Psych s05e02 Episode Script

Feet Don't Kill Me Now

Hey, Gus.
What are you doing? Just playing board grass.
Gus, let me see what's behind your back.
Tap shoes? Are you kidding me? Shawn, I like tap dancing.
In fact, I'm pretty good at it.
When people pick on me, I just pull out that tap board and show them who's bad.
Dude, all your permanent teeth are in, okay? You're playing for keeps now.
You should try it.
It's cool.
All right, what have we got? Female victim.
Looks like she was trapped inside her vehicle and drowned.
It must have been horrible.
Whoa, O'Hara, maybe I should handle this one, you know, until you get your sea legs back.
I am fine.
I want to help.
Okay, take notes.
Tall coffee, black.
I'm off the cream and sugar.
I'm sorry, O'Hara, I'm pulling rank on this one.
There will be plenty of other females who die horrific deaths, and you can investigate all of them when you're ready.
Get yourself something, too.
I'll get the next one.
Hope she doesn't remember that.
Listen, McNab, I'm still covering a butt-Ioad of cases I took on while O'Hara was on vacation.
She was on stress leave.
Tomato, tomato.
Point is, until she's ready for duty again, I'm going to need an extra set of hands, so pad up.
Spencer, keep your pie hole shut until I assess my crime scene.
Nothing shuts my pie hole but pie.
Come on.
We're going to have to get close enough to that body to get a reading.
Why do you need to get a reading off a soggy corpse? Why can't you just point at it from here or touch the car instead? Why don't you get a reading off of that bird over there? All right, this vehicle matches the description of the one our missing person was last seen in.
Stop saying "Copy.
" Roger.
Victim is identified as Desiree Blake.
Rained last night, right? Yep.
She took this curve too fast, lost control, went down the embankment, drowned in the car.
Put time of death sometime yesterday on the 12th.
She wasn't in the car long.
We're on.
Lassie? I'm afraid we don't have an accidental drowning here.
Our Desiree Blake was murdered.
You are so predictable, Spencer.
As predictable as your next date ending with the words, "I hope this never happens to someone else"? Spencer, stop wasting my time.
You know how this works, you want in, you make a case to your father, who's done nothing but say no to you ever since he was made head of consultants.
Thank God.
I'd be lying if I said I like having to ask my dad for case assignments.
I'd also be lying if I said Val Kilmer still looks like Val Kilmer.
I still have hope.
Me too.
We got to convince Lassie to put us on this case.
Uh, you have to do that.
I don't have time.
My new tap class starts in half an hour.
Hey, hey, hey, you're really taking tap? That wasn't just a bit we were doing? Dude, I'm doing something for myself, getting back to things I love.
For a brief period in '93, I was known as DJ Cold Cuts.
Now, do you see me dusting off my turntables and playing the Curves downtown? The Curves burnt down last year.
No wonder they won't return my calls.
I'll see you after class.
Guster, may I have a word? Am I to understand you're taking a tap class? Yes.
Is it court ordered? No.
Will it make you faster? No.
Are you investigating some sort of dancing drug ring? No.
Well, then why on earth would a grown man do such a thing? Look, it's something I've been doing since I was a child.
And I don't care whether you and Shawn don't get it.
One, two, three, four.
All right, let's try that one more time.
Some of your timing was a little off.
Not necessary, Mr.
Guster, I can see everyone in the mirror.
Oh, sorry.
Nice moves by the way.
Oh, thanks, well, you know, I've been tapping since One, two, three, four.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Oh, let me guess, you want to move me to the advanced class? No.
There's a co-worker waiting for you in the hall.
What? I'm so sorry about this.
That's okay.
Lassiter, what are you doing here? I thought you were working on your drowning case.
I got to wait for the science monkeys in forensics to analyze the evidence from the scene first.
So, I know this is a little weird, and I can't believe I'm here myself, but long story short, ever since the divorce, my therapist has advised me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.
Since I don't like books that aren't about military strategy, nor do I care for the platonic company of women, I thought I'd see if you can get me into your little class here.
If you're doing it, how hard can it be, right? You realize you're insulting me and asking me for a favor at the same time? Give me a break, my insurance only covered four therapy sessions.
Lassiter, the kind of tap that I do is not something you can just jump into without experience.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll have them send over the transcripts from walking- and-chewing-gum school.
Can you get me in the class or not? I don't have much time before the lab calls.
