Psych s07e06 Episode Script

Cirque du Soul

Previously on Psych I hope you weren't saving this stool for somebody else.
Do I know you? Oh! Marlowe Viccellio.
How'd you find me? I felt something.
So did I.
The only thing it compares to is the rush of jubilation I felt when I heard Chuck Norris speak at an NRA convention in Aberdeen.
Marlowe Viccellio, this is the police.
Okay, so I did take the blood, but only because I'm trying to make ends meet.
But I promise, I didn't kill anybody.
- You're under arrest.
- What? Marlowe, I would move heaven and earth to be with you, just as long as that movement's in accordance with the state laws of California.
See ya, Marlowe! Ooh, girl, go get him! Oh! Mmm! Are you Shawn Spencer? My name is Zola.
I am a contortionist with Le Cirque.
Oh, a contortionist.
Ah, well, that explains how you were able to slip in while I was doing a pull-- I mean, 150 pull-ups.
Actually, you were kicking your legs so wide, it was easy to walk underneath.
Man, you know you could have helped me.
I am the one in need of help.
Two weeks ago, our star performer, Francois Angelo, started acting anxious, almost paranoid.
I fear he's in trouble.
Can you psychically find him? Here's the thing.
Um, my psychic powers generally don't kick in until someone's been missing for 48 hours, unless, of course, that person is Eddie Murphy, from the movie 48 Hours, but sadly, I fear he's lost forever.
Uh, you let me know if your buddy Francois is missing in a couple days.
We'll see what we can do.
Oh, no.
I will wait here.
Go back to your pull-up.
I tell you what.
I'm gonna take this.
Oh! Thank you so much, Shawn Spencer.
Uh, you should come to today's dress rehearsal before the show.
Maybe you can divine something there, no? - Backstage pass? - Uh-huh.
- Great.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Some more rising, huh? - Keep trying.
I do, like, 100 of these a day.
Really? Maximus? What are you do-- Hey, Shawn.
Hey, what's up, man? What's up, Rach? Ray-Ray? Chel? Professor Willard Dick Peter Johnson.
You have a problem with "Rachael"? It's a classic girl's name, like "Shawn.
" Ray-Ray.
Maximus, my man.
Boom! Who's da--pssh! Yeah, boy.
Who got the ball? Uh, you know, don't worry about Max.
He's always tough on people until he really gets to know them.
Really? I'm not worried at all.
I have a killer day planned.
- He is gonna love it.
- Of course he will.
Now, here is everything you need.
And remember, if you run out of things to talk about, you can never go wrong with Star Wars.
The original or prequels? - Come on, son.
- You come on, son.
- Come on, son.
- Come on, son.
- Come on, son.
- Come on, son.
- Come on, son.
- You come on, son.
Time out.
What is this? - She's doing our "Come on, sons"? - No.
Oh, Shawn, don't be such a Filipino Steve Perry.
That doesn't make any sense.
Watch your boo do his thing.
Hey, little man.
Which one of these fun things you want to do for our big boy day? - The planetarium? - Mm-mm.
The aquarium? Mm-mm.
- Old Sonora Western Town? - No.
Santa's Year-Round Village? No.
The Yerden Estate tour? Mm-mm.
- Le Cirque? - Not now, Shawn.
- Yeah, the circus.
- No, whoa.
Not so fast.
Le Cirque? Who's gonna stay up with him all night when he's having nightmares about the clowns and the freaky-freaks in the show? I will.
Not that me and your mom are having any sleepovers.
Please, mom? Look, it'll be fine.
I promise, he's in great hands.
What? It's the circus, kid.
What? What? Uh, Shawn, I thought that you said we were going to the Le Cirque show.
This is a dress rehearsal.
Yes, but we promised Max that he would be seeing the show.
And he will.
Just without all the unnecessary excitement and entertainment.
Now, what is Jeffrey Duke doing here? - Who? - Really? Jeffrey Duke? He makes the Mercedes of port-o-potties, and I should know because I've peed in both.
He's also one of the most ruthless wise guys around.
He's the Gotti of potties.
He's the Don of the Johns.
He's--he's number one at going-- Shawn.
