Psych s06e06 Episode Script

Shawn, Interrupted

Hey, Shawn, how was your day? Oh, the usual.
Well, I'm headed up to my room to play Legend of Zelda.
Got a call from your school a little while ago.
Uh, you did? Mmm-hmm.
It was the nurse and she said, and I quote, "Shawn tried to get himself declared insane today.
" Huh! That's weird.
Wow, I must have been in a weird fog or something.
Well, the good news is I'm feeling much better now.
No, no, no.
Shawn, it's not that simple.
Now your principal wants to have a discussion with me about putting you on Ritalin.
Oh, that's not necessary.
Let's consider this an isolated episode.
Hey, I'm home now, I'll get some rest, we'll pick this up tomorrow.
Didn't you have your quarterly project due today? Ah! Did I? Like I said, everything was such a blur.
Kitchen table, now! Call the school and tell them you'll have your assignment there first thing in the morning.
Let me get this straight.
Lassie solves a case without any help and he throws a party for himself to celebrate? I am proud of him and I think that his hard work should be congratulated.
I'll eat to that.
You'll eat to anything.
You know that's right.
So, I'm the only one that thinks that this whole affair is a little over the top in the self-congratulatory department? How so? Well, for starters, he made that banner himself.
Yeah, but the craftsmanship more than offsets the megalomania, Shawn.
All right, fine, he put crime scene photos above the punch bowl.
It's called theme-ing.
You need to fold that pita.
I know what I'm doing.
Make it into a canoe.
Don't tell me how to eat.
Damn it! Have you considered the fact that you might be a little bit jealous? Why? Because Gus has dip on his pants and I don't? No, because Carlton solved a high profile case without any help from you.
I wouldn't exactly call it high profile.
A billionaire businessman has an affair with his assistant.
She tries to break it off, and he strangles her to death.
It's been in the news for months.
Thank you for making my point.
I'm making the exact opposite of your point.
Everyone's attention, please.
Hey, everyone.
Shut your pie holes! Mmm.
Channel 23 is doing a story on my case.
Bernie Bethel, the brilliant, reclusive hedge fund manager, stands accused of murdering Sheila Hanson in what prosecutors are calling a crime of passion.
Bethel has nothing to say.
Bethel has been on trial for the last six months, and his lawyer, Phillip Zurn, is using the insanity defense.
Would you believe that Bethel's trying to pretend he's nuts? You're going to do 50 years hard time, Bernie! Uh, does he think the TV can hear him? At this point, it's a strong possibility.
Here is Bethel's brother, Daniel, just outside the courthouse earlier today.
I'd like to express my deepest sympathies to the Hanson family.
It's all very tragic and our family's dedicated to finding answers to my brother's condition.
And now let's turn to our exclusive interview with the Santa Barbara Police detective Shut up.
Shut up.
Who broke this case wide open.
Detective Lassiter, take me step by step through your investigation.
What the hell? There better be a massive pileup with casualties.
The jury in the Bernie Bethel case, in what I can only describe as a stunning victory for the defendant No.
Just found Bethel not guilty by reason of insanity.
No! The verdict is an absolute travesty of justice.
I am as outraged by it as you.
Bust my ass to nail this guy and now he gets to stay in a cushy mental hospital talking about his feelings instead of rotting in prison, busting rocks and building the cross-country rail road.
They can sentence you to go back in time? Lassie's right.
That hospital is more like a resort than a jail.
And only people with serious connections and money can get in.
It's also a huge account.
If I could supply just their chlordiazepoxide needs, my numbers would explode.
Now is not the time.
There's always time for business, Shawn.
Carlton, you ran a flawless investigation, but now that Bethel has been sentenced, he can't be tried for the same crime.
It sucks, but there's nothing else we can do.
Refuse to accept it.
And I do.
I refuse to accept it.
Nor do I.
Spencer, why are you even here? I'm here to try and right this terrible wrong.
I don't need your help on this.
What I need is for you to stay out of it.
You weren't even on the case.
Maybe I should have been.
And what does that mean? O'Hara, I understand that Bethel cannot be tried twice for the same murder.
However, now he's committed another crime.