I'll see what I can do.
You're a peach.
One, a two, a one, two, three.
Ow! Ow! Ow! Cramp! Got a cramp! All right, hold on.
You were It's a wrap for today, everyone.
Great work.
Remember, keep it in the pocket.
I'll see you all next time, all right? Yeah.
It's great.
All right.
You okay? Yeah.
This is awesome.
I'm fine.
I mean, don't worry about it.
Everyone has a hard time the first time around.
It wasn't hard, it was just a waste of time.
I just hope my therapist doesn't make me come back.
Wait, you're quitting? No, I'm not quitting.
I'm simply choosing not to continue.
Lassiter, I wanted you to realize how hard it was.
I didn't want to make you quit, especially because I believe that people who carry guns should do what their therapists say.
All right, look, let's try it again.
Come on.
Ridiculous, Guster.
It'll be something simple.
All right.
Let's try a cramp roll.
Ready? That's it? That's it.
Just like that.
Really? Hey.
I think I'm actually starting to get it.
There might be something to this pansy stuff after all.
I don't know if "pansy" is the right word.
I know, but the alternative seemed a little offensive, so I thought I'd water it down.
I tell you, I'm starting to feel a little more relaxed.
All right, let's try something different.
Let's try a shuffle.
Ready? Uh-huh.
Just like that.
You know, it's like focusing on the step is actually helping me clear my mind.
This is the clearest my mind's been in years.
I actually feel stress just melting away.
All right, try this one now.
Ready? Uh-huh.
Huh? You like that? All right.
So what are you stressed about? Work.
The neighbor's suing me for killing his squirrels.
Mostly work.
You know that case you guys walked in on earlier? Yeah.
Something about it just doesn't add up.
Found this bag of unmarked pills in her purse Crap! What? While I'm sitting here fooling around with you, I forgot to call the lab about the results.
Yeah, it's Lassiter.
Did you analyze that sample I brought in yet? Are you kidding me? How long does it take? Oh, I don't know, I thought maybe you could tell me something, like what they are, where she bought them, anything.
Those pills weren't bought, they were made.
Huh? They're lab trial samples.
How do you know? I'm in pharmaceutical sales, remember? Since when? It doesn't matter.
Can you tell me who made these? Well, there's only a handful of local labs that use that pentagonal shape.
Really? Yeah.
Gus, are you busy right now? Gus, there you are.
Your class let out just in time.
KFC is giving away Double Downs.
Dude, they're just giving them away.
What are you doing here? I discovered after you two left the crime scene that I have a need for Guster's pharmaceutical expertise on this case, so I came here to find him.
You convinced Lassie to put us on the case.
Good work, buddy.
I said Guster's expertise, not yours.
We're a package, Lassie.
You don't get Jake "The Snake" Roberts without Damien the python.
Gus doesn't work solo.
Tell him, Gus.
Well, that's not actually true.
You have offended him by merely suggesting it.
Don't be angry.
I'm not.
Oh, no, now he's indignant.
You better back off, Jack.
Gus, without breathing fire through your sweet, sweet nostrils, tell him to back off.
I don't have time for this.
Guster, if you decide you want to help on the case alone, you're welcome to come with me.
Why aren't you laughing? I'd only be helping with research.
It's no big deal.
No big deal? You'd be working a case without me.
You've worked tons of cases without me.
Yeah, because I knew I could solve them.
Are you saying I can't solve a case without you? No, I'm not saying that.
Because if we've learned anything over these few years, it's that you really can't do without me.
First of all, we haven't learned anything over the years.
And second of all, I'm the one with this.
So? So, all you have is this You know what? It's on.
It's not on.
It is on, Shawn.
Like mascara on Prince, it is on.
Lassie, count me in.
It's on! I'm thrilled.
Get in the car.
And you know who has shotgun? You.
Because Lassie's already behind the wheel.
Because it's on.
All right, fine, this is how you want to play it? It is on.
No, no, I decide when it switches from off to on.
So it's off? Yes.
Now it's on.
In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity I'm not inclined to resign to maturity If it's all right then you're all wrong But why bounce around to the same damn song? You'd rather run when you can't crawl I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth I know, you know They just don't have any proof Embrace the deception Learn how to bend Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end I know, you know I know, you know I'm Detective Carlton Lassiter.
This is my associate, Burton Guster.