Hey, does that guy look suspicious to you? What is going on? It's like we're on an investigation.
Oh, my gosh.
We are on an investigation, aren't we? - Define "investigation.
" - Unbelievable.
No, that is the definition of "not believable.
" And all this time, I thought you were just trying to help me out.
Did it ever even occur to you that this might put me in trouble with Rachael? And what about if something had happened to Max? Oh, please.
May God strike me dead if anything happens to this kid, okay? Oh, I hope this goes well.
Oh, you just relax and let your honeybear take care of everything.
Once your parole officer sees that he's dealing with one of his brethren, it will be smooth sailing from here on out.
We can finally get on with our lives.
- Ready? - Yes.
- What? - That's Ursula Gibbs.
Oh, so you know her? Even better.
Well Okay, here's the thing.
Um, I might have hooked up with Ursula a few years back after an inter-departmental drink mixer and I might have not ever called her afterwards when it was discovered that she might be an obsessive, vindictive, vengeful loon.
Still, you should have called her.
I think it would be best if she didn't know you were my girlfriend.
Ah, got it.
So I'm here, assisting Ms.
Viccellio on a professional basis.
I was involved in her initial criminal case, and I can attest to the fact that she is completely rehabilitated.
I see.
I'll take your professional endorsement into consideration when determining the conditions of parole.
The first item to deal with is place of residence.
Viccellio is free to live wherever in the city she wants, within a 15.
7-square-mile area.
Why the .
7? Oh.
That stops just You found out we're a couple, didn't you? Must have been hard to communicate while she was in prison.
I guess the phones in your house suddenly started working again.
Who knew? You vengeful little-- Now, we move on to restrictions.
No alcohol, no staying out past 10:00 P.
, no non-spousal co-habitation.
Oh, you have got to be kidding me.
Let's not make matters worse, honeybear.
No combining "honey" and "bear.
" Look, we gotta relax, okay? We're gonna find him, and Rachael's gonna be none the wiser.
It's her now.
What do I do? Give me the phone.
I do a perfect Maximus.
No way.
Hello? Burton, I know I'm being one of those parents, but I'm just checking to make sure everything's okay.
Hi, mommy.
I'm having a big boy--uhh! Who was that? - That was too harsh! - What was too harsh? - Who was that? - No one.
Look, I'm so sorry, but I'm gonna have to hang up on you now.
What do you mean, you have to hang up on me? - Get over here.
- Gus, what's going on? Quick.
Say something to give your mom proof of life.
- What? - That'll do.
Bye, sweetie.
What's up, kid? All right, people.
Ready for final tag run-through.
Ten seconds till it's time.
Clear the lane.
See, man? Everything's all right.
No, everything is not all right.
I'm still mad at you for bringing him on an investigation.
Francois is ready.
On my cue.
Francois? Dude, that's the guy we were hired to find.
That means this is no longer an investigation.
We're just two dudes and the fruit of another man's loins, watching Le Cirque and eating some delicious Snyder's pretzels.
What else could be better? Francois, stand by for trapeze launch.
At three, two, one, and action.
Somebody call an ambulance.
That's just part of the act.
In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity I'm not inclined to resign to maturity if it's all right then you're all wrong but why bounce around to the same damn song? ooh you'd rather run when you can't crawl I know you know that I'm not telling the truth I know you know they just don't have any proof embrace the deception learn how to bend your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end He saw someone get killed.
See, see, what had happened was-- Wait, now.
You're not letting me finish.
All right, all right.
I see your point, but, I mean, we can go back and forth on this all day, but I think the important thing is, is that Max is fine.
Fine? He's been grilling me about where circus performers go when they die.
Like they have souls.
Look, you're right.
We should have never taken Max.
It was just a miscommunication between me and Shawn.
I promise to be more careful next time.
I don't think there's gonna be any more big boy days out for a while.
Now I may never get a chance to hang with the kid again.
There--there are still no leads in the robbery at the industrial sign factory, but the owner says nothing was taken.
Sounds good, O'Hara.
Do whatever you like.
Also, a trapeze artist died at the Le Cirque performance today.
Carlton? Carlton, you're not listening.