He's pretending to be crazy.
Lassie, your theory is ridiculous and farfetched.
Why would someone possibly pretend to be insane? So he doesn't have to go to prison.
Look, I would love nothing more than to prove that Bethel is a fraud, but how do we do that? The Chief sends me undercover into the psychiatric institution, where I gather evidence to prove he's a fraud.
Then we can overturn his sentence and send him to prison.
You interviewed him three times during the investigation.
He knows what you look like.
I'll grow a beard and wear nothing but tweed.
Carlton, the man is a genius.
He managed to fool a jury.
I don't think he's going to fall for you dressed as Lord Kensington.
And even if he did, the Chief can't open an investigation on a case that's closed.
Lassiter's instincts are good.
Bethel's ruse was easier to keep up for a jury than it will be 24I7 inside the hospital.
And, Juliet, you are right, the Chief can't officially sanction such an operation.
The good news is, as head of the consultants, I'm not bound by the same restrictions.
Henry Spencer, I don't know where you're going with this, but I love it.
If I can get Vick to sign off on an unofficial sting, I've got a friend in the mental health department who, uh, owes me a favor.
Now, all we have to do is come up with the right candidate to send inside.
That's my Daddy.
Absolutely not.
I agree.
What? Oh, come on, you guys, I'm the perfect choice and you know it.
I didn't work the case, Bethel never met me.
Shawn does have a way of, uh, sensing the truth.
And he's the only one of us who could actually pass for someone in need of institutionalization.
I'll take that as a compliment.
I wouldn't.
Lassiter, Shawn's our best bet at putting Bethel behind bars.
Damn it.
But this is still my case and I'm running this operation.
And I insist, when we are done, he stays an extra 24 hours for psychiatric evaluation.
How about 48? Done.
Ha! I'm going in.
In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity I'm not inclined to resign to maturity If it's all right then you're all wrong But why bounce around to the same damn song? You'd rather run when you can't crawl I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth I know, you know They just don't have any proof Embrace the deception Learn how to bend Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end I know, you know I know, you know You being locked up in here makes me queasy, Shawn.
What if they don't let you out? Oh, don't worry, Jules, I have a keen understanding for the inside of mental hospitals.
Watching Girl, Interrupted six times does not make you an expert.
No, but seven does.
Gus and I Netflixed it again last night.
This is Dr.
Abel Elliot.
This place is a fascist torture chamber! Where's Lisa? Where's Lisa? It's from the movie.
You two are the only ones who get that.
Besides Winona Ryder.
Elliot is the chief of staff of the psychiatric hospital.
Burton Guster.
Central Coast Pharmaceuticals.
I'd love to talk to you about your psychotropic needs.
Oh, my gosh! Are those Laker tickets in your pocket? Dr.
Elliot will be Shawn's contact inside.
He's the only employee privy to our operation.
Now for security, should any other staff other than Dr.
Elliot try to make contact with you or anybody else at SBPD, we've never heard of Shawn.
I'm cooperating because Henry has some very influential friends.
But I think it's extremely doubtful that Bethel is a fraud.
He's been under my care now for several weeks, and if he's faking it then he's the best I've ever seen.
With all due respect, Dr.
E, I, too, am a man of science.
See, I'm a psychic, and a damn good one.
I'm so good, it's stupid.
I'm stupid good.
The point is, I'm quite certain Bethel is a fraud, that he meant to kill Sheila Hanson, and I'm going to go in there and prove it.
You have four days inside, kid.
During which time you'll be required to blend in, participate in group therapy, and take meds.
I'm in charge of all pharmacology.
So I'll make sure all your pills are sugar pills.
Elliot has come up with a cover diagnosis for you.
Your departmental profile suggests that the closest psychological identification for you would be narcissistic personality disorder.
It's handsome disease.
Our tech people put a hidden camera in the potted plant in the library.
You'll be given an earpiece.
It's hooked up to a monitor and a recording device in the hospital basement where Lassiter and I will be.
All I've got to do is befriend Bethel, get him to trust me and make sure he's in front of that camera when he exposes himself.
Right idea, wrong choice of words.
All right, let's get cracking, people.
