sense.
I saw on Cribs that he has a soda fountain in his bedroom.
Yes, well, oddly enough, that is correct as well.
He also turned Wall Street upside down when he bought out Tetron Tech in '98.
- Thousands of people lost their jobs.
- Mr.
Guster is on point, actually.
You do not do as well as he has done without leaving a tidal wave of enemies in your wake, and there have been three attempts on his life in the last two years.
It has become painfully apparent that there are blind spots in his security detail, and it is your job to tell us what they are.
If a bad guy can do it, I want us to have considered it beforehand.
- Any questions? - Yes, I have a question for the statistician formerly known as Kenneth Branagh.
Without looking, can you tell me exactly how many Skittles are in this bowl? Sorry.
And what is the probability that Gus will choose a green one? Excuse me.
What brings Mr.
Bonaventure to Santa Barbara? The purpose of the visit is the company's annual board of directors address and to announce the rollout of a major new product.
Perhaps we should hear the rest from Mr.
Bonaventure himself.
Hello, team.
Thank you for participating.
I can't imagine what it's like to be in your shoes right now, having your responsibilities.
Just know that I will do whatever I can to help you keep me alive out there, all right? We're here to serve you, sir, so relax.
- We're on top of it.
- Mr.
Bonaventure? Spencer Shawn Spencer here.
Do you think that there is a market for a comb that works while you sleep? You have to push the button to talk.
- Can you - No.
I'm not gonna ask him again.
He went scrooge on me.
Did you hear that? If there's nothing more, let's get to work.
This is a schematic of the building where we think the attacker will strike.
I'm lookin' at the service entrance to the lower kitchen of the hotel here.
It is off-limits.
You cannot control a working environment with that many moving pieces.
I agree.
Most breaches would occur in that kitchen.
The only tactic here is to make the security team look the other way.
Give me that map.
I'll show you.
We're not participating.
They might as well be speaking Australian.
Now, look, it's like part giraffe, part Loch Ness monster.
Say something.
I'm having a vision.
You still care for her very deeply, don't you? That's correct.
Svetlana? You recently moved into a new residence, did you not? Congratulations.
Very sexy.
Lava lamps, yes? - What does that have to do with that? - I'm not sure yet, Boyd.
That is how my gift works.
It's like acid reflux, but instead of acid, it's psychic-ness.
It's psychic-ness reflux.
- I'll tell you when you're gonna die.
- Thanks for the parlor tricks, but no.
If you don't mind, we're trying to figure out what we're supposed to do if bullets fly in this tight kitchen proximity here, so if you don't have anything on topic.
Under siege.
Seagal used a spatula to deflect bullets.
So you're saying we arm our people with spatulas? No, I'm saying it was pretty cool, and he's Above the Law again.
I calculate the probability of that occurring to be 0.
Let's switch to explosives as a present threat.
I've seen tiny plastique explosives in cell phones.
How crude and inaccurate.
Getting the phone to the target is difficult enough.
Getting them to use it is not predictable.
And how do you target your mark? Personally, I'm quite fond of poisons.
A cell phone isn't predictable enough, but a poison is perfectly reliable.
- Is that what you're saying? - I use skin contact.
I spray it directly on them.
It's as if I sneezed, and then it's How do you say? Good night, Charlie.
Gus, how bad do you wish you were Charlie? She's a killer, Shawn.
She kills people.
- But how bad? - Really bad.
- And how do you get close? - The easy answer is any uniform.
An assassin is 40% more likely to be disguised as a service person.
Whenever I consult, I always suggest that we immediately focus in on delivery personnel.
The public are conditioned to find uniformed persons as less suspicious.
When I had to walk through a crowd, I'd always try to appear as femine and disarming as possible.
You wore a bikini made of whipped cream? I carry a baby.
A plastic one, of course.
I was born without a maternal instinct.
The larger question is what gaps are there in the security system that we can't account for? There are always gaps.
You can't account for everything.
We can.
We have to.
Let's take a ten-minute break.
I have to have a conference call with Mr.
Bonaventure's advance team.