Sorry, O'Hara, I'm-- you know, I'm just too frustrated right now to care about what lowlife broke into what sign factory or how the ACLU is gonna take all the fun out of catching him.
Wow, I thought with Marlowe finally out of jail, you'd be on cloud nine.
Yeah, well, that all changed once we discovered that Ursula Gibbs was going to be her parole officer.
Ursula? The girl you hooked up with after the-- - Yeah.
- Let me guess, you never-- - No.
- Didn't I try to warn you - that she was--? - Yep.
But you didn't listen because you kept cutting me off.
Yep, and so she's taking it out on Marlowe.
So not only can Marlowe not live with me in the home that I have built for us, but her only affordable housing options are no-I.
-required apartments in adjacent neighborhoods.
Um-- Uh-- Carlton! I think I have a way to help you and Marlowe.
I still can't believe it.
Zola, we're--we're very sorry for your loss, but I can assure you that Francois is-- is looking down on you from the big tent in the sky.
Or looking up at you from the fiery-- What happened was no accident.
I've seen him perform that trick a thousand times.
We're gonna look into it for you, okay? But we--we need to know the goings-on behind the scenes, all right? It's important that we-- we be in the mix.
All up in the kool-aid.
Our kind of people traditionally don't take well to outsiders.
They can be guarded.
Like Gus with his belly button.
It would be especially difficult now.
Because of Francois' death, everyone is on edge.
We've even had two performers quit.
We just lost our master of ceremony and yodeler.
Yodeler? Terrible, but we're in a bind, so you'll have to do.
You're on at 7:00.
Don't be late.
What? Come on, son.
Come on, son.
You got that.
Get it, get it.
Get up in it.
Do it.
Got it.
What up? Would you give me that? - I got it, Shawn.
- You're gonna drop it.
I said, I got it.
You know what they say about men with long arms.
Yeah, that everything else is really, really short.
- Wha--what? - That's Hugo.
He's the one that was supposed to catch Francois.
Let's go chat him up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
This is, like, the fourth time Jules has called me.
Hi, sweetie.
Uh, I'm kind of doing my thing right now, but sure.
Whatever you think, Jules.
All right.
I'll see you tonight.
Mrah mrah mrah.
Dude, we gotta be careful.
Zola said Hugo's not a big fan of character artists like us.
You lay back.
I got this.
Got it.
What's up, Circules? I don't believe we got your name.
Oh, sorry.
Uh, Orenthal James Simpson.
I know, I know.
My folks were big fans of Hertz Rental Car.
Heard about the accident last week, man.
That's a bummer, huh? I was right there.
I still don't know what happened.
I mean, we've been doing that trick forever, but the other day, he just-- he didn't extend all the way.
Your psychic hunch was spot-on again, Shawn.
This man was dead before his body was launched into the air.
The broken neck and internal injuries from the fall were all post-mortem.
So then, what killed him? - Electrocution.
- Hmm.
It wasn't obvious at first.
Whoever covered this up must have kept the body on ice.
Now, come over here.
Come on, I want to show you something.
It's not like you're gonna catch necrophylopigmentosis.
Probably not.
As anyone good at foreplay can tell you, electricity always leaves a mark.
I know, I know.
Tell more information.
You see, a flashlight battery and a paper clip-- Uh, no need to explain, Woody.
I gotta tell you, I sometimes have trouble reading social cues, especially cross-culturally.
What? Yeah, it's really starting to hurt me in the dating department.
I can't--I can't read alive women anymore.
It's like, you're strobing right now.
I'm going to open an official murder investigation based on this new evidence.
- Right.
- Mm-hmm.
Keep it loose.
Um, Shawn, are you sure you're okay with what we talked about earlier on the phone? Yeah, yeah.
I'm totally cool with that.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
- Mrah.
- Mrah.
I'll see you later.
Uh, Juliet, uh, you wouldn't happen to know any single females that are currently living, would you? You know what, Woody? I am going to give that some serious thought.
Jules, I'm home.
Oh, hey, Spencer.
I hope you don't mind.
I just whipped something together with what you guys had in the fridge.
Some bread for you, my dear? - Hello, Shawn.
- Hi.