The sooner we nail this bastard, the sooner we can get him behind real bars.
Uh, one last thing.
We're a little worried about you being in there alone.
So, for added security, we're sending Gus in with you.
Ah, great idea.
That way I can be with Dr.
Elliot constantly.
Uh, my cover will be to land the largest account of my career.
And go to a Lakers game.
Uh, actually, we've got another job for you.
Really? What's that? Dude, this place has electronic bidets.
It's like the Westin for insane people.
Will you keep your voice down? You're going to blow our cover.
I'm glad you're having a good time, Shawn, because I'm sure as hell not.
I don't know what you're complaining about.
You get to wear this sweet uniform.
And why do I have to be Suggs? It was the only thing that would fit.
Besides, it's like Gus backwards.
You know I always have your back, Shawn, but this job in degrading.
I'm not too sure how much longer I can What is it? Hello.
I'm Gus.
And you are? Vivienne.
Nice to meet you, Vivienne.
Really, dude, not here.
I can cure her, Shawn.
You can't Well, Vivienne, is there anything you need? Some apple juice would be nice.
Right this way.
Don't worry, Bernie.
I'm going to keep checking on you every week.
Here is Bethel's brother, Daniel, just outside the courthouse earlier today.
Uh, don't worry about it.
I'll bring more next time.
Okay? McELROY: Group therapy will begin in five minutes on the lawn.
Dude, you smelling me? It's a compulsion.
Ah, sort of like the, uh, scratching? What scratching? Who's this guy? What's his story? That's Longfellow.
He just got back from the second floor.
What the hell happens on the second floor? What am I, your orientation advisor? All I know is when you come back, you can't remember your name, much less what you had for breakfast that morning.
Hey, man.
Oh, sorry.
Look, I couldn't help but notice that you're trying to quit smoking.
How'd you know that? I'm a magic man.
Really? I can tell you a lot more about yourself, too.
Why don't you meet me after dinner in the library? I'm going to bring dessert because I can tell that you are a Skittles man.
You can get Skittles in here? I can do anything.
I'd like to begin today's session by introducing our newest member to the group.
Shawn Gthorndall.
It's pronounced Thorndall.
It's a silent "G.
" Nurse McElroy, she has a mirror.
Didn't I tell you about mirrors? What's his problem with mirrors? He thinks they steal a person's soul.
You've got to stop scratching.
Would you just make her put it away? I need you to calm down, Bernie.
Okay, let's talk this through.
You know I don't want to have to call over the orderly to restrain you.
Has he had his pill today? He's been avoiding me all morning.
Get him one, please.
Your fear of mirrors is not reality based.
McELROY: It's in your imagination.
Now, let's get back to Shawn.
Tell us about yourself, Shawn.
Well, they tell me I've got something called, uh, narcissistic personality disorder.
But the truth is, this lustrous hair and dimpled chin are merely chapter one.
I'm a veritable cornucopia of high octane maladies, such as outrageous intelligence syndrome.
Huh? And a little obsessive successful disorder.
Goodness! I've never encountered a patient who suffers from so many diseases that don't exist.
Well, uh, they exist where I come from.
And where's that? The future.
Yes, Wendell? Shawn's full of it.
We're supposed to tell the truth here.
I don't expect you to understand, Wendell.
I'm talking about form, I'm talking about content.
We all know who the brown noser in the group is, don't we? I just think you like listening to yourself talk.
And you look way too together to be in here! I have the same robe everyone else has.
Uh, Shawn, you better come up with something quick.
You're about to get outed.
He's not sick.
I'm plenty sick, Wendell! Pill time, everybody! It's pill time! Pills, come get your pills! Orderly, restrain the patient.
You can't catch me, McElroy! Yes, ma'am.
I'm going to keep doing this! I'm going to keep driving around in circles until I get hungry! And then I'm going to eat that fountain! I'm like the ice cream man, except I have barbiturates! You've only been here one day and they've already got you in restraints? Oh, come on.
Elliot's only making me wear these mittens to protect my cover.
That, and I was concerned that Shawn really might be unstable.
Oh, you! Oh, my God.
This was my fear.
My worst nightmare is coming true.