What's wrong? I'm not used to getting introduced by my real name.
Ma'am, are you familiar with these pills? Yes, those look like our trial HCG hormone pills.
A fertility drug.
You are correct.
Very nice, Guster.
Thank you.
They're an experimental fertility treatment currently in phase three of clinical trials.
But they're not for public use.
Any idea how someone else could have gotten a hold of those? Not a clue.
Unless they were a test subject.
But I ran the trials alone and kept all of the test subject logs to myself.
Ma'am, those pills were found on a dead woman.
Oh, my goodness.
So we're going to need to see those logs immediately.
Of course.
You scared the crap out of her.
But a phase three trial is a double blind trial, meaning there has to be at least two administrators, that way the test group can have a different administrator than the placebo group.
So you're saying she lied? There has to be another research technician.
Nice insight, Guster.
But why didn't you say something when she was still here? You know Shawn.
I usually can't get a word in edgewise.
Oh, that's funny.
O'Hara usually just blurts out her opinions, as if I asked for them, or wanted them, or needed them.
Because women ruin everything.
Maybe now's a good time to call your therapist.
No, let's check on those logs first.
Let's see where she went.
Look, Gus, I'm getting handsy.
Oh, how's your little murder investigation coming along? What are you doing here, Shawn? Are you missing a murder weapon? You can take the knife out of my back.
How did you find me, Shawn? I installed GPS parental controls on your phone.
Is that why it keeps beeping? It also tells me if you use your credit card to buy condoms, liquor or glue.
It's a little wasteful, don't you think? I'm a player, Shawn.
You're not a player.
What are you doing here, Spencer? We already interviewed the technician.
If Gus is allowed to show off his expertise, then I'm allowed to show off mine.
Spencer, we don't have time to watch you make a snowman out of mashed potatoes.
That's funny.
I'm getting something.
Someone else Someone Writing with their right hand.
Yes, she had a partner.
We already know that.
You do? Yes, we do.
Now, if you'll excuse us.
Good luck getting hired on a case that I'm already on.
Good luck getting hired on my case that you're not on.
That doesn't make any sense.
Listen, Dad, I know exactly what you're going to say.
Yes, you can work on the case with Lassiter and Gus.
I had no idea you were going to say that.
Even though Lassiter only requested Gus, we still have to pay Psych your full rate.
I don't like the idea of you sitting around on your ass all day, collecting a check for doing nothing.
So I'm putting you to work.
So even when you do something I want, it still counts as some sort of punishment? You're welcome.
Now I need to find you a partner.
Oh, I'll do it.
What case are we talking about? The one Lassie's working with Gus.
Even better.
He's been treating me like a rookie ever since I took leave.
I am itching to get back out into the field, even if it means babysitting Shawn.
You two are working the case together.
No reason for anything to fall through the cracks.
Babysit? Really, Jules? Come on.
Shawn, what have you done today? Well, let's see, I watched some Phineas and Ferb Mmm.
Took a nap, had a snack.
I'm a little tired.
I just want to beat Lassie and Gus.
And catch the killer.
Yeah, if that's what it takes, as long as we get to do our thing.
Chop it up, pound the pavement, walk the biz-neat.
First catch me up on what we're dealing with here.
Really am exhausted.
But I'm having a vision that the lab technician lied about not having another partner.
Well, then let's call her in and see what she's hiding.
What? Sorry.
Hey, what are you two doing here? We're interviewing a witness.
What are you two doing here? We're interviewing a witness.
Are you two working together now? What happened? They bust you down to the minors? You go where you're appreciated.
I got two different calls asking me to come in for questioning.
Oh, really? Who called you first? Us or them? Who'd you meet first, us or them? Would you two stop it? Miss, we have reason to believe you lied to us when you told us that you worked on the clinical trial alone.
Which, if true, could land you an obstruction charge.
I'm sorry.
I was trying to protect my partner, Ben.
Protect him from what? Desiree was Ben's girlfriend.
He was supplying her with fertility pills under the table because their insurance wouldn't cover the thousands of dollars in treatments.
They were trying to have a baby? But they weren't even married.
Gus, get with the times.
It's 2008.
It's 2010.
Nice try.
That would mean we're at war with the machines.
How much did you know about this Ben? Ben Stephens.
He's not a lawbreaker, he's a very decent guy.
He was only trying to be a good boyfriend.
I lied to keep him out of trouble.