Well, if you want some pasta, just ask.
There's plenty.
OMG, WTF, and JTT.
Jonathan Taylor Thomas is not an acronym, Shawn.
What are they doing here? Shawn, you said you were cool with this.
What we talked about on the phone.
That Marlowe could stay here while she and Carlton worked out her parole situation.
Right, the thing we talked about on the phone that I said I was cool with.
Then I said I was cool with it again when we were at Woody's.
All right, fine, but it better be temporary, and then it's just you and me.
Of course.
Oh, hey, I took a quick shower after work, and I put your robe back on the hook.
It's yours.
So is the hook.
So is the door.
I have to goanywhere.
No, I am not okay with Lassiter and Marlowe being all up in our space.
We just moved in together.
Do you have any idea how intrusive that is? I called to speak to Gus.
I'm sorry, Rachael.
That's my bad.
Thanks for picking Max up from soccer practice.
I'll be leaving work in an hour.
And do me a favor, keep Max away from dead people, okay? See you.
Do me a favor and keep Max away from dead people, okay? Still here, Shawn.
And I'm not a leprechaun.
Of course not.
Max! Hey, little man, get in the car.
Is that your audition for To Catch A Predator? Suck it, Shawn.
- Hey, big boy.
- Oh, jeez.
Buckle in.
Look, man.
You have to stop it.
Trust me.
And we need to figure out who stuffed Francois' dead body into that capsule before the show started.
Uh, Shawn, let's not talk about the d-e-c-e-a-s-e-d in front of you-know-who.
Why are you spelling? Because we don't want to expose-- to anything i-n-a-p-p-r-o-p-r-i-a-t-e - a-b-o-u-t-- - Hold it, man.
You don't need to get some pen and a paper? "Inappropriate"? Ah, fine.
No more talking about the case.
That's productive.
They were talking about it on the news.
They showed the dead guy that died that I saw backstage, for real.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You saw Francois backstage? While I was looking for the bathroom, two people were putting makeup on his face.
Dude, that's it.
If we find those two guys, we've got our killers because they were putting makeup on a dead man.
Max, you think you'd recognize them if we took you back to the circus? Uh, no, no, no, Shawn.
No, no, no, no, no.
Please, Gus, please? How about her? - One of these two? - Mm, no.
Yes, I will make sure that Max gets his homework done.
In fact, Shawn is helping him with some multiple choice problems as we speak.
- What about this guy? - Mm-mm.
Hey, how are you doing? Guy with the bike? - Mm-mm.
- You sure? - Mm-hmm.
- Bye, boo.
Um, we need to get going.
Rachael's gonna start getting worried.
Just give the kid a few more minutes.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm responsible for him.
I decide when we take him home.
I want to stay with Shawn, but you can go.
Zola? Huh.
- Ew.
- That's interesting.
Looks like she left in a hurry, or she's just a filthy pig.
Max, do you remember at all what these guys look like? No, I don't.
They were wearing makeup too.
- Max.
- Did you hear that, Shawn? They were all wearing makeup, so he won't be able to I.
- Now, let's go.
- No, we're together on this.
This is taking too long.
I cannot wait.
What is it? What's wrong, little man? That's the voice of the man I heard putting on the makeup.
Are you sure about that? Can we just get this done? Monday, we're out.
They were in the lunchroom.
They're non-speakers.
Gus, those could be our guys.
We need to follow them.
I don't think that's a good idea, Shawn.
Shawn, I don't think that's a--wait! Ah! Oh, hi.
Any-- any news from the office? Um, um, uh, well, uh, we did bring someone in for questioning on that sign factory case, and, uh, we've narrowed down the electrocution in the Le Cirque thing.
Um, have these, uh, lights been on all day? Oh, my God.
The vase is not an ashtray! Carlton, may I have a word? Sure.
I'll wait outside.
This might not have been a good idea.
Okay, look, I-I know it's a bit of an inconvenience, but, you know, my hands are tied.
Ursula is making it damn near impossible for us to spend any time together.
I understand your frustration, I really do.
Yeah, and I promise to reimburse you for any incidentals, provided you have the original receipt.
