Psych s08e09 Episode Script

A Nightmare on State Street

Emmanuelle still hasn't called me back, and my nightmares are getting worse.
I'm so tired.
My systems are rejecting sleep like it's a foreign antibody.
Like REM is toxic.
Well, let's be honest, Gus.
Their last four albums haven't left much to be desired.
It's been a tough millennium, really.
But most people wouldn't give 'em up or new adventures in hi-fi either.
I can't do bits now, Shawn.
I'm numb with grief.
Sure was nice of your mom to loan us her car tonight.
I can't believe this is an '85.
So stylish! Steering is horrible, but what are there, one, two, six ashtrays? Stop trying to distract me from my anguish, Shawn.
The nightmares are so vivid.
I'm slowly disintegrating, like a cookie under running water.
I'm officially not convinced that this dream therapy is doing anything for you, man.
Why do none of my relationships work out? I'm gonna die alone.
- Oh, buddy.
- I don't understand it.
Emmanuelle and I had such great chemistry.
- It wasn't great chemistry.
- The chemistry was great.
It was hit or miss chemistry-wise.
But she was tall.
Like Wilt Chamberlain in Conan the Destroyer.
I thought she was the one.
I was gonna make her my bride.
Oh, man, that's right! The zombie fun run was today.
We're doing that next year, man, you and me.
- Let's not and say we didn't.
- Come on, Gus.
I think I'd make a dead sexy zombie.
I'm gonna come back with snacks, and I'm gonna have this case solved.
Do you wanna know why? 'Cause work never stops, and we're on the clock.
Now give me your wallet.
No rest for the wicked.
White people.
Curt Smith? Guster, what a surprise! You caught me listening to my own music.
How utterly Rob Thomas of me.
What are you doing here? Had a hankering for a microwavable bunuelo.
You know they're so fun to eat and so fun to say.
You okay, Gus? You look absolutely knackered.
Girlfriend troubles, Curt.
Having nightmares.
I can't sleep.
It's really, really bad.
I went through that with Roland, you know.
- It gets better.
- Really? I'm lying.
It doesn't get better.
What are you doing here on your own, Gus? Where's Shawn? Don't tell me he deserted you in your hour of need.
- No.
- He's right inside-- - Uh-oh.
Zombie attack.
Very funny, guys, very f-- Guster.
Help me.
Help me, Guster.
Ow! You nicked me! Curt? What's going on, Curt? Get up off of Curt Smith.
Get off of him! Get off of him! Oh.
- Oh, no.
- I was just playing.
Oh, no.
Shawn! Oh, God! No! No! Shawn! No, no! Get away.
Shout! Shout! Let your brains out! Shawn! What happened to me? Where am I? Have I crossed over? Easy, Burton.
You're awake.
You're safe now.
You're with me.
Are you listening? Dream time is over.
- Okay.
- You're awake, you understand? You're awake.
Did that hurt? Yeah.
Because that means you're back with Dr.
And that's a good place to be.
It's milk.
It's refreshing.
Boy, that was some dream, Burton.
I got some fantastic audio.
You were magnificent.
- Feel better now? - Mm-hmm.
Calm? Relaxed? That's just part of the process.
Now lie back and release your core.
That's it.
Now tell me all about your nightmares.
I know you know that I'm not telling the truth I know you know they just don't have any proof embrace the deception learn how to bend your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end Wow.
That is some vivid stuff.
It felt so real, Dr.
More real than real.
- May I have some more milk? - Later.
What does this dream represent to you? It's Emmanuelle, obviously.
I saw a real future for us.
Everybody did.
Well, the fear of abandonment is certainly the beating heart of your anxiety, blackstone.
Blackstone? But your nightmare is about Shawn.
Shawn? Think of what happens.
Shawn leaves the car, everybody dies.
That's definitely not it.
I mean, that's crazy talk, and no offense, but you sound like an insane person.
Ha-ha, I've hit a nerve.
You know why? It's because in dreams, people don't lie.
That's my business.
It's all in my new book.
In dreams I walk with you.
Let's read an excerpt.
"As if my small frame would buckle at the girth of my outsized intellect.
" Look, Shawn and I are friendly, but it's Emmanuelle that is the cause of my nightmares, okay? And for the record, I do not need Shawn.
Sure, you don't.
Oh, look at the time.