But I certainly don't think he's capable of something like this.
Neither do we.
Guster, would you care to get a cup of coffee, maybe take a little break? Sure thing.
Yeah, Jules, aren't we due for a break? How would you feel about a little heavy petting? Just a little over the clothes, third base action? Ew.
Maybe get some coffee? Sure.
Carlton, what are you doing? Me? What are you doing? You pinned me in.
This is my and Guster's lead.
No, it's my and Shawn's lead.
You should leave.
What are you smoking? I am head detective.
All leads go through me.
Like I haven't heard that one before.
I know your tricks.
O'Hara, I am ordering you to get back in that vehicle and drive away.
That's going to be tricky, Lassie.
Give me those! Oh, nice senior officiating there, Carlton.
Shut it! Ooh.
You guys are letting your lead get away.
Ha! You just let your lead slip through your fingers.
Will someone explain to me how the four of you let him get away? Someone else.
We were about to question the suspect when we got sidetracked by a disagreement.
Disagreement? Well, your little disagreement has led to a state-wide manhunt.
He likes to use your own words against you.
Look, this reflects poorly on me too, and I'd like to keep my job, at least till the end of the month.
Now I want the four of you to get your acts together and find him! You can't yell at me.
You're just a consultant.
Oh, yeah? I know what happened to your neighbor's squirrels.
Carry on.
I take my job very seriously, Guster, and I don't like being reprimanded.
All right, we've got to figure out where Ben fled to.
All we have to go on is that he was last spotted heading west on Highway 101.
What the hell are you doing? It helped you clear your head last time.
Oh, you got to be kidding me.
Just follow my lead.
Did you notice anything when we were at Ben's house? No.
It all happened too fast.
The first thing I know we were arguing, next thing I know he was crashing through the garage.
Wait! The DMV report that came out today, it said that the car that Desiree's body was found in belonged to Ben.
They shared it.
They were living in sin and driving in sin.
So whose car did Ben crash through the garage in? Good question.
Maybe a loaner.
Eh No.
We should have McNab check all the local rental companies.
What? I got to tell you, I can't believe this stuff actually works, even though I look like a total moron doing it.
Oh, crap.
Look at that.
Christmas came early.
So that's what the two of you have been doing together, tap dancing? Okay, the truth is Lassiter happens to be in my tap class.
You've been taking tap classes together.
How sweet.
What's next, singing into hairbrushes? Beachside Pilates? Quick, Jules, chime in while I think of more zingers.
What's next, bridge? Yeah, bridge? What? Thanks for killing the bit.
Tap happens to be something we both enjoy.
While you two were sneaking around and spying on people We have a new lead.
You're finishing each other's sentences now? Well, we have a lead, too.
Well, technically ours is more of a hunch Hamburger! Shawn, why in the world would I have been about to say "hamburger"? Let's roll, Guster.
That doesn't even make any sense.
I just heard you make an "H" sound.
So you go to "hamburger"? So we have to figure out how Ben is involved, but I don't think they're going to be cooperative seeing that we don't have a warrant.
Jules, don't be Canada.
I'll handle this.
Hello, how can I help you? I would like to sell my body to science.
Well, I'd like to make the first bid.
Is this a silent auction? What? She started it.
Oh, actually, we would like to sign up to be human guinea pigs for money.
Our current volunteer study only pays 20 bucks.
I'll do it.
I'm sorry.
Women only.
She'll do it.
What? Don't act like you can't use 20 bucks.
I've seen your place.
Well, if you're interested, you'll have to sign the consent forms.
You'll be put under anesthesia, and there's a chance the hormones may make your feet grow.
She's interested.
What are you doing? What is anyone doing in the grand scheme of things? Stop.
Your negativity is Is clogging up my psychic signals.
Would you mind keeping her busy while I attempt to unclog them? And how am I supposed to do that? Gus would turn into Smooth Gus and try to pick her up.
I am not hitting on a girl.
Why? Does that scare you? Or does that not scare you? And does that scare you? Shawn, for all we know, this girl could be dangerous.
What? You better make sure of that before you enter into a relationship with her 'cause she probably won't change.
Right this way.
I'll be back to get your information.
I'll be right here.
All right, put the time of death down as sometime yesterday on the 12th.
So, Shawn Hey! It turns out I am taking all of the medications that Tonya here says disqualifies somebody from being a part of the study.