I still just-- I have to ask, um, how long will you be needing this arrangement? Don't worry about it.
I'll figure something else out.
- Okay.
- Okay.
That's them.
Turn left.
They're heading towards that industrial park.
You know I have to get Max home.
Rachael's given me another chance with him.
I can't blow it.
Oh, my gosh.
Not too many people can do that.
Where the heck is he going? Hmm.
Electricity always leaves a mark.
They're a bunch of thieves.
Francois was the fourth member.
Whatever's in there, he died trying to get it, and the other three covered up his death by making it look like an accident in the show.
Yeah, we need to follow them inside.
You must be out of your damn mind.
I'm not taking Max inside a possible crime scene.
- It's irresponsible.
- All right.
Let's be responsible.
Leave him out here in the car, by himself, like a shih-tzu.
Max, wait! Oh.
Oh, that feels so good.
Okay, before you say anything, we have an announcement.
We are gonna beat Ursula at her own game.
The parole guidelines say that the parolee must be allowed to live with her lawful spouse, sodo you want to tell her? We got engaged! - Where'd the circus guys go? - Shh! What is in here that is so damn valuable? Whoa! All right.
Uh, Shawn, we need to get out of here.
This is the S.
Stay right where you are.
Do not move.
How does she always pick the wrong time to call? Hey, boo.
He was involved in a break-in? How could you let this happen? See, I know you're disappointed, but I can explain.
"Disappointed" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.
What sort of future is Max gonna have with a criminal record? A legitimate shot at playing professional football someday? - No.
- Then bleak.
Rachael, wait.
Jules, question of the day.
Why would these dudes break into a laboratory a few days ago, see one of their crew members die, and then risk breaking into the same exact laboratory, all for some worthless laboratory supplies? Not so fast.
The building manager said there was a break-in, and 10 grams of a substance called "tritium" was stolen.
Jules, don't be ridiculous.
No one's gonna risk their lives for that much chewing gum.
"Tritium is a self-illuminating, "manmade isotope used in things like watch faces and key chains.
"It's highly sought after.
Just 10 grams of it has a street value of 300 grand.
" Whoa.
Like an exit sign.
Or an industrial sign.
The break-in at the sign factory.
I bet it was the same crew.
They were looking for tritium, but they couldn't find any because it's only made in a laboratory.
- Stop saying it like that.
- Saying what like what? Today was them going back to do the job right.
I'll put out an APB on the circus criminals with instructions to check all the places they could safely store the unstable tritium.
Well done! Dude, I have a pretty good hunch of where our guys are going, and I think Zola's involved.
We don't have much time.
Rachael just broke up with me.
What? Oh, that is just awful, Guster.
I am so sorry to hear that.
Hey, everybody, I just got engaged! Lassie, that's great! I mean--I mean, that's--it's all right.
Look, buddy, come with me.
You'll get your mind off things.
This is your fault.
This whole time, I've been telling you that you've been going too far, but no, you wouldn't listen.
- Now it's too late.
- No, it's not too late.
Look, Rachael's gonna calm down, and it's gonna be fine, but in the meantime-- In the meantime, you'll go about like everything's fine, and I'll be left to clean up the mess that you've caused.
I'm tired of your mouth writing checks that my ass has to cash! Gus, I'm gonna need you to lower the volume or, at the very least, change that metaphor.
Shawn, I really like Rachael, and because of you, I may have lost her.
All right, I'm sorry.
Okay? I'm sorry.
What-- what do you want me to say? I can't do this with you right now.
I need time alone.
Rawr! Carlton, did you have a chance to look at that file? Yeah, right here.
These are China settings.
Which goes best with my silverware? Oh, you meant the file you faxed over.
I'm sorry.
We're still celebrating.
Yeah, I got it right here.
So the sign factory case and the Cirque murder are now one and the same? Yeah, and-- The wedding planner's not supposed to be here until 6:00.
I know.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm here for a surprise check-in on my parolee.
Marlowe, your parole officer's here.
I hear that there has been a change in Ms.
Viccellio's relationship status.
Yes, Ms.
Viccellio and I are now engaged, so I'm afraid that may alter some of your restrictions.
I see.