- Can I talk to you? - Certainly.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse us.
We'll be right back.
Keep your eyes off my draft, Boyd.
Follow me.
Please tell me that the trampoline has arrived.
- It's not the trampoline.
- What is it? Time is of the "es-sance.
" Yes, sir.
Yes, sir, I understand.
We'll let 'em know right away, sir.
Over here, Shawn.
Dude, this is kind of exciting.
What's behind there? - That says "exit".
- I know.
We are completely making fools of ourselves inside there.
We need to cut our losses and go home.
This slump of yours is out of control.
I admit we're having some early trouble, but that room is like kryptonite to my skills.
It's, like, neutralizing my weapons.
I need to see thingsand touch stuff.
Has it ever occurred to you that these are the kind of people that could figure out you're not who you say you are? - Come on, son.
- Do not do Ed Lover on me.
We need to wow them with ideas and we're right back in business.
Or completely out of business.
If we're gonna stay here, you need to call your dad.
- Since when do I need his help? - You called him to get here.
Which we didn't use.
I may not be a planner, or a detail man, or a taxpayer, but when push comes to shove, I work, - and I get the job done.
- My gosh.
Now follow me back in there, and let's blow these guys' minds, scanners-style.
We chose this hotel specifically because none of the surrounding buildings are higher than two stories, so if we surround him with all six bodyguards, then we have seemingly eliminated all possibilities of an attack.
- So what are we missing? - Here comes the wow.
- Yes, Mr.
Spencer, you have something? - As a matter of fact, I do, Walt.
If the assassin is unable to take a shot from above, then I think there is a very, very good possibility that he will shoot from beneath.
- From beneath? - Indeed.
Shoot from beneath.
So, what are you saying, the killer's like a groundhog, who digs little tunnels in the earth, something like that? - What are you calculating, Alan? - The odds of Mr.
Spencer getting fired.
What? I think that's about enough for today.
Let's meet tomorrow, 8:00 sharp.
I was just gettin' warmed up, man.
It's really scraping the bottom of the barrel, asking Lassie for help.
Your ability to know nothing about real police work has finally caught up to you.
- We can always just - We're not calling my dad.
I can do this by myself.
Exactly how does that work? - Whatever do you mean, chief? - With your father.
See, I saw him at the pizza place.
You sure did.
You see, he missed most of my baseball games as a kid, and recently, he has been trying to show me more support in my ventures.
This is big boy work, so what do you want? Quick question, more of a trivia thing.
Kind of a "what if".
- Get to it.
- Have you ever given any thought to how or when someone would try to assassinate Ashton Bonaventure? Don't spout out everything Tom Cruise did in Valkyrie, I already pitched that.
Bonaventure? - You're working for Bonaventure? - Us and some other experts.
I've been trying since forever to get on one of these private security details.
I wrote to Gerald Ford when I was a kid, telling him I wanted to protect him, and that I loved him.
This might be your lucky day, 'cause I'm thinking of letting you in.
- Throwing you a bone.
- I'm not going to help you.
If they wanted my ideas they could have asked me themselves.
Gus has 100 large in his pocket.
Are you trying to bribe me? Fair enough.
You drive a hard bargain.
And 3 bucks for a baby nugget? This is ridiculous! I know everything there is about Bonaventure.
I've been dealing with his people for weeks, coordinating crowd control.
I would have been a real asset in that room.
I'm gonna call Bill McGoldrick.
- Who? - He's head of security.
He hate me.
I don't know him.
We've been dealing with Walter Snowden.
- Who's that? - Walter Snowden? - Head of Snowden security? - I've never heard of Snowden security.
You don't know Walter Snowden? I've never heard of Walter Snowden or Snowden security in my life.
Who is he? Perhaps we should hear the rest from Mr.
Bonaventure himself.
Just know He's the head of Bonaventure Head of think tank operations.
Now I gotta get a warrant to get in this place.
What the hell? Damn.
Skittles? Bonaventure has never heard of Snowden.
I don't get it.
We saw him on video.
- Video was fake, Gus.