That's No, bummer.
Oh, well, we tried.
I guess we should roll.
And if they ever discover a drug here that makes me strong as an ox, but only when I'm fighting another ox, you let me know.
I will.
All right.
We are going to nail this guy, Guster.
Are you sure Ben's guilty? Okay.
Here's the rental agreement.
Stephens' car was due back yesterday and we haven't heard from him.
Do you think he stole it? I'd say your chances of seeing that vehicle again are about as good as your chances of turning this job into a viable career.
Hey, this antitheft tracking device, is that a LoJack? Yeah.
We're going to need that tracking ID.
We've got clear motive.
All right, they've been together for a while.
She's been pressuring him, putting the squeeze on him to have kids.
They're common law husband and wife.
She'd get half of everything if he left her.
That's not an option, so he killed her.
I don't know, Lassiter.
Who helps his girlfriend obtain fertility pills if he's not planning on being with her? This doesn't feel like murder.
Guster, you've got to grow up.
People have sex and they kill each other.
That's the real world, not some magical feelings place.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Let's go get a warrant.
We're going to eat first, right? No, we'll eat on the way.
I've got an ashtray full of sunflower seeds.
We're so sorry for your loss, Miss Blake.
I know this must be very difficult for you, so we won't take up a lot of your time.
I wish I could be of more help, but I don't know where Ben is.
Believe me, if I knew, I would tell you.
Was there animosity between the two of you? He was a cheating bastard.
Desiree found out and they had this huge fight right before she disappeared.
I wonder what she did to make him cheat.
Shawn! What? What are you doing? You will thank me later.
Blake, I am sensing that Ben felt great remorse for his actions, tried to reach out to you personally.
You mean the flowers he kept sending? As always, too little, too late.
I never trusted that man.
When did you last see Ben? Right after they found Desiree's body.
He came by to offer condolences.
I promptly kicked him out.
I'm not so sure he's not the reason she's dead.
Well, we have taken up enough of your time, Miss Blake.
Thank you.
We're just going to Shawn.
Let's go.
Ben's looking more and more guilty the more we learn about him.
I don't know, Jules.
What kind of person kills someone's daughter and then sends her flowers the next day? A crafty killer, that's who.
We need to go back to the station and start putting these pieces together.
The station? Can't we do this over a Jamba Juice? My graph paper and colored pencils are at the station so that we can chart what we know and extrapolate what we don't.
What was that word? Extrapolate.
Doesn't sound very fun at all.
Whoever said work was supposed to be fun? Ron Jeremy, for starters.
Tell you what, you go back to the office and put all that boring stuff together that I already forgot what it was.
And I'll see you there in half an hour.
Half an hour.
Good work, Gus.
Found Ben.
Shawn, what are you doing here? Dude, I know you're not psychic.
Sorry, buddy.
It's hard to keep track of who knows what.
I broke away from Juliet, tracked you on your little thingy.
How'd you find him? Lassiter used the LoJack tracking system on this car.
I saw the location, snuck away while Lassiter was working on the warrant.
Figured you guys were close.
And like me, you broke away because you thought Ben was innocent.
Dude, you're doing it again.
Am I? It's ridiculous.
Is that why you broke away from Juliet? Yep.
Needed to check it out for myself.
Well, since we're both here, we might as well do it together.
Sure, whatever.
Ben! No, wait! No! Ben, we don't Wait! Whatever the police think I did, I didn't do it.
I'm a psychic with the police department.
This is my partner, Santonio Holmes.
We don't think you did it either.
Really? Really.
You were more distraught than anyone to hear that Desiree was dead.
Of course I was.
Just thinking about it makes me sick.
I want to find the person who did this more than anything.
I've loved Desiree, like, forever.
We've been living together since we graduated.
When did you graduate? Lassiter's theory that he killed Desiree to protect his money doesn't make sense.
They weren't common law husband and wife.
Those rights don't kick in until a couple has been together for seven years.
They moved in together in 2005, which was only three years ago.
I should start carrying a pocket calendar.
Ben, why did you run from the cops? Desiree's mom, she practically accused me of causing Desiree's death.
I thought she was the one who called the cops on me, so I panicked.
Ben, listen to me, but also hear me, you didn't do yourself any favors by hiding, okay? Now, I can convince the cops that you're innocent, but only if you trust us.
And you're sure I'll do the touching.