I understand this just happened? Yes, I would have told you myself, but I couldn't find your number.
Well, I'm sure your celebration hasn't involved any alcohol because, as we all know, that's a violation of your parole.
I suspected as much.
I'm sure that you know what to do with this.
Urine sample, now.
I wonder if you will be wearing white or prison orange at your wedding? I'll wait right there to find out.
O'Hara, may I have a quick word with you, please? Mm-hmm.
I need you to do a favor.
Don't worry.
It's nothing weird.
Just--I need you to take this vase and go pee in it.
If Marlowe tests positive for alcohol, then the system has beaten us, O'Hara.
It's beaten love.
Now, just take this in the bathroom and do me a solid.
Poor choice of words.
Just, please, I am desperate.
Okay, I think I have a way to help.
It's you! You! You let it happen! You, Gus! You let it happen to yourself! - You let it happen to your-- - Gus? I was just heading over to the Psych office to see if Shawn wanted to grab some lunch.
I don't know where he is, and I don't care.
All right, well, it was good to see you.
Hold on, hold on.
You don't want to know what happened? Oh, let me guess.
Shawn told you he was gonna try to help you out, and as it turns out, he's really just too focused on himself, and he ended up ruining things.
Wow, that's impressive.
Not really.
While you were pacing around, I was sitting on a park bench over there, listening to you blabber to yourself.
It's not like Shawn hasn't messed up my relationships before, but Rachael is different.
I really care about her, and Shawn doesn't care because he's too caught up in his own self-interests.
Gus, you remember when you guys were growing up, and Shawn stole that car to impress the girl? I discovered that he stole it on October 15th.
You know what that day is? Of course I do.
It's Tito Jackson's birthday.
It's the day his mother moved out.
What's your point? In all those years, the one constant in Shawn's life has been you.
Now, here you are.
You've met this great girl, and he's facing his worst fear.
And what you see as being purely selfish might just be him afraid that he might lose something else that's very important to him.
Hi, Ursula.
Do you mind if I sit down for a moment? Of course, detective.
Let me guess.
You would like to convince me to give Carlton a break.
What? No way.
Based on what he did to you, I'd say he had it coming.
You know, I am just sitting here, looking at your style, and I am wondering why a hottie like yourself is still even giving him a moment of thought.
- I'll tell you why.
- Hmm? Because he's a God amongst lovers.
Hold on.
The man knows his way around the female form like none other.
Ursula, you know, I'd really prefer if you didn't-- And it's not just the passion.
It's the stamina.
And imagination.
I am begging you to share less.
And then he never called me back.
Getting that night, that one cosmically satisfying night out of my mind just doesn't seem possible.
Which doesn't bode so well for your partner.
You know, I need to take this call.
- Mm-hmm.
- Really quick, from the morgue.
Hi, Woody.
Gus, this is my tenth message.
That's more than Mikey left for Nicky in Swingers.
Look, I tracked them here.
Their car is outside.
Just call me back.
Oh, hey, uh, put that down! Actually, don't.
Keep doing what you're doing, but do it very gently.
You probably don't want to drop that.
You guys are just a bunch of thieves, thieves giving toothless carnies a bad name.
- Hear us out.
- You have two minutes.
The three of us and Francois were desperate for work, so we lied about having immigration papers, and we joined Le Cirque.
We needed to get visas fast, and then this businessman came to us and said he could help.
Jeffrey Duke.
He said we had a special skill set he needed, and he promised us visas in exchange for some favors.
Like breaking into the sign factory or the Excellarator lab to find this tritium, only the second one didn't go quite as planned, did it? Rest in peace, Francois.
I know what we were doing was illegal, but we really didn't have many options, mate.
Of course, they've got Zola.
He says if we give him the tritium, he'll release her, but if we fail or if we try to involve the police, he'll kill her.
We're headed over to his warehouse in one hour to meet him.
That is a horrible idea.
Well, what do you reckon we do, mate? I reckon we break her out.
Your boyfriend's late.
I don't like waiting.
Oh, hello.
Don't be minding me.
I'm from the County Pest Control.
Act casual.
Some Malaysian weevils been coming over on the boats, eating up all of the local weevils, so county has us spraying all the warehouses down here by the docks.