- Fake? Hello, team.
Thank you for participating.
It was footage of Bonaventure at a golf tournament or sales convention or something.
No, should have known better.
He would have loved my pillow comb idea.
Snowden tried to kill him in the past, but he could never crack Bonaventure's security.
If a bad guy can do it, I want us to have considered it beforehand.
He puts together this think tank to gather as many ideas as possible so that he can carry out the hit successfully.
There's no record of a Walter Snowden in our database.
- What about the others? - Boyd, Progoyovic, and Zenuk all check out.
We will question them.
So let me get this straight.
You joined this organization, didn't bother to check if they were legit, and then you gave 'em ideas about how to kill one of your idols? If it's any consolation, all of his ideas stank.
- Stunk.
- Stank.
- Stinkeded? - I'm sure they did.
I won't say that I'm not gonna hold this over your head forever, because, honestly, of course I am.
It's not the time to gloat 'cause you're right for the first time in your life.
I'm just having a mini slump.
The important thing is, I need evidence bags for the rest of those Skittles.
We have four days to find this guy.
- Why four days? - That's when Bonaventure gets to town.
Bonaventure's flight got in four hours ago.
- He's already at his hotel.
- Hopefully alive.
What is the meaning of this interruption? I believe that you will be in grave danger, and believe that there will be an attempt made on your life.
- And how do you know that? - Because I am a psychic.
I'm also An inventor.
It's a pillow that combs your hair while you sleep.
Check it out.
You need to cancel your speech tonight, and we need to get you out of town.
No, this is the most important appearance of the year for me.
to launch what I'm going to announce.
If we don't go first, we're finished.
Five years of development.
I'm going on.
My company depends on it.
No, sir, your attackers depend on it.
I pay these people very well to keep me safe, and nothing in this world is gonna stop me from making that speech.
Right now, you're not safe, and this guy, who has solved over 50 unsolvable cases, is your best chance to live.
- And why is that? - Because solving these unsolvable cases is usually impressive to people, and because I spent the last 12 hours with your would-be assassin, and I know every single little thing that he might try.
All right, psychic, here's your shot.
I'm going to my car.
Get me there.
I've even seen tiny plastique explosives in cell phones.
Don't answer that.
That stays where it is.
In fact, everybody, cell phones out.
Let's see 'em.
Now put 'em on the floor.
Let's move.
Generally people are programmed to find persons in uniform less suspicious.
The maid.
The maid! Axe for men? What? She's clean.
Me? I carry a baby.
- The baby? - The baby! Baby's real.
She's clean.
I use skin contact.
Feel it, orchid man! Nice try! It's water.
He's clean.
He's clean.
I think we can all agree that that was a horrible mistake.
Good job tackling that maid, though.
I think the only thing to come out of this exercise will be lawsuits.
I'd call my lawyer, but I seem to have dropped my phone.
Wait! Hair looks great.
Chief, I really don't see the point in getting upset over spilled milk.
Why would I be upset? The most powerful businessman in the state is the target of an assassination, and one of my people helped plan it.
- It was two.
Gus was there as well.
- Why would you say that? It might help cushion the blow if we distribute the blame.
- Cushion who? - I guess me mostly.
Chief, the man that we are looking for is operating under the alias of "Walter Snowden".
The remaining members of the bogus think tank have given us a detailed description of his features.
He is obviously well-funded and deeply connected.
Here's the sketch.
- May I? - Certainly.
Just a moment.
I know this man.
- Do you know from where? - Court.
Some sort of lawsuit.
- What kind of suit? - I believe it was wrongful death, something in one of our factories.
You still care for her very deeply, don't you? That's correct.
It was his wife.
Yes, I believe it was.
As I recall, we settled.
And you don't know his name? I spend a lot of time in court.
It's the nature of my position.
All right.
O'Hara, let's get on anybody who may have had any court battles with Mr.
Bonaventure's company.
And, Mr.
Bonaventure, I cannot express with words the horror of these developments.
Members of our consulting team being involved is a shock, and this will be dealt with for the future.
You obviously have our full cooperation.