Jules, relax.
I'm right as rain.
Besides, Doc said I take these things off an hour ago.
Then why are you still wearing them? The inner lining is so soft.
I think it's alpaca, maybe baby muskrat.
You've got to check these out.
I don't want to, Shawn.
You're going to be sorry.
Wow, they are supple.
Try it, Lassie.
Enough with the stupid mittens.
They are quite soft.
What progress have you made with Bethel? That dude is good.
Really good.
The way he ranted on about being terrified of mirrors.
Almost convinced me it was a real condition.
It is.
Which supports my belief that Bernie is truly sick.
The fear of one's own reflection is called eisoptrophobia.
Ooh, someone knows his stuff.
Then you must also be familiar with multiple personality disorder.
That's what Vivienne suffers from.
You know Vivienne.
The patient you've been inappropriately flirting with? Now, Doc.
Gus can't help himself.
He's got a weakness for crazy chicks.
The last woman I was interested in turned out to be a murderer.
Oh, by the way, can I get those Lakers tickets back? No.
I'm telling you, Bethel is a genius.
He's very well researched.
He's acquired a whole bunch of phobias for himself.
Fear of loud noises, fear of crowds, fear of saxophones, it's all bogus.
Spencer! Yeah.
Don't worry, man.
I'm going to get this guy to confess on camera right after dinner.
I just need one thing to close this deal.
It is vitally important.
What's that? Earpiece check, earpiece check.
Spencer, we've been waiting here for an hour and a half.
I think Bernie's a no-show.
Spencer, you're talking to the wrong plant.
I thought for sure that the Skittles Still talking to the wrong plant.
It's the one on the table.
The table.
Lights out in 15 minutes.
We'll have to pick this up in the morning.
Damn it.
Shawn, wake up, wake up.
Hey, man.
Oh, I was getting the best sleep I've had in years.
It's like these sheets are woven from strands of warm springtime sunbeams.
What are you up to? I've been busy cleaning up after these slobs.
I'm sorry, Shawn, but insanity is no excuse for not having the decency to hang up your own towel.
But listen.
As I was heading toward the laundry, I just saw Bethel sneaking out of his room heading toward the kitchen.
Come on, man.
He probably just wants a snack.
Or trying to escape.
Come on.
Hey there.
Hello, Vivienne.
Who's Vivienne? I'm Frank.
Frank? Plumber from Lodi.
Hey, you want to come in? Got the game on.
Um, no thank you.
But if you see Vivienne, can you tell her Gus stopped by? Hey, where are you going? Let me ask you something.
If a dude kisses a crazed woman who thinks she's a dude, is that the same thing as a dude kissing a crazy dude? That is the most ridiculous thing you've ever asked me.
And yes.
All right, then.
No, no, you have to use both, both of them.
- Okay, that's weird.
- I see.
It is.
It is, Shawn.
What is he doing to the fridge? I don't know, but why would Bethel do something insane when there's no one around to see it? - Both of them.
- Both of them.
Gus, there is one thing we have yet to consider.
What is that, Shawn? What if Bernie isn't faking it at all? Guys, I'm getting some very strong psychic vibrations that we need to at least consider the possibility that Bernie is legitimately insane.
What? Are you sensing something else? No, no, no.
Just some water stuck in my ear from this morning's free swim.
They have a pool here? Heated.
And a gym with full Nautilus, and a music room, and a leather tooling class.
Spoiler alert.
I'm making you a wallet.
Oh, my God.
This is worse than my nightmare.
You like it here.
I never thought you would stoop so low, Spencer.
Excuse me? You just can't stand to see me winning, can you? It galls you so much that I solved the Bethel murder without any help from you, you're going to throw a monkey wrench into my case.
Look, Lassie, I admit I've taken great joy in watching you fail in the past.
Numerous times.
Sixty-eight to be exact.
But this isn't one of them, man.
I truly believe that Bernie is deranged.
Guster, you were there.
Huh? You were there.
What did you see? Man, I don't know what I saw.
Yes, you do.
Look, all I know is I had to give an uncooperative Cherokee a sponge bath this morning.
So, the only person around here who I know is crazy is me for allowing myself to get roped into this nonsense.