Not taking long at all.
But here is one question for you.
Have you seen weevils in any of these small poop houses? No! Now, get out of here.
Best be checking one just to be sure.
What's going on in there? Oh, my.
There is much trouble in here.
Weevils making love in the sink compartment.
Okay, here we go.
Well, thank you very much for your hospitality.
Biggest problem, I must stay here until all the weevils are mostly made dead.
Personal note, I find them both delicious and adorable, so I have, as you say, a conflict.
Now, if I may be bothering you one more time, can you show me where the closest house - of the prostitutes-- - Hey.
Oh, all right.
I will just go upon my merry way.
Guys, run! Where did he go? Find her! I can't see! My eyes! I don't care about your eyes! Find them! - Where are they? - Occupied! Oh, Gus, what are you doing here? - I got your last message.
- I didn't think you'd come.
From the looks of things, I got here right in time.
Duke and his thugs are in the next room, looking for you.
We gotta go.
Look, before I use you as a human shield, there's some things I want to say.
Look, I know you're terrified and afraid of change and that you hate Tito Jackson's birthday, but I will always be here, unless you keep acting like you have these last couple of days.
I won't.
I promise.
What I hate is how little is made of Tito Jackson's birthday.
I will never jeopardize your relationship with Rachael ever again.
That's how some grown-ass men settle their differences.
Man, what's up-- - Human shield, human shield! - Get off me! Get off me! O.
, come with me if you want to live.
What? He better be talking to you.
He is.
Rico! Follow me.
He must be out of his damn mind.
Gus, I think I've got that.
- No, you don't.
- Shoot at them! Oh! Run! These guys are crazy.
They're shooting blind.
That's because I sprayed them in the face with pesticide.
- What? - Don't let them escape! You did the exterminator man with that stupid accent? - He is from Iceland.
- He's not from Iceland.
You don't know where he's from! Where's-- - Gus, it's just like pitfall.
- What? Just jump.
Knock 'em out.
- Aah! - Let go! - Why didn't you let go? - Because you didn't let go! Whoa! Oh, hello.
Police! Hold it right there.
- Hands up! - Drop it.
Drop it.
Dude, is it ironic that I've had to go to the bathroom this entire time? Man, now I have to go too.
What are these for? Just a little thank-you for letting Marlowe stay at your place, but we won't be needing your help anymore.
Oh? Ursula cancelled Marlowe's drug test.
Gave us her official approval to move in together.
- Aw, that makes me very happy.
- Thank you very much.
Although we're still not sure why she had a change of heart.
This is to thank you for hooking me up with that delightful, wonderful, playful angel of a woman, Ursula.
You know, it's like we're each what the other's been looking for.
You're good, lady.
You're good.
Still no word from Rachael, huh? Nah.
She went all Halle Berry in Boomerang on a brother.
You should go find that same kid that Eddie used at the end of the movie, tug on her heartstrings a little.
Of course, that kid's probably 30 by now.
You think? Hey, it's the thought that counts.
I just need to tell her how I feel.
The surprising thing is, I actually miss Max a little too.
What are you two doing here? Someone was missing you.
Can we talk? Yes, we can.
Max, you stay here while Gus and I have a little chat with your mother.
On second thought, I'm gonna hang here with you while Gus handles this on his own.
Hello, Ra-chael.
You realize that is the coolest dude in the whole wide world, right? - I know.
- All right, good.
I'm sorry about popping in like this, but Shawn called and explained his role in everything that happened between us.
He then explained his role in some heroic things that historically cannot be possible.
- That's my boy.
- But I'm glad he did.
- I was kind of missing you.
- Really? But more than that, Max has been a different kid since spending time with you and Shawn.
He's been more outgoing, more confident.
I know I worry about him so much, and I know it's good for him to let loose a little.
But you knew that, didn't you? Well, you know.
But you won't be taking him out for a while.
I know that's right.
And no more arrests or dead bodies.
I promise, we'll be the perfect role models.
Remember, food challenge rules state, you only get this fiver if you drink every last drop of that pickle juice.
Are we clear? All right.
- Wait, Max.
- Shawn.