If you insist on keeping your public appearance this evening, we will provide a full security detail.
Actually, this man is the only one who successfully protected me this week.
- He saved my life.
- He also put your life in danger.
- Why would you say that? - Turnabout.
So as I understand it, the suspect offered all of you $8,500 a day, with the exception of Mr.
Boyd who received 9,500.
- How come you got more? - Yeah.
He tells the future.
All you've told us is the plot to Die Hard 3.
Yeah, and that isn't difficult to ascertain? Calm down.
Maybe it was 8,500.
It wasn't about the money.
Let it go, gentlemen.
The check didn't even clear.
This is a total disaster.
Now we got nothin'.
That's not entirely true.
We got this dope NBA air horn.
Stop screwing around! I will be running point on this, ladies and gentlemen.
Actually, I want Mr.
Spencer to work point With my team.
Feel that! That is a very bad decision.
I don't make bad decisions, and your participation is entirely my call.
Spencer is my choice.
- Well what, Lassie? - What do you want to do? - This was way more fun a moment ago.
- In other words, you have no idea.
Of course, I have an idea.
What we're going to do is reassemble the think tank.
All right, first of all, let me just say that this is very, very exciting for me.
I like to do things differently, so no one will call me Mr.
It's Shawn.
Shawny if you're feeling a little loose.
Never the Shawn dog, 'cause that's just lame, and I've never been one to chase balls.
We will check our egos at the door, along with our watches, because time does not exist in this room.
So let's see 'em.
Watches down.
Come on.
Take 'em off.
Means you, too, Stoltz.
Let's do it.
Very nice.
I like it.
Now, what do we know? Bonaventure will not budge on his plans.
We also know that the killer is very determined.
Bonny boom-boom's gonna take the stage for his shareholders speech at exactly 7:20 p.
That gives us Watches on.
No, wait.
I can just make out the clock from here.
Is it 3:00? Is it 2:00? Is that a clock? You know what? Forget it.
- Let's open things up to the room.
- Finally.
I could see two clear weaknesses, here and here.
Now open up your earlobes.
I will elaborate.
Number one, location and its susceptibility to penetration.
She you Erect structures must defend external forces, not only physically, but also psychologically.
We need to think outside of the box.
What is this? Anybody? - A low-fat muffin? - No! The speech will be given here in the empire ballroom.
We will keep a secure holding area that is connected solely by this service corridor.
I sense that once he is on the pedestal, this area will be safe.
Question, big bear? Stop callin' me that.
I'll have to come up with a new code name.
Little bear certainly isn't gonna do the trick.
You're wastin' all these uniforms against this back wall.
You leave the points of access, the doors, the wings, more open.
See, this wall acts as your barrier.
Gotta make these cops more useful.
They will be more useful.
I'm gonna have them thinking of Xmas present ideas while they wait, and gift certificates will not be considered.
Okay then, it's settled.
We will put our defenses here in the front.
Chief, this is just stupid.
He doesn't let the senior ranking member on this force? You've got your team, he's got his.
We put him into this position.
It's our job to get him out.
Chief? We have a plan.
Stand by the door? That's ridiculous.
I'm essentially a security guard in your plan.
Are you kidding me? You are Kevin Costner in this plan.
You're in charge of the entire audience.
- I should be with Bonaventure.
- I brought that up.
He finds you unsettling.
He mentioned me? Yes.
He also said you were creepy, but he did mention you.
- By name? - He called you "Lazenby".
Come on, Carlton, we're fine.
It's not about who gets what title.
- The man's life is at stake.
- What else isn't important? That fact that I'm adding a surprise element the second - that I open this door.
- Wait a minute.
- What surprise element? - Pardon me? What do you mean, surprise element? We have been playing from behind this whole time.
It is now that I will use this! - Your finger? - My gift.
Someone knew your route too well.
There's a mole on your own team.
My people have been with me for ten years.
They should be used to the unexpected.
- What are you doing? - We're going on the offensive.
You are set to take the stage at 7:20.
That means that Dadgummit.