Lassie, give me a chance to prove to you that Bernie is disturbed.
I'll get him into that library in an hour, and if I'm wrong, you can shove it in my face and mush it around for months.
I do enjoy watching you make an ass of yourself.
The possibility of getting it on video is too good to pass up.
All right, you've got one hour.
Bernie, buddy, I give you a rainbow.
Oh! I told you, man.
Look at all those Skittles.
Oh! Ooh, why don't we come over here and rest those dogs? Ooh, yeah.
Oh, yeah! Look at all those Skittles, man.
Spencer, move the camera to the right.
What's, uh, what's your favorite, uh, flavor there, Bernie? That's too close.
Can you pull it back? Well, I like grape.
No, no.
Now, move it back to the left.
And I like orange Just a little bit.
and I like Can you move it back? No, perfect.
Just stop touching it.
And orange.
Yeah, that's pretty much all of them.
I've got to tell you, Bernie, uh, I believe wholeheartedly that you are insane.
All right? Cuckoo.
Six fat, sweet nuts to the wind.
But there are people that don't, and because of that I need you to help me help you.
Okay? Okay.
You just, you keep eating and we're going to play a game that I like to call boo! Bernie.
What's going on, man? Why aren't you freaking out? I'm not afraid.
What? Isn't that great? No, it's not great.
I'm not scared.
I knew it! This is not great.
Can you stop? Spencer, what the hell are you doing? Turn the camera back to Bernie.
Is the new Twilight book in? Not now, Frank.
What's up, girl? Where you been? This doesn't make any sense.
Why would he, all of a sudden, start acting sane? Face it, Spencer.
You got played.
Bethel pulled one over on you.
I told you he was a genius.
But on the plus side, this just means that I am one step closer to proving that I was right and he's a fake.
And one, and two.
And you're a branch reaching up to the sky.
Bernie? Yeah? I was right about your quitting smoking and I was dead on about the Skittles.
So, you know I'm the real deal.
Right now, I'm sensing the cops are about to figure out you're a fake.
So, if you want my help, you better come clean right now.
Shawn, I am not a fake.
I really haven't been right these last few years.
That's why I never left the house.
But now, for the first time in a long time, I'm starting to feel like myself again.
There you are, Bernie.
It's time for your pill.
Thank you.
Orderly, I'd very much like to do a cannonball.
What are you doing? How long does it take for anti-psychotic drugs to kick in? About two weeks.
How long has Bethel been institutionalized? Two weeks.
That's it.
He's sane because his meds have kicked in.
Maybe he wants you to think his medication is working when, in fact, there was never anything wrong with him in the first place.
Now, stay here! Come on, everyone, reach out and grab that air.
Don't worry about it.
I'll bring more next time.
He put crime scene photos above the punch bowl.
Bernie? Yeah? Why don't you open your left hand? I can't.
I have degenerative arthritis in that hand.
Since when? Since the last few years.
What? Are you telling me you haven't been able to use your left hand for a few years? No.
That means you couldn't have strangled Sheila Hanson.
That's evidence that could have exonerated you.
Why didn't that come out in court? Did your lawyer know about your arthritic condition? The last few years have been a blur, and during the trial I was at my worst.
I couldn't say or do anything to help myself.
And people had to make all my decisions for me.
Look, man, I think he's telling the truth.
How do you know he's not conning you? How do you know he can't use his left hand for sure? Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there? Hey, Bernie.
Yeah? Do me a favor and hold onto this would you? Thanks.
Oh! Oh, God! Oh! Oh! Bernie.
Oh! Oh, man.
Bernie, you're all right, man.
That didn't go the way you saw it in your head.
Not completely.
Orderly! Restrain that patient.
I didn't It was an accident! You know the drill.
No! No! No! Are you kidding? He never took my side, ever.
I remember once a tree fell over, smashed into the garage during a storm.
He told me it was my fault because I wasn't fully committed to the pruning process.
Excuse you.
Uh, we need to get out of here.
I happen to be making some serious progress here.
They just released Bethel from the infirmary.
But I love my dad.
It's about time.
They had him sequestered for two days, for what? A little foot fracture? Hey, Vivienne.