Now leave this place.
- Hello, friend.
- Hello, Shawn.
So what's dream therapy like, man? Is it crazy? Tell me all about it.
Simpson says my nightmares are all about Emmanuelle.
No other theory was offered.
Emmanuelle, huh Hum.
Well if you need me-- Need you? Need you? What makes you think I will need you, Shawn? I was just gonna say, if you need me to drive you to therapy tonight, I could probably score my dad's truck.
Thank you.
I will take it under advisement.
I'll probably cab it.
You know, I enjoy cabs.
So I doubt I'll be needing you, Shawn.
Shawn, where did you go? Shawn? Dude, I-- I was gonna pee.
I was-- I was just hoping to pee.
I don't have an appointment or anything.
I know, I should have called.
I'll come back later.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no, no, no.
No appointments necessary here, my friend.
Please, join us.
Great, I don't know if this is the kind of "case" or whatever you guys handle, but I think my wife is having an affair with someone at her place of work.
- Color us intrigued.
- Great.
Now I'm a little strapped for cash, but if you do layaway, I could start paying you around the new year.
Uh, Saint Patrick's Day.
This is a place of business, after all.
Not so fast.
Now, I definitely understand the grief of lost love.
Please, have a seat.
Now, did you ask your wife whether she was getting her lawn mowed on the side? Well, what's she gonna say? "Ooh, yeah, I am.
"And he rides the mower so much smoother than you, 'cause he doesn't need carpal tunnel surgery"? What? And what if confronting her pushes her away for good? Gretchen-- she's my whole world.
E's effing out of sight, man! - I feel you, I feel you, Zach.
- Uh, Eikleberry.
Excuse you.
Uh, I got a cable installation.
My client was given a window from 7:00 to 4:00.
Ride with me, and I'll fill you in on everything.
- Definitely.
- Not a chance.
I met Gretchen freshman year of college.
Oh, wow.
She looks a lot younger than you, Zach.
Oh, I wasn't a student.
I was working campus security.
Gretchen-- she doesn't judge.
Because true love knows no boundaries.
Times are tough, you know.
I'm working two jobs.
We never see each other.
What's your other job? I work nights at a bowling alley.
Real Jack of all Trades.
- Life's a buffet.
- Mm.
If she hasn't cheated on you after all these years, why would she start now? Just-- I feel her pulling away.
I don't wanna lose her.
I can't let that happen.
I won't.
Friggin' here.
We live.
Um hey, man, we're gonna stay in here.
Most definitely.
Can't even carry my own toolbox 'cause of my sciatica.
I'd cheat on me too if anyone would have me.
Ow, ow.
- Where you going? - I'm going to pee, Gus.
I didn't get to pee in the office - because you spazzed out.
- You're gonna just pee outside? We're men, Gus.
The world is our toilet.
Come on, stay in the game, playa.
Maybe some music.
Shawn, is that you? Burton.
I need a ride, Burton.
Shawn! Oh.
Oh, go I need some sleep.
Won't you give me a ride? What the-- what? Zach? - We don't have much time.
- I'm so sweaty.
I just ran a bunch of fatties across the football field.
- I want you now.
- Of course you do.
I'm me.
- I'm gonna murder you.
- That's so hot.
Not on the lips.
This show is horrible.
They're all gonna laugh at you.
Zach? Who lives like this? Shawn! Shawn ditched you again, didn't he? He said he had to pee.
Yes, but do you believe the world is a man's toilet? No.
No, I do not.
Well, the picture's becoming much clearer now.
My previous diagnosis may have been premature, slappy.
Slappy? You see, you're not worried that Shawn is gonna leave you.
You're afraid that working with Shawn is gonna get you killed.
What? It's all in my latest book.
In dreams I walk with you.
It's got a foreword by Sanjaya Malakar.
He's an old friend.
I'm sure that you'll find this enlightening.
"When one is in a perpetual state of panic--" - Perpetual? - That means "never-ending.
" I know what it means.
I was expressing indignation.
"All the body's resources are recruited, "leaving precious little energy for other things.
"Hopes, goals, even our relationships wither and die.
" What does this have to do with me? Shawn, I'm imperiled by our work, and my love life is withering.
Any more questions? No.
I think you know the way out.
Hi, Emmanuelle.
This is Burton Guster.
We know each other, biblically.