You have a watch on, 'cause I forgot to put Oh, chop chop, gentlemen.
I'm on in five minutes.
Not exactly.
What? The only thing in the entire universe that your attacker knows is that you will take the podium at 7:20 p.
He will have to be in position, he will be at his most vulnerable, a veritable sitting duck if we can find him, and I will find him.
I will be able to sense him, and I will most likely be able to see him.
And how will you do that? I will go on first, sir.
What, on? Where? The podium.
I will stall for as long as it takes, sensing the crowd, smelling them, anything out of place, then the cops and your team, will suss him out, and you will follow.
No, that is not acceptable.
- Hand to the head, not working.
- That's why I added sound effects.
Bonaventure, I know how this is going to end, and I am the only one that can offer you that guarantee.
- Have I been wrong yet? - The maid, the gardener, the baby.
- Why would you say that? - I don't know.
Symmetry? Regardless, I've gotten you this far.
Now what do you value more, your life or a slight delay in your speech? Shareholders, board members, members of the press, attractive businesswomen with your spiky heels and your ankle tattoos.
Raise your hand if you vacuum topless to Carly Simon.
I'm kidding.
Welcome, all of you.
My name is Shawn, and I am the opening act, Jack! I apologize in advance if I completely blow your minds.
There's a man False alarm.
I am here to say that greed for lack of a better word, is good.
It's right.
Greed works.
Greed for life, for money, for love, for flan.
What is synergy? What is he doing? I really have no idea, but you have to give him a chance.
I think.
What the hell is he doing? - I'm trying to find out.
- I'm gonna get you guys an eyeball, so would you just calm your asses down? About stock splits? Because we're just gonna keep splitting stocks, people, and if the stock don't split, you must acquit.
Excuse me.
I'm getting a vibe.
Check the air vents.
Stay up there, Shawn.
Give us a minute.
Let's talk about the future.
The true tragedy is that we are a part of the most technologically advanced company in all of California, and yet, I walked up onto this stage, when we all know, I should have flown via jet pack.
Who's with me? Are my shoes electric? No.
Does my pillow comb my hair at night while I am sleeping? No! Sadly, it does not.
And where, I ask you, is the hoverboard technology that we all saw in Back to the Future II over 20 years ago? How come that hasn't materialized? We will be allocating a significant amount of our resources to making that happen.
- Don't move! Drop the gun! - Hands in the air! Now! And that's not even counting the treadmill that we all saw so beautifully realized in the opening credits of the Jetsons.
- We got him.
- What? What do you mean? We got him? We "got him" got him? - Get me out there.
- Bonny boom-boom is on the move.
And I think it's about time we had weapons that were designed to kill zombies! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
We are not doing hovercrafts, all right? And greed and flan are also a no-no.
Now then.
Picked him up like a U.
man, I don't think he was going duck hunting.
You blew it when you chose a psychic.
Didn't you know I would peg you? That's a thing.
Pegging people? Blowin' smoke about the trampoline being on its way too.
"On a flatbed from Albuquerque", he says.
My ass! - I thought you were an idiot.
- We've all been there.
You got our frequencies.
That doesn't make any sense.
If he had our frequency, he would have known we were onto him and got out.
He wasn't listening to us.
He has a microphone.
Who are you talking to? Who's your partner? If he had a partner, why would he need the think tank? The only tactic is to have the security team look the other way.
They needed ideas.
They tried once and they failed.
The hit woman gave them the plan.
Wait a minute.
- Which vent did you find him in? - It was the one off the back wall? You're wasting all your us here at this back wall.
You leave your access points, The doors, the wings, more open.
I know who we're looking for.
Boyd purposely directed us away from the vents.
- Snowden had a mole in the room.
- Where did we put Boyd on the detail? Upstairs.
I wasn't about to trust somebody I didn't know.
Split up.
But onto a more serious sub OK, you're out of here.
- I'm trying to undo some damage here.
- Are you kidding me? I inspired them.
- I don't want to argue.
Just go.
- There's another killer.
In the building, there's two of 'em.
It's a team.