Hey, Gus.
I see you have not heeded Dr.
Elliot's warnings about seeing Vivienne.
I like her, Shawn.
And no, the relationship is not perfect.
I mean, sometimes in the middle of a sentence she turns into a dude, but you know what? Frank is very interesting.
Did you know he's a Gulf War veteran? Do you know that you are quite possibly the worst orderly of all time? I'll take that as a compliment.
You really shouldn't.
No mirror! No mirror! McELROY: Bernie, you have to take your pill.
Now, come on.
This is what makes you better.
Take the pill.
Put out your hand.
What the hell is going on? Why is Bethel back to being crazy? Take your pill, Bernie.
Gus, it's a different pill.
McELROY: Come on, put that in your mouth.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
It's blue, but the edges are square.
Just keep it here until we get some water.
What would happen if they gave Bernie new meds for the last couple days that had the reverse effects of the ones that were making him stable? Close your mouth.
It could result in psychotic behavior.
There you go.
Drink that down.
Very good.
I think someone in here wants to keep Bernie incoherent.
Who? I'm in charge of all pharmacology.
So I'll make sure you only get sugar pills.
He's in charge of medication.
It must be him.
Why would Elliot want Bethel to stay insane? That doesn't make any sense.
He's the one who put Bethel on the original dose.
Why would he want to reverse the process? He wouldn't.
Unless someone was paying him to do it.
Someone with a motive to keep Bernie unstable.
And what would that someone's motive be? - I don't know yet.
- No! No! Orderly! Can I get some help over here? No! No! Better do what she says.
No, no, no, no! We've got to maintain our cover until I can figure this out.
I'll go confront Elliot, figure out who he's working for.
What are you doing? I got this, Shawn.
Calm down and nobody gets hurt.
Oh, man.
Where's Shawn? Still at the hospital.
Why did you leave him? I was fired and immediately escorted off the property.
Fired for what? Well, after I helped Nurse McElroy calm down Bethel, I ran into Vivienne, and one thing led to another.
And before you know it, we were holding hands, and then somebody ratted us out.
I have a feeling it was that weasel Wendell, but I can't rule out Frank.
Where's Spencer? Still at the hospital.
Why? His four days are up.
Shawn figured out that someone has been tampering with Bethel's medication to make him stay disturbed.
Probably Dr.
He also proved that Bethel has arthritis in his left hand, meaning he couldn't possibly have strangled Sheila Hanson.
And we're supposed to believe any of this? Wait, wait, wait.
If he has arthritis, why didn't that come out in the trial? That's what Shawn asked him.
But Bethel said that he was in such a fog that he can't remember whether he told his attorney or not.
Well, we have to talk to that lawyer.
I mean, if there's even a remote possibility that he withheld evidence that could have exonerated his client, we have to at least question him.
Fine, I'll get my jacket.
And when you see Shawn, will you tell him to call me ASAP? Sure.
What's going on here? What happened? We found you in a restricted area passed out on the floor.
Yeah, somebody hit me in the head.
It was right after I found Dr.
Elliot dead in his office.
Elliot's not dead.
He's not even in his office.
He must be at lunch.
What? No.
No, no, no, that can't be.
I saw him.
He was bashed over the head.
It was ugly.
Why First you were observed talking to a potted plant.
Now you're seeing dead hospital staff? I'm recommending that your diagnosis be changed to include paranoid delusional.
Para No! No, I'm not paranoid.
I'm not even crazy.
Look, listen, my real name is Shawn Spencer.
Okay? I am a psychic detective working undercover for the SBPD.
Oh, really? Yes, really.
I'm here with my associate Gus.
He's pretending to be an orderly named Suggs.
I see.
But he's psychic as well? No, he's not psychic, he's a pharmaceutical salesman, but he helps me solve crimes.
Okay? Oh, and he drives a blueberry.
Ooh, he drives a piece of fruit.
Well, that's very interesting.
We're going to need to get him on some stronger meds.
No, no, no, no, no.
Gus is real, all right? I'll take you to him.
He's probably flirting with that hot chick, Vivienne, who, you know, thinks she's a plumber named Frank sometimes.