You're sure they'll believe I'm innocent? I can guarantee it.
Freeze, you murderous dirtbag! Ish.
I can guarantee it-ish.
Guys, please help me out here.
Hang in there, Ben.
Shawn, Santonio, can I at least get my phone call? All right, so what if it wasn't a common law marriage? If he was innocent, he wouldn't have run from the police.
I have a very strong hunch that he's not our killer.
We don't deal in hunches.
We? I'm sorry, Shawn, but it's over.
I understand.
It was fun while it lasted.
No, it wasn't.
We made a great team.
No, we didn't.
It was a disaster.
Partners don't lie to one another, and partners don't run off mid-investigation, and partners do not go through my purse, find my phone and text photos of my dog to every guy in my address book with the caption, "This is you.
" Partners support each other's theories.
We never support each other.
Yeah, we're constantly lying and running.
I miss that.
Me too.
What? We're still hired on this case, Gus.
Let's get to work.
But first, can we get something to eat? I'm kind of hungry.
All I've had all day are sunflower seeds.
Are you kidding me? I haven't eaten in almost two hours.
And then we try to free Ben.
And then, Japadogs.
What? Well, one thing's for sure from all this, it's nice to have you back.
I'm sorry you got stuck with an extra caseload while I was gone.
That's okay.
Besides, it's your extra caseload now.
It's good to be back.
Woodrow, my good man.
Always nice to see you walk through that door.
Well, let's hope you never see me rolled in on a gurney.
Although I'd be honored to saw through your chest and remove your good-natured heart from its cavity.
I'm touched.
Woody, in your professional opinion, how do I die? Murder.
Gangland-style execution.
We never find your head.
It's a shame.
You slip in a tub.
We need you to tell us everything you can about the death of this here Desiree Blake.
Cause of death in our victim Oh.
is confirmed to be drowning, evidenced by the presence of fluid in the lungs.
What about this mark on her ankle there? Yeah.
Interesting, isn't it? Almost looks like freezer burn.
Freezer burn? How would she get freezer burn in 70-degree water? Better question is why would a drowning victim show no signs of struggle? What do you mean? Well, there's no bruising on the body, or cuts, or any kind of struggle.
Hey, it's Ben's lab partner.
When Ben called and said that he'd been arrested, I rushed right over.
There's no way that he did this.
We don't think so either.
Yeah, but we need proof.
You know, Gus and I discovered something pretty interesting.
Did you two know that when a tech enters Ben's lab, they have to swipe a security card to gain entrance? Gee, Gus, I wish there was some kind of record of exactly what time he entered and exited on the day of the murder.
Some kind of log.
Or a registry.
I've heard I haven't.
Hey, what is that behind your ear? Will you look at that? It's the entrance record.
Oh, according to this, Ben was working at the time of the murder.
What? Mmm.
There's no way he could have killed Desiree.
And now we revel.
But you two are forgetting something.
What's that, Officer Dad? Part-time Officer Dad.
There's still a killer out there.
Get to work.
All right, what do we know about this case? One, there's a woman who's dead.
Two, Ben didn't kill her.
These Japadogs are delicious.
I hear that.
You got to give it to the Japanese.
And not just because they invented the Chinese.
You know, I almost took Lassiter to the Japadog cart once, but I felt like I was cheating.
Oh, that's so sweet, buddy.
He was a cheating bastard.
Desiree found out and they had this huge fight right before she disappeared.
Wait a minute.
Ben cheated on Desiree.
Yes, he did.
We never figured out with who.
He didn't say.
She would have motive to kill Desiree.
We got to get that out of Ben.
How come you're allowed to say "bingo," but I'm not? The same reason you're not allowed to say "True dat.
" "True that"? Exactly.
Buzz, what's going on, man? They just pulled a dead surfer out of the water.
Dead Ben.
Oh, no.
Ben! He's dead, Shawn.
Oh, man.
Once again, no sign of struggle.
Fluid in the lungs.
If this happened once, I wouldn't think as much of it, but twice in one week with two victims who knew each other? That's more than suspicious.
What would be really awesome is if it happened a third time.
You're saying that Ben and Desiree both drowned, but neither of them actually died in water.
How is that possible? They were dry drowned.
Oh, come on, Gus, now you're just putting words next to other words that sound like things we're talking about.
Actually, he's right.
Dry drowning can give all the appearances of actual drowning, but it'd have to be caused by something like a methane gas leak or an overdose of anesthesia.