You know what, let me just leave my number again - just in-- - Stop it.
Dude, the ball is clearly in her court and has been for a while.
You sent her five dozen roses and a cake with Nelson Rockefeller on it.
Shawn, Dr.
Simpson says that she is the key to my mental health.
You know what, I'm done, I don't want to hear this anymore.
What is he a doctor of, exactly, anyway? I'm coming with you to your next therapy session.
No, no, no, Shawn.
Hiya, psych-os.
How ya doing? So I'm crocheting a hat for my nephew.
His name is Robyn, with a "Y.
" He has a large head, so I'm making it both to warm and conceal it.
- I-I got nothing.
- Happy Earth Day? - Lassie.
- No, sorry, can't stop.
Marlowe's expecting me someplace very important, so I cannot have this conversation with you.
I just wanted to put it out there that we are available for work at our usual rate, plus a new, additional higher rate.
This is our opening offer.
Actually, things have been uncharacteristically quiet since I've become chief.
Now that Brannigan's saddled up, you can hear a cricket fart in China.
That's cool, 'cause we kinda have our own thing going on anyway.
Our new client's sort of a big deal in the TV industry.
Perhaps you've heard of him.
Yeah, right now, when you just said his name.
Yeah, it's domestic.
You know how those things go.
Somebody's about to die.
They always do.
Watch this.
What the-- And a very happy Earth Day to you too.
I do not like this, Shawn.
I object to this charade.
Gus, you know it's the only way we can talk to her in her natural habitat without it being creepy.
We'll get what we need and leave.
- You don't even have to speak.
- Believe me, I won't.
Eight, nine, ten.
Hi, we spoke on the phone.
- Oh, you must be the Spencers.
- We are, indeed.
I'm Shawn Spencer, and this is my life partner Burton Guster Black Spencer.
I see you're working out of doors.
Yes, it's such a pretty day, and I love watching my kids unfettered and free.
All right, let's play some dodgeball! - Oh! - Look alive, Buduski! - Boom! - Like I said on the phone, we've been shopping for schools for our son Joshie.
We understand that you teach the English.
He's shown a real talent in that arena.
Isn't that right, baby girl? It's so vital to encourage a child's abilities - and to keep them lice-free.
- Agree to agree.
You know, sometimes I'll tutor functionally illiterate adults.
It's so sad.
They have to develop little tricks to hide their disability just because they didn't learn basic reading skills when they were young.
Hey, Gretch, check the lats! I can do, like, 16 of these! - Mrs.
- Yes, I'm listening.
And I'm impressed.
Oh, we should get back to class.
Maybe we'll see Joshie next year.
Oh, we're still shopping.
That's just terrifying.
You're a friend of Eikleberry's? Oh.
She's one fine piece of knish, huh? You must be, uh Bagg.
Coach Derek Bagg.
One "K," two "G"s.
You can call me Coach Bagg.
Or just coach.
Or Coach Bagg.
All right, well, do you think we could speak to you for a minute? It's about our son Joshie.
I have a parent-teacher thing now.
How about we meet in my office in an hour? - Lower level, near the gym.
- Mm.
Just follow the scent of man.
- Hmm.
- Mm-mm, mm-mm.
Gym teachers.
Sorry to keep you waiting, ladies.
Who was that giant slice of shepherd's pie? Oh, some meathead dad grousing about his kid's score on the presidential fitness test.
Like it's my fault fatty's got no hops.
- You played college ball? - Ooh.
The majors scouted me.
I had my pick.
And then ATV had to go and flip.
Ruptured my spleen, crushed my L-4 and 5.
Doc said if I wasn't so drunk, I'd've probably been paralyzed.
No complaints though.
For a dude who's not splitting atoms, I think I did okay.
- Well - Got this sweet gig.
Good hours, summers off.
gate to gate.
I am baking my cake and then frosting it and then eating it.
Whale time.
Hurt your hand? Old lacrosse injury.
What do you want, Buduski? They sent me from the office, Coach Bagg.
You're supposed to read this and approve it.
Also, I think one of those dodgeballs glanced my scrotum.
Stop whining! Your sack's fine.
I'll read it later.
I don't know, coach.
What'd I just say, weanus? Get out of here, and give me 50! See, look at that egghead.
He has no chance to make the pros.
Got no stroke from the outside.
Not like I did.