Okay, we're just going to keep you here a little bit longer.
No, no, no, no.
Hey! You've got to listen to me! Call Henry Spencer at the SBPD.
He'll confirm everything.
Let me out of here! Thank you.
Knock knock.
Sorry to interrupt your meeting, Mr.
Zurn, Mr.
We need to ask you a few questions about Bernie.
Questions? What kind of questions? Oh, my God.
Has something happened to my brother? No, no, no.
He's fine.
Actually, he's insane, or not.
It's hard to tell at this point.
Zurn, did Bethel tell you that he had severe arthritis in his left hand, making it impossible for him to have strangled Sheila Hanson? There's something wrong with Bernie's hand and you knew about it and you didn't bring it up in his trial? He complained a little about it.
But Bernie was always such a complainer.
Had I realized his hand was that bad, I would have gone for a not guilty verdict.
So, based on what you're saying, detectives, Bernie may be innocent? It's a possibility we're looking into.
I can't believe you weren't more thorough, Phillip.
I did everything in my power to save Bernie.
Obviously, you didn't! I'm starting to wonder what it is he's been paying you to do all these years.
All these years? How long has Bernie been a client? He's handled all my brother's business and legal interests for 10 years.
Bethel, may I speak with you outside, please? So, you're saying that Zurn handles all of Bernie's affairs? My brother's Phillip's only client.
You don't normally expand your business after losing your only client.
Now that your brother's been institutionalized, who controls his fortune? It's in trust.
Oh, thank God! Dude, how did you find me? I was cleaning out my locker when Vivienne saw me and told me where you were.
Wait, you are still Vivienne, right? Who else would I be, silly? Just checking.
Hey, you see me strapped in over here.
Oh, yeah.
What're you saying, you got fired? Yeah, and I was like, "Aw, man, not my job, not my job.
" But it didn't matter.
Well, I have even worse news.
What's that? Doc Elliot's dead.
What? He was murdered.
He obviously wasn't tampering with Bethel's medication, but he must have known who in here was.
And when he confronted that person, they killed him to cover up their tracks.
We need to figure out what they did with the body.
We need to get to Bethel.
Oh, whoa! Hide.
Where's he taking Bethel? I All I know is when you come back, you can't remember your name, much less what you had for breakfast that morning.
Second floor.
That's where they give electric shock.
Oh, no! Gus, if they pump Bernie with enough volts, could they completely wipe out his memory? It's possible.
That means he won't be able to say, much less prove, that he didn't kill Sheila Hanson.
We have to help him.
Yeah, we need to get Jules and Lassie on the phone ASAP.
Come on, man, they're not going to get here in time.
We need a distraction now.
I've got one.
Hey, Collins.
Dude, Frank is stacked.
Just for the record, I did not ask her to do that.
Want to help me do my laundry? Dude, let's go.
All right.
As near as I can tell, Zurn does not have power of attorney over Bethel's trust.
So, these office improvements are not coming out of Bernie's bank account.
Unless he made arrangements for his cohort inside the hospital to be the one signing the checks.
The cohort who is tampering with Bethel's pills to keep him unstable.
When's the last time you spoke with Dr.
Elliot? Six hours ago.
And I just checked my messages, there was nothing from Elliot.
Shawn was going to talk to him.
Do you think he's Zurn's insider? It's possible.
If he is, he could be dangerous.
As much as I hate to say it, it's time to get Spencer out of the loony bin.
Hello? Right, okay.
That was the mental hospital.
Shawn just broke Bethel out.
That's your boyfriend.
I know.
Hello, Burton Guster.
Gus, what the hell is going on? Hold on, Juliet.
Ah! Hey, Jules.
Where are you? Well, we stopped for smoothies.
Three Pineapple Razzmatazzes and, uh, a sanity boost for my buddy over there.
I don't have any American dollars.
Shawn, what the hell were you thinking? You broke a convicted murderer out of a mental institution.
Oh, man! I am going to relish watching you strung up for this one.
But right now we need to work together.
O'Hara and I think that Bethel's attorney's the one working with the insider to tamper with Bethel's meds.
Well, I can tell you it isn't Dr.