If you're interested, you'll have to sign the consent forms.
You'll be put under anesthesia.
Gus, we got to get back to the lab.
All right, we came down here like you asked.
Now what? Let's be honest, we need you and you need us.
Let us all work together.
Watch it and feel it.
I refuse to watch, and I'm sure as hell not going to feel it.
Feel what, Shawn? We're about to get ourselves a confession.
Tonya, got bad news.
These are cops.
This is Dion Richmond.
No, I'm not.
I'm a psychic.
I see things and I feel things.
Do you want to feel what you see? I can't lose with this girl.
Have you no shame? I'm not here to play twist and pull.
Not with a cold-blooded killer.
You're the one that had an affair with Ben.
Don't deny it.
Guilty as charged.
Boom shaka! That's got to be a new record.
What? Cuff her, Lassie.
What? It's not like he croaked while we were doing it.
You wanted Ben all for yourself.
No, I didn't.
We hooked up once and he totally freaked out.
He loved his girl.
The beat goes on.
Not Ben's.
Likely story.
You had access to the anesthesia that dry drowned him.
I'm a part-time assistant.
I mean, do you think they actually let me near that stuff? My security badge gets me in and out of the front door and into the bathroom.
I don't get anywhere near the actual experiments.
You'd have to go to DeVry or something for that.
Interesting indeed.
Almost looks like freezer burn.
I'm calling an audible.
I'm sensing something very strong.
I'm getting a strong, jealous, spiteful spirit vibe here.
Right here.
It's strong here, but mostly here.
You were jealous of Ben and Desiree's relationship.
That's ridiculous.
Miss, excuse me, we'll get to you in a second.
Spencer, what's the deal, am I cuffing Charlotte the Harlot or what? No.
You and I are back on dirty.
Lillian killed Desiree Blake because she wanted Ben all for herself.
That's crazy.
Maybe it isn't.
In your statement to us, you did refer to Ben as a great boyfriend, and you showed up to get him out of jail before we'd even finished processing him.
Come on.
Of course you fell for him.
He was your partner, he shared his problems with you, he confided in you.
He trusted you.
But Ben never referred to her as anything other than a co-worker.
I mean, come on, it's obvious why he'd go for that one, she's easy.
I was more than a co-worker.
I cared for him.
Everyone knew that Ben and Desiree were getting married.
Ben made a mistake and cheated on Desiree.
She moved out and you saw that as your opportunity.
Hey, who are you calling a mistake? Isn't it obvious? How did I miss this? What is he doing? It gives him clarity.
Lassie, I don't think we have time to give the Savion Glover treatment.
Even after Ben cheated, he still pined for Desiree.
He wanted her back, and you realized you would have to get rid of her for good, so you brought her to this lab and gave her a high dose of anesthesia that caused her to dry drown.
I taught him that.
Trust us, we know.
Then you just had to get rid of the body.
So you put Desiree behind the wheel of her car, and you drove it into the lake, weighing down the accelerator with one of those big blocks of frozen water that you use for freezing lab samples.
Dry ice is not frozen water.
It's carbon dioxide.
They do share the same principle in terms of Not now.
I can't do this with you now.
The point is, the evidence melted.
Very clever.
And all you had to do was be there for Ben, and he would fall for you like you had already fallen for him.
Except he didn't feel the same way about you.
I want to find the person who did this more than anything.
You were so delusional, you thought he would be touched by your murderous act.
Of course, he was not because you are a crazy dry drowner.
And in the heat of the moment, it was either you or him.
And you chose you.
Nice, Lassie.
Way to tap your way back to the party.
A second review of the body will trace the anesthesia used to kill them back to your lab.
He should have been with me.
This is all her fault.
Hands behind your back, please.
Well played, Shawn.
Well played, everybody.
Way to roll with the punches.
You just never know which way it's going to come and go, psychically speaking.
Thank you for agreeing to meet me.
Let's hope this goes better than the last couple of days.
Not that they were that bad.
They were horrific.
You all right? Okay.
All right.
Again from the top.
That's my partner up there! My boy! The black guy's my partner! They're both black.
I know who the Westside Rapist is.
And that's my partner.
Kids, come on, freestyle! One, two, three, four! I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth I know, you know They just don't have any proof Embrace the deception Learn how to bend Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end I know, you know I know, you know I know, you know