Rain dance! It's so sad.
Cash dolares.
Cable guy was right.
His wife's getting cozy with Mr.
Woodcock in there.
She leaves him little booty-call memos.
Poor Mr.
Cable Guy.
You literally just fell asleep on your feet.
Shawn, I need to get out of here.
Oh, man.
- Shawn? - Yeah.
That way.
Maybe we should've gone left at the water heaters.
Gus, we're gonna be fine.
As long as we stick together.
What was that? - Gus? - Yes? - We need to run.
- Yes.
Gus? Gus, pick up your feet, man! Shawn? I can't see you, Shawn! Left, Gus! Left! Stay with me, Gus! I can see the light! Left, right, left! Do not leave me, Shawn! Left! Left! Left, right, left! I can't see you, Shawn.
Did you say left or right? Oh.
And put the lotion in the basket, will ya? Whew.
Shawn, I'm coming! Who's there? Can you help me get out of here? I'll buy you some bunuelos.
Weepy, weepy, you so sleepy, and the little kids are creepy.
Watch us jump, you know it thrill you, just for fun.
We're gonna kill you.
What? No.
That's not fair.
No! No! Stop laughing! Help me! Please, help me! Look alive, playa.
Shawn! Damn you! Don't! Stop, stop.
Stop, stop with the ball.
No balls.
No balls in my face.
Shouldn't we wake him? He's clearly being pelted by balls.
Let the dream run its course, Shawn.
This is how the therapy works.
It's not always pleasant.
No, stop, ooh.
No more balls.
You left me, Shawn.
You flat-out deserted me.
What? Why would I possibly do that? You did it, Shawn! You always do it! Gus, we get caught together, we face death together, it happens every week.
I don't know where I stand with you anymore, Shawn.
Where is this coming from? I thought you told him his nightmares were all about Emmanuelle.
No, I said they were all about you.
What? This guy is a fraud, Gus.
I'm not even sure he's a real doctor.
I'll have you know I was rated in the top 13 of Santa Barbara dream therapists in 2007.
I one time actually entered Kate Capshaw's dream and interacted with her.
Can't really talk about it because of the pending court case.
But impressive, no? Capshaw.
Yeah, that's pretty cool, actually.
Gus, hey.
You know that I have always had your back, and I always, always will.
I don't know, Shawn.
Things are changing.
I know you mean well, but I feel like I can't trust you.
Oh, come on, buddy.
It was just a dream, you know? Things aren't always what they seem in dreams.
Oh, yes, they are.
Even more so.
No, Gus, that's it.
We know better.
Things aren't always what they seem.
You know, sometimes I'll tutor functionally illiterate adults.
For a dude who's not splitting atoms, I think I did okay.
Gretchen Eikleberry wasn't having an affair.
She was teaching Coach Bagg how to read.
Then perhaps you'll enjoy my latest book.
In dreams I walk with you.
Let's pick a random page.
Excuse me a moment.
I see.
Gus, that was Brannigan.
I have bad news and bad news.
I'll take the bad news.
Coach Derek Bagg was found beaten to a bloody pulp in his office.
He's dead, Gus.
He's dead.
Oh, my gosh.
Bagg is dead? What's the bad news? Zach Eikleberry has been arrested for his murder.
He has a bad heart.
And gout.
- And I.
- She gets it, Gretchen.
I didn't hurt anybody.
We're gonna have a laugh when this is all over! Hi.
I'm allergic to everything.
I hope you don't think you're getting paid for this.
Lassie, this is not about money.
This is about honor.
This is about professional crime-fighting courtesy.
And money.
This was our case first! So I'm just sitting there, crocheting Robyn's giant hat, and I just happen to overhear your conversation about your domestic case.
- That is bush league.
- Bush.
Then at the crime scene, what do I find but a threatening letter to the coach from Zach Eikleberry? And I say to myself, "Self, that's your guy.
" What are the chances? Then I follow him to some bowling alley, and there I find even more threatening letters.
Real sicko stuff.
The ravings of a maniac woodsman.
- Ooh.
- Small world, huh? Well, you were right about one thing.
Somebody died.
Bush! Bush! Hey, Zach.
Hi, guys.
and Mr.
I like the ladies.
I'm afraid I only have bad news.
There's hard evidence that implicates you in this murder, and we discovered that your wife here isn't having an affair with anyone.