He's dead.
May he rest in peace.
What? Elliot's dead.
Yeah, don't worry.
I know who the insider is.
Who is it? As a matter of fact, we're headed there right now.
Hello, McElroy.
We're giving the orders now.
It's time for group therapy.
I'd like to start today's session by introducing the newest member of our group.
Ah! Miss Lavender McElroy.
Lavender? Really? My parents were hippies.
- Evil hippies.
- Aren't they all? You know that's right.
Always setting stuff on fire.
Tell us about yourself, Lavender.
More specifically, how you were paid by Phillip Zurn to alter Bernie's meds? Maybe how Dr.
Elliot found out about it and you killed him.
Or that you signed the order to send Bernie, here, through electroshock therapy to zap his memory.
Okay, I admit that I was paid to change Bernie's dosage and to give him ECT, but I did not kill Dr.
I swear.
As far as this Zurn person goes, I've never even heard of him.
Then who are you working for? Here is Bethel's brother, Daniel, just outside the courthouse I'd like to express my deepest sympathies to the Hanson family.
Don't worry, Bernie.
I'm going to keep checking on you every week.
What? Bernie was never faking.
What? His brother Daniel was.
He was just pretending to feel sorry for the victim.
What are you talking about, Shawn? You two should have stayed at the hospital.
How the hell did he get in? You were supposed to check the house, Shawn.
I wasn't checking the house.
You know I was waiting over there to scare her.
This is all your fault.
Well, now I can see it all.
Younger, much less successful sibling covets his big bro's gazillions.
In Bernie's addled state, you convinced him to let you have power of attorney.
But then his girlfriend, Sheila Hanson, figured that out and you killed her and pinned it on poor Bernie.
And everything was going according to plan, until your cohort, Lavender, here, told you that his meds were making him sane.
So, you had her switch it up, and then Dr.
Elliot found out and threatened to go to the police.
Get the hell out of my office right now! I'm not Just get out! And then you killed him.
I never wanted to hurt my brother, but now, thanks to you, I'm going to have to.
Everybody in the corner.
I blame you.
This is your fault.
This is your fault.
This is your fault, Shawn.
- No, no, you come over here! - No, please! No! Quiet! McELROY: I have cats! I don't care about your cats! He's adopted a whole bunch of phobias for himself.
Fear of loud noises, fear of crowds, fear of saxophones - McELROY: Please, don't! - Just hold still! No! No! McELROY: Let me go! Shut up! Shut up! No, no! Will you shut up? Make them stop! Make them stop! Don't move! Stop, make it stop! Okay, Bernie, I'm on it.
Wait, wait, wait.
Not yet, Shawn.
My favorite part's coming up.
What? What are you telling me, that you're a Kenny G fan? A little bit, yes.
This song.
I've got to be honest, I've never minded this song, either.
You know that's right.
It's really, really smooth.
Groove to it, Shawn.
I don't know about grooving, Gus.
Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! - Turn it off! - Turn it off! Make it stop! Ooh! Oh, yeah! Turn it off! I'm sorry you're leaving, Gus.
It's okay, Viv.
At least your medication's finally working.
You're getting better.
They say I was suffering from multiple personality disorder and that sometimes I thought I was a man? Yep.
His name was Frank.
A war veteran.
Good guy.
Shawn, I want to thank you for everything you've done for me.
You too, detectives.
Both of you, thank you.
Well, we've got more good news, Bernie.
But since this is Lassie's case, I'm going to let him do the honors.
Your sentence has been repealed.
You're finally going to get the care you need.
Thank you.
You know, there's no reason to thank me for helping you solve this case, Lassie, but now would be a great time to thank me.
Spencer, if you're looking for recognition, just do what normal people do and throw yourself a party.
Oh, I shall.
And this time, there will be a pony.
You know, I'm in no hurry to leave this place.
It's nice here.
Life is simple.
Don't you think? It really is, isn't it, Bernie? Mmm-hmm.
Shawn? Yeah? We're going.
See you, Bern.
Don't you think? Yeah, whatever.
I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth I know, you know They just don't have any proof Embrace the deception Learn how to bend Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end I know, you know