Let's take a left here.
Is your car waiting for you? Of course, it is.
Where's my team? Gus is getting them.
Don't worry.
- Move, move, move! - Look out! Son of a bitch! Boyd's gone.
To your car, and we're home free.
Clear! Go! Go, go, go! What's the hold up? Oh, man.
What are you, a hired gun? I get it with Snowden.
He wanted vengeance.
You're gonna throw everything away for another man's vendetta? You don't remember me from the trial, do you? She was my sister.
You and your lawyers decided her life was worth $1.
2 million.
"It's more than fair", they said.
I tried to make amends.
Let me handle this.
I have experience in these situations.
You wrote checks.
That's all you did.
We took your money, and we put it towards making you pay.
It's kind of ironic, isn't it? You financed your own murder.
Boyd, or whatever your real name is, - You are a very smart man.
- You're an idiot.
You were worthless in that room, and you're useless now.
We can all agree than name-calling is beneath you.
It's not gonna work.
I got your guy locked in my sights, and I will shoot him.
Unless you want to be the second victim, I suggest you hold very still.
Who are you kidding? If you were gonna kill him, you would have already shot.
This is personal.
I'm waiting to see the right look on his face.
Remember when we were in the room, and I was talkin' about trampolines? They're incredibly therapeutic.
So why don't you and I go find ourselves a big one - And bounce like gentlemen? - Are you suicidal? Is that it? - Get out of the car! - Hands in the air! - You got him? - I got him.
You all right? Let me ask you a question.
Do you hate waking up with bed head in the mornings? What? I can't You know what? Never mind.
It's okay.
You want to tell me what this is about? Wanted you to know that I saw you at the pizza place.
You know, I missed a lot of Shawn's games when he was a kid.
I just wanted to see him work.
Exactly how much input do you have in Shawn's cases? I get involved in the process, I guess, and then his You know, his psychic-ness, it just takes over.
You retired young.
- Yeah, maybe a little.
- And you like being involved in cases? I'd be lying if I didn't tell that I still got a bit of fuel left in my tank.
- I haven't regrets.
I've learned that.
- Do you want a job? What? Look, what happened this week is a mess, and it can't happen again.
We've been discussing for quite a while, creating a new position, a liaison of sorts, that would oversee our external divisions.
Working with other departments, agencies, outside help.
Our consultants would fall under that category, yes.
Don't get me wrong.
The benefits far outweigh the costs, but your son has turned this department on its head over the last four years.
- Try my life over the last 30.
- It wouldn't be a full-time position, Just part-time, few days a week.
We could discuss your schedule.
All it would take is just a little consideration on your part.
All right, listen, Karen, that's a very astute observation, and a fascinating offer, But I think I'm gonna stay retired.
And say thank you.
You're sure? - Who are you talkin' to? - Credit card company.
Oh, yes, as I was saying, somebody used my card to purchase a zebra-striped jacket.
- I would like that charge removed.
- You charged that jacket.
Gus, I said somebody.
Doesn't mean it wasn't me.
How was I supposed to know that Snowden's check was bogus? Yes, of course, I'll hold.
I love holding.
There's a lesson to be learned here.
Do not spend your think tank money before you know whether the think tank is run by a vindictive murderer or not.
The real lesson is that we need to get into corporate consulting, because that's where we'll build our nest egg.
What you mean? Giant trampoline for the office.
We'll never get another corporate gig, so it doesn't matter.
We have two lines? Who do we know in Bulgarian consulate? That's me.
Here, trade.
Another consulting gig.
¡Hola! ¿Como estan ustedes? Mi llamo es Shawnito Rodriguez.
Mi gusta Bulgaria, y Y trampolina gigante! Explosianos.
¿Por Por que? I'm too sexy for my jacket Too sexy for my jacket It's such a racket And I'm too sexy for my gun Too sexy for my gun It's just no fun I'm too sexy for your party Too sexy for your party No way I'm disco dancing Cause I'm a model, you know what I mean And I do my little turn on the catwalk Yeah, you know what I mean I do my little turn on the catwalk