In fact, I'm sensing she was teaching Coach Bagg how to read.
I just wrote those letters to blow off steam.
I didn't beat anyone to death.
Look at me.
I couldn't stand a chance against muscles McHandsomeface.
Sorry I doubted you, baby.
I just--I can't seem to get out of my own way.
That's probably because you have webbed feet.
Zach, sure, some men find a second wind in middle life and get themselves in any sort of physical shape.
But you didn't, and that's okay, because I love you, cable guy.
- That's backhanded, no? - Uh-uh.
Not on the lips.
He wouldn't hurt a fly! He's not man enough! No! I love you, baby! - Okay.
- I love you! I heard you! - Woody! - Ca-caw! I need your honesty.
Is it too much? The chrome? Ah.
- Mm.
- I don't think so.
- No, it's-- - Works for me.
Really? It's not all midlife-crisis-y? - No, no.
- No.
It's so shiny.
Can't go wrong with the custom.
- Picked a winner.
- Yeah.
Why, I love you both so much.
Now whoever killed this guy made sure he was never coming back.
He's got fractures to his ribs, kneecaps, jaw.
Cracked head, broken nose.
And based on these lacerations to his wrists and cheeks, I'd say he was probably bound and gagged before they went at him pinata style.
What's going on with his digits? Oh, yeah.
Index finger and middle finger are broken.
But it looks to have been done earlier, maybe a day or two before.
It's an old lacrosse injury.
Really? Speaking of baby-smooth, I naired my buttocks last night, gentlemen.
Man, I am tired.
I'm tired too.
As much as I try not to take my work home with me, when I'm alone in bed and I turn out the light I see them.
They talk to me.
They tell me how they wished they had made a different choice in life.
How they wish they had taken a different path to work that final day or-- or made absolutely sure they locked the front door.
We all come into this world the same way we go out.
But somehow they seem more lonely than that.
- That's intense.
- That's too lonely.
I mean, take this fellow.
I'll bet he was a great guy.
Well, this is new.
Go! Go! Follow me! Brains! If only I had brains! Papa? Mom? Burton.
I'm sorry.
Did I wake you? I know you've been having trouble sleeping, dear.
Where's Shawn? He went to drive his dad home.
Don't worry, he'll be back.
These gravy boats aren't gonna put themselves away, you know.
Burton, oh, God.
My hands are wet.
I'll ruin your nice shirt.
I don't care.
Oh, it is so good to be home, mom.
It feels safe.
That's a nice thing to say.
So are you going to tell me about Emmanuelle? I thought she was spending Thanksgiving with us.
Oh, she bailed on me, mom.
She's not returning my calls or anything.
She doesn't deserve you.
Who is she, anyway? What has she done with her life? You are Burton Guster.
Is she the reason you're having these bad dreams? No, it's-- everything is changing.
Juliet's moved up north.
I don't know what Shawn's intentions are.
I don't have a job, ma.
I mean - Oh, sweetie.
- No, no, it's okay.
It's okay.
I don't know where I stand anymore.
Well, darling, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
Life is about being adaptable but remaining true to yourself.
I mean, we can't govern other people's actions, but we can certainly govern our own.
I mean, almond joy's got nuts.
Mounds do not.
Girls just want to have fun, and I love me a good scotch egg.
What are you talking about, mom? Honestly, I don't know.
Lookee here.
And what can we do for you? Don't be a stranger.
Where were we? Mommy! Guster, don't stand there with your thumb up your ass.
Lock that door and bring me that extra board! Oh, God.
Come on.
Guster! Get over here! Here, give me a hand with this.
Henny pennies, get out of here! - Slimy little lifeless-- - All right, team.
That ought to hold those undead sons of bitches.
See? This is why we should not legalize marijuana.
Carlton! Carlton! Lassie, come home! Meanies! Life is for the living! Oh, no! Oh, this is gonna be hard on my nephew! Oh, God! No, no! Oh, my God.
Burton, Burton! - Oh, God.
- Go, go, go, go! In, in, in! Whoa! Guster, where's Shawn? My mother said he drove you home.
Your mother? What the hell are you talking about? I don't know, I'm sensitive, and it's dark! Shh.
I got a match.
Guster! Guster! That's my face! Get back! What? It's the first thing I saw! There's nothing funny about a three-hole punch! Stop it! Stop laughing! Oh, gosh! Shawn, you're not gonna believe this! Everyone is dead! Everyone! It's just me and you! It's just-- No.
I do make a dead sexy zombie.
No, you don't, Shawn.
You don't make a sexy zombie! You don't! Oh! I sense your brains are yummy, Gus.
Oh, please, no! I want your Pomona College brains.
No! No! No! Not magic head! Not magic head! No, not my magic head.
No, not my magic head! Oh, no! No! Not magic head! You all right? I just had a nightmare version of our entire week.
- And you were a zombie.
- All right, you know what? Your dreams have actually gotten worse since you started seeing this doctor.
You do realize that.
Curt Smith.
- How is he? - I assume he's fine.
I heard he and Roland are working on a new album.
How do I know I'm not sleeping now? Oh, thank God.
Now what did I say? I said when I came back to the car, I would have snacks, and I'd have this case solved.
And guess what.
Boom! Shoo-yah! I know who killed Coach Bagg.
Are you ready for this? I don't know.
Slap me on the teat one more time.
How about now? Closer.
You ready? It was a real scary dream, Shawn.
Okay, let's do this.
I'm ready, Shawn.
Just calm down, Shawn.
Gus, we gotta beat Brannigan to the punch.
This was our case.
Now check it.
Coach Bagg was supplementing his income by gambling.
And his fingers were just fine when he was doing those sexy chin-ups on the field.
Gretch, check the lats! I can do, like, 16 of these! But, boy, were they barking at him in our meeting.
It's an old lacrosse injury.
That was no lacrosse injury, Gus.
That's what happens when you don't pay your debts.
I'll give you one guess.
Too late.
Gym teachers.
It was that big meathead parent.
He was nobody's father, Gus.
Well, he may be somebody's father.
I don't know him from Adam, but I do know this.
He was some bookie's muscle, and he broke Coach Bagg's fingers.
Then, a couple days later, coach couldn't come up with the dough.
Boom! He came back and finished the job.
Whoo! That's how I do it! It's all right.
We's about to get paid.
Release the prisoner and release the funds! I've solved the case.
Wait for it - No way.
- Man.
No damn way! How? I've learned not to ask.
- You're free to go.
- Oh, thank you.
You're a free man.
I gotta thank you guys.
I mean, even though it was the scary detective lady who actually got me released.
You guys tried, which is something.
We're happy you found each other again.
Gretchen held vigil for me all night.
I felt like I was on death row.
It's time we reestablish what made us a great couple to begin with.
Whatever that was.
She said something about a complete makeover involving extensive waxing.
Hopefully, by the time I'm finished with you, I won't even recognize you.
Except for your kind, kind heart.
Kind heart.
Oh, God, someone give me a grappling hook.
- Gretchen.
- What? Yes.
Let's go home.
You know, Shawn, I think there's a lesson in all this for me.
A road map back to Emmanuelle.
Gus, I'm absolutely certain that that is, in fact, not the lesson.
- Mm.
- Emmanuelle's gone.
- Mm-hmm.
- In the meantime, you have me.
And your coins and your stamps.
Thanks, Emmanuelle.
You really do need sleep, buddy.
Okay, you know what? This is embarrassing.
I'm a celebrity, all right? My Twitter account is verified.
And I was promised massive radio and social media support.
Ung, look at me when I'm berating you.
You know what? Just forget it.
Just--just get out of here.
I don't care where you go, just go.
Not that way, go that way! Hey! Great to see you, brother.
Boy, you guys came at a good time, 'cause it's been an absolute madhouse here.
I mean, these college crowds are just great.
I can imagine.
Well, I'm looking forward to finally reading your book, doctor.
Yeah, well, it's beyond brilliant.
That's what they say.
Tell me something.
How have you been sleeping? Like a baby, thanks to you.
Well, I'm just a dream catcher in human form with a chin that's coveted around the world.
I'm just glad that you were able to identify the source of your nightmares.
I need to take a leak.
Well, it's great to see you, doctor.
Yeah, it's been good for you to see me too.
Let's do it again.
What? Come get some.
Oh, God! Oh, God! Shawn! I'll be right over, buddy.
Milk shakes.
- Mmm.
- It's okay, buddy.
I'll always be here for you.
Val's still the king.
Hail to the king